Monday, May 21, 2012

Of politics from a boy's view...(R18)

If you have read it before, consider this as a refresher course...

A little boy goes to his dad and asks, 'What is Politics?'

Dad says,
'Well son, let me try to explain it this way:
I am the head of the family, so call me The Prime Minister.
Your mother is the administrator of the money,so we call her the Government.
We are here to take care of your needs, so we will call you the People. The Indon maid , we will consider her the Working Class. And your baby brother, we will call him the Future.

Now think about that and see if it makes sense. So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what Dad has said.

Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him. He finds that the baby has severely soiled his nappy. So the little boy goes to his parent's room and finds his mother asleep. Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny's room. Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the maid.. He gives up and goes back to bed.

The next morning, the little boy say's to his father, 'Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now. ' The father says, 'Good, son, tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about.'

The little boy replies, 'The Prime Minister is screwing the Working Class while the Government is sound asleep. The People are being ignored and the Future is in deep shit.'

This has nothing to do with any person, dead or alive and if there is any similarity then it is pure coincidence..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Of Burger, Thosai, butts and...

Picture taken just outside Rais's ministry near Dataran Merdeka. Actually I was looking for the Occupy Dataran people after a cuppa of coffee. Instead the banner sets me thinking...
Where are we heading? The banner says "Bersopan dan beradab amalan kita" but are we really? We taught the Nepalese security guards to place their hands over their heart to say "Welcome" and we teach our frontliners to serve "with a golden smile". Not only that, we pride ourselves with the tagline "Malaysia, truly Asian.." but deep down we are getting into the gutters.
Look at how some of our ex-servicemen doing butt exercise in front of Ambiga's house. Is that "Bersopan dan beradab"? Just consider these points :-

  1. These ex-servicemen did their butt exercise wearing normal attire. Is that how we do exercise? No sweat shirts or jogging tracks?;

  2. Some of these ex-servicemen wears kopiah and yet continue with the embarassing exercise;
  3. The leader of the group refuse Ambiga's offer of 100 plus saying "Kita orang Melayu dan Islam tak minum nie. Kita minum air suam". What has 100 plus got to do with Melayu and Islam? Is there a new edict saying that 100 plus is non-halal?;
  4. Most probably these ex-servicemen are NCO (non-commissioned officers). That tells a lot of their approach;
  5. The leader claims that they are fighting in the jungles before. I will love to see their track records. In most probablity, they are the ones who are lounging in the cities with their green uniform;
  6. >
Take another case. This time about some petty traders setting up burger stall in front of, who else, but Ambiga's house. Now consider these points :-
  1. Is it bersopan dan beradab to set up a burger stall which definitely means serving beef and chicken burger in front of a Hindu practitioner's house?;
  2. Is it alright to just set up a stall wherever and whenever you like just because the police says so?;
  3. Is this a greenlight for others to follow similar footsteps because there is no action from DBKL?;
  4. Why no action here when only this morning I saw DBKL officers lugging nasi lemak and its dishes into DBKL's enforcement lorry near Pasar Seni?. 2 sets of standards?;
Let's broaden our horizon. What's becoming of gentle Malaysians when we have our own citizens heckling 1MPM6 Najib in UK recently? I mean here is 1MPM6 Najib starting his speech in London and we have our own citizens heckling him during his speech. Why then? Why not wait outside the function room to voice your displeasure? Are we losing that "Beradab dan bersopan" attitude? If so, something is wrong with our education system...
Are we living in a world of tits for tats? We have burger stall here and we are having a thosai stall there? And the better thing is it will be free thosai and free thosai making class. Will this be a new development in Malaysia? Will there be Chee Cheong Fun stalls later? What about Nasi lemak? 
In short, where is our "beradab dan bersopan" culture? Have we lost that loving feeling and everything is now only "WE" against "THEM"? Are we heading towards partitions and compartmentalise living? Are we that far apart? Are we heading towards a separation point of no return?
When Terengganu falls to PAS, UMNO supporters vowed that they will never drive their cars on the roads. Alas, that promise lasted only a month before these UMNO grassroot leaders drive on the tar-surface roads in Terengganu. The point is - both sides needs each other to stabilise.
As much as the government feels that they did the right thing, they need the opposition to do check and balance to keep them on the right track. How do we do that? Do we sacrifice our "beradab dan bersopan" to shout vulgarities? Do we need to throw our dignity to show our butts? Do we need disrespect other people's religion by setting up stalls offering beef burgers in front of a Hindu's house? We are Malaysians and we can do better than that. The trouble is we are too far apart that we are drawing lines to separate "them" from "us".
It is not too late to reconcile and begin from the starting point. All it needs is someone in Putrajaya to swallow his ego and admits that there is something wrong with his administration. At the same time, it needs a big heart from the other side to accept that something positive should be done. Are we not the "beradab dan bersopan"? If we are, then it is time to bury the hatchet and start where we left off...the minor problem here is I see Mahathir talking more like a PM when he is not!

