Sunday, September 21, 2008

Of ambition, reality, facts and...

8th March 2008 is a turning point to Malaysia. It will forver be etched as the day Malaysians, of all walks and life, rose together to send a strong signal to BN Government. Apart from losing 5 states to the loose coalition of Pakatan Rakyat, BN has also failed to secure an outright 2/3 majority in the Parliment - the first time in 50 years.

Normally, this is quite a normal things for a healthy Governance. However strange it sounds, most see the situation as a signal to BN's implosion with SAPP, a minor component party from Sabah voicing that they have lost confidence to Abdullah Badawi's leadership. The action by SAPP leads to "show cause" letter and subsequently, SAPP officially withdraws from BN on 17th Sept 2008.

Pakatan Rakyat, in their joy with the election results have maintain the pressure with their so called "leader" Anwar Ibrahim winning the by-election in Permatang Pauh with a resounding victory and openly predicted to take over the Government by 16th September 2008. 16th September comes and go without any change in Government although Anwar, in his usual rhetoric style, claims that the plan is still on and requested Abdullah to call for emergency Parliment seating on 23rd septemeber 2008. So far, Abdullah has refused to entertain Anwar's request.

With that, Anwar is seeking audience with the King to "prove" his numbers and to convince the King that he has the numbers to takeover the Government. It is a clear sign of "over ambition" in the part of Anwar. When he was the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia in 1998, his fall from the corridors of power is due to his lack of patience and his prodding to unsettle the then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed, by claiming nepotism, cronyism. In return, he is slapped with sodomy charges and found guilty in the court of law and spent 6 years of his life in jail.

The persistent rhetoric and claims made by Anwar clearly demonstrate his "ambition" to be the Prime Minister and in doing so, he is willing to bend backwards to accomodate the differences of the other partners in his coalition - PAS and DAP.

What Anwar should understand and do is to live to his role as the opposition leader, for now and let BN runs the country and waits for his turn in the next General Election. What Anwar is doing now is to sweetalk the existing elected Parlimentarians to switch side and to support him to oust the BN government.

Meanwhile, BN still reeling from their unexpected losses is like a ship withput a reliabe Captain. Abdullah has managed to make wrong decisions at all turns of events, fuelling more and more pressure for him to quit. His indecissiveness and flip-flop is unbearable to common people an it is best fro him to let gothe reins to his second in command. However, Abdullah being Abdullah has shown his real self, that of arrogant and how he proves that he is out of touch with his own party members. The UMNO supreme council meeting on 18th September has given him a very strong and clear message that he must go now or latest by 9th October 2008.

The spinmasters in UMNO is trying to defuse the tense situation by potraying that Abdullah is still sticking to his trabsition plan of 2010. And that may be too late, not only for UMNO but to BN and the majority Malays as well...

The way things are going, Malaysia will still be unsettled until Anwar's ambition of seizing power through the "turnover" of rebellious parlimentarians is conclusively denied, and Abdullah should wake up to the reality that his poor leadership is having adverse affect to Malaysian economy with the facts be known that most of BN component parties as well as UMNO members prefer Abdullah to resign...then maybe only maybe Malaysian and Malaysia can work together for a better future and Anwar to plan for his "ascession" to the premiership after the next General Election.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More