Monday, March 23, 2015

Of sneaking in...

Keep your eyes open...

Lapse in concentration and possibly Malaysia will be another RM 2.2B down...

The Hudud rhetorics need to cease NOW. Those who oppose including Aisyah of BFM may not know what Hudud is all about. I don't care if her father is Prof or not. Being intellectual in certain field does not make him intellectual in all aspects...And just like the "I want to touch a dog" issue, the organiser merely apologise after the episode and hope that everything is well and forgotten.

I did not see it that way. Sorry, Aisyah!. The next best thing you should do is to set up appointment with JAKIm to get a clearer picture of what Hudud is all about. Why JAKIM? Simple, if Aisyah were to set an appointment with Kelantan's MAIK, then there will be another brouhaha implying the "incorrectness" of Hudud. So, I choose JAKIM as it is under the Federal preview and as such should be more tolerant and in line with Aisyah's line of thoughts.

Nor am I going to link her father with DAP eventhough there are posting circulating online claiming that Tajuddin is a DAP member. On this, let Tajuddin come out and declare his stand on his political background and his religious beliefs. It's better to come out from the horse's mouth.

Whilst the country is ficated with Hudud and whilst some are grieved with the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, it shall not passed unnoticed on 1MPM6's government tabling for RM 2.2 B addition to budget 2014. Haish... apa lagi Najib mahu???

Mind you..this is not the first addition!! There was already an addition of RM 4B through first supplementary budget. Now, another RM 2.2B??? This is on top of RM 264B 2014 budget. This is a lot of money...

The RM 2.2B additional budget sought is for Treasury (RM 1.2B), Education Ministry (RM 428 M) whilst the balance is for the PSD. Betul ke nie? And who will check the spending? Another rubber-stamp authority?

It is not that I did not believe but with what happens in 1MDB, everything is possible. A creative accountant can comes up with an almost creative book to justify the spending. We will not know what really transpires...not a year or two down the line, unless there is a willing whistleblower. Even that, the whistleblower will be subjected to who really knows what will happen to this RM 2.2B??

Whilst Pakatan is busy on Hudud, BN can sneak in the supplementary bill..Can I hope on Dr Dzul and Dr Hatta? Nope..they are too pre-occupied standing by Aru's side and anti-GST protest in Kelana Jaya. Dr Dzul better has his cert of fitness handy as I hate seeing him giving an excuse that he could not attend the parliament seating beacuse of recurring headache...

Lim Kit Siang may be too pre-occupied with his proposal of new BN...whilst Rafizi and Phua may be too busy chasing 1MDB...

Just when everyone not watching, BN can sneak in and approve the supplementary bill. When that happens, siapa yang rugi???

Why sneakng in? Just see how our opposition parliamentarian act.. I don't mind if they wanted to lend their support to anti-GST movement but to be caught? You can't blame the Customs department for GST. It is the government's decision. These opposition parliamentarians can made their case in he august house. No need to be herded on the lorry...

On the same point, why does these protesters wanted to camp overnight in the Customs compound? Isn't that tresspassing?? No wonder the police corraled them in. Now, when the police booked them, they will come out tomorrow claiming harrasment and such..Aiya... we voted them in to present our voice in parliament. If we want them to "menyalak" outside, any Ahmad, Lee, Samy can do it.. Grow up lah sikit..opposition members. There are times when we protest and there are times when we debate in parliament. Now, it's parliament is a pity and loss when our opposition members choose to protest over debate. Nak kata tak pandai, yang ditangkap semua PHd..nak kata pandai, semua kena lokap... bukankah itu kerja membazir???

Me? After Johor coronation, it will be Perak next...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Of Hudud revisited...

I have made it clear in my last post that steering away is not an option.

Whilst the post talks about the possible actions from various political entities, I have purposely leave out the rest as I see it as personal matters. However, some learned individuals go beyond and make a public stand on Hudud.

I am not a lawyer but I will try my best to counter what some says...