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Of cancelling 9th June predictions...

"DS, In return for elevating me as the President of the company, I will make sure Selangor is returned to BN and will make a profit turn around within 3 years. As inducement for my hardwork, the President's pay shall be RM 70K per month"
Too far fetched? No, not for Malaysia. These are the gist of conversation between the country's CEO and 3 guys, two of who has the same "R" name and the other is a PHd holder who used to be in a logistics field somewhere in Jalan Semarak.
Why was this guy given the President's post? The reason is simple, he makes a pledge to return Selangor to BN during this coming GE 13 and his words were supported by the 2 Rs', one who was a former MD of the same company whilst the other R is the President of a union. The first R also receives his part, a RM 35K monthly allowance as the company's special consultant adviser!
Just to add some curry to the story, the previous MD of the company earns a paltry RM 15K per month and the pay increase to RM 40K per month when the MD's post was redesignated as President. Now, the new President is getting RM 70K monthly or else...
Now, forget about the pay and the politics of the company. The bigger question is - What makes 1MPM6 Najib buy the idea that these 2Rs' and 1 EK can deliver Selangor to BN on a silver platter? Worse still, at what cost? Well, the first R is a former student leader and was appointed the MD of the company due to his close relation to Pak Lah. Put the two dots together and you will know which organisation he came from.
The second R is pissed off with the President of the company for "not giving him enough recognition" so he teams up with the first R to oust Dr A who happens to be related to RosCTmah through marriage!
When did it happen? Somewhere around 24th April and DS signed a letter instructing Dr A to clear out his office on 25th April. Effective date? Somewhere in early May 2012.
Previously I set 9th June 2012 as GE 13. However, up to now 1MPM6 Najib has not dissolved the parliament. What is the message?

  1. BN, especially UMNO is having internal crisis to announce the candidates. Reason? Najib is torn between "winnable" candidates and UMNO warlords. Najib is too weak to cutoff the warlords and sidelining them will be a suicidal move for UMNO;
  2. UMNO, despite barking that their 11th May gathering is the biggest is still not confident of winning. What is 100K of "all expenses paid" tourist compared to those +100K BERSIH 3.0 crowd who thirst for fair and free elections? Worse when these "red shirts" opts to stay in city centre than to spend time at Bukit Jalil!
  3. UMNO could not reined in former MCA leaders like Ling LS and Ong TK to sing their tune. Ling LS has warned taht BN stands losing (again) Selangor whilst Ong's political move is still questionable.
  4. Najib real;ise that the peoples' voice is getting louder and louder and his spin doctors failed to contain the damage (thus far). Solution? To push GE 13 as far back as possible;
  5. Najib wanted to show "Whos the boss" to Mahathir Mohamed.Mahathir hinted that GE 13 should be now and Najib send a subtle message to Mahathir by not dissolving the parliament. Now Mahathir comes up with another date ie after Raya. Do you think Najib will heed Mahathir's advise?
Another friend who regularly "visits" UMNO's HQ confidently mentioned that 1MPM6 Najib is seeing stars now because of the dilemma he's facing. Najib wanted to drop political deadwoods from his lineups but these deadwoods are UMNO division leaders who can make or break him. If he choose to cut these deadwoods and failed to secure 2/3 majority in GE 13 then he will be easy pickings for Muhyiddin. 

1MPM6 Najib cannot rely on Sabah and Sarawak any longer, not when Musa is not getting "aman" from purported probes in Hong Kong. He could not bank on Pek Moh as Najib's manouver to oust Pek Moh failed before and Pek Moh is using his cunning to push Najib to dance to an awkward tune.

