Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Of patience ...

First : Congrats to Rakyat of Malaysia for voting in a new government. Honestly, I choose to remain quiest for the past few weeks as I see the unfolding of a new era. Yes, I see the coming of BN downfall and NO, I did not foresee them faring that badly in PRU 14. Whatever it is, it is part of Malaysian history.

Have the dust settled? No, I don't think so. However, the new Malaysia administrator must know how to filter the demands made since the sheriff is back in town.

For the time being, allow me to go through some of the list of demands :-

1. Malaysian BAR moots Ambiga as new AG

I will be frank. Ambiga is not up for the job. Malaysian BAR should not be imposing their views on to the new government. I would appreciate if Malaysian BAR remains neutral and let the government make its selection based on their criteria. I laughed at how so many people wanted to be the "insider" to put forth their demands. Let the government make their choice. Have Malaysian BAR insist or nominate their own as AG before? If not, then why now?

2. Zulkifli off as SPRM commissioner

Why so rush? Zulkifli should stand his ground if he did his job. Tendering his resignation on the first day of new Government reveals that he might be doing something wrong. I will not dwell what he did but Dzulkifle's action reflects his "guilty concious".

3. Apandi on leave

No surprise here. It is Apandi who actually initiate BN's downfall from grace. It is Apandi who goes against the flow when he declare Najib innocent from 1MDB debacle when countries all over the world launched investigation on 1MDB. In fact, it is Apandi who delays or refuse to co-operate with authorities (eg Swiss authorities) when they request for information regarding 1MDB.

Yes, in part Apandi is right when he declares that he is adviser to the government but the question is : who is he loyal to? Bear in mind that he was Kelantan's UMNO treasurer before he was appointed as AG. Any political connection there?

4. Irwan transferred out of MOF

You see it coming when Irwan goes overboard in the last days of campaigning period, staging a concert in Langkawi and promising goodies to Langkawi voters.

As a civil servant, Irwan shoud stay at an arm's length with politicians. But then again, is Irwan playing office politics for KSN post? Now, it is bye-bye Irwan....

Of course, there are other casualties which need not be listed here.

It is important to relax and let the Government do its job. I received information on new political scenario if PKR decided to go with BN and PAS. Possible? Yes. Anwar is too anxious to be PM but honestly, I see Anwar coming in 2 years from now. He has been out of touch since his Sg Buloh days and for him to takeover now will reflect his greed, similar to his failed Kajang move.

As I said earlier, let the government do its job. There are so many asking for tit or tat as in Ambiga's call to act against Taib Mahmud. Yes, Taib is no angel but there are certain things better left untouched less you want a "revolt" from Sarawak. If that happens, will Ambiga ready and willing to stand up and be counted? Sarawak is an asset to Malaysia, is Ambiga willing to let Sarawak cede from Malaysia by going for Taib's jugular? Ambiga may be a good lawyer, but she is not a good politician. NGO, maybe but not a good politician.

KJ? Everybody can speaks their piece of mind after it happens. In KJ's case, he admitted that not telling the truth earlier contributed to BN's loss. Will he say the same thing if BN won PRU 14? I bet if BN had won PRU 14, he will be the frontrunner applepolishing Najib.

What did I see of BN in the future? I see BN will make some headway in PRU 15 but BN is not ready to reclaim PMship in PRU 15. BN needs to start clean and that means every leader from Zahid downwards need to pave way for others. That includes KJ making way for a new leader. It will take time, and rakyat will not easily forgive and forget what BN has done in the past especially the role of UMNO in becoming "big bully" to its brothers in arms within BN.

I will not say more now. 2 weeks before election, a technician told me of the pay bloggers received from their political masters, be it BN or PH. He never know that I am a blogger and more important I am not for sale. That way, I can write my piece of mind without fear or favour.

Do I care about readership? No, I don't care. Do I care about making money from blogging? Never in my life.

Who am I? I am Dnightcaller, moving alone.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Of political will and self interest... with fame and fortune thrown in

Nomination day is days away but the heat is on.

So far, caretaker Najib is back-pedalling and is grappling whatever he can for PRU 14 victory.

Some say it's a foot deep and some say it will be reverse Malay tsunami.

When Najib says no Malay tsunami, then take his words...no Malay tsunami. However, what Najib fails to understand then it is not Malay tsunami in rejecting UMNO, it is going to be a Malay tsunami to reject him.

