Thursday, July 29, 2010

Of Sodomy II's sacrificial lamb...

Where are our moral values? Rapes, abandoned babies, discipline problems, drugs are amongst the ever-growing problems.

  1. A single blog posting. That's all it takes and the circus is in town again. How easy it is for AG Ghani Patail to make the decision to drop the sodomy II's prosecution team member based on hearsay.

    Why single? It just take one posting in MT2 and AG is forced to announce his decision. Now, if there is no truth in MT's exposure, why the decision? Is AG Ghani's decision based on hearsay and baseless accusations?

  2. All this while, everything is done to discredit whatever is written in MT. Not only that, there is non-stop efforts to potray RPK as the man who "lost" it and lived in his "own world of fantasies". Or is this another "front" by those in Putrajaya to downplay the RPK factor?
  3. Whatever it is, is there really any need to "sacrifice" the lady? AG Ghani's approach seems so impersonal, so out of touch.

    The way Ghani dispenses the lady should be questioned. He may be the man of law but what law is he adhering to when he throw the lady to the sharks? Is she really guilty of what she is accused of?
  4. Has Ghani really thought through the issue sensibly or is he jumping to decision due to his holiday and monday blues? Islam called for 4 witness of unquestionable character to make accussation of this nature. Why? You are talking about a lady's dignity and her whole family here.

    If Ghani is acting on just RPK's posting, then truly Ghani has a weak case. How can Ghani, a man who is supposed to be Malaysia's law Numero Uno decides on hearsays and gossips? Ghani is expected to stand by her staff but instead he choose to abandon his staff. Will he take responsibility for whatever outcome in her life?
  5. If Ghani's statement is to be accepted wholly, would he be expected to axed his leading prosecutor if, God forbids, someone claims that the lead prosecutor bonked the chief witness? Will that happen?

    No names here. This is not about names but sometimes actions just could not be taken to cover the tracks. Consider the factors leading to the possible "engagement" between the chief witness and the lady prosecutor...
  6. Ghani claimed that the lady prosecutor was roped in January 2010 to render general assistance including taking notes of trial proceedings. Ghani further implied that the lady prosecutor had no access to confidential papers and investigation papers.

    Consider this then. It takes time to know a person. If it is true that both the chief witness and the lady prosecutor were romantically involved, then how did this happen? Ghani said the lady prosecutor is just taking trial notes. Did she has access to the chief witness? Dis they meet outside the court rooms? And if they did, under whose order? You just don't meet someone without proper introduction, do you?
  7. Is Ghani implying that his lady prosecutor staff an "easy-going" lady? Did Ghani realise that he is implicating the parents, the relatives, the neighbours, her associates and worse still even the whole department by suggesting the possibility?

    How will you, as a parent, accept the humiliation heaped by your daughter's boss in public?
  8. Ghani hinted on an internal investigation to be carried out. The question is - why shoot first and ask questions later?

    By issuing the statements, Ghani has already handed down his decision and whatever internal investigation to be carried out is only "rubber-stamp" in nature. The decision is there, the internal investigation will be tailored to justify Ghani's actions.
  9. What about her future career? True or not, her record had blemished. The stigma and the public's views towards her has forever changed. This is difficult for the lady prosecutor, more so if she needs to face the public day in and day out.
  10. Back to the key witness. Was he not briefed on the do's and the don't by the prosecution team? Or is this an elaborate scheme for mistrial and possibly discharge not amounting to acquittal for sodomy II?

    This is not a far-fetched conclusion when the prosecution team is caught with their pants down with regards to the main witness-lady prosecutor "romance".
  11. Where does Malaysia go from here? Our Executive is turning into an "on-off" switch to please the public, our legislative is turning into a common market place complete with vague statements and our judiciary system is compromised with "personal relationship".

    Where are our moral values? Rapes, abandoned babies, discipline problems, drugs are amongst the ever-growing problems. Do we need to add on our selective prosecution?
  12. It seems that our lady prosecutor is in the news for all the wrong reasons. In the end, she is made a "sacrificial lamb". The script for sodomy II needs to be re-written. Maybe, Ghani needs to go for another holiday and think out of a new, better script for sodomy III...

    I rest my case...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Tsk..tsk... KSN's Sidek dangerous precedence...

What is the solution?

  1. The Sun's headline "Sidek clears air on chair issue" regarding the ongoing Lim GE-Nik Ali feud is food for thoughts.
  2. Obviously it is too comical for KSN Sidek to be commenting on the "chair issue" if indeed that's the real issue behind the Lim GE-Nik Ali issue. For those who missed the free newspaper circulation or who do not stay in areas where the papers is circulated, here are the main points to KSN's Sidek's argument :

    • KSN Sidek's description of the "chair" issue pointed out that Lim GE was 10 minutes late for the funicular railway relaunch ceremony;
    • Sidek attempted to paint the the whole Lim GE-Nik Ali's feud is all about "chair";
    • Sidek summoned both Penang's State Secretary and SDO (Nik Ali) to Putrajaya over the upgrading of Penang botanical garden and is satisfied with their explaination;
    • Sidek said that he will defend Nik Ali because the words used by Lim GE quoted as "...incompetent, useless, unprofessional, coward and should be sacked..." is "not very nice" but Sidek was completely silent on Nik Ali's words of "coward and uncivilised" to describe Lim GE;
    • Sidek claimed that Nik Ali's speaking in an "UMNO-function" press conference was a non-issue because Sidek claimed that it was held in the capacity of a federal appointee;
    • Sidek claimed that Nik Ali did not breach the General Orders as the issue was non-political;

  3. Lim GE, on his part, rebutted Sidek's statements with his own views :-

    • Lim GE admitted that he was late for the function and stressed that he could sit at the back as he is not petty thus the "chair" is a non-issue;
    • Lim GE claimed that his issue with Nik Ali revolves around the sand theft (Politeknik Balik Pulau), botanical garden arches and federal projects implementations that do not go through the State government or local authorities;

  4. See how the two look at the issues from different angles? Sidek thinks that the "chair issue" is the main reason for Lim GE-Nik Ali feud whilst Lim GE claimed that it is issues like sand theft, botanical garden arches and the rest is the major cause of the feud.

    If it is indeed about the "chair" then are both Lim GE and Nik Ali playing the "musical chair" for the "last man sitting"?

  5. It would be foolish of Sidek to call both Penang State Secretary and Nik Ali if the issue is just about the "chair" which is a "one-off" event. Actually Sidek should be more professional in his approach to resolve the issue (if he really wanted to resolve the issue). If it is about the "chair" issue, Sidek is better off if he request his PSD Director general to attend to the issue. No need for KSN himself to resolve a trivial issue as that!

  6. Sidek should know that his move and his handling of the matter is closely scrutinised by both BN and PR. Sidek is treading on uncharted waters here. His KSN predecessors could offer little help because they have not faced the situation where the opposition held 5 + 1 states.

    Not only that, this is the first time the ruling party failed to uphold 2/3 majority in parliament. So, Sidek cannot take things for granted.

  7. The best thing for Sidek to do is to remind all public servants that they are there to support the government of the day and this support is not in terms of being politically inclined to any particular party.
  8. Sidek should learn a thing or two from the Kuala Terengganu's by-election case where the Returning Officer cum Kuala Terengganu mayor(?) has to step down as RO because he attended an event attended by Najib cum 1MPM6 in a political rally. That act can be construed as the RO is deemed to be biased. In the end, the RO choose to step down as RO, a face-saving act to absolve EC from being read as politically biased.

