Thursday, April 13, 2017

Of special function... H2O or not

Barry Manilow, the singer with a string of hits like "Mandy", "Can't smile without you" and "Copacabana (at the Copa)" finally feels relieved when he confirmed his public secret that he is a gay. That he did when he turns 73.

Malaysia is a close society. Not many are willing to come out and openly declare they are gay, regardless whether they are artist, politicians, career guys...

This posting is not about Barry's Mandy, this is about H2O. This is not about chemical H2O but a special H2O by the name of Hishamuddein Hussein Onn...

1MPM6's appointment of Hishammuddin Hussein Onn as special functions minister is an indication of things to come. PKR sees the appointment as a stumbling block for Zahid, whilst pro-UMNO blogs hails it a possible transition plan post GE14.

If DAP is boosted with Lim's father-son combo, PKR has Azizah-Nurul tagteam then nothing can be said of Najib-H2O combination. In fact, H2O has been a cabinet member long before Najib became 1MPM6.

On Special functions minister, there are 3 that came to mind :-

1. King Ghaz, the master diplomat cum minister who was never meant to be DPM/PM of Malaysia;
2. Daim Zainuddin, the recluse roped in to face Malaysia's 90"s financial crisis;
3. Wahid Omar, the banker relied on to plug leakages.

Now, back to H2o. Is he tailored to be special functions minister? Whilst some vouched on his polished acts, there are moments when he could not deliver. One such case is the 2013 Lahad Datu incident. The other is his handling of Bersih 3.0.

H2O still lacks the international appeal and his keris antics will be long remembered. With his past record in UMNO's general assembly, it will not be easy for the non-UMNOs to accept that H2O speaks for the nation and has the nation's interest at heart.

If his special functions is limited to reining in UMNO and BN, then it will be a different story. H2O, being a cousin to 1MPM6 will be the final piece to 1MPM6's jigsaw. He is there to look over Zahid Hamidi and keep Zahid's ambition in check. With his special functions, he can checkmate Zahid if the latter thinks of pushing 1MPM6 off the power pedestal.

At the same time, his special functions can act as a detterent to BN's component parties, the likes of MIC and MCA to demand more seats for GE 14. Remember, he once wield his keris in General Assembly and there is no stopping him from reminding MCA and MIC of his past antics. As As for PPP and Gerakan, there are a non-issue.

H2O still lacks the political savvy to calm the storm and he is not moulded to go against Lim Kit Siang or even Muhyuddin. H2O ascendency to special funstions is to appease Johoreans. With Johore state EXCO in hot soup for land conversion issue, Muhyiddin cross over to BERSATU, 1MPM6 needs to calm Bangsa Johor by putting H2O as special funstions. It may not be DPM post nor is it DPM2 equivalent but sufficient enough to indicate that political power is shifting to Johore.

UMNO has seen Musa Hitam, Mahyuddin bumped off from DPM post, thus putting H2O as special functions will not be politiced by the opposition. Afterall, special functions have many different meanings. It may even be house cleaning or at worst toilet cleaning.

Whatever it is, let H2O get his job scope and we will see if he can achieve his KPI...

On the other front, Rafizi finally named Nasharuddin Mat Isa as ex-PAS leader who received who got SRC funds.

With PAS muktamar at the end of the month, political Hadi must come out clean. Either Hadi explained that Nasharudin, if he accepts money on personal basis or if he accepts on behalf of PAS. If he accepts on behalf of PAS, Hadi needs to explain why PAS accept the money from UMNO's najib and where is the money?

PAS is caught between 2 fires. One from its sworn enemy ie UMNO and the other from it's old ally - Pakatan. PAS has been playing with fire and now political Hadi is feeling the heat. You cannot get best of both worlds, not when it involved UMNO.

Rafizi has every rights to expose SRC money trail and Nasharudin will not be the main man. Rafizi is aiming at PAS leadership and political Hadi must come out clean. Unless, political Hadi is no better than what he called DAP recently. It stinks... will political Hadi comes clean?

PAS could not sweep this under the carpet. Doing so will expose PAS as a party similar to UMNO, only at a smaller scale.... maybe at the expense of more of its members abandoning PAS and migrate to other opposition parties. Is political Hadi willing to see that happen?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Of "embracing a live komodo"...

