Thursday, June 13, 2013

Of understanding others...

Normally I refrained from commenting religious issues but this time around, I will make an exception. This is not the only exception but more will follow depending on the circumstances...I have been busy lately and could barely keep up with the online news. However, Malaysiakini's news on "22 women caned for Syariah offence..." captivated me. Finally...

I know that by the comments, many failed to understand or ignorant of Islamic values and teachings. For most, their moral standards follow the western code of ethics which is opposite to that of Islam. But labelling Islamic laws as archaic is uncalled for and shows how ignorant one can be.

First, let us begin by asking ourselves - Do I believe in God?. Taking out the atheist, almost everyone in the world believe in God, but their difference is how do you pray/submit/"see" God.

In Islam, we believe that Allah is the most merciful and the most benevolent. As creator, Allah knows the strengths and weakness of humans and that is why Allah elevated humans (Adam) as the ruler of earth and instruct all His creations to bow to Adam. Every creations did with the exception of Iblis@Syaitan@Devil. At the same time, Allah knows that humans are weak and are lustful(bernafsu). And that is why Allah lay out the do's and don't for humans as well as lay the rules in Islam as carried out by Mohamad.

When Allah lay the groundrules, together with it comes the solution in the form of punishment. And one of the punishment is caning. That is our subject today.

22 women caned for syariah offense in Johor. So, what is wrong with that? The syariah laws is applicable to those professing Islam. Why are others condemning the rules when it did not applies to them and secondly the rules are in accordance with syariah laws? Are we to be dictated by those believe that western ethics is the best? Just because caning is carried out, it does not mean Malaysia is going talibanism. By the way, do you guys know what is the meaning of Talibans? Talibans is Arab word fr students.

I take my hats off for Johor syariah courts who bravely conducted the sentence. Before the goodie goodie guys come to comment, did you know what is the difference in Syariah caning and normal caning? You don't? Then how can you comment on something that you do not know? Are you following hearsay? Syariah caning has strict limitation and the caning is more on educating the offenders rather than punishing their bodies.

What Islam wants is to educate the offenders and at the same time remind others to stay away from the offences. Do you think that it is right to commit incest? No? Then if incest is wrong, why are there those who strongly condemned the sentences when the individuals committing incest is wrong?

Yes, I may agree with you that we should go by all means to prevent incest and other syariah offences. That should be jointly done and cooperation between the syariah and the masses. At the same time, we could not hide behind the term "ignorant" to escape the syariah punishment. It is not easy but I believe when words spread on the syariah punishment, the syariah related offences will be drastically cut down. Trust me, If Allah says so, it will be so for He is all knowing.

Tough luck if you did not see it my way. If Johor can do, then why is Najib hesitating in allowing Kelantan to follow Hudud?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Of my views...(as if it is important...)

"Did you attend 505?"
"We have not exhausted the avenues to register election petitions, no election petition has been heard thus no decision made for or against the petitions"
I have not been to any of the so-called 505 rallies. My reasons are clear, GE 13 results though gazetted still need to stand against election petitions, either from BN or PR. That said, is there any need to jump the gun and pre-empt actions that may invite unnecessary actions from the authorities?

Yes, the results may not be favourable to you but it may be favourable to others. That is the norm as there will always be two sides to a coin. More important, those who feel cheated should make use of all the legal avenues and use them exhaustively. Afterall, election petitions must be settled within six (6) months from the gazetted GE 13 results. That said, the legal aspects will not be dragged to more than six months.

So why the need for 505? If it is to sustain the "feel good" feeling, forget it. If it is about "declaring" your unhappiness on how GE 13 is conducted, forget it. As I said it many times before, GE 13 is over and done with. Like it or not, we have to live with it. Whilst BN is sulking for failing to wrest Selangor and Penang from PR, PR is equally sulking for their failure to take over Putrajaya.

It is important for Malaysians to accept GE 13 results and move from there. Let the learned lawyers and judges do their part first before back-up plans are hatched. 505 will be counter productive when the political parties and the police spent their resources to shadow each other. When that happen, we have cases like Dharmendran and Ramesh hounding us.

Are we becoming a society where possible criminals becomes instant heroes? Are we morphing into a state where you do not know when you will be hauled up? Will the voices be stiffled and muzzled>?