Malaysian Insider run a story that "Hudud can be challenged in court if passed, lawyers say". What are their arguments? :-

Bar Council constitutional law committee chairperson Firdaus Husni views :-

1. the current framework of Malaysia's Federal Constitution did not allow for hudud implementation, based on several articles;
2. Article 8, on the equality of all persons;
3. Article 7, which stipulated protection against retrospective criminal laws and repeated trial;
4. Article 3, which stated that Islam was the religion of the federation does not mean that 'Malaysia is an Islamic country and hudud, therefore, must be implemented";
5. the 1993 Supreme Court case held it to mean that Islam in the context of Article 3 only relates to rituals and ceremonies;

Constitutional lawyer Syahredzan Johan said :-

1. implementing hudud would go against the constitution's provision on equal protection under the law and non-discrimination;
2. hudud would introduce different penal laws for Muslims and non-Muslims in Kelantan, if it came into force;
3. different penal laws for Muslims in Kelantan and Muslims outside the state;

My turn...

Islam is a way of life. When a person profess that "I bear witness there is no god except Allah and Mohamad pbuh is His messenger", he places himself under Islam and will adhere to the teachings. One of the basic tenets in Islam is Solat (prayers)..

In the beginning of solat is the doa iftitah where translated means "
"Allah the Almighty, the Greatest of them all;
•All praises be upon Him;
•Allah The Most Exalted of them all, all day and all night;
•I stand before The One Who created the skies and the lands;
•I am ready to leave my fate in Allah's Hands;
•And I am certainly not among those who associate Allah with other beings;
•Indeed my Solat, my good deeds, my life and my death; I leave it all in the Hands of Allah; who administers the whole universe.
•He has no rival nor parallel whatsoever; and I have been ordered as such; and I am from those who embrace Islam!"

Note the sentence "Indeed my Solat, my good deeds, my life and my death; I leave it all in the Hands of Allah; who administers the whole universe" That's the ikrar where Muslims put themselves in the hands of Allah.

Now, when Islam is mentioned as a way of life, it covers the economic, legal, society, religious etc. This is where the difference set in as compared to other systems. In others, there is a separation between religion and social or what we now know as secularism. Hence, without the wholsome system as offered in Islam, man tends to build their own sets of laws based on human mind and further dictates what is human rights as they perceived it.

Think, who is better to provide the manuals to govern humans - humans or his creator? Of course, the answer is the Creator as he knows what is the limits and the extend of His creation. That said, how do the set of laws for humans are made?

Prophet Mohamad pbuh has said which is roughly translated means " I have leave behind me two things which , if you follow, will keep you from straying from the path of Allah ie Quran and my hadiths". What is hadiths ? Hadiths is a collection of Prophet Mohamad's sayings as well as his actions properly recorded by his companions. Hadiths are authenticated by those who learned Hadiths and has strict set of rules to avoid false hadiths from being recorded as one.

With Quran and hadiths, the sets governing Islamic laws ie Hudud is clearly defined. It is not something thought of in the 21st century!!!

When I started to write this blog, I was about to take a tougher stand on the issue but then again..I realise that some who are of the same faith as mine may not be well informed of Hudud. An Islamic scholar termed them as "ignorant" or jahil. They may be authorities in their own rights but they are not well versed in Islam. As such, it is no surprise when they use their knowledge using their secular background to reject Hudud. What they need to do is to admit their ignorance and talked with Islamic scholars to understand more on Hudud. What is most important is to break the first resistance - what I termed as ego. Worse is when someone want to talk something about things they do nt know. That, my friemds, I call as "bodoh sombong"...

For most, Hudud is just cutting arms and legs...frankly it is just not that. In any trials concerning Hudud, the state has to ensue that it has given all the necessary tools for a Muslim. That means, the state has to ensure the economic well being of the people within the state and has provided all the necessary education to make them familiar with the system. You just don't cut someone's hand just because he is forced to steal!!!

What more, Hudud is not applicable to non-Muslims. So, apa lagi DAP/Gerakan/MCA mahu?? Even during prophet's times, a non-Muslim has the choice to be trialled under Hudud or his own set of laws.. That said, Hudud is non-enforcable to non-Muslims.

