Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Of post BERSIH 3.0 : Watch your back...

"NC, were you in KL last 28th April?"
"Yes, in Pasar Seni"
"Me too but could not see you as the crowd is too big..."
That is what 28th April is all about. Everybody who yearns for a fair and free election should make their stand and their voice heard.
What happen after 3:30 pm is a tragedy of sorts. I have earlier mentioned that it might be communication breakdown on both sides of the razor-sharped wire barrier. You want to see pictures and videos? Go to the youtubes and you may skip BBC news as ASTRO had confirmed that they censored and doctored BBC news. And if you guys do some research, you will get the KJ-Ambiga forum held on 25th April 2012 whereny KJ supported the idea that everyparty should be given equal access to the news! If so, then when ASTRO has taken the lead to censor and doctored news, what do you expect in the coming GE 13? More self-censored and doctored news in favour of a particular party?
This morning I walked along Dataran and in front of the sole protestor for Occupy Dataran. I still see the plastic barricades there but I did not see the razor-sharp barrier. Why remove them? It should be there as a reminder that there are 2 sets of SOP for PDRM, one set as mentioned by IGP Ismail Omar and another set by Hishamuddin Hussein.I am sure IGP's SOP is well documented as it is the department's SOP but what about Hishamuddein's SOP?
Let's start listing Hishamuddin's PDRM's SOP. They are :-

  1. Seizing media equipments is part of SOP;
  2. Harrass, obstruct and arrest journalist covering BERSIH 3.0;
  3. PDRM personnel without name tags to deal with BERSIH 3.0;
  4. Using traffic division to break up BERSIH 3.0;
  5. Go after anyone wearing yellow;

It seems that Hishamuddin could not differentiate his role as the minister who is basically a policy maker and not a (public) servant who discharge his duty in accordance with the policy. What Hishamuddin did on 28th April is to hijack IGP's post when he sets hos own SOP for the police force. Unfortunately Hishamuddin is 1MPM6 Najib's cousin. What Hishamuddin did or instructed on 28th April is akin to Najib's instruction. That said, 1MPM6 Najib has failed Malaysians when his "transformation" ideas are not put into practise!

1MPM6 Najib's visit to the injured in GH on 29th April is just pure damage control. What Najib failed to realise - 28th April has give birth to a more determined group of Malaysians fighting for a fair and free election. If BERSIH 3.0  manage to bring out X number of people (you guys put whatever figures you olike as X), then BERSIH 4.0 is going to be 2X! Reason? The first timers in BERSIH 3.0 has manage to get 5 downliners ready for BERSIH 4.0 and if only 20 % of these downliners do turn up in BERSIH 4.0, then it will be 2X... comprendo?

Back to 28th April - what Hishamuddin did after 3:30 pm buries the goodwill between the crowd and PDRM. Before 3:30 pm, it was a carnival where everybody is friendly to everyone including PDRM. And when the tear gas starts, everything became blurred. Many accounted their experience during 28th April but the one that catch my eyes are 2. One about Lake club members attending the rally and the other about an elderly couple who braved the heat to attend the rally and they are, incidentally, Selangor club members who were tear gassed that day... Why does NC mentioned about these 2 clubs? They are supposed to be an elite, "members only" club from those "who have attained" it. They are from the top senior civil services and also the top flight politicians and businessmen. If these members have openly embrace BERSIH 3.0, then the government needs to relook into BERSIH's demands!

Look at BERSIH from a different perspectives. After BERSIH 1.0, the street protestors were painted as troublemakers and chaos lovers. After BERSIH 2.0, the street protestors were regarded as the the oppressed lot with how the government high-handedness in dealing with them. After BERSIH 3.0, the rally goers were now being embraced as Malaysia's inspirations for clean and fair election. BERSIH 4.0? The government should make ammends and meet BERSIH's demands in full!

What is the message of 28th April 2012? Is Hishamuddin living to his promise when he was UMNO's youth leader with his unsheathed kris? Is he sending a message of what may happen if he lost his crown jewel? His parliamentary seat and his cabinet post? Is 1MPM6 Najib sending his "we will defend Putrajaya at all cost" promise through his cousin? Is 1MPM6 Najib so scared of losing his pm'ship that he is letting loose Hishamuddin to plant the message to the bodies of those beaten and kicked protestors?

1MPM6 Najib may owns Malaysia's main stream media and he can also dictate what he wants to go through Malaysian airwaves but can he dictate what goes in or not in youtubes? Honestly, 28th April 2012 has gone viral to the rural folks. Before this caller reached the safety of home, calls of what happen and how many in the crowd is already there for the answering. The rural folks are not believing every single thing mention in the mainstream media. A Chinese friend informed that he briefed his parents on minute to minute account of what happened and relied more on twitters and internet as compared to the MSM.

BERSIH is no longer about establishment and the anti-establishment. It is now about us. What do we want? Are we going to accept that our elections are not clean nor fair? NC has voiced out before and will voice out again - BERSIH is about Malaysians regardless of race, colour, creed or religious beliefs. It is no longer about BLUE or GREEN or RED. It is about all Malaysians, including BN supporters to send a clear message to the government - WE WANT A CLEAN AND FAIR ELECTION! Is it too much to ask?

We have been independent for 54 years and has gone through 12 GEs. It is time for Malaysians to have fair and clean election. Don't you agree?

 Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


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