    What is the lesson there? It shows that a public servant must restrain from attending any event which is politically motivated. Nik Ali attended the press conference held by UMNO. Worse still, he issues statements during the PC when he is not scheduled to do so. Why?

    Is Nik Ali authorised to issue statements as a public servant?Remember when time and time again public servants were reminded not to issue statements which may runs contrary to the stand taken by the Government of the day. Remember the times when even the health DG was ordered to zip his mouth during the H1N1 cases? So is Nik Ali authorised to issue his statements during the PC?

  9. By now Sidek should realise that Malaysia is heading towards a healthy 2-party system. That means Sidek and his head honchos needs to re-educate the public servants on how to deal with this new scenario.

    The time is not too late for Sidek to sit down with his head honchos and to work on new general orders to address issues. Someone has to do it and why not Sidek start the ball rolling?
  10. For so long, the public servants are side-stepping issues. If the public servants could not even identify the real issues, then something must be critically wrong!

    Nik Ali claimed that it is the "chair" issue whilst Lim GE claimed it is other issues. If they cannot even agree on the issues which they disagree, then this must be an ultimate mis-communication. Do we really need an SDO who cannot even understand what the CM is saying? Is this what Sidek is defending?

  11. Now, if Sidek has the time to summon both Penang State Secretary and SDO to his office to discuss the issues, why is the same Sidek do not have the time to sit down with Lim GE? Better still, why didn't Sidek use this opportunity to meet with all the PR-led MBs/CMs to thrash out sensitive issues? Is it too much to ask?

    Sidek should understand that he is the ultimate bridge between the federal and the states. He is the only one person who can resolve the issues and ensure that all the states are given fair-headed SDOs'. To do that, Sidek has to understand the real issue behind the issues. So far Sidek has the respect of MBs and CMs., it is time for Sidek to put on his diplomatic skills to provide the best solutions for all concerned.

  12. What is the solution? Sidek should use Lim GE-Nik Ali's differences as a warning of what's coming. Sidek should not be backing up Nik Ali blindly as this will set a dangerous precedence, that SDOs can say what they want and not be binded by General Orders.

    SDOs are public servants. They are not political stooges. They should be doing their job and remains politically neutral. If they wants to be politically inclined, by all means resign and join the political party of their choice.

    Remember that all division A government servants are allowed to be politically active. If that is so then Sidek must carefully choose the SDOs' for Pakatan-led states to avoid future confrontations.
  13. Sidek has another 11 months to go before he retired. Maybe it is time for him to seek out his "abang" and exchange views as well as ideas on how to be politically-neutral and at the same time administratively-correct.

    Where is this "abang"? What about from the land of the turtles? Sidek knows whom and he does need to make any prior appointment to meet "abang". The only snag is - Is Sidek willing?
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Renungkanlah...kerutuhan akhlak...nilai Islam dicampak...

Read this and remember this...

Then after Nisfu Sya'ban, we will discuss what it is all about...

For those uninitiated, Nisfu Sya'ban is the night where your book of deeds account for the year is closed and a new book of deed is open. It is also the night to remind you that 1st Ramadan ie Muslims' first day of fasting month is 14 days away and counting down... the month of barkah coming our way...God willing.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Of Lim GE and Nik Ali : The left and the right hand of Penang who does not what the other is doing...

  1. Whoa! Lim Guan Eng needs to learn a thing or two about being diplomatically polite!
  2. First, Lim Guan Eng should realised by now that SDO (State Development Officer) is not a punching bag. With punching bags, you can box or kick your way through and it will never hit you back. Things are different when you deal with another human and unfortunately that human is Nik Ali Mat Yunus.
  3. Lim Guan Eng is the Chief Minister of Penang. No one can doubt. The same with Nik Ali. He is Penang State Development Officer (SDO) and no one can doubt that either. Both have their own responsibilities and in this case Nik Ali's task is to monitor and ensure federal development projects are implemented effectively.
  4. Lim Guan Eng may have gone too far when he remarked that Nik Ali is "incompetent, useless, unprofessional, coward and should be sacked". Who is Lim Guan Eng to act as jury, judge and executioner? Nik Ali has a duty to do and that duty is to ensure smooth implementation of federal development projects. He is bounded by the need to report to Lim Guan Eng if called for and Lim Guan Eng has the option to pull Nik Ali aside to voice his concern if Nik Ali's performance is below his expectations.. That can be done in private within the four walls of the CM's office. Lim Guan Eng breached the state-federal relationship with his outburst!

    In dispensing his job, Nik Ali has to work with both the federal government and the state government. He has his limitations and he has limited staff. He cannot be everywhere at the same time, not like Lim GE who has the state machinery to carry out their duties. Lim Guan Eng has to acknowledge this and one of the solution is to engage a state liason officer to liase with Nik Ali on matters pertaining to the interest of both parties. Is it that hard to do?

  5. It is not easy to be a CM from PR. Just ask Nik Aziz about that and learnt how he handled the situation in his 20+ years running Kelantan state.
  6. Nik Ali is wrong too. He may be too depressed with Lim Guan Eng's statement but he should not have "exploded" and worst still, he replied to Lim Guan Eng's statement in an UMNO-held press conference! Why is he there in the first place? Is he there in his capacity as an UMNO member or is he there in his capacity as SDO? If he is there as an UMNO member, then he should not have mixed his political affiliation with his job. If he is there as Penang's SDO, who authorise him to be in a political party's PC? Will it not be better for him to stay neutral and not be caught in the entangled web of bipartisan politics?
  7. KSN's satement on the issue should be taken positively. As Nik Ali's boss, KSN Sidek needs to publicly protects his subordinate. What he said behind the curtains is between KSN Sidek and Nik Ali. KSN Sidek is correct when he implied that Lim Guan Eng can raise his grouses though relevant channels, one of them by meeting KSN in person. Did Lim Guan Eng tried that? I sincerely doubt it!

    Malaysian Insider posted Lim GE's side of the story that he had make an appointment to meet KSN Sidek but it was cancelled at the last minute. Lim GE can always set a new appointment. It will be different if KSN Sidek or PSD totally ignored Lim GE's request for a meeting then maybe, Lim GE has every reasons to be unhappy with the treatment given.