It is PAS' determination from beginning to introduce Islamic set of laws for Muslims. I have no issue with that. In fact, nobody should have an issue with that as it is for the betterment of the society as a whole. What I fail to understand is when PKR declares that it will not support PAS in mplementing Hudud in Kelantan.

Anwar Ibrahim, Ketua Umum PKR is a former ABIM leader. He was one of the respected person in Muslim youth movement decades ago. When his wife and his party PKR take the stand to not support Hudud, can we say that PKR is anti-Hudud? If that is the case, my pity to those Islamic MPs' within PKR who has to go against their syahadah and prayers doa to please Anwar?. May I ask, who is their kiblat? Anwar/PKR or ISlam?

I understand DAP's stand because they are seeking for Malaysian Malaysia. To DAP, they are talking about equal rights regardless of race, religion. However, DAP may need to review their stand.. is going to be a milestone in Malaysia history. To me, I hope PAS will go ahead with their inspirations and let's exposed those within their own party who are non-believers in Hudud. Once identified,let the party members decide what's best to deal in the situation comes June 2015.

It is also a hikmah when Hudud will expose who among the Muslim MPs' who are for or against Hudud. I know, parliament may shoot down PAS hudud inspiration for Kelantan. let them do it and let the record shows who are real fighter of Islam and who are masking in Islamic face.

I am not going to dwell on the beauty of Islamic system..not this time. uffice to say that if Islam is not the better system, why are more and more using Islamic banking as their financial tools???

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Of Hudud, who dude, wow dud and...

Steering clear is no option...

HRH Sultan Kelantan indicated that he is all for Hudud in Kelantan. Today, Kelantan state assembly debate ammendments to Syariah criminal code. UMNO Kelantan stand in solidarity with Kelantan government on the hudud bill.

For record, I am not going to question the sincerity nor the political gambit taken by UMNO Kelantan. To me, Hudud is applicable to Muslims and in the ammendments, Kelantan government has conveniently excludes non-Muslims from Hudud despite Islam has provision for non-Muslims to choose either to be trialled under Hudud or civil laws. Effectively, it means that Kelantan has provided for non-Muslims to be trailed under civil law and that also means there should not be any questions on whether non-Muslims are forced to adapt to Hudud or not! In short, apa lagi DAP/Gerakan/MCA anda mahu?

As things are flowing, I did not see any major obstacle for Kelantan state assembly to pass the amendments to Syariah criminal code. What does the amendments cover? It covers seven key criminal offences under the hudud, apostasy, illegal sexual intercourse, alcohol consumption, making unproven accusations of illicit sex, theft and robbery, causing hurt and murder.

Even if Kelantan state assembly approves the amendments to Syariah criminal code with 100 % aye, it still needs parliament's stamp of approval before the amendments can be implemented in Kelantan. Now, this is where it gets interesting..

Kelantan's deputy Menteri Besar has put it nicely by urging all interested parties to let Democracy run it's course in Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code. This shuld be the way as it lets Democracy to run and the majority rules whether Kelantan can implement the amendments to Syariah criminal code or not. Simple as that.

If Gerakan feels strongly against the amendments, then let Gerakan MPs' translate their objection in the august house and let the record shows tha Gerakan is against hudud implementation. It is useless for Gerakan to bark outside parliament and lodging police report. What Gerakan achieves thus far is belittling Kelantan state assembly and that means Gerakan does respect the decisions of any state assembly if it does not benefit them. Is this a new trend? Are we going to question every resolutions passed by state assemblies as well as parliament? We don't have anything better to do?

Even MCA is at the crossroads now. Why must they jump the gun by threatenng to sever ties with UMNO if the latter supported Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code? Now that Kelantan UMNO has fully support the amendments, how is MCA going to wriggle out from this issue unscathed? MCA has been sidelined by the Chinese in recent GE and now MCA is playing with fire with this threat and may see them wipeout n the coming GE. Is that MCA's wishlist?

Do you think I am going to leave out PAS's partner ie PKR and DAP? No chance!!!

