Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Of three ladies...

Don't be too serious. Yet, there are so many choices available...

"Rumah siap, pahat berbunyi"... That is what happening now, post-BERSIH 4.0.
First stop - yellow phobia. A day after BERSIH 4.0 ends, a young lady was apprehended for alledgedly floating down 7 balloons during Najib's visit to Pavilion. The charge? Intentional insult. What's so insulting about the words justice, press freedom? None of the balloons contains any four letter words that might insult anybody. The messages were just a lady's inspiration for a better Malaysia. Is that wrong? Is it illegal? Heck.. the balloons did not hurt anybody and even if it did, what physical harm can 7 balloons do?

Did you hear about another young lady who is also a lieuftenant and happens to be a daughter of an up and coming politician branding BERSIH rally goers as "bodoh". Well... she claims to be exercising her right to "freedom of speech". And just because she is a daughter of a politician who is on the "other side" of the fence, does that make it right to brand others as "bodoh"? Fortunately, she is not trained to be a Sukhov pilot. I dread what could happen if she is one.

Another lady who is on the "other side" of the fence but chose to sue UMNO's President for the missing RM's got the boot. Is that how the President "earns" respect from the party?

Three ladies... if you have to choose one, what is your choice? Will you pick the first for her ideals of a fair and just society? Or will you go for the second one who has no problem calling others "bodoh" because they did not synch with her father's party President? Maybe you choose the third who dares to sue her party President for the "missing" funds. I know you guys are torn between the three. Me? I think P Ramlee's "Madu Tiga" is fine...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, August 31, 2015

Of Yellow hangover...

BERSIH is over. My initial thoughts...

It has been a long time since I last post anything. It is not because of lack of issues but I see that it is pointless to get myself riled up for something the masses will not understand.

Although my colleagues make an all-out effort to attend BERSIH 4.0, I choose not to attend the yellow movement. The issues and the points are still there. eck, even Tun M chose to see the rally first hand. Me? I choose to opt out. The reasons will be hopefully listed below.

It is my choice and my style to write from the heart. And this is no exception.

Why I chose to sit out? First, the marathon-style rally is not our style. Not when we are a multi-racial, multi ethnic, multi-religion society. BERSIH 4.0 intention is noble from their point of view but do they consider.. the long rally and overnight rally opens the possibility of our young to be involved in social problems? Yes.. the organisers may say it is up to them but it is the responsibility of BERSIH 4.0 to ensure that these young generation especially the girls are well taken care.

Hate PAS and say what you want. I back their position to stay away from BERSIH 4.0. If you guys do not understand why, sit back and reflect with an open mind why PAS choose that path. I choose to salute PAS for their stand and on the same breath abhors GHB for their stand.

GHB was fine. They feel that because they backed Anwar as the possible future PM, they will go all out to stick to their beliefs. I will not put pictures here but when Mad Sabu allowed himself to be photographed together with his fan(s) in a questionable post, it reflects their stand and lack of stature. Think.. if Hadi or the late Tuan Guru is around, will they allow themselves to be in the same predicament as Mad Sabu?

That is not all... I see the police has been generous in allowing the rally to go on for the marathon. What I see on Sunday is utter disrespect to the authorities. Is it not paintings on the tarred road of Dataran Merdeka when the organisers know fully well that the stretch will be used for National day parade?

Next, Tun M make a brief appearance in Pasar Seni. Did you guys read what Tian Hua said? Did you guys listen to what Mat Sabu said? Blatant disrespect to Tun M.

Should I say more? Surely, I will... One thing for sure...I am back!!

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, April 10, 2015

Of "jahil"...

I am sorry if it is going to hurt but sometimes you need to put things in the right perspective and not let your knees (lutut) to do the thinking...

"Did you reach 1MPM6's interview last night?"
"No, I don't"
"Asian got talents is better :)"

I admitted that I did not see 1MPM6's interview last night and depending on who you are rooting for, I think I made a good decision. There is nothing new is his answer and being pre-recorded, the interview is not "off the cuff" type which is more to my liking.