  8. DAP's statement to back Lim Guan Eng will backfires. DAP should take a leaf on how Hadi Awang and PAS stumbled in Terenganu when BN wrested the state back in 2004! All because Hadi and company failed to be at ease and in peace with government officials.
  9. This is where PR fails! PR knows how to condemn others and thinks it is a one way street when they run the states. It is not! This is where PR must learn the ropes of balancing and walking on fine lines to get things done with SDO's support and co-operation!
  10. Malaysia Instinct painted Lim Guan Eng as a racist. This person will not go that far because Lim Guan Eng has not uttered anything towards that ... yet. UMNO is banking on this issue to put Lim Guan Eng down and Lim Guan Eng needs to repair the damage soon. Be certain that BN will exploit this issue to the fullest in GE 13. A good start is for both Lim Guan Eng and Nik Ali is to sit down and talk over their differences.
  11. Cool heads must prevail. This is not the time for ego bashing! This is the time to find the common denominator. Something where both parties will be in a win-win situation.
  12. Nik Ali accepted his posting as Penang's SDO. He knows that it is going to be tough but someone has to do the job. He is not there to inhibit development. He is there to implement development. He too has his target and budget to work from.
  13. Lim Guan Eng becomes the CM because he wanted to serve Penangites. He knows that BN will try hard to belittle PR. He is there to prove that PR is a better alternative than BN. He is there to serve the people. He is there to serve all regardless of race, religion and creed. He has his targets and he has limitations.
  14. Both wanted to succeed in their works. So why not they both sit down and planned for the best of Penang?
  15. Bashing each other will be to nobody's advantage. In the end "Yang menang jadi arang, yang kalah jadi abu". Do you think UMNO will come to Nik Ali's rescue if it is not to their advantage?
  16. Lim Guan Eng and Nik Ali are just like the right and left hand of Penang. Individually, they could not do much but together, they can do wonders for Penang ie can work for the benefit of Penangites. The thing is - in present situation they do not know and understand what the other is doing thus all the misinformation and misconception going around fuelled by suspicioun, courtesy of BN.
  17. It is time for both of them to put a stop to this ongoing saga. Time to think on how to improve the state-federal relationship. In doing that, both must be ready to swallow some pride and let off the steam massing in their heads. Better still, they should not be playing to the gallery who are waging both of them going on belittling each other.
  18. For now, let them both goes through a cooling off period. You don't enter negotiation with pre-conceived ideas and pre-set mind. If Komtar is too hot for both of them, why not try Pulau Jerejak? They say it's quiet there... and if they need a mediator, this person is willing.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Of a taxi driver's plight...fuel and education

Another taxi trip, another chance to measure the nation's pulse.

During the short trip, the taxi driver willingly gives his views on 5 in 1 price hike which is hurting him and the rest in Malaysia save a selected few who walks along the corridors of power :-
  1. Granted that the government will save RM 760M in subsidies when Najib introduce his 5 in 1 price hike but more monies can be collected through PUSPAKOM and the extra income can be used to offset the fuel subsidy;
  2. It takes this particular taxi driver 3 trips to PUSPAKOM and RM 105 test fees with another RM 1000+ in repairs to get the taxi stamped "road worthy". He suggested the government to instruct PUSPAKOM to set up their own workshops and guarantees the vehicles "road worthy" within a test. This will save the taxi drivers monies and time of following up the test with PUSPAKOM getting extra revenues through repairs to get the transport up to PUSPAKOM's standards;
  3. It takes him RM 3,000+ per year to maintain the taxi, a hefty sum for "hire-purchase" drivers like him;
  4. It takes his previous company (a foreign company doing the LRT project) 2 trips to pass the PUSPAKOM although the transport is barely a year old. And his ex-pat boss was cursing PUSPAKOM for "over-dependence" to computers;
  5. It bewilders him to see busses plying Lebuh Ampang with smog exhaust passes PUSPAKOM in just one go;
  6. It riles him to see workshop owners offering "special services" and guarantees for PUSPAKOM pass;
  7. This particular taxi driver, simple minded as he is, truly believed that PUSPAKOM computers are "fixed" to come out with the test and it might be true if GIGO is applied. GIGO? Yes, Garbage In, Garbage Out!. It could happen and there is nothing the illiterate IT taxi driver can do about it;

At the end of the metered RM 6.20 trip, RM 7.00 passed between our hands and between the two of us, he needs that extra 80 sen more than the caller.

It then dawns on me. We do have Hamid Albar's driven SPAD (Public Transport Commission), don't we? If SPAD exist then SPAD should also address to the following issues :-
  1. Klang valley taxis are blessed with hybrid fuel system ie option to run on natural gas or fossilised fuel, why is the same not extended to taxis beyond Klang valley?;
  2. Pak Lah had promised earlier to look into transportation system when he raised the fuel price. Nothing significant has happened since then. Why?;
  3. Why is the government slow in pushing PETRONAS to set up NG kiosks outside Klang valley? Why is Klang valley taxis (and limited vehicles) given special treatment? Or are Klang valley taxis only need to pass PUSPAKOM?;
  4. Why is Hamid Albar concentrating Klang valley only? Does the recent fuel hike applicable to Klang valley residents only? If it applies to all, then why is the government pouring money to extend LRT service in Klang valley which is not applicable to those living outside Klang valley? Double standard? ;
  5. If taxis drivers in Klang valley has the option to pay 68 sen for a unit of NG why is the facility not extended to taxis outside Klang valley? Don't they pay the same permits?;
  6. The government has failed to implement car pooling, they have even failed to introduce "zoning system" in their effort to curb private cars entering the city centre, so what else will Hamid Albar be offering? Another re-cycled proposal?;
  7. What experience does Hamid Albar has in public transportation? Was he involved in the sector before? Is he there as political compensation? A way to milk more money from the rakyat?
  8. What about the government directive that RON 95 will not be sold to foreign cars? Who will implement it? Who will enforce it? Will it not encourage foreign cars owner to resort to placing false plate numbers to buy cheaper RON 95 petrol?;
  9. What about foreigners with local plates? Are they barred from purchasing RON 95?
The government is slipping by the day. It seems that the government is getting fond of making political suicidal decision and then trying hard to wiggle out of the situation.

Najib stated that the 5 in 1 price hike is done after taking into accounts of feedbacks. Whose feedbaks? The sugar king feedback? The petrol king feedback? What about the feedbacls from the taxi drivers, the commuters, the fishermen, the Semais, the clerks, the sweepers? Do Najib cares? Do the government cares?

Najib argued that his 5 in 1 price hike is aimed at betterment to education. Fine! But at what cost? Muhyiddein declared that Malaysians, foreign, stateless children will be get access to education. That's what Muhyiddein declared in Dewan Negara on 20th July 2010.

Now, forgive me if this person sounded sarcastic - do you really think the statement is true? Only the other day it is highlighted that the Semaian children in Bertang Lama, Pahang do not have proper access to education. And here comes Muhyiddein pledging that the government will provide education access to foreign and stateless children as well! Sometimes, the Malay proverb "Kera dihutan disusukan, anak sendiri mati kelaparan" seems so fitting to our society today.

Pak Zawi corrected this person when he said that it is not just Bertang Lama alone. Places like Cameron Highlands suffer the same fate. So here we are, DPM Muhyiddein eagerly offering education to the foreign and stateless children whilst forgetting that Malaysia's own Semais, Penans, Bateq, jakun, mah Meri, Orang Kuala, Temuan, Temiar, Semelai, Semaq Beri, and extending the education scheme to foreign children.

Remember the case where a school in Pahang complete with IT lab but without proper water and electricity? Tell me, how do you promote conducive sudy environment to these neglected thousands when Muhyiddein and the rest of the cabinet seems to be tackling issues in front of their eyes. what's not seen is out of their minds and only a priority every 4 years when GE beckons!

Yes, Muhyiddein can offer education to the foreign and stateless BUT not with taxpayers expenses! If these foreigners can afford to sent millions of ringgit to their families abroad, then they should be made to pay education at premium rate without or taxpayers monies. Simple as that. The same goes for the stateless!

