Friday, June 10, 2016

Of fragmented opposition... Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar

In short, the opposition parties overkills themselves with silly intra-bombings!

Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-election is going to be costly. Not in turn of Dollars and Cents but more in terms of pride and bragging rights. Unfortunately, it may not involve BN. With the way events are turning out, what BN has to do is to sit back, grab some popcorn and see the fragmented opposition overkilling each other.

If things are not checked, I can see BN not only retaining Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar but may needles its way into re-capturing Selangor ala-Perak. mark my words!

First stop - Kuala Kangsar. I did not see the fun of making Hadi (PAS President) looks like a clown. No doubt, some may see Hadi's moves lately as erratic and unpredictable, but to likened him to a clown is defacing PAS itself.

To makes matters worse, Sg Besar is not much better. It maybe DAP Sekinchan assemblyman saying but hey... this is by-election and this Ng Suee Lim has no business to up the ante by suggesting beer drinking to celebrate if Amanah fares better than PAS in Sg Besar. Ng is not talking about winning the by-election. He is talking about faring better than PAS.

First, let me point out why I say so... with regards to the 2 Malaysiakini's news :-

1. If some do not agree with Hadi for his style and approach, you may put up your points and list it. Bunching him with another clown infers that he is not fit to lead the nation? Nah... he never says he wants to lead. In fact, I did not see him as PM material, not after seeing him handling Terengganu once upon a time....

2. Celebrating for faring better than the other is also not appropriate. Worse, when those commentators start talking about it being only "reserved" for non-Muslims. If the argument is that, then why can't the same commentators accept that Hudud is only meant for Muslims? When it comes to Hudud, the same guys argue that it will be spread and includes pathetic!!!

Instead of jumping on each other, why can't the opposition focus on winning Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar? Be it PAS or Pakatan Harapan.

This is the time to question Mastura, BN candidate on her statement that she will only think about Hudud after the by-election? Is Mastura living in a cave in Timbuktu? She is a Muslim (by the way she projects herself with tudung and all). If that is her approach, then why not she also issue a statement and say "I will think about iddah (staying indoor to observe her late husband pass away) after by-election. If she claims that iddah is part of Islamic teaching, then is she admitting that she doesn't know that Hudud is part of Islamic teaching too?

If Mastura is too busy campaigning (from inside her home), then she should have the guts to voice her opinion on Hudud and not "tai chiing" her way out!

Back to the topic... why did I say opposition is fragmented? Instead of stocking their ammunition against their common enemy, Pakatan Harapan and PAS is literally aiming to destroy each other. Billboards, posters are used.

If this is the way it is going to be...then sad to say that Pakatan Harapan is no longer Malaysia's Harapan in steering the country to the right course. Pakatan Harapan has lost its aim and is going rudderless. Worse - PAN (Amanah) is not the driver for this by-election. DAP is... and as DAP, their strategy is insensitive to Ramadan month.

This is what BN is looking for. PKR, being part of Pakatan Harapan needs to bear some of what is happening in Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar. And if PAS thinks that PKR is a major player in belittling the party, just wait after the by-election. We may see a disjointed Selangor... If Selangor is wrested back by BN, the real loser is PKR. Why? PAN was never a factor yet.... and PKR may lost the golden state of Selangor due to their pwn making. DAP? They have no issue since their man is not the MB of Selangor.

Think and think wisely. Pakatan harapan needs to re-focus on battling BN. It is not about faring better tha the other. It is about winning the by-election. Unfortunately, the stupidity of Pakatan Harapan is confirming that they are still not ready to lead the nation... period.

In the meantime....NSC law goes ahead....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Of direct & indirect interpretation...

Most of the time, you cannot take things at face value. More so when it involves politicians...

When the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issues a statement, some political aides and its hired guns will jump to blow things out of proportion. This time, it is about MAS statement stating that the money (and you know which money I am writing about) is not in Singapore.

This once heralded journalist latch on to the news with his posting "Singapore's MAS tells WSJ: No such thing! " Let's look what our Bro implies :-

1. WSJ (Wall Street Journal) is wrong in reporting;
2. WSJ is not credible;
3. WSJ got it all wrong;

WSH issued a correction saying that the funds were transffered to an account in Switseland and not Singapore.

