Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Of parallelism... Zimbabwe way

Nothing last forever...

For Mugabe, it takes 37 years, halfway impeachment proceedings to bring the grand ol' man down. It has to happen. Whilst Zimbabweans rejoice with now hopes, what about us 6 hours ahead of the African nation?

Frankly, I see it coming last week. It might be nostalgic, it might be heart-broken, it could be tear-jerking but finally the curtains comes down for Mugabe.

What happens in the African nation shows that no power is absolute and there is no absolute power nor can one dictates when he is coming or going.

Let's be brief here. There are many parallelism between Mugabe and our own in Malaysia. Consider these :-

1. Grace Mugabe is Mugabe's second marriage. So is our 1MPM6 and his second marriage;
2. Grace Mugabe leads an opulent life and lavish lifestyle. Ours is not far behind;
3. Grace Mugabe used to be Mugabe's typist(?) before they got hitched. 1MPM6 entertain the daily "visitor" when he was Pahang's MB;
4. Mugabe's children from his second marriage flaunt their wealth to the extent of pouring champagne on their Rolex wristwatch. Malaysia's 1MPM6's step-son flaunt his wealth investing in Red granite and a close friend of J Lo;
5. Zimbabwe slid from an African basket of wealth to a pariah state. Malaysia slipped from being one of Asian top nation to scratching the barrel under current leadership;

Whatever, let's pray that Malaysia did not has to go Zimbabwe way to get fresh and dynamic leaders to lead the nation.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Of unbecoming... or is it be coming?

Yesterday when I was young, there were instances when you see 2 feuding friends putting pieces of paper on the ground symbolising their father's heads and dare the other party to step on the symbolic "head" which sooner or later ended in fights, grappling to the ground....

It is not the same with Julio's melodious "Yesterday when I was young"...

Yesterday when I was young,
The taste of life was sweet as rain upon my tongue,
I teased at life as if it were a foolish game,
The way the evening breeze may tease a candle flame;
The thousand dreams I dreamed,
The splendid things I planned
I always built, alas,
on weak and shifting sand;

That was yesterday... lightyears before...

That is what 1MPM6 uttered during the recently concluded MCA meeting. Of course tere will always be two sides of a coin with those for and against his statement.

Politically, I am not interested to pre-judge 1MPM6 for his statement. However, I am looking from a different view....

Born in an aristocrat family in Pekan, Pahang, it is not surprising for 1MPM6 to be taught of manners, including respect the elders and controlled speech. There is not much peer pressure in Pekan and being in the aristocratic family, his circle of friends should be those who share the same upbringing and good moral judgement.

It is not easy to switch to the "darker side" unless 1MPM6 is under tremendous duress and pressure, especially with so many conflicting reports of GE 14 possible outcome. The recent paradise papers, House of Sauds purge, PAS' RM 70M suit against Sarawak report may lead to 1MPM6's unexpected character change.

It is not easy for 1MPM6 to go through when his anti-corruption watchdog is accussed of being morally wrong. In a mirror case, there is another almost similar case involving a female senior police officer was caught red handed by her husband for having an affair with another man.

Now, if MACC top officer goes free, will the ACP goes free too? Or will there be double standards here?

What about 1MPM6's top prosecutor? RPK corrected his earlier statement and believed that there are those who resort to card dropping for financial gains at the expense of Attorney General. Unfortunately, RPK zoom the person to Tabung Haji's top offcer.. who happens to be 1MPM6's inner circle man.

With all these dramas and claims, it is not surprising for 1MPM6 to slip his tongue.... and you can see from his reaction that this is not scripted. He may be cursing himself for the slip... as years of upbringing destroyed within those few seconds... 1MPM6 cannot blame Tun M for that nor should he blame the weather for the incident.

Maybe it is time for 1MPM6 to overhaul his inner circle, his top dogs men of justice, his foreign donors... it is getting too hot under the collar despite Metrological dept forecasting wet days ahead in Penang, Kelantan and Kedah...

Me? It's time to relax, sit back and enjoy Julio's redetion of "Yesterday when I was young" again...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, October 23, 2017

Of Penang's state government stand.... landslide

Lives are lost. Regardless of whether they are Banglas, Malaysian, Indons, the fact still remains - families lost their loved ones and Malaysia lost a small fraction of its workforce.

On last count, 11 were confirmed dead with their bodies retrieved.

The question - What now, Penang State Government?