But that is not all. It is just a beginning. I see possibility of Rakyat tsunami in rejecting a common entity known as BN. That is why, many are in panic mode when they placed their self interest above nation.

Trust Husam to come up with something spectacular when PRU is near. This time, his bombshell is about ECRL (East Coast Rail Link) and GST. What is Husam revealing thus far?. Well :-

1. ECRL main contractor was granted relief from paying GST;
2. The relief was granted under section which concerns Finance Minister to grant GST relief;
3. The GST relief came in the form of letter from Finance Ministry dated 7th Feb 2018 and effective from 26th Sept 2016(?);

Husam's claim was later confirmed by Government as per The Edge market's news " Malaysia confirms GST relief for Chinese firm behind ECRL"

Let's not talk about reducing project cost as that can be manipulated. Questions that need to be answered by caretaker Najib are :-

1. Why is ECRL contractor granted GST relief? On what basis? And if this is about project cost reduction, is there any clause in the Contracts document that says so? If not, then the project cost remains high despite GST relief. What are the failsafe mechanism put in place to prevent the contractor from "misusing" the GST relief grant?;
2. If ECRL is a government project, what about the newly awarded HSR? Will the project contractor awarded the same GST relief from Finance Minister? Bear in mind that HSR contractor has local component inside and this should be a plus point for them to get GST relief;
3. What about Bandar Iskandar? Forest city? Will they be given GST relief too?
4. If this is about project cost reduction, then why not it be applicable to all government projects especially those affecting local contractors who are now struggling to meet project dateline?
5. ECRL project cost is RM 60B. Assuming that 60 % are material cost and applicable for GST relief, this comes to a whopping RM 2.2B. Did the former Finance Minister reveal this in cabinet meeting? in parliament? Or can someone gives the benefit breakdown derived from GST relief? Or worse, is RM 2.2B untraceable?

It is easier said than done. What Husam did is opening another can of worms, courtesy of mismanagement of government fund and income. If this exposure is made after PRU 14, it will be a "non-effect". It is worth noting that the Finance Minister issued the GST relief in February 2018. It is puzzling for it to be effective, backdated to September... smells of rotten fish.

PRU 14 is now becoming a battle of wits. It is about the rakyats political will and courage to make a decision unfamiliar to them . On the whole, many believed that there is a need to change the skipper. And is the crew is still loyal to the skipper, then they too should go as rakyats are the passengers. As passengers, they want a safe passage not the action taken by skipper to sink the ship.

Why are politicians so hardworking this time around? They are blending their self interest with rakyats inspiration. There are those whose self interest includes :-

1. Protecting their legacy and their source of income via patronage, influence and power;
2. The need to stay relevant and keeping their own cans of worms shut from public eyes;
3. The opportunity to hoodwink for the next 5 years;
4. The perks, priviledge of red carpet weolcoming party, sirens blaring, VVIP treatment and the freebies that comes along;

Is this what the caretaker person afraid of losing? Or is it due to the pressure from those he umbrella through the years? The stakes are high and if the groundswell continues, there will be changes in Malaysia comes 9th May.

The caretaker may has his own ideas of how to stem the tide. It is not the time to speculate what might be done in efforts to cling to power. The world is watching and Malaysia will make its choice.

For some, regardless of May 9 outcome, they will still be perched up high and may need minor twerking to suit their self interest. These may include those in high positions across the nation whose political alliance and allegiance will be scrutinise. Some may be shown the exit door whilst some may be reprimanded. All can happen...

Whatever it is, life goes on for the 25 million plus rakyats.. and many hope that 10th May will be a new dawn.

Politically, come what may UMNO need to change regardless whether they win or lose on 9th May. PAS, unfortunately, needs to look inwards and maybe some major changes in their set-up to meet a new challenge. Bersatu? Well, it is up to ROS and whatever ROS decision will hinge on 9th May results. PKR will be stronger with Anwar is freed in June. AMANAH maybe new and may get good spoils, but can they shake off their old belief that PAS is the party for them? DAP will be lead by new leaders whilst MCA, Gerakan will be looking for burial grounds. Sarawak PBS will be forced to work with the government of the day and will still remain relevant there. Warisan's future will be determined by Shafie Afdal...