Having said that, I did however read some blogs where they "posted" live comments from viewers in one of the popular private station. Overall, many of the commentators give thumbs down of the interview. I doubt if that is the real comments as surely the private station has a "built-in" censorship to avoid unnecessary or expletive comments.

However, there is one newsposting in the Sun that caught my eye and I feel obligated to use it as the core to this posting. The Sun's "I'm answerable only to the rakyat, says Najib" deserves second and serious look. A nice and catchy caption but has serious implication.

Let's go to the points raised in that article. 1MPM6 says :-

1. I was elected by my party and by the people to lead the country. As such, I am answerable only to the rakyat – not to any individual

Sure or not? Najib was elected by his party (UMNO) but the people did not elect him to lead the country. It is UMNO and BN who choose Najib to be the leader. In that sense, 1MPM6 statement is partially right...

2. And if at the next general election, the people want change, they will let us know through the ballot box

Even if the people want change now (based on census taken by independent pollsters, will he resigned? The answer is NO. If that is the case, then if the next election, even if the people do not want him to lead the country, nothing much can be done if UMNO and BN still choose him to be PM.

3. "I have sworn on oath three times in a mosque in Permatang Pauh that I did not know Altantuya and I had no direct or indirect involvement with her,"

Anwar also swore that he did not do it but the courts find him guilty. Are we to take that swearing supercedes evidence presented in courts? Is this a precedent?

4. "It is important to remember that 1MDB's assets are greater than its liabilities. So, in very simple terms, if 1MDB were to be wound down tomorrow, the company would still have some assets and money left even after paying off all its debts."

Is this falaccy? When a company winds down, normally the usual terms of "jualan murah", "jualan runtuh" and "jualan penghabisan" will come into play. That said, do you think a winding down company can command good price for their assets? Normally, they will dispose the assets at a much discounted price.

Those 4 is sufficient for me to say that 1MPM6 is talking in riddles.

Why do I comment on this report? We are answerable to whatever we do and our answer shall be judge ultimately by our Creator. There, you can't hide behind anyone else nor can we talk in riddles.

When a statement is made without cushioning that ultimately the Creator will judge our actions and words, is that not "jahil" on our part? Jahil because we did not put the Creator in His proper place and jahil because we think that we are judged by the rakyat.

maybe our politicians need to go to classes refreshing what jahil is all about and how to avoid living in a jahil world...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Of "Serba salah"...

No...no...it's not that new song. This is from R. Azmi's 40's song...

Sorry... for the glitch :( :(

Some claim it is blowing hot and cold between Tun M and 1MPM6. Whatever it is, I see it as a point of no return... Someone or something got to give...sooner or later.

Like 1MPM6, I too choose "elegance silence" for the past week, step back and see where the country is heading. What I see is not a pleasant scanario.

The Chinese strongly believe in bad omen. It is not good to mix joyous occasion with death. Unfortunately, nobody tells this to 1MPM6 when he opted to pay his last respects to Lee Kuan Yew when he is in the midst of celebrating his daughter's wedding.

A few days ago, 1MPM6 lost two of his trusted lieutenants in the fatal helicopter crash in Kajang. And shortly before that, another of his trusted lieutenant were called to meet his Maker.

Three within a space of 4 days. This should be a time for 1MPM6 to do some soul searching. I called it "Muhasabah"...

Last week has been a rough ride for Anwar too. He lost his father almost on the same day Jamaluddin Jarjis lost his.

1MPM6 lost three of his trusted lieutenants, Anwar lost his father...could it be a subtle way from Him? I mean, whilst everybody is taking sides for or against Kelantan's wish to implement Hudud, both 1MPM6 and Anwar has set their elegant silence regarding the issue. Are they for or against? Since both are leaders of their respective packs, they should made their stance known. They did not...

Is it because they are undecided ie "serba salah"? To second Hudud means losing portion of their supporters but going against is definite no-no as Muslims. And that brings us to the "muhasabah" issue.

