Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Of Ras' "better under-use than temporary share-use"...

What have we turn into? Of late, we are becoming selfish, self-centered, uncaring and "I want it all" attitude... and all boils down to toilet use tsk tsk tsk

First and foremost, I abhor discussing about LGBT as there will always be a conflict within. Whilst there might be a need to respect their off-lifestyle, it should be within the limits of one's belief and religious conviction.

LGBT is a choice and not designed as such. Many chose this off-lifestyle based on their experience. Lesbian, gay and bisexual are habitual in nature and because of that, should the majority of society succumb to their demands and recognise their "special" desire?

Transgender is a more complicated issue which needs further knowledge. On surface, transgender are those who were caught in between, spiritually and physically. Their case calls for specialist to determine their actual gender and these specialist needs to come from various fields including physical science and spiritual beliefs.

That said, those in the LGB group should stay to their physical form ie a lesbian can enter and use a female toilet regardless whether they are wearing pants or not. Hey... there are countless women out there in pants, so I see it as a non-issue.

The same goes to gay. They can be physically masculine but prefer same sex activities. These group can freely use the gents cubicles as they will not create uneasiness amongst their own men flock.

Bisexual? What's the issue? They are basically men and women who likes to expand their sexual experience to include both sides of the world. Outwardly, they are physically what they are ie man as man and woman as woman. In this case, they can use their own gender toilets for their needs.

Transgender?? Ahh... these are the special case. But... how many are they really in Malaysia? I bet not many are transgender. What you see are pseudo-transgender, those who opts for cross-dressing because of their experience and preference, not contributed by their "entrapment".

When I say they are not many, it means their community is a small one.

Now, let's visit the OKU. Ras Adiba Razi shouted "No, handicap toilets are for OKU". How many times did you see handicap toilets occupy in your numerous trips to the rest rooms? My experience, I can count with my fingers...

What does that leave us? It means our handicap toilets are under-use. That's why some handicap toilets is jointly use as store rooms. It is just under use.

Now, if handicap toilets are already proven under use, why hue and cry if Fuziah suggested the handicapped toilets to be temporarily joint use with the transgender? That way, the toilet management will see the need for handicapped toilets to be properly maintained and use.

There is no need to purposely build another "LGBT" toilets for them. Case close. For long term measure, the government, NGOs, religious councils and special groups should sit down and come up with a better solution to LGBT issue.

To Ras, don't be selfish as if the handicap toilets are 100% full all the time with long queues... it never was that much in use, anyway. To the LGB of LGBT group, use the toilets as what your physical body calls you... for the T in LGBT, you are welcome to temporarily use the handicap toilets to answer the call of nature, not for some off-style activities.

Me? I will stick to my non-LGBT stand... simple, isnt it?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Of Selangor's 3 by-elections... 1 down, 2 to go...

Purposely let Sg Kandis by-elections over before I penned down this piece. My thoughts on Selangor's 3 by-elections... here we go...

N27, N32 and N49... Three by elections in Selangor.

Let's go N49 (Sg Kandis) first
PH 55.6% 60%
BN 26.7% 40%
PAS 17.5% sit out
PRM 0.2% sit out

% of voters coming to vote : 49 % (lowest in history?)

My read on Sg Kandis are :-

1. Despite PAS leaders' open support for BN's Lokman, PAS supporters did not come out in full force to vote BN in;
2. In PRU 14, one of the factors for PH wins is the high turnup (more than 80 %). In PRK, even with a low turnout of 49 % PH still wins and increase its share of votes to 60 %, up by 5%;
3. Najib should not be campaigning for BN in PRK. His reputation is tainted and it is better for him to stay away;
4. BN's candidate (Lokman) is using race, religion as his core slogan and this backfires in semi-urban Sg Kandis;
5. BN's choice of UMNO supreme council member and non-local is rejected by voters. It send a message to UMNO - Game over;
6. There is no "Santa Claus in Sg Kandis promising million dollar projects, a far cry from BN's tactics in previous by-election. A brilliant strategy by PH;
7. Without the grease, BN machinery limps towards the finishing line. "Money is King" is no more;
8. The voters did not see any urgency to come out and vote as Selangor state legislative as superior majority to PH. Even with that, the voters did not vote BN as sign of rejection to the party;

Next stop is N27 (Balakong)

PH 77.5%
PAS 11.6%
BN 10.9%

EC has set 18th Aug as nomination date and 8th Sept as polling day for Balakong by-election. Despite talks of Yunna Tan as DAP candidate, Lim GE stated that DAP has not make any decision until they ha their meeting.