Regardless of whether the fund is in Singapore or Switseland, what interest me is, is the fund morally, legally and spiritually is with the right owner or is it be siphoned??


My point is simple - MAS say that the fund does not end up in Singapore but it did not say whether the fund pass through Singapore or not. If the fund does not pass through Singapore, then why is Singapore authorities hauling up former bankers and charged them? Why did Singapore inssue instruction for BSI S'pore to be closed down?

In short, there is more than meeting the eye...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Of logos... Balance, Moon and Triangle

Parti Amanah Negara - Logo

Be it Sg Besar or Kuala Kangsar, it is all about the party and not individuals. What interest me is hadi's statement on the shape of the party's logo.

Hadi claims that his "moon" can't be turned upside down. Well... Hadi may see his party as the "moon" but for the Chinese, PAS is the "panadol". Will the "panadol" viewed as the all-can-do tablet or will it be otherwise? Why is Hadi so quick in likening his "moon"?

On the other side, Amanah's triangle shape is no help. One glance it looks like a sailboat... hey.. we are not sportsmen here. We are all looking for an alternative to UMNO. Triangle don't help...

Worse still, if u combine 2 triangle with 180 degree turn, and you might see the

Seriously, anybody here follow Malaysia Chronicle? Quoting Syed Saddiq Abd Rahman, he claims that 83 % of Malays (assumed Muslims) wants the implementation of Hudud. And if we assume that 65 % of Malaysian citizens are Malays, that roughly means 52 % of Malaysian citizen wants Hudud implementation. That being the case, why are the politicians still haggling about what Malaysia wants?

Is it not Najib who at some point of time says he "listen"? Now., where is his listening goes to? Too much concession to our southern neighbour on the "I scratch your back and you scratch mine"?

I wonder...

Whilst Hadi of PAS and Mad Sabu of Amanah traded jibes about petty things, another "small-scale" avalanche is hitting us. This time, from FELCRA and Bung Kinabatangan...

What started as a win-win deal where FELCRA (Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority) where a developer (WZR group) proposed to develop FELCRA HQ with WZR getting the large portion of the building. What it ended is, FELCRA needs to fund the RM 550 M project with WZR becoming the contractor. What happens?

The rough timeline of the events are as follows :-

1. FELCRA and WZR group inked a deal in 2015 where WZR group will deveelop a mixed project of 35 storey office, 43 dtorey residential, retail mall and halls;
2. The project was launched in May 2015 by (none other than 1MPM6 Najib);
3. FELCRA ended to take over the project on 21st Jan 2016 after WZR failed to secure fundings;

Do you think that is enough??? NOoooo!!!! FELCRA make it worse by appointing WZR group as the Contractor!!! How can that happens? Topping up the cake, FELCRA claims that the award is done through open tender for RM 687.5M.. and that is 25 % more than the initial costing of RM 550M. Apa dah jadi?? Another leakage somewhere??

Conveniently, WZR MD "tai-chied" questions by saying that he is in Mecca. Hey... dear Mad Kamal, it just takes a few minutes to answer questions. Don't use Mecca as your ultimate shield...

Wooo... Better stop before my BP goes sky-high....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, June 06, 2016

Of Sungai Besar, Kuala Kangsar and ...

Many things happen in my sabbatical absence. A blogger friend passed away whilst another got married and now taking care of the newborn. Me? I am still a drifter...wondering where I will break fast today :)
Looking for votes...

My friend came back from Sg Besar yesterday and he has a story to tell. He is a die hard BN supporter (and motivator). Yesterday, he went to Sg Besar on wedding invitation wearing an orang batik shirt. Being a nomination day for the parliamentary by-election, the town is packed with supporters from all parties and traffic were diverted and he ends up in a paddy field with "green" supporters who greeted him as "sahabat". What else to do but to endure the crowd with an orange batik shirt and "blue" heart.

Seriously, let's make a short anaalysis of the twin by-elections. Chinese voters will likely be the kingmaker with 31 % of voters Chinese. With voters registration of 42,365 it will be an uphill battle for all the candidates. On surface, BN may have a slight advantage if the Chinese votes solidly on them.

