Friday, September 23, 2016

Of fragmentation, distrust... and silver platter

Malaysians like winners. If you win, especially the conveted Gold medal, you will be feted with financial rewards in the sidelines.

Malaysia boleh!!

This is not about their heroics and sacrifices. This post is about fragmentation, distrust which is not in the paralympics athletes vocabulary..

In case you haven't heard it, there are growing rumours that 1MPM6 may call for snap election sometime early next year. You can smell the taste of election when there is this sudden rush to register new parties.

However, in the accelerated mode to go uno to uno against BN, there is a growing concern regarding the readiness state of a united opposition.

Whilst Bersih is planning for a grand November "get together", Lim Guan Eng choose to spar with Ambiga. I guess Guan Eng has a personal vendetta against Ambiga when the she opinioned Guan Eng should take leave until his bungalowgate is resolved.

If Guan Eng has an issue with Tun M, Guan Eng should confront the old man directly and not "pukul anak, sindir menantu". Amongst others, Guan Eng claimed :-

1. why she was working with former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad;
2. she may be forgiving Tun M for what he has done (to the country);

Is Guan Eng seeding fragmentation between political parties and "opposition-friendly" NGOs'? If this persist, Guan Eng, in his capacity as DAP's Secretary General, may not be participating in the upcoming BERSIH5. This, in turn, will be fodder to BN as they go about preparing and strategising how to zerolimate opposition in the parliament.

Opposition is now in "headless chicken" situation. With Anwar tucked in Sg Besi, Nik Aziz, Harun Din, Karpal Singh gone, the opposition lost their standard bearer. Hadi is seen to be too cosy with BN, Azizah seen to be too indecisive, Mat Sabu is "lost in action', Muhyiddein is cautiously absent, Shafie Afdal is too "far" away, the opposition needs a rallying person, a mascot to go to. Tun M seems to be the next logical choice as Tg Razaleigh is forever brooding.

Tun M may be a "soldier from the past". He is old, disarmed and systemetically ridiculed. Even his latest "mengadap session' is being politicised. Instead of Tun M or DYMM YDPA, it is Najib who "almost" become their media man when he implied:-

1. Tun M presented the Citizen Declaration to DYMM YDPA;
2. Tun M had his audience on 15th september 2016;
3. DYMM YDPA in not empowered to dismiss him as PM although he can appoint one as PM. In short, the dismissing or terminating a PMship is not provided to DYMM YDPA;
4. Only the Parliament can terminate 1MPM6 service as PM through a vote of no confidence motion and after receiving majority votes;
5. DYMM YDPA can apply his goodwill to "pursuade" 1MPM6 to resign benefitting the rakyat;
6. It is a "four eye" meeting, one on one chat between Tun M and DYMM YDPA;

DYMM YDPA is not binded to reveal to 1MPM6 the details of his chat with Tun M. 1MPM6 is not privy to the discussion. What 1MPM6 implied may be true and may not be true. 1MPM6 can crows that DYMM YDPA advised Tun M to back off. If that is true, why meet in Kedah and not Istana Negara?

Let's ne practical. There are many hidden things for speculation. It may surface 10 years down the line when a party wants to score points. Lika what is presently going for Nalla. Wth full "Nambikei" spirit and Senatorship in hand, Nalla turn against his one-time tennis buddy (Anwar) claiming that Anwar two-timed him.

Nalla is having his "one-time" shot to fame in picturing Anwar as a back-stabber. Nalla is cleverly manipulated by KJ to paint Anwar in the nagative. Hopefully, this may prolong Anwar's vacation in Sg Buloh.

The opposition needs to gel fast if they ever want to capitalise on UMNO's (actually 1MPM6's) weakness. Opprtunity do not knock twice. However, the differences in opposition is too wide and the gap-filler is still unidentified.

For that, I say "Wake up, opposition". Unless, of course, if these brand of politicians still basked in becoming opposition forever...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Of miscommunication : here, there and everywhere...

Jeff Ooi claims that his tweet was misread (you can read it in my previous post).

Well! Miscommunication seems to be everywhere. Is it because of our education standard? or is it pure mis-communication mistakes? We hear but never listen??

