Thursday, June 13, 2013

Of understanding others...

Normally I refrained from commenting religious issues but this time around, I will make an exception. This is not the only exception but more will follow depending on the circumstances...I have been busy lately and could barely keep up with the online news. However, Malaysiakini's news on "22 women caned for Syariah offence..." captivated me. Finally...

I know that by the comments, many failed to understand or ignorant of Islamic values and teachings. For most, their moral standards follow the western code of ethics which is opposite to that of Islam. But labelling Islamic laws as archaic is uncalled for and shows how ignorant one can be.

First, let us begin by asking ourselves - Do I believe in God?. Taking out the atheist, almost everyone in the world believe in God, but their difference is how do you pray/submit/"see" God.

In Islam, we believe that Allah is the most merciful and the most benevolent. As creator, Allah knows the strengths and weakness of humans and that is why Allah elevated humans (Adam) as the ruler of earth and instruct all His creations to bow to Adam. Every creations did with the exception of Iblis@Syaitan@Devil. At the same time, Allah knows that humans are weak and are lustful(bernafsu). And that is why Allah lay out the do's and don't for humans as well as lay the rules in Islam as carried out by Mohamad.

When Allah lay the groundrules, together with it comes the solution in the form of punishment. And one of the punishment is caning. That is our subject today.

22 women caned for syariah offense in Johor. So, what is wrong with that? The syariah laws is applicable to those professing Islam. Why are others condemning the rules when it did not applies to them and secondly the rules are in accordance with syariah laws? Are we to be dictated by those believe that western ethics is the best? Just because caning is carried out, it does not mean Malaysia is going talibanism. By the way, do you guys know what is the meaning of Talibans? Talibans is Arab word fr students.

I take my hats off for Johor syariah courts who bravely conducted the sentence. Before the goodie goodie guys come to comment, did you know what is the difference in Syariah caning and normal caning? You don't? Then how can you comment on something that you do not know? Are you following hearsay? Syariah caning has strict limitation and the caning is more on educating the offenders rather than punishing their bodies.

What Islam wants is to educate the offenders and at the same time remind others to stay away from the offences. Do you think that it is right to commit incest? No? Then if incest is wrong, why are there those who strongly condemned the sentences when the individuals committing incest is wrong?

Yes, I may agree with you that we should go by all means to prevent incest and other syariah offences. That should be jointly done and cooperation between the syariah and the masses. At the same time, we could not hide behind the term "ignorant" to escape the syariah punishment. It is not easy but I believe when words spread on the syariah punishment, the syariah related offences will be drastically cut down. Trust me, If Allah says so, it will be so for He is all knowing.

Tough luck if you did not see it my way. If Johor can do, then why is Najib hesitating in allowing Kelantan to follow Hudud?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Of my views...(as if it is important...)

"Did you attend 505?"
"We have not exhausted the avenues to register election petitions, no election petition has been heard thus no decision made for or against the petitions"
I have not been to any of the so-called 505 rallies. My reasons are clear, GE 13 results though gazetted still need to stand against election petitions, either from BN or PR. That said, is there any need to jump the gun and pre-empt actions that may invite unnecessary actions from the authorities?

Yes, the results may not be favourable to you but it may be favourable to others. That is the norm as there will always be two sides to a coin. More important, those who feel cheated should make use of all the legal avenues and use them exhaustively. Afterall, election petitions must be settled within six (6) months from the gazetted GE 13 results. That said, the legal aspects will not be dragged to more than six months.

So why the need for 505? If it is to sustain the "feel good" feeling, forget it. If it is about "declaring" your unhappiness on how GE 13 is conducted, forget it. As I said it many times before, GE 13 is over and done with. Like it or not, we have to live with it. Whilst BN is sulking for failing to wrest Selangor and Penang from PR, PR is equally sulking for their failure to take over Putrajaya.

It is important for Malaysians to accept GE 13 results and move from there. Let the learned lawyers and judges do their part first before back-up plans are hatched. 505 will be counter productive when the political parties and the police spent their resources to shadow each other. When that happen, we have cases like Dharmendran and Ramesh hounding us.

Are we becoming a society where possible criminals becomes instant heroes? Are we morphing into a state where you do not know when you will be hauled up? Will the voices be stiffled and muzzled>?

Silence does not mean I agree to what is happening around me. Speaking up does not mean that everything is wrong on the other side of the fence. As Malaysians, we have to work for the betterment of society. No two ways about it!. I may not agree with what Adli is doing but I may support his cause. I may not agree totally with Police but I feel they might be victims of circumstances. I may agree with Haris Ibrahim but I may not see eye to eye with his methods.

Najib has lots to do and that does not sucking up to UMNO cronies. If he continues doing that, he may see his butts kicked before GE 14. For the time being we have a new IGP with a clean slate. Let him do his job before we pre-judge him. We have Zahid Hamidi and let's see whether he is better than Hishamuddein in handling situations.

