Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Of Cloudy, Clouded, Clout issues...

Some online news mention my friend SakmongkolAK47 crossing over to DAP. I may not know him that well but my bet is Sak will stay in UMNO as UMNO is his first love. Aziz Bari, on the other hand, may join DAP as I believe Aziz Bari may not have a long future in PKR.

2011 is sure a cloudy year for 1MPM6 Najib. Too many issues hurting BN, enough to give 1MPM6 Najib the headache that refuse to go away...

However, the latest exposed National Feedlot Corporation reduce Najib's chance to call for quick election, and with Bersih 2.0 breathing down his neck, 1MPM6 Najib has too many sleepless nights in Malaysia.

National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) first highlighted by in the annual Auditor's report would have been quietly and quickly swept under the carpet if not for PR's continued and persistent exposure of the issue. Now, almost everyone knows of the RM 250 M soft loan complete with allegations that the money was disbursed before the signature was actually inked. How about the condos in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore? And how NFC spends the money to "invest" in land, luxury cars as well as "all expenses paid" for their Directors.

With the heat on Shahrizat, coming from Bung Karno and Ghaffur, it is surprising to note that Syed Ali of Cheras UMNO is leading the peninsular guys asking Shahrizat to quit her job. What happen to our Aziz of Sri Gading? Normally the trio of Aziz, Bung and Ghaffur will spearhed the charges but this time around Aziz is micely quiet. Is it because his boss, Muhyiddin, heads the Ministry that appoint NFC?

With or without PR as well as the combined forces of Bung, Ghaffur and Syed Ali, the honourable way out for Shahrizat now is to offer her resignation from 1MPM6's Najib's cabinet as well as UMNO Wanita chief. But then again Shahrizat has no balls to do that... so 1MPM6 will be handicapped with ol' Shahrizat as his excess baggage.

To deflect the spotlight from NFC, 1MPM6's government is now making grand news out of Iskandar Investment Berhd (IIB). Yesterday it was the hubby of ex-CEO charged with RM 1.6M graft followed by another 2 ex-Directors charged for similar offences. Maybe 1MPM6 is hoping that IIB scandal will remove the heat off NFC and at the same time tightened some loose bolts on Muhyiddin. Afterall IIB is in Johor and Muhyiddin is from Johor, is it not?

Whilst 1MPM6 is faced with NFC and soon others will come piling on his doorsteps, it does not mean PR is having a field day. Yes, 1MPM6 room is clouded with issues but PR's house is getting cloudy too.

For BN renegades, their situation is like birds in golden cages. Free to see but limited in their movement. For PR, it is more like "marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar". 2008 success is getting into their heads and PR lawmakers are acting beyond their means. 2008 do not actually guarantee PR will sit in Putrajaya in 2012, but unfortunately PR lawmakers are getting giddy to the extent that they do not know how to act anymore.

Look at Rama-Karpal Singh recent spat. Their open warfare will lose those few precious botes that put them where they are now. Karpal may be wrong but Rama choose to burn the netting that protects him from BN mosquitoes. In the end, not only Karpal and Rama burnt but maybe DAP will suffer some burns too...

PAS too has its own problems with Hassan Ali, Nashruddin against "senile" Mustapha Ali. Just because Mustapha Ali is PAS secretary general does not make him all correct. PAS, under Hadi fails to realise the importance of human resources. Yes, Hassan Ali and Nashruddin may step out of party's guideline but they can always be corraled in if it is done properly and diplomatically. The problem is, Mustapha Ali thinks that he is way ahead of the rest and that puts PAS in a dangerous situation.

PKR? The less said the better. PKR is self centered around Anwar. With Anwar probably gone by 9th January 2012, PKR will be like a lost herd. Who has the charisma to bring the herd together? Azmin Ali? Forget it. Khalid Ibrahim? Fat Chance? Rafizi Ismail? Too busy honeymooning...

That's not all. When everyone is busy looking at Anwar and NFC, 1MPM6 seems to push though his golf buddy into another comfortable chair, getting him the Gemas-Johor Bharu double track project. We are not talking M here but B. Yes, the project is worth more than RM 7B and yest out Kong Cho Ha claims that the project is not awarded. Maybe Kong is right, the project is not awarded but at the same time the LOA has been issued. Is it not the same or similar?

That, my friends, are what clouts are for. Proxy to someone with the gains equally shared when the heat is off and when the "politically-connected" master is out of "political job".

So, what is our choice? Maybe our youths can make a stand and welcome 2012 in Guy Fawkes masks. Honestly, I would be glad to join the Guy Fawkes mask wearers in Dataran welcoming 2012 but I am not a party goer, so I leave it to you guys to carry the flag. Afterall, I am an early sleeper and needs all the sleep I can muster in preparation for 2012 GE.

Some online news mention my friend SakmongkolAK47 crossing over to DAP. I may not know him that well but my bet is Sak will stay in UMNO as UMNO is his first love. Aziz Bari, on the other hand, may join DAP as I believe Aziz Bari may not have a long future in PKR.

Me? Still happy travelling here and there, listening to birds chirping... Maybe I should start night haunting, to prepare for 2012...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We get peaceful rallies when PERKASA 's RIP...

Should I laugh or should I cry?

It felt like yesterday when Ibrahim Ali @ Katak melompat @ PERKASA lead students movement of the 70's. How time, wealth, fame and thirst for media coverage "turnover" Ibrahim. His initial comments, in response to the proposed Peaceful Assembly Bill, Ibrahim Ali showed that he is a spent force and is out of touch with reality.

Ibrahim Ali said
it would be effective in tackling unruly assemblies as there were "black sheep" who often abused the constitutionally guaranteed right. Well, is Ibrahim claiming that he was and still is the "black sheep"? In 70's, he led the students movement against the government, and recently he championed on issues which puts him at odds with both the government and the opposition.

Ibrahim believes that such restrictions can be lifted, perhaps in 50 years when society is more mature, but for now, national security is of primary importance. Is Ibrahim implying that we should take Myanmar's place in stiffling dissent? Is Ibrahim acknowledging that despite his age, he has not "matured"? Why 50 years? So that the society will not roast him since he is most probably dead within the next 50 years? (Mind you that this writer is not playing God here but Malaysia's male average age is 60 years, so in 50 years, chances are most males will be dead by 60 years old).

Ibrahim continued "Overall it’s a positive move. After 54 years we have come to this stage. Maybe in the next 25 years, people will be educated and (we) can (enjoy) full freedom, but for the moment, Malaysia still needs time to educate its citizens." Hello, Ibrahim. Are you from Mars? Are you implying that people like Samad Ismail, Ambiga, the doctors, emgineers, teachers, ustaz, priests who attended Bersih II are uneducated? Or is Ibrahim Ali saying that KJ who led his patriots is an uneducated Oxford graduate?

Are we progressing forward or are we backpedalling? Ibrahim mirrored the government's nervousness in handling assemblies. Is the government, like Ibrahim, dreamed on turning Malaysians into robots?

You are the people. Are you allowing people like Nazri, Ibrahim Ali, Hishamuddin to wate your grey matters? Come GE 13, show them who is uneducated - the people of Malaysia or the scumbags like Ibrahim Ali...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Of salesman name Najib...

What's wrong with the picture? Don't they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? If so, then how young is the "young man" with the red cap on the left? Looks more like 60+...

Najib did it again. This time as salesman Najib when it is reported that he spent almost the whole day in PWTC to woo young voters. The funny thing is, I was in the vicinity too yesterday but did not see the hype and "happening" in PWTC. Well, maybe Seri Pacific is not considered as PWTC and that is why this writer did not sense the happening.

Take a look at the picture again. Did you guys (and gals) see something missing? No? Really? Where is RosCTmah? Isn't she always by Najib's side even in Saudi Arabia? Why is she not there? Is she absent on Najib's media consultant advise? If so, RosCTmah must be having nightmares last night, knowing Najib being surrounded by those SYT (sweet young things)... swarming around Najib in their pinkies. No... I am not referring to the pink elephants of US of A but rather UMNO's homegrown putris... with their body hugging jeans and high heels, all looking for a "better career" in PWTC.

Now on to Najib's speech. KJ mentioned that
the Umno president’s speech touched on the direction Umno and BN must take to ensure support among young voters “swings back” to BN. Are you sure?

If that holds water, then Najib is abandoning UMNO's traditional safeboxes opting for young voters. Makciks and pak ciks, Najib has abandon you, will you still be voting BN in GE 13?

Think about it... Najib is losing his grip on the 50+ voters and he is not getting anywhere with the teachers and the civil servants. So, Najib is aiming on the youth to carry him on. The problem is, the young are media savvy and they are IT based. 50 years on, Najib keeps on selling that only BN can do this and can do that. Yes, BN can surely do whatever they want (for now) including providing "low quality" 1M milk through 1M shops... it's time for Najib to realise that whatever rebranding he's using, the consumers (read: the rakyats) have enough of BN...

Poor Najib, from PM to salesman...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Of bulls and timber = Got to go...

And who better to sum it all up if not Najwa Muhyiddein who sang "got to go"... at least she is frank when she sings that song. I wonder whether her father gets the message or not...or does her father's boss listen to the song and understand the meaning?Bung Karno also wants Shahrizat out, maybe Bung Karno should sings "got to go" in parliament to get his message across...

A tale of two cities? Nah... too far fetch.

Charles Dickens wrote of "once upon a time" aristocrat who became a victim despite his virtuos nature. Definitely this is not applicable to back door minister! Worse, the "pass the buck" game has started with MACC passing the ball to others as the so called NFC issue falls outside MACC act 2009. That's what you get when you have politician cum lawyers outlying our national policy and legislation. They will do whatever they can to "grey" all areas that might affect them and at the same time engage with legal jargons to drag the system - all for their advantage! And isn't our back door minister a lawyer too, by qualification?

But then again, just because we agree to collectively agree that the present day government's shelflife has expired, that does not mean that whatever comes from their groins are just as bad as the parents (or should I say the father). Just because the government of the day victimise the rakyats through and through by siphoning monies from our country's coffers, that does not mean that everyone is rotten to the core.

Yes, Nazifuddin is Najib's son but he did not grow up with his father around. Najib choose to opt for RosCTmah and left Nazifuddin with his mum when the kid was only 4 years old back in 1987. Do you think Najib cares about Nazifuddin when he was busy charting his political course and leashed by RosCTmah?