Everytime disaster struck, there will teh usual 2 - 3 days brouhaha before it dies down and life returns to normal. However, being DAP-led state, it is in everyone's hope that DAP practise what they preach. Now, it seems that that is not so.

In the case of Tanjung Bungah landslide, apparently Department of Environment (DOE) had voiced out their reservation on the project citing the following observation :-

1. The development site is located right next to Teik Granite Quarry, a permanent granite quarry that started operations in 1960;
2. The Department of Environment rejected the planning permission application in January 2015 and rejected it on Jan 23 2015;
3. DOE did not support the application as there was no buffer zone between the apartment project and the quarrying activities nearby, as required by the Guidelines of Siting and Zoning of Industries and Residential Areas;
4. The development also consisted of steep slopes that required a detailed engineering study and possibly, environmental impact assessment approval;
5. The State government ignore DOE advice and went ahead with the construction;

There will be more revealed in time to come. What does the State government response to this?

DCM II, P Ramasamy, starts with defending the state against the "I told you so" phenomenon.

He continued his argument as follows :-

1. Whether the landslide had anything to do with housing project per se remains to be established. The fact that housing project was on a flat piece of land raises questions about DOE's line of reasoning;
2. There is possibility that those responsible for the housing project - the developer, the consultant engineers and the contractors (and P Ramasamy failed to mention the Penang State government)- might have possibly overlooked the requirements of hill slope management, even though the hill slope was adjacent to the construction site;
3. The commission of inquiry that will be set up must pay serious attention to the issue raised by the ministry;
4. to put the blame squarely on the state government is not acceptable;

What DCM II wanted to say is, even if there is concern raised by relevant authorities, the fault is not with the State government. P Ramasamy is trying to deflect the obvious ie the State government failed to take into account all the concerns raised by Authorities as well as politicians, residents association. What is Lim Guan Eng's DAP-led state government is trying to do? Are they approving projects despite objections from federal authorities? These federal authorities are civil servants doing their job and they are not mouthpiece of Federal government. Why is Penang State government behaving like they know all attitude?

Even in approaching the problem, the State government tries to limit the inquiry to worker safety issues.

Lim Guan Eng, P Ramasamy and other EXCOs of DAP-led Penang State government should be held responsible for failing to take note of various concerns raised by NGOs like :-

1. The inquiry should look at the laws that have not been followed and whether or not the Penang Structure Plan (PSP) was neglected;
2. Look at whether the Penang Island City Council (MBPP), which has the authority to act, failed to properly do its job;
3. Photos of construction and hill cutting at the development site were presented to the state government. It responded that the ‘earthwork is being monitored;
4. Monitoring team will be established to ensure compliance in construction and performance (of projects). Where are the reports from these monitoring teams set up by Penang state government?;
5. The State Planning Committee, MBPP’s One-Stop-Centre Committee (which approved the project), the engineers, the developer and contractors should be investigated. Is there any elements of negligence here?;
6. The Safety Guidelines for Hillside Development clearly state that “if you have a slope ... depending on the height of the slope, you need to have a buffer zone that is greater than the height of the slope.” This statement clearly indicate that the developer and P Ramasamy failed to see the importance of the buffer zone;
7. Drone pictures may have indicated the problem in July 2017;

This tragedy goes beyond politics. However, DAP-led Penang state government needs to look inwards and ask themselves - are we doing things right or are we doing just as bad as BN when it comes to approving projects?

The buyers deserve better. Those, whose lives are affected by the tragedy deserves answers and solutions to prevent future mishaps. Now, what has you got to say on this, Lim Guan Eng? Or are you too busy planning strategies for the coming GE 14?

DAP almost normally cries their lungs off for transperancy. Now, where is transperancy when it comes to Penang state government? DAP tals about accountability, now will someone from DAP-led government steps forward and take the responsibility and resign from his post? Or is DAP, just like BN, All Talk no Action? Is Lim Guan Eng, P Ramasamy and their DAP-led Penang state government a paper tiger?

And please la...Lim Guan Eng, don't parrot the phrase "It was a construction site mishap"

On the other end of the spectrum, just can't wait for Apandi's suit against London-based blogger regarding certain insunuations in an article preceding "Strong rumours surrounding the AG: part 2". If indeed Apandi proceeds with his suit, just a word of advise to Apandi : Najib is suing Wall Street on Tuesday, so it is wise for you to sue on Wednesday. Which Wednesday? Well, the Wednesday after Najib's Tuesday... (whatever it means).