However, MCA and Gerakan are all playing second fiddle to DAP. If the Chinese voters shunned BN due to DAP factor, it is not as easy as that. Being calculative, the Chinese will not vote a losing candidate. AMANAH may have the thunder but they could not deliver Malay votes. If that is the case, who will the Chinese vote?

Obviously it will either be BN or PAS. Will the Chinese sacrifice their principle and voted BN? I doubt so because voting BN in is like endorsing what is wrong as right. So lets say 80 % of the Chinese voters are anti-establishment. That will means 10,500 Chinese votes are for the opposition. And if PAS fails to convince the Mandarin voters to vote them, it will be either spoil votes or no-show. Which way will the CHinese voters turn?

Chinese are basically aagainst Hudud. But, as I say countless times, why bother to oppose something that does not affact you? HUdud is primarily a punishment for the Muslims. Yes, there will be Chinese affected by Hudud, but that will be those who converted to Muslim, either by marriage, family or reading. If these Chinese are Muslims, then the rest need to bother about Hudud.

Hudud is only applicable to Muslims and Chinese Muslims like Riduan Tee. The rest? "To you your religion". If this is the case, why are Chinese voters and the rest so jittery on Hudud bill? For once, Chinese voters should sit back, cast the religious differences aside and focus on giving BN a black eye. Then the obvious choice will be either Amanah or PAS...

What about 66 % voters which are predominantly Malays? They have 3 choice - either BN, Amanah or PAS. BN voters will remain loyal. The balance? Will either go to Amanah or PAS. Since PKR is out of the picture, it will be a tough decision here.

Amanah may have DAP full support and token PKR's support but will that be enough? I did not think so. If that is the case, there is no better alternative than to vote PAS and stay with it for the next 2 years prior to GE 14.

Will that happen? I will tell u more soon...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Of Malaysia's : Whose dignity...

At the time when more than 2 million people converge to Padang Arafah... spare some time ti think about dignity.

These past few days, so many touch on the issue of dignity. At the time of writing, 2 million people in Padang Arafah and millions more around the globe pray to his almighty seeking forgiveness and the correct path whilst at the same time pray for things closest to them.

Dignity, whose dignity are we fighting for now? The Reds talked about dignity as they try to justify the need for 16th September rally. Shamefully, some tried to talk about Malay dignity but when pressed further, they are unable to elaborate. what is Malay dignity when there is no necessity to talk about it.

Instead, we should be talking in broader terms. Want to talk about Malay dignity? Can.. let's start with takraw. You know, the rattan ball game with three on each side. Once upon a time, Malays are the world champions but then it starts sliding, first losing to the Thais and later Indons. Now, at times, we can barely beat the Laos, Philipines... so, where is Malay dignity? Where are the Reds when this happens?

What about this... Malays are known to be a race raised in high moral values. Now, like the rest of Malaysians, is it esy to see Malays surrendering their seats for the elderly, the handicapped, the pregnant? Malays talk about high moral grounds but where are the Reds when so many babies born out of wedlock? Where are Malay dignity when so many of their young engaged in pre-marital sex. Drugs? Where are the Reds when so many Malays "graduated" from Pengasih and the numerous drug rehabilitation centers?

If we want to talk about Malay dignity, we should be talking and discussing with the rest on how to arrest these pitfalls if they are concern about dignity. If dignity is about massing in Padang Merbok shouting unacceptable slogans towards others, that's not dignity! That's provocation!

What dignity are we talking about when the Reds talked of invading Petaling street and demanding the spoils of Petaling street. Remember Kampung Baru and Chow Kit road? Is it not a Malay commercial area years before? Now? It is a place where Indons and Pakis and Banglas run their business from the same spots where Malays used to run their business! Talk about dignity, why didn't the Reds "invade" Chow Kit areas demanding their places back. What the Reds are doing is not fighting for dignity but jealousy to others' success. You want success? Try develop your own business centers. If Damansara uptown is successful, why can't the Malays do it in other areas? They did it in Shah Alam uptown, don't they?