Yes, Nazifuddin may have some "connections" to get on Harvest court board but definitely that does not come, courtesy of Najib. That said, I feel it is unfair to heap Nazifuddin in the same basket as 1MPM6 Najib.

Bulls for the back door minister and timber for Najib's son, both expose the weakness in our system where the playing fields differ based on who you are. With Najib sitting down poring through potential BN's candidates, let's make a resolution - oust BN in the coming election.

And who better to sum it all up if not Najwa Muhyiddein who sang "got to go"... at least she is frank when she sings that song. I wonder whether her father gets the message or not...or does her father's boss listen to the song and understand the meaning?Bung Karno also wants Shahrizat out, maybe Bung Karno should sings "got to go" in parliament to get his message across...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, November 11, 2011

NFC + MRT = no planning...

My oh my. Look where we are heading today...

The once "boy of the hour" KJ cooked up excuses on bulled NFC. Not NFC of National Football Conference but this NFC stands for National Feedlot Corporation. KJ's painted Shahrizat's NFC "noble" idea of investing in condo purchase but KJ failed to explained who is the owner of the condominium. Is it Shahrizat? her hubby? her children? or is it NFC?

If it is NFC, then maybe KJ's feeble attempt may hold some water or else it will clearly show Shahrizat's way of skimming the publics' monies for her own benefit.

Worse still, KJ sidestep the obvious, that Najib's "rakyat didahulukan" government failed to take everything into account before embarking into the RM 250 million over NFC project.

If we keep going through KJ's childish explaination, then how does the RM 800K "holiday spree" using NFC funds brings bigger returns than depositing in current account.

Left or right, KJ failed miserable and all is due to his skill trying to "menegak benang yang basah".

If NFC is a proven failure, then what about another in the making? MRT corporation admitted that they have yet to assess the potential of property development but at the same time declare that the priority is to get the project off the ground. Another load of bull from Najib's "rakyat didahulukan" government.

If MRT has not assess the potential of property development, then why rush into things? To get the feel good vibes or another cosmetic treatment to dress up Najib's failed missions? It shows that the government is resorting to do first, and think of reasons later. Do things first then only think where the funds are coming from.

NFC, MRT - what does it matter. The present government is skinning us alive and reaping funds from our hard-earned money. Worse still, NFC and MRT may be learning from Malaysia's own J Lo who skimmed Terengganu sovereign funds (now known as 1MDB) by selling bonds and now Terengganu is paying through their noses to honour the matured bonds. Soon, we will spend more from our already depleted reserves. Thanks to Najib and his thoughtless "transformation program" and the childish reasoning of KJ.

How I wish Najib announced parliament dissolution today to pave the way for 13 GE. ... but Najib chickens to the task. Maybe he did not "get" the light during his recent express trip... so guys/gals, please wait for a few months before we show him the door...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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You has email? Telephone? We need you...

Some can wait... but not me.

SPAD announced the relocation of bus services operating from Klang bus station to Pudu sentral. Their reasoning? To make way for demolition of Klang bus stand, I fondly remembered it as Toshiba bus stand because of the large Toshiba signboard above the building in the 70's.

SPAD mentioned that in its place, SPAD will construct the MRT station. What SPAD and its Chairman failed to recognise is the mess they created in relocating the service. Consider this :-
  1. The relocation force bus commuters to walk further to link to other public transportation to reach their destination;
  2. Force the commuters to pay more as they have to use STAR LRT before they can connect to their regular komuter/Putra/bus services plying in and around Pasar seni area;
  3. Did not have the spirit of "people first" but instead "SPAD first";
  4. Force the commuters to brave the rain/heat in walking further to Pudu Sentral;

Now, what is there got to do with email and telephones? Easy... I need as many of you to email and register your protest to SPAD's decision which burdens commuters or call 1800889600 to voice out your displeasure to this relocation exercise.

You have sms service? Good, you can also sms SPAD aduan send to 15888.

You see, SPAD can demolish the building and SPAD can build the MRT station without having to relocate the bus service! It is all in the planning and if Mekah can rebuild the buildings around the kaabah without disrupting the pilgrimage, why can't SPAD do the same at Klang bus station?

I am sure Haji Najib and Hajjah RosCTmah can see the rapid developments surrounding Mekah without burdening the millions of pilgrioms. SPAD can do the same with commuters of less than 10,000 daily using the Klang bus station.

So guys and gals, I call on you to send emails, spread the message around...and help the commuters of Klang bus station. Let's "Bersih" SPAD of its cobwebs...

Thanks for your support guys and gals....

Ahhh, before I sign off, a late Congratulations to Fi-sha on her success in angling in Mr R last 8th October... Sorry that I can't join the celebrations as I was called on duty touring Cambodia, Vietnam and soon Algeria and China too....

Let's give SPAD, many many "You got mails" message....

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Of tersinggung and pay hike...

Utusan Malaysia screams with Sultan tersinggung and so does other MSM. Malaysiakini reported Johor Sultan offended by Guan Eng's remarks. Lim GE is quick to apologise over the statement.

You can read it all in MSM as well as online news portal. Nightcaller is not going to dwell on that, not this time. Instead there is more that we should be tersinggung...

Nightcaller is more bemuse with the word "tersinggung" or offended. Why not when everybody in Johor is micely quiet when we lost Pulau Batu Putih. Why no noise when Johor (or rather Malaysia) lost Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore?

On that occassion, the world court decides that Pulau Batu Putih rightly belongs to Singapore. Why? Because the Singapore team are better prepared with documents and led by experienced lawyers as well as academicians. Malaysia's team? One young ciku on express lane to high places who happens to be a son of someone high in Putrajaya and said to be the one who call the shots on who to prosecute or files stamped as NFA...

We lost Pulau Batu Putih and nobody tersinggung? Funny... or is this the case of the one who help us lost Pulau Batu Putih is from blue blood? This blue is BN blue....

Or what about the time when the palace lost their immunity and their "perks and power", thanks to our 4th PM. You mean nobody from Johor was tersinggung by that event? The event that leads to a few royalties being drag to courts for various cases including "business deals gone sour"?

I wonder if anybody will be tersinggung if someone digs up history and comes out with findings on the real lineage of those in yellow attire. I dug mine and so far just glad to know that Nightcaller is not related to "pirates of Carribean" nor to any known pirates around the world.

So, no wonder Malaysians are not tersinggung when we lost Labuan, courtesy of Abdullah Badawi...

The point? Nobody will get tersinggung unless you happen to be Lim GE.... that's my guess or maybe someone will be a bit tersinggung if you happen to be Mat Sabu... Other than that, everything must be fine in Malaysia, especially when Najib is going to announce a big pay hike for public servant next Friday.... unfortunately Najib do not have a final say on that matter. When asked to confirm, 1MPM6 merely smiled and if you read his unmoving lips, perhaps you may hear a faint murmur.."RosCTmah belum lulus lagi..."

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Of Undilah... what sublimal crap?

MCMC said the video is full of anti-government sublimal message. Some claimed that it has not passed the censor board. What? Does that mean MCMC approved the supposedly sex videos taht makes it to our dining table, courtesy of TV3? Does that mean the supposedly Anwar's video sexcapades pass the censor board?

Before we proceed any further, have you guys seen the Undilah video? No? Then please take 5 minutes of your precious time to see it and judge it yourself.

Sublimal message? What message? The only thing the video is encouraging is to get you guys, born bred in Malaysia to register as voters and to vote!

Watching it for the first time, I did not see anything wrong with the video. If a scene of an unknown reader flipping through Harakah is anti-government, then the backdrop of Najib's "Pencapaian diutamakan, rakyat didahulukan" is more than enough to drown out Harakah's scene.

The difference? Harakah's flipthrough is at the early part of the video whilst Najib's backdrop conquers the middle and the later part of the video. Now, if you are watching movies, which scene will be etched within you? The first part of the ending? My answer is the ending - nobody wants to know the build up. So, MCMC is partially wrong in branding the video as anti-government.

Who is MCMC working for? The rakyat or political masters? MCMC should remain neutral in their dealing. By stating that the video has sublimal message, MCMC is exposing themselves to future adverse comments. So, are we suppose to be exposed to continuous pro-government sublimal message?

To me, Undilah video addresses to younger generation, the hip-hop audience who will go with the catchy phrases. Did they say Undilah Pakatan Rakyat? No! Did they say Undilah BN? NO!
So, what's your problem MCMC?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Of ISA's -1 + 2: Najib style...

Let it stands that when 1MPM6 is busy buying time by announcing the purported coming abolishment of ISA, DNightcaller is working on increasing the waistline with rendang Selangor, lemang Perak, Laksa Penang, keropok Terengganu, batang buruk Johor, dodol Melaka, nasi kerabu Kelantan, kek lapis Sarawak, terubuk masin Sabah etc. In short between Najib's "Thursday night live" and my "Duduk duduk sambil makan", DNightcaller comes up tops with better and truly Malaysian culture. Eat your heart out, Najib...

1MPM6 Najib, is that the best you can do? With all the hype and build-up complete with coralling 800 or as your "pak pacak", and you can only talk about repealling ISA? Aiyah! Malulah...

Going by Najib's track record, what he talked last night is already predictable. Since 2009, Najib proves that he is "lembik" with his ever "lallang" announcement and "give aways". When Palanivel takes over Samy and hinted Indians (which is actually MIC's stand which is actually his wish) shying away fom BN, Najib rewarded Palanivel with full minister and appointed Samy as Malaysia's special envoy to India with senior ministers ranking standing.

Now that Prof Kopi "O" Zainal comes up with his findings that Malaysia (or Malaya) was never colonised, how will Najib responded as he is the one who trumpeted "Don't change history" just days ago in Bukit Mertajam? So dear Najib, which is which? With the rate our leaders are re-defining Malaysian history, I think I am better in American history than Malaysian history...

Just the other day when slumping in Starbucks, this Chinese friend just returning from Macau was taken by surprise with "we were never colonised" statement. WeIlizabeth of UK when we use her face to decorate our stamps? Are we paying Elizabeth of UK patent rights when we use her face to decorate our stamps? Is Najib (or for that matter Mahathir) saying that we have already use APCO Britain way back in the 1940's or worse still since Francis Light era?