Before I go further, Another brick in the wall sets alarm buzzing... Will it be another scoop for Al Bukhary's Tradewinds? or will it be another pits for Felda?.. or does 1MPM6 needs the Pradeeps to salvage his reputation using sheep clothing "Emirs" to camourflage where they came from?... It's "Singh is King" deja vu... was this hoo hah about FLOM RosCTmah getting UNESCO award. That was timelined 18th Sept by STAR.

Barely 24 hours later, STAT again timelined 19th Sept "Award withdrawn". On the same day, STAR quoted BERNAMA's original source about the award. Free Malaysia Today covers it this way...

Miscommunication may be playing havoc to RosCTmah's PERMATA but this is at the worst possible time. It looks bad when miscommunication happens but what if the original source comes from a highly-placed official? It comes from Educiation Ministry Secretary General!!! If our Education Ministry Secretary General cannot get himself right the first time, then it is no wonder our education system is going down the drains... I guess that is what they call "Leadership by example".

Is it about Murphy's law here? When everything is bad, it gets wotse?

First, let's walk through the events...

Remember DOJ (Department of Justice?). DOJ USA applied to seize certain properties linked to RosCTmah's son in USA under the biggest kleptoracy case. Although Red Granite (the son's production house) lodge their defense, it is eerily silent from Jh-Lo. That's one.

Remember Xavier Justo? He is an IT exec jailed in Thailand with a case connected to 1MDB. Latest news is he will remain in Thailand serving his full sentence eventhough it ewas earlier reported that he will be transferred to Swiss to finish his sentence. Why Swiss? He is a Swiss citizen. It is said that Thailand opts to choose the latest decision under diplomatic pressure. Trus or not? It doesn't matter much, as again it is connected to RosCTmah, directly or indirectly.

What about the recently concluded ASEAN meeting in Laos? Some "naughty" reports had it that Obama was stopped in his tracks to enable 1MPM6 to say "Hi" to his "golfing buddy". Again, this is said to be orchaestrated by you know who...

With all these events, it is really annoying for the Ministry Education Sec Gen to pass the wrong information. Is this miscommunication or is it done on purpose to humiliate? After all, you do not know who are your friends anymore when the tide is changing on an hourly basis.

and what about First Ladies summit? Nothing on the radar since 2010... has it been effectively "dikuburkan"? Or the lukewarm response turns off Rosctmah? Maybe, it is not "glamourous" enough to continue footing the bill, as none of our "big" neighbours attended the summit, what more those from G20 or G8 nation never bother to show up. I guess it is just a "One time showpiece"... and now poofff..Gone with the wind... So much for FLOM...

Will Ministry Education Sec Gen get the axe? Ala Red Queen's "Off with his head"? Or is the "miscommunication" hitting the nerves of Rosctmah at her weakest point? Time will decide... and that time is nearer than what you think...

Me? If miscommunication happens - I will just say sorry for "Sorry seems to be the hardest words"... Et tu Mahathir... who is said to be in London for last minute "adjustments" before letting loose the "next wave" against 1MPM6. Could it be a signal of a "turnover" from another "loose-mouth" blogger over there?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Of Adios, goodbye and...

A long and refreshing week. I took a well-deserved break last week. Whilst I took the break, the Maker decided to invite Dr Harun Din to meet the Maker.

I am not going to dwell on why he chose San Francisco to undergo his treatment nor to sensationalise anything including how some claimed that California is translated as "Land of the Caliph". Let others do that.

What caught my attention is how divided the opposition is becoming. Agreed that DAP is not seeing eye to eye with PAS, but the action of Jeff Ooi in "re-tweeting" the message is unbecoming of a parlimentarian.

Way before Jeff Ooi chose DAP to be his party, I admired his exposures in many government projects where I see him working hand in hand with Hussam Musa. That was during the fnal days of Tun M's era!!!

However, now Jeff Ooi looked a different man. Is his MPship getting too much in his head that he can't help but to "unwittingly" jumped into the pits?

Unfortunately many are practising "undifferentiated hostility" whereby everything said and tweeted by their idols are all correct and whatever done by others who are not in their same wavelength is wrong.