FELDA? Najib's pledge to FELDA is not getting warm response. Worse, can Najib put his faith in Isa who was found guilty for vote buying? If Najib can close one eye and shut the other to accomodate Isa, then what's keeping Najib from doing the same to other corrupted UMNO political deadwoods who happens to be UMNO warlords? In short, Najib is caught within his own game of "transformation". His transformation is no transformation at all. Why? Have you heard about "Bapa borek, anak rintik"? Well, the bapa is Najib, so do you expects his sons aka UMNO members to be non-rintiks?
Looking at it, most probably 9th June will no longer be the date for GE 13. Mahathir says after Aidil Fitri but I have my doubts there. What are Najib's other choices? Basically he has few options left but the better option now is to proceed with BERSIH's IAP and once the IAP findings pointed out to possible "coup" attempts, Najib may take the easier way out by Ops Lallang and by putting the opposition members behind bars, he could , "on advise" to declare MAGERAN!
Me? 9th June or not, BN is going to have tough time defending Perak, NS and Johor. That's what makes Najib having sleepless nights in KL...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Of hollow, halo, hold loh and...

Don't ask me why but BN looks like the scene from "Rumble in the jungle" when old man "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" is trying all his famous shuffle and repertoire of moves to finish the fight. Alas, in his haste to dispose his opponent, he is found wanting with his legs wobbling, his hands frozen. Why? The mind is willing but the body is not! That's how I see BN today. A fighter past his prime. Maybe he can make it just this once but the next round will be a goner for him...
Believe it or not, BERSIH 3.0 indirectly force the government to retract the election offences amendment bill .Nazri can say what he wants and so does the Abd Aziz. Whilst Nazri claimed that it is EC's amendments, is it not AG's role to scrutinise the wordings so that everything is in order and ties up with other election laws? If it is, then how can Nazri push the ball to EC's feet? Worse still, the bill was literally bulldozed on the last day of Dewan Rakyat sitting. Better still, the BN parliamentarians aye to the amended bill and now Nazri is making an about turn to retract the bill from Dewan Rakyat.
Nazri further claimed that the government is merely a "postman" in tabling the amended bill. What? We bleed to pay to MPs and ministers' allowance and they are just "mere postman"? I see this as an uncooked answer from a similarly uncooked person!
Yes, the retraction of the amended bill is a victory to those more than 2 persons attending BERSIH 3.0. You may ask why did I put 2. The answer is simple, you can put whatever figure you want depending on which side you are leaning on. If you are pro-government, you may like to put a figure of 8,000 whilst if you are a BERSIH 3.0 symphatiser, you may like to put 250,000!
The retraction is a victory of sorts to BERSIH 3.0 but I see it more of a hollow victory because the retraction only covers the following aspects of the proposed amended bill ie :-
  1. Cannot establish the identity of voters anywhere the constituency ;
  2. Cannot wait or loiter outside polling centre within 100 metres of station;
  3. Delete provision for candidate to appoint 1-4 monitoring agents;
  4. Candidate appointed polling and counting agent can only enter EC at stipulated time;
  5. Delete provision where all printed material must bear the names and address of printers and publishers;