What Najib mentioned is actually what the rakyats have known all alone. In fact, the rakyat has abolish ISA in 2010 when they took the streets of KL denouncing ISA. So what Najib is doing is acknowledging the rakyat's demands. So dear Najib, are you going to backdate the announcement? If you do, will history be rewritten to accomodate you?

Unfortunately Najib's announcement is actually a non-announcement. Repealing 1 ISA law but introducing 2 new laws, is that the better solution? Why are we looking to UK and USA as reference point? Is Najib (and Hishamuddin) implying that we are going to have our own Guatanamo bay? If that is the case, then how can we say that these new laws will not be misused and abused? ISA has been abused before so will it be the same with these new lawsnother chocolate coating, perhaps?

With 800 audience before him, Najib fails to deliver anything sterling. What he did is doing what should be done ages ago and even that, it does not warrant the grand brouhaha on Malaysia day eve. Maybe the most Najib can hope for now is celebrating 16th September as the day ISA is officially abolish. Then again, how can you celebrate it when parliament has not approved it and YDP Agung has not inked it?

Najib can do much better if he used the opportunity last night to announced his separation from those who weighed him down beginning from RoseCTmah, Hishamuddin, Rais, Muhyiddin but Najib just do not have the guts to it. As said earlier, Najib is too "lembik" to be Malaysia's PM.

Saying so, if Najib is committed to BN he should use the opportunity last night to tender his resignation. If that had happened, then for once Najib would have upped Mahathir in dramatising his resignation. Najib way want to do that but RoseCTmah will not allow him and she may ise everything at her disposal ensuring Najib would not have uttered it. Who know, Najib may be implanted with cynide in his pinkies... anything is possible...

Whatever it is, wishing you all "Happy Malaysia day"... and enjoy your holiday. Me? I am already out of country looking for bread crumbs to continue living... heh heh heh just kidding

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Of friendship : in good and bad times...

Silence does not mean that this caller is happy with what's going on in Malaysia. In fact there are so many things waiting to explode and fortunately anger management seems to subdue the unhappiness residing within this lifeform. I will talk about it later...

For now, I should state clearly that I stand by this particular friend who is currently down but definitely not out. The best part is he did not know who is DNightcaller and I will definitely saviour this for a long time to come.

When I know of his predicament this afternoon, I choose to take a step back and observe from a far how he handle the delicate situation. Not because I like it but I think he choose to take the first step his way and I have to respect his wishes. In fact, not many of his inner circle knows what's going on. I did know because of my own inner-inner circle alerted me when this particular friend was caught offguard.

Monitoring from afar, I monitor his progress and once he passed his critical hurdle, I sent him a short and assuring sms. It is time for friends to lend support. You see, this particular friend of mine is timid and this persona non grata choose to invite him for a simple chat in Old Town, pasar seni.

There, all the possibilitieitys are laid out for him to choose as this is not the time for a single person to make his decision. A few cups of coffee and I finally see the smiles coming back as rays of hope and opportunities are spread out. Afterall, this is all the way his Al-Mighty test the faith of His believers. Whilst mine come in the form of health faced by my other half, his comes through his misjudgement of character. Whatever it is, DNightcaller gently remind him that this is the time where he will sort out who are his real friends... and I hope I will be one of them.

Before the millenium, DNightcaller was tested when my other half was hospitalised and the doctor gives an ultimatum "Operate now or she will be gone forever". At that time DNightcaller was literally jobless and practically alone in the city. How critical was it? Well, I can't even get a second opinion from others as my other half is suffering from internal bleeding which must be stop then and there. The operation went smoothly and I was saddled with the hospital request to replenish 5 pints of blood used in the operation. With nowhere to turn to, DNightcaller called his old office...and you know what happen?

Sad to say that those office staffs who were close to me before never cares and not even a word of symphathy. But 5 souls from a different race (I am not being racist here) offers their blood and just request me to bring them to the hospital to donate their blood. Up to this day, nothing will ever repay their kindness to me. That's what friends are for...

Another was 500 km away and upon hearing my predicament makes his long trip back to provide moral support. This particular friend met his maker 2 years back and no matter how much I do, I can never repay his sacrifice to be with me when I was down. That's what friends are for...

Friendship is about giving and taking. Whilst I have my own shortcomings which are plenty, I hope that tonight I brings back hope to this particular friend who is down but definitely not out. I hope tonight, he can sleep well thinking That's what friends are for...

I admit that the past month is quiet for DNightcaller. Yes, I seldom surf the net nor do I post in my blog. And tonight, I realise that Zorro's mum is back in his house. To Z, I pray that his mum will recover well. That's the least I can do for now and hope Z can consider That's what friends are for...

To all, please take some time to reflect who are our friends and have we done enough from our friends because That's what friends are for...

Tomorrow is another day and DNightcaller will travel with his down but not out friend looking for his new pasture. Pray that he will find one, better than his previous one...That's all I ask... and I know it is not too much.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, August 01, 2011

Of 1MPM6 Najib's skewed political science 101...

Since 1MPM6 is in HKL recuperating from his knee operation, he sure do have time to do some reality check. This time around what about reality check on what 1MPM6 said in his closing speech at Malaysian Students Leaders Summit (MSLS)...

Whilst waiting for the formal announcement on the beginning of Ramadan, TV3 carried a news report on 1MPM6 Najib using his oratory skill in defending his government records and proclaiming that he believed in democracy. What a joke...

Malaysian Insider pick up the news with the caption "Najib:BN would have won Kelantan if polls skewed". His reasons? :-
  1. PAS retained Kelantan with a slim majority of 3 seats in 2004;
  2. PAS retained 1 state seat with a simple majority of 2 votes;
  3. BN won a by-election reducing PAS majority by 1 state seat;
Is Najib getting senile? Who was the Prime Minister in 2004 until 2008? What Najib failed to expose in MSLS are these :-
  1. Abdullah Badawi is the Prime Minister from 2004 to 2008;
  2. Abdullah Badawi respect the Kelantanese wishes to be governed by PAS;
  3. Abdullah Badawi did not make any attempt to "buy" froggies like what Najib did in Perak in 2009;
  4. The by-election which reduces PAS's majority to 1 happens in mid-term;
  5. Abdullah Badawi did not make any attempt to "win over" PAS elected representative because the reps are voted in by the voters and as such they are answerable to the voters (whilst 3 Perak froggies were frothing claiming they won because of their personality and not because of the party);
1MPM6 Najib failed to address the issue correctly. Najib failed to mention that 2004 was BN's superyear when Abdullah-led BN routed PAS and recapture Terengganu. Did he mentioned that? Did Najib mentioned that after years under Mahathir, the rakyat decided to give carte blanche to Abdullah to run the country by presenting him with a landslide win in 2004?

This is where Najib and Abdullah differs. Najib will go all out to win a "lost" state at all cost. See what he had done to Perak. 1MPM6 might have secured Perak but at the same time the backlash swept many casualties including those whose official residence is in Kuala Kangsar.

In his quest to be a "winner" 1MPM6 did the unexpected - he introduce the "you help me, I helpt you" syndrome and top it with "I help you now, you helpt me later" by promising G Palanivel a full ministerial post!

Say what you want of Abdullah but his Jeanie never overshadow him in his official duties. Curse as much as you want of Mahathir but Hasmah Ali never placed Mahathir on a back-burner. Najib? Well, just look at the mess RoseCTmah is inflicting!

Since Najib is in HKL, will RoseCTmah nursing him or is RoseCTmah too busy getting her carpet cleaned? Whatever it is, Ahlan wasahlan Ramadan al mubarak...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Of 1MPM6 Najib's ministerial qualities...

1970 revisited? My oh my, 1MPM6 Najib is sure a certified desperado. In his quest to "look good" to the Indians, Najib is going to Razak's time in having 2 Indians in the cabinet. However, why should 1MPM6 Najib chose G Palanivel, the untested MIC President to be sworn in as full minister?

Yes, Razak has 2 Indians in his cabinet but both Indians won their parliamentary seat. Najib? Najib is opting for G Palanivel who lost his Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat. If Najib is wooing the Indians, wouldn't Kamalanathan who won the Hulu Selangor by-election a better choice?

Worse, 1MPM6 is cocooning himself with losers. Remember Shahrizat Jalil? What about Koh Tsu Koon? Both lost their parliamentary seats but both were chosen to 1MPM6 Najib's cabinet. And we have not mentioned about those who never contested in GE12 but appointed as ministers as well. Remember Idris Jala? And Khair Baharom?

Najib is surrounding with losers and since we are at it, why not appoint Chua Soil Leg as minister too? And if Najib's quota is 2 Indians in his cabinet, what will be the options available to M Kayveas? Looking at Najib's statement then It's bye bye to M Kayveas. Poor Kayveas...

That's not all. Read through the fine lines. 1MPM6 mentioned 2 Indians, then where is he putting his 1Malaysia concept? Is 1MPM6 thinking along the racial lines when appointing ministers? It seems that 1MPM6 "cakap tak serupa bikin". On one hand Najib talks about 1Malaysia but he is not practising it when appointing ministers!

It seems desperado Najib is shielding himself behind losers and untested politicians. Take out Shahrizat, Koh Tsu Koon, Idris Jala, Khair Baharom, Mohd Nor Yaakob and we see a naked Najib surrounded by losers...

If Najib is wooing MIC, then PPP (read Kayveas) might as well say goodbye to BN. Reason? PPP just do not have a future with BN. 2 Indians ministers goes MIC way, so what's left with Kayveas? And mind you, only a few days ago Muhyiddein sweet-coat IPF when he said IPF is a step closer to being BN component party. Is 1MPM6 Najib making an open "who's the boss" statement to Muhyiddein when he promised MIC 2 Indian ministerial posts?

If IPF is a component without cabinet representation, then it is better for IPF to stand alone. Why beg BN when IPF plays "slave" to BN big brothers? If IPF is left hanging in limbo, then KIMMA, can kiss their chance of being BN-recognised good bye.... And I have not touch on Nalla's mosquito party or HINDRAF inspired parties...