There is a Malay proverb "Saperti mendukung biawak hidup". That is the literal meaning of this posting. Again, the subject is political Hadi...

My last posting mentioned about an ulama should not be foul mouthed. Let's expand a little on it, ok?

Political Hadi is getting confused. Maybe, with both Nik Aziz and Harun Din gone, he has nowhere to turn to for advise. This leaves him in a very precarious position where his mind can be "make-over" by 1mPM6's seemingly nice overture. Little did Hadi realise that 1MPM6 is a thoroughbred UMNO and will do his utmost best to destroy PAS.

Political Hadi should consider these before making his own judgement :-

1. There are clear and eternity enemies;
2. There are trojan horse in his party who is out to destroy PAS from within;
3. There are "friendly parties" who have their own ulterior motive for their own gain;

When political Hadi berated others and say that it is not wrong for UMNO to be friendly with PAS when it comes to Islam, what about PKR, Amanah? Are there not parties with majority Muslims as their members? Are they not fighting for Islam too? So, why specifically allies with UMNO who has backstabbed PAS since time inmemorial?

Political Hadi should knpow that there is a heavy baggage and huge skeletons in 1MPM6's closet. It is a matter of time for it to be blown open, either by within or outside.

A question for political Hadi - Does receiveing donation from a "friendly" party acceptable? Even if it comes from a Jewish-related family? If it is not, then what is political Hadi trying to do in defending what is already wrong?

There is one thing called principle. If Hadi is a principled person, he will stay away from continually spewing foul mouthed words. It is good for the rural Malays...only as good as savouring kacang putih but in the end political Hadi will lose all the political clouts achieved in his early political career.

Someone asked me - why am I hard on political Hadi. It is not that. I believed in principle and political Hadi has crossed many red lines just to defends his decision and lately I see Hadi being sidelined for his actions. He lacks the strength to carry on PAS torch. He might be PAS president, winning uncontested but it is hightime for him to pass the baton to the next in line.

And Rafizi, don't hide behind your statements. If you are sincere in fighting corruption, then you should be equally truthful for the corruption within PKR camp... ada berani?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Of blind actions and blinded members...

Just because a newspaper lampooned your leader,it does not mean the newspaper is stoking religious tension.

Let's get it right, just because a leader is a Haji does not means everything he did represents Islam...

Let's ask ourselves, are we a matured society? There are leaders who categorically say that Malaysians are a matured society as he deemed it politically correct to utter the words. This, you can intermittently hear in parliament when government backers and opposition debate on issues of the day.

However, let's look deeper and ask ourselves - Are we really a matured society? You d not have to wait for an election to see party members lampooning the other side candidate in whatever issues possible, beginning from submarine, diamond rings, main belakang and what not. This is not limited to poster wars.

In this case, Nanyang Siang Pau lampooned both Pandikar and Hadi for RUU 355. Not familiar? Well, Pandikar allowed Hadi to tabled his private bill on ammendments to RUU 355 on the last day of recent parliamentary sitting. After tabling the bill and after the bill was seconded, Pandikar decided to end the sitting with many MPs' objecting as the debate on the bill is deferred to next parliamentary sitting.

Pandikar, on his part, explained that since the previous day sitting ended at 5 am, he is in the opinion that the parliementary staff and the MPs' are too tired to debate healthily. Thus, he make the ruling to defer the debate to next parliemantary sitting.

Whether Pandikar make the right decision or not, it is his call as he is the boss and he rules it that way. Whether Pandikar was instructed from "upstairs" to defer the debate is a non-issue.

The same goes for Nanyang Siang Pau. It is the newspaper's right to view the issue in whatever way they want. That is part of press freedom. As other mainline newspaper or online newspaper lampooned political leaders from both sides of the fence, it is Nanyang's view.

Just because someone feels Nanyang has crossed the line, a protest is held against the cartoon in front of Nanyang Siang Pau's office.

What about linking the cartoon to religious tension? What connections is there to link the cartoon to stoking religious tension? Yes, Hadi is PAS president but that does not mean whatever Hadi does is right. If whatever Hadi does does not mean it is automatically religious, then Nanyang has the rights to lampooned Hadi. That said, PAS supporters should not get overzealous in linking what Nanyang Siang Pau did to stoking religious tension. I did not see religious tension here. What I see is Nanyang Siang Pau lampooning Hadi as a political person. Period.

