Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Of submarine, astro-not, ballot boxes...

The main newspaper to day highlighted the unveiling of the first Malaysian submarine named Tunku Abdul Rahman, in rememberance of Malaysia's first Prime Minister. The submarine is expected to be delivered in 2009 which will reinforce Malaysia's defense where the sea lanes across the Straits of Malacca happens to be one of the busiest sea routes of the world.

The unveiling of the submarine is a refreshing occasion and downplay the murder trial of Alantuya, which some has connected to the submarine deal. Come to think of it, if the murder does not takes place, will Razak Baginda be standing next to the DPM???

Out of the ocean depths, the next focus is of course the first Malaysian in outer space. Again the mainstream newspaper reported that Sheikh Muzaffar will be given a hero's welcome on his short return to Malaysia in November 2007. Why November when he will be undergoing experiments in European space agency on effects of space condition to man. General election around the corner??

On further comment, it will be a proud moment for the nation if a Malaysian is chosen by USA or Russia to be an astronaut (or cosmonaut) based on his ability and not paid by the taxpayer's money. Poor Dr Sheikh...he will be a victim of circumstances when political parties will use him as political mileage.

A small caption in Bernama mentions that transparent election boxes is currently distributed nationwide ahead of the General election. Why now?? Is General election coming soon??

The three news though significant pales when compared to the news of Lim Goh Tong's death. His story and his success shall be remembered, not because of his richness but on how hard work will be rewarded.

Whatever it is, the one news that should be anticipated by all peace loving Malaysians is whether the CJ's tenure extended or not...

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Of Ali, Abdullah and I don't read...

On the first schooling day after Eid Mubarrak, it is unsettling to read the news of PM claiming ignorance to PPP's, one of BN's component party, request to regain their lost seats come the next General election.

Abdullah Badawi, for reasons best known to him, has openly declared that he has not read the letter from PPP's President, Deputy Minister Kayveas, on their request to regain their 4 Parlimentary seats and 12 state seats which they had won in 1969. Funny thing is Kayveas made the claims 38 years later. The question is, has Kayveas finally gather his nerves to make the demands to PM? Is this a sign that PM's is not as strong as what he is perceived to be ? Will Kayveas made the same demands if the PM is other than Abdullah Badawi? After all, one of UMNO's vice President has openly make a statement that if PPP does not like how they are treated, they can always leave the BN. And to top it all, Kayveas claims that he sent the letter in March 2007 but PM has not read it in October 2007, after 8 months!!!! Incompetent? Unimportant?? Trivial issue??? U decide. If something of this importance has not been attended by PM after 8 months, then what about the promises made during the past election??? Just toppings to win over the votes??

Kayveas, being Kayveas, runs to PM and reported on UMNO's vice President remarks during the recently concluded PPP's annual general meeting. Is Kayveas playing with fire ? Or is he personnaly making the statement to corner PM to one corner, hoping to force PM to grant PPP's demand of extra parlimentary seats come the next General election ?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Of election promises, accountability, MyT2...

The PM of Malaysia today has indicated that the next General Election is around the corner when he agrees that he has not deliver the promises made during the last General Election's campaign. In a rare speech made in Penang, he has requsted for 15 years to make good his promises. So, my Dear PM...if the promises made in 2004 needs 15 years what about the promises made in 2007? And hat about the promises u are going to pledge during the next General Election? It seems that ur promises goes beyond vision 2020...And the funny thing is, u can still afford to smile despite admitting that u cannot deliver the promises made during the 2004 campaign. And to top it all, u r so confident that u will be around in 2022 (15 years on). My dear mere mortals who are subject to the alMight graciousness, pls don't be cocky with ur life span...for who are we to say that we will be around for the next 15 years.

And the Malay newspaper screamed out that the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) is going to make big announcement on actions to be taken/recommended to be taken on light of the recent Auditor General's report. And yet, reading between the lines i is clear that ACA can only take action against the Government servants whilct the policy malers aka the Ministers and the Politicians are not bounded by ACA and as such ACA will not be going for the Ministers, Deputy Ministers or the politically appointed persons. This is accountability ? U decide...In the meantime, feel free to read a good article from Bakri Musa extracted from Malaysia Today.

Even the sports has not been kind to our PM when My T2 (My Team 2) lost out to the Indomesian selection 0 - 2. With the money spent and the build up, the football match today clearly demonstrate that My T2 is outclassed, outpaced and only suitable for estate matches. The My T2 team is not ready to play undet the floodlights nor are they ready to play entertaining soccer match.

When the leaders are busy entertaining to their stomach, the public will be facing higher flour prices. That will be coming soon...

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Of Eid Mubarrak, King, Politician...

Although 1st Syawal has been celebrated on 13th October, 2007, it is not too late to wish all Eid Mubarrak. However, in Malaysia Eid Mubarrak is celebrated quite differently this year...

1st HRH the King, as usual celebrated the 1st Syawal with his subjects in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur before flying down to his homestate on 2nd Syawal to pay respect to his late father in the Royal mouseluem of Ladang, Terengganu. And barely a week later, the de Facto Law Minister Nazri fired the first warning shot reminding all and sundry that the King has to listen to the PM's advise regarding the extension of Chief Justice service. The statement was clearly objected by others, a day later. So, which is which?

Looking back, the issue was blown up when the lingamgate tape was uploaded into utube where a prominent lawyer was seen and heard talking on the phone discussing the appointments of senior lawyers, of which one of the names mentioned is the current Chief Justice of Malaysia. Is the tape authentic ? Who tape it ? Malaysian lawyers and opposition parties as well as NGOs demanded a Royal commission but the Government under the present PM is dragging their feet and instead set up an independent panel. After 3 weeks of its formation, the panel is still groping in the dark like a headless chicken with no direction and objective.

Now, looking back there is also another new issue on the issue that is bigger than the extension of CJ's service.
This issue has been purposely hidden between the lines but sooner will get the public with their pants down..the issue of the ever increasing fuel price. The Minister in charge has pre-warned the public on the possibility vide his statement on 17th October 2007. And how much is the fuel price increment? Nobody wants totalk about it now. Instead, everyone is focussing on the rumour that the General election is coming..soon.

The plot thicken and this time the nightcaller will be around regularly to give his 2 cents comments

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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