Whilst 1MPM6 celebrate his daughter's wedding, he lost three of his closest confidante. Jamaluddin Jarjis, for good or for worse, is his closest confidante. They were together in the same UMNO division before Jamaluddin Jarjis "moves" to Rompin. By that move, both of them avoid "meeting" each other for the Division Head post. For that, 1MPM6 is forever linked to Jamaluddin until death do them apart.

Facing mounting issues such as the Altantunya "mystery", GST, 1MDB, 1MPM6 needs to look within himself and ask - Did I do something wrong? Am I on the right path as Malaysian leader? Am I in the driver seat or am I letting Malaysia runs on auto pilot?

The same goes for Anwar. Losing someone close is a reminder that we too, one day, will be meeting our Maker. So Anwar should ask himself - Am I as clean as I should be? Am I innocent of all charges? Did I do something heiniously mischievous? Am I "Malaysia first, family second" guy? Am I free from nepotism which I accused other of committing?

Both 1MPM6 and Anwar should also ask themselves - What they have against Hadi's intention to table private bill on Hudud? What is their main intention - to grab power or to submit to His laws?

Some may ask why I am taking such a stance where Hudud is concerned. My friend yesterday asked me the same question. My reply " I am a Muslim and as a Muslim, I am His servant and will follow His laws and abstain from things that comes with His wrath. I make it clear that as human I have my weakness and for that reason, I am always seeking His forgiveness and compassion. The same for all who profess "Allah is the One God and Mohamad pbuh is His messenger".

It is not my intention to give a sermon but...Do you guys know that Hudud was implemented in Medina on the 2nd year of Mohamad's Hijrah from Mekah? Do you know that for the next 9 years when Hudud was implemented in Medinah, only 1 person was found and sentenced guilty under Hudud? Do you realise that during Abu Bakar's time as caliphate, only 2 cases were trialled under Hudud? The message here is simple. If Hudud is implemented in Kelantan, the Hudud laws is not as draconian as some painted it to be.

If some argue that Hudud is irrelevant and is not applicable in our country, do you know that when Hudud was implemented in Medinah, only 30 % of the population are Muslims? That means, it is applicable even in a non-Muslim majority society. Why? God know best what is good for His creation...

Back to 1MPM6...1MPM6 can choose to zip his lips if others raised the question..but this time Tun M is asking the same question as we have been asking for the past many years. 1MPM6 can't afford to keeo his mouth shut as that will brings many implications. Tun M has valid reasons and questions. All 1MPM6 needs to do is to own up to Malaysians.

To me, I see an easy way out for 1MPM6. Put Tun M as candidate for Permatang Pauh. If Tun M wins, itis a boost for BN and a morale demon for PKR. If Tun M lost, it is Tun M's political death. Whichever way, 1MPM6 wins. Wait...it is not over. If Tun M wins Permatang Pauh, then maybe 1MPM6 can open the door to PM's office for Tun M to return to the hot seat.

1MPM6 is not a political analyst. He will disdain this idea and will find a sacrificial goat for Permatang Pauh. Why? 1MPM6 is in such a dire state of "serba salah" that everything he touch is rotten... my feeling? "The end is near..."

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Of "Menuju puncak"...

Bogged with medical issues, I am back...

The past week has been quite tumultous to some and exceptionally busy for others.

PKR has (again) shoot it's own feet when #kita lawan failed to attract large turnout for their so planned "wedding gatecrashing". This is a good sign to all and sundry. It shows that not all can be "blindfolded" to do your bidding. By now, let's hope PKR realise that it is no longer easy to pull the bulls by it's nose.

Maybe Najib make many mistakes before and still doing mistakes now. That does not give anybody a carte blanche card to oppose everything connected to Najib. 28th March was her daughter's wedding. It is a private family affair and by that, I believe Najib should be given enough space to celebrate her daughter's wedding. Period.

DAP played it right when the party did not support #kita lawan's plans to gatecrashed the wedding. As a party, DAP has make a clear statement on the issue and it is up to their party members to act on their individuality, as long as they keep DAP out of the game. The same should go to PAS as not many of their members turn up in their party HQ to start the march to KLCC. Sadly, however, there are still a few "Bijak tak boleh diikut, bodoh tak boleh diajar" "party leaders" who stick their neck out to partake in the march andin the process got caught prior to the march and some were hauled up after the march.