Fuel and education. Najib promised to improve on these two when he announced the 5 in 1 price hike. So far the government seems to be concentrating all its efforts to address the issues in Klang valley and maybe extended to a few big cities. The fact is the 5 in 1 price hike affected all Malaysians and all those staying in Malaysia. Why then the government zeroing in Klang valley for transportation solution? What about Penang? What about Johor Bharu? What about Kelantan? What about Kedah?

What about education? The government is widening the education access to includes the foreigners and the stateless. But has the government seriously thinking aout our capabilities? If Malaysia is short of trained teachers to educate our saudara lamas, then why is Muhyiddein spreading the access to the foreigners and the stateless? Muhyiddein has not even solved the present teachers shortage, why needs to add extra burden to the teachers? Muhyiddein can't even set his thinking right on the need for PMR or not, why jump into another issue?

Yes, education is important to the foreign and stateless children. There is no doubt about that but it can be done by getting their parenst to pay for the education at premium rate. That is all! Simple and straight forward!

Do you think Najib or Muhyiddein will hear the plight of taxi drivers? In reality they don't care. As long as they can travel in their cars with sirens wailing and as long as they don't pay from their own pockets on all the expenses, they just don't and won't care.

Once in a while, it is good to take taxi and feels the nation's pulse. It is also nice to take time off and flows with the rest of Malaysia in places like Bertang Lama, Cameron Highlands. There, you may blend with the rest of us who feels the pain of 5 in 1 price hike. And if there are some of you who has so much in excess, why not pass some to those in need? Can we start with a proper education system for the Semais, perhaps?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Of "As I was passing"...Adibah Amin

Time out! Let's pass "Time tunnel" to discover how much we have aged...:)

Remember Adik Manja? The movie that launch Dharma harun Rashid as a movie star? What about Cikgu Bedah? Adibah Amin took the role of Cikgu Bedah in that 1980 movie.

Back then, we used to wait with great anticipation for the then English newspaper Starits Times although we could only read it a day later. Even then, if there were some generous souls who were willing to depart with their newspaper to give us that chance to scoured the pages.

Our choice? Adibah's writing "As I was passing". Her style of writing was unmatched then, witty and full of daily anctidotes. It ranked high in this person's "What to do list" together with "Keluarga si Mamat" comic strip or anything connected to Lat (Bulat).

It is nice to hear that Adibah is still around although her movements are restricted due to stroke for the past three years. It is also heartening to know that Bakti donated RM 50,000 for her welfare.

At 74 years, this is how Adibah looked now...(sorry, I have cropped out certain personalities from the original photo...)

Adibah Amin: Ex-academic, novelist, journalist, actress...

Adibah Amin currently receives treatment in Universiti Malaysa specialist centre...

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Of Jabba and Orkid...could it be?

The characters in this script are fictitous and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

A "P" scriptwriter...:)

"Orkid, I think we have to sit down and talk" Jabba begins his conversation with his wife. As CEO of 13 + 3 companies, he has to project his status to his peers or at least to the MDs' of his subsidiary companies. Jabba knows that it is not easy to talk sense to Orkid, his wife but he has to...

"Orkid, remember when we visited Mus of Saab? The papers are saying that you took the lead from me and that is not good for my image." Jabba continues.

Orkid looks sharply back to Jabba. She knows Jabba in and out and she knows all the tricks up Jabba's sleeves. She is afterall the person who tip-toed into Jabba's office when he is the MD of the timber company, Rahang. She knows Jabba's weak spots and she took advantage of the weak spots forcing Jabba to abandon his family and in the process offer deals that Orkid's live-in could not refuse.

"So?" Orkid retorted. "What's wrong with that?"

Jabba gaze down the floor, trying to piece his sentence. He knows that Orkid can fly with rage if he gets it wrong. Orkid's asset is much bigger than his and she can pinned him down anytime especially with Orkid's inside knowledge on the timesharing venture for the Steppe's connection that Jabba invested with his buddy-buddy Raze. Something that Jabba wished never happen and something that force Jabba to use all his connections to get the issue disappear ending up with Raze staying in Inguren until the issue die its natural death.

"But, I am the CEO of the conglomorate. I need to be at the front. You know that we are having 5+1 unfriendly MDs'. They can make or break my CEO position and they can also see the end of friendly companies in the next board meeting. They have the numbers..." Jabba continues, "Orkid, all you need to do is to behave properly in company functions"

"I don't care. It's my show now and the rest has to follow. Or do you want me to tell about your timesharing venture? You know, without me, you will never make it to the top of the ladder. You are just an MD in the timber company when I pick you" Orkid is annoyed with Jabba's rantings.

"Who are they to question you? If you say that I am the first employee of the conglomorate, then those MDs and the rest of the employees have to agree." Orkid replies, "Jabba, if I say jump, you should ask how high?, if i say clap you should ask how loud?"

Jabba knows that he is trapped. How he wished he could turn back the clock and repelled Orkid's advances when they first met in Jabba's office in Rahang. Yet, Jabba thought that Orkid was smitten by his prowess as they used to joke that everything is big in Rahang. He never realised that Orkid was setting him up until it is too late and as they say it, the rest is history.

Jabba had reports of Orkid's rendzevous with her carpet seller and shampoo master, something that Jabba could not match with the Pack. Now Orkid is ordering all the CFOs' of the conglomorate to order carpets from the Pack. Yet Jabba is helpless to do anything about the public secret. Jabba had been checkmated by Orkid.

"OK" Jabba responded, "Could you at least give me some dignity?"

"We will see about that" was all Orkid said.

Three days later, Orkid gave her 2/3 hour speech in Saab. A reminder to Jabba on who is in control. Jabba has no choice...In the meantime, the MDs' are shaking their heads in disbelief. Jabba was supposed to be the chosen one to lead the conglomorate into a new era, a new beginning, propelling the conglomorate into higher heights and to be known as 1C...Now it seems, the conglomorate is ready to be taken over by the opposing MDs'.

Jabba look out his car and see the iconic hall where Orkid used to study and the field where she was played at nights. Jabba wiped his pinkish lips as images of his close friend Ram of historic Malk hounded him. Jabba and Ram used to share the same status as heart breakers and ladies men but that was a distant past, something that Jabba again regretted. Sometimes Jabba thinks he is a mirror to JFK. JFK has MM, he has ZZ and both of them are CEOs of conglomorates.

Jabba took out his diary and looked in disbelief. His options are dwindling and the opportunity to call for fresh board meeting is thinning. He is running out of options. Outside, Orkid is calling Washington trying to catch hold of arranger John Low. Orkid wanted John to arrange NY socialites and GROs' to descend to the capital for the coming conglomorates' day.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, July 19, 2010

A moment of silence... for blogger Onebreastbouncing

Life is but a journey. It ends when the heartbeat stops...simple as that...

This morning witness another day where another blogger meets her Maker and that blogger is onebreastbouncing aka Raden Galoh aka Dalilah Tamrin. Her passing was picked up by Another brick in the wall, "Thirteen million plus ringgit" guy and Zorro unmasked.

I will be lying if I were to claim that I knew Raden Galoh but I will not be lying if I were to acknowledged that my other half was diagnosed of having the same cells abnormality as hers.