I see the retraction of the amended bill as a victory of BERSIH 3.0 rally goers. It proves that together, we can demand changes and ultimately the government of the day has to provide leeways to listen to our grouses. This is a good and healthy sign - it shows that the government is forced to listen to the masses, no matter how bad they painted BERSIH 3.0 rally goers were. In short, we may not win the war yet but BERSIH 3.0 has gained precious grounds even in a hollow way...
On the same day Nazri announced the retraction, the government announced the set up of IAP (Independent Advisory Panel) for to probe incidence of violence during BERSIH 3.0. The Q - how on earth is Haniff Omar qualified to head the IAP when this same Hanif is the one who branded BERSIH 3.0 rally goers as trouble makers? Surely, the government is starting on a wrong footing, regardless of Hanif's "professionalism". How do you plant a halo on Hanif's head when he has already stated that BERSIH 3.0 is chaos makers and "communist infiltrated organisation"?
Not only that, whilst it should be lauded for the Government's move to set up the IAP, how independent is this IAP considering that the other stakeholders are not included? What about the BAR council? What is their terms of reference? If their terms of reference is limited to damage to public properties, then the sufferings of those caught at the wrong place and at the wrong time will go down the drain. A friend of mine told of his friend bundled into a secluded area, mercilessly beaten and dropped off at HKL without being "officially" detained. What say you, Hanif? Will you cover this as part of IAP's terms of reference? Or will you let IAP be another rubber stamped endorsement to the acts of overzealous personnel?
I am a pessimist. I see IAP as a stamping body and will follow wherever the wind blows....
Did you notice 1MPM6 Najib lately? Such a loner with not much support. Here is 1MPM6 Najib travelling and promising everything under the sun but barely no support from his own cabinet! Is there a quiet revolt going on in Najib's backyard?
1MPM6 Najib should be true to himself. Forget about being afraid on the possibilty of being the shortest unelected PM of Malaysia. Forget about history when only the first and the last matters or the chance of being the last PM from BN. What Najib should be doing now is to dissolve the parliament and go for GE 13.
Why now? Why not? Since July is Ramadan whilst August is Eid Fitri and September is when the pilgrims are lining to perform their hajj whilst Oct is Eid Adha and exam month. November and Dec will be rainy season and Jan 2013 will be lunar year celebration. Looking at that, the windows are closing fast on Najib and he has no other choice but to call for election and gamble his luck on retaining the government!
With BR1M and FELDA plus with the minimum wage as well as incentives to the public servants, Najib may hold the trump card to scrap through GE 13. Selangor is ready for Noh Omar and Penang is itching to be under Najib again, so what can go wrong?
On the other front, Najib can always rely on three sifus in the form of KickdeFella, Rocky and RPK. Why bother about Parpukari or the Pirates when Najib can rely on Rais to deliver the goods? In fact, Najib don't have to worry about his Perimekar link nor should he care about his RosCTmah's expenses. By now Najib should be comfortable with his in laws from Karzakhstan and his London-graduated son. In short, everything is getting rosy pinkish for Najib so why wait? Hold GE 13 lor....
Somewhere in the past I have mentioned 9th June and I am still holding on that date for GE 13. Any dates later than date is Najib's waterloo...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Of crossing the line...