1MPM6 Najib goes all out to break his fall... and if Kayveas is an opportunist, this is the time for PPP to call for their annual GM and push Najib for a ministerial post. Right now, Najib is offering MInisterial posts to whoever can promise him support, regardless of whether it is genuine support or not. So PPP, IPF, MCA can step in line and wait for Najib's Ministerial post handout... Do it fast before Najib runs out of options... Anyone else wants a post in Najib's cabinet? No? I think the Mamak from Penang can be appointed as Minister in PM's department and his portfolio is underwears and rings and everything leather... What say you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Of EC, IC, Ezee and...

During last week's whirlwind tour of duty covering Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, it is clear that the 9th July sentiments is strong amongst Overseas Malaysians. Almost 95% of those I met is in favour of Bersih 2.0 and they proudly mentioned that Bersih 2.0 is what Malaysia needs to rid UMNO's (read BN's) political; garbage!

In the next few days I will be travelling south to Singapore and I bet the sentiments amongst Malaysians are stronger there. If these sentiments are translated into votes in GE13, then there might be a vacancy for Malaysia's PM's post.

This posting is not about the overseas Malaysians sentiments. Mooyiddein may still be trumpeting that Malaysians across the globe are supporting BN but in reality everyone of them (minus the embassy's staff and next of kins) are waiting for BN to "officially" lose.

Still remember the Harian Sinar's wacana on EC yesterday? EC's Wan Ahmad shamelessly pass the buck when he admitted that EC is just a "management body" overseeing Malaysian elections. In part, he said :-
  1. EC is a management body not empowered to tackle abuses on the electoral system;
  2. The elected government has a stronger say in ammending the law (regarding to EC);
Although Wan Omar's effort to attend the wacana is a brave effort but it shows that EC is a stool, a "clipped" eagle who could not (or choose not to) works towards reforms paving the way to a "clean and fair" election.

Wan Omar's reference to BN indicated that EC is under BN's wings and will do whatever they can to please their political masters. EC must be seen clean as they are a commission elected by YDP Agung but unfortunately EC's actions confirmed of their submission to the ruling party!

With that in mind, consider EC's proposal to use biometric system for the coming elections. Tell me, how many countries in the world is using biometrics for election purposes? Do countries like Japan, USA, Britain, Germany employs biometric system? So far, I did come across of Philipines, Haiti and Brazil thinking of using the biometric identification for their election. Now, can someone vouch that this biometric system is a foolproof method against voting fraud?

Way back in GE11 (or is it GE 10), we have reports of "phantom" ID centres which churned out ID's by the thousands to PATI from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia etc. They do not produce these ID's in JPN but "outsourced" it to third parties who slogged day in and day out to get the numbers. If this can be done, then what can stop these "opportunists" to do the same with biometric especially with the concurrent biometric registration of foreigners? My oh my, how many foreigners will be an "instant" Malaysians by 30th August 2011.

Whilst some may say that this is impossible, but it is done. There are whispers going round that the so-called "agents" are doing the biometrics to get the numbers for the ruling party. This may be hush-hush, but it's happening....

EC, IC and Ezee biometrics... all working in tandem to give BN the edge. When that happens, BN will forget that they really win the election by dubious means. One week later, Rais will crow that BN wins due to popular support. But Rais foergets to add...BN wins due to popular support from illegals in exchange to Malaysian citizenship.

Think about that... whilst I do my packing to go to Singapore... No, no, I am not migrating there... I am just relocating my interest to Singapore. If Tony can do that with his AirAsia, then we could do the same too...

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Job description : 2 sides of a coin...

Tough call! That's my best description on how the police handles Bersih 2.0 last 9th July 2011.

There is no need to deny that there were scores of police who chose the high-handed tactics to disperse the Bersih 2.0 crowd, there are almost an equal number of the force who chose to handle the situation as diplomatic as they could (when their bosses were not around!).

Whilst it's raining tear gasses and chemical-laced water in Puduraya, the crowd along Jalan Hang Jebat had a much easier time to reach the foothills of Stadium Merdeka! Whilst the KL Sentral crowd were "ambushed" in the man-made and self-created "tunnel", others are having an awkwardly easy time to pass the roadblocks along Federal highway.

As I have admitted in the earlier posting, I did not know Allahyarham Baharudin so I could not comment on his passing away. Nevertheless, a kind commentator did direct me to a URL link featuring "him". Well, if that was Baharudin with his hands tied behind his back, I sincerely took pity for both the rally goers who were attending to him and leading the standing policemen to remove the plastic cuffs. At the same time I felt really sorry for the standing policemen who were bewildered with the incident as he kept on muttering that he did not has the instruments nor gadgets to remove the plastic cuffs! (I am referring to the video link as mentioned in one of the commentators in my previous posting).

As I see it, nobody wants 9th July 2011 to be the curtain call for Baharudin and nobody loves to see a man's leg broken due to the alledged brutality of those who carry their duties overboard!
I put the blame and responsibility squarely on the government for failing to provide security and safe passage for those who attended 9th July 2011. The rally is for Clean and Fair election. What's so sinister about their demands?

When the cabinet ministers slammed their foot down and instead mobilised thousands of FRUs' and police personnel to create an impression of KL under siege, it is the ministers' failure to understand that the RAKYATS are boss! Being too long in the cushion makes these ministers lazy bums who failed to understand the rakyats inspirations!

Look at how Hishamudin gloating with more than 1000 arrest. Look at how Liow lied through his teeth when defending the government and denying that Tung Shin hospital compound was gassed! Look at how Rais trying to spin stories of "revolution" as if it must be violent!

Worse still when 1MPM6 Najib demonising the 9th July demonstration and Lo and behold sitting in the VVIP chair in KJ, the one who headed Patriots' 9th July counter demonstration! Did anyone see Patriots video when they charged towards the police defense? Compare the different approach by Bersih 2.0 and Patriots. Bersih 2.0 rally did not go for confrontation whilst Patriots chose a confrontational approach. Yet, KJ shamelessly was seated amongst the VVIP next day listening to Najib's demonising the 9th July rally!

The time has come for those in black and blue to join Bersih 2.0. Afterall, those in black and blue are also voters and they too may be looking forward for Clean and fair election! However, circumstances forced them to stand on the other side of the barricade and with little sleep as well as their officers continuous barkings, they have to carry out the Ministers dirty works.

This is the time to reconcile as Malaysians has a common enemy - 1MPM6! Just look at how 1MPM6's sleeping partner is said to be spending millions for a woman's best friend a diamond ring! Let's just say that the diamond ring is worth 24 million and both Najib and RoseCTmah were married since 1987, that means RoseCTmah saves an average of RM2,858 per day for the past 13 years since their marriage. BUT what if it is USD 24 million which comes up to RM 72 million? That means RoseCTmah saves an average of RM15,173 daily to buy the ring! If 1MPM6 claims that it is their wise and prudent investment, then we do not need Awang Adek and Mohd Nor Yaakob to run Malaysia's finance. Move over Kuok, Ananda, Genting, Vincent, Daim - the richest couple in Malaysia goes to 1MPM6 and RoseCTmah.

Whilst thousands braved the heat and teargasses to march on 9th July 2011, many chose to stay at home reasoning that if violence flare, the Westerners will take opportunity. How naive of them! Did anyone noticed a small caption before 1MPM6 flies to London? In short Malaysia is replacing MIG 29 and BAE's typoon is ready to tender. Do you think Najib goes to London empty handed? Nah... I smelled that Najib might be offering itain to supply typoons to RMAF. Najib may not be asking much - another diamond bangle for his missus can do the trick. After Scorpene, Najib may opt diamonds for commission. Who knows...

Tg Adnan's visit to Indonesia? That's nothing compared to what Najib aims to achieve when he meets in Vatican city. 9th July 2011 proves that Malaysians no longer thinks along the us versus they line. And that scares 1MPM6 Najib! Knowing fully well that UMNO is lagging behind PAS and PKR, Najib needs to secure BN's voting vault. Najib could not depend on Sabah and Sarawak as their loyalty is suspected. The only choice is to pleased the pope and hopefully secure the Christians votes. How? 1MPM6 Najib's close door meeting with the pope may call for certain "solutions" to the Malay bible issue and the use of "Allah".

Najib could no longer count on MIC or Hindraf. Najib's political survival is to make peace with the world's deputy sheriff aka UK. And that is why Najib is putting his best lipstick on to charm David Cameron and the Queen. One word of caution - 1MPM6 better advise RoseCTmah not to show off her RM 72 million ring to the Queen or else the photo will splash across the nation as prove that RoseCTmah has just morphed into ImelCTmah, a clone of Philippine's Imelda...

It started with job description for those who manned the streets on 9th July 2011... however we should all come together and show 1MPM6 Najib the way out. Why? Love him or hate him, we have to protect Najib from further slumping down- courtesy of RoseCTmah binge for those that sparkles! But then again, if she likes sparkles, why was she linked to unsparkled Deepa, the carpetman? UUhhh...maybe Black is beautiful :)
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Tribute to Allahyarham Baharudin... a casualty of 9th July

This is not an ending that any party wanted but He gives us life, He too can take out life... for he is God Almighty...

Yes, an estimated 50,000 Malaysians of all ages and all races joined hands on 9th July 2011 demanding for a fair and clean election. It doesn't matter when the MSM and the police said it was only 5,000 rallied for Bersih 2.0. It seems that the police could not count more than 5,000, maybe the whole force needs to go for Arithmetic refresher course on how to count and tally... Why? This scribe was there and looking at the crowd, it is safe for me to say that the crowd was above 30,000.

But this posting is not about how many turn up for Bersih 2.0. This posting is also not about why Bersih 2.0 is needed nor about the mistakes make by both Bersih 2.0 organisers in planning their route or how the police bungled in handling the crowd around Puduraya and Tung Shin hospital nor it is about how the police "gave face" to Patriots up to the stage that the Patriots physically attacked FRU's defense. No, that is already in the past. This posting is about a tribute to Allahyarham Baharudin, maybe the first casualty of Bersih 2.0 rally...

As early as 9th July 2011 itself, online news picked up reports of Allahyarham Baharudin's death. Whilst those who attended him claimed that Allahyarham succumbed to FRU's teargas, Amar Singh claimed that Baharudin suffered chest pain and had difficulty in breathing when the doctors failed to resuscitate him.

This is not about finding a scapegoat nor is it about passing the buck. There are questions need to be answered and answered truthfully. Yes, Allahyarham Baharudin is part of Bersih 2.0 rally goers who intended to march to Stadium Merdeka. That's a known fact as his friends mentioned that.

