Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Of thorn from within...

HRH Sultan Selangor has spoken. His Majesty basically spoke his mind on MB Selangor saga and how PKR (read Anwar Ibrahim) did not heed his request for a few candidates to MB's post.

Before the dust settled, Anwar's trojan horse in PAS make his claims...

Say what you want, I don't care. I read Pakatan's continual governance in Selangor till now is mainly contributed by PAS's support to Khalid Ibrahim's governance. With minimal EXCO members, Khalid managed to float Pakatan's rule in Selangor eventhough he himself has been ousted from PKR. The four EXCOS from PAS has make up the minimal requirement to keep Selangor government afloat without the need for snap election.

I will say again that if and only if snap election was held last month, Selangor will definitely be BN,s for the taking. No joke...

Regardless of what happened, new MB Azmin decided on a 3-3-4 (PAS-DAP-PKR) lineup with a possible PAS elective as deputy Speaker. Why possibility and not confirmity? Reason is clear. The deputy post is an elected post and PKR-DAP combination with Anwar's blessings can torpodoe Azmin's intentions. Simple as that.

Saari Sungib, state rep from PAS has been increasingly vocal. He is firing in the open towards the more 'conservative" ulamas. It is his rights to do so but do you really thinks that he did that out of his own free will? I see Anwar's hidden agenda here. It may be small but this is the beginning...

I propose Saari Sugaib and PASMA to set their own political party. If you could not follow your leafder, then it is better for you to get out of the jemaah and set your own. Bring along your supporters, I don't care but stop becoming a thorn from within. If Saari Sugib who jumped the gun feels better to be in PKR, by all means declare so.

After all, those who jump started will be disqualified in sports meet, so Saari and the likes can do so on their own...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Of "past experience syndrome"...

Hj Hadi and Lim Guan Eng might be forgiven. Anwar Ibrahim? No reason to claim ignorance. Not from someone who used to be DPM and the one who thinks that he is the rightful heir as PM. If he mismanaged the Selangor MB fiasco, then what do you expect if he runs Malaysia?

As usual, Anwar is now trying to work himself out of his own mess. This time around, he blames past experience for his and PKR's 'defiance" towards HRH Sultan Selangor. Better still, he claims that he is following the constitution. For a man of his stature, Anwar misteps big time.

Whatever happens to selangor now is immaterial. Now, if ever PR wins GE 14, Anwar will again be the man who will spoil the party. As a man with his experience, he should know better than to offend HRH. He has all the resources and opportunity to meet HRH to explain his next step. He did not do that. Instead, he use the public to win support.

Now, everything falls flat to his face. But Anwar being Anwar is writhing his way out. I am not looking into Selangor scenario anymore. I am looking post GE 14 when (and if) PR wins. Will Anwar nominates just his name as PM? If that happens, do you think HRH Agung will accept? I am sure what happens in Selangor will be tabled in the next rulers conference albeit unofficially. Out of the nine rulers, who will support Anwar's actions?

Anwar has lost direction. In his blind quest to hold power, he has offended HRH. At the same time, he is now opening the opportunity for his wife's political nemesis to be the next Selangor MB. Worse, he is paving the way for a possible snap state election. Worst still, PR may lose Selangor is a snap election is held. Mark my word on that.

It is time for Anwar to re-evaluate his usefulness to PR's cause. It is not just his cause to be the PM but more important of the rakyat's aspiration for a better Malaysia. Just because some of us work hard to ensure PR's good performance in GE 13, it does not mean the same will be applicable in the future. This is no longer about Anwar. This is about our future.

Think... can we rely on Anwar if everytime he hits a brickwall, he blames on others. Now he is talking about past experience and practise. Next he will claim he follows constitution. Never is he brave enough to say, "I am sorry. It is my mistake"

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Of chicken head...

Honestly, I like to shout "I told you so.." but these politicians conveniently did not understand what royal decree means...

When it comes to politicians, they just loves twisting facts and figures to their own advantage. I have previously hinted on Selangor but de-facto leader is too arrogant to read between the lines. Now, the issue has exploded in his face and the next best thing thing he can do is to sought a plastic surgeon to alter his face... That may be possible but to change his bloated ego???

What seems to be a simple change has become complicated because of Anwar's insistence that his wife and only his wife should be nominated as Selangor MB. Of course, Anwar threw bits and pieces to justify why WA is the candidate for Selangor MB. Of course, I have raised out some points on this in my previous posting.

Anwar being Anwar is still bullish about WA being Selangor MB. Unfortunately, he conveniently forgets that Selangor is Malaysia's "gold mine" and HRH is no push over. When HRH requested for a few names to be submitted, PKR arrogantly declares it's WA and that's final. Anwar forgets that this is Selangor and not Penang. Selangor is rich with culture and HRH/royalty house is entwined with their subjects. Anwar is from Penang where there is no royalty, thus Anwar fails to realise and understand the deep ingrained of love between Selangor subjects to their rulers.

To please his political master, academician and so-called law expert Aziz stressed that HRH has no room for personal choice. Wow, he is dead wrong. HRH has his say and maybe you guys think it is over, but is not over for HRH. HRH has a final say... normally HRH says aloft of political arena but when it concerns the well being of his state, HRH will put his foot down and send Anwar crashing over. Aziz, with all his academic prowess better keep his mouth shut if he did not know this. Not all are written in our legislation and even written, not all are interpreted as what it was intended to be...

What does this leads to? Simple, if Anwar is going on a head-on colission course with the palace, then I will say it is sayonara for PKR. By going head-on, Anwar will fall into a dangerous trap. BN will accuse Anwar and PKR of being party set on abolishing the monarchy. If this happens, then PKR is a goner... and it is not PKR President who sinks PKR but de facto leader is the one who pulls the plug off PKR.

DAP? I did not blame DAP for not understanding the culture of having monarchy. That cannot be said of PKR. PAS has been trying to please all parties and in doing so, PAS has been accused of abadoning PR. To me, PAS has done the right thing. PAS keeps the options open and let HRH made the decision. PAS has submitted their list to HRH and that list includes WA. It is HRH prerogative to choose who he thinks best to do the job. Personally, WA is just not my choice.

Let's stop there. I am just back from a journey and needs to recover. The next time, it will be more hard hitting and direct...Oh yes, who's the chicken head? Anwar of course....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Of rejecting, turn down and honoured...

Still slow but warming up guys...

Politicians... If they can twist and turn, they will do that. In fact, they have no conscious even if it means swallowing your own spit.

Look at Rafizi now. His latest statement contradicts what we have been taughyt up to do. Is it not an honour to serve the king? When Rafizi says that all PKR reps will decline a nomination, is it not jump[imng the gun? How sure are you that when you are nominated, you will be selected? Geezz...

Let's go back a little... better still go back to the 70's when we are brought up memorising every words in RUKUN NEGARA. In fact, old timers will still remember that RUKUN NEGARA is printed at the back of most exercise book.

Saying that, is it not part of Rukun Negara for us to be loyal to the king? What does loyalty means? Is it not, as I say, an honour to serve the King? What more if one is chosen to serve the King as well as the state...

I see PKR is diverging from the basic tenets of Rukun Negara. All because of the greed of 1 person. No, No... not Wan Azizah. That person is Anwar. He thinks he is a great orator... and thus by singing a few Hindi songs...he thinks he can hoodwinked others to place him as de-factor MB of selangor. I say - NO, stop that clowning.

Running Selangor is not like playing PS. You don't play with 30 % of Malaysia's wealth. Just because Anwar is a politician, that does not give him the license to use Selangor as his trump card in his battle against Tun M or Najib.

This is not about winning. For Anwar, Menang jadi Arang is better than kalah jadi abu. The truth is - both will lose. And the biggest loser will be Selangor. Rafizi has his days but he is now blinded by his compassion to see Anwar as de-facto MB of selangor. Anwar's reasoning of Wan Azizah as MB is weak. Just because Wan Azizah used to be opossition leader then she shud be MB Selangor, then what stop Anwar from saying that since he is the opposition leader, then he should be PM, even when he is behind bars?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Of foolhardy PKR...

I rarely used that word before. However, the way PKR is acting...that's the best I can say of their leaders especially the one who thinks "he is of PM value"

Being silent doesn't means that I am far from the scene. It is just that I need a break with all the workload I am having as well as the travelling and the near misses in the past months.

Let's go straight to Selangor. What is wrong with PKR? First, they claim that Khalid is the best choice and now they wanted him to be replaced with "Kajang move". backtrack a bit. "Kajang move" is mooted to enable Anwar to contest. However, his ambition was cut short by the lingering court case and Azizah stands in for Kajang. Now PKR is puffing for Azizah to be Selangor MB.

I am not going into details here... just some serious observation for consideration :-

1. Is Azizah local selangor? The answer is NO. Then, does that mean PKR has no other better choice than Azizah as potential MB replacement?;
2. Azizah as MB but who will be the real MB? Azizah or Anwar? If Azizah is just a stand-in, should Selangor with 30 % nation richness be run by puppets?;
3. Azizah used to be MP and she "made" way for Anwar. Will she do the same with kajang?;
4. HRH has said that he needs more than 2 candidates for HRH consideration. Why is PKR so adamant only on Azizah? Is PKR sounding off and thinks that they are bigger than the royal instiution? Has PKR forgotten how Idris Jusoh of Terengganu lose his MBship?;

I have more to write but let me grease off the rust in me...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Of understanding others...

Normally I refrained from commenting religious issues but this time around, I will make an exception. This is not the only exception but more will follow depending on the circumstances...I have been busy lately and could barely keep up with the online news. However, Malaysiakini's news on "22 women caned for Syariah offence..." captivated me. Finally...

I know that by the comments, many failed to understand or ignorant of Islamic values and teachings. For most, their moral standards follow the western code of ethics which is opposite to that of Islam. But labelling Islamic laws as archaic is uncalled for and shows how ignorant one can be.

First, let us begin by asking ourselves - Do I believe in God?. Taking out the atheist, almost everyone in the world believe in God, but their difference is how do you pray/submit/"see" God.

In Islam, we believe that Allah is the most merciful and the most benevolent. As creator, Allah knows the strengths and weakness of humans and that is why Allah elevated humans (Adam) as the ruler of earth and instruct all His creations to bow to Adam. Every creations did with the exception of Iblis@Syaitan@Devil. At the same time, Allah knows that humans are weak and are lustful(bernafsu). And that is why Allah lay out the do's and don't for humans as well as lay the rules in Islam as carried out by Mohamad.

When Allah lay the groundrules, together with it comes the solution in the form of punishment. And one of the punishment is caning. That is our subject today.

22 women caned for syariah offense in Johor. So, what is wrong with that? The syariah laws is applicable to those professing Islam. Why are others condemning the rules when it did not applies to them and secondly the rules are in accordance with syariah laws? Are we to be dictated by those believe that western ethics is the best? Just because caning is carried out, it does not mean Malaysia is going talibanism. By the way, do you guys know what is the meaning of Talibans? Talibans is Arab word fr students.

I take my hats off for Johor syariah courts who bravely conducted the sentence. Before the goodie goodie guys come to comment, did you know what is the difference in Syariah caning and normal caning? You don't? Then how can you comment on something that you do not know? Are you following hearsay? Syariah caning has strict limitation and the caning is more on educating the offenders rather than punishing their bodies.

What Islam wants is to educate the offenders and at the same time remind others to stay away from the offences. Do you think that it is right to commit incest? No? Then if incest is wrong, why are there those who strongly condemned the sentences when the individuals committing incest is wrong?

Yes, I may agree with you that we should go by all means to prevent incest and other syariah offences. That should be jointly done and cooperation between the syariah and the masses. At the same time, we could not hide behind the term "ignorant" to escape the syariah punishment. It is not easy but I believe when words spread on the syariah punishment, the syariah related offences will be drastically cut down. Trust me, If Allah says so, it will be so for He is all knowing.

Tough luck if you did not see it my way. If Johor can do, then why is Najib hesitating in allowing Kelantan to follow Hudud?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Of my views...(as if it is important...)

"Did you attend 505?"
"We have not exhausted the avenues to register election petitions, no election petition has been heard thus no decision made for or against the petitions"
I have not been to any of the so-called 505 rallies. My reasons are clear, GE 13 results though gazetted still need to stand against election petitions, either from BN or PR. That said, is there any need to jump the gun and pre-empt actions that may invite unnecessary actions from the authorities?

Yes, the results may not be favourable to you but it may be favourable to others. That is the norm as there will always be two sides to a coin. More important, those who feel cheated should make use of all the legal avenues and use them exhaustively. Afterall, election petitions must be settled within six (6) months from the gazetted GE 13 results. That said, the legal aspects will not be dragged to more than six months.

So why the need for 505? If it is to sustain the "feel good" feeling, forget it. If it is about "declaring" your unhappiness on how GE 13 is conducted, forget it. As I said it many times before, GE 13 is over and done with. Like it or not, we have to live with it. Whilst BN is sulking for failing to wrest Selangor and Penang from PR, PR is equally sulking for their failure to take over Putrajaya.

It is important for Malaysians to accept GE 13 results and move from there. Let the learned lawyers and judges do their part first before back-up plans are hatched. 505 will be counter productive when the political parties and the police spent their resources to shadow each other. When that happen, we have cases like Dharmendran and Ramesh hounding us.

Are we becoming a society where possible criminals becomes instant heroes? Are we morphing into a state where you do not know when you will be hauled up? Will the voices be stiffled and muzzled>?

Silence does not mean I agree to what is happening around me. Speaking up does not mean that everything is wrong on the other side of the fence. As Malaysians, we have to work for the betterment of society. No two ways about it!. I may not agree with what Adli is doing but I may support his cause. I may not agree totally with Police but I feel they might be victims of circumstances. I may agree with Haris Ibrahim but I may not see eye to eye with his methods.

Najib has lots to do and that does not sucking up to UMNO cronies. If he continues doing that, he may see his butts kicked before GE 14. For the time being we have a new IGP with a clean slate. Let him do his job before we pre-judge him. We have Zahid Hamidi and let's see whether he is better than Hishamuddein in handling situations.

Me? I am having my hands full in... and I will be back blogging by early June 2013. By the way... what is this chirping I hear about 1MPM6 ready to let go his chair in Putrajaya? Do you think RosCTmah will allow him even if he wanted to? Muhyiddein can dream on and Anwar can salivate for the chair. For the time being 1MPM6 is still there with Mahathir hawking over the chair, striking fear to Muhyiddein and a direct challenge to Anwar.

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