So, whose dignity are we talking aout? If it is Malaysia, where is our dignity when our soccer lost by the dozens to a small and unranked country? Where is our dignity when our MH plane disappeared from the sky? If it is Malaysian dignity, what are we doing about it? Few days n the headlines and everything is back to normal. Talk about dignity, what about the numerous kidnappings in Sabah waters? What do we do about it? What about the infamous "invasion" to Malaysian soil when the "Sulus" decided to make a case against us?

Whose dignity are we talking about? If the Reds are fighting for one person's dignity, then it is not right! Look it this way...what are we doing about it when Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Britain, Switzeland and latest USA starts investigating 1MPM6? One may be wrong, two may be coincidence, but so many countries? Are we going to declare that all these countries are jealous of us and trying to topple the legitimate government? A person is not a government! The ruling party is entrusted to form a government! That said, investigating a leader is not an attempt to topple the government!

Dignity? Where is our dignity when our GLC, 1MDB, paid USD 1.4B and it seems that the payment is unaccounted! Where is the money? 1MDB cannot take the easy way out and blame others when they should be using their resources to find out what's really going on. If it is a lapse from 1MDB, it should be corrected, and if it is a lapse from IPIC, it should be pointed out! This is Malaysia's dignity. If this can happen to 1MDB, where is Malaysia's dignity in international business circle?

Some are obsessed in defending 1MPM6 and become his spokesman. The best person to answer is 1MPM6 himself. Do not be over obsessive for something uncertain. We cannot put the blame to Khairuddin just because he make reports in Hong Kong, Switzeland etc. These country, especially Hong Kong is known for their no nonsense attitude against illegal transactions as well as money laundering. In fact, Malaysia's investigative teams should come to the fore, either to clear or charge 1MPM6. Sad to say, our AG is dragging his feet when Bank Negara has alraedy put on record that they have completed their investgation and submit their papers to AG for his action almost 3 weeks ago.

Dignity? If a leader is accussed of misdeeds, he should stand up and reply to the accusation. Not his ministers, not his party members. If there is any dignity left, I call upon 1MPM6 to make the ultimate sacrifice during this auspicious Padang Arafah concentration of pilgrims. He knows what he needs to do it!

UMNO must make a stand on the Reds. UMNO is a matured party and they should be able to think about their political survivor. It is either UMNO or that 1 person. Make a choice...

Malay dignity? Read what others have to say.

Me? Selamat Aidil Adha... I need to make peace and seeks His forgiveness and Rahmat...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Of Malaysia's selective prosecution, probes, missing fund (again)...

First..a drop, now it's drizzling, next???

Things happen. When it does, it defies log thinking and at times deny the norm. It happens today when Ali Tinju , the infamous guy who did buttock exercising in front of Ambiga's house and the same man who disrupted the "Nothing to hide" forum as well as the guy who encourage actions at Low Yat plaza, got his charges dropped by the AG's office. Why? Ask the AG as he is the person who finally decides which charges to proceed and which is not. Maybe the AG is not listening to the people, instead he is receiving "strange" vibes from someone somewhere.

It is not a matter too small when AG decides on Ali Tinju. This is a matter of racial harmony and by taking the unbelievable stance, the AG is sending the wrong message. You can say things and stir sentments against a partuclar group and if it happens that the particular group is not on the "preferred" list, you can organise unlawful assemblies and speaks fieryly, it will be alright because the AG will not charge you.

Naturally, for their political survivor and dignity, MCA as well as Gerakan appeal the AG to reconsider his action and decision. Alas, it is all now Nasi menjadi bubur. Do you think AG will listen to minions like MCA and Gerakan, whose cabinet posts are at the mercy of big brother UMNO?

The best MCA and Gerakan can claim to their supporters is that they have raised their concern and the AG is looking into it. Or, alternatively MCA and Gerakan can claim that 1MPM6 has assured them that this will not recur, however AG is not under 1MPM6 citing the separation of power. Aiya... itu semua are cosmetics!!

It will be a joke if AG comes up with a decision that they are looking at possibly losing the case in court. As if the percentage of winning court cases is AG's KPI for the moment.