Silence does not mean I agree to what is happening around me. Speaking up does not mean that everything is wrong on the other side of the fence. As Malaysians, we have to work for the betterment of society. No two ways about it!. I may not agree with what Adli is doing but I may support his cause. I may not agree totally with Police but I feel they might be victims of circumstances. I may agree with Haris Ibrahim but I may not see eye to eye with his methods.

Najib has lots to do and that does not sucking up to UMNO cronies. If he continues doing that, he may see his butts kicked before GE 14. For the time being we have a new IGP with a clean slate. Let him do his job before we pre-judge him. We have Zahid Hamidi and let's see whether he is better than Hishamuddein in handling situations.

Me? I am having my hands full in... and I will be back blogging by early June 2013. By the way... what is this chirping I hear about 1MPM6 ready to let go his chair in Putrajaya? Do you think RosCTmah will allow him even if he wanted to? Muhyiddein can dream on and Anwar can salivate for the chair. For the time being 1MPM6 is still there with Mahathir hawking over the chair, striking fear to Muhyiddein and a direct challenge to Anwar.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Apa lagi Taib mahu...

After 505, there has been a spate of questions posted especially with regards to "Apa lagi Cina mahu"... Well, for once, why not we asked ourselves in all honesty "Apa lagi Taib mahu?... Kind of spit for spat?Many got excited over "Apa lagi Cina mahu" during the aftermath of 505. Well, actually not only Chinese but the Malays, Indians and the rest of the country is longing for a better Malaysia and in the process getting rid of corrupted politicians. That said, teh rhetoric is not about "Apa lagi Cina mahu" but more of "Apa lagi Malaysia mahu"..

This is not about what ordinary Malaysians, like you and me who are exposed to mind bonggling corruption and abuse of power wants. We know what we want but 505 has not been favourable to our cause. Thus, we have to wait for another 5 years to "change". That is on condition BN fails to change and adapt to our demands. So far, BN has not indicated they are ready for change, so we are ready to "change" them...

"Apa lagi Taib mahu". Well, for one he had SWT (Sweet Young Thing) by his side. He was 74 and Ragad was 30 when they aere married back in 2010. Many were envious of Taib's conquest, not because of his position to snare Ragad but more to their age difference of 40 years! I bet men in their 50's, 60's and 70's drooled imagining Taib's exploits during their honeymoon. What Taib did not confirmed nor denied is whether he used "gambir Sarawak' to spice things up. Taib can surely peddles Gambir Sarawak big time if he ever retires from his CM's post!

Najib tried to hustle Taib from CM's post during Sarawak's recent state election. Everyone was clapping Najib's courage in doing the right thing but Taib proved that he is better than Najib when he led BN to retain Sarawak. Topping that, Sarawak BN is well compensated for their GE 13 performance. 6 were elected as full ministers whilst another 4 were elected as deputy ministers.

Apa lagi Taib mahu since Sarawak has Works Ministry, Human Resources Ministry and Women/Family/Community Development Ministry in the bag. That does not include another 3 Ministers in Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Looking at it, Sarawak practically runs the country with Sabah and Taib must be grinning from ear to ear at Sarawak's achievements under his care.

If you think that is enough, hold to your horses. Taib tops the icing on the cake with 3 fold increase in salary covering CM and others. Better still the payrise is backdated to January 2012. What can Najib do about it? NOTHING. Not when Sabah and Sarawak contributed 35 % of BN seats in the recent GE 13. Infact, Najib could be under Taib's thumb now. There goes Najib's dreams of sending Taib riding into the sunset.

Maybe it is now Najib's turn to anxiously looking behind his backs not knowing whether Taib will plunge the dagger into Najib and BN. Najib has better options in Sabah since Mahathir has successfully "divide and rule" Sabah by introducing UMNO into Sabah. Najib could not do the same in Sarawak as Taib is holding his fort and UMNO could not find the cracks to venture into Sarawak.

So, apa lagi Taib mahu? He has the gal, he has the prowess, he has the money, he has the power. The only thing alluding Taib is the consistent reminders by bloggers on Taib's unethical ventures. That, Taib could not do (yet). And that, my friends should be the catalyst for rakyat to oust corrupted politicians from their post, be it in the state or federal level. How do you do that? Your choice really... I would prefer the laws to take its course, or pembalasan Allah amat pedas.