DAP/PKR may feel easy to haunt PAS to discard Hj Hadi. All because of his intention to bill a private bill on Hudud. PKR may think they have enough clout in PAS to oust Hadi but do they really? Raja Petra's view on this is pleasant indeed...

Between the three opposition parties, who is the weakest link? PKR potrays Hadi as the weak link..but I say PKR is the weakest link. Why? They never grow up...

Remember Anwar's family filing for his pardon from YDP Agung? News has it that the appeal has been rejected by the pardon board. This decision was confirmed today by the high courts. Just in case the first news is doubtful, the STAR carries the news too.

Anwar's lawyer was present in the high courts when the said court confirmed decision made by the pardons board. That said, what else Anwar's family want? Mind you that we have been tolerant for so long but sometimes, crybabies need to be stopped! If the High Court agree that the convicted person has been informed of the Royal board decision, then what is there to argue anymore? Just because Anwar failed to tell his family of the decision, then it is wrong?

The perception needs changing is Anwar is not all angelic. His family wanted to paint Anwar as "never guilty". Who can be sure of that? Is his family trying to sell the idea of Anwar's maksumness? For those who do not know, Maksum means free from sin. It might be acceptable to sell the story of one's good deeds but to potray oneself as above comitting sins? It is sometimes good thing for his family to relax and stay back, reflecting what Anwar did and self-evaluate oneself.

Like it or not, Anwar and his family should accept their fate and move on from there. Putting one appeal after another to the pardon boards and using the courts to prolong his case is not a good idea. Permatang Pauh needs better. Rafizi may be right in declaring the Permatang Pauh is not vacant (yet). Let's wait for Speaker Pandikar's decision. If he so declare that Permatang Pauh is vacant, then PKR must be ready to fight on. If that happens, PKR must take the worst case scenario of PAS not sending their full force in the by-election.

Latest Speaker Pandikar has claimed Permatang Pauh seat vacant. EC has been informed and will meet soon to decide by-election date.

Mat Sabu may be there. So will Khalid Samad and Dr Dzul as well as Hatta..the rest? It depends on how PKR leadership approaches Hudud's private bill. This is a by-election that I will not miss. Simply because if it happens, the candidates will be mostly scrutinise on his/her stand on Hudud. If Kak Wan or her daughter stands in and openly rebut Hudud..I will say PKR will lose the election. And it is an equally good time to see DAP's stand on Hudud if the by-election is on...

The Rock says "Bring it on....if only you know what's cooking!!!"

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Of sneaking in...

Keep your eyes open...

Lapse in concentration and possibly Malaysia will be another RM 2.2B down...

The Hudud rhetorics need to cease NOW. Those who oppose including Aisyah of BFM may not know what Hudud is all about. I don't care if her father is Prof or not. Being intellectual in certain field does not make him intellectual in all aspects...And just like the "I want to touch a dog" issue, the organiser merely apologise after the episode and hope that everything is well and forgotten.

I did not see it that way. Sorry, Aisyah!. The next best thing you should do is to set up appointment with JAKIm to get a clearer picture of what Hudud is all about. Why JAKIM? Simple, if Aisyah were to set an appointment with Kelantan's MAIK, then there will be another brouhaha implying the "incorrectness" of Hudud. So, I choose JAKIM as it is under the Federal preview and as such should be more tolerant and in line with Aisyah's line of thoughts.

Nor am I going to link her father with DAP eventhough there are posting circulating online claiming that Tajuddin is a DAP member. On this, let Tajuddin come out and declare his stand on his political background and his religious beliefs. It's better to come out from the horse's mouth.

Whilst the country is ficated with Hudud and whilst some are grieved with the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, it shall not passed unnoticed on 1MPM6's government tabling for RM 2.2 B addition to budget 2014. Haish... apa lagi Najib mahu???

Mind you..this is not the first addition!! There was already an addition of RM 4B through first supplementary budget. Now, another RM 2.2B??? This is on top of RM 264B 2014 budget. This is a lot of money...