This is not the finish line that I am talking about. This is about crossing the fine line between what is acceptable and what is not, regardless of who you are or who you think you are...
Previously I have refrain from writing on anything that may seems distasteful. If I do so here, please forgive me in advance as there are things that make you boils all over and Rahim "Black eye" Noor is making me fuming mad and sad at the same time.
Who does Rahim thinks he is? Just because he was the former IGP and the infamous "black eye" boy of Mahathir does not gives him the divine right to call others "father of Kafir" especially when it comes to a religious teacher who week in and week out delivers sermons and teaching Islam in his hometown state of Kelantan.
1MPM6 Najib, Mahathir, Anwar and others can see him as a politician, and in fact he is but does does not means that it is open season to label one "Father of Kafir". What Islamic credentials does Rahim has to label one as such? Is he a learned Islamic scholar recently unearthed in Malaysia?
On what grounds does Rahim comes to this conclusion to call someone "Father of kafir"? Rahim said because TG Nik Aziz "misleads Muslims to believe that it is their religious duty to support BERSIH 3.0". What? Rahim "Black eye", in the first place do you know what is the aim of BERSIH 3.0? BERSIH 3.0 is to ask for a fair and free election, period. And BERSIH 3.0 is open to all, even to you, Rahim "Black eye". The only thing is, Rahim, you do not have the guts to stand up and be counted as one of those who demands for a fair and free election! Furthermore, do you think that those who attended BERSIH 3.0 are all opposition members cum symphatisers? If that's what you think, then Rahim, may I suggest that you "black eyed" yourself.
A fair and free election is basically as Islamic as performing your daily 5 prayers. Islam called for fairness and if there is no fairness in an election, can we still thumped ourselves that we are an Islamic nation when we can't even conduct a free and fair election?
Rahim, you called TG Nik Aziz as another political animal who wants to maintain his power in Kelantan. When are you going to call 1MPM6 Najib a political animal too? Or maybe even call Mahathir as a political dinosour? You don't have the guts, do you? Not when all your present wealth is courtesy of political animals from "blue ocean" Najib and Mahathir!
Rahim added " For Muslims who understand this, they see Nik Aziz as a joker nothing else". Rahim, how wrong you are. Tell me and count to me how many of those Muslims see Nik Aziz as a joker? When I mean Muslims, I am referring to those who pray 5 times a day, who do not womanise, who do not beat people to pulp for no apparent reason, who do not consume alchohol, who do not slander, who do not practise corruption. As you may have trouble counting, I give you fair chance. Rahim, please come up and list me 50 Muslims who meet my category to step forward to say that Nik Aziz is a joker. Heck, sometimes I cried listening to what TG had to say on what's becoming to the Muslims at the end of time. Do you believe in Kiamat, Rahim? If you do, then maybe you should be assessing yourself whether you are ready to meet the maker. Have you make peace to those you wronged? Have you repented on the wrongs that you did, knowing or unknowingly in the past?
Rahim, the more I see you the more I see a mirror of Joe McCarthy. Everything is Communism and Marxism to you. You are getting into a state of self-denial where you cannot and refuse to see what is right and what is wrong. To you, everything stamped "Najib" is right and everything stamped "Mahathir" is divine! Little did you know or want to admit that Najib goes through "express hajj" and Mahathir once commented on Prophet Mohamad with his Gilette statement. And these are the people that you want to classify as "Ulamak"?
Rahim, you may have your reasons and you may have your goals when making the statements. Believe me that life is not eternal. If you have make wrong judgement, seek forgiveness as it is easier to find TG in a 25M Malaysia then to seek him in the hereafter.
Rahim, being a pensioner you should have more time reading while tending your goats. Have you read about Yusuf al-Qardawi's stand on demo fatwa? Then let's talk about the Fatwa Kebangsaan which forbids demonstration which leads to "rioting or disturbances". The Q - Is there any proof that the 28th rally has any elements of rioting and disturbances before the tears gasses fill the streets and the alleys of Kuala Lumpur? Rahim, since you are blinded with your "black eye" thing, let me answer for you - there is none. In fact, it is carnival like. So maybe the Fatwa kebangsaan is right but unfortunately. it is indirectly aimed as those who started the trigger for "riot and disturbances". Who are they? Definitely not the people in GREENS or YELLOWS or REDS. Who then? You don't have to shine when it is already crystal clear, do you?
Rahim, since al Mighty still give us the chance to repent and make up for our past mistakes, do so with honour. Know that it is better to be submit to his al Mighty than to submit to fellow hamba Allah. May His mighty gives the hidayah for you to differentiate between diamonds and glass.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, May 07, 2012

Of parrot, pay-rolled, pay riot and...

P is for parrot. Rightly or wrongly, it is an acceptable norm to hear some parotting what others say about a certain subject or issue. However, when the parrot happens to be the CEO of the country, then it potrays that the CEO is devoid of originality, creativity and information...  

That's what happen to 1MPM6 Najib in recent days.After Najib visited those injured in GH KL last Sunday with his cousin Hishamuddin, ex-premier Mahathir Mohamed came out with his theory that BERSIH 3.0 is out to overthrow the government. 4 days later, 1MPM6 Najib parrots his mentor and laid claim that BERSIH 3.0 is an attempt to overthrow the government. If this is not parrotting, then what is this?

What Najib fails to realise is, at that time and point, he is Malaysia's Prime Minister! He has at his disposal all the intelligence concerning the internal affairs of Malaysia and  if it indeed an attempt to overthrow the government, then Najib should have taken all necessary steps to stop the 28th April rally. Not only that, if it is indeed true that there was an attempt, then 1MPM6 Najib has no business visiting Sibu at that crucial time!

Since Najib is in Sibu and there is no direct attempt from him to stop the rally, then it points to 1MPM6 Najib reverting to his own lallang-self, swaying wherever the wind blows! That said, Najib is seen following the path laid by Mahathir. Does Najib realise that his "transformation" ideas is not what Mahathir is looking for? If there is already a clash in the basic ideas and way forward, then Najib should be making his own stand and disregard what Mahathir has to say about BERSIH 3.0.

Ambiga in her short speech in PJ civic centre on 24th April stressed that if there should be change in the government, it should be through ballot box. That, in essence has laid BERSIH 3.0'S groundworks that the 28th April rally is a peaceful rally with no other ulterior motives, least of all, as mentioned by Mahathir!