"Adios (good bye) Harun Din. Let there be peace" - looks innocent enough. Adios means good bye. but the words after ADIOS is suspiciously questionable. What is Jeff trying to say? Is he implying that with Harus's demise, there will be peace? Or is Jeff praying Harun meet his Maker in peace?

I read "ADIOS. Let there be peace" as Jeff implying the former. Jeff, in his full DAP clothing is actually not belittling Harun as PAS's Murshidul Am but indirectly "attack" Harun as one of Malaysia's most learned Islamic scholar. That is where Jeff goes wrong.

We may have the right to disagree with other religions but at the same time we have to respect their religious views. Jeff crossed the invisible line and unfortunately the rest of Pakatan failed to reprimand him. Lim Guan Eng said Jeff's tweet is insensitive and does not represent party. What says AMANAH and PKR? Is AMANAH too deep entrenched that whatever said against their former colleague turned enemy is alright? What says PKR who is just as confused between party and individuals?

Me? Regardless of what Harun did or did not do, I consider his death as a great loss to Malaysia. We lost one of the pragmatic Islamic scholar... May he received "keradaanNya"...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Of Alone Again... naturally

As I look around me, I see empty spaces once occupied by comrades-in-arms. Now, one by one, they are blown by the wind...and some meet Him... Fortunately or unfortunately, they do not know me when our paths crossed numerous times in the past. I am talking about Zorro, Harris "the lawyer" Ibrahim, Sakmongkol, Topeng Perak, Mrs MP and the rest...

But this posting is not about me...

One article in Malaysiakini caught my attention. It is something Rais "Bridge burner" Yatim said... regarding Jamal "Red shirt" and money politics in UMNO. You can read Malaysiakini's news "Don't hide behind blade of grass" here.

Rais Yatim being Rais Yatim goes with a pantun :

"Jangan dipanjat kelapa condong,
buahnya jatuh ke laman orang,
bumi dipijak langit dijunjung,
berdiri tegak bukannya lalang.”

(Do not climb a crooked palm tree,
its fruits fall into others’ yard,
where the land is trod the sky is shouldered
stand tall but be not like grass.)

Rais countered Jamal's insistence that the money is "donation" from his friends is considered money politics regardless whether this is UMNO's election year or not. Jamal stated that if money is distributed during UMNO's noon-election years then it is not money politics. Me? Simple... what is the money for? If it is to "buy" loyalty, then it is money politics regardless when, where, who, and how the money is transferred from the giver to the receiver.

Looking at the pantun, there is another malay proverb "Menegak benang yang basah" which literally means "To straightened a wet thread". What it means is to defend what is already obviously wrong.

Think - which one is bigger and broader? Lallang or benang? I believed that lallang is broader than benang. Years before, lallang is pictured as those whose stand (political or not) swayed with the wind. Back in the 80's, one such lallang is the present 1MPM6 when he last minute switched of allegiance change Mahathir - Tg Razaleigh power equation.

Now, benang is smaller than lallang and as "Bagai menegak benang basah", it is impossible o hide the truth. Years after 80's, we are faced with 1MDB. Are we still in the old cocoon believing that whatever UMNO does is right? If Rais Yatim who is an UMNO leader and currently UMNO adviser pointed out the "money" politics practised by Jamal (and many others not named) is destroying the party, then what about hiding the truth from the public?

Last few days in a flight (hey! I pay for the flight, OK?) an UMNO supporter make another stupid statement. It is about DOJ and kleptocracy case in USA. He lamented that MO1 is not named by DOJ and he further stressed that DOJ did not go after MO1.

First, to be a politician and to be a good and responsible politician, you have to appear whiter than white. That means you have to be seen almost a saint and not just innocent. In MO1's case, he may hide behind the legal jargons and legal manouvres, but the fact is MO1 is step-father of a person named by DOJ. On top of that, MO1 is a close acquitance to one Hollywood party goer. You add the sum and figure out MO1. If you cant, then just read Rahman Dahlan's statement on MO1's identity. Yes, MO1 may be legally right but is he morally clean? My answer "Tepuk dada, tanya selera".