Me? I will be looking for friends to enjoy D'Vegas coffee...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, April 13, 2018

Of Najib's high-income nation and AEON Tebrau...

Malaysian Government had prepared the National Transformation Plan to help the country achieve high-income developed nation status by 2020
- Najib Tun Razak

Now is 2018, 2 years from Najib's targetted high-income nation. Do you think we are going to be there?

If Najib's 2020 vision of high-income nation is on track, everything should be fine.

However, in preparing for GE 14, there is a shocking reality and it happens in Johor.

One fine day, TMJ decided to shower his subjects with a RM 3,000 per shopper offer in AEON Tebrau. It is said that TMJ spent RM 1,000,000 for his deeds. I look at it from a different angle and it has nothing to do with TMJ.

TMJ's actions rear an ugly side of Malaysians (regardless where they come from). It shows that Malaysians are freebies-hungry and worse, what they left behind when they were not fortunate enough to be in TMJ's time-frame freebie.

The picture above shows the aftermath when TMJ's time limit is over. The gesture is selective in the sense that not all can patronise AEON Tebrau especially the old and the handicapped. One guy commented that it is better for TMJ to handout AEON vouchers to the shoppers as a way to avoid the ugly scene. Maybe he is right but I am sure TMJ's minders did not think of that.

Not only that, NST reported that some families resorted to tactics of stocking their shopping carts with various goods and use different checkout lanes. So, imagine if you happen to have 4 family members at that particular time. You have 4 loaded carts of goods. Isn't that depriving others of their opportunity to share TMJ's kindness?

Worse, how do you stack-up 4 loaded carts of goods in your vehicles? Multiple trips, perhaps? I see this as "looting", the only major difference is these guys "looted" legally whilst most looting happens during rioting.

It will not end there. What will happen if someone starts spreading fake news of more AEON-like freebies across Johore or God forbids the nation. Many opportunists, young and old, handicapped or not, rich or poor will make beelines to these outlets. More chaos perhaps?

I remember reading during Umar Abd Aziz'z time as Caliph, there is no fakir (the poor) for his officers to distribute zakat. What does it means?

Umar Abdul Aziz reminds his subjects to voice out if his actions is against the Islamic teachings. What can we say of today? Can Najib claims he is fully submissive to his Creator, that he is free from any wrongdoings - be it public knowledge or private matters? Can Najib claims that he has uplifted the poor? If he does, then what happens in AEON Tebrau should not has happened.

I see the AEEON Tebrau's incident as a manifestation of Najib's failures. He has created generation of free-loaders and worse, it shows that Malaysians are still in dire needs, or in short Malaysia is not heading towards high-income nation come 2020.

That brings 1 question to mind. With Najib's going places claiming job opportunities are aplenty, where are the jobs? And who benefits from all these jobs creation? Is it Malaysians? Is it Bangsa Johor? Is it Bugis? Is it Indonesians? Is it Nepalese? Burmese? Bangladeshis? China Chinese?

Someone chart out the incoming investments in Peninsular Malaysia as in the plan.

Billions of investments coming and how much are the locals getting? If Investments is not translated to economic growth, then is it not economic colonisation? Are we becoming economic colonies to others?

If these jobs are not for locals, then Najib's vision is self-defeating. If there are no opportunities to the locals, then Najib is a failure to the nation.

If we take AEON Tebrau as a yardstick, then Najib fails in his vision as evident from the mad scramble for goodies dished out by TMJ. TMJ is not at fault here. The failure lies in Najib. If Najib's high income nation is on track, I doubt there will be such chaos in AEON Tebrau.

Unfortunately, AEON incident happens when GE 14 is just around the corner. Maybe, it is an omen of things to come when GE 14 is underway.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, April 09, 2018

Of new engine...

MY friend used to say "If the 1st generation builds a legacy, the 2nd will expands the legacy whilst the third will destroy the legacy through complacence.

yes... the heat is on. With Najib announcing the dissolution of the 13th parliament, it is expected that the states (except Sarawak) will follow suit in the coming hours and days.

Election is about returning the power to the rakyat to determine which party(ies) will govern Malaysia for the next 5 years. This time around, it is not an easy walk in the park for BN. Even before SPR could announce the nomination and polling dates, someone down south started to "contribute" his part.