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, October 20, 2017

Of same person, different fortunes... inside and outside

When does it starts to end and when does the end begins? Same person, different political approach, different results...

Easily said - as a politician, you are on the wrong side of the law the moment you turn your backs from the ruling party. This is what Shafie Afdal is facing now that he is helming Parti Wawasan after leaving UMNO last year.

Politically, your opponents will wipe you off in ways unexpected of you and Syafie Afdal in no exception and more. The "independent" MACC is investigating RM 1.5B development fund case from the ministry helmed by Shafie Afdal when he was UMNO's vice President. When you are on the wrong side of the party, everyone connected to you takes part of the heat, in this case both his brothers Hamid and Yusof Afdal were also remanded by MACC for investigation. Since justice is blind, the swoop did not take into account that Yusof Afdal is a current UMNO politician. It doesn't matters...

Is it just me wondering or is it a hallucination - Shafie Afdal goes from hero to villain the moment he jumps off UMNO ship to head Parti Wawasan Sabah. Is this retribution time for Shafie for abandoning UMNO? Further :-

1. Why Shafie Afdal now? What about the rest of the cabinet members? Are they as innocent as the white piece of cloth?;
2. Is this an act to send "messages" to those in UMNO not to abandon the sinking ship?;
3. Is this another subtle warning to Sabah UMNO politicians to toe the party line?;
4. Is political assassination of Afdal brothers will put UMNO in a strong foothold in Sabah?

Shafie Afdal is no saint. However, Shafie Afdal is Anwar Ibrahim of Sabah. His remand may lead to open confrontation with peninsular-based UMNO. UMNO (read : BN) could no longer rest on its laurels if Shafie Afdal is charged in open court. Like it or not, Shafie Afdal and his siblings is quite influential in Sabah, at least in Semporna.

1MPM6 may deny his role in getting Shafie Afdal and claim that MACC is an independent body. With things going on including those involving MACC officer, how many of you think MACC is totally independent? How many of you believe that 1MPM6 has no influence on MACC?

On-off RPK has his own take on certain issues including AG. There are many dots to be connected and if you connect the right dots, you may see some pattern emerging including the web of tamil-speaking guys from the north. Is 1MPM6 aware of this deceitful web? Or is he relying on his UMNO prince to cover all his tracks, locally and abroad? If that is the case, then what use of UMNO's youth to 1MPM6?

Whilst UMNO maybe gloating with their inspired war against corruption, the remand orders on Shafie Afdal is more of a warning shot to UMNO leaders who is thinking of jumping ship. Isa Samad's remand is a show-case to camourflage the real issues. Isa is just a selected "fall guy" to be paraded as UMNO's claim that the authorities are free in their actions. If it is really so, what about supersensitive issues that has been plaguing us since the past few years? Or is it "over" because 1MPM6 wants it to be over?

Pakatan Harapan needs to look at available alternatives should Shafie Afdal charged for misusing the RM 1.5B development funds. If Pakatan Harapan is really serious to put up a good challenge in GE14, they have to swallow their pride and work with other opposition parties as well. Can they do so? So far, there is always the bickerings, loud and clear, indicating opposition supporters are not magnaminous in forgiving old horse. So how can they win the war if they can't even cross a small stream?

Look at Hadi Awang's "A vote for Harapan is a vote for ..." Hadi is hellbent in taking out old horse but has he consider that old horse did not deviate state funds to his own pocket? Is Hadi okaying for politicians to pocket the rakyats' money as if it is theirs? Is Hadi giving his blessing that it is OK for politicians (and his minions) to spend thousands in gambling and partying? Is Hadi giving his acceptance to politicians wetting his pants with other peoples' wives or daughters? Is Hadi covering others (as long as they are not from Pakatan Harapan) to carry on with their sexual, financial, abuse of power misdeeds?

Maybe GE 14 is hotting up now...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Of responsibility over personal deficiency...

The Sun news caption "MACC chief defiant against personal attacks" is interesting indeed.

You can read all about it in the newspaper. What we are going to do is "what if" scenarios, comparing politician and civil servant similarities, when it comes to gross misbehaviour...

MACC Chief claimed that is is a "dirty and despicable" personal attack. No comment there as he ha his rights to say that. What is not mentioned is whether the accusation has truth or not. Did he or did he not?