7 days on, as if in que, Berita Minggu mentioned about Ambiga not knowing of BERSIH's threats. It is reported that 3 former IGPs' mentioned of intelligence gathered pointing to the supposed threats. The funny side is how can an intelligence information is only mentioned by Najib much much later? Does that mean the intelligence is first channeled to Mahathir Mohamed first before reaching Najib? If it is the case, then what is cousin Hishamuddin doing? Where is Hishamuddin alliance? To his former, former boss or to his present boss?

If it is indeed intelligence gathering, then why isn't there any action taken to stop 28th April rally? If it is indeed a threat, then why did the police did not take any action on the crowd gathering in Datran Merdeka on 27th April night? Not only that, there was no report of police mobilising their FRUs prior to 28th April. The only mentioned, thus far, are FRU units were mobilised on the moring of 28th April. It looks like there is a rushy-rushy thing to paint 28th April as a threat and 1MPM6 Najib is relying on three former officials in the pay roll. Incidentally these persons are in good "pay-roll"position now and will do anything to please the CEO!

Of late, the MSM especially TV3 is re-running the same scene over and over again almost on nightly basis. The scene ? About the police patrol car being "set-up" by the "mob". What TV3 and other MSM failed to realise is that, long before they show the scene, we have been shocked with how the carnival-like rally turned in ugly scenes. Before the edited pictures came to teh airwaves, there are scores and scores of pictures and scenes flooding  youtube. One cannot possibly discount the first hand experience of those who attended the rally. And these rally goers as well as those youtube surfers has passed the information around long before 1MPM6 Najib came up with his parrot-like skill of repeating what Mahathir said!

Is MSM newsworthy and trustworthy? The day after the rally, a friend went to his nearby shop to collect his newspaper. The newspaper vendor mentioned to him not to believe what is said in the news and in facvt, the vendor suggested to this friend to read the internet. Can you imagine a newspaper vendor whose living is based on commissions earned from selling newspapers saying that? 

Malaysian reporters wore black and yellow on 3rd May 2012 to celebrate World press freedom day in retaliation to the brutality suffered by their peers covering 28th April rally. Whilst the reporters are ups in arms to protest police brutality, the editors chose to ignore the tenets of press freedom. How many Malaysian MSM covered the news about French prosecutors unearthing document linking 1MPM6 Najib's USD 1B condition for meeting with DCNI (supplier and manufacturer of Scorpene submarine)? Is USB 1B too small to mention in MSM? Is this what press freedom is all about in Malaysia?

The document mentioned by the French prosecutors may be true or may be false but the fact that it is uncovered deserves mention by Malaysia's MSM. This is about Malaysia's international integrity and if it is true that someone up there really impose the condition - then he has no integrity left in his self! Reason? He is not clever enough to cover his tracks...

Parrot Najib, pay-rolled former officials.. what is left? Ah...maybe pirates. If you want pirates, then there's aplenty here.

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Of post BERSIH 3.0 :Rubberstamping Hisham's SOP...