Me? I am having my hands full in... and I will be back blogging by early June 2013. By the way... what is this chirping I hear about 1MPM6 ready to let go his chair in Putrajaya? Do you think RosCTmah will allow him even if he wanted to? Muhyiddein can dream on and Anwar can salivate for the chair. For the time being 1MPM6 is still there with Mahathir hawking over the chair, striking fear to Muhyiddein and a direct challenge to Anwar.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Apa lagi Taib mahu...

After 505, there has been a spate of questions posted especially with regards to "Apa lagi Cina mahu"... Well, for once, why not we asked ourselves in all honesty "Apa lagi Taib mahu?... Kind of spit for spat?Many got excited over "Apa lagi Cina mahu" during the aftermath of 505. Well, actually not only Chinese but the Malays, Indians and the rest of the country is longing for a better Malaysia and in the process getting rid of corrupted politicians. That said, teh rhetoric is not about "Apa lagi Cina mahu" but more of "Apa lagi Malaysia mahu"..

This is not about what ordinary Malaysians, like you and me who are exposed to mind bonggling corruption and abuse of power wants. We know what we want but 505 has not been favourable to our cause. Thus, we have to wait for another 5 years to "change". That is on condition BN fails to change and adapt to our demands. So far, BN has not indicated they are ready for change, so we are ready to "change" them...

"Apa lagi Taib mahu". Well, for one he had SWT (Sweet Young Thing) by his side. He was 74 and Ragad was 30 when they aere married back in 2010. Many were envious of Taib's conquest, not because of his position to snare Ragad but more to their age difference of 40 years! I bet men in their 50's, 60's and 70's drooled imagining Taib's exploits during their honeymoon. What Taib did not confirmed nor denied is whether he used "gambir Sarawak' to spice things up. Taib can surely peddles Gambir Sarawak big time if he ever retires from his CM's post!

Najib tried to hustle Taib from CM's post during Sarawak's recent state election. Everyone was clapping Najib's courage in doing the right thing but Taib proved that he is better than Najib when he led BN to retain Sarawak. Topping that, Sarawak BN is well compensated for their GE 13 performance. 6 were elected as full ministers whilst another 4 were elected as deputy ministers.

Apa lagi Taib mahu since Sarawak has Works Ministry, Human Resources Ministry and Women/Family/Community Development Ministry in the bag. That does not include another 3 Ministers in Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Looking at it, Sarawak practically runs the country with Sabah and Taib must be grinning from ear to ear at Sarawak's achievements under his care.

If you think that is enough, hold to your horses. Taib tops the icing on the cake with 3 fold increase in salary covering CM and others. Better still the payrise is backdated to January 2012. What can Najib do about it? NOTHING. Not when Sabah and Sarawak contributed 35 % of BN seats in the recent GE 13. Infact, Najib could be under Taib's thumb now. There goes Najib's dreams of sending Taib riding into the sunset.

Maybe it is now Najib's turn to anxiously looking behind his backs not knowing whether Taib will plunge the dagger into Najib and BN. Najib has better options in Sabah since Mahathir has successfully "divide and rule" Sabah by introducing UMNO into Sabah. Najib could not do the same in Sarawak as Taib is holding his fort and UMNO could not find the cracks to venture into Sarawak.

So, apa lagi Taib mahu? He has the gal, he has the prowess, he has the money, he has the power. The only thing alluding Taib is the consistent reminders by bloggers on Taib's unethical ventures. That, Taib could not do (yet). And that, my friends should be the catalyst for rakyat to oust corrupted politicians from their post, be it in the state or federal level. How do you do that? Your choice really... I would prefer the laws to take its course, or pembalasan Allah amat pedas.

I rest my case. Happy Wesak day....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Of Riduan...from Sabah

I normally do not discuss issues related to religion. Reason? I am not an ulama' but this time, may I make an exception?Half way through the morning, a Chinese colleague met me at the hallway and asked me a "sensitive" question. He make it a point to point out that he asked out of his thirst for knowledge and truth which I replied, I will give my two cents opinion based on my limited knowledge.

The centre of our discussion is Riduan Masmud who shot to fame for his "misadventure". You see, he raped a 13 year old girl who happened to be working with him at that particular point of time and later married her when his "adventure" was reported to the police and he was brought to trial. That, is the main point!

I first answered that it depends on whether he was charged in civil and syariah court. The news pointed that he is currently put on trial in a civil court.

If it is in civil court, then he has already committed statutory rape, regardless with or wothout consent. Round one against Riduan.

Now Riduan claimed that he has married the girl after the incident. Well and fine!. Now he further claimed that is is acceptable. Correct but he must also know that in syariah court, he will be found guilty for rapiong the girl when they are not muhrim! Consent or no consent, Riduan has commited a crime and that crime is punishable by either death (if he is married and he is married at the point of time) or lashes (if he is a bachelor, which he is not at the time of crime). Riduan better watch what he says because the more he talks, the more trouble he will be in.