However, the question that is now lingering in my mind is the post mortem report. I understand that one of his daughter is a doctor in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur (HKL) and I am sure she too want answers. The post mortem was conducted on 9th July 2011 in HKL BUT why is the post mortem results still not out yet?

The family is asking why is the post mortem report not out as some of his close relatives are claiming :-
  1. 4 broken ribs;
  2. 3 broken tooth;
  3. Allahyarham do not suffer from asma, diabetes or have history of heart problem;

Allahyarham's daughter (a doctor) is also working in HKL where the post mortem was conducted but why is she denied access to the preliminary post mortem reports? Normally (although it is not regulatory), the hospitals will allow some leeway and allow relatives to view the post mortem reports before it is properly typed out. Why is it different this time around?

Allahyarham Baharudin is a Muslim and since it is a practise to bury the dead as early as possible, I guessed Allahyarham Baharudin's family performed the burial ceremony although there are questions that need answers. I am sure if this happened to somebody else, there will be calls for 2nd post mortem to determine the cause of death.

Whatever, if Allahyarham was indeed victimised and physically harmed on 9th July 2011, let those who caused his death answer in the hereafter. Will their conscious let them sleep peacefully at nights knowing that they might be the one responsible for Allahyarham Baharudin's death?

Some may say "Is his death worth the cause?" Yes, for what Allahyarham Baharudin is asking is for a fair and clean election. Is that too much to ask? Some might say that "then get yourself a permit and get rally in stadium" - that too has been asked for but those in power seems to pass the bucks around and nobody wants to take responsibility eventhough Bersih 2.0 organisers met with HRH YDP Agung and agreed to rally in stadium (Merdeka stadium). Instead, what did the authorities do? They come up with detours and dead ends to deny Bersih 2.0 their basic right to voice out their demands.

Unfortunately, in some of the online portals this scribe is saddened by the attitude of some commentators who felt that "that's suppose to happen to Allahyarham Baharudin". These commentators are insensitive to reality and let their fingers do the typing without thinking. We may differ in views but we have to respect life.

I did not know Allahyarham Baharudin, either personally nor did I recall meeting him in any of the rallies. Yet, at this time and moment my thoughts are with his family... let's wait for the post mortem and if the reports looks fishy, give Allahyarham Baharudin's family the rights to decide whether to go for second autopsy or not. Amar Singh just could not sweep everything under the carpet. It has been proven that he lied through his teeth when he denied that the FRU shot canisters of tear gas into Tung Shin's compound. I pray that Amar Singh will not be KL's police chief, at least not on the merit of him handling 9th July 2011 Bersih 2.0 rally.

For those Muslims reading this post, please do spare a minute to sedekah Al fatihah to Allahyarham Baharudin and to those non-Muslims, please spare a minute of your precious time to think of what's going on in Malaysia...

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

9th July 2011 : Suci dalam debu...

Simpul mati? Belum lagi... cuma tersedat sedikit. Kenapa perlu suci dalam debu? Kerana rakyat Malaysia sudah tidak sanggup hidup dalam kekotoran.

Masih ingat pada tarikh keramat 10hb November 2007? Itulah permulaan kebangkitan rakyat Malaysia yang sudah tidak sanggup lagi hidup dalam kekotoran dan dengan tegasnya menuntut 4 perkara dilaksanakan oleh SPR :-
  1. Penggunaan dakwat tidak luntur (indelible ink) sebagai cara untuk membenteras pengundi berulang (barang diingat SPR telah membeli dan menerima dakwat indelible ink tersebut);
  2. Membersihkan senarai pengundi yang berdaftar;
  3. Menghapuskan kaedah undi pos;
  4. Parti pembangkang diberi dalam akhbar Kerajaan dan media Kerajaan;
Itulah tuntutan asas Bersih pada 10hb November 2007 atau lebih kurang empat bulan sebelum pilihanraya GE 12. 4 tahun kemudian, SPR dilihat masih gagal untuk melaksanakan tuntutan-tuntutan Bersih sehingga memberi jalan dan ruang untuk pergerakan Suci dalam debu 2.0.

Apa dia Suci dalam debu 2.0? Ringkasannya Bersih 2.0 lah tu. Tuntutan Bersih 2.0 adalah :-
  1. Pendaftaran pengundi secara otomatik;
  2. Reformasi kepada undi pos;
  3. Penggunaaan dakwat tidak luntur (indelible ink);
  4. Ases kepada media arus untuk parti pembangkang;
  5. Tempoh minima kempen selama 21 hari;
  6. Kebebasan institusi;
  7. Membasmi rasuah undi (electoral graft);

Nah, apabila diteliti tuntutan-tuntutan yang dimajukan, is tidak sama sekali menunjukkan usaha untuk menentang Kerajaan atau menyokong parti pembangkang. Tutntutan-tuntutan tersebut adalah tuntutuan-tuntutan umum, satu-satunya tuntutan yang perlu didokong oleh semua rakyat Malaysia yang rindukan kepada pendian secara adil dan saksama.

Tuntutan Suci dalam debu 2.0 menunjukkan bahwa SPR (dan Kerajaan Malaysia) kurang peka kepada inspirasi rakyat dan ia membuktikan betapa SPR gagal dalam menepati KPI mereka dalam memastikan pilihanraya diadakan secara adil dan saksama! Apa tidaknya, SPR tidak mampu atau sengaja tidak mengambil langkah-langkah konkrit untuk mencari penyelesaian dengan cara terbaik untuk tuntutan Bersih 2007. Sehingga 2011, setelah 4 tahun, SPR tidak dapat menyelesaikan tuntutan rakyat. Lebih buruk SPR gagal terus untuk mencari penyelesaian atau setidak-tidaknya memberi penjelasan yang kukuh sekiranya mereka tidak dapat memenuhi tuntutan rakyat.

Sebaliknya SPR cuba mencari alasan demi alasan serta cuba mengalihkan pehatian dari isu-isu yang telah dibangkitkan. Dalam ketika penganjur Suci dalam debu 2.0 mengadap YDP Agung, Koh Tsu Koon telah menghimpun SPR, Polis untuk memberi penjelasan kepada sebilangan 30 NGO termasuk kepimpinan MCCBCHST yang merangkumi gabungan majlis bersama Budhism, Kristian, Hindu, Sik dan Taoism. SUHAKAM serta beberapa NGO lain juga berada dalam pertemuan itu. Malangnya, Koh Tsu Koon, SPR serta pihak Polis gagal untuk menyakinkan NGO-NGO ini untuk meyokong Kerajaan, Sebaliknya MCCBCHST memberi kenyataan menyokong hak rakyat untuk berhimpun secara aman untuk menjelaskan tuntutan mereka.

Kerajaan gagal untuk memenafaatkan titah YDP Agubng untuk mencari jalan tengah kepada tuntutan-tuntutan rakyat. Sebaliknya, Kerajaan cuba memutarbelitkan kenyataan sehinga menimbul persoalan - siapakah yang sebenar menderhaka? Suci dalam debu 2.0 atau Hishamuddin (Kerajaan) atau ejen-ejen mereka. Paling menyedihkan apabila 1MPM6 yang begitu beriya-iya benar untuk menyediakan stadium kepada Bersih 2.0 untuk mengelakkan demonstrasi jalanan berubah fikiran. Tidek heranlah akan kelaku 1MPM6 ini - saperti yang dikatakan dahulu, beliau adalah "ahli nombor wahid" kelab Lallang United! Eksko mereka? Najib, Rais dan Ibrahim !

Lihat saja kepada pengurusan Stadium Merdeka. Mereka dengan segera mengeluarkan kenyataan bahwa mereka tidakakan menyewa stadium itu kepada Suci dalam debu 2.0! Polis pula mengeluarkan kenyataan bahwa Suci dalam debu 2.0 (SDD 2.0) perlu meminta permit terlebih dahulu dan permit akan diproses dalam masa 14 hari! Waduh! Hairan bin Ajaib! Kalau 14 hari diperlukan, macamana seorang calun pilihanraya (sebagai contoh) boleh berkempen? Baru minta permit dan memerlukan 14 hari untuk keputusan permohonan tetapi pilihanraya akan diadakan dalam masa 7 hari? Daftar calun, mohon permit (untuk berkempen) dan 7 hari setelah keputusan pilihanraya telah diumumkan barulah calun tersebut diberi jawapan untuk permohoina permit! Kalau menang tak apalah tetapi kalau kalah? Takkanlah lepas kalah pilihanraya baru nak (dan baru mendapat kelulusan) berkempen? Sudah tentu Polis akan memberi jawapan , itu anggaran kasar saja! Moralnya? Polis mungkin mengambil masa sehingga 14 hari untuk memproses permohonan permit, bergantung kepadasiapa yang memoon. Kalau tak pun, mungkin tak perlu permit terus (sebagaimana demonstrasi jalanan Penang tempoh hari yang dikepalai oleh Ezam!

Perlukah diadakan sekatan jalanraya? Sehingga menyebabkan kesesakan lalu lintas yang teruk? Apapun alasan yang diberikan, sebenarnya itu adalah cara untuk menanam rasa kebencian kepada massa untuk membenci perhimpunan Suci dalam debu 2.0! Masaalahnya, apakah ia berkesan? Sahabat sahabat saya berjumpa saya dan dengan tegas menzahirkan rasa kurang senang kepada pihak berkuasa dan rasa ketidakpuasan ini akan diterjemahkan dalam bentuk undi protes pada GE 13 akan datang atau membina semangat untuk mereka menyertai perhimpunan SDD 2.0 ini pada 9hb Julai 2011.

Itu dari segi perasaan yang meluap-luap. Apakah Polis mengikuti SOP mereka dalam membina sekatan jalanraya ini? Dimanakah signboard-signboard pemberitahu sekatan jalan raya? Sekiranya tujuannya untuk mencari dan mwengutip "senjata haram" saperti baju, parang dsbnya, bilakah pihak berwajib mengambil tindakan tersebut? Apa yang dilihat hanyalah sekatan itu tidak membuat sekatan kepada rakyat tetapi hanya sekadar menyusahkan rakyat!