Although I came to read the news in the early morning "sweep", it takes some time for this person to settle down. Only last year, we lost "The ancient mariner" aka Capt Yusuf but my respect to bloggers who can briefly keep aside their differences and stand together as one to pay respect to a fallen blogger...

Let's have a moment of silence and offer Al-Fatihah and hopefully Allah akan memasukkan Dalilah Tamrin didalam golongan umat yang diredhaiNya...dan semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. InsyaAllah.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Of Najib's Bertang Lama and Paris Hilton...

Withdrawal symptoms? Maybe...not sure about that.

Najib asked the people to be prudent when announcing his 5 in 1 price hike which he termed as price rationalisation.

Yet the same Najib who championed prudent spending failed to help Bertang Lama folks in central Pahang out of their poverty! Najib talked about propelling Malaysia into a high income society but the same Najib failed to help these folks to earn decent living!

Najib can listen to Rosmah's 40 minute speech but failed to lend his ear to hear the shortcomings faced by 300 Semais! Aren't these Semais Malaysians too?

Remember Najib's 100 days? Remember his walkabouts in Brickfields, Kg Baru and Chinatown? When is Najib planning to do his walkabout inBertang Lama? Or Is Najib more interested in doing some "personal search" on a socialite named Paris Hilton?

Associated Press (AP) reported about this Hilton gal detained in Corcica whilst travelling along "personalities close to powers in Malaysia". Is this true? Who is this personalities close to powers in Malaysia? Najib should be coming out to declare if this news is true or Najib can pass the task to "mode on-mode off" Rais Yatim. Malaysia deserve to know the truth, more so when the government calls for prudent spending! Are the personalities travelling on their own expenses or on Malaysia's "sposored trip"? Is this where our "savings" go to?

Can Najib afford to swat Bertang Lama issue aside? This is reality. Is Najib ready to face and tackle this reality? Only and only if Ros-semak give him her blessings...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Friday, July 16, 2010

Najib's pre-Raya gifts to Malaysians...more sufferings!

16th July 2010 (remember the date!)

Less talk means less drink and less drink means less sugar...
Less travel means less transportation needs and less transportation needs means less fuel...
Less eating means less food and less food means less usage of cooking gas...


Less NAJIB and lesser ROS-SEMAK which means least BN (Barang Naik!)

Najib can come up with the usual rhetorics of health reasons (for sugar) and better transportation system (for fuel) bla bla bla but think about these simple first thoughts...

If it is for health reasons then why isn't Najib encouraging ROS-SEMAK to exercise and diet (she looks more and more like Imelda Marcos by the day and her actions too are mirroring Imelda!)

If it is for a better public transportation system, then why are we still having third-rated commuter sustem with sauna-like coaches, known throughout for its perfect inpunctuality? Or busses bought that cannot be used on Malaysian roads? Or Plaza rakyat which has been countlessly delayed? Or the ever increasing tolls?


Najib mentioned of RM 750M savings this year due to these adjustments, but Najib has failed to satisfactorily explained his PM's department's expenditure of RM 4B for 2010! That's almost 5 fold of the savings!! This is not hearsay but a written reply in parliament given by Nazri Aziz (unless he will come up with another "glitch" excuse)

Najib asked the rakyat to be prudent but Najib only knows how to spend, spend, this true to Najib's "Rakyat diutamakan, pencapaian didahulukan"?

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who walks before Najib? Jeng...jeng...jeng...

Another picture...thousands of words....and it's not doctored!!!

This time, it's Kota Kinabalu and splash in Kota Kinabalu's Daily Express 14th July 2010 edition...

Ask yourself..Najib war-war "Rakyat diutamakan, pencapaian didahulukan" but in reality Najib 's motto is

"Rose-mah diutamakan
rakyat dibiarkan"

Najib, Najib...bila nak sedar... apa, hang kena manderam ka? More than 30 years of experience, Najib still fails in protocol...all because of his protocol-less sleeping partner...

No wonder, Malaysia is going haywire all over the place....courtesy of Najib and Co...

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Now that the world cup is over...let's go for guessing game

What about them? No idea? Well, scroll down for answer :)


They are Chemical Engineers, Bankers, Consultants, Office Executives, Presidents, Vice Presidents, and maybe Bloggers who sit 15 hours a day at one place...

Don't laugh! It's a fact and it's fast becoming a global issue!

So take care of yourself and your FAT

For tips to stay healthy, please refer to your doctor

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Najib's nightmares Anwar's dreams...

A picture paints a thousand words...

Is it happening?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Of Terengganu's save land, dump money policy...

What more can one say about "My ambition was to be a postmeng" Ahmad Said, the current MB of Terengganu? There is nothing degrading about being a postman, mind you but to repeatedly say that in public function is fast becoming unbecoming of an MB.

Now, in his latest bold corporate move which is soon going to be envied by the rest of Malaysia is his decision for Terengganu state government's purchase of Strawberry Kijal Resort apartment in Senajang bay which is obviously in Kijal, Ahmad's village.

Ahmad Said camourflaged the buy-out (or is it the bailout) by turning the incomplete resort into Terengganu heart institute.

Is it a real necessity? Mind you that Kijal is only next door to Kuantan which has its own specialist centre. So who will check in Terengganu Heart Institute? Will this be another Ahmad Said project? Designed and build to cater for his cronies?

Back to the real issue - is Ahmad Said putting the rakyat's money at the right place? Is there any need to salvage the abandoned project to save a few? Or are these few the ones who financed his political funds?

Is this a clear cut case of "when the cat's away, the mice is out to play"? Before this, it has been said that Ahmad Said has been reminded and reprimanded for his past actions which has not gone well with the King. Ahmad Said should know that he is currently sitting on the MB's seat due to the King's intervention.

Has anyone visited Strawberry Kijal resort? I have and frankly it is nothing special there. It's entrance is highly dangerous and it's position is no longer strategic with a faster and safer by-pass road isolating it from the main trunk road. How do one expect an ambulance to make it's way to the "heart institute"? And how does one expects the same ambulance to exit the institute safely less the patient is firmly strap to the stretcher! If that is the way, I do not foresee ambulances comes screeching into Kijal heart institute but rather "slow coach" ambulance cautiously negotiating the hill to arriive at the institute.

Isn't heart diseases related to stress? If it is so, then how many stressful fishermen are there in Kijal and its surroundings? Yes, Kijal is a fishing village and it has that laid-back kampung atmosphere, something that is totally opposite of KL. Ahmad Said cannot be counting for Pahang folks to come flocking to this heart institute. So, will this be another white elephant ala "satu lagi projek pembaziran BN"?

Ahmad Said's argument to save the land is totally illogical. This is a private funded project so let the developer solve its own problems. Why need Ahmad Said's intervention?

I see this a waste of money...unless Ahmad Said envisage he needs the heart institute for his own ersonal use...when he is kicked out of his Terengganu MB-ship. Manusia...manusia...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Of fine line: Between sabotage and responsibilities...

When politicians talked, the general rule is to read between the lines. More so, if they happens to be Malaysian politicians! Why is Zahid getting all riled up?

It is a fine line indeed! How do one decide whether it is sabotage or an act to effectively hide the truths? This time around, a quick tour of KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's first submarine "which cannot dive"...