The RM 2.2B additional budget sought is for Treasury (RM 1.2B), Education Ministry (RM 428 M) whilst the balance is for the PSD. Betul ke nie? And who will check the spending? Another rubber-stamp authority?

It is not that I did not believe but with what happens in 1MDB, everything is possible. A creative accountant can comes up with an almost creative book to justify the spending. We will not know what really transpires...not a year or two down the line, unless there is a willing whistleblower. Even that, the whistleblower will be subjected to OSA...so who really knows what will happen to this RM 2.2B??

Whilst Pakatan is busy on Hudud, BN can sneak in the supplementary bill..Can I hope on Dr Dzul and Dr Hatta? Nope..they are too pre-occupied standing by Aru's side and anti-GST protest in Kelana Jaya. Dr Dzul better has his cert of fitness handy as I hate seeing him giving an excuse that he could not attend the parliament seating beacuse of recurring headache...

Lim Kit Siang may be too pre-occupied with his proposal of new BN...whilst Rafizi and Phua may be too busy chasing 1MDB...

Just when everyone not watching, BN can sneak in and approve the supplementary bill. When that happens, siapa yang rugi???

Why sneakng in? Just see how our opposition parliamentarian act.. I don't mind if they wanted to lend their support to anti-GST movement but to be caught? You can't blame the Customs department for GST. It is the government's decision. These opposition parliamentarians can made their case in he august house. No need to be herded on the lorry...

On the same point, why does these protesters wanted to camp overnight in the Customs compound? Isn't that tresspassing?? No wonder the police corraled them in. Now, when the police booked them, they will come out tomorrow claiming harrasment and such..Aiya... we voted them in to present our voice in parliament. If we want them to "menyalak" outside, any Ahmad, Lee, Samy can do it.. Grow up lah sikit..opposition members. There are times when we protest and there are times when we debate in parliament. Now, it's parliament session..it is a pity and loss when our opposition members choose to protest over debate. Nak kata tak pandai, yang ditangkap semua PHd..nak kata pandai, semua kena lokap... bukankah itu kerja membazir???

Me? After Johor coronation, it will be Perak next...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Of Hudud revisited...

I have made it clear in my last post that steering away is not an option.

Whilst the post talks about the possible actions from various political entities, I have purposely leave out the rest as I see it as personal matters. However, some learned individuals go beyond and make a public stand on Hudud.

I am not a lawyer but I will try my best to counter what some says...

Malaysian Insider run a story that "Hudud can be challenged in court if passed, lawyers say". What are their arguments? :-

Bar Council constitutional law committee chairperson Firdaus Husni views :-

1. the current framework of Malaysia's Federal Constitution did not allow for hudud implementation, based on several articles;
2. Article 8, on the equality of all persons;
3. Article 7, which stipulated protection against retrospective criminal laws and repeated trial;
4. Article 3, which stated that Islam was the religion of the federation does not mean that 'Malaysia is an Islamic country and hudud, therefore, must be implemented";
5. the 1993 Supreme Court case held it to mean that Islam in the context of Article 3 only relates to rituals and ceremonies;

Constitutional lawyer Syahredzan Johan said :-

1. implementing hudud would go against the constitution's provision on equal protection under the law and non-discrimination;
2. hudud would introduce different penal laws for Muslims and non-Muslims in Kelantan, if it came into force;
3. different penal laws for Muslims in Kelantan and Muslims outside the state;

My turn...

Islam is a way of life. When a person profess that "I bear witness there is no god except Allah and Mohamad pbuh is His messenger", he places himself under Islam and will adhere to the teachings. One of the basic tenets in Islam is Solat (prayers)..

In the beginning of solat is the doa iftitah where translated means "
"Allah the Almighty, the Greatest of them all;
•All praises be upon Him;
•Allah The Most Exalted of them all, all day and all night;
•I stand before The One Who created the skies and the lands;
•I am ready to leave my fate in Allah's Hands;
•And I am certainly not among those who associate Allah with other beings;
•Indeed my Solat, my good deeds, my life and my death; I leave it all in the Hands of Allah; who administers the whole universe.
•He has no rival nor parallel whatsoever; and I have been ordered as such; and I am from those who embrace Islam!"