I rest my case. Happy Wesak day....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Of Riduan...from Sabah

I normally do not discuss issues related to religion. Reason? I am not an ulama' but this time, may I make an exception?Half way through the morning, a Chinese colleague met me at the hallway and asked me a "sensitive" question. He make it a point to point out that he asked out of his thirst for knowledge and truth which I replied, I will give my two cents opinion based on my limited knowledge.

The centre of our discussion is Riduan Masmud who shot to fame for his "misadventure". You see, he raped a 13 year old girl who happened to be working with him at that particular point of time and later married her when his "adventure" was reported to the police and he was brought to trial. That, is the main point!

I first answered that it depends on whether he was charged in civil and syariah court. The news pointed that he is currently put on trial in a civil court.

If it is in civil court, then he has already committed statutory rape, regardless with or wothout consent. Round one against Riduan.

Now Riduan claimed that he has married the girl after the incident. Well and fine!. Now he further claimed that is is acceptable. Correct but he must also know that in syariah court, he will be found guilty for rapiong the girl when they are not muhrim! Consent or no consent, Riduan has commited a crime and that crime is punishable by either death (if he is married and he is married at the point of time) or lashes (if he is a bachelor, which he is not at the time of crime). Riduan better watch what he says because the more he talks, the more trouble he will be in.

Further, has the prosecution team take into account that there might be sexual harrassmjent element here. Why? Simply because Riduan was her employer at that time. Riduan may have committed sexual harrassment before he raped the girl.

Yes, the girl's father accepted their fate that Riduan is now his son-in-law. What will you do if yoyu are poor and faced with the situation? This is maruah and Riduan may have bought over the father to hide the shame. Is this how Riduan treats the poor? Just because he is richer and well-off, he can do what he wants to do?

I stand corrected in what I say. Menuntut ilmu adalah fardu bagi insan.

*note : this is my second typeover since my first draft gone AWOL....uuurrrggghhhh...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Comment to a friend's tweet... (who is the real PM?)

Apa apa pun Kak Ros masih PM kita. hihihi. Those were the exact words from a friend planted deep within the confines of Putrajaya.2/3MPM6 announced his cabinet yesterday. Behind all the hooplas and the usual "transformation" agenda, I see the cabinet as a pale shadow of what Malaysia can do and offer.

Let's look at the composition. Najib yet again shows his indecisiveness in putting together a solid cabinet when he "bows" to Chua Soil Leg's decision to stay out of Najib's cabinet. There goes Liow, Kong CH, Wee KS's dreams of re-elected into cabinet. It is OK for Chua SL to stay out of the cabinet. He has many offers to attend to with his experience and skills. The same cannot be said of other MCA leaders.

When Najib omitted MCA (and Gerakan) from his cabinet, Najib is actually shirking his responsibility as Prime Minister to Malaysia. Why? Simply because he fails to address the needs of the second largest ethnic ie Chinese who make up around 25 % of the population. When Najib fails to meet the needs of the Chinese then he can now be considered as a 2/3MPM6. Simple as that!

Whilst Najib left us puzzling with his choice of cabinet ministers, the same Najib opts to maintain 2 Ministers' post for MIC and at the same time, elect HINDRAF Waymoorthy as a Deputy Minister in JPM. Is this integration Najib-style? How can a 30+ year political veteran like Najib fails to see logic? Najib's Nambikei hurts KIMMA most when one of their top leaders openly ask Najib - is demonstration the way to Najib's heart and cabinet?

If Najib can appoint HINDRAF into his cabinet, why can't Najib embrace PERKASA and others into his cabinet too? Or is it because HINDRAF has RosCTmah's blessings whilst PERKASA fails to make into her books?

Najib "punishes Selangor UMNO for failing to deliver Selangor on a silver platter. For that, Noh Omar lost his post... but at the same time Najib "rewarded" Terengganu UMNO with 2 Ministerial posts. Is that a fair composition when it is not Noh Omar who failed to recapture Selangor but it was Najib all along? If Selangor remains in PR, it is not Noh Omar's fault but Najib's weakness as he is the Ketua Perhubungan UMNO, not Noh Omar!