Zahid Hamidi, Defense Minister and UMNO's VP claimed that it is an act of sabotage as he directed his accusation to possible culprit(s) who could be involved in the maintenance of the submarine. Amongst others, MSM STAR reported that Zahid implied :-
  1. The leaked information regarding KD Tunku Abdul Rahman that led to unfavourable news report is an act of sabotage;
  2. The leaked information was done intentionally to sabotage and undermine the competency of the country's defense system;
  3. The suspect(s) may be linked to maintenance work of the submarine;
  4. Zahid suspects and he leaves the investigations to RMN chief;
  5. He accused those involved in leaking information pertaining to defense system as traitors;
Now, now... is Zahid Hamidi got up on the wrong side of the bed? If it is true that the unfavourable news report compromise the country's defense system, then this writer is waiting for Zahid to make a police report against Malay Mail who first broke up the news and later re-publish in MT. Zahid, Don't just "up" your value in face of UMNO divisional meetings but to follow up with police report and see if there is any truth in your claim. If there is any form of saborage, then let's drag the partyies to the courts and severely deal the persons, regardless of his colour and political beliefs. Do you dare, Zahid or are you just "cakap tak serupa bikin"?

When politicians talked, the general rule is to read between the lines. More so, if they happens to be Malaysian politicians! Why is Zahid getting all riled up? What Malay Mail reported never breached the country's defense system because what they reported are summarily :-
  1. KD Tunku Abdul Rahman is in Teluk Sepanggar naval base;
  2. Problems resulted it being docked after it completed its tropical water trials;
  3. The vessel obtained "Initial Operational capability (IOC)";
  4. KD Tunku Abdul Rahman crew will take over KD Tun Razak during its tropical water trial to avoid the crew from losing their submariners rating;
Read the two and you will see that what Malay Mail reported is in line with their tagline "the paper that cares". The news never expose the defense system nor did they act as traitors to expose the country's defense system.

So why is Zahid getting all riled up? How did Zahid arrived to his conclusion that it is sabotage? Did Zahid received intelligence report saying so? Or Is Zahid trying to conjure some magical tricks to give the illussion that everythink is OK?

Did Zahid has in his possessions evidences identifying the traitors? If so, what is he waiting for? Why not go to the nearest police station and lodge a police report?

I see Zahid politicising the case to by-pass the real issue! Why come up with veiled threats and hazy statements? Is Zahid trying to stamped KD Tunku Abdul Rahman as OSA? Something necessary to hide the truth behind the truths? Zahid's actions can be seen as a desperate attempt to sweep everything under the carpet.

Malay Mail has been objective in raising a genuine issue - what is wrong with our submarine KD Tunku Abdul Rahman? Nothing sinister is their action and this writer do not smell any conspiracy here. So, Zahid - is there any need to use the word "sabotage"? Or is this a way for you to be "front-paged"?

Zahid Hamidi should fulfil his responsibilities on the "behind the scene" for our two scorpenes. If he is a responsible minister, then he should carry out an audit trail on KD Tunku Abdul Rahman and KD Tun Razak. Do not leave any stone unturned and in doing so Zahid Hamidi might save the government's integrity as the French are already preparing to interview PI Bala on the scorpene commission. And talking about the French, they might be eager to know which is the truth between the different versions of scorpene and PI Bala seems to be the last man "talking".

Is it sabotage? Is it hidden truth? decide

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Of Octopus Paul for "On-off-on" Najib...

The safest way out for Najib now is to engage Oct Paul's service which is far cheaper than APCO and definitely more tropicalised than the "submarine that cannot dive" scorpene. And if Oct Paul fails in his "job" Najib and wife can always arrange for "sotong goreng" dinner in Putrajaya. Then they can both invite Shah Rukh Khan, J Low, VT and the rest of the gang to discuss on FELDA's prudent spendings. Rosie can always invite her favourite carpet cleaner to come along whilst Najib huddled with his sibling on how to "better manage" FELDA. Win-win situation for both Najib and Rosie, right?

Latest : What is happening to our country? For a simple issue like sports betting, the government goes ga-ga in explaining their stand, one time ON then PM announced it's OFF then the same PM in his written reply in parliament indicated that it's ON and then corrected says it's OFF? ON-OFF-ON-OFF! This is more than just a flip-flop, this is incompetence to the highest decree, failing all normal standards of targetted KPIs' and KRAs', achieved by none other than 1MPM6 Najib himself. If he can be so off-tangent in his performance, then what can we expect from his "subordinates"? Like this, my friend will simply say "die-die lor"...

Wanted : Malaysian animal lovers Mission : Secure octopus Paul from Oberhausen aquarium, Germany
Purpose : To act as "con-sultan" for Najib in decision making
Accuracy : 100 % (to date)
Priority : Urgent

Seriously, this is what this writer thinks of Najib's present state of mind. Before we delve further into the matter, remember P94 Hulu Selangor?

Murmurs are coming in of "token of appreciation" tours arranged by UMNO for Batang Kali residents. Amongst others :-
  1. One group from Sg Masin of 40 pax spend a weekend in Port Dickson in late June 2010, all expense paid by UMNO;
  2. Another group from the same village spend last weekend in Melaka, again sponsored by UMNO;
  3. Some say Selangor's N7 assemblyman flag-off 2 busloads plus 5 cars on "jalan-jalan makan angin" trip to Kota Bharu in early July 2010;
This time, it is not little bat that echo its signal but the "terminator" who shared my trip to SJMC last couple of days. Along the way, he makes interesting observations like :-
  1. UMNO members are no longer proud in declaring their membership. Instead, these UMNO members are whispering their membership, something to remind them that UMNO is no longer he pride of the nation;
  2. This terminator friend declared that his "F" license was "contracted" out to one UMNO youth chief in Batang Kali who reaps contracts after contracts from the government. In return, this terminator friend claimed that he is given 5 % cut for his "F" license. He declared that he had since severed his ties with the UMNO youth chief and decided to go alone in quoting for projects;
  3. The "ongoing" field trips sponsored by UMNO is another way for UMNO to woo the voters to stay true to BN. Terminator observed that this strategy is not working as he senses the voters distancing themselves more from UMNO/BN;
  4. Although the sponsors claimed that the field trips are meant for the residents of Batang Kali, it is highly suspicious because only Hulu Selangor registered voters are included in the trips. Those not registered or registered elsewhere (eventhough their spouse are registered voter) are not included;
Although P94 Hulu Selangor is a distant past, UMNO and BN is still owing the voters their pledge. One wonders whether BN has fulfilled those by-election pledges to FELDA settlers, the homeless in the estates, the wages of estate workers, jobs for saudara lamas? Or is it possible for UMNO and BN to "conveniently" forget P94 until the next election?

Back to our Octopus Paul. Why Octopus Paul? Octopus Paul is in grave danger of ending up as "goreng sotong" since he correctly predicted the outcome of Spain - Germany semi final match. On top of that, Octopus Paul has correctly predicted the outcome of all Germany's match and it seems that Oct Paul is excellent in "choice of 2 situation". Malaysian animal lovers should make double-quick efforts to secure Oct Paul for Najib as Najib is fast becoming another "choice of 2" decision maker.