Will his "opinion" sway the voting pattern? Honestly, the answer is no. Why? Simply, his timing is not right and someone would say "he jumps the gun".

Rafidah Aziz, on the other hand, has something refreshing to say. She openly ask Najib to explain on the so-called 40,000 hecatres of privatisation of "military land". Now, that is NEWS. In short, Rafidah claimed :-

1. 40,000 hectares of "military land" gone to a three-person company;
2. It happens in 2008 when Najib was DPM and Minister of Defense;
3. Land leased for 40 years, done without open tender;

You want more? Read it here.

Najib has plenty to explain. It is not only about BN's performance but his own decisions that are now questioned in the open.

Najib coined the word Glokal. He talked about championing Malays. He boasted that he is Pahlawan Bugis etc.

Now, let us visit him from a different angle. How can he claimed that he championed the Malays when the "Malays" he knew comes in the form of Jho Low. Bear in mind that Najib was sent to study overseas when he was in his early teens. He returned when his father passed away. Do you think Najib feels the same way as we do? Do you think he played "lastik", "kayu tiga", "congkok"? Naahhh... his game will be crickets, lawn tennis, canoeing etc.

That said, Najib does not breathe the same air we breathe nor did he experience growing up in Malaysia. Najib can claims a lot of things but he is no Tun Razak. He did not have the same passion like his father. His passion is different...

This is not about advising the skipper of the ship. This is about replacing an incompetent skipper. Not only that, it is time to replace the whole engine. An uncharted approach but something that is needed to put Malaysians back in a correct path.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Of polical ambush, gambits and goodies...

No doubt about it, the countdown has begun...

5 years (or is it 10years?) of mismanagement and suddenly everything seems to "spring" out on the last days of 13th Parliementary sitting. It only points to few things :-

1. The countdown has begun and PM is going to dissolve parliament in the next coming hours;
2. The ruling party is potraying itself as the defenders of civil services;
3. Those who are in the running for candidancy will be open to internal sabotage;

Everything seems hotting up now. As mentioned, the ruling party manage to bulldoze the EC redelienation exercise whereby political opponents suggested gerry mandering. On this, you can read it elsewhere on the views from both sides, depending on your political inclination.

For PM to announce additional pay rise seems a bit odd especially on the timing. Of course, some will claim as political corruption whilst others will claim that the pay rise is due.

Apa lagi awak mahu...

Malay Mail noted the following on PM's announcement regarding additional pay rise :-

1. Effective date : 1st July 2018. Why 1st July 2018? Could PM bring it much closer to say, June 2018 as majority of civil servant will see additional cash as handy in June 2018 in conjunction with Hari Raya.
2. Non-Muslim staff will be allowed 7 days unrecorded leave for religious events yearly. What about those with no religious beliefs? And 7 days yearly? Is Malay Mail misquoting PM?

In the same news, next paragraph, Malay Mail wrote PM said "Therefore, the government has agreed to extend unrecorded leave for non-Muslim staff, to carry out their respective religious activities, subject to a maximum of seven days, throughout their period of service. It takes effect beginning January 2018."

Is it 7 days yearly or is it 7 days once in their period of service?

Elsewhere, 1 UMNO aspiring candidate came out blaming political sabotage..

In short, this guy claimed :-

1. He was being trapped as part of political sabotage;
2. It jeopardise his chances of being nominated as candidate for Bandar Tun Razak;
3. He was only drinking coffee at the karaoke joint;

It must be some coffee... Wiki said Irish coffee has a mixture of coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar. Whatever he consumed that night may not be Irish coffee as the same newspaper report mentioned
"It was reported by theSun that Rizalman tested positive for banned substances methamphetamine and amphetamine". I am no Irish coffee drinker but I doubt methamphetamine and amphetamine is part of Irish coffee ingredient.

Tough luck, Rizalman. Now you have an uphill task to convince Najib and Zahid that you are worthy to be BN candidate for PRU 14. As it is, even UMNO secretary hinted of possible sabotaged from political enemies, internally or externally.

Hadi seems eager to up his party's chances too. Malaysiakini reported Hadi's RUU 355 may be debated on the last day of 13th Parliement sitting.