Anuar Musa claimed 250,000 attended the red rally. IPPKL's statement differs...

It says 35,000 attended the red rally and later revised to 50,000. Maybe the 50,000 ia taken because that is the capacity for Padang Merbok. Whatever, even at 50,000 attendees, it is amajor slap in the face for the man behind the glass tower.

On the confrontation in front of Petaling street entrance, PDRM will be probing the incident and identify the perpetrators as their actions will breed racism. Who would believe action will be taken and hese people will be charge in court? Will it be another show just to please the masses and later the AG will drop the charges as what happens to Ali Tinju? 1MPM6 can come out and say tat the incident should not have happened but this is all empty tins talking. Lots of thunder but no lightning!!

What I see is our Tionghua friends will be distancing further from 1MPM6's led coalition. Do you think 1MPM6 care? No, he will not care and will not give a hoot. Reason? He sees Kuala Lumpur parliamentary seats are stamped, sealed, delivered as opposition strongholds and as such he did not see the necessity to please the tionghua community when his survival greatly depends on the Red shirts of the rural areas.

Now, this Jamal guy is claiming that the Petaling street spoils of business should be shared with the Malays. Hello bro, you have some stalls in Kuala Lumpur pasar malam but you decided to "offload" for monetary gains and now you are looking for another goodies in Petaling street? This is the type of person who works for himself and he never learns to differentiate politics and business. Look at his ikan bakar Sekican, closed after his anti-BERSIH stand before and I understand that his prestigous car showroom is not getting better and most possibly closing down. A friend of mine told me that Jamal is a graduate of a non-academic institution somewhere in KL. I will not comment on this as he may have joined the mainstream after his stay in the institution.

The same cannot be said if you happen to be on the other side. Azmin Ali will be called in for his yellow dressing on 29th and 30th August 2015. Fortunately, they yellow dressing probe is limited to opposition key figures and not blanket coverage to 400,000 Yellows who flooded KL on that date. Come to think about it, what will happen if these 400,000 rally goers "surrenders" themselves to the police stations with photographic evidence as well as SD's taht they were wearing the "illegal" yellow t-shirt? Will AG decides to charge these 400,000 participants? Heh..heh...fortunately Maria Chin and Lim Kit Siang did not think the way I do. Me? I will definitely request these 400,000 "illegal yellows" to go to the police stations and surrender themselves for going agains the "yellow t-shirt" ban. It will be a sight to behold...

As I said earlier, things happen. Even if you do not wear yellow, you may find yourself in the same boat as MAZA because of a statement that can be probed as sedition. Expressing views about the intention what the yellow t-shirts wanted is also wrong???

Everything is possible when shadows are seen as enemies of the state. The Keruak said, don't be like Iraq n trying to dismantle the government because when the "truth" comes out, it might be too late. What is the similarity between Iraq and us? Saddam was accused of having WMDs' whilst in our case, what they wanted are fair elections and calls for 1MPM6's resignation due to the numerous charges of inproper transactions concerning 1MDB as well as the economic situation facing Malaysia. The analogy provided by Keruak is out of context. That's what you get when you appoint bootlickers...

apart from that, another expose from WSJ, is damaging us even more. It is said that another USD 993M supposed to be paid by 1MDB never reach IPIC. If that expose is not sufficient enough, the latest is Khairudin has been detained (or is it probed) for aiming to topple the government.

It's getting serious now... and I may talk about it when I wake up in the morning

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Of Malaysia's both sides now : Reds, yellows, oranges and...

Here are the Reds...

Honestly, I did not attend the Red shirt rally. I guess it's all right since Rocky did not attend it too.

Regardless whether this is "rent a mob" or whatever you want to call it, it all boils down to perspectives. As per BERSIH 4.0, the red rally is also sprinkled with their own political leaders like Anuar Musa, Ahmad Maslan, Reezal Merican. Unlike previous BERSIH, I doubt it is the same "water" gushing out from FRU's water canon in Petaling street today.

They say "Honesty is the best policy" so it is quite pointless for anyone to deny that the "3 million member party" is not involved in orchaestrating the rally. As such, it is not surprising when 1MPM6 Najib wanted the Petaling street incident to be probed. Afterall, directly or indirectly, he is the reason for the red shirt, as well as the recent BERSIH 4.0 rallies.

