Monday, May 30, 2011

Of non-Halal "Halal" beer...

It is not something that I like to touch on but I sincerely feels that the subject matter is important. At least Jamil Khir Baharom deals with the issue head on, and his answer is straight forward. I am talking about beer and specifically the commercially-sold "Halal beer".

Before we go any further into this, personally I have raised this question to one Ustaz way back in the 70's (whheeeww, I am a dinasour) and he shot me back with the question "Is it intoxicating?" to which I replied "How would I know?". You see back then, there is this Australian brewery which came up with "non-alchoholic beer" and that stirred me to ask the question which was never really answered.

Then, somewhere around the 2005, I chanced upon a real "non-alchoholic beer" sold openly in an Indian restaurant in Manchester (Yes, Manchester England). This time around, there is no-one around to ask except for a couple of drinking Malaysians so I just look at it and pass...

In 2009, I came face to face with a sidewalk cafe advertising "non-alchoholic beer" in Bangsar and my mind guessed that it should be all OK since it was sold in a Muslim enlclave of Bangsar, somewhere near the LRT station (hint). Look at it but still do not fall for it. 2011 and this time in an upcoming section of Shah Alam, the non-alchoholic beer were placed on tables in the trendy Zam Zam restaurant, a restaurant famous for its Mandey chicken/lamb. Some Muslims took it and openly drink it, maybe because of the word "non-alchoholic beer" or maybe they thought it was "Halal" beer. Whatever, they have their own reasons for consuming it.

Which comes to out point - What Jamil Khir Baharom did is RIGHT. He pointed out the reason WHY.You see, the manufacturer claimed that it contained only 0.01% alchohol whilst laboratory testing proved that it contacts 0.5% alchohol! Mind you that Muslims are forbidden from consuming alchohol!

Now that Jamil Khir Baharom has pointed out that these "Halal" beers are not Halal, then maybe it is time for me to make my rounds again to see whether these establishment will follow to Jamil Khir Baharom's statement!

And for those who stay in Shah Alam, why not take your dinner in Zam Zam restaurant (it's pricey but worth it) and see whether these cans are still there on the tables! Those near UiTM should also try the NasiArab restaurants in Section 7 and see whether these "halal" beers are still there or not!

Those in Bangsar should try the sidewalk cafe across UOA(?) building next to Bangsar LRT station. And try out those countless "Arab-styled" restaurants and see for yourself. Me? Maybe I will try the Arab restaurants along Jalan Bukit Bintang... :)

Now that Jamil Khir Bahaom has issued the statement, what is Malsysia's stand on this? In "Halal" beers HARAM? If it is, then is Malaysia's stand similar to those from the middle east? I dread the day when the Arabs openly consuming "non-halal Halal beer" whilst we are screaming hoarse to say that it's HARAM!

Whatever, not only alchoholic beers are HARAM, to compare Halal drinks to alchoholic drinks may also render the drinks haram (in certain cases). Moral of the story? Why should we try working around corners to justify HARAM to be HALAL? If it is HARAM, then it will stay HARAM.. as simple as that.

There will be smart Alecs out there with enough chemistry knowledge to work out how to get a diluted 0.01% alchohol drink. So, it is better to cut off now and declare it as HARAM. Get the shops to return the drinks to their agents and close the case. Or will someone come up with another grand biz idea "It's HALAL except in MALAYSIA"!

My last words of advise to Muslims - apa apa pun, sudah dikatakan arak itu HARAM, jadi HARAMlah dia, samada dalam kandungan yang kecil atau besar - wallahualam...

Thanks Jamil Khir Baharom for the brave answer, although it comes almost 40 years late for me... :) Or will one Halal hub issue a contrasting statement? KJ, You listening?

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Of "Rojak English" ...

Malaysian Insider's "Wary of flip-flop tag, Cabinet dithers over English" worth a second look. Shall we?