Politicians and civil servants are looked upon and expected to be at their model best, not only in performing their duties but to set good moral examples. Malaysians and maybe the rest of the world expected their political leaders (as well as civil servants) to be at their best to serve their respective nations. Bill Clinton goes down because of his alledged (and later proven) extra-marital affairs, Nixon went down due to the infamous Watergate scandal.

Christine Keeler wrought havoc in Britain when she had sexual liaison with both the then British War Minister and Russian military attache. We haven't start talking about JF Kennedy and his shared common passion with known mafia leaders. All because of their sexual liaison with women, either sinle, married or divorcee...

Back to Malaysia, what if the issue currently faced by MACC top officer is mirrored by a politician? What if :-

1. Someone's wife frequented an elected politician office and make the elected politician office as her second office? In time, the elected politician stays unnecessary longer in his office to "entertain" the woman up to the stage that it becomes common knowledge to the inside circle? Will sexual contacts happen?

A civil servant need to travel overseas in his course of duty. It is uncommon for civil servants to divert to other destinations upon completion of his works. If a "dirty and mischeavous" person accused the civil servant of spending few nights with a married woman (soon to be divorcee) together under 1 roof and same space, will he succumbed to his sexual desire?

2. Due to the 2nd office policy of the married woman, an elected politician decided to rid his present wife under whatever pretext (be it fact or accusation), and negotiate to marry his trophy wife, will that lead to possible misuse of power?

For the civil servant, is it possible in times of "under duress", the civil servant decides to part ways with his existing family, will this leads to possible trophy wife marriage which can further leads to abuse of power?

3. Years later, the elected politician with time has better opportunity whereupon his "trophy" wife demands projects and the politician cave in to her demands, is this not abuse of power?

Is there any possibilty for the civil servant to be swayed in his decision through the whisper of his "trophy" conquest?

History has shown that sexual tryst can leads to destruction. In the past, civil servants and politicians are the vanguards of nation's security. Both have to co-operate for the betterment of the nation, not for the betterment to their sexual conquest.

MACC has come a long way and is trying their best to pin down corruption. However, corruption does not comes in financial gains alone. Sexual gain is also a form of corruption as proven in Perak in 2008.

It is up to the MACC officer to think of the issue. It is better for him to look within and ask himself whether what he did is right or wrong. Consider the following (if the "dirty and despicable" personal attack is true :-

1. As a Muslim, is it proper for him to spend the time together with a non-muhrim in a single room?
2. Even if the woman has been divorced on that particular date, the woman is still under 'eddah' which is approximately 4 months 10 days from the date when she is divorced, whereby her ex-husband is still responsible for the woman and is given the opportunity to 'rujuk';
3. What is the role of the other 2 identified person in the video? Are they the "arrangers" and fixers? What benefit do they gain from this "secret" rendzevous? If both of them will be promoted, is this not corruption?
4. Prophet Mohamad pbuh said "the best amongst you are those that treat their wife and children well". Maybe the officer need to ask himself the same question - am I fair to my family;
5. What is his next step? "Nasi sudah menjadi bubur". You cannot piece back a broken glass and claim that it is as good as new. Two families has been shattered. On one hand, the officer's family is faced with uncertainties of future because the decision lies with the man. For the woman in question, how can she cope with the issue in front of her colleagues and children?

You may want to read more here or to this link where the juicy part is there, complete with identities of those shielding the officer.

For the time being, AG Apandi tried to defuse the situation by setting up a task force to monitor probe against the MACC officer. Hopefully, this task force will carry out its duties dilligently without fear and favour. It should be noted that the said MACC officer used to be in AG office before transferred to MACC. By the way, Apandi did not set any timeline for the task force. An open timeline is a suspected timeline....

Misdeed has been done. It is better for the officer to stand up for his action and admit if the claim by "dirty and despicable" personal attacker is true or not. From thereon, the officer needs to make further decision regarding his family, her family, his career etc. It is better to answer from one's mistake now and vacant MACC seat rather than be held ransom for immediate past action.

Me? I am a simple guy who choose not to be actively politically involve nor do I accept previous offer to read Friday sermon. Reason : I have much more to learn and many miles to go to control my "nafsu"...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Of misplace target.. the wrong heartland

Pakatan Harapan is spoiling for GE 14.

Pakatan Harapan's anti-kleptoracy rally falls flat with recorded attendance lower than projection. Still Pakatan Harapan's ego is too big for their heads when they train their guns on fellow opposition PAS in their heartland. When will Pakatan Harapan learn or are they regressing to neverland.

Will there be another case of documents dragging to the courts including matresses, mistress and stained underwears?

