Monday, April 30, 2012

Of BERSIH 3.0 - It's the blame game again...

What sets the chain actions of 28th April 2012? Nightcaller says it is the communication breakdown! And it happens on both sides of the barbed wires!  

It was a street carnival on 28th April 2012. At least until the police decided it's time to BERSIH the BERSIH 3.0! IN my usual walkabout, I surveyed Jalan Sultan, Masjid Jamek, Pasar Seni and the neighbourhood. Proud to say that the crowd is well behaved and all come without fear and favour with mostly firsttimers donning the party gears. When we sat down in front of Masjid Jamek, it is still a peaceful assembly with smiles exchanged between the crowd and the police force. Even when I received word that the rally should be peaceful dispersed, we follow the instruction to the tee as I have to guide the first timers and take care of their well being. Even though we received word that the tear gas has been shot when walking towards Bricksfield, I reminded them to follow our route as we comer in peace so we return in peace. It is this primary reason why this caller do not trust the mainstream media. You want pictures and stories? Load them from here, here, and here...

What sets the chain actions of 28th April 2012? Nightcaller says it is the communication breakdown! And it happens on both sides of the barbed wires!

Those rally goers can attest that there is a terrible communication blackout in the vicinity on that particular day and at that particular time. Maybe it is due to telephone exchanges could not meet the demands. It is almost impossible to make and received calls. The next viable option is to rely on smses... This contribute to failure to communicate and thus open to misinterpretation.

Next, being a relatively first timer crowds, they failed to distinguish between the peacekeepers from the troublemakers No matter what is said about them, this Caller will always vouch for Unit Amal to do their part in keeping things orderly. What the crowd did not realise is the presence of agent provocateurs who are out there to create chaos. Who are these people? Are they from the Yellows, the Greens, the police force or from the Blues? The Caller called on an independent panel to find the root cause and identify these agent provocateurs! And this panel should be from the public and not from the police force as they are one of the suspects in this mayhem.

What really happen on 28th April 2012? Did the Police takes a sterner action when they heard unconfirmed reports that one of their colleagues got hit whilst rumour mongerers passed wrong information to incite the crowd? We need to get to the bottom of this and unearthed what transpoired between 3 pm to 7 pm on that fateful day. How can an orderly disciplined crowd be treated as such and what makes some of them retaliate? Is this a penned up feelings ready to explode into the government's face?

If 28th April 2012 is used as a political barometer, then 1MPM6 Najib has his hands full in the coming GE 13. If BN goes with a landslide win, then there are those who will claim that EC is biased and the elections are rigged. If BN wins a slim majority, there will be more who will claim that the election system is not claen nor fair. If BN lost Putrajaya, then will 28th April 2012 recur?

The blame of what transpired on 28th April lies squarely on Fuad, the KL's mayor. The best solution is to allow the crowd to continue with their carnival like activities on Dataran Merdeka but limit that to 4 pm. After 4:30 pm, then Fuad can condonned the area with the help of PDRM, BERSIH 3.0 and DBKL. But Fuad choose a different approach, an approach to please his political masters... and the result is another slap in the face to 1M slogan.

After 28th April, more people will rally behind BERSIH and if BERSIH 4.0 comes about, expect more crowd to be there. Why? Many still opts to listen and cruise the internet to get the latest news and nost of them come back with anger. Angered that their brethens are treated that bad. All they want is a peaceful assembly and if 1MPM6 Nanib cannot provide that assurance and commitment, then 1MPM6 Najib is not fit to head the government!

 Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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