MI reported that "The Najib administration has not decided on switching back to English for Science and Mathematics (PPSMI) because several Cabinet ministers feel any change would be another embarrassing flip-flop."Now, enlighten me. How many of these "several" cabinet ministers are new? Isn't Najib's cabinet an extension of Pak Lah's outfit? That means, it's the same old guys with maybe, minor re-branding. Thus, what embarrassment are they mentioning about? If Pak Lah's cabinet is a flip-flop organisation, then these same clowns are still flip-flopping on PPSMI.

Look at the whole scenario from another context. The common point is English. Whilst the government is flip flopping on PPSMI, did you guys notice the various statements made by both Muhyiddein and Najib on English teachers? In part, Muhyiddein announced it would hire 10,000 teachers to teach English in local schools and Najib got a promise from the US of A to send peace corps volunteers to teach the language (English) in the country.

Basically both Najib and Muhyiddin touch on the common subject of increasing the number of English teachers. Yet in the same vein, both Najib and Muhyiddin is taking different routes to the issue. Muhyiddin is looking to New Zealand and Australia as base for those selected few who will be teaching English is schools. Najib, on the other hand, will be getting US peace corps to teach English in rural schools.

Now, this is where number one and number two is seen to be same but different. Yes, both looks to oversea nation to generate English teachers BUT Muhyiddin prefers to train our own local population English, Najib prefers to outsource to US of A to send the teachers. Not only that, Najib should know by now that the peace corps is an American volunteer programme that aims to provide technical assistance, helping foreigners understand US culture and helping Americans understand the cultures of other countries.

The question is - is the peace corps programme beneficial to us? These peace corps volunteers are not here on long term duration. They are here for maybe one or two years before leaving for home. How effective can one be to teach English in a space of 2 years? And my biggest concern is - are we using British English or are we using US English? Or is 1MPM6 Najib saying that we are rojak English? Will we be spelling favor or favour? Will we be pronouncing mountain or mount'n? If we are already half lost with the local English, where will we be with a mix of British, US, local English?

Another big concern is the clash of culture between the east and the west. Najib said that these peace corps will be sent to rural areas. I dread to think of the worst but I do not want to end up saying " I told you so". Remember the Penans? If a strong local influence can "pursuade" findings, then just imagine what a powerful government like "big brother" can do if their volunteers end up "deflowering " our students? Not urban students where the elites and the rich are concentrated but rural areas where our poors and simple-minded are massing.

As an example is the Vietnam experience. Due to high demand to learn English, many US of A young folks flocked to Ho Chi Minh city making a living as "English tutors". At nights, you can see them in the sidewalk coffee shops, making noises and disturbing the peace. Just ask those Vietnamese if they like it or not. On one occassion, I saw the coffee shop owner closing the blinds of her shop to rid the so-called English tutors only to open it back after they have left the scene!

As it is, not only the cabinet is flip-flopping the idea of PPSMI but at the same time do not even know the difference between British English and US English! And yet we are wondering out loud on the quality of our students! Well, maybe 1MPM6 Najib is aiming to introduce Rojak English to the world... and we have not even touch the weird English slang of internet yet....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The need to set up special court for politicians...

I don't know how you guys feel but I am getting fed-up! Just look at the various circus acts around town and you will agree that we need another special court - this time exclusive for active politicians only!

Take these few issues as examples :-
  1. Anwar - Hishamuddein defamation suits

    It's already a joke when Datuk T invited members of the press corp fr a preview of the infamous video. From thereon, it goes downhill when Hishamuddein filed a defamation suit to Anwar and then the latter filed a counter-defamation suit to Hishamuddein.

    With Sodomy II already taking the courts' time, this defamation suit will definitely strained the judges further...

  2. Is he or is he not an MP

    This is about Tian Hua. Whilst the Courts of Appeal threw out Tian Hua's application for a review of high court,senior lawyer Karpal "Singh is King" Singh said that the Dewan Rakyat could not move to disqualify Tian Hua as Batu MP.

    This will take time and frankly, I wonder whether the courts have the time slot to hear Tian Hua's case. Tian Hua is just a person but his presence in parliament is crucial to make up the quorum.

