Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Of Mueller and AG TT...

I do not practise law but my favourites includes "The paper chase" and "Suits". Unfortunately this posting is not about Meghan Markle...

11th February 2019 is definitely not my day.... First, it is Black Monday with traffic back to normal in KL after a weeklong CNY celebration. Second and more importantly is the Appellate court's decision to grant stay on Najib's SRC trial.

This is not about technical and procedural changes but I view this as AG TT's mishandling of the case. It is important to note that AG TT's tenure is for 2 years and almost 6 months has passed and still there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It is not about who should do what but as AG, TT should knows very well and anticipate Defense strategy to stall and derail the trial.

This observation comes not from the many hours of watching legal dramas but a parallel scenario faced by US. There, the government appoints special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Mueller's approach is stealth-like and has netted amongst others Michael Cohen, Trump's lawyer. Even Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign Chairman was not spared.

Although Mueller is still investigating but these key players in Trump's team has been investigated and their plea bargain (for lesser charge) is making Trump sweat. That is how Robert Mueller approach the case.

Here, AG TT appoint special prosecutors like Sulaiman and Gopal Sri Ram to lead the prosecuting team. So far the fruits are not there.

This leads me wondering - is our legal system designed to keep the rich and powerful free from prosecution? If this is a case of Ahmad or Ah Chong or Ramasamy - the system will swallow them up and off to Sg Buloh they go. In this instance, the person is Najib and suddenly the clock is running superly duperly slow.

I has a talk this morning with a paralegal and she hinted that she agreed with me. In addition, she said that the legal fratenity will slap layman with potential "contempt of court" for "challenging decision. Maybe what she said is true... I don't know.

For one, the question is why the slow wheel of justice? I am not saying Najib is guilty nor do I vouch his innocense. What I am praying for is the legal system must be swift especially in cases where Malaysians has been said to be hoodwinked of Millions and Billions of Ringgit.

Is our British-based legal system notoriously slow? Or is it because our defense lawyers are super in finding legal loopholes? Or is it our prosecutors who are not thorough in handling cases?

If the evidence and documentations are not proper and not in order, then why can't judges throw the cases out and let them come when they are properly ready to charge? Why are we locked with too many mentions for a case? Even before the actual trial starts, there are 3 or 4 mentions and this takes time and this cost the courts valuable time.

Look at how US handles high profile cases. Once they identify the guilty party, it is boom, boom, boom trial time. If there is a plea bargain, it is also handled efficiently. In most cases, I rarely reads about high profile cases dragging for years...

Are we still leaning on archaic legal system? Or are we at the mercy of legal eagles who sell their service to the highest bidder?

I say...let's the games begin... and let the trial starts... why are we still delaying? No gut? Or is it no balls to ensure justice is done? Or is it because we have no judge Pao on our bench?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Of Saddiq's dilemma : Emma & brother or politics....

What's in a name? I say plenty...

What in politics? Bounties...

Emma Maembong is a Malaysian actress who thinks she is the Malaysian Kardaishan. Being an actress, she needs to be regularly in the news to maintain her "sellability" as an actress. In doing so, she created controversies upon controversies including her love life with other actors, comedians and personalities.

The latest is when her "hijabless" photo with a "Syed" went viral... Emma loves controversies as that will keep her in the news...

Now, remember when I ask in the beginning "what's in a name?". It so happens that Emma's "hijabless" photo went viral with a "Syed" in tow. What is the significance here? Well, I was brought up in an environment where "Syed" is said to be of Arab descent and probably lineage with the most influential man in the universe. This posting is not about him but about "Syed".