Pakatan Harapan draws 25,000 supporters in Petaling Jaya last weekend, far below their expectation level. Jamal Sekincan did not show his face to see fish whilst I see it as Pakatan Harapan's failure to bring out supporters to the rally. The targetted crowd of 100,000 was not there. What gives?

For one, Pakatan Harapan do not have superb co-ordination between the parties. It was reported that PKR supporters "forget" to bering the flag post so they could not erect their party flags to the venue and was later resolved.

Pakatan Harapan is banking on carnival-type atmosphere to drum up support and this too failed. I guess Pakatan Harapan needs to go back to their drawing boards.

Mad Sabu got it wrong when he claimed that the anti-kleptoracy rally is not to rival PAS's fastaqim 2017. He said that knowing well ahead that Pakatan Harapan could not match with PAS' 200,000 attendance during fastaqim 2017. However, his other statements need some evaluation such as :-

1. Pakatan Harapan is not competing with any party, Pakatan is only against BN;
2. Pakatan Harapan targetted 100,000 to turn up on their rally (4 main parties DAP, Bersatu, PKR, PAN) meaning that the targetted attendance for individual party is only at 25,000 (which they failed to do);
3. Pakatan Harapan talk about downing BN but their action is multi-prong attack on PAS;

FRom what I gather, Pakatan Harapan is more serious in downing PAS-led Kelantan government than to overhaul BN in the coming election. To Pakatan Harapan, defeating PAS is more meaningful than overtaking the federal government.

If that is the main aim, Pakatan Harapan needs to declare their unwritten allegiance to BN and their "win at all cost" attitude against PAS. IN that, Pakatan Harapan is not building a viable opposition but more towards killing one of its own kind in political arenas. I see that in the event of PAS' political demise, PKR, Bersatu and PAN will be fighting over PAS former heartland. Forget the talk of better governance at federal level. What these parties doing is to fight for some political mileage as bargaining chips with BN.

In short, Pakatan Harapan is signalling that they are not ready to take on BN and pass their shortcomings to PAS.

On the other hand, with the exception of Hadi Awang, PAS has been consistent in their fight against BN. They have declare that they want transperancy in 1MDB, they listen to Arul Kanda but at the same time, they are asking what are the steps taken to correct the wrong.

PAS is open to different idealogies but they are steadfast on LGBT issue. They welcome other religion rights to co-exist but at the same time they want to strengthen the syariah law.

What PAS did and fight for is not to please sets of standards practise by others but they hope that what they fight for is to meet the set of standards as set out by universal law ie not human values per se. This is something that Pakatan Harapan is grappling with. Their heroes are those that has been on the wrong side of the law with LGBT taking centre stage, with confuse lawyers in the mould of Siti Kassim taking the spotlight... Pakatan Harapan is not a coaltion of hope, it is a coalition of mismatch...

Where is Pakatan Harapan direction now? Johor can be Bersatu's bastion. Is Bersatu ready to take the lead in Johor? Or will spoilers PKR, PAN, DAP claim the lionshare?

Pakatan Harapan is strong in Penang and Selangor. Is Pakatan Harapan confident they can retain Penang without PAS support? Likewise, is Pakatan Harapan ready to replace PAS in those seats previously won by PAS?

Pakatan Harapan is better off taking BN head on. Pakatan Harapan should concentrate on those seats held by BN and welcome
'healthy" competition with PAS. In that way, Pakatan Harapan + PAS can surely retain their respective seats with opportunities to add more by capturing additional seats at the expense of BN and with a joint effort from Sabah's Warisan and maybe PBB Sarawak, Malaysia can get a second chance to get things right.

Saying that, Pakatan Harapan should ask PAN, are they ready to lose seats at areas where PAS won before but the elected reps turn rogue and embrace PAN? Big talks by Khalid Samad, Zul and others is just hot-air.

Is pakatan Harapan ready for the nation's heartland ie at BN's bastions of Johor, Perak, Perlis etc?

On another front, there is a clear strategy to divert attention from the recently "undiscovered" Bali rendzevous.

It is more surprising when UMNO supreme council member quips of unnamed political forces out to unnerved MACC. Fuad should be more blunt and identify who he suspected as the unnamed political force out to disrupt MACC. Since he is supremely brave in coming out with the statement, he should be equally supremely blunt in naming the political force. Leave the statement hanging will be a distraction to identifying the possible culprits.