Further, has the prosecution team take into account that there might be sexual harrassmjent element here. Why? Simply because Riduan was her employer at that time. Riduan may have committed sexual harrassment before he raped the girl.

Yes, the girl's father accepted their fate that Riduan is now his son-in-law. What will you do if yoyu are poor and faced with the situation? This is maruah and Riduan may have bought over the father to hide the shame. Is this how Riduan treats the poor? Just because he is richer and well-off, he can do what he wants to do?

I stand corrected in what I say. Menuntut ilmu adalah fardu bagi insan.

*note : this is my second typeover since my first draft gone AWOL....uuurrrggghhhh...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Comment to a friend's tweet... (who is the real PM?)

Apa apa pun Kak Ros masih PM kita. hihihi. Those were the exact words from a friend planted deep within the confines of Putrajaya.2/3MPM6 announced his cabinet yesterday. Behind all the hooplas and the usual "transformation" agenda, I see the cabinet as a pale shadow of what Malaysia can do and offer.

Let's look at the composition. Najib yet again shows his indecisiveness in putting together a solid cabinet when he "bows" to Chua Soil Leg's decision to stay out of Najib's cabinet. There goes Liow, Kong CH, Wee KS's dreams of re-elected into cabinet. It is OK for Chua SL to stay out of the cabinet. He has many offers to attend to with his experience and skills. The same cannot be said of other MCA leaders.

When Najib omitted MCA (and Gerakan) from his cabinet, Najib is actually shirking his responsibility as Prime Minister to Malaysia. Why? Simply because he fails to address the needs of the second largest ethnic ie Chinese who make up around 25 % of the population. When Najib fails to meet the needs of the Chinese then he can now be considered as a 2/3MPM6. Simple as that!

Whilst Najib left us puzzling with his choice of cabinet ministers, the same Najib opts to maintain 2 Ministers' post for MIC and at the same time, elect HINDRAF Waymoorthy as a Deputy Minister in JPM. Is this integration Najib-style? How can a 30+ year political veteran like Najib fails to see logic? Najib's Nambikei hurts KIMMA most when one of their top leaders openly ask Najib - is demonstration the way to Najib's heart and cabinet?

If Najib can appoint HINDRAF into his cabinet, why can't Najib embrace PERKASA and others into his cabinet too? Or is it because HINDRAF has RosCTmah's blessings whilst PERKASA fails to make into her books?

Najib "punishes Selangor UMNO for failing to deliver Selangor on a silver platter. For that, Noh Omar lost his post... but at the same time Najib "rewarded" Terengganu UMNO with 2 Ministerial posts. Is that a fair composition when it is not Noh Omar who failed to recapture Selangor but it was Najib all along? If Selangor remains in PR, it is not Noh Omar's fault but Najib's weakness as he is the Ketua Perhubungan UMNO, not Noh Omar!

Whilst Terengganu rejoices the 2 Ministerial posts, is it really a reward or is it Najib's way to make peace with Ahmad Said? Is it not a fact that Idris Jusoh is Ahmad Said's nemesis in Terengganu? If that is true and still true, then Najib is placing Idris Jusoh in Putrajaya to avoid any Perak-style takeover in Terengganu and to do that Najib has to entice Idris Jusoh with Ministerial post and at the same time pleased Ahmad Said by retaining him as the MB.

Oooppss... this posting was KIV when I enjoy the weekend. Back to the posting....

Najib is now a prisoner within his own making ala "Hotel California" ie you can check in anytime of the day but u can never check out!!! Remember when Najib announced he will only consider "winnable" candidates for GE 13? Who was amongst the first to declare himself as a "winnable" candidate? None other than Shahidan Kassim. Lo and behold, this Perlis MB-reject MB material has been upgraded by Najib to a full minister in PM's department! What do you read about that? If that is not self promotion, then I don't know what is. Poor Najib, he has to sccop that low to appoint a minister. Did Najib ever ask, why Perlis rejected Shahidan as their MB? Najib never dares to ask and in return appoints Shaidan as full minister, maybe as a countermeasure for possible Ali Rustam-Isa Samad-Ghani Othman's tri-party challenge!

On Friday, I saw a group of NUBE members picketing in one of the busy junctions within Jalan Bukit Bintang. These picketers distribute flyers claiming that they were victims of banking management. I am not discussing about their grievances but something caught my attention. They claimed that the top banking CEOs', the likes of Nizar and Wahid earns millions a year. In Wahid's case, it us RM 6M plus a year. Wow...a figure that my EPF can never reach with 30+ years of working my ass off for the country.

Why I choose Wahid? Simply because he will be a full Minister on 6th June 2013. Let's do simple Arithmetics, Wahid's earnings as Maynabk CEO is RM 6+M per annum. As Minister, he will get RM 4112 as Senator and another RM 14,900 as Minister. Add them up together, his monthly income will be RM 19,000 per month or RM 228,000 per year. His current salary is RM 6+ M per year or RM 500,000 per month. Think! Do you think Wahid will be satisfied if his Ministerial income is only 3.8% of his current income?