There are two sides of Hadi here. One is religious leader Hadi and the other one is political Hadi. Political Hadi claimed that Rafizi claim of an ex-PAS leader receiving 1MDB related money is 300% wrong. Well! is there any such thing as 300% wrong or 300% correct?

This is not about defending Rafizi. What Hadi claimed is based on his knowledge. Maybe Hadi did not receive the money and Rafizi never claimed Hadi did. Rafizi mentioned ex-PAS leader. Well - even Nakhaie is ex-PAS leader and he may well received some 1MDB-linked money. I am not accusing Nakhaie but I am not discounting an ex-PAS leader may receive the money knowingly or unknowingly.

Until Rafizi singled out the person, political Hadi cannot totally dismiss Rafizi's statement. Both Hadi and Rafizi are politicians and as politicians they will wriggle their way out somewhere or somehow. Hadi should not jump the gun...let Rafizi names an ex-PAS leader and the link to 1MDB money, only then Hadi can claim whether what Rafizi say is true or false.

With political Hadi dismissing Rafizi's claim so early, it shows that the opposition as a fractured lot. Not broken just fractured. How serious is the fracture depends on who is looking at it. The way I see it, it may be a bit too serious for the fracture to heal come August...(ooops) when GE 14 date is announced.

If political Hadi dislikes others from spewing harsh words against him, Hadi shud also learn to refrain from being overtly foul-mouthed. Hadi being a fiqh scholar shud learn to refrain himself. By being overtly foul-mouthed, political Hadi may be showing his concern that his ability to lead PAS is being openly questioned. Further, Hadi is no Nik Aziz. Hadi should go back to school and learn etiqquite. No harm dome to learn how to be patient and not bashing everybody as if he is the only person right in this world.

Now that I have said my piece, hope noone starts to lampoon me.... BTW, going for my vacation...and internet will be intermittently available. Maybe no posting until next week?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, April 07, 2017

Of political deferment...

Purely academic. I guess that's how legal fraternities look at RUU 355.

"Someone once said if you are in power you are powerful. If you don't use your power you are a bloody fool" - Pandikar Amin Mulia (6th April 2017)

Finally, Hadi got his chance to table private member's bill on RUU 355 ammendment on the last day of Parliament sitting. Takiyuddin, in his 1 1/2 hour speech supported the motion afterwhich Pandikar Amin ruled debate on RUU 355 will be held in the next sitting.

What does this means? STAR reported the bill could stay stuck based on the following :-

1. In future sittings, Hadi's motion on ammendment to RUU 355 will be treated as private member's bill and Government's business of the day will take precedence. It means Hadi's motion will take a back seat;
2. The speaker must give permission for Hadi's motion to be debated and this is not automatic. It means everything can be in limboland;
3. Hadi's private member's bill can only move forward if Hadi's motion is debated and voted. It means the motion is still a political play for the government of the day;
4. BN would follow the spirit of consensus and not take over the bill. It means 1MPM6 will play to the audience of BN political partners as well as Hadi where it suits him best;
5. Hadis' bill could rmain in the order papers without anything happening for a long time. It means the bill can be collecting dust or as the malays say it "Hingga kucing bertanduk";
6. Example of this is GST which was on order papers since 2009 and only passed in 2014. It means it can be 5 years for the motion to be debated and voted. That means maybe in the next 2 general elections;

Let's look from different angles, depending on where you are standing.

For BN (especially UNO), this motion can be a double edge sword. Wilst UMNO can boast to the rural Malays that they are in line to support Hadi's RUU 355 ammendments, they can simply make a u-turn to appease the non-Muslims by saying BN consensus will determine the fate of RUU 355. This will depend on who BN is addressing to and whose votes they need most.

For PAS, Hadi's private member's bill reflect their seriousness to strengthen syariah courts and whatever result needed can only be achieved with Muslims supporting PAS.

For collective opposition block, ammenments to RUU 355 is just another rhetorics from flip flop BN who will use anything possible to remain in power.