Malaysiakini in their report said :-

1. Hadi's motion on RUU 355 may be debated;
2. If passed, it will be referred to Government committee that will decide whether to accept the changes or ignore it;
3. If debated and voted, it might force a show of hands where MP's are either for or against RUU 355;
4. BN component parties, with the exception of UMNO, has clearly stated their stand against RUU 355;
5. It might be a "subtle" way for Najib and Hadi to ward off potential Malay tsunami;
6. RUU 355 might be debated or the Government might choose to abort it at the last minute.

Hadi is banking on RUU 355 debate to potray himself as championing RUU 355 and give whatever added boost to his pledgling PAS.

Unfortunately, Hadi's grand last stand came to a nought when Azalina moves to adjourn the parliament immediately after Government business. What does that means? Simple... Hadi has been played out (again) by Najib. In short, PAS is getting the short hand of the stick from BN-led Najib.

PAS has nowhere to go now and with its party President and his inner circle accused of RM 70M buyout, PAS is looking at getting bashed in PRU 14 by both BN and opposition-coalition. Far cry from PAS of 2013, Hadi is leading PAS into the abyss...

Guys, get ready yeah... It all system go.... let the countdown begins where Santa Claus comes to town...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Of added liability... Equanimity

Time is running out... tick tock, tick tock

For PRU 13, Najib dissolve the parliament on 3rd April 2013. The first parliament seating was held on 24th June and technically, the 13th Parliament will be automatically dissolve on 24th June 2018.

Now, it is the "cat and mouse" game where the windows are closing fast for Najib. Yes, he pushes the re-delienation exercise and get it gazzeted a week before and yesterday his coalition party pushes through the anti-fake news which is considered as a "shock and awe" strategy for PRU 14. Then, what?

Yong Teck Lee has filed a summons in Sabah High court to compel PM to table re-delienation report for Sabah. Najib is getting sweaty with this. Yong might win the case and then, what will happen? What will be the legal complication if Najib decided to dissolve the parliament before High Court decides. Let's assume Najib dissolving the parliament on 6th April 2018, will SPR called the same date for Sabah?

Najib's shock and awe may not be effective. Why? Equanimity's, the yatch, owner has withdrew their initial challenge in Indonesian courts and submit a second challenge to stop Equanimity's seizure. The Indonesian court set 9th April as hearing date and it might coincide with Najib's 13th parliament dissolution. Not easy to be PM, eh Najib?

Worse, this is not the time to party in karaoke. Hard lesson for a certain division chief. A friendly fire from within the same party to possible candidates-in waiting?

Back on Equanimity, the following should be noted :-

1. Pre-trial hearing scheduled on 2nd April 2018 has been postponed;
2. Application was withdrawn and new date ie 9th April 2018 has been set;
3. Claimants has added more document to challenge the seizure;

I am sure US FBI will have a field day to counter the claimant's documents and more will be revealed during the hearing. And that "more" may politically hurt someone in Putrajaya... Equanimity is becoming an unwanted added liability for Jho Low and those within his circle (wink.. wink)

ssshhh... let the fun begins...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, April 02, 2018

Of anti fake news and revisiting re-delienation exercise...

parliament has voted on one and will be voting on the second soon...

Days ago, Parliament has voted 129 - 80 on the re-delienation of seats. As briefly mentioned, YDP Agung has the discretionary powers to hold permission up to 30 days as stated in article 66. If he did that, then :-

1. It can become law only after 30 days of first submission to him;
2. That said, even if Government of the day dissolve the parliament on 4th April 2018, it cannot use the new electoral boundaries until 30 days has lapsed;
3. Can SPR runs on new electoral boundaries or must it revert to the old boundary?

That was all academic now because YDP Agung consented the EC redelienation exercise the day after Parliament voted.

Now, the Government is trying to push through anti-Fake news within this parliament session. In fact, It was supposed to go for voting at 2 pm. Using the same approach, YDP Agung can withold his permission (if Parliament voted for anti-Fake news). If he choose the option, then :-

1. Assuming parliament is dissolve on 4th April 2018, anti-Fake news will not be in effect until 30 days later;
2. Based on SPR's past record, election (PRU) will be held within 14 - 21 days when parliament dissolve;
3. That means anti-Fake news will not be in effect during the campaigning period;
4. Will this be an open session for both sides to shoot Fake news?

I see everything as timing. It may be wrong timing timing for PM to dissolve parliament now,but then again his window is closing fast. Hopefully this time around, the timing will give a brighter future for Malaysia...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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