If Wahid is not happy, then how can he supplement his Ministerial income to the level of his current MAYBANK CEO income? You make your assumption and guesstimates. Maybe Wahid will sacrifice the monetary perks for the golden chance to serve the nation. If you are in his shoes, will you do that?

Since Wahid is CEO and Idris Jala was a CEO, why not we ask ourselves the question - what will be of Idris Jala? As far as my record shows, Idris Jala is an appointed Minister through Senatorship. BUT - Idris Jala has been a senator prior to GE 13. And a person can only be a senator for 2 terms of 2 years each. What will happen with Idris when his senator terms expired and can no longer be extended? Will we have a new minister replacing Idris Jala?

Transparency? Whilst others are begging Paul Low to look into corruption and malpractices, I would prefer Paul to take EC by the horns and demands their transparency. EC has always been the "fall guy" since our first election and it is time for EC to put everything on the table for Paul's scrutiny and advise. That's what Paul is there for, to ascertain that things are done in fair and transparent. If Paul could not handle this simple task to get our basics right, then it is better for Paul to ease off and let others to do the job.

By the way, have you seen RosCTmah lately? Has Najib finally tamed the shrew or is the shrew pushing Najib off the cliff, gently but surely? Najib is having his hands and eyes busy pulling moves to remain "lion king" of Putrajaya. Can he do it with Ali Rustam-Isa Samad-Ghani Othman trilogy, Muhyiddein silent moves, Khairy open warfare against Zahid, Royalty thumbing off with Shahidan, Waymoorthy "ready for hunger strike" ultimatum, MCA-less cabinet, to say the least.

Najib, Najib... he has restless nights ahead but his sleeping partner is having nice dreams and planning her own plans. What if she decided to put Rahim Thamby Chik as CEO to Maybank? Afterall, is it not the first cut is the deepest? Or placed Maybank under JLow's consultancy?Hmmm...

Deep trouble... troubling times ahead. Worse still, UMNO AGM is coming and many will vie for places in Najib's UMNO... For us? What else, if not GST... uuuurrrrgggghhhhh

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EC EZ or is it EZ EC? A friend called me and asked why I did not attend Black 505 in Kelana Jaya. My answer is simple - what do you want to achieve?

Whether you guys like it or not, Malaysia has decided on 505 for BN to retain Putrajaya for the next 5 years. Yes, PR won the popular votes but that does not translate into winning simple majority in Parliament. Yes, BN won the election but they lost the comfort of 2/3 majority. It is not a hang parliament but it surely looks like one.

What puzzles me is the way PR supporters acknowledged their "loss" and the way BN celebrated their "victory". If you were out there on 505, you will probably thought that PR had won the election! BN party workers were so demoralised that their operation centres were closed down around 8 pm on 505.

Yes, there were facebookers and twitters alive with allegations and "blow by blow" account of what happened. All pointed to massive election fraud. That's what some claimed and that's what PR is harping on. As I am writing this, I believed PR will come up with no less than 30 election petitions for various parliamentary seats. This is serious! If the courts rules in favour of PR, then we might see a new government after almost 60 years of Perikatan/BN rule. Crucial to these election petitions is the question - If the court rules in PR's favour, then is 1MPM6 Najib second term legally legitimate?

Is EC transparent? Or is EC manipulated and cheated as well? Consider this, how can a known party member elected as Ketua Tempat Mengundi (KTM)? Tak percaya? Cuba baca lapuran ini. Although the fault is not completely and wholsesomely EC, EC should have done better in vetting potential Ketua Tempat Mengundi.

In one case, an EC worker stands so close to the voting booth to such an extent that an old lady from Saluran 1 had to literally shoo the worker off for standing to close and peeking at her choice of candidate. Maybe it is not her fault as the old lady needs aid in walking but the EC worker should provide enough space for the lady to vote. She may needs aid in walking but she is not blind!

With BERSIH and BERSIH II, EC should have expected closer scrutiny to their operating procedures. In fact, EC should make it their point to explain the procedures clearly and in detail to their workers.

If EC could not vet out party members from being their Ketua Tempat Mengundi, then how do you expect EC to screen out all the so called "phantom voters, non-citizens from their electoral list? Is it not the Ketua Tempat Mengundi signature important in determining who wins in their respective poll centers? And if these Ketua Tempat Mengundi are party members, will they not be inclined to be biased? If this is possible, then will it be possible for some of the 505 election results flawed due to the "super efficiency" of Ketua Tempat Mengundi?