1MPM6 Najib is the reason why BERSIH 4.0 took the streets on 29th August and it is also the reason why Red rally converge at Padang Merbok today. One claimed to save Malaysia and its economy by demanding 1MPM6's resignation and the other raise as they perceive stomping Najib's poster is an insult to a race. Both have different reasons but the common denominator is Najib.

Najib previously claimed that the rest of the nation supported him except for those hundreds of thousands of BERSIH 4.0 participants who flooded the capital for 2 days. Let's use his argument approach albeit at a smaller scale - Is Najib supported by only 250,000 (figure courtesy of Anuar Musa) UMNO members? Using Najib's logic, the balance 2,750,000 members ie 2.75 million (UMNO claimed to have 3 million members) does not support Najib? Following through, that means 91.6 % does not support Najib. So Najib dear, apa lagi you tunggu? Turunlah because even UMNO members does not "support" you.

When the Reds left the city tonight, back to their various villages and towns with maybe RM 100 to RM 300 richer, those left behind will ponder what is in store for tomorrow. Is our nation divided? How can it be when we are 52 years old today?

52 years on, 1MPM6's top priority seems hollow. 1MPM6's top priorities and key points were :-

1. Peace
2. Security of the nation;
3. Najib say he will not allow for blood on the streets and burning shops;
4. Promote national unity;
5. It is not right to organise rallies dominated by 1 race;
6. Manage differences and not bitterness and anger;

Big promises and grandeur priorities but 1MPM6 must take a leaf of lesson from recent political changes around the globe :-

1. Guatemalan President resigned (and later charged) for fraud;
2. Australian Prime Minister replaced by his own party member;
3. South Korean Prime Minister resigned due to bribery scandal;

As for Guatemalan President, he is only as good as he last. Now, behind iron bars he claimed that a superpower has a hand in his downfall. A lesson here is, one is only good if one is useful to the superpower. Once you are out of favour, the end will be near, very near indeed. This should serve as a reminder that the superpowers wants something out of Malaysia. What is it? Speculations are many and this article is not about that.

The same for Prime Minister Tony Abbot. He accepts his fate when his own party rejected him and he took it in full stride, never clinging to power when it is time to go. Lesson learnt? You have to listen to the voice on the streets. Listen is not hearing for you can hear but you can choose to ignore and dismiss the noises. Listen means to understand what the people want and if it is time to go, then go...

South Korean Prime Minister? He choose resignation when he and his senior cabinet ministers were accused of bribery scandal. He did not hang to his job and let his supporters loose to strengthen his position nor did he threaten or accuse the opposition for his resignation.

Whether they are guilty as charged or not, they are gentlemen and statesmen in their own rights. If it benefits the nation, then do what you have to do. We are not here forever until "menongkat bumi". Whatever power given by the rakyat is for the benefit of the rakyat and not the benefit of 1 person or a race or a particular party members. What the rakyat wants is sacrifice and that sacrifice is for the nation's continued well being.

We are going to celebrate Aidil Adha next week and Aidil Adha is about sacrifice. Ibrahim AS and Ismail AS sacrifice for their faith as He wants to test his servants.

What now? Will 1MPM6 follow the footsteps of recent political leaders who are big-hearted to resign for their country, their dignity, their party and country? Or will we continuously see a leader who choose to blame others for his personal shortcomings? Once, maybe. Everytime? No way jose...

When the dust settled tomorrow, we are actually many steps backwards. Are we heading to be a nation of mistrust? fractured by the many scandals the likes of scorpene, 1MDB, falcon bank, RM 2.6B donation? divided by whites and not so whites, east and west, urban and rural?

We are 52 years old but if you choose to take a step back, you will see a nation torn between two sides - "I love PM" and "PM needs to go"..

Me? 52 years on... sometimes I feels like a worn-out "Soldier of fortune". You want to know a secret? I am not a "soldier for hire". I am what I am..and I want the best for Malaysia. If today is not that day, maybe, I can see it in my dreams...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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