Remember when I mention purely academic? Why dis I say that :-

1. Since this is Hadi's private member's bill, what will happen when Hadi ceased to be an MP? Will this means ammendments to RUU 355 will face a natural death?
2. If it is Hadi's private bill, My opinion is the bill will meet an untimely demise if Hadi failed to continue to be an MP either by God's will or if he lost in the next GE;
3. 1MPM6 must call GE 14 wihin the year and there are not much sitting left. Apart from July sitting, Sept sitting will be more on budget. By the time it passed September (if GE 14 is not held by July 2017), BN will be busy propping their act to win over discahnted voters;
4. If Hadi or Takiyuddin or PAS lost big time in GE 14, who will pick up the torch for ammendments to RUU 355? I doubt BN will do that and I am very sure DAP will not. PKR is equally hesistant whilst Amanah is DAP's shadow. Bersatu is still too young to carry the burden;
5. When this happen, it is just purely academic to discuss ammendments to RUU 355 as judges will say "this will not happen and as such there is no need to think of crossing over the rive as we have not reached the river".

That said, despite the hoo haa and the on-off 1MPM6 support, ammendments to RUU 355 will be on the backburner for a long time to come.

Conclusion? Purely academic...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Of destructive self-promo... Shabudin style

You know it's GE season when politicians came out with expletive statements - all in the hope of catching the eye of political party leaders and hopefully wooed as potential candidate for the coming election.

Forget about Siti Kasim, she may be a good political pawn for DAP and maybe PKR but certainly she will not make it to rural areas. Her best hope is in urban mixed-area like Bandar Tun Razak.

Shabudin may like to retain his Tasek Gelugor seat. Shabudin who?

Every politicians want to be a hero. To catch 1MPM6's attention, BN politicians need to be creative. One such case happens to Shabudin Yahaya. The Guardian carried the news "Rape victims should marry their rapists, Malaysian MP tells parliament". In it, Shabudin was reported :-
1. Rape victims can "ward off" bleak future by marrying their rapists;
2. to suggest rapists can turn to new leave by getting married to their victims;

When the public turn against his views, Shabudin take a short cut answer by claiming that he has been misquoted. maybe the hansard in parliament can prove otherwise.

This is where Shabudin gets wrongly tanggled. He was a syaria judge before elected as MP of Tasek Gelugor. As a judge, syaria some more, Shabudin should have carefully choose his words. Shabudin should ask himself - which is his priority, to get his points across or to get 1MPM6's attention?

Even if Shabudin is misquoted, the initial news of his statements has grab world headlines from UK to Tokyo. Is it equally easy for him to get his statements corrected in Guardian and Tokyo Times? I doubt it...

Maybe it is time for Shabudin to look within himself and learn to think before shooting his own foot, just because he seeks the pleasure on 1MPM6 and hopefully retain as MP candidate for Tasek Gelugor.

Me? I will be ashame of him if I were a voter of Tasek Gelugor. The same response when someone's son was enraged when his father was mentioned in Parliament. What say you?

Will there be a group of Tasek Gelugor voters in Shabudin's office demanding him to retract his statement? Maybe, over a cup of coffee and nasi lemak...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Of unexpertise statement... backfire

I am not sure whether I have openly comment on Siti Kasim. If not, then serves her right... when Perak mufti advises her to learn and understand...

Sometime, it is better to keep your mouth shut if you do not know what you are talking about. This is none truer for Siti Kasim. Being a lawyer and activist does not grants us the rights and freedom to voice vocal ignorance on every issue, especially those affecting RUU 355 and Islam. Why? Simply because we are not an expert in Islam and its way of life. What we are doing now is to look at Islam from orientalist eyes and line of thoughts. As such, we are looking into Islam from a different set of thoughts which is not in parallel to Islam.

Is it possible that Siti Kasim has been out of touch too long during her 17 years stay in UK. She was there when she was 21 years old, a critical stage to critical thinking. If not properly addressed, there are possibilities that the line of thoughts has been compromised by western thoughts which is contrary to Islamic thinking. having said that, it explains where she is coming from and the possible cause to ignorance. Prove me wrong, there...

Inferred that she is not a normal Muslim, what is she then? Maybe she can highlight for others to know. At least, explain on her "blondeness", how she comes to the conclusion that her dyed hair is allowed for in her religion or in her understanding of Islam.

Her insistence that there is no requirement to wear tudung in Islam. Maybe she can explain what Al Ahzab verse 59 means. If that is not the requirement to cover the head, then she can explain what the verse means.

Kalau kita tak tahu, bergurulah pada yang tahu. Jangan berguru pada buku kerana buku tak boleh berinteraksi dengan murid....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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