Frankly, I should be ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing) at Hishamuddin's statement regarding the formation of an independent panel to probe 28th April's assault claims. Frankly, I should be ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing) at Hishamuddin's statement regarding the formation of an independent panel to probe 28th April's assault claims.
First and foremost, is Hishamuddin the right person to issue the statement? No doubt he is the Home Minister but at the same time, his actions or words after during and after BERSIH 3.0 categorically puts him in the same dock as those who assaulted the public on that fateful day. Why? Read through Hishamuddin's SOP here and you will understand why.
Let's take a look at Hishamuddin's statements :-
  1. An independent panel to be set up to investigate claims of police brutality against journalists covering BERSIH 3.0;
  2. Hishamuddin expressed regret that some journalists were allegedly treated badly;
  3. Hishamuddin added that the issues must be looked at in the right context;
  4. Hishamuddin further said "I have to remind you that the worst case involved a journalist from Al-Hijrah who was set on when trying to save a police";
  5. Hishamuddin urged Suhakam, Bar council, and the public to submit whatever evidence they have to his Ministry to help investigation;
  6. The Cabinet ordered the police and the AG to speed up investigation and charged those responsible for turning BERSIH 3.0 rally into a riot;
So before we take a tour of Hishamuddin's remarks and statements, please do take time to read a moving article regarding BERSIH 3.0 here about former FRU's daughter's experience attending BERSIH 3.0
Let's look into Hishamuddin's statements and try to read his thoughts :-
  1. Why is Hishamuddin (and the Cabinet) limiting the investigation to cover journalists? Is Hishamuddin making the statement in light of world press freedom day which falls on 3rd may? Should it not cover investigation on claims of police brutality against the public, the lawyers etc? Why the special preference to the journalists? Why Hishamuddin did not extend the same offer to cover the public?;
  2. Hishamuddin regret and used the words allegedly treated badly. Referring to his earlier SOP, Hishamuddin mentioned that memory cards (and cameras) were confiscated. These memory cards may have the details of the assault on journalists and by resorting to confiscating the memory cards, Hishamuddin is opening the possibility that some "sensitive" and incriminating evidences will be forever deleted. Is this not a method to cover one's track?;
  3. Hishamuddin stressed that the issues must be looked at in the right context. Which context is that? From his eyes and views or from the views of the public who hunger for a fair and free election? If one needs to define the context, it should not be Hishamuddin who is also the Home Minister, the person responsible for PDRM;
  4. Hishamuddin reminded that the worst case journalist is from Al-Hihrah who was set on. Question - how many journalists were injured on that day? My last count says 11 and if you were to take 1 out, then 10 other journalists or 91 % suffered under alleged police brutality. And Hishamuddin is zeroing in on the 9 %? Does Hishamuddin knows his arithmetics? Shouldn't we be looking into the bigger numbers whilst not discounting the isolated incident involving the al-Hijrah journalist?;
  5. Submit evidence to Hishamuddin's ministry? Bah, you must be kidding. All the evidences and well documented in the youtubes. Go and fetch them there. Submitting to Hishamuddin is like surrendering evidences to the accussed. Is he not the Home Minister who oversees PDRM? Was he in KL during the events leading to BERSIH 3.0 rally and the aftermath? Is he not in KL to monitor the beatings and the tear gas as well as the chemical laced water inflicted on the public? If he is there, then he should be guilty as hell for allowing the mayhem to happen!;
  6. Turning BERSIH rally into a riot? Ask those who attended the rally, how is the atmosphere before tear gas and chemical-laced water was inflicted on the public - it started with a carnival-like rally and the tear gas turned everything upside down. If AG wanted to charged, then charged the Home Minister for allowing the rally to change into a cat and mouse game between those nameless personnel with the public;
Is the panel meant to rubberstamp Hishamuddin's actions in dealing with BERSIH 3.0? Is this another method to paint an ugly picture on the rally goers? If BERSIH 3.0 rally can be peaceful in other cities and countries, then why the high-handed methods employed in KL? Hishamuddin must answer to this and even if he is not warming up to the idea, TRUTH will prevail sooner or later.
The way I read it, the panel is just a tool to justify the ends and there are elements within the government who are working extra hard to "unearthed" evidences to paint BERSIH 3.0 as a riot. Do what you want but ask this - Do you really think the public will be totally convinced of your panel? When others are moving forward, we are regressing backwards by stiffling the voice for FAIR and FREE election. Ironically, we have Michelle Yeoh playing the role of Aung Suu Kyi and 1MPM6 Najib was there at the premier whilst his cousin is plotting and praying for BERSIH 3.0 rally to turn into a riot.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Of post BERSIH 3.0 : Watch your back...

"NC, were you in KL last 28th April?"
"Yes, in Pasar Seni"
"Me too but could not see you as the crowd is too big..."
That is what 28th April is all about. Everybody who yearns for a fair and free election should make their stand and their voice heard.
What happen after 3:30 pm is a tragedy of sorts. I have earlier mentioned that it might be communication breakdown on both sides of the razor-sharped wire barrier. You want to see pictures and videos? Go to the youtubes and you may skip BBC news as ASTRO had confirmed that they censored and doctored BBC news. And if you guys do some research, you will get the KJ-Ambiga forum held on 25th April 2012 whereny KJ supported the idea that everyparty should be given equal access to the news! If so, then when ASTRO has taken the lead to censor and doctored news, what do you expect in the coming GE 13? More self-censored and doctored news in favour of a particular party?
This morning I walked along Dataran and in front of the sole protestor for Occupy Dataran. I still see the plastic barricades there but I did not see the razor-sharp barrier. Why remove them? It should be there as a reminder that there are 2 sets of SOP for PDRM, one set as mentioned by IGP Ismail Omar and another set by Hishamuddin Hussein.I am sure IGP's SOP is well documented as it is the department's SOP but what about Hishamuddein's SOP?
Let's start listing Hishamuddin's PDRM's SOP. They are :-