MCA's desire to use its own logo during the by-election took a back seat when UMNO said the decision will be made collectively by BN.

Where is the "opposition" co-operation now? If PAS can make way for BN in Sg Kandis, why cant BN give way to PAS in Balakong. PAS fared better than BN in Balakong and this time, let it be a straight fight between PAS and PH in Balakong. Or is PAS shying away from Balakong? Where is the fiery rhetoric of PAS putting up its candidates where there are Muslims in the area?

Final stop, N32 (seri Setia)

PRU 14
PH 66.6%
BN 22.5%
PAS 10.4%

UMNO indicated that they will allow PAS to go mano to mano with PH in Seri Setia. If that is the case, then it is clear as daylight of the "alliance" between UMNO-PAS.

If this is true, then UMNO and PAS should not hide behind vague statements.

Maybe, it is for the better if N27 and N32 by-elections is carried out on the same day. If they can run PRU 14 in one day, why not 2 by-elections?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Of clueless PAS... in Sg Kandis

No... Yes... "We are not with them", "We want HARAPAN to lose Sg Kandis"

In short, PAS is headlessly clueless of what they wanted in Sg Kandis. PRU 14 has PAS spinning to nowhere...

Who is in charge of PAS now? Hadi Awang has been silent and his defeated Info Chief will be campaigning for UMNO in Sg Kandis. It must be frustrating for Nasrudin Hassan when PAS decided to sit out PRK Sg Kandis. So frustrating that he seems clueless to tell his party supporters who to vote for, comes 4th August 2018.

Nasrudin Hassan is caught with roundabout statements of :-

1. He will campaign against HARAPAN's candidate because the candidate must not be allowed to win;
2. He refused to say if PAS is asking the party's supporters to vote BN candidate;
3. He claimed that PAS stand is for HARAPAN candidate to lose Sg Kandis;

In Kota Bharu, PAS VP said something else :-

1. PAS is not going to campaign for BN in Sg Kandis;
2. How can PAS and BN be together as they are from different parties;

Now, now... is PAS info Chief implying something that it's VP doesn't know? PAS Deputy Presiden says it clear :-

1. PAS will allow its members to vote for anyone they prefer in Sg Kandis;
2. PAS Sec Gen says that PAS' non-contest in Sg Kandis does not mean it will work with UMNO/BN in Sg Kandis;
3. PAS should vote in the interest of Malays and Islam in Sg Kandis;

Maybe PAS has lost its stings when they go for broke in PRU 14 with many of their candidates losing deposits and pants during the historic 9th May election. Now, PAS is without funds and as such could not even put a decent candidate for a Malay majority area such as Sg Kandis.

I was in the area last night and things are not getting heated up for PRK. That said, PAS is still licking the bashing they had in Selangor and that said... it is wise for PAS supporters to stay home on 4th August and see how UMNO/BN fare.

Me? It's nice going Durian and mangosteen hunting...

Next stop.... PKR dismantling government from inside...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Of mighty MIC fortunetelling...

Some are so obsessed with Zakir Naik. Before it was Penang's Ramasamy and not to be outdone, MIC is taking up the cause...

Sg Kandis will be Harapan's litmus test. For now, Sg Kandis has dwarfed PAS kingmaker's role to a supporting role. PAS seems t be contented to play the role of carpet roller to UMNO's candidate.

PAS is caught wetting on its own. Its leaders are not sure whether to back UMNO or Harapan. Nasruddin Hassan says that Harapan must be defeated. PAS Info Chief said that by not contesting in Sg Kandis, the opposition votes will be rock solid behind UMNO to ensure UMNO's win. Is that true? How sure is Nasruddin that PAS voters will follow his que?