One famous Nasyid group, Raihan, sand "Imam tak boleh diwarisi" ie "Faith cannot be inherited". This is definitely applicable to this "Syed" from Johor. Being a "Syed" who by generations claimed that they are of Arab descendant and "direct" lineage to the most influential person in the universe, this particular Syed did not live up to his namesake. Not only that, his instagram posting reveals many things, amongst them :-

1. The actress is "hijabless" sporting short pants, being hugged publicly by "Syed";
2. The photo was taken in Thailand where they were vacationing;
3. The photos were leaked from "Syed's" personal wechat account;

Now, who "suggested" the actress to go temporarily "hijabless"? If "Syed" has been sensitive to his namesake and his faith, he would have strongly advise the actress against going "hijabless". He did not. In fact, if he is living to his faith, he would not have been vacationing with the actress in Thailand... tsk tsk...

I would not have taken up this issue if this is all about the actress. Unfortunately, this "Syed" is well-connected to another famous "Syed" in Malaysia. That is an issue! I will expand on this later...

This actress's "Syed" tried to defend the actress by posting his own thoughts in an instagram posting.. which is cut and pasted down here...

My comments on "Syed's" thoughts?

1. He said " Apology is about meaning behind apology". The point is, why do the wrong thing in the first place? If "Syed" had not "encourage" the actress, this "wrong thing" would not have happened and thus no apology is necessary;
2. Syed further wrote " The challenges, is but a fraction of accusations...". Is this accusation or is it real? Is "Syed" trying to say that their photos are photoshopped? That the photos never existed? That the situation of him spending time with the actress in Thailand is false? "Syed" has to come clean on this;
3. "Syed" said he acknowledge criticism. This is not about criticism..It is about "Syed's" moral values. "Syed" has to state his moral values whether he deemed it alright to spend vacation with the actress in Thailand. "Syed" needs to further justify whether the actress can go "hijabless" when they are outside Malaysia. "Syed" needs to clear his perception and his beliefs... which is which?;
4. "Syed" said it was his mess alone. Is it? "Syed" needs to reveals if that is what he is taught as a small guy that it is alright to spend vacation with the actress in Thailand and whether his upbringing says it is ok for him to encourage the actress to go "hijabless" outside Malaysia. That said, this is not "Syed's" mess but the mess falls on his immediate family too;
5. "Syed ended with "to those spreading rumours..." Is this rumour or truth? "Syed" cannot hide behind the bushes and claim rumour when it is not. If "Syed is brave enough to face the mess, then "Syed must be brave enough to admit that this is not a rumor.

Why did I go ballistic with this "Syed"? The answer is simple. This particular "Syed" is a brother to another famous Syed ie Syed Saddiq. Who is Syed Saddiq? Syed Saddiq is a politician, a champion debater, BERSATU's youth leader and a Minister in Tun M's current cabinet.

The older "Syed's" adventure in Thailand is costing the younger "Syed" a bountiful headache. With another by-election in the corner, Syed Sadiiq will be roasted during the campaign. Not only that, the older "Syed" may be pushing the tolerance limit of Tun M. It may not be Syed Saddiq's faults, but his brother's action is nothing to be proud of. In rural Muar, the older "Syed's" action will not go down well with the folks there.

Syed Saddiq has to choose, whether to defend his brother's acts (and those of the actress) or to be politically correct and reprimand his brother. Syed Saddiq cannot get the best of two worlds.

One thing is certain... the actress is not "Duta Belia" material. And if Syed Saddiq thinks that the actress is an exemplary example to Malaysian youth, then Syed Saddiq should be shown the exit door to his political career.

Politics is not just debating whose policy is better. Politics means bringing your whole family to the fore and be ready to be scrutinised by the public. Being a politican family member, "Syed" needs to extra careful with his actions... maybe three years is insufficient to heal the hurt. Maybe, Syed Saddiq will not make it past GE 15...

Me? I say the only way "Syed" can come clean is if he declares he is already married to the actress. Is it so? "Syed"... over to you..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Of P78 Cameron Highlands : PH misadventure... BN last call

Congrats BN for retaining P78 Cameron Highlands.