  3. You dare or not

    That's in KL. What about Penang? Ramasmy dares Teng to sue in court about land scam. I will not dwell too much but still it will take courts' time to listen to their arguments.

That's just today. What about the rest? What about cases involving other politicians? With the amount of money available to them, the government might as well construct timeshare apartments within the courts compound for these politicians. And with the bottomless of money, these politicians and their lawyers will find ways and means to drag the courts proceedings longer than necessary. If all else fail, the same politicians will generate the peoples court to be their lawyers, juries and lawyer!

Yes, Malaysia has special court to judge the rulers. But how many times did this special court is called to hear special cases? Maybe, this special court shall be reserved for politicians. Maybe that would limit legal manouveres to delay judgement.

So, whilst counting down to our July gathering - should we form a special court just for active politicians? Maybe those who leave active politics could also make the numbers provided their last active political deed is less than 5 years... Think about it...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, May 20, 2011

A year on... Malaysia's first lady issue, khazaf and sumpah laknat

So far, New York Times did not run any "Welcome First lady of Malaysia" ads yet. Either NYT smarted from last year's debacle or no one is willing to foot the ad's bill, this time around. Whatever, Najib is still in New York and there are still ample time for Mrs 1MPM6 to twist some arms for her "First lady of Malaysia" ad...

It was a year ago when this blog posted on 5th May 2010"Who will rise for the real first lady". A year on, 1MPM6 and Missus makes another trip to New York for a nine-day working trip starting from 17th May 2011.

So far, New York Times did not run any "Welcome First lady of Malaysia" ads yet. Either NYT smarted from last year's debacle or no one is willing to foot the ad's bill, this time around. Whatever, Najib is still in New York and there are still ample time for Mrs 1MPM6 to twist some arms for her "First lady of Malaysia" ad...

Whatever, we will see whether Najib can control his wife's obsession and spending spree in New York or not. Maybe this time, our own J Low will foot the bills and pamper Najib with some Pink elephants...

Now, only a few nights back someone mentioned about Khazaf. Honestly, not many people understands khazaf but basically one learned Muslim scholar (with a PHd in Islamic study) outlined that a person who reported or accused another Muslim of committing fornication or sodomy will automatically receive 80 lashes. Now before you guys jump and say that this is outrageous and inhumane, understand that Islam do not tolerate person(s) who accused another of committing fornication or sodomy without bringing 4 reliable persons with good standings as witness.

What about if the accusser is the "receiver" of sodomy? The 80 lashes still stands and if he could not brings 4 reliable persons as witness, then the accuser will get an additional 100 lashes. And what if it is true? The accuser still gets 80 lashes first before the accussed is sentenced. Moral of the sentence ? Do not easily accuse another of fornication or sodomy.

Now, what about those so-called sumpah laknat? The Islamic scholar explained that sumpah laknat is not something uttered in the sanctity of masjids. Instead, sumpah laknat or whatever sumpah is done in front of a syariah judge in his courtroom. So now, ada faham tak that Datuk Eskay's sumpah laknat is just "pure circus show"?

Does that mean Anwar is not guilty? No! Anwar is guilty too. I am not saying that he is guilty of the accusations heaped on him but he is guilty for being ... vulnerable. He should have learnt a lesson from Sodomy I and yet he walked straight into sodomy II "entrapment". With his influence and aura, Anwar should be guarding himself with at least 2 or 3 assistants to avoid from being trapped or engaged in immoral activities unbecoming of a leader. Is that too much to ask? If Anwar could not fend himself from being dragged into sexual entrapment, then what is his credentials of a good leader?

Back to sodomy II and Datuk T. Remember that those who accused another of committing fornication and sodomy gets 80 lashes? Remember how Hishamuddein lamented that we do not have the mechanism nor expertise to carry out "syariah canning"? Well, the same learned Islamic scholar pointed out that Aceh conducted them on Muslims who were found guilty of certain misdeeds. That's not all! These Acheh syariah enforcers mentioned that they adapted the syariah caning from Malaysian guidelines! Now, now .. how can a "sifu" claimed ignorance on things that he had passed on to his students? Shame on you Hishamuddein...