However, Pakatan has a readymade escape clause..In being different but join together in their efforts to deny BN 2/3 majority as well as a chance to govern Malaysia in the future, Pakatan's stand of "the agreement to disagree" gives indiviual parties the choice to stand for or against Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code. In fact, Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code will be more challenging to PAS rather than to their Pakatan artners PKR and DAP.

With the coming PAS's June party election, Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code will be one of the criteria in delegates' choice of who should lead PAS. This is an acid test for several outspoken PAS MPs'. Will they be for or against Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code? I resist naming names here and let the beholders' stake their stand on the amendments.

PKR? It is simple logic that the party will let individual MPs' to make their own choice. How they voted can be easily predicted. The non-Muslims MPs' will go against the amendments whilst the Muslim MPs' vote will be scrutinised a length by their supporters and voters.

DAP? No brainer. I foresee DAP MPs with an exception or two will vote against the amendments.

UMNO? Haah..another interesting choice. Will UMNO Malaysia follow the footsteps of UMNO Kelantan? If Najib wants to extends his political life, it is best for Najib to throw his support behind Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code. If Najib does so, he will be in HRH good books but at the same time can Njib go against his concience when part of Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code hit him smack in the face. Which part? You readers have all the time to figure hat least until the next posting...

By supporting Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code, UMNO can show full solidarity amid threats from MCA/Gerakan.

Of course, as in all cases, there is always a backdoor exit to Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code. What is that? Simple!!! Those who wants to run from the possible heat and hits can abstain their votes or absent themselves from that particular parliament seating. Another choice? Parliament speaker rejected the motion to discuss and put to vote Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code. These options can be rightfully exercised by the MPs' as well as the parliament speaker. However, I don't want to remind verybody that the next in line to be installed as the incoming YDP Agung will be HRH Sultan of Kelantan. Should I say more??? He will be watching...

Need I add who is most comfortable in this situation? Clueless??? He is none other that "the Man in Sg Buloh". Since he is now serving his time, he did not need to attend the current parliament seating. Is that a blessing in disguise?? You guys decide...

Me? Thank God I am not an MP... but truthfully I support Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Of "lubuk buaya" and "sarang harimau"...

"Buat salah, tak buat salah"
"Jadi semuanya serba salah"...

Nothing seems to be right in Malaysia now. When you think it's over, here comes another bombshell! PMD (Prime Minister's Department) admitted purchasing a new jetliner.

When will it ends? Whilst the rakyats are tightening their belts with the uncertainties of GST, PMD crafted an argument to justify the purchase. For good measure, sprinkle the jetliner's usage with possible use for the King and the state rulers. Now, now... simple logic. If it is for the Rulers, will it not be better to purchase the jetliner and parked it under TUDM maintenance and care? Why should it be parked under PMD? That said, logic will tell you that any permission for use will come from PMD and not from the Office of the Keeper of Rulers. As PMD is under PM, it means that PM has the ultimate say in who can use what aircraft... and when they can use it.

If 154 UMNO leaders "aye" to 1MPM6 explaination, then why is veteran Tg Razaleigh gave stinging remarks whilst debating HRH Agung's speech? As a vetran, Tg Razaleigh knows what he getting into but that does not deter him from giving his piece of mind.

Don't overead his action. Tg Razaleigh is not switching camps. He is voicing his concerns for the rakyats. He is not in apple polishing mode. Not when so many are hauled up for various reasons, leading to Malaysia once again make the news around the world... as if everything is in remote controlled mode.

At the same time, Pakatan is heading the wrong direction. I am talking about Hudud enactment in Kelantan. Simple really! The Sultan has spoken..It means that's HRH wishes.. and if Pakatan and that means PKR and DAP wants to go against HRH's wish, go ahead and it will be etched in history that PKR and DAP objects to Hudud. This is not about UMNO. It is simply about Hudud and HRH's wish as the guardian of slam in Kelantan. Is HRH not the highest authority in Kelantan, then who is?

At the same time Pakatan is using sorties to seek amnesty for Anwar Ibrahim. This time a group of students send a petition to HRH Agung seeking amnesty for Anwar.