Indelible ink? What is the real colour of GE 13 indelible ink? News say it is dark red. Some say it is blue and not indelible as claimed. So, dear EC do we have 1 colour or 2 colour indelible ink? And if 2, is EC saying that the advance voters has a different set of indelible ink compared to the masses? EC claimed that the ink was supplied by a refutable company. Do you believe that? Cambodia is going to have their election in July and they will be using Indian indelible ink claimed to last 7 - 15 days. Maybe EC should send me there to prove that Indian indelible ink is not indelible just to prove that EC is doing their job right. I am sure some Cambodians will be washing their hands to wash off the indelible ink, will it come off as easy as our own indelible ink?

During a recent lunch with an ex-boss came up with a cheaper inedible ink. He wondered why EC did not use the hair dye used in Mamak barber shops. He stressed that the dye will last for at least 3 months and it will definitely last more than 3 days if incidentally spilled on your fingers. Whoaaa! So cheap and efficient but EC is blinded to this? On the sideline, now I know why my ex-boss is always primmed and poised as a lady killer. Maybe EC is not privy to this as their top echelon leaders are not that handsome and maybe that's why they do not have the balls hairs to resolve the inedible ink issue.

Maybe EC is a victim of circumstances or maybe they are victims of their own devices. Whatever it is, EC can do better by providing open seminars and talks to explain how our election system works.  To that we have to ask a question - has EC been pro-actively promoting what they do and did for GE 13? The answer is disgustingly no. If that is so, then can we blame others for planning to take to the streets (yet again?). If and when they do, can we put the blame squarely on the organisers when EC failed in conducting fair and transparent election process?

It is unfortunate when EC leads to mass street rallies again. Yes, BN has lost it's 2/3 majority and popular votes. It is up to EC to show that it is truly an independent body. So far, they have failed in the inedible ink and they have faiiled to convince Rakyat Marhaen that the election process is fair and transparent. Come to think about it, when will EC gazette the GE 13 results so that we can get the election petitions in and dealt with. The longer EC takes to gazette GE 13 results, the more restless the rakyat will be. Take note that this is no longer the age of mainstream media. This is now the age of social media. twitters, facebook and instagrams. EC can no longer rest EZ behind mainstream media as their actions are closely monitored and severely scrutinised.

If rakyat marhaen takes the streets in may 2013, rest assured that I am not one of them as I believe Malaysia (as a whole) has decided. We need to respect the decision and let the courts decide on the 30 or so election petitions. After that, we need to wait for 5 years to dislodge the present system. % years is not that long if you have the patience. The question - do you have the patience?

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Of needles and needling...

Wooohhh... (relief). Azmin Ali did not make any "hot" announcement dreaded by both PKR and PR. However... I sense more things will happen in the near future...I see Azmin Ali in a dilemma. He is sulking because he cannot gets what he wants. If what he wanted is not the MB post in Selangor, then he must be blaming PR for failing to achieve a simple majority in the recently-concluded GE 13. With PR not achieving a minimum of 112 parliamentary seats, Azmin Ali has to bade farewell for the conveted post of DPM.

There are talks across town that Azmin Ali has a dozen or so supporters in the form of newly minted MPs'. He may use this as a bargaining chip with 1MPM6 as a trade off for these BN-friendlies. Afterall, BN is short f 15 MP's to pass the 2/3 majority mark.

At the same time, Azmin Ali has to search his soul as PR may appeal in 30 parliamentary seats. If the court happens to be in their favour, we may see a new government within the next 6 months or alternatively we may see by-elections within that time or a final alternative is for a snap elaction, if 1MPM6 Najib has the guts. But, if PR lose the appeal, it will be back to present day situation where BN cannot breathe easy and Azmin Ali's "share value" will certainly be of blue chip value.

Now, who can predict Najib's near future? A friend mentioned that Najib is using Mahathir's approach ie 1 vote majority still makes him a winner. That said, Najib is trying hard to cling to his last "lifeline" ie Mahathir Mohamed. Najib is ever willing to do a yoga magic and re-appoints Ahmad Said as Terengganu's MB when he was seen live in TV seething at BN Terengganu's poor performance on 5th May 2013.

Me? I am more interested to see how EC will go about with their 10 year cycle of delienation. There are few catchwords in the delienation pocess :-

  1. Election petitions must be filed within 21 days of gazetted polls result;
  2. Mandatory of 2 years deadline for delienation process to be completed;
  3. After the delienation exercise, EC needs 2/3 majority support to approve the new constituencies boundaries;
  4. EC guidelines states that for urban parliemantary constituencies, voter population shall be more than 60,000 with an area of 8 ~ 49 sz km;
  5. For semi-urban parliementary constituencies,  voter population shall be within 30,000 to 60,000 with an area from 50 ~ 250 sq km;
  6. For rural parliementary constituencies, voter population shall be less than 30,000 with an area of more than 250 sq km;
The question - will EC still get its way in the coming months when they go for delienation exercise? And what if parliemnt could not give 2/3 approval for EC's delieanation exercise? Will it be hanging? That, my friends why PR must go at all cost to deny BN the 2/3 majority and that is also the same reason why BN is fighting tooth and nail to get 2/3 majority in parliament. That is where Azmin Ali comes in to fit the puzzle.