Masanya belum terlambat untuk 1MPM6 menyediakan jalan keluar. YDP Agung telah memberi ruang untuk kedua-dua belah pihak berunding. Sekiranya Hishamuddin berkeras untuk menolak perhimpunan SDD 2.0, maka beliau perlu bertanggungjawab kepada apa yang berlaku pada hari itu! SPAD mungkin membekukan permit bas untuk ke KL, tetapi rakyat masih mempuyai cara tersendiri untuk hadir pada SDD 2.0.

Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan telah memberi khutbah Jumaat yang melabelkan SDD 2.0 sebagai gerakan pelampau. Persoalannya, siapa yang mengambil initiatif untuk menkaji dan menyelidik apa yang disampaikan oleh paderi-paderi dan sami-sami agama lain tentang SDD 2.0? Melihat pada perkembangan gabungan MCCBCHST, tidak mustahil mereka menyokong penuh gerakan SDD 2.0. Jadi apakah Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan gembira melihat rakyat yang lurus bendul, disuruh duduk, duduk, disuruh jalan - jalan? Bukankah Islam mengajar pengikutnya untuk berfikiran secara kritis dan mendahulukan kebebasan dari dibelengu sebagai hamba minda?

Terus terang saya kurang membaca tentang penulisan Tun M kita tetapi dalam posting terbaru, beliau ada menyentuh tentang demonstrasi. Masalahnya, apabila Tun M mengambar demonstrasi sebagai jalan terakhir, apakah beliau mengambil kira peranan beliau dalam demonstrasi Baling pada tahun 70-an dulu? Bukankah beliau merupakan antara orang "penting" untuk menyuntik semangat mahasiswa untuk bangkit? Apakah Tun M ingin mengatakan itu adalah jalan terakhir? Saya pasti tidak dan begitu juga dengan SDD 2.0! Sekiranya perhimpunan aman di Stadium Merdeka diharamkan, maka sudah tentu demonstrasi jalanan akan berlaku pada 9hb ini...

Penutup kalam, saya masih dengan jadual saya untuk menghirup secawan kopi di Pasar seni sebelum bergerak ke... Adakah anda juga serupa? Hingga ketemu di Pasar Seni...

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

9th July 2011 : 1 step forward, 2 steps backward...

I will no say the situation is bad but definitely it is not good.

Bersih 2.0 organisers has gone out of their way to seek audience with HRH YDP Agung and has agreed to hold the rally indoors as per HRH's advise. In fact, I have called it a legally "illegal" assembly. In fact, almost everyone is relieved with Bersih 2.0's willingness to accomodate HRH's edict. Now comes the not so good parts....

1MPM6's cousin comes out to declare that Bersih is still illegal and still issue his warning to get tough with the coming rally goers. Behind the scene, these licensed goons hatch a plan to deny Bersih of their Merdeka Stadium wish.

Maybe 1MPM6 thinks that he is getting the upper hand but in reality, he is digging himself deeper and pushing Bersih 2.0 up the wall is not the answer. I am not going to predict the outcome but if the worse comes, then I put the blame squarely on 1MPM6 and his cousin.

Say what you want but by being foolishly stubborn, IMPM6 and cousin is painting a bleak picture for BN in GE 13. Not only that, again 1MPM6 who is BN's numero uno and UMNO President is blatantly showing his disrespect towards HRH YDP Agung and PDRM is playing to the cousin's antics.

2 or maybe 3 more days to go and 1MPM6 is opening himself and bare his true self - an devil in disguise. Maybe we need a Mongolian shaman to rid of this evil... I will not say more as it is getting more interesting and I am getting a ringside view of the whole thing...

A cuppa of coffee? Still on. See you this Saturday...

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

9th July 2011 : 1 hurdle cleared... more to come...

Since it is now legally "illegal", will you come down and join the crowd this 9th July? See you there and wear yellow! Don't be yellow... :)

Things look better now after HRH YDP Agung's statement which effectively put Hishamuddein back to where he belongs. Ambiga, Pak Samad and Zaid Bersih 2.0 trio had a fruitful audience with HRH YDP Agung at 1.55 pm this afternoon.

Fresh from the audience, Bersih 2.0 accepts stadium rally offer and will now go to their second phase ie working out on the details. From Gaza front, KJ offers to work with Bersih 2.0 if Bersih 2.o calls off it's 9th July march.

Now that Bersih 2.0 decides to follow HRH YDP Agung's advice and cancels it's planned 9th July march, how will 9th July 2011 be? My take :-

  1. The meeting point shall be Stadium Merdeka which is a stone throw away from Istana Negara. Why Stadium Merdeka? Easy access and close to all the amenities;
  2. Whilst some clamour for Stadium Bukit Jalil, I see Bukit Jalil as too far and too secluded to give any impact;
  3. Stadium Merdeka has the nostalgic historical event where Malaysians converge on 31st August 1957 to declare our independence and 9th July 2011, Malaysians once again converge to declare our demands for a fair and clean election;
  4. Hishamuddein has no choice but to direct the police to provide all the assistance necessary to make the event a success;
  5. Hishamuddein and Rais will make a 180 degree turn and now claims that the government shall be accomodating the legally "illegal" assembly;
  6. Since it is no longer a march, KJ has to stick to his promise and order his Pemuda youth to join the once illegal assembly;
  7. Since this is a legally "illegal" assembly, everyone is free to wear whatever colour they prefer;
  8. Those who wish to attend the assembly in the stadium will have a free hand where they want to start to converge to the stadium;
  9. The police should not stop any person from attending the assembly in the stadium. However, the police and the public can apprehend anyone who wish to create trouble, be it from the public or those agent provocateurs;
  10. Perkasa shall not be allowed to demonstrate as they are now deemed to be completely "illegal";
  11. This will be a one-off event where stadium is used, courtesy of HRH YDP Agung's intervention. It is far fetch for HRH to intervene in future rallies as his majesty's intervention will show that 1MPM6 is weak. Actually he is based on his past experience where he is more "lallang" and to stand by his ground;
  12. How many will really turn up? Whatever the numbers, it will force 1MPM6 to really think hard if he ever wants to remain a PM;
  13. Once again, the masses proved once again that they can rise to occassion especially if there is a dare from PM of the day. The first Bersih became a runaway success because both Pak Lah and son-in-law KJ dare the masses to turn up and face the government's wrath. The masses tuen KL yellow in November 2007 and when 1MPM6 belittle Bersih 2.0, the masses are ready to march again forcing 1MPM6 to a corner and HRH YDP Agung's intervention barely save 1MPM6 from further embarassment;

This Saturday will be a good strolling day in Kuala Lumpur. I have said that I will start mine from Pasar Seni after a cuppa of coffee and my friend who just returned from Sri Langka will join me there whilst my other world traveller friend will join us fresh from his return from Hanoi.

Now that Bersih 2.0 is legally "illegal" and consented by HRH YDP Agung, how will UCSI reacts? Before they banned all their students from attending rallies and the ban covers their political students as well. Will UCSI lift the ban? What about CEUPACS' call to their members to stay away from 9th July rally? Is Omar Osman going to go against HRH YDP Agung?

What about Omar's Silat Lincah? Will he carry out his threat to get his memebers out in force to disrupt the rally? If he does, is he not going against HRH YDP Agung? And if he does, will he not be going against his teachings that silat is to protect the king? How will Ali Rustam reacts now that he has galvanise his 4M silat exponents to stop the rally? Now that Ali Rustam is a Sultan-less citizen, will he be "derhakaing" his HRH YDP Agung?

On another level, what about the other man from Pekan, Pahang? He has been going all out to demonise the rally goers and now that his peer has consented to the rally, will he heed his peer's wish for the legally "illegal" assembly? My advise to him - better work on Lynas project in Pahang and stop meddling the federal affairs... or better still will he go off and visit his in-laws in Pakistan?

And how will TV3 and the other MSM going to call this rally? Still illegal or will it now be legally "illegal" assembly? ... nice thoughts, indeed... Since it is now legally "illegal", will you come down and join the crowd this 9th July? See you there and wear yellow! Don't be yellow... :)

Interesting indeed... now that there is a new element to the equation...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, July 04, 2011

9th July 2011 : Of Clear, muddied...and justNO objecives...

The next few days will be critical. On or off, I will be in Kuala Lumpur for my preset appointment. Anyone care for a cuppa off coffee in Pasar Seni? Why not since Selangor club is too expensive for some... See you this Saturday. Clothing? Wear what you want... but you sure look radiant in yellow...

Everybody's talking about Bersih 2.0 but in reality, how many knows what are Bersih 2.0 demands?

Just the other day, my Chinese friend informed me that she has placed her son under "house arrest" and barred him from going out the whole of next week end. My Malay friend has been teased in masjid for wearing yellow and jokingly offered a three day, 2 night package with food and lodging provided if he wears yellow this Saturday. My Indian friend asked me if teh shops will remain closed this Saturday to which I replied that the shoppers are looking for a great business this Saturday with another extra 30~40,000 people coming out to brave the heat.

Who knows this 9th July 2011, we will again set another new Malaysian record of having three illegal assemblies within a day and within earshot... courtesy of 1MPM6. 3 illegal rallies but different demands and what is more interesting is the other 2 planned illegal rallies are the offshoot of the first illegal assembly aka Bersih 2.0.

By now, almost everyone has been introduced to Bersih 2.0 and it's demands of :-
  1. Automatic voter registration (when you reach 21 years of age);
  2. Reforms to postal voting (since we are a peaceful country);
  3. Use of indelible ink (to stem "multiple voters");
  4. Access to mainstream media (equal opportunity);
  5. Minimum campaign period of 21 days (current campaign period too short);
  6. Independence of institution;
  7. End to electoral graft (phantom voters etc);

Now, can someone tell me that Bersih 2.0 demands are not fair? Better still can someone tell me that Bersih 2.0 is biased. It is crystal clear that Bersih 2.0 is the aspiration of all, regardless of race, religion or creed. What Bersih 2.0 is asking is for a fair and clean election. Itu pun tarak faham ke?

Now, UMNO youth reads Bersih 2.0 as a threat and comes up with Patriot which will pit against Bersih 2.0 comes 9th July 2011. What is Patriot's aim? Muddied, at best because Lokman himself agreed that they are more of a reactionary force out to stop Bersih 2.0. Which means, they are just out to stop the party and openly hinted of creating trouble. In short, Patriot is just there as spoilers with no clear intention and no vision. That's why Patriot's is muddied and aimlessly lost...