What are you going to do about it? Start jogging in the park (not looking for pokemon) for November is calling you. See you all somewhere, sometime in November (God willing). Will you guys be there? Me? Yeah... I shall be there... in rememberence of and standing-in for Zorro... alas...Alone again, naturally...

By the way... look at the body language when 1MPM6 talked to P1 in Laos...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Of healing times ... and hope

Nothing last forever. This time, it takes 18 years and 3 days for both of them to shake hands. All praise to The One. It may be exceedingly longer than 3 days but it is a good beginning to bury the hatchet...

It may be everything and at the same time it may be nothing...

18 years is a long lost time. If it takes 18 years to get a new start, so be it as long as Malaysia is on recovery mode. I see Said Keruak hyperventillating and hallucinating. Must be sweaty in his air cond room.

In politics, there are no such term as permanent foes. If this is true, then Mahathir-Anwar handshake carries a thousand words and a million hope. Unfortunately, not all are true as there are mirages everywhere. Remember Tg Razaleigh? He once drew swords against Mahathir many many years ago, longer than Anwar. Up to today, the prince fails to put nation first and his ego second. His fiddling to decide to heal Malaysia of its present woes throws Malaysia deeper and deeper into the non-returning abyss.

Forget about being ASEAN's first nation. On latest check, Indonesia and Thailand has leap frogged Malaysia and forging ahead whilst Malaysia is losing its shine and competitive edge. Don't blame Mahathir or Anwar for that. This is country management and Malaysia has been handed over to 1MPM6 to manage years ago and he has successfully reverse our fortunes.

Why does that happen? Simple!! 1MPM6 has been busy travelling abroad in his first years as PM that he forgot to take of the nation. Along the way, something got cooked and 1MDB dish is served to us now, and the smell is all the way to Los Angeles and Department of Justice whiffed the smell and placed assets under kleptoracy civil suit, the biggest in US history.

Topping it, 1MPM6 leave everything to his minions and he himself rarely spend time to understand, foresee and take necessary actions to stop the slide. Now, with kleptoracy case in US, IPIC claims in UK courts, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia donors mystery, 1MPM6 is booged down with his own created problems and barely have time, stamina and reputation to tackle Malaysia's economic problems. "Nasi sudah jadi bubur!!"

Forget about the look good feeling of TNB, DBKL, Bank Rakyat corruption remands. If Sime Darby CEO goes scot free, what makes you think it will stick this time? This is showtime. Feeling good whilst it last... for 3 years down the line, everything got swept under massive carpet with the usual "mutual scratching".

We have to look beyond GE 14. If Mahathir and Anwar can shake hands, why can't DAP and PAS do the same? Malaysia needs all the help to regain its position and dignity. Those who can't perform like Said, Rahman, Nazri, Azalina, A Maslan, Sabri should dumped themselves and let more able persons to take over. The fish rots from the head, and for that reason, 1MPM6 needs to make the ultimate sacrifice and leave his office and get somebody else to lead Malaysia. Maybe, that's the better solution for the time being.

By the way, relax and chill. Malaysia Chronicles's 1MDB Kebun Pisang is refreshingly nice...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, September 05, 2016

Of overshooting, mulut becak and cocke-a-doo...

It is getting more difficult to circumvate and read alternative news...thus you have to make do with reading alternative pro and cons of news. Whatever, will 1MPM6 be travelling to Laos and meet his golfing buddy Obama and at the same time court Xi Jinping on the possible HSR project connecting S'pore and Kuala Lumpur? Someone, somewhere needs to pay for all this, isn't it? Nothing comes free...

Pink Floyd's Malaysian bricker observed this in his blog. Rightly or wrongly, BBC News used to be the world's mouthpiece, once upon a time. Now with CNN here to stay, it is just another Commonwealth mouthpiece...

Even as a second tier news carrier, Rahman Dahlan has no business commenting and agreeing that MO1 is indeed someone in Putrajaya. Rahman is overshooting his use. Worse, his statement will not carry much weight if he is a leader from UMNO Sabah. But being an elected MP, a minister and BN strategics Director, his statement carry the full weight, waiting for the opposition to pounce and capitalise. Is Rahman stupid? Or is he preparing to jump ship?