The win is not a signal for BN to jump in joy nor is it a warning for PH to start delivering. It is more of a status quo and a subtle message to MIC - you are deadmeat, and no longer wanted in Cameron Highlands...

There is no surprise when the official results were announced for P78 Cameron Highlands. It is expected since PH misadventures... factors that lead to BN retaining P78.

In short, there are those in Pakatan Harapan whose head is bigger than their thoughts. Their misadventure begins from the first day of campaigning and becomes worse as the days drag on...

1. PH Senator threatens Tok Batins to support PH. Whether he means what he says or whether he is misquoted, the damage was done when the said Senator fails to remedy the situation and instead choose to use political rhetorics to defends his statement.
2. Perception that Ministers use government vehicles for campaigning. Generally, the public still equates power with abuse... due to BN overstaying in power for the past 60 years;
3. PH Ministers seem to contradict each other, even in major decisions. Azmin - Lim Guan Eng understanding of ECRL status is an example and this sets a negative impact for the by-election;

Pakatan Harapan needs to regroup and give a better fight the next time.

P78 is basically Manogaran's loss. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, it is clear that Manogaran still makes novice mistakes :-

1. Statement like "Malays don't buy kuih from orang asli" is self-destructive;
2. Wearing shirt with political logo during voting is a clear blantant act of either too cocky or not sensitive to EC standards in voting;
3. His agents including a Tengku caught using government vehicles during campaigning and harassing opponents is totally unnecessary and costing hom valuable votes;

In that, Manogaran can kiss goodbye to whatever inspirations or dreams of becoming an MP. He is just not born to be a politician...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Of misplaced information.... Surendran and Nik Abduh

It is not easy to adapt to new situation.

This cannot be more true than the case of N Surendran and Nik Abduh.

For the case of N Surendran (and Latheefa Koya), it is a case of willing jumping into the issue, just because they think they are fighting for justice. It all started in KLIA2 when Sophie Lemiere was stopped at KLIA2 Immigration counter.

The points are simple, actually :-

1. Sophie Lemiere was stopped by Immigration because her name was flagged by Police;
2. She knew her name was flagged by Malaysian Police;
3. Immigration Officers were unconvinced with purported letter of invitation to the conference;
4. N Surendran claimed that Sophie is a well-known academician;
5. N Surendran claimed that Sophie was previously blacklisted because the previous government is unhappy with her activities;
6. N Surendran claimed she was completely innocent;
7. Immigration officers also make a police report on the incident;

Now, why did I say N Surendran is jumping the gun here?

1. Sophie Lemiere knew that she was flagged by Malaysian Police;
2. She should have taken steps and informed the Organiser of her concern and maybe get the Organiser in KLIA2, in anticiation of the problem;
3. She could also contacted the authorities early to check on her flagged status;
4. N Surendran mentioned of Sophie alledged activities. What Surendran failed to highlight is on what basis is her activities that lead to Malaysian Police to flag her?
5. Just because we have a new Government does not mean you have blanket pardon for all flagged people coming to Malaysia and N Surendran of all people, should know that.

The point is, N Surendran and Latheefa Koya should not assume that just because Sophie Lemiere is coming to the conference, then everything is fine. Both Surendran and Latheefa, given their political access now, should be very careful in acting. You are no longer the anti-establishment lawyers as before. If you want to remain that, please resign from all your political post....

Nik AbduhDo not hold grudge against BN;
fares no better. Just because there is a byelection in P78, that does not mean you have to group with BN just because BN and PAS is not the opposition in Federal Government. I would love to see how PAS reacts if there is a state by-election in Pahang... will they be in the same basket as Bn or will they be in the same basket as PH or will they immediately declare they are the third force?

Nik Abduh said "Forgive UMNO".... easier said than done. His arguments?

1. Do not hold grudge against BN;
2. UMNO leaders apologise to Hadi, so PAS members should accept the apology;
3. UMNO and PAS want to retake Putrajaya;

Where Nik Abduh failed to convince is the idea that Hadi can forgive on behalf of all PAS members. Wahh... Hadi becomes an apology giver? Since when?

