Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anwar : Clean up PKR or else...

It just don't make sense in PKR. Anwar has to clean his act and his house fast before the "political termites" chew the newly-built house down. Seriously...Anwar has to address the issues now or I will mint him as another NATO (No Action, Talk Only)

  1. Some may take it lightly. I don't. It's the spark here, spark there that will ignite into an uncontrolled fire. Anwar should know that. He is, after all, the mother of all firestarters.
  2. 2 news pick up by Malaysiakini perks me up. Well, make it more than 2, thank to Penang N12 Penanti by-election. One is on Aminah's claim that she was offered some financial gains and possibly some cusshy post if she withdraw her candidacy.
  3. No 2 is on Aminah's (again ?) dare to PKR Penang Chief to disclose his involvement in an unsavoury incident in a hotel in Nibong Tebal, 2 years ago.
  4. No 3 is the allegation that an-ex PKR rep who jump ship (where else if not in Perak) complained that he is still not paid in full for his defection to become BN friendly independent assemblyman.
  5. These 3 accusations and allegations are all heavy stuff. It must be addressed by Anwar, as PKR's adviser.
  6. Azmin Ali has brushed the accusations as baseless and in turn labelled Aminah as some old timer dancer. More than that, these accusations and allegations revealed PKR's weakness.
  7. To me, PKR is now acting like another UMNO. If Aminah's first claim is true, then PKR is using financial gains to entice Aminah to withdraw her candidacy. Is that the proper way to act for a party who claimed that they fight for "transperancy"?
  8. On second's accusation regarding PKR Penang Chief, that happens 2 years ago ie circa 2007. That is before the historic 8th March 2008 GE. If the incident happen, my question is simple. If that unsavoury incident can be hidden when PKR is not in power (yet), what stop PKR from abusing their power when they govern the state or the country in the future? The Penang Chief must stand forward to either admit or deny the accusation. This is no longer about personality, this is about the party's image.
  9. In both these cases, Anwar has to step in to settle the issue immediately. Anwar can't afford to hide behind Wan Azizah any longer. Yes, Wan Azizah is the PKR president but every person knows that Anwar runs the show.
  10. What is the problem with PKR? PKR is mainly made up of former UMNO members who quit the party because they support Anwar. UMNO call them Anwaritas. So being former UMNO former members, they act like UMNO. And when PKR won big in 2008, these Anwaritas bare their fangs to take what UMNO had left.
  11. Why did I say so? If you remember Ijok, Permatang Pauh, Bukit Selambau by-elections where BN takes on PR , the atmosphere is tense because of provocations, name callings by both supporters mainly from UMNO and PKR. They know each other so well like the back of their hands.
  12. Aminah, being an ex-PKR Penang Wanita Chief, may know some dark secrets. True or not is immaterial here. It is the perception. I want a clean man and a clean party to rule over me. If the party is as stained as UMNO, then tell me for what reason should I throw my support behind PKR?
  13. I wish, no, I demand Anwar to take action now. Is PKR involved in trying to induce Aminah to withdraw from Penanti by-election? If not, on what grounds are the 2 PKR members talking to Aminah? Ignorance is bliss but to claim ignorance by supreme party member is downright unacceptable. Can supreme party member act on his own in this matter and this issue? Clearly, Anwar failed to discipline his generals...
  14. PKR can claim that Aminah is a disgruntled ex-member. Isn't that line so familiar? It has been used by UMNO countless times. Surely PKR can do better than that.
  15. PKR can also claim that this is publicity stunt by Aminah. PKR can even claim that it is a by-election propaganda. How PKR looks at it, PKR has to address the issue head on because if the issue is not addressed to now, it will re-surface in other by-elections. Remember, Kelantan N41 Manek Urai is next on line.
  16. Now, let's go to the 3rd issue involving the allegation involving an ex-PKR (again) assemblyman turned BN-friendly. Is that true? Is it true that the assemblyman agreed to a deal involving cash amounting to RM 3 million and his charges dropped? If it is, it shows (again) that PKR has not filtered their candidate thoroughly. You can read about this in my earlier posting. It shows and prove that Anwar fails to select the best to serve the people.
  17. Further, if it is true, then Gopeng MP should make a police report followed by MACC report, top up with report to Suhakan and finally to HRH of Perak so that this can be investigated. get the confidante to sign a statutory of declaration (SD) although SD is just a piece of paper. I look into this seriously because if the assemblyman did make that statement, it is clear that 1M PM6 is not living to his promise of a clean government.
  18. Not only that, the existing Perak government is surviving on the support of a "buy out" assemblyman. This is unbecoming (and i refrain from using the word "treason"). If this is true, then HRH has been duped by a selfish assemblyman.
  19. I stand corrected that if the statement is true, then the situation should now be 30 for BN and 28 for PR. BN still has the majority but the majority is tainted with buy-out, the brother of bail-out. That is 1 assemblyman, what if all the 3 assemblyman who turn independents and BN friendly have similar deals. Would it not be 28 BN and 28 PR after discouning the 3 buy outs?
  20. 3 issues. All related to PKR. It is time for PKR to clean its house and get its act together. The cleaning must start from Anwar, by Anwar. Stop throwing stones to other peoples' home, clean your house first.
  21. If this simple thing is not done, Then I think the people should start looking for other alternatives. Yes, we have another 3 years to make up our mind...PKR may not be the only viable alternative...

    Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Dnightcaller

I hate to see, not so far a future, PKR will stand for "Pakatan Katak Rakyat"...

Is it possible to have 1-year cool off period for any ex-BN members before they could join and get involve with PR's component parties espc PKR? during this period, their true colour will be revealed. Im sure PR is not desperate enough to hijack ex-BN MP simply to gain victory from the people. All these while, it's not the people support that catapult them to be the MP, but more of $ support.

May conscience prevails in PKR...

nightcaller said...


Put it this way " can leopards change its spots?"

There is no harm if they are genuine but right now PKR needs to be extra careful especially when the BN ship is sinking...many BN rats will jump ship now and scramble onboard PKR. These rats need to be checked.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your comment but by looking at rate PKR is going and their past record, I would say NATO,full stop.

PKR is only acting as buffer to PAS & DAP, Pakatan is too fragile and could not withstand any hard attack. Luckily for them, BN reputation is at it lowest but they still hold the power and money to inflict chips and dents.

The question is how long can Pakatan withstand the chipping and denting. I doubt Pakatan will hold, what remains will be Pas holding Kelantan and possibly DAP holding Penang in the next GE.

Like you say, most PKR are from BN, they are not thrown out for championing the rights of the people but from a within power struggle, not ideology but personal interest and deprived of corruption not anti corruption.

Lot of business people who have dealt with Anwar and his henchmen during his term with BN know fully well he is far from clean, I would say this is a fair statement. Of course, he can deny but there are people out there who knows, can you erase people's memory as well.

The more conservative PKR says he has repent since, I would say, for now, yes but if he holds power can we stop him then?

People says; what choice do we have? I, myself would not jump into an unknown situation, honestly speaking Malaysia is very divided by race and most Malaysian are very racial when it comes to ruling parties and leaders. We need time and proof to accept leaders of "other" race even though they are of high caliber.

I can live with the present situation where no parties hold absolute control, let them proof their worth and let them learn to govern with strong opposition. This is the only way for them to mature, I dont see any other way.

The present scene is quite chaotic but given time to adjust, things might work out. Surprises and sudden change will bring civil disorder and bloody power struggle, the people will suffer more in the end.

I say, this is the process towards democracy that everybody needs to learn.

nightcaller said...

Anon 1:29

I agree. A I said in the begiining of the posting that Anwar is the mother of all firestarters. He knows the game well and he also knows that perception is important.

Some says that 1997 taught him Anwar a lesson. I am not too sure about that. Of late, he seems to feel that the PM'ship is his.

For now, I rather see both BN and PR as it is with BN denied the 2/3 majority and PR governing few more states as learning curve to take over the country.

GE 13 is too far off but I think PR can wins in Terengganu, Negeri 9, Perlis.

We still has far to go on racial integration. There are too many things that we need to learn from each other. We have to improve on disparity between the rich and the poor. regardless of race and political backgrounds. Hopefully, from there we can move forward...

Wenger J Khairy said...

Want to comment on pt. 16
"Now, let's go to the 3rd issue involving the allegation involving an ex-PKR (again) assemblyman turned BN-friendly. Is that true? Is it true that the assemblyman agreed to a deal involving cash amounting to RM 3 million and his charges dropped? If it is, it shows (again) that PKR has not filtered their candidate thoroughly. You can read about this in my earlier posting. It shows and prove that Anwar fails to select the best to serve the people"

Well to be honest, I think the PR Govt has done well in only having 2 PKR and 1 DAP defecting. If we look at the March 12th GE, the Opposition just fielded whoever they could get their hands on. Most virtous people do not want to stand for office because that invites the perception that it is expensive, makes one too visible, and would probably lose.

Anyway I am impressed with PM Najib. If RM 3m is true, then its quite a small amount, very good negotiation skills. I thought they'd be paid more. After all BN lawmakers can make billions in land scams.

Wenger J Khairy said...