  1. Seizing media equipments is part of SOP;
  2. Harrass, obstruct and arrest journalist covering BERSIH 3.0;
  3. PDRM personnel without name tags to deal with BERSIH 3.0;
  4. Using traffic division to break up BERSIH 3.0;
  5. Go after anyone wearing yellow;

It seems that Hishamuddin could not differentiate his role as the minister who is basically a policy maker and not a (public) servant who discharge his duty in accordance with the policy. What Hishamuddin did on 28th April is to hijack IGP's post when he sets hos own SOP for the police force. Unfortunately Hishamuddin is 1MPM6 Najib's cousin. What Hishamuddin did or instructed on 28th April is akin to Najib's instruction. That said, 1MPM6 Najib has failed Malaysians when his "transformation" ideas are not put into practise!

1MPM6 Najib's visit to the injured in GH on 29th April is just pure damage control. What Najib failed to realise - 28th April has give birth to a more determined group of Malaysians fighting for a fair and free election. If BERSIH 3.0  manage to bring out X number of people (you guys put whatever figures you olike as X), then BERSIH 4.0 is going to be 2X! Reason? The first timers in BERSIH 3.0 has manage to get 5 downliners ready for BERSIH 4.0 and if only 20 % of these downliners do turn up in BERSIH 4.0, then it will be 2X... comprendo?

Back to 28th April - what Hishamuddin did after 3:30 pm buries the goodwill between the crowd and PDRM. Before 3:30 pm, it was a carnival where everybody is friendly to everyone including PDRM. And when the tear gas starts, everything became blurred. Many accounted their experience during 28th April but the one that catch my eyes are 2. One about Lake club members attending the rally and the other about an elderly couple who braved the heat to attend the rally and they are, incidentally, Selangor club members who were tear gassed that day... Why does NC mentioned about these 2 clubs? They are supposed to be an elite, "members only" club from those "who have attained" it. They are from the top senior civil services and also the top flight politicians and businessmen. If these members have openly embrace BERSIH 3.0, then the government needs to relook into BERSIH's demands!

Look at BERSIH from a different perspectives. After BERSIH 1.0, the street protestors were painted as troublemakers and chaos lovers. After BERSIH 2.0, the street protestors were regarded as the the oppressed lot with how the government high-handedness in dealing with them. After BERSIH 3.0, the rally goers were now being embraced as Malaysia's inspirations for clean and fair election. BERSIH 4.0? The government should make ammends and meet BERSIH's demands in full!

What is the message of 28th April 2012? Is Hishamuddin living to his promise when he was UMNO's youth leader with his unsheathed kris? Is he sending a message of what may happen if he lost his crown jewel? His parliamentary seat and his cabinet post? Is 1MPM6 Najib sending his "we will defend Putrajaya at all cost" promise through his cousin? Is 1MPM6 Najib so scared of losing his pm'ship that he is letting loose Hishamuddin to plant the message to the bodies of those beaten and kicked protestors?

1MPM6 Najib may owns Malaysia's main stream media and he can also dictate what he wants to go through Malaysian airwaves but can he dictate what goes in or not in youtubes? Honestly, 28th April 2012 has gone viral to the rural folks. Before this caller reached the safety of home, calls of what happen and how many in the crowd is already there for the answering. The rural folks are not believing every single thing mention in the mainstream media. A Chinese friend informed that he briefed his parents on minute to minute account of what happened and relied more on twitters and internet as compared to the MSM.

BERSIH is no longer about establishment and the anti-establishment. It is now about us. What do we want? Are we going to accept that our elections are not clean nor fair? NC has voiced out before and will voice out again - BERSIH is about Malaysians regardless of race, colour, creed or religious beliefs. It is no longer about BLUE or GREEN or RED. It is about all Malaysians, including BN supporters to send a clear message to the government - WE WANT A CLEAN AND FAIR ELECTION! Is it too much to ask?

We have been independent for 54 years and has gone through 12 GEs. It is time for Malaysians to have fair and clean election. Don't you agree?

 Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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