PAS Deputy Presiden, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said that PAS will not help in UMNO's campaign.

PAS Deputy Presiden at odds with PAS Info chief? Or is this signs of PAS internal bickering for failing to be PRU 14's kingmaker?

If that is bad, MIC is claiming that the Indians will vote for UMNO in Sg Kandis. How sure is this? Even if 100% Indian votes for UMNO, can UMNO win Sg Kandis this time around?

Can UMNO wins by putting an outsider as their candidate? Can they win when they once threatened to run on UMNO's logo? Honestly, I feel PAS has a better chance in Sg Kandis compared to UMNO.

Whatever it is, good luck Lokman. Hope you will not lose your deposit come 4th August 2018...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Of non-political misinformation... deliberate or real

Take a rest from "Sila duduk dan jangan lari"..

Sometimes I wonder whether Malaysia is going the right path on fruits export market or are we still falling behind due to misinformation and our own stupidity.

On November 2017, Tajuddin Abd Rahman said "pengurusan industri kelapa akan digabungkan di bawah satu lembaga bersama-sama industri nanas dan buah-buahan". It means the coconut industry, pineapple and fruits will be combined under one new board.

Today, I googled and I still see Lembaga Nenas still there.... Does this means there are still various boards to manage different fruits?

In short, now I understand why there is no advance in our industry. Just look at this article. It reads "Sarawak set to become production hub for MD2 pineapple variety"

Reading the fine prints, I stumbled on the following information (or is it misinformation?) :-

1. 100,000 MD2 pineapple trees would be planted on a 4,000ha piece of land in the area;
2. MD2 Pilot Project located at Kampung Padang Pan in Bau would be launched on Jan 13 to meet China's market demand in the future;

It looks ok, right. Look closer...

100,000 pineapple to be planted on 10,000 acres? Is this logical? On simple calculation, it means 10 pineapple for every acre. Hey!!! How big is a pineapple plant? Only 10 plants (trees) in 1 acre? The Director of Lembaga Nenas, Anim Hosnan must be joking...

Interested in what Anim is saying, I google his blogpost....and came up with Nov 2017 posting regarding pineapple. When you read the posting, it reminds me of Lingam, the lawyer. Only this time, Anim the MPIB DG says it doesnt look like the pineapple but if it taste the same, then it must be the pineapple variety. Complicated, isn't it.

I have only 1 thing to say... how can we declare something as what it is not. More so when we intend to export to foreign market. What if the "experts" out there call the bluff? Who will be shamed???

I brought this up to my friend and laughingly he said "the blind teaching the blind on what you see..."

Looking back, last year it was Mousang King when Liow wanted to export big time to China, now Anim wants to export pineapple to China... only 10,000 mehh??? Must be the joke of the year....

Me? I shake in disbelief.... kalau tak tahu katalah tak tahu.... tapi nak kata tak tahu ni kenyataan DG MPIB... pening, pening.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Of PKR's potential blast in own face...

Of late, PKR is putting the rest of HARAPAN's partner on edge claiming that since PKR has the most number of MPs' within the coalition, they should be getting the majority of posts.

Well.... the bad news is, it might be a potential blast on PKR's face and worse, it may jeorpadise the new Mahathir-led government. Is that what PKR (read : Anwar Ibrahim wants?)

Let just say that this posting is pure academic. That way, it will not affect anything already in place. Hopefully, it remains academic if HARAPAN's Speaker choice is someone other than Johari Abdul.

When Johari's name is mentioned as possible HARAPAN's choice for Parliament speaker, his own party colleague came out to shoot the proposal down.

Surendran pointed out the following :-

1. Johari needs to vacate his Gurun state seat and this will trigger a by-election in Kedah;
2. HARAPAN's simple majority in Kedah will be compromise and this can leads to possible BN-PAS takeover of the state;

On surface, Surendran is quite right but on the other :-

1. Surendran is Johari party colleague, why can't he whisper his case to Wan Azizah instead of bleating out in the open?
2. Is Surendran trying to imply that since he is a lawyer by profession, he wants to be considered as a candidate to Parliament speaker?
3. There is an uneasy political turmoil in PKR with proxies fighting for the top posts. Is Surendran a proxy too and his statement is directed by someone higher up?