Regardless, at the rate things are going, there is no clear group for Rakyat to choose. BN has its share of problems from 1MDB, new jetliner, worldwide concern on the state of action against rally organisers, Sirul in Australia, MIC,GST...Pakatan is seen going against PAS' wish to implement Hudud in Kelantan, move to oust Hadi as PAS president, Anwar in jail...

Choosing BN is like going into "lubuk buaya" whilst sticking to Pakatan is jumping into "sarang harimau". Whatever chosen, rakyat will be the victim...maybe we need a new third force to stabilise Malaysia. Those who are willing to go against their party whip and side with the rakyat. I don't mind Tg Razaleigh taking the lead and stabilise Malaysia until the next GE. I have no problem if Tun Abdullah Badawi and Tun M chosen as ombudsman, for beer or worse. Nothing can be worse than what we are facing right now...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Of family, far melee and for me - lie...

A family is the basic lego piece within the myriads of other families, extending to become a community, a societ and finally encompasing the whole world.

The head of a family, normally the father, is entrusted by Al Mighty to shape the rest of the family to follow a certain mould depending on the beliefs, religious doctrine which the other members will follow, be it for the better or for the worse...

A father and a mother. They are the ones who shaped their children from the early stages right up to adolescence and adult life. Along the way, the parents will always be there, guiding the young ones and installing set of values which hopefully determine the social boundaries of yes and nos'.

As parents, it is the sense of achievement when the children are the shining beacon of society and likewise the parents will feel dejection if their children grows up to be the scourge of society.

Now, what happen when someone question the wealth of your children? What more if you happens to be Malaysia's PM? Well, for one Najib could not fall back to his "inheritance" claim as that angle has been shot down by his band of brothers. What more when the children in question happens to be his step-son.

Can Najib fall back on RosCTmah? Nope, RosCTmah did not come from well to do family. Thus that angle has been covered as well. Being 30-something, Najib cannot claim that his step-son make it in his own...not when Najib could not explain how his step-son start the ball rolling.

Thus, the question that lingers in everyone's mind is - where did Reza Aziz get his first million? Sarawak Report in their continuous exposure link 1MDB to Jho Lo then to Reza Aziz. Regardless whether this is proven right or wrong, it is serious enough for Naib to address the issue straight on. It is not a matter of jealousy or bad mouthing. It is something that really happen and Sarawak Report is connecting the dots of possibilities.

Najib needs to clear the air early. If possible before 28th March. So far, I see Najib orchastrating series of moves to deflate Sarawak Report's claims. Najib is hinting of 'bad characters' in UMNO and yesterday's Tun M's blog inaccessibilty sets tongue wagging on the possibility of one such move.

So far, Najib is not accussing Tun M openly and neither does Tun M lay the inaccessibility blame to Najib. They may not be fighting but certainly they are not dancing either. So far, it is long shots and no clear target.

And as if on que, Jho Lo is claiming that he is an easy target due to his close relationship with Reza Aziz.

Let's not forget to remind Najib that whilst he is the head of his family, he is also entrusted to govern Malaysia. 1MDB's Chairman if Najib so it is right for some to feel panicky seeing how 1MDB is handled. Again, as if on que, rosy pictures are painted on 1MDB as if nothing is wrong and everything is in order. Khairy says so...Khairy's (once upon a time sidekick) Wenger takes a more practical stand...Putrajaya confirms an additional RM 950M standby credit...

What do I see? I see Najib standing up to defend his family aka his stepson and along the way his baby, 1MDB. To Najib, "menegak benang yang basah" or not, he needs to make his last stand. Najib has not much to lose now. His back is on the walls, waiting to be crucified.

Najib is looking at shadows and he doesn't know who is his enemies. Could it be Pakatan with Rafizi and Phua taking the lead? Could it be Tun M? Could it be his second in command? Could it be his remaining 2 VP?