Is that all? Unfortunately no. This particular Islamic scholar says that he will be facing another tough time soon when he meets with his Indonesian counterpart. Just imagine our neighbour saying " Bapak, apa dah jadi? Itu hukum Khazaf pun ngak tahu... habis kenapa bilang Malaysia itu negara Islam kalau asasnya pun belum tentu..."

Remember this nursery rhyme?

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the King's horses and all the King's men

Couldn't put Humpty together again

Well, maybe this is applicable to 1MPM6 Najib. If he could not resolve the wild accusations against his one-time boss, then clearly he lacks the knowledge to differentiate between justice and slander. How can he, when he spends more time in New York enjoying RoseCTmah singing Liza Minelli's New York, New York! And yes, with his buddy buddy JJ by his side, Najib is letting Muhyiddein sweat with UMNO's dry run whilst he paint New York red...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

UMNO's 65th birthday ; "Open asylum"...

1MPM6 always say "1 Malaysia". Now, let's his actions speaks louder than his words - will 1MPM6 visit Jalan Pudu's open hotel? As it is, Najib's diary indicates that he is free around 1st to 3rd June, so Najib - ada can for Jalan Pudu walkabout or not? Afterall, these homeless are your voters too, aren't they?
Anybody has any problem when UMNO claimed that they are 65 years old on 11th May 2011? Forget about UMNO getting itself deregistered in 1988 and revived as UMNO (B) and now claim that UMNO (B) and UMNO is one and same. Makes one wonder who was UMNO's member number 1? UMNO (B) number 1 membership belongs to Mahathir Mohamed and mind you that when UMNO was born back in 1946, Mahathir Mohamed is not one of its founding members. In fact, Mahathir Mohamed was not an active UMNO member until much later... That's historical facts!

Well... UMNO is 65 years and always claimed that it is the backbone of the federal government, starting from Perikatan and later Barisan Nasional. 65 years later and Najib, the present PM who hailed himself as 1MPM6 is fast becoming a failure.

Say what you want but Malaysia is noticeably getting deeper and deeper into the gutters. We are fast becoming a transit point for drugs, dumping ground for asylum seekers, breeding ground for foreign students moonlighting as GROs' or peddlers or black money scammers, barter market exchanging votes for citizenship programme, world player regarding rare earth facility and the list can go on and on and on...

Whilst our politicians are too busy analysing "is that him or is that not him" video, Malaysia is now faced with a new social problem - homeless.

Malay Mail highlighted on the "open hotel" of Jalan Pudu where scores of homeless people spend their nights under the open skies. So, whilst the Ketua Bahgians and their entourage choose the likes of Sheraton, Pan Pacific, Hilton, Marriot, Le Meridie to idle their nights, shouldn't it be better if UMNO conduct a city tour to Jalan Pudu and understand how our poorer halves are living?

UMNO always claimed itself as the champion of the people, so this is a good opportunity to champion the homeless plight. Unless UMNO is only good at adlib. Maybe RoseCTmah can learn a thing or two from those sleeping under the open skies of Jalan Pudu.

1MPM6 always say "1 Malaysia". Now, let's his actions speaks louder than his words - will 1MPM6 visit Jalan Pudu's open hotel? As it is, Najib's diary indicates that he is free around 1st to 3rd June, so Najib - ada can for Jalan Pudu walkabout or not? Afterall, these homeless are your voters too, aren't they?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Of official religion... so be it

What happen to our MSM? Once, MSM used to be referred to for any news under the sun, now the same MSM has lost its glitters and fast monopolising a new market - nasi lemak wrapper!

How the MSM choose their strategy to remain relevant is their own choosing but when certain MSM with it's numerous reporters and stringers scoop it's "breaking news" from bloggers, then something must be seriously not right!

Taking Bigdog's 6th May 2011 posting, Utusan Malaysia use the content as their headlines the next day. Since then, many so-called experts join the fray and offer their views. The thing is - what's the issue here?