Najib as "choice of 2" decision maker? Why not? Remember Najib's written reply in parliament regarding sports betting? What double -talk is Najib in now? First Awang Adek, Finance deputy minister declared sports betting license to Berjaya group, then Najib confirmed that the license was revoked and now the same Najib is leaving the sports betting issue wide open. Can someone confirmed what is going on in Najib's mind? Is Najib listening to MCA because Soiled Leg reminded him that is should be the cabinet's and not UMNO supreme council decision?

Why the "on-off-on" decision? Is Najib working out the funds for a possible snap poll? Is Najib trapped within his own economic reform failures and the necessity for calling snap poll before our economy takes another tumble? Is Najib getting arm-twisted by Berjaya with the many Berjaya investments in Pahang?

So, why Oct Paul? By using Oct Paul to make choices, Najib has the following options :-
  1. Blame Oct Paul for choices that is not popular with the rakyats;
  2. Absolve the officers from providing "misleading statements" in parliament. Najib can't always blame his officers for his indecisiveness, can he?;
  3. Lighten Najib's burden when making choices;
  4. Use Oct Paul to predicts outcomes of future elections. If Oct Paul choose PR's molusk, then Najib can always "pour" extra funds in the constituencies to reverse the trend. Those areas where Oct Paul choose BN's molusk, Najib can afford to spare the funds for other purposes;
  5. Najib can use Oct Paul as his "scape goat octopus";
  6. Oct Paul is much cheaper than Najib's current "1 for the price of 2" scorpene. KD Tunku Abdul Rahman is being docked due to unspecified problems after the tropical water trials conducted in June 2010. Whilst others might be paying 2 subs for the price of 1, are Malaysians paying 1 submarine for the price of 2?;
  7. Definitely Oct Paul has better chance of passing the tropical water trials compared to our scorpenes. That, in itself is a better deal to acquire Oct Paul from Oberhausen aquarium;
The list can definitely goes on. Wait...if some of you are claiming that it is syirik to elevate others in the same plane as the One God, then what about those beliefs of Taib Mahmud relying on his beard for "divine" revealation of Sarawak state election? What about Abdullah's Badawi's favourite number 13? Isn't that superstitious too?

Najib and UMNO definitely need to get their acts together. UMNO is losing touch with its own members whilst Najib is forced to be just another "on-off-on" switch. The only difference is UMNO is still independent and not beholden to any known faction (yet), not like Najib who is seen to be "remotely" controlled by Berjaya!

The safest way out for Najib now is to engage Oct Paul's service which is far cheaper than APCO and definitely more tropicalised than the "submarine that cannot dive" scorpene. And if Oct Paul fails in his "job" Najib and wife can always arrange for "sotong goreng" dinner in Putrajaya. Then they can both invite Shah Rukh Khan, J Low, VT and the rest of the gang to discuss on FELDA's prudent spendings. Rosie can always invite her favourite carpet cleaner to come along whilst Najib huddled with his sibling on how to "better manage" FELDA. Win-win situation for both Najib and Rosie, right?

Time is running short for Oct Paul. As his service may no longer be needed after the world cup (if it is still alive), Najib may need to contact Razak Baginda now for his "expertise" to purchase Oct Paul. This time, Razak may need another interpreter to carry out the task as his former "interpreter" is no longer available. Najib may also enlist PI Bala for SD for the authencity of Oct Paul. We don't want a fake Oct Paul determining our future, do we?

By the way, this writer roots for Spain for this coming world cup finals. Any takers?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Of Samballed Samba and Octopus Paul...

Samballed Samba or no, the molusk Octopus Paul is getting the right attention and maybe the greatest fortune teller Najib never has... who know?

Many of us Malaysians "goreng sotong" when Holland samballed Brazil off in the ongoing world cup. Yet, the one ruling that pissed me off was the Ghana - Uruguay match. It was a clear goal-bound ball before the "hand of Satan" chipped in to save the situation and finally sent Ghana packing on penalty shootout.

Whatever it is, the semi-final match between Spain and Germany will be something to look forward to. Octopus Paul of Oberhausen aquarium his time pick Spain as the winner. Let' see whether Paul will live up to his expectation yet again or is he toying with Germany...

Germany is tactically more superior than Spain and fitter too with their pool of young players. Spain is creative and full of flair. It will be a good match, something worth waiting for...over a cuppa of "Old town, white coffee" :)

Now, what has that got to do with us on Malaysian shores? Like it or hate it, Najib strike the right chord when he declares that there is no room (in UMNO) for prima donnas who refuse to work as a team. But the bigger question is - who is that particular statement directed to? By definition, prima Donnas demand special treatments and difficult to please so not any Tom, Dick or Harry can be termed as prima donnas, especially not the RM2 per annum UMNO members!

Could Najib hinting that to his own wife? She has been known to demand speacial treatments in all places that she goes, including New York and has also been recorded getting special attention from Shah Rukh Khan (well, some claim that she melts in one "Hindustani" charm). But dare Najib sound off his wife when it is fast becoming an open secret that he turns "mice" in her presence?

Since Najib issue that statement in his Pekan constituency, could it be that he is sending a coded signal to UMNO Johor to cease from behaving like prima donnas in the recent sports betting issue? You see, when others are thinking that it is the strong public opinion that force the government to revoke the license, it is actually UMNO Johor who is the major player for the government's decision. Maybe Najib is not pleased with UMNO Johor's 'independent" stand, what more when it comes from his deputy's state.

Maybe Najib is saying that to Taib Mahmud as there are strong evidence that UMNO is trying hard to muscle in Sarawak, the only state where UMNO is non-existent (for the moment). Time is against Taib Mahmud and Sarawak BN is facing fierce onslaught from the combined forces of PR. The only way for BN to retain Sarawek in the upcoming state election is to sideline Taib Mahmud and possibly Pesaka. That, Najib can do by injecting UMNO into Sarawak politics and effectively snuffed out Sarawak BN's component members which are too busy in-fighting.

Najib is correct to observed that it is all about teamwork. Brazil's samba got samballed because they rely too much on Kaka and a few selected players forgetting about the importance of Julio Caesar who manned the goalpost. Finally, it is Julio's poor assessment that bundled Brazil out highlighting that it is a team sport. The same goes for Najib. He must realise by now that BN is not UMNO's alone! Najib has been proven to make decisions along UMNO's thinking and strategy ignoring the views of MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the rest of BN's supposedly component members!

Just look at the recent sports betting issue. Soiled's MCA, Semi's MIC are all for sports betting and has openly declare their support for the license and openly question Najib's decision who do not seek the cabinet's views before revoking the license. Is this a sign of more to come? Are the team questioning the wisdom of Captain Najib? Or is Najib a toothless leader whose teeth has been effectively extracted by wify in lieu of Razak's case?

Honestly, I am closely monitoring how Octopus Paul's prediction will come out. If Octopus Paul's prediction comes out true, I might be offering Octopus Paul's to Najib at a much cheaper price than APCO. Octopus Paul can be useful to predict the upcoming Sarawak's state election and maybe the coming GE 13 too! And if by chance Octopus Paul continously choose PR over BN, then Najib can start contacting Razak Baginda for a place to stay in England, perhaps next-door neighbour to RPK...

Samballed Samba or no, the molusk Octopus Paul is getting the right attention and maybe the greatest fortune teller Najib never has... who know?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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If only...(this happens in Malaysia)

Anybody reads the SUN today? It's free, you know.