Whilst Terengganu rejoices the 2 Ministerial posts, is it really a reward or is it Najib's way to make peace with Ahmad Said? Is it not a fact that Idris Jusoh is Ahmad Said's nemesis in Terengganu? If that is true and still true, then Najib is placing Idris Jusoh in Putrajaya to avoid any Perak-style takeover in Terengganu and to do that Najib has to entice Idris Jusoh with Ministerial post and at the same time pleased Ahmad Said by retaining him as the MB.

Oooppss... this posting was KIV when I enjoy the weekend. Back to the posting....

Najib is now a prisoner within his own making ala "Hotel California" ie you can check in anytime of the day but u can never check out!!! Remember when Najib announced he will only consider "winnable" candidates for GE 13? Who was amongst the first to declare himself as a "winnable" candidate? None other than Shahidan Kassim. Lo and behold, this Perlis MB-reject MB material has been upgraded by Najib to a full minister in PM's department! What do you read about that? If that is not self promotion, then I don't know what is. Poor Najib, he has to sccop that low to appoint a minister. Did Najib ever ask, why Perlis rejected Shahidan as their MB? Najib never dares to ask and in return appoints Shaidan as full minister, maybe as a countermeasure for possible Ali Rustam-Isa Samad-Ghani Othman's tri-party challenge!

On Friday, I saw a group of NUBE members picketing in one of the busy junctions within Jalan Bukit Bintang. These picketers distribute flyers claiming that they were victims of banking management. I am not discussing about their grievances but something caught my attention. They claimed that the top banking CEOs', the likes of Nizar and Wahid earns millions a year. In Wahid's case, it us RM 6M plus a year. Wow...a figure that my EPF can never reach with 30+ years of working my ass off for the country.

Why I choose Wahid? Simply because he will be a full Minister on 6th June 2013. Let's do simple Arithmetics, Wahid's earnings as Maynabk CEO is RM 6+M per annum. As Minister, he will get RM 4112 as Senator and another RM 14,900 as Minister. Add them up together, his monthly income will be RM 19,000 per month or RM 228,000 per year. His current salary is RM 6+ M per year or RM 500,000 per month. Think! Do you think Wahid will be satisfied if his Ministerial income is only 3.8% of his current income?

If Wahid is not happy, then how can he supplement his Ministerial income to the level of his current MAYBANK CEO income? You make your assumption and guesstimates. Maybe Wahid will sacrifice the monetary perks for the golden chance to serve the nation. If you are in his shoes, will you do that?

Since Wahid is CEO and Idris Jala was a CEO, why not we ask ourselves the question - what will be of Idris Jala? As far as my record shows, Idris Jala is an appointed Minister through Senatorship. BUT - Idris Jala has been a senator prior to GE 13. And a person can only be a senator for 2 terms of 2 years each. What will happen with Idris when his senator terms expired and can no longer be extended? Will we have a new minister replacing Idris Jala?

Transparency? Whilst others are begging Paul Low to look into corruption and malpractices, I would prefer Paul to take EC by the horns and demands their transparency. EC has always been the "fall guy" since our first election and it is time for EC to put everything on the table for Paul's scrutiny and advise. That's what Paul is there for, to ascertain that things are done in fair and transparent. If Paul could not handle this simple task to get our basics right, then it is better for Paul to ease off and let others to do the job.

By the way, have you seen RosCTmah lately? Has Najib finally tamed the shrew or is the shrew pushing Najib off the cliff, gently but surely? Najib is having his hands and eyes busy pulling moves to remain "lion king" of Putrajaya. Can he do it with Ali Rustam-Isa Samad-Ghani Othman trilogy, Muhyiddein silent moves, Khairy open warfare against Zahid, Royalty thumbing off with Shahidan, Waymoorthy "ready for hunger strike" ultimatum, MCA-less cabinet, to say the least.

Najib, Najib... he has restless nights ahead but his sleeping partner is having nice dreams and planning her own plans. What if she decided to put Rahim Thamby Chik as CEO to Maybank? Afterall, is it not the first cut is the deepest? Or placed Maybank under JLow's consultancy?Hmmm...

Deep trouble... troubling times ahead. Worse still, UMNO AGM is coming and many will vie for places in Najib's UMNO... For us? What else, if not GST... uuuurrrrgggghhhhh

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EC EZ or is it EZ EC? A friend called me and asked why I did not attend Black 505 in Kelana Jaya. My answer is simple - what do you want to achieve?