Tunku Aziz upped with statement indicating corrupt politicians. We want to know who the corrupt politicians are and it will be interesting if Tunku admits that Malaysian paparazzi is awesome in their undercover works. Could they be from the uniformed forces using facilities within their disposal or could it be an outfit far better than that?

Even MSN Utusan has its own views linking possible illegal gambling operators as the possible culprits to protect "comprising enforcement authorities" targetted by MACC.

Three different views from three different source certainly is a clear attempt to divert attention to the issue at hand. Did the MACC officer did it? Is he involved with a married woman? Do they spend holiday together in Bali?

Section 498 of the penal code reads: "Enticing or taking away or detaining with a criminal intent a married woman". Is the section all inclusive? What if it is done without criminal intent and more or "suka sama suka" or to say it bluntly consensual dating. Which section will it fall into or is there a loophole within section 498? Afterall, they say that both Bali tourists were attached to the legal section before, surely they are well-versed in how to wriggle from the sticky situation.

Unfortunately, the scars are there. Pity the officer's wife and children for the officer's Bali escapade and it will be hard for the woman's children to comprehend why their mother chose Bali as her tourism destination.

The next few weeks will be a determining factor of how the officer will react. Maybe less "Walking tall" approach to curb corruption and let the real puppet master dictate his next moves...

Or will it be 1MPM6's "I scratch ur back and u scratch mine" approach?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, October 13, 2017

Of targetted Sabah... be prepared

Only tesreday, I mention of arm twisting and today the STAR indicated that Sabah politicians are in MACC crosshair.

You doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to read between the lies. Sabah is going to be one of the deciding battlefields in GE 14 and MACC is providing the warning shot.

Truthfully, I have nothing personal against MACC. They are trying to do their job. When they did not take action, there are those who condemn them for being inactive. And when they are trying to do their job, there were also be those who claim foul on what MACC is doing. Take it with a pinch of salt and good faith that MACC is independently doing their job to stem off corruptive practise from its roots. Heck - why not start with Sabah, if MACC choose so...

Whilst Syafie Afdal welcomes MACC probe and ready to co-operate, it should be known that :-

1. What Syafie Afdal knows may not be what MACC is looking for;
2. MACC may ask a different set of questions that Syafie Afdal expected;
3. Syafie Afdal may provide information that is not related to MACC investigation;

As mentioned yesterday, 1MPM6 may capitalise on the independent MACC investigation to send a clear sign to his political allies and foes :- toe my line or be on the wrong side of the law. Game over...

Should politicians be the only ones to be blamed? Look at the RM 40M treatment plant white elephant project. Did someone up there consider the following :-

1. Treatment plant ready, water pipelines to be connected;
2. 4,000 villagers who is supposed to benefit from the project have yet to get their piped water;
3. Water supply from the river insufficient for the treatment plant to work;

My questions :-

1. Is it not the Economic Planning Unit (and impelementing agencies like JKR) supposed to do feasibility study on various projects before it takes off the ground?;
2. Who briefed the politician such that the projects were taken without taking into accounts other contributing factors like piped water?;
3. What is the Project Manager doing during the construction? Is he not supposed to raise the red flag if this is going to be a white elephant?
4. RM 40M to serve 4,000 villagers? That is an average cost of RM 10,000 per villager for treatment plant. Is that feasible? Is the treatment plant oversized? Where is the designer? What is his rationale in building the treatment plant of that size?;
5. Is the treatment plant Tested & Commissioned? How do you Test & Commission the plant if you do not have sufficient water?;
6. What is the operating cost for the treatment plant? Is it disbursed? If yes, who is the recipient for the operating cost? Another element of misuse fund?;
7. Who sign off the design and treatment plant acceptance? Why not haul them up and get to the bottom of this picture.

From what I see, the failure lies with the implementing agencies ie public officials who provide misinformation to politicians for decision to build the treatment plant. Or is it the weakness of our public servants who succumbed to politicians will and wishes? Malaysia have so many implementing agencies like Works Department, Water Authority, Sewage Authority, Economic Planning Unit, Federal Departments, State Departments. Are we telling ourselves that none of these departments foresee the problem? Does it take a non-technical person like MACC to point out the discrepancies before action is taken?

On this issue, what does the Auditor General say? Someone needs to dig the Auditor General report and see if this has been picked up. If yes, then clearly someone somewhere is not doing his job and getting paid blindly for his incompetence...

After Sabah, where next? Sarawak, maybe..?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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