Is Bigdog going against the current? Take the wrong turn? Standing against all odds? The best person to answer should be Bigdog himself and as one of the prime movers of Bloghouse, he should be responsible for what he said and stands by his statements, even if it means Bigdog checking in Kamunting hotel!

Now, let's turn to a more serious issue at hand, also regarding Islam and Muslims of Malaysia. What's the big commotion about Bigdog's posting? Those Muslims ranting to champion Islam should be asking themselves much more important questions that swatting empty air, such as :-
  1. If Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, then why is our 1MPM6's wife not following Islam's dress code?

    I am not expecting RoseCTmah to come out in Arabic dress but what I am expecting is RoseCTmah adhering to Muslim dress code such as covering her hair, wearing loose clothing to hide her "assets". And if 1mPM6's wife could not conform to this simple Islamic requirement, then it's a shame to those 1 million plus UMNO members who could not "pursuade" her to do so. So what has 1MPM6's answer to this? Are all 1MPM6's religious advisers "post blind" that they could not even point out this simple thing to 1MPM6 to make it right?

  2. If Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, then why promote slander?

    Islam and for that matter all religions of the book do not condone slander. Saying so, why is MSM, especially Utusan Malaysia championing slander? What is the reasons to glorify Datuk T? What ethic codes are TV3 following when they decided to showcase video on their primetime news? How many will listen to UMNO's own Fathul Bari when he suggested to end human being's humiliation?
Where is MSM's responsibilities? Where are MSM's investigative reporters? Did any of them confirm that there is indeed a meeting to that effect? And what is our men in blue doing? Too busy snooping the wrong direction?

Are we becoming a reactive state? Reacting to news but never taking pro-active actions to maintain our harmony? Whilst we are debating on whether Islam is the official religion or not and whether non-Muslims can become Malaysia's PM, did any of us bother about the influx of foreigners into Malaysia?

Just the other day, my Lebanese-born friend claimed that here are 60,000 Iranians on study visa in Malaysia. I did not believe him when I countered, if there are 60,000 Iranian students in Malaysia, then our own local students will never secure a place in Malaysian universities. However, his claim should be checked and confirmed. How many foreign students are in Malaysia now? Are they here in Malaysia on valid study mission or are they here on different missions? Including drug smuggling?

Instead of choosing sides on who should be Malaysia's PM (Muslim or non-Muslim), we should be making a reality check and acknowledged - are our past and present PMs Malaysians? Malaysian in the sense that their foreparents are born in Malaysia (for maybe at least 5 generations). Can our Museum Negara (or Arkid Negara or registration department) confirmed that Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abd Razak, Hussein Onn, Mahathir Mohamed and Najib Razak are all Malaysian who meet with this simple requirements?

Instead of putting up banners and countless police reports based on Bigdog's posting, the same groups should be asking themselves - are we preaching the same Islam? I mean if these groups are so riled up, how many of them dare to stand up and point out to 1MPM6 that his wife is not adhering to Muslim dress code? Or point out to 1MPM6 of the many half past six Muslims in his companions - those who publicly champion Islam but at the same time frequent the night clubs, karaokes with wine glasses on their left hands whilst the right hand busy groping their "unlicensed contractual" partners?

Does that mean Bigdog is wrong? No, not really! Bigdog raise a point and that point should be addressed by those who attend the meeting in Penang. Since the meeting were attended by the pastors, it is high time for them to come in the open and issue a public statement. If there is a planning to elevate Christianity, then admit so. If not, then deny it publicly. No need to hush hush.

Lastly, the clown should start getting serious. Stop clowning around! Utusan Malaysia should be hauled up and should pay for their reports. As an MSM, they should be responsible for their news. Unless, Utusan Malaysia admits that they are the same standard as USA's National Enquirer! If Hishamuddein could not be firm, then it is time for 1MPM6 replace him with others who can do the job and maybe place Hishamuddein in RTM where he can expand his talent - clowning around!

As for 1MPM6's BN's plan for GE dry run scheduled to be in June 2011, it is better for 1MPM6 stop horsing around. If 1MPM6 wants it, bring it on...being GE 13 on. Ada berani?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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