Whether you guys like it or not, Malaysia has decided on 505 for BN to retain Putrajaya for the next 5 years. Yes, PR won the popular votes but that does not translate into winning simple majority in Parliament. Yes, BN won the election but they lost the comfort of 2/3 majority. It is not a hang parliament but it surely looks like one.

What puzzles me is the way PR supporters acknowledged their "loss" and the way BN celebrated their "victory". If you were out there on 505, you will probably thought that PR had won the election! BN party workers were so demoralised that their operation centres were closed down around 8 pm on 505.

Yes, there were facebookers and twitters alive with allegations and "blow by blow" account of what happened. All pointed to massive election fraud. That's what some claimed and that's what PR is harping on. As I am writing this, I believed PR will come up with no less than 30 election petitions for various parliamentary seats. This is serious! If the courts rules in favour of PR, then we might see a new government after almost 60 years of Perikatan/BN rule. Crucial to these election petitions is the question - If the court rules in PR's favour, then is 1MPM6 Najib second term legally legitimate?

Is EC transparent? Or is EC manipulated and cheated as well? Consider this, how can a known party member elected as Ketua Tempat Mengundi (KTM)? Tak percaya? Cuba baca lapuran ini. Although the fault is not completely and wholsesomely EC, EC should have done better in vetting potential Ketua Tempat Mengundi.

In one case, an EC worker stands so close to the voting booth to such an extent that an old lady from Saluran 1 had to literally shoo the worker off for standing to close and peeking at her choice of candidate. Maybe it is not her fault as the old lady needs aid in walking but the EC worker should provide enough space for the lady to vote. She may needs aid in walking but she is not blind!

With BERSIH and BERSIH II, EC should have expected closer scrutiny to their operating procedures. In fact, EC should make it their point to explain the procedures clearly and in detail to their workers.

If EC could not vet out party members from being their Ketua Tempat Mengundi, then how do you expect EC to screen out all the so called "phantom voters, non-citizens from their electoral list? Is it not the Ketua Tempat Mengundi signature important in determining who wins in their respective poll centers? And if these Ketua Tempat Mengundi are party members, will they not be inclined to be biased? If this is possible, then will it be possible for some of the 505 election results flawed due to the "super efficiency" of Ketua Tempat Mengundi?

Indelible ink? What is the real colour of GE 13 indelible ink? News say it is dark red. Some say it is blue and not indelible as claimed. So, dear EC do we have 1 colour or 2 colour indelible ink? And if 2, is EC saying that the advance voters has a different set of indelible ink compared to the masses? EC claimed that the ink was supplied by a refutable company. Do you believe that? Cambodia is going to have their election in July and they will be using Indian indelible ink claimed to last 7 - 15 days. Maybe EC should send me there to prove that Indian indelible ink is not indelible just to prove that EC is doing their job right. I am sure some Cambodians will be washing their hands to wash off the indelible ink, will it come off as easy as our own indelible ink?

During a recent lunch with an ex-boss came up with a cheaper inedible ink. He wondered why EC did not use the hair dye used in Mamak barber shops. He stressed that the dye will last for at least 3 months and it will definitely last more than 3 days if incidentally spilled on your fingers. Whoaaa! So cheap and efficient but EC is blinded to this? On the sideline, now I know why my ex-boss is always primmed and poised as a lady killer. Maybe EC is not privy to this as their top echelon leaders are not that handsome and maybe that's why they do not have the balls hairs to resolve the inedible ink issue.

Maybe EC is a victim of circumstances or maybe they are victims of their own devices. Whatever it is, EC can do better by providing open seminars and talks to explain how our election system works.  To that we have to ask a question - has EC been pro-actively promoting what they do and did for GE 13? The answer is disgustingly no. If that is so, then can we blame others for planning to take to the streets (yet again?). If and when they do, can we put the blame squarely on the organisers when EC failed in conducting fair and transparent election process?