Nik Abduh failed to explain who are the UMNO leaders that seek apology and for what wrong did they seek apology? UMNO apologise for teaching political members to be corrupted?

Nik Abduh and his merry men is straying further and further from the ideaology of Tok Guru Nik Aziz and Fadhil Noor. Maybe, the heat on their summon to Sarawak Report is getting on...

Or maybe, Nik Abduh is too comfy with UMNO leaders... that everything smells rosy to them... to the extent of greenlighting whatever wrongs UMNO did in the past 60 years....

Me? Looking for a new unbiased third force...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, January 21, 2019

Of Harapan's real small battle... for Cameron Highlands

By-elections are aplenty post GE14 but none will have a bigger significant than the coming P78 Cameron Highlands.

26th January 2019 shall be another cornerstone for Malaysia politics. This will be a new benchmark for future by-elections. Why?

First and foremost, P78 is a by=product of the election court decision that P78 previous MP is guilty of election offence leading to the EC to declare the seat vacant. Not only that, the election court further ruled that the previous MP (Sivarajah Chandran) cannot stand in the by-election. My first thoughts were MIC to announce another of its member to take over the vacancy and represent BN in the by-election. This is not to be, when UMNO, being the ever BN big brother, decided to named Ramli Mohd Noor as their candidate.

Ramli Mohd Noor is a local orang Asal from the Semai tribe who was formerly a high ranking police officer and a direct BN member. What is so interesting about him?

Well, a couple of reasons...

1. He is a direct BN member who has never participated in political events before and most probably roped in at the last minute as the best BN chance to retain P78;
2. As Orang Asal constitute 21.5 % of the voters, BN calculated that this is their best possible bet to get the most from the Orang Asal voters;
3. Ramli may be more appealing to the 33.5 % Malay voters compared to PH's Manogaran who has tried unsuccessfully 3 times to be P78 MP;
4. The combination of BN-PAS co-operation hopes to secure 55 % of the voters base and send Ramli to the parliament;

On this, Pakatan Harapan is not on the advantage and needs to work hard for victory. PH voter base of 42 % Chinese-Indian mix needs strong support from local Orang Asal and Malay voters. And to this, EC is right to warn both sides from using racial issues to canvass for votes.

Another negative factor working against Manogaran is the coming Chinese new Year. Outstation Chinese voters may not see fit to return for the by-election and this will work for BN's Ramli Mohd Noor.

It is sure heating up in P78... Tea Boh, anyone?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Of crossroads.... then and now

May 2018 is surely a turning point to Malaysians. The changeover of new government has forced many to rethink, regroup and to map out their next course of actions. Me? Being a non-political animal like those in power, be it past or present, draws a new question - should I continue or should I fade out from giving my piece...

Honestly, the turn of events in post GE-14 has been a roller coaster ride. Some, like my lady friend hit jackpot when she choose the "right team" and now I welcome her in her new challenges, not as a politician or political aide but more on how to reject advances from "political friends". Another is not as fortunate when he is served termination notice because he rides the "wrong horse" during the campaign.

There is this grand talk of "New Malaysia" and everybody wants to be on the bandwagon. Is it really? What I see and notice, either in blogs, twitters or whatsapp group is the emerging of new group who thinks and probably demand that the Government of the day must be overboard and transparent in all manners. That, my friends, are easier said than done. The problem is, there are these groups who thinks and demands they be told of everything to such an extent there is no secrecy and privacy at all.

Take the case of the abdication of DYMM Agung. There are those who loves pasting photos of the Russian beauty, is that suitable? You may argue that the rakyat has the right to know who is the incoming person in DYMM's life. But none choose to seek clarification nor does the palace issue any statement. That said, these rakyats who loves the "juicy" part of the story are partly to be blamed as if they do not has skeletons in their own wardrobe. Not only that, the advance of technology failed to comprehend what happens before and after may not be related. Yes, she may be what she was before but is she really the same person when she choose to convert? Even that, I do not want to know whether she is really married to the guy from Kelantan. Let's wait for their official announcement.