1MPM6 Najib could no longer rely on Ibrahim Ali or Zul Noordin as they are nor considered as junk metal. Najib could not rest easy since Sabah/Sarawak has 42 parliementary seats as their bargaining tools. Worse, Johor has 38 parliamentary seats to get Najib ousted. Right now, Najib is thorn between three parties, Azmin wants to be Senior MInister if he throws his lot for Najib, Sabah/Sarawak may ask for 20 % oil royalty since they are the real kingmaker whilst JOhor may loves to see Johor-born PM in the near future.

With 46.5 % popular vote, Najib no longer commands the majority and at the same time realise how his deputy is sharpening his knife whilst Sabah/Sarawak is counting the money from their Royalty demand.

I will not like to be in Najib's shoes now and worse still, when your house manager wants to do her way which creates problems to Najib.

Think about that...

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Of Durian and cucumber...

Rakyat Marhaen is cucumber whilst the Government is Durian. 5th may 2013, Durian turns to paste (tempoyak) for the cucumber to make whatever they like. Unfortunately, cucumber choose to let Durian wins the day...For the next 5 years, we will be spiked and crushed by Durian at will...Whatever it is, Malaysia has decided. On 5th May 2013, whether you like it or not, 46.5 % of the 85 % voters turn out choose BN to once again leads and govern Malaysia for the next 5 years.

Now that it is over and done with, it is time for Malaysians to regroup and work together for a better Malaysia. However, it is disturbing to learn of some irresponsible people out there who loves to see Malaysians remains divided. I am for the police quick action to investigate bloggers who promoted violence. Kudos to the police as their actions will hopefully defuse the tensions raised by these few bloggers and facebookers.

Pakatan Rakyat did not manage to dislodge BN from Putrajaya. However,GE 13 casualties like Raja Nong Chik, Kong CH, Bernard Dompok, Ali Rustam, Ghani Othman, Saifuddin, Teng, Kayveas, is devastating to BN. Even those winning like Palanivel, Liow, Saravanan should look within themselves and ask - Do I really win fair and square?

Yes, there were many claiming of magical blackouts, ballot boxes, phantom voters, illegal voters, vote buying but the more pertinent question is - are you there to witness it or is it just hearsay? Even on the night of 5th May 2013 whilst waiting for the results streaming in, someone highlighted me of the so-called "discrepancies and dubious acts" but as I said - is it true and recorded? If it is, then these people so band together or channel all their proofs to a centralised and neutral body for action and for them to pin down the real culprits.

Yes, there were those from Pakatan Rakyat who claims that they were robbed of certain seats and thus deprived of taking over states like Perak and Terengganu. My question is simple - if you feel that you are deprived, why you did not raise out youyr objection early to SPR and demands SPR to resolve it there and then? Now that EC has officially announce the results, Pakatan Rakyat's next available avenue is to contest the results and record their grievances in court for legal settlement. Are they going to do that?

Yes, losing is a morale blow. At the same time, I did not agree with the way Pakatan Rakyat reacted to their failure to recapture Perak. Don't act childish and sulks. Pakatan Rakyat fails in recapturing Perak, so what? Will these 28 assemblymen sulks for the next 5 years? Grow-up and face it like men.

Yes, Pakatan Rakyat fails to win Terengganu by razon thin loss of 17-15. Whatever, Pakatan Rakyat will not be running the state for the next 5 years. That does not gives the rights for some naughty guys out there to speculate that Ahmad Said is going to jump ship because Najib (or the Palace) is not in favour of Ahmad Said to be a secong-term MB. That is BN's problems and let them solve it - BN style.

Yes, Pakatan Rakyat retains Kelantan with a reduced margin and Husam failes to be appointed as Deputy MB or EXCO member. That does not gives the right for his supporters to demonstrate as this will pave the way for Pakatan's political enemy to capitalise on the issue. Do you want another Kelantan take over like what happen in the past? Husam has already accepted his fate, why can't the rest follow his example? Afterall, it is not the end of the world for Husam. Instead of demonstrating, Pakatan Rakyat should all hold prayers for the health of both Nik Aziz and Azizan. Is it too much to ask?

Yes, Pakatan Rakyat failed to retain Kedah. It is not Pakatan's failure but more of personal failures. Azizan's public fighting with his EXCOS show Pakatan Rakyat the exit door. In more ways than one, Azizan did not learn the tragedy of PAS Terengganu when they won Terenggany way back in the early 2000. What happened in Kedah is quite similar to Terengganu. Pakatan tried to run before they learn how to walk... Whatever it is, Mukhriz must prove that he is a performer or Kedah might silds back to Pakatan in GE 14.

Looking back, I have seen the enthusiasm of those youths who wants a better Malaysia. And these are the people who will continue the struggle for a better Malaysia with a fair and clean election. % years is not that long. Along the way, we may lose some leaders who have guided us but I believe the saluran 4 youths is eager to carry the burning torch for a better Malaysia.