Being a full time politician, Rahman may know something that we, the outsiders, only dare to whisper and speculate. As BN strategic Director, he is privy to some of the most sensitive information. He may not like what he sees and by his political calculation, he sees BN caving in soon. Rahman needs a new firmer and stronger base and the best way is to start building a strong footing elsewhere. In the meantime, Rahman is scooping what he can get, chicken feed or not.

Rahman Dahlan did not turn out to be the man he is today by being timid. When 1MDB burst into international news, Rahman strategically put himself in the limelight and directly under 1MPM6's spotlight by being the defender warrior which he is not. Fortunately, his comrades in arms are as "clever" as him, coming in the lights of Ahmad Maslan, Azalina, Nazri, Salleh and Sabri... with them as his "classmates", Rahman managed to be "top student" and gain 1MPM6's confidence to man BN's strategic director. See - you can go far by being a mulut becak, regardless whether it is of substance or not...

In my younger days, there is always this taboo that you should refrain from getting married if it is too close to Ramadan. Why? Easy, you need to minimise the prospect of "3 months continuous fine" if your lust overwhelmed your patience... whilst you are fasting during Ramadan. Now that Ramadan is over and Zulhijjah is beckoning, Khir Toyo leads by getting hitched to a 39-year old convert. Age difference? 12 years. And another icon ends his duda days by getting hitched on Merdeka eve. Age difference? 26 years. Unconfirmed reports say the pro-term President of a newly-formed party may also be getting hitched for the second time. To all of them, let's pray they will be happily married till death do them apart...

However, there are some who loves to crows and assume... Some say Khir is getting married to endear himself to the non-Malays. Some say Muhyiddin take the path to clean his record. What I say is - It's their life and if they do it the "halal" way, why make it a fuss? Don't be like "Ayam jantan kokok berderai-derai, belakang penuh najis"!!

Can't wait to see when Justo Xavier will be transferred to Swiss jail...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, September 02, 2016

Of quickie posting...

The past few months have been a roller coaster ride for this person. Although it does not directly concerns me, out of friendship...there are something that I need to do ala "A guy needs to do what he needs to do". This leads to "partial neglect" of what is happening in the surrounding. Now I am back...and let's take it a step at a time...

Even when Department of Justice (DOJ) has mapped out the missing Billions from 1MDB, Malaysian full time politicians especially from the ruling party is still robots..who cares more about their survival than the well being of the country. Why? Simply because these guys are willing to pawn their own family and their own reputation by "standing" behing alpha male 1, barking "He is not wrong, this is an attempt to overthrow the legitimate Islamic ruler".Are you sure that's the case? Or is it for the "bread crumbs" handouts dished by the so-called Alpha male?

When the other side is barking, the opposition fares no less better. Look what a 2 term victory in Penang can do to you. Of late, there is this "old man" who seems to be peddling his son's position to get financial rewards. The last I read, this old man is being sought by MACC....

Talking about MACC, this agency is being "hyperactive" lately with arrest on Petronas, TNB, Bank Rakyat, DBKL etc. Is this "job well done" or another sleigh of the hand? Let's face it - the question burning in me is are those arrested, arrested because of their crime or is it because they are on the wrong side of the pole? Is there any personal agenda from the new MACC head to potrays that he is doing his job?

I will definitely watch his next moves and see whether he dares to go after Alpha Male 1 or will it be NFA. I want to hear MACC says "Alpha Male is legally right and morally wrong". If MACC dares to say that, then I will take my hats off to the new MACC boss.

BERSIH? Will definitely be out for BERSIH 5.0 to show my belief and stand against Alpha Male 1. On the same breath, I wish all the opposition parties can cast their differences aside and stands united against the "mother of all corruption" 1MDB case. Talking about it, where is Hadi lately? He has not been talking much. Is he "caught" by his own dilemma to support "Alpha male 1" when he knows Alpha Male is wrong or is he physically weak to make statements? Whatever, Hadi should quit politics and let the younger generation takes over the rein.

I will be back for more, starting next week...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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