Perkasa? It is as confuse as Patriot and only aim at stopping Bersih 2.0. The only thing that I can write about Perkasa is they are justNO ie justNO objectives. It is not surprising really knowing that their top man Ibrahim Ali loves the limelight and get himself in the news. Even during the anti ISA march last year, he was there to support ISA and eating kacang putih at Jalan Hang Lekiu across Pasar Seni. Is this how Perkasa is? Eating kacang putih whilst waiting for his turn to be interviewed by the media? No Class....

Now that HRH has spoken, what will it be this 9th July 2011? It all depends on Bersih 2.0 organisers. On or off, I have a date in Kuala Lumpur on 9th July 2011. A cuppa of coffee in Pasar Seni sounds nice but really these are my hopes :-
  1. Now that HRH has spoken, the police will release unconditionally all those caught for having Bersih 2.0 shirts;
  2. The government to actively engage with Bersih 2.0 and allow the rally to goes on through pre-determined routes;
  3. UMNO youth Patriot and Perkasa will hold their own rallies on 16th July 2011;
  4. Police will co-operate with Bersih 2.0 organisers fare safety and traffic management;
  5. Bersih 2.0 submit their memorandum to HRH YDP Agung;
  6. Bersih 2.0 is responsible for the behaviours of their supporters;
  7. EC to act on the memorandum;

There is nothing wrong with Bersih 2.0 demands. It is apolitical and open to all regardless of race, religion, creed or political beliefs. It is Rais and Hishamuddein who painted them to be rowdy and law breakers. Actually they are not and HRH YDP Agong has given the breathing space for the government to correct their misinterpretation.

The next few days will be critical. On or off, I will be in Kuala Lumpur for my preset appointment. Anyone care for a cuppa off coffee in Pasar Seni? Why not since Selangor club is too expensive for some... See you this Saturday. Clothing? Wear what you want... but you sure look radiant in yellow...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, July 01, 2011

Of unscheduled diversion... bye, bye Tg Pagar

Sssshhh,.... by the way, I am sure Muhyiddein Yassin loves a fair and clean election since some say 2004 election actually saw Muhyiddein's current boss "lost" his parliamentary seat then. If 2004 sees a fair and clean election, we may be having Muhyiddein as our PM now... AND some say that if 2008 is fair and clean election, we may be having Mukhriz as our UMNO youth leader.... So there you have it, Bersih 2.0's "silent" number 1 supporters are Muhyiddin and Mukhriz... but they are not telling yeah.

For those who wish to have a walk next Saturday, please read this.

It seems that wearing "yellow" is going to be the "in-thing" on 9th July 2011 and the way the Police, the political parties handling the situation is so bad that the run-up to 9th July rally is an unscheduled diversion...

As I have said earlier, the government is getting the priorities wrong and putting Malaysia under the world radar for all the wrong reasons. Yes, it is the basic rights of the rakyats to demand for a clean and fair election. That, in itself is apolitical. SPR should not be nervous on the 8 Bersih 2.0 demands. Why should SPR be hyper-ventillating on the demands? Instead of hyperventillating, SPR should come out clean and explain why they are not willing to meet Bersih 2.0 demands. Forget about letting the negotiating door open. You can have countless meetings but if SPR is not willing to put its foot down on these issues, then SPR should have just say that their hands are tied by the provisions of the law. Is it so difficult, Wan Ahmad?

Blasting the opposition is not the answer. Bersih 2.0 is not about UMNO, PAS, DAP, PKR and the rest. Bersih 2.0 is about the rakyat's aspiration for a clean and fair election. And SPR as an instrument to election should just leave it to the rest of us to get things right.

The police too should be consistent in their action. Don't tell me that it is an offense to wear yellow. Instead of going for all MALAYSIANS wearing yellow shirt with 2.0 Bersih logo, the police will be more appreciated if they could coralled the pendatang harams and the overstaying foreigners! Please get the priorities right...

What about the self-proclaimed sifu by the name of Omar Din? Why on earth is he unleashing his so-called 50,000 martial arts exponents to the streets to beat up those supporting Bersih 2.0? Where was he when the royal institutions was dismantled by Mahathir? Why was he so mousey, then? And this Omar Din is gloating about defending Islam, Raja and constitution. What is wrong with Bersih 2.0?

Instead of going for all those who wear yellow, what are the actions taken by Police and Omar Din on Zahid's allegations that Singapore has violated Malaysia's airspace more than 2,058 time? Who is defending Zahid when Singapore denied the allegation? Where is Perkasa, UMNO youth when Zahid, one of UMNO's vice President "shamed" by Singapore?

Omar Din talked about providing security but did he provide any security when HRH Sultan Johor pulled out of Tg Pagar's KTMB's station for the last time last night? When every eyes is on the so-called illegal assembly, Malaysia lost almost 200 hectares of land in Singapore, courtesy of 1MPM6 Najib. Some say that's the price Najib has to pay for his "activities". Maybe our Dato T has something to say about this since they are the ones who would like to expose the "truths" in order to safeguard Malaysia.

Yes, Bersih 2.0 is becoming a taboo to Rais. The thing is, if the police can allow the "cow head" procession to Selangor's state administrative building, why is the same police force taking a different stand when it comes to Bersih? I am sure the "cow head" rally did not have any permit, so is there a different set of rules for different groups? If the "cow head" rally is an exception, what about the rally against PPSMI? That rally was allowed to proceed with Pak Samad leading the procession and pass the memorandum to Istana Negara. Now the same Pak Samad has been called in because he is thought to be the leader of Bersih 2.0.

Some defended the pre-emptive action by potraying the chaotic traffic jam. Did anyone care to compare the difficulties faced by office workers when Merdeka, Hari Polis, Hari Tentera, Warna-warna Malaysia, Le Tour de Langkawi closed our KL roads for days due to rehearsals? These are worse because the rehearsals were done during peak hours during the weekdays! Bersih 2.0 plan their rally on Saturday and only for a couple of hours. So, which one affects the business more? The rehearsals or Bersih?

In fact on the lighter side, Bersih rally goers may be spending their hard earned money in KL streets come 9th July. Why? Awal bulan, maaa.....

So, will you turn up this 9th July 2011? The choice is yours... but if you decide to stay indoors, don't cry foul when GE 13 comes your way. If you want fair, you have to fight for it, regardless whether you are a BN, PAS, DAP, PKR supporter. This is about fair and clean election. This is not about supporting any particular political party!

Sssshhh,.... by the way, I am sure Muhyiddein Yassin loves a fair and clean election since some say 2004 election actually saw Muhyiddein's current boss "lost" his parliamentary seat then. If 2004 sees a fair and clean election, we may be having Muhyiddein as our PM now... AND some say that if 2008 is fair and clean election, we may be having Mukhriz as our UMNO youth leader.... So there you have it, Bersih 2.0's "silent" number 1 supporter is Muhyiddin and Mukhriz... but they are not telling yeah.

To my BN friends, think about it. You may be counting your misfortunes for not supporting Bersih 2.0 when GE 13 is over. It is not too late to join.. see you in Kuala Lumpur on 9th July 2011

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Of 9th July 2011 : Creating chaos out of nothing at all...

I ask my Malay friend will he wear yellow on 9th July 2011. His response? He is not that "brave" to wear. I countered him with "You mean you are not proud to wear your National football yellow jersey?" That stuns him and between his whispers, he says he will wear yellow. Maybe not Bersih 2.0 yellow but our own Malaysian football yellow jersey. Will that be an offence comes 9th July 2011?

Cut the crap. The way some quarters resort to spinning stories, it is making a mockery of ourselves. With apologies to Air supply, this is what I termed as "Creating chaos out of nothing at all"...

My Chinese friend is bringing her 20+ year old child back to Kuantan for the 9th July weekend. Her reasoning? Her son's college has forewarned all its students to stay away from 9th July 2011 Bersih 2.0 rally! And this boy is majoring in political science! Just imagine when fools run the day to day affair of colleges. Heck, this guy can't even be a part of what may be a historic event of Malaysia...

Do you think that is all? NO, heck no. When I pointed out to my friend that they might not be better off in Kuantan that day since there are the anti-Lynas rallies going on there, she might find herself shifting from the Tiger's mouth right into a croc's jaws! Whatever, she might be in a lose-lose situation, come 9th July 2011.

On her continuous complains of what should have been in Malaysia, it is then pointed out to her that if she can't dance the music, then why is she drumming up the song? In short, do you think you can get what you want just by idling around on your fatty ass? Is she expecting the others to work for her inspirations? My, oh my... she is so vain.

Then there is another, a matriach to a family asking what's going on this 9th July 2011. Apparently in their bid to keep her at home, her 50+ children are painting a bleak picture of 9th July... just to get their mothers to stay at home. My oh my, look what people are willing to do to get what they want... As a compromise, the mother decided to spend her holidays abroad. Another lose-lose situation for the children as they have to bear her expenses...

My Indian friends? They choose to take the safe route and that is to keep quiet. That way, if 9th July 2011 rally is successful, they can come to the fore and claim that the success is due to their sweat. If not, they will go to the other side and claim that their absence contribute to the failure of 9th July 2011 rally.

I ask my Malay friend will he wear yellow on 9th July 2011. His response? He is not that "brave" to wear. I countered him with "You mean you are not proud to wear your National football yellow jersey?" That stuns him and between his whispers, he says he will wear yellow. Maybe not Bersih 2.0 yellow but our own Malaysian football yellow jersey. Will that be an offence comes 9th July 2011?

Now, what is so significant about 9th July 2011? Actually, nothing, naught, zero, zilch. The problem is Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim decided to play hero by drumming up unnecessarily the 9th July rally by terming those who will be atending the rally as "pengacau". You know what "pengacau" means? To me, Rais is literally terming those attending the rally as "pests". How dare you sir to term them as pests when you yourself could not even stand by your principal? Remember the time when you said, you have burnt the bridge to UMNO? Is this the same Rais who someone coined as the "mode changer"?

What's wrong? Many... I just do not understand the need to continuously remind us of 9th July rally up to the stage that every Tom, Dick and Harry is asking what's going on? I am a classic song lover and that FM 80+ channel is harping the virtues of the present government compared to the pesky "pests" of 9th July 2011. Honestly, I will say... Ada aku kesah... but RTM, TV3 is making a hill out of a mole. Actually not many knows about 9th July 2011 but our RTM, TV3 choose to "educate" us on 9th July 2011.