One of the indicators will be 28th and 29th March. Najib will be hosting his daughter's wedding from his second marriage on 28th whilst I understand that Muhyiddin will be hosting his daughter's wedding on 29th March. Could UMNO decide to show their hands in the reception? Whose reception will have more UMNO division leaders?

Interesting indeed...

Since we are in family business...was Najib ever been beside his first family when they need him most? Or is Najib like a drunken lover, too busy sipping RosCTmah's honey that he forgets his role as a father to his children from the first marriage? I am sorry to say that I did not care much about a person who forsakes his first family chasing a married woman... and I did not see such person as PM material...

Mind you, it is not a one way deal. Whilst the father heads the family, instilling good qualities in the children, the father himself must show a good example by leadership. If the father is "Cakap lain, buat lain" material, it is equally hard for the children to defend their father. Case in point is both in Putrajaya and Sg Buloh. One is burdened with 1MDB, expensive hairstyle, beautiful model etc and the other is claiming political conspiracy. I say both should be sent to retirement...

UpdatedFor Najib, the way things are, he assures that his second family, let me rephrase it - any immediate family related to Ros CTmah will be given top class treatment including opening doors to inimaginable wealth and opportunities. He will certainly counter that whatever I do, my predecessor did the same. You don't do what others do - you do what his Al Mighty ask you. Comprendo, Najib?

When push comes to shove, Najib opts for far melee, shooting from a far trying to justify the ends. Not a good potrait of a leader, is it? When everything else fails, Najib ropes in his trusted lieutenants (?) and his family's inner circle to lie for him, be it white, black or grey lies..Anything, everything as long as he stays in power.

For Sg Buloh resident, his family takes the top spot. If he is not around, he wants his family to head Pakatan or Pakatan Rakyat. This is to ensure that his relevance in political scene.

Even from his cubicle, he will launch claims after claims and the latest is about , what else? his health. Now his daughter is saying "Papa lost weight and his BP is 50. If it is true, the doctors of Sg Buloh wil know what to do. Did Anwat thinks by staying outside he can guarantee his BP will not drop to 50? C'mmon brother, all this is His plans and when He says "Kun Fayakun" which is loosely translated "Be, and it will be", no force on earth can change what He wants. Period.

Finally, how many of Pakatan's leaders have lie for Anwar. Surely someone will know and that someone is not me...

By the way, I am looking for Shahbudin's Deepak to read the juicier part of the book...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Of "Kalau tak malu, buatlah"...

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, ‘From the words of the previous prophets that the people still find are: If you feel no shame, then do as you wish.'” (Recorded in Bukhari)

One of the hadiths by Prophet Mohamad SAW which is significant and should not be taken lightly. For record, this is one of the sahih bukhari ie authenticated and without doubt a strong hadoth that can be used as hujjah.

If you have no shame, then do it.. simple but has a very deep meaning. I am not going to explore via religous approach but more towards the going ons of today.

Like it or not, Raja Petra of Malaysia Today has a point when he blogged on Anwar's efforts to bring down Hadi. Yes, Hadi may be a fiqh (person who studies Islamic law) and by virtue of this learning, he may be seen as "hard". He may not be as "diplomatic" as arwah Tuan Guru Nik Aziz but he is still open to discussion and is straight forward in his dealings. I cannot vouch the same for Anwar, who is willing to leave his ABIM friends behind in search for DPM post and now thinking that he is the "legitimate" heir to PMship.

That said, I would not be surprised if Anwar goes for the "split and rule" strategy. Splitting PAS by using Mat Sabu and the professionals is Anwar's way of pushing Hadi out. Whilst I have no issue with professionals but it must be reminded that PAS's slogan and inspiration has been clear since it's inception. There is no two way about it. That is why PAS has no regrets to leave BN in 1972 and at the same time PAS is not afraid to lose Kelantan before.

What I am saying is simple - PAS has it's own principles and they are not ready to bend their principles to suit human logic. The professionals in PAS is correct to dream of governing Malaysia but it should not be done at the expense of foregoing the party principles. So, "If you feel no shame, then do as you wish". After that? those who have no shame in abandoning Islam for worldly gains are answerable to Him. We all do...