For those who read the hardcopy of the Sun, you will be reading something about two French ministers quitting their posts after rows over spending thousands of taxpayers monies on private jets and cigars.

We pride ourselves as an Islamic state where our "adab ketimuran" is still strong in our veins. That's what we claim but at the same time Malaysians taxi drivers have been identified as one of the rudest and one of the worst in the world. That's what the survey said.

Our political leaders claimed that they served the nation. That's what they claim by spending thousands of our hard-earned money to use executive jets for party functions but claimed from our treasury. Is taht honesty? Is that transperancy? We have not come to the part where our 1Malaysia PM allows thousands of ringgits as advertisement on her wife's trip to USA.

Cigars? Why not asked JJ in Washington if he make any claim for his cigars from Putrajaya?

No matter how long the list, these politicians will not forego their comfortable posts and prefer to sidestep the issues. If only someone up there could press the PM to force them to resign. That will be nice, no?

If Japanese ministers can offer resignation, the koreans too, why not Malaysian ministers? Scared of losing those perks and entertainment allowance? So, what do we end up with? Ministers with tainted image, those foul mouthed and "shoot first, ask questions later".

Now that Najib has indicated a possible economic downturn for the second half of 2010, do you think Najib dares to go for snap elections? No way...not when he knows that his time is up and either Muhyiddein takes over his place after GE 13 or he will be sitting at the opposition end after GE 13. Heads Najib lose, tails Najib did not simple as that...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, July 02, 2010

Of "Himpunan tak nak judi"...why implicate UMNO?

Perisik Rakyat mentioned that there will be a gathering "No to gambling" in Masjid Negara on 3rd July beginning from 2 pm.

Although Najib's government has announced that they have revoked the sports gaming license purportedly issued to Vincent Tan's Berjaya group (Ascot), it does not mean that the license could not be re-issued in the future when the "timing is right", maybe after GE 13 if BN still rules the country...

Personally, I believe there will only be handfuls of attendees including Perisik Rakyat who will be busy clicking photos.

Gambling is frowned on not only by Islam but by other religions as well. I have not come across any religion that openly endorse gambling, have you? That said, it is also an accepted fact in Malaysia that Chinese normally kick off their new year with gambling (for luck and prosperous years ahead). Even that, it is not done on a grandeur scale as Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim painted it to be. My friends in mainland China never mentioned gambling during Chinese new Year to me before so I guess they do not gamble during the period.

As for me, I will give this gathering a pass. In part this person has prior commitments on 3rd July and more importantly this person could not see the "link" between UMNO and gambling in this particular gathering. The organisers ought to omit UMNO logo from the main banner. Even if the organisers feels that there is some justification in including UMNO logo within the main banner, then why not the organisers includes MCA, MIC, SUPP, Gerakan, PPP and all BN component parties too?

If the organisers' argument are based on gambling premises and outlets, then why not include PKR (Selangor), DAP (Penang) and maybe PAS (Kedah) as I have not read any conclusive news or reports mentioning that these states had banned gambling outlets in the said states.

Being angry and overly emotional on gambling can still be tolerated. However there is no need to go overboard and drag in UMNO in this particular issue when this person sincerely believes that there are many UMNO members across the country who are also against gambling. Take Johor UMNO, for example. They too reject all forms of gambling!

Khairy Jamaluddin openly announced that UMNO youth too is against sports betting. So the question is - why is "Himpunan tak nak judi" organisers include UMNO logo within their main banner as if implying that UMNO is pro-gambling? Is there any need to sideline UMNO Johor and Pemuda UMNO?

The point is - the "Himpunan tak nak judi" organisers has their priorities all wrong and their good intention misplaced! I dare say here that without UMNO Johor's open statement against gambling propped by pemuda UMNO's stand against sports betting, Najib may still go ahead with his plans to approve sports betting to Vincent Tan's Berjaya group. What stop Najib from doing so is the prospect on an open "internal confrontation" with UMNO Johor (the land of Muhyiddein Yassin and the last UMNO bastion states). You see, Najib dare not offend UMNO Johor as he has already stumbled in his KTMB land dealing apart from his hesitance to proceed with the "revived crooked bridge".

With that in mind, "Himpunan tak nak judi" organisers should instead modify their banner to openly give credit to UMNO Johor for their tough stance against all forms of gambling.

There is still time to change and the organisers can still do it if they want to. It all depends on their "nawaitu". Understand that there are still some good left within the hearts of UMNO Johor. It is just unfortunate that these good people are in the wrong company led by Najib and supported in Johor by His-shame-u-dean.

For those who choose to attend the gathering, I wish you well and please prepare the normal stockpile of mineral water as well as towels and salt. You can't be too complacent nowadays as the "heat" might be too much to bear here in KL...

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

From email : You know why your money not enough to spend as a Malaysian?

If not for these blatant abuse of powers, DNightcaller would not have existed. One man, one voice but that voice can make a difference. If you so decide to open up and talk to 10 persons closest to you, then the multiplying factor will be able to send shockwaves to Putrajaya (and some say in Shah Alam too).

Someone once asked why more and more Malaysians are getting critical of the present government. Well! there are many reasons for that depending on your stand on certain issues.

Will this email suffice? You be the judge, jury and executioner...

Sent: Tue, February 23, 2010 12:16:36 PM
Subject: Fwd: U noe y ur $ not enough 2 spend as a Malaysian?

Yes, I think they are. What do I get for paying toll everyday?
Now I have to pay an extra RM50 for each credit card. For what?
Extra GST (goods and services tax). Again, how does that benefit me?

Look at the long list:

I have to pay for security guards because the police are hopeless.
I have to install filters because the water supply is dirty.
I have to watch satellite tv because the government broadcasts crap.

Many kids have to go for tuition or to private schools because the government schools are bad.
We have to pay IPPs (independent power providers) because the government cannot provide consistent electricity.

We have to pay Indah Water to clean up the sewers.
We have to pay tax on foreign cars because Mahathir wants to keep his dying local car industry alive. ON top of it APs cost bcoz of his cronies.
Most have to drive because the government cannot provide good public transport.

We have to pay to sustain the government's affirmative action policies.
We have to pay for private health care because the public hospitals are crowded .
All in all, we have to pay a PREMIUM to stay in this country!

1Malaysia Boleh!!!
Certainly the list can be longer but the important thing is what are we going to do about it? Are we going to lay back and accept things as they are and let those in power (be it in Federal and state level) grab everything along the way?

Are we going to drown ourselves in despair knowing that "I helpt you, you helpt me" syndrome has become part and parcel of our lives?

Do we hold our heads high when others are questioning on the innocence of our political leaders on their parts in high profile cases (such as murders, trumped-up charges, beating up people, commissions of arms purchases etc)?

Are we not responsible for our future generations? How do we explain on the PKFZ, Sime Darby, Felda, Maika, KTMB land deals? How can our future generations prosper when they inherit our present leaders blunders, whims and fancies?

If not for these blatant abuse of powers, DNightcaller would not have existed. One man, one voice but that voice can make a difference. If you so decide to open up and talk to 10 persons closest to you, then the multiplying factor will be able to send shockwaves to Putrajaya (and some say in Shah Alam too).

The choice is yours. Either stand up for the benefit of our future generations or forever remain silent amid the gross theft from this "golden" homeland of ours.

Have you decided? I have...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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