GE 14 is coming and I am counting. Will you be with me?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, May 03, 2013

Of hope and reality...

So far so good. I could not promise whether there will be more posting prior to GE13 or not. Reason? I am hitting the road soon without my laptop. If I could, I would...but it is not a promise.It seems that whilst the support is still strong in Kedah, Penang, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor, another kind of wave is building up in Negeri Sembilan and Johor. It will good if PR can retain its 4 states and retake Perak plus another 2 more states oin the south whilst at the same time create another front in Sabah and Sarawak.

However, we should not deny the reality that BN controls the media and the government machineriies including SB and MI. These last few days will be touch and go where everything can happen. I have seen and follow up Malaysia elections in the past but this time around, this is the best chance for an opposition coalition to take over Putrajaya. The last time was Tg Razaleigh's led Semangat 46 but the last Friday before election, BN produce their special effects weapon potraying Tg Razaleigh with a cross tengkolok. And from thereon, Semangat 46 fades with their infamous Deputy President Mr "bridge burner' making a dramatic u-turn and becomes BN's favourite lapdog, until 20th April 2013 when he was abandoned by 1MPM6 Najib.

Back to the present, I can sense that something is building up. BN is going all out to recapture Selangor with their feasts of roast lambs, lucky draws and of course music. How effective is BN's approach? Well! bagi makan, kita kenyang. Bagi hadiah, kita ambil, bagi musik, kita dengar. Bila mengundi, tetap PR!

Although the sense of a new dawn is real, but do not be overconfident. I have many times reminded of peperangan uhud where muslims archers abandoned their post on the hill, going for the booty. What happen next is the enemies took over the hills and Muslims were defeated in the battle. Lesson : it ain't over until EC confirms the results!!!

Some PKR leaders are now gunning for imaginary posts and have tried making veiled threats. Just look at Sabah PKR leaders who are abandoning ship because Mr so and so. This is not really perjuangan. What these leaders are doing is taking care of their periuk nasi. Something that we, rakyat marhaen, is watching closely. We have gone through thick and thin for a fair and clean election and here comes some so-called leaders trying to dictate terms? Poorah... go fly kite cause we do not need you if you are not here to fight for the betterment of Malaysia?

Apart from that, I see there are certain shift in opinion from some of the pioneers, including those residing overseas. Call it black ops or whatever, we have to stand for what we believe in. As Barisan Rakyat supporter, we have to stand for justice, demanding an end to the corrupted regime. Whilst 1MPM6 Najib has been sweetmouthing us with BRIM, PR1MA and the rest, he too supported corruption when he choose both Ali Rustam and Isa Samad as BN parliamentary candidates. Let's assume that both of them wins and BN still runs Putrajaya, Malaysia will again be dictated by 2 corrupted UMNO leaders. Is this what we want?

Yes, PR has its own shares of problems. However, between the two PR has less troubles than BN. PR has been firm in dealing with the likes of Ibrahim Ali, Zul Noordin, Zahrain, Wee CK, Gobala, Hee YF, Jamaluddin and the rest. PR has no place for them and for that, I still put my trust on PR to manage Putrajaya after 5th May 2013.

Do I condon smear politics? No, I don't. I don't care about readership. What I care about is the welfare of Malaysians and where we go from here. I cringes the way smear politics painting and accussing political opponenets of things which they may or may not do. I am not saying it is not correct but do it with ettiquette. Are you sure of the facts? Or is it just hearsay?

PR has been harping on phantom voters and BN countered that these tourists are brought in by friends of BN. Whatever, I will not forgive anyone who acts or becoming agents to phantom voters, be it from BN or PR. Do you want our future dictated by foreigners? Are we prisoners of our own devices?

Enough for now. Hopefully all of you will do your duty to come out and vote 5th May 2013. You can vote BN, PR or Bebas...I have no problem with that as long as you carry out your duty as a citizen of Malaysia.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Antara Joran dan ikan...

Mahathir Mohamed pernah menasihatkan Bumiputera supaya bersedia untuk buang "tongkat". Tup tup, 1MPM6 Najib memperkenalkan BR1M dan entah apa-apa **1M lagi kepada rakyat serta diperluakan sehingga membabit seluruh bangsa di Malaysia. Apa tak kena?Selalunya kita mendengar ungkapan-ungkapan supaya mereka yang perlu diberikan bantuan diberi peluang dan "technical know how". Ini adalah lebih baik dari memberikan "one-off" bantuan yang hanya bersifat sementara.

Begitu juga dengan kenyataan Mahathir Mohamed. Beliau membayangkan sudah tiba masanya untuk Bumiputera bertatih sendiri tanpa bantuan "tongkat". Sudah pasti ada yang terjatuh pada permulaannya tetapi lambat laun, mereka ini akan berdirikari. Mungkin juga ada yang bukan saja dapat berjalan tanpa tongkat tetapi berlari menggunakan kudrat sendiri.