1MPM6? That's a joke. Najib promised a better youth representation in government if BN retains their power after next GE. Dear Najib, are you telling us that you will be getting ministers who are only 20+ or 30+? Aiyaa... are you telling us that there will be more Najibs in the future? My oh my, 1 Najib is already a headache, 2 or more Najibs will drive Malaysians crazy. What more if these Najibs have the same high taste of RoseCTmah... Die die Malaysia like this..... If Najib is serious about getting more youthful representations in his government, then he can starty by appointing KJ as his minister. Will Najib do that? And with Najib's statement, KJ may well be a PM before 40... but knowing Najib's lallang stance, that is just pure talk to appease young corporate Malaysians.

Talking about that, Najib could not even give a definitive answer when someone from the floor request him to dismantle AUKU (University/ College act). And Najib want to talk about giving our young Malaysians the freedom to express their desires? Dream on....

Ah... when everything seems doom, count on Rais, Najib's numero uno propaganda chef to declare that those Bersih 2.0 roadshow is about reviving communism. And for good measure, throw in names like Chin Peng in... unfortunately it just do not rhyme! How will someone dream of reviving communism when Malaysian communism died its natural death when Chin Peng sign the Bangkok declaration? Yes, Chin Peng the name still haunts some but if he is born Malaysian, don't you think he has the birthrights to die on Malaysian soil? The problem here is Rais overdo everythoing... and overhype everything just to be on tomorrow's headlines... must be some inferiority complex within him!

Honestly, I am for 9th July rallies. Be it Bersih 2.0, Perkasa or UMNO youth. They have the rights to voice their stand. And let them state their stand and catch them, if need be when they step over the line. Before that? Place the responsibility on the organisers! If they could not control their crowd, let them answer in court. Taking pre-emptive measures is not the way. It just show that something is not right in this place who crows of being democratically elected!

Me? I am taking another stroll in Kuala Lumpur comes 9th July 2011. If I can't walk free in broad daylight, then something must be terribly wrong in Malaysia. Venue? Some say that I am a man of many faces... so I can be at one or I can be at all three places this 9th July 2011.

On the sidelines and closer to my heart, what is wrong with our public service department (PSD)? This time around, we have 2 DGs' for Jabatan Kerja Raya. How does this happen? It seems that Judin is offered a more junior post in CIDB which he has already rejected. At the same time, KSN appointed deputy II to be DG effective of May 2011. Now JKR has 2 Captains. Is this Titanic in the making?

I will not side on who is suppose to be the rightful DG. Both of them are Professionals and I believe that they should act as one. Logically thinking, since Judin has rejected the CIDB post, then Deputy II just stay put in his office. Case close!

But why was Judin transferred out of JKR? Someone close told me that this is something connected to the ongoing construction of the new Istana Negara. Apparently Judin terminated the main Contractor for being late and that was done according to the provisions in the Contract. However, that Main Contractor is "cable-connected" to some UMNO bigwigs and Judin became a victim of circumstances, all due to his efficiency to get things right! The only thing I will say here is that I support Judin for his decision and urge all government staff to send a strong message to all these "cable-connected" Contractors - get the job done right!

Who is the loser to this episode? Not Judin nor his Deputy II Mohd Nor. The actual loser is the one who is going to end his tenure comes December 2011 and you guys know who...

Whatever, wherever... if you have time, do listen to Air Supply's "Making Love out of nothing at all" before 9th July blue storm-troopers disrupt what is supposed to be a nice and beautiful 9th July week-end.

Kg Baru is nice, Sogo is beautiful, Masjid Negara is serene whilst Pasar Seni is romantic. Wonder where KJ's boys will be massing... as long as not Gaza, then they should be fine...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Of Casanova, Valentino ... and Bangla Khans

These past few weeks is not kind to Malaysians. RON 97 price up, electricity tariff up, LPG price up ... well almost all comodities are going up. The only few that is going down is our morale and morals.

So, this time around, let's forget about Khir Toyo's show in Shah Alam, PKR's HQ building going to be hammered soon and the not so-happy news around the nation. Let's talk about Malaysia's own imported lovers that will shame both Casanova and Valentino.

Whilst Casanova is a famed womaniser, Valentino is a sex symbol. Both Casanova and Valentino play their field with the aristocrats of their time. Yet, with all their fame, both Casanova and Valentino combine may not be able to up Malaysia's current most important imported hotstuff - the Bangla Khans!

Bangla Khans? Yes, why not. First, they beat the crap of Malaysian guys by wooing Malaysian women. Then, they show the door to Indonesian workers by winning the Indonesian ladies hearts. Now, they coralled the Vietnamese factory workers by making passes to Vietnamese sweet young things! Horray for Malaysia's ability to secure the regular importation of Bangla Khans.

Honestly, this is not the first time the Bangla Khans is getting their priorities wrong. Instead of using their heads to make a decent living in Malaysia, they are getting bolder and bolder to use their "other heads" to make an impact. Being Bollywood crazed nation, it is not surprising to see Malaysian and Indonesian women by-passing their own kind to be in the arms of Bangla Khans. Their sweet talk laced with Hindi songs ala Shah Rukh Khan will melt women hearts in mere seconds.

Just make a short visit to Jalan Silang and if you are lucky, you may even see Bangla Khans going after China's Chinese students. You don't need perfect Bahasa Malaysia or good English to open the doors of passion. A bit of Sangam, Khuch Khuch Hota hei will do fine.

That's on the lighter side of things but seriously, has anyone bother to ask - why Bangladesh did not allow their women to travel abroad for jobs? It seems that Bangladesh is concerned and over-protective of their women and despise the idea of exposing their women to other men. Have anyone heard about Bangladeshi maids? Bangladeshi women factory workers? No, not in Malaysia, at least.

I guess the Bangla Khans loves the open field to sniff the women of Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Vietnam but could not bear the idea of other men sniffing Bangla women. Well, that's just an opinion...

Seriously, we have Bangla Khans going against the Vietnamese men over a Vietnamese lady. The real victim here is not the Banglas or the Viets but actually Malaysian police force. It took more than 100 FRU personnel to quell the fight. What about the aftermath? How many police personnel will have to be stationed in Nilai to oversee the situation? Are we getting into another mess? Imported from Bangladesh?

Whatever it is, Casanova is dead whilst Valentino is long gone. Bangla Khans are here to stay. Let's see how Malaysian government resolve the issue. Why not relocate Recron to either Bangladesh or Vietnam? Malaysian may need the investment but surely Malaysia do not need Bangla Khans to wreck our already suspected moral... and I hope this time, nobody come out and say "Ada aku kisah..."

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Of non-Halal "Halal" beer...

It is not something that I like to touch on but I sincerely feels that the subject matter is important. At least Jamil Khir Baharom deals with the issue head on, and his answer is straight forward. I am talking about beer and specifically the commercially-sold "Halal beer".

Before we go any further into this, personally I have raised this question to one Ustaz way back in the 70's (whheeeww, I am a dinasour) and he shot me back with the question "Is it intoxicating?" to which I replied "How would I know?". You see back then, there is this Australian brewery which came up with "non-alchoholic beer" and that stirred me to ask the question which was never really answered.

Then, somewhere around the 2005, I chanced upon a real "non-alchoholic beer" sold openly in an Indian restaurant in Manchester (Yes, Manchester England). This time around, there is no-one around to ask except for a couple of drinking Malaysians so I just look at it and pass...

In 2009, I came face to face with a sidewalk cafe advertising "non-alchoholic beer" in Bangsar and my mind guessed that it should be all OK since it was sold in a Muslim enlclave of Bangsar, somewhere near the LRT station (hint). Look at it but still do not fall for it. 2011 and this time in an upcoming section of Shah Alam, the non-alchoholic beer were placed on tables in the trendy Zam Zam restaurant, a restaurant famous for its Mandey chicken/lamb. Some Muslims took it and openly drink it, maybe because of the word "non-alchoholic beer" or maybe they thought it was "Halal" beer. Whatever, they have their own reasons for consuming it.

Which comes to out point - What Jamil Khir Baharom did is RIGHT. He pointed out the reason WHY.You see, the manufacturer claimed that it contained only 0.01% alchohol whilst laboratory testing proved that it contacts 0.5% alchohol! Mind you that Muslims are forbidden from consuming alchohol!

Now that Jamil Khir Baharom has pointed out that these "Halal" beers are not Halal, then maybe it is time for me to make my rounds again to see whether these establishment will follow to Jamil Khir Baharom's statement!

And for those who stay in Shah Alam, why not take your dinner in Zam Zam restaurant (it's pricey but worth it) and see whether these cans are still there on the tables! Those near UiTM should also try the NasiArab restaurants in Section 7 and see whether these "halal" beers are still there or not!

Those in Bangsar should try the sidewalk cafe across UOA(?) building next to Bangsar LRT station. And try out those countless "Arab-styled" restaurants and see for yourself. Me? Maybe I will try the Arab restaurants along Jalan Bukit Bintang... :)

Now that Jamil Khir Bahaom has issued the statement, what is Malsysia's stand on this? In "Halal" beers HARAM? If it is, then is Malaysia's stand similar to those from the middle east? I dread the day when the Arabs openly consuming "non-halal Halal beer" whilst we are screaming hoarse to say that it's HARAM!

Whatever, not only alchoholic beers are HARAM, to compare Halal drinks to alchoholic drinks may also render the drinks haram (in certain cases). Moral of the story? Why should we try working around corners to justify HARAM to be HALAL? If it is HARAM, then it will stay HARAM.. as simple as that.

There will be smart Alecs out there with enough chemistry knowledge to work out how to get a diluted 0.01% alchohol drink. So, it is better to cut off now and declare it as HARAM. Get the shops to return the drinks to their agents and close the case. Or will someone come up with another grand biz idea "It's HALAL except in MALAYSIA"!

My last words of advise to Muslims - apa apa pun, sudah dikatakan arak itu HARAM, jadi HARAMlah dia, samada dalam kandungan yang kecil atau besar - wallahualam...

Thanks Jamil Khir Baharom for the brave answer, although it comes almost 40 years late for me... :) Or will one Halal hub issue a contrasting statement? KJ, You listening?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More