Note the sentence "Indeed my Solat, my good deeds, my life and my death; I leave it all in the Hands of Allah; who administers the whole universe" That's the ikrar where Muslims put themselves in the hands of Allah.

Now, when Islam is mentioned as a way of life, it covers the economic, legal, society, religious etc. This is where the difference set in as compared to other systems. In others, there is a separation between religion and social or what we now know as secularism. Hence, without the wholsome system as offered in Islam, man tends to build their own sets of laws based on human mind and further dictates what is human rights as they perceived it.

Think, who is better to provide the manuals to govern humans - humans or his creator? Of course, the answer is the Creator as he knows what is the limits and the extend of His creation. That said, how do the set of laws for humans are made?

Prophet Mohamad pbuh has said which is roughly translated means " I have leave behind me two things which , if you follow, will keep you from straying from the path of Allah ie Quran and my hadiths". What is hadiths ? Hadiths is a collection of Prophet Mohamad's sayings as well as his actions properly recorded by his companions. Hadiths are authenticated by those who learned Hadiths and has strict set of rules to avoid false hadiths from being recorded as one.

With Quran and hadiths, the sets governing Islamic laws ie Hudud is clearly defined. It is not something thought of in the 21st century!!!

When I started to write this blog, I was about to take a tougher stand on the issue but then again..I realise that some who are of the same faith as mine may not be well informed of Hudud. An Islamic scholar termed them as "ignorant" or jahil. They may be authorities in their own rights but they are not well versed in Islam. As such, it is no surprise when they use their knowledge using their secular background to reject Hudud. What they need to do is to admit their ignorance and talked with Islamic scholars to understand more on Hudud. What is most important is to break the first resistance - what I termed as ego. Worse is when someone want to talk something about things they do nt know. That, my friemds, I call as "bodoh sombong"...

For most, Hudud is just cutting arms and legs...frankly it is just not that. In any trials concerning Hudud, the state has to ensue that it has given all the necessary tools for a Muslim. That means, the state has to ensure the economic well being of the people within the state and has provided all the necessary education to make them familiar with the system. You just don't cut someone's hand just because he is forced to steal!!!

What more, Hudud is not applicable to non-Muslims. So, apa lagi DAP/Gerakan/MCA mahu?? Even during prophet's times, a non-Muslim has the choice to be trialled under Hudud or his own set of laws.. That said, Hudud is non-enforcable to non-Muslims.

It is PAS' determination from beginning to introduce Islamic set of laws for Muslims. I have no issue with that. In fact, nobody should have an issue with that as it is for the betterment of the society as a whole. What I fail to understand is when PKR declares that it will not support PAS in mplementing Hudud in Kelantan.

Anwar Ibrahim, Ketua Umum PKR is a former ABIM leader. He was one of the respected person in Muslim youth movement decades ago. When his wife and his party PKR take the stand to not support Hudud, can we say that PKR is anti-Hudud? If that is the case, my pity to those Islamic MPs' within PKR who has to go against their syahadah and prayers doa to please Anwar?. May I ask, who is their kiblat? Anwar/PKR or ISlam?

I understand DAP's stand because they are seeking for Malaysian Malaysia. To DAP, they are talking about equal rights regardless of race, religion. However, DAP may need to review their stand..

Hudud...it is going to be a milestone in Malaysia history. To me, I hope PAS will go ahead with their inspirations and let's exposed those within their own party who are non-believers in Hudud. Once identified,let the party members decide what's best to deal in the situation comes June 2015.

It is also a hikmah when Hudud will expose who among the Muslim MPs' who are for or against Hudud. I know, parliament may shoot down PAS hudud inspiration for Kelantan. let them do it and let the record shows who are real fighter of Islam and who are masking in Islamic face.

I am not going to dwell on the beauty of Islamic system..not this time. uffice to say that if Islam is not the better system, why are more and more using Islamic banking as their financial tools???

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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