On the same subject, how many of the rakyats understand the health issues pertaining to DYMM Agung? I would rather choose to take that story and take it that DYMM YDP Agung makes the sacrifice for the benefit of rakyat, sparing us the agony of watching DYMM YDP Agung suffers.

Another favourite is the Q - will Anwar be the next PM or will he not? Again, there are so many who loves to weave tales of backstabbing and what not. To me, let Tun M has his 2 years before starting to say this and that. Azmin trying to topple Anwar? What else is new? As I believe from the beginning, PKR is the weak link in Pakatan Harapan. They may have the biggest numbers in parliament but clearly their parliamentary whip fails in controlling them. When I say control, it does mean changing them into "yes men" but they must have a certain values and code of conducts.

Regardless of what you belive, I hold fast that Anwar should not appoint Rafizi as the VP. Anwar can place Rafizi in other post suitable for him but when Anwar choose to appoint Rafizi as the VP, Anwar is not being inclusive but more of being "exclusive" in actually "pointing out" that he wants Rafizi to be in his team. Anwar, being Anwar plays a dangerous political game within his own party.

What about the live parliemantary debate? I see those who still loves going back to history when we should use the debate time for better use. This, Pakatan Harapan and BN should do better.

Having said that, as I say in the beginning this is a crossroad. If before, I have the pleasure of knowing Zorro, Harris, Art... now they left us or move to "greener" pasture. I see that there should be a place for fair observation and after months of silence.... it is time for the Nightcaller to be activated to active duty... and that I will do, without fear and favour.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Of PAS completing circle...

Time and changes. Before 9th May 2018, who would have thought that MCA will stand in a by-election using its own logo. On top of that, who would have guessed UMNO will go all out supporting PAS in Selangor?

Thanks to Najib, these become reality when BN lost Putrajaya resulting the almost disintegration of BN from the mighty 14 to the brave(?) 3...

PAS? PAS being PAS, especially under the leadership of Hadi is fast becoming a "has-been"...

In Seri Setia, Lokman Adam revealed his dream.
Lokman's dream is primarily to create further confusion to the already confused PAS members and supporters.

BN has rightly say that they will give way to PAS in Seri setia by-election and "in the spirit of opposition", BN will give their undying support to PAS. Hence Lokman's Red & green coloured shirt. What Lokman fails to understand is how do PAS tell its fervent supporters in the states of Kelantan and Terengganu?

Whilst UMNO is clearly hyping their support to PAS, the feelings is not reciprocated by PAS top members. Why? Simply for the simple reason how and what will PAS sells to its supporters in rural Terengganu and Kelantan. Can PAS declare they are lovey dovey with UMNO in Selangor and yet they are at UMNO's jugular in Terengganu and Kelantan? How do you explain the love-hate relation to the simple-minded rural Malays?

If Lokman decides to go on national tour with his PAS-UMNO shirt, it will be another disaster to PAS. What else can they explain to their supporters. PAS strength lies in the rural areas where PAS claims that they are fighting for Islam. In urban areas, PAS doctrine fails because PAS leaders has been caught again and again not talking straight. They are misleading the people and hoodwinking them with religious issue.

When it comes to repelling GST, PAS MPs' are lost at words. One of its MP equate the word "sesat" (lost) to neraka (hell). You can be lost in finding your way but that does not mean you will be in hell. This type of PAS MP argument actually reveal their level of thinking and mentality.

Come September, all eyes will see PH's performance in Seri Setia and Balakong. Can they win with 66.6% and 77.5% respectively? Or will PAS give a good fight with UMNO as their cornerman?

Me? PAS is completing the circle, making a fool out of their own selves...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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