The statement may be true for PKR and maybe DAP slightly. Definitely not true for PAS - they are quite well run.

nightcaller said...


Thks for the pointer. U r the man with economics.

That is why, the posting is about PKR since PKR is considered the youngest party amongst the giants. Yes, I agree that PKR just "tangkap muat" some of their candidates when some of their more "established" party members choose to take the back seat during GE12. However, when PR scores an "upset", these backseaters are coming to the fore and clamouring for state GLCs'.

As for DAP and PAS, I have confidence that they have sufficient funds to run their parties and for the members, they have accepted that " to lose in election is normal for them, to win is an added bonus". With that in mind, their party members are more committed to the party and not joining the parties for financial gains.

However, I am quite impressed with the calibre of their reps especially PAS where there are doctors, lawyers, engineers and other professionals in their ranks. This made PAS a unique party. Maybe, what PAS lack now is a knowledgeable speculator. Think u can fill in that post? I am sure they are more than willing to accept your input and by the way, u need not discard ur 3 oiece suit for jubah and turban...what say u, WJ?

Wenger J Khairy said...

tempting... :)

Anonymous said...

You know Wenger is an UMNO man. No offence, Wenger. PAS would be quite wary of accepting Wenger. But of course, PAS, DAP, PKR or even Singapore leadership would always love to accept Wenger's inputs

DAP & PAS are established parties. Yup, PAS is well structured & now has more professionals in their midst. However, as you say Perception is still the main issue. Unlike what many bloggers have claimed, PAS & PKR has more perception issues than DAP. DAP just need to grab more prominent malays such as Abdul Rahim Ishak & Othman Wok. Seriously, I am speculating that Zaid Ibrahim may join DAP.
Strong cooperation needed between 3 parties. I do hope that just like in WWII, with the imminent total annihilation of UMNO, Malaysia would not turn into a "cold war" just like in WWII
The Erdogan factions of PAS got to work harder & if possible take over PAS top leadership.

You are right! Anwar need to clean up the house of PKR. But you must understand, PKR now is just PAP in the early days of inception, Anwar & his team of trusted lieutenants such as Azmin Ali need wisdoms & luck to carry out their plan. It will be messy.
Still interested in reading the History of PAP again. Hehehe........


nightcaller said...


Yeah, I know Wenger is an UMNO man through and through but to me, he is one of the last few good men standing. The other UMNO man in my list is Sakmongkol.

On the perception issue, I have no problem if Abdul Rahim Ishak, Othman Wok and Zaid Ibrahim choose DAP as their political platform. Let's see how and where DAP intend to put them in GE 13...

Erdogans in PAS? I doubt it. As far as PAS is concern, there is no such thing as pro Edorgan and pro Ulama'. These are BN coined phrases and terms. PAS members will seam back together once their muktamar is over. That has been proven countless times before where for PAS members, it is party above self...

You seems to be a little bit hook on PAP history, happy reading then.
Anwar needs to act now and Penanti is a good place to start. He has to patch things up between Khalid and Azmin fast, if the reposrts are true. Both are important party leaders, in their own rights...

Anonymous said...

Those I have mentioned are the first generation PAP malay leaders. My apologies for not phrasing it correctly.
Not sure about Khalid & Azmin. Yup, there are like the most trusted & able lieutenants in PKR. In any organisation, the cohesion of top echelon leaders is important.
Anwar as the paramount leaders must chosse the right leaders for the right job......Hehehe, guess what happened during the imminent seperation of Singapore from Malaysia........Rajaratnam (born in Seremban)& Toh Chin Chye (born in Taiping where I waas born too) are very much against Secession of Singapore from Malaysia. PAP top leadership then was splitted again into half in that fatal decision.....In fact, those 2 are kept in secret over the succession.Yet, PAP survived......Hehehe, the moral of the history......It depends really on great wisdoms of luck of top leaderships......Yup, you can give some credit too to Mahathir.....Though me more inclined to DAP, would love to see his "annihilated"
As for PAS, don't be over confident about it. It has happened before (Remember the formation of BN, emergency rule in Kelantan, 70s..Ok, Ok, I was too young then. Correct me if I am wrong).....I mean the split.....It can happen again if PAS does not handle properly. Seriously, PAS liberal leaning factions are doing the right things. By the way, I would seriously watching Hassan Ali's gang's movement........


P.S :

I admire PAP especially the early days. The ability of merging 2 factions within the party. Handling of infighting while countering threats from you know who, UMNO, Communists (The Plen), british sympathisers & They win

I am sure that Anwar is reading them over & over again. Some jokers say even Mahathir was tried using LKY's tactics but failed