Namun dalam usaha untuk "prop-up" imej beliau, 1MPM6 Najib telah menogkah arus dengan memperkenalkan **1M yang berpaksikan kepada "tongkat". Pendek kata, Najib memilih untuk membiarkan mereka2 yang perlukan bantuan diberi "tongkat" virtual yang akan lenyap dalam masa yang singkat. Akhirnya, mereka-mereka ini akan kembali terkial-kial ditengah-tengah perjalanan.

Apabila Mahathir lebih menumpukan kepada memberikan joran serta "technical know how" pada yang memerlukan, 1MPM6 Najib lebih gemar memberikan ikan kepada mereka. Berapa lama ikan ini dapat bertahan dan berapa lama mereka yang divberi bantuan akan hidup dengan seekor (one time) ikan? Tidakkah lebih baik kalau Najib memberikan joran serta membimbing mereka tentang cara-cara untuk mengail ikan dari melonggokkan ikan pada satu kali saja? Apa yang mereka perlu dibuat pada hari-hari yang berikut? Berpuasa?

Inilah kelemahan Najib. Dalam tempoh 4 tahun menerajui Malaysia, pencapaian terunngul beliau ialah slogan "1Malaysia" dengan menangkat jari penunjuk sebagai simbol 1Malaysia. Malangnya, sekiranya itulah pemikiran bernas Najib, maka budak hingusan berumur 4 tahun pun boleh menjadi PM hanya dengan menggunakan jari penunjuk untuk lambang 1Malaysia.

Apa punca kelemahan Najib? Antara lain, belia dilahirkan dalam golongan bangsawan. Malangnya Najib tidak pernah merasa kesusahan yang dialami oleh rakyat marhaen saperti kamu dan saya. Bak kata orang putih "he is born with a silver spoon". Apabila meningkat remaja, beliau dihantar ke England untuk menyambung pelajarannya dan dalam umur awal 20-an, beliau kehilangan bapa yang juga PM Malaysia yang kedua.

Sebagai "menatang minyak yang penuh", beliau diberi segala bantuan dan kemudahan yang membolehkan beliau bertapa diarena politik serta menjadi MB Pahang. Beliau tidak pernah merasa betapa susahnya berlumba untuk mendapat "academic excellence", beliau tidak merasa betapa susahnya mengharapkan bantuan pelajaran. Bagi beliau, makan maggi dizaman persekolahan adalah hobi, walhal bagi kita rakyat marhaen bergelar pelajar, maka maggi adalah keperluan hidup kerana kesempitan kewangan dsbnya.

Dari kerusi empuk MB Pahang, beliau digoda oleh pengampu projek sehinggakan beliau tergamak membuat tuduhan melulu terhadap pasangan hidup beliau. Yang lainnya, kata orang "is history".

Sebagai aristokrat, beliau mendapat bekalan ikan yang melimpahruah. Pemberian "one-off" ikan pada yang memerlukan bantuan tidak sama dengan ikan Najib. Pendekkata, Najib tidak perlu belajar untuk mengail untuk mendapatkan ikan. Just a snap of his fingers and fishes will jump onto his lap sebagaimana terjadi di Port Dickson dan kadangkala ada juga ikan "international" yang "tersesat" dipangkuan beliau. Tidak faham? Read between the lines... :)

Dalam menempuh pilihanraya paling gentir sejak UMNO (B) ditubuhkan, 1MPM6 Najib sudah nampak tanda-tanda kekalahan apabila beliau sering mengungkapkan "Jangan Ubah". Unconciously he is admitting that defeat isstaring straight into his eyes. Not much can be done now unless he push all the panic buttons.

Najib mengembargemburkan kejayaan BN untuk sesuatu tetapi lebih penting dari itu - Is that enough? Maybe PR can do better!

Tidak disangkal bahwa BN membawa pembanungunan dan prascarana tetapi mungkinkah perkara yang sama dapat dibuat pada kadar yang lebih rendah dengan mutu yang lebih tinggi? Menyediakan prascarana adalah tanggungjawab ie responsibility kerajaan ie government of the day.

Apa yang dipersoalkan ranyat islah "apakah pembangunan itu bernilai saperti apa yang digambarkan?" Di Selangor telah terbukti bahwa kerajaan terdahulu pimpinan BN telah menyeleweng dan memberi habuan kepada kroni-kroni. Mungkin apabila BN tumbang nanti, rakyat marhaen akan didedahkan dengan penipuan dan penyewelengan yang lebih besar bernilai ratusan juta ringgit malah billion juta ringgit.

Atas dasar itulah, Najib "merayu" supaya "jangan ubah". Too many skeletons in the closet dan Najib tidak mungkin dan tidak mampu menyembunyikan semua apabila BN kalah 5hb Mei ini. Hanya satu cara untuk menghalang, pastikan BN "menang" dalam apa jua keadaan and at whatever cost.

Malangnya