The same goes to government action on 1MDB. Last week, DPM mention that there should not be any bailout. Now, Finance Minister II informed the August house that RM 950M is set aside to be injected into 1MDB. Funny...a week earlier, the cabinet agrees that there is no more fund or bailout for 1MDB and here today, we have second finance minister confirming in Parliament of RM 950M fund for 1MDB.

What do you call that? Euphemism? Politicians being politicians will snake their way out of situations and when cornered will lay the blame on miscommunication as well as different names for certain actions. Heck! A rose is a rose nomatter what names you use to describe it. Politicians? They may even called it a hibiscus when they know damn well that it is a rose.

What does it leads us? That's why I quoted the hadith which literally means "Kalau tak malu, buatlah..." Be forewarned that you might escape your sins and your actions in this world but you will never get away in the days of reckoning.

Look at Anwar Ibrahim. If what Raja Petra writes is true (and I am certain that it is at least 80 % true), he has no shame to plot the downfall of his one-time comrade in ABIM. All is fair for Anwar as long as he gets what he wants and as long as his opposition post is inherited by his daughter. It is also a shame when the professionals in PAS resort to plotting to oust the Ulamas from PAS hierachy. One question - are they experts in Hadiths and the laws of Islam or are they whatsapp ulamaks who think and use logic to justify their actions?

The same goes to the present day government. Have you no shame to twist and turn when it comes to 1MDB? RM 960M? Divide that with 160 UMNO division leaders who attended 8th March briefing and you get RM 6M. Is that what Najib is hinting on 8th March 2015? If that is so, then what happen to MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PBB and the rest? Are they not BN family too?

Just ask - how can a person responsible for 1MDB walk smiling knowing that 1MDB is RM 42B down? Blame on the press? Blame on everybody else except himself? Is that the correct way? Did he has no shame knowing that 1MDB is in RM B trouble? And did he go further asking J Lo to claim that he is in political crossfire?

To me, it is the mt shameful of acts when you are plotting behind your friend's back and you are equally shameful when you misuse your responsibilities for your personal gains.

Only those who are unshameful will go the "membujur lalu melintang patah" way. For them, the rest of the worlds are their pawns. Everything is A OK as long as they get what they want and they will not turn their back out of shame. They have no shame and when one has lost the shameful feeling, he can go overboard agains the act of nature and he can also goes overboard in reaping wealth to his own family.

Latest : As I posted this last night, See how Hanipa Maidin blasted the Ustadz for their lack of general knowledge. Is that really so? Who is really falling into the trap? The "know all" professionals? or the "know nothing" Ustadz? Good question which I might take it head on in future blogging...

Latest againMana ada malu? Where got shame? Did you read about 1 senior lawyer who goes around town telling his side of the story and some of his supporters claimed that noone dared to debate/challenge the lawyer's side of the story? Well..if he has such a strong case, why is he applying the 11th hour application to stop the malaysian bar from discussing a motion on his conduct?

Apa lagi mahu malu? The senior lawyer has been jabbing and giving undercuts version of his story. Now that the Malaysian bar wants to discuss a motion on his conduct, why be afraid if you are in the right? Why hide behind the courts? There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have notihing to hide.. or does this senior lawyers did really has something fishy.. a smell that he is so shameful?

Wait!!! He is not the only one. A while back, I blogged on one of my favourite ex-minister Sabarruddin Chik. and how another ex-minister Sanusi Junid launched a book concerning one super extraordinaire carpet seller. As if magic, the carpet seller obtains an injunction against the author, one UMNO member Shahbudin Husin. It is no shame if you borrow from the bank and have problem paying bank the loan but is is shameful if the loan is exposed in a book. Buat apa malu?... or is there any hidden issue behind the loan??

As I see it, you can take a loan of several million ringgit and when faced with problems and if there is a book detailing the loan, you can take countermeasure to sue the author for billion ringgit. Senangnya orang mahu buat wang... maybe this one, no need to be malu... so..since you are unshameful. Me? Thank god that I still have that shameful feeling, it helps me through life. I may not be rich nor cunning enough to make use of others but at least I am blessful with what He has given me.

