Monday, May 07, 2012

Of parrot, pay-rolled, pay riot and...

P is for parrot. Rightly or wrongly, it is an acceptable norm to hear some parotting what others say about a certain subject or issue. However, when the parrot happens to be the CEO of the country, then it potrays that the CEO is devoid of originality, creativity and information...  

That's what happen to 1MPM6 Najib in recent days.After Najib visited those injured in GH KL last Sunday with his cousin Hishamuddin, ex-premier Mahathir Mohamed came out with his theory that BERSIH 3.0 is out to overthrow the government. 4 days later, 1MPM6 Najib parrots his mentor and laid claim that BERSIH 3.0 is an attempt to overthrow the government. If this is not parrotting, then what is this?

What Najib fails to realise is, at that time and point, he is Malaysia's Prime Minister! He has at his disposal all the intelligence concerning the internal affairs of Malaysia and  if it indeed an attempt to overthrow the government, then Najib should have taken all necessary steps to stop the 28th April rally. Not only that, if it is indeed true that there was an attempt, then 1MPM6 Najib has no business visiting Sibu at that crucial time!

Since Najib is in Sibu and there is no direct attempt from him to stop the rally, then it points to 1MPM6 Najib reverting to his own lallang-self, swaying wherever the wind blows! That said, Najib is seen following the path laid by Mahathir. Does Najib realise that his "transformation" ideas is not what Mahathir is looking for? If there is already a clash in the basic ideas and way forward, then Najib should be making his own stand and disregard what Mahathir has to say about BERSIH 3.0.

Ambiga in her short speech in PJ civic centre on 24th April stressed that if there should be change in the government, it should be through ballot box. That, in essence has laid BERSIH 3.0'S groundworks that the 28th April rally is a peaceful rally with no other ulterior motives, least of all, as mentioned by Mahathir!

7 days on, as if in que, Berita Minggu mentioned about Ambiga not knowing of BERSIH's threats. It is reported that 3 former IGPs' mentioned of intelligence gathered pointing to the supposed threats. The funny side is how can an intelligence information is only mentioned by Najib much much later? Does that mean the intelligence is first channeled to Mahathir Mohamed first before reaching Najib? If it is the case, then what is cousin Hishamuddin doing? Where is Hishamuddin alliance? To his former, former boss or to his present boss?

If it is indeed intelligence gathering, then why isn't there any action taken to stop 28th April rally? If it is indeed a threat, then why did the police did not take any action on the crowd gathering in Datran Merdeka on 27th April night? Not only that, there was no report of police mobilising their FRUs prior to 28th April. The only mentioned, thus far, are FRU units were mobilised on the moring of 28th April. It looks like there is a rushy-rushy thing to paint 28th April as a threat and 1MPM6 Najib is relying on three former officials in the pay roll. Incidentally these persons are in good "pay-roll"position now and will do anything to please the CEO!

Of late, the MSM especially TV3 is re-running the same scene over and over again almost on nightly basis. The scene ? About the police patrol car being "set-up" by the "mob". What TV3 and other MSM failed to realise is that, long before they show the scene, we have been shocked with how the carnival-like rally turned in ugly scenes. Before the edited pictures came to teh airwaves, there are scores and scores of pictures and scenes flooding  youtube. One cannot possibly discount the first hand experience of those who attended the rally. And these rally goers as well as those youtube surfers has passed the information around long before 1MPM6 Najib came up with his parrot-like skill of repeating what Mahathir said!

Is MSM newsworthy and trustworthy? The day after the rally, a friend went to his nearby shop to collect his newspaper. The newspaper vendor mentioned to him not to believe what is said in the news and in facvt, the vendor suggested to this friend to read the internet. Can you imagine a newspaper vendor whose living is based on commissions earned from selling newspapers saying that? 

Malaysian reporters wore black and yellow on 3rd May 2012 to celebrate World press freedom day in retaliation to the brutality suffered by their peers covering 28th April rally. Whilst the reporters are ups in arms to protest police brutality, the editors chose to ignore the tenets of press freedom. How many Malaysian MSM covered the news about French prosecutors unearthing document linking 1MPM6 Najib's USD 1B condition for meeting with DCNI (supplier and manufacturer of Scorpene submarine)? Is USB 1B too small to mention in MSM? Is this what press freedom is all about in Malaysia?

The document mentioned by the French prosecutors may be true or may be false but the fact that it is uncovered deserves mention by Malaysia's MSM. This is about Malaysia's international integrity and if it is true that someone up there really impose the condition - then he has no integrity left in his self! Reason? He is not clever enough to cover his tracks...

Parrot Najib, pay-rolled former officials.. what is left? Ah...maybe pirates. If you want pirates, then there's aplenty here.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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