There are too many cooks now. Everybody wants to say their piece. Where were they when BN was in power? Look at G25 as an example. They were not in the forefront when HARAPAN takes on BN's juggernaut. Now that HARAPAN is in the driver seat, G25 is "telling" HARAPAN who should be what... Is G25 really eminent government officers who are neutral or are they part and parcel of the parcel that brings Malaysia to RM 1T debt bracket?

Back to Johari Abdul. It is not about him now but look at the macro picture. If PKR insist on Johari Abdul as Parliament speaker, PKR is actually putting Kedah at risk.

Is this PKR's move to say that "I am the big brother" of HARAPAN? Or is this Anwar Ibrahim's way of saying "I control what happens"?

I say, giver Tun M and his cabinet space to do what they do best. No interference from Surendran or others. What Surendran is doing is just like the Malay saying "Kalau saya tak dapat, semua orang tak dapat"

Remember ex-AG Apandi? Swiss AG now openly claimed that Apandi refused to extend cooperation when he headed AG's chambers. Where were G25 at that time? Silent!!! Not even one quack from the so called eminent ex-government top post bearers. I love to see their response now...

Is Apandi acting on Malaysia's best interest or the better interest of ex PM? Apandi should come out and explain if he truly believes that he is acting on government's behalf. Keeping silent is no longer an option, not when the Swii's AG clearly mentioned Apandi as the person who refused to extend cooperation.

What has Lokman Adam get to say on this? maybe another bout of cash donation to help Apandi to sue Swiss AG, perhaps?

Me? I prefer to look from afar...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Of Gentlemanly conduct... with or without

It is a dying breed. Yesterday, the youth of Malaysia teach the rest a thing or two about Gentlemen conduct...

Najib has been finally charged. Let the court decides whether he is innocent or guilty of the charges levelled on his person. That's for the lawyers to argue and present their case.

At the same time, it should not stop the rest to provide their comments based on their perception. For me, there is always this statement "Legally right but morally wrong". Even if Najib is proven legally right, what he did is morally wrong... That's my personal opinion. And that's why I am not a judge heh heh heh.

A day after the full cabinet is revealed, Syed Saddiq clocks in for work as Minister of Youth, a position previously held by KJ. What is interesting is the manner these 2 young guys acted. KJ is magnamous in handing over the job to Syed whilst Syed complimented KJ for the job well done.

Looking back, I guess this is the only Ministry that undergoes a "proper" handing over since PH took over Putrajaya in 9th May 2018. Shame on others (old guys) who failed to provide a proper handing over, and that includes ex PM Najib Razak.

This is what I am talking about. The youth of Malaysia has great potential and if this maturity persist, we have a great future ahead. This in part is matured politics.

On Najib, I am not going to comment on the charges and the perception. Whilst many were initially concerned if Najib will be in the famous Orange MACC lock-up suit, the opposite is true. MACC has been gracious towards the ex PM and accorded him the dignity of wearing a suit to court when he was charged earlier today.

Najib can claim of anything under the sun as what his daughter is pleading for the rakyat to think of her father just this once.
Did Nooryana ever think of the rakyat? I don't believe so, not when she lavishly spent her friends on several occassions at the expense of the rakyat. Did she ever know how the rakyat suffers and will be suffering to repay 1MDB debts and those that is still unaccounted?

Nooryana as a daughter is correct in asking for moral support but as z citizen of Malaysia, Nooryana must also go to the grounds and feel the pulse of the normal people who are trying to survive daily. Don't just stay lofty in Pavilion suites forgetting about the less fortunate amongst us.

How many of UMNO members came to Putrajaya last night in show of support towards Najib? My information says only around 50 turn up. What a far cry when Najib was in power. Where are those who screamed "IM4U"? Lost in transit?

This shows one thing. In UMNO, you are only beholdenly golden when you are in power and able to dish goodies. Without those, you will face the world alone.... and Najib is slowly learning this. 42 years of spoon feeding is over. Now Najib has to answer for his misdeeds.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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