Truthfully, I hope you guys still possess the shameful feeling to guide you through...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, March 09, 2015

Of "Sound of Silence"...


Yes, all the major MSM thumped "UMNO division leaders in solidarity with 1MPM6". Is that for real?

A portion of "Sound of Silence" reads :
"And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never shared
No one dared
Disturb the sound of silence "

160 out of 1910 UMNO division leaders turned up on 8th March to listen to Najib's explaination. Funny, out of 160, not even one question. Everything is OK? Or are they hearing without listening?

My lecturer is always worried when there is no question coming from the lecture hall. Are the students sleeping? Cannot understand? or they are not physically there? The same goes for Najib's grand explaination on 8th March - are the division leaders listening or are they hearing Najib's explaination. There is a difference between the two.

And before I go further, mind you that Muhyiddin has prior commitments elsewhere and so does Sabah division leaders. Tsk..tsk.. is this the "signs" of what next is coming to Najib? Mukhriz is not there and I did not see KJ in red, either.

What I see is 160 UMNO division leaders putting up a "front for show", a false feeling of strength in time for 9th March parliament session opening. It is a breather for Najib, a lifeline to last until end of March for Najib to celebrate his daughter's wedding. After that? It will be an open hunting session!

Look carefully at the detail of the picture. Did you see UMNO youth leader aka KJ? Apart from Zahid and Ku Nan, the rest of the division leaders keep a safe distance from Najib? Why? If they want to show and proof solidarity, they should be swarming Najib...but no..not in the picture. Sorry to say, Najib looks like the odd man out, the black sheep in a flock of red sheeps. o distinctly different, like a sore thump, like a leper in the community. Njib, don't be lulled by false pretense. Watch your back, your expiry date is coming soon.

Since yesterday's "hear the PM session" is held behind closed doors, it is up to you to interpret what happened behind the door. If Najib claimed that noone is above the law and he will pursue those who "damage" 1MDB reputation, did Najib quoted MACC's arrest to FGV CEO over hotel buy in both PD and London? Mind you that one of those who were asked to give his statement is Felda's Chairman's son who happened to be UMNO's ex-VP. Is that the message Najib is sending to UMNO division leaders? Is Najib signalling that he has no issue to go after UMNO VP, f the need arise? If he can go for UMNO's ex-VP, then what stops him from going after 160 UMNO division leaders?

Ah.. did you read about one of my favourite guy, Sabbaruddin Chik ex-Tourism minister and ex-UMNO Secretary General? He service as Bank Rakyat's Chairman was not renewed and in an interview with writer Shahbudin Husin, Sabbaruddin Chik who hails from Pahang and a close friend of Najib reveals why his service was not renewed. It has something to do with RosCTmah's cousin. Interesting enough, the book was launched today by another UMNO veteran Sanusi Junid.

Now, now..Sanusi Junid is a hardcore Tun M's man before, even when he lost his bid to be UMNO's VP. Why the book now? For those still in the dark, the book mentions about one carpet seller who once command Ros's attention.

Yes..Najib has his sea of red shirts. But this is not Thailand...What Najib is lacking is his trusted and close friends. It seems that there is a systematic purging going on affecting Najib's friend. Not only that, the book will also reveal that Najib has at least 3 family members in the cabinet. Himself, Hishamuddein and Ros's cousin. No wonder Najib needs a big cabinet..he needs to fill in his family members.

With the current parliament seating, Najib has lots and lots of explanation to do. He can buy over his Division leaders but can he appease the opposition?

His UMNO division leaders are giving him the "sound of Silence". What if Nurul Izzah stands tomorrow reading Anwar's speech in silence? How will Najib react? How will Pandikar react?

The Sound of Silence is most potent. You do not know what the rest is thinking. Are they with you or are they there to give you a fond "send off"? Najib may be crying in his laughter. Who can he turns to? UMNO division leaders? His "once upon a time" mentor? His close friend?

The sound of can kills whilst you are sleeping..heh heh..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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