It is unfortunate when EC leads to mass street rallies again. Yes, BN has lost it's 2/3 majority and popular votes. It is up to EC to show that it is truly an independent body. So far, they have failed in the inedible ink and they have faiiled to convince Rakyat Marhaen that the election process is fair and transparent. Come to think about it, when will EC gazette the GE 13 results so that we can get the election petitions in and dealt with. The longer EC takes to gazette GE 13 results, the more restless the rakyat will be. Take note that this is no longer the age of mainstream media. This is now the age of social media. twitters, facebook and instagrams. EC can no longer rest EZ behind mainstream media as their actions are closely monitored and severely scrutinised.

If rakyat marhaen takes the streets in may 2013, rest assured that I am not one of them as I believe Malaysia (as a whole) has decided. We need to respect the decision and let the courts decide on the 30 or so election petitions. After that, we need to wait for 5 years to dislodge the present system. % years is not that long if you have the patience. The question - do you have the patience?

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Of needles and needling...

Wooohhh... (relief). Azmin Ali did not make any "hot" announcement dreaded by both PKR and PR. However... I sense more things will happen in the near future...I see Azmin Ali in a dilemma. He is sulking because he cannot gets what he wants. If what he wanted is not the MB post in Selangor, then he must be blaming PR for failing to achieve a simple majority in the recently-concluded GE 13. With PR not achieving a minimum of 112 parliamentary seats, Azmin Ali has to bade farewell for the conveted post of DPM.

There are talks across town that Azmin Ali has a dozen or so supporters in the form of newly minted MPs'. He may use this as a bargaining chip with 1MPM6 as a trade off for these BN-friendlies. Afterall, BN is short f 15 MP's to pass the 2/3 majority mark.

At the same time, Azmin Ali has to search his soul as PR may appeal in 30 parliamentary seats. If the court happens to be in their favour, we may see a new government within the next 6 months or alternatively we may see by-elections within that time or a final alternative is for a snap elaction, if 1MPM6 Najib has the guts. But, if PR lose the appeal, it will be back to present day situation where BN cannot breathe easy and Azmin Ali's "share value" will certainly be of blue chip value.

Now, who can predict Najib's near future? A friend mentioned that Najib is using Mahathir's approach ie 1 vote majority still makes him a winner. That said, Najib is trying hard to cling to his last "lifeline" ie Mahathir Mohamed. Najib is ever willing to do a yoga magic and re-appoints Ahmad Said as Terengganu's MB when he was seen live in TV seething at BN Terengganu's poor performance on 5th May 2013.

Me? I am more interested to see how EC will go about with their 10 year cycle of delienation. There are few catchwords in the delienation pocess :-

  1. Election petitions must be filed within 21 days of gazetted polls result;
  2. Mandatory of 2 years deadline for delienation process to be completed;
  3. After the delienation exercise, EC needs 2/3 majority support to approve the new constituencies boundaries;
  4. EC guidelines states that for urban parliemantary constituencies, voter population shall be more than 60,000 with an area of 8 ~ 49 sz km;
  5. For semi-urban parliementary constituencies,  voter population shall be within 30,000 to 60,000 with an area from 50 ~ 250 sq km;
  6. For rural parliementary constituencies, voter population shall be less than 30,000 with an area of more than 250 sq km;
The question - will EC still get its way in the coming months when they go for delienation exercise? And what if parliemnt could not give 2/3 approval for EC's delieanation exercise? Will it be hanging? That, my friends why PR must go at all cost to deny BN the 2/3 majority and that is also the same reason why BN is fighting tooth and nail to get 2/3 majority in parliament. That is where Azmin Ali comes in to fit the puzzle.

1MPM6 Najib could no longer rely on Ibrahim Ali or Zul Noordin as they are nor considered as junk metal. Najib could not rest easy since Sabah/Sarawak has 42 parliementary seats as their bargaining tools. Worse, Johor has 38 parliamentary seats to get Najib ousted. Right now, Najib is thorn between three parties, Azmin wants to be Senior MInister if he throws his lot for Najib, Sabah/Sarawak may ask for 20 % oil royalty since they are the real kingmaker whilst JOhor may loves to see Johor-born PM in the near future.

With 46.5 % popular vote, Najib no longer commands the majority and at the same time realise how his deputy is sharpening his knife whilst Sabah/Sarawak is counting the money from their Royalty demand.

I will not like to be in Najib's shoes now and worse still, when your house manager wants to do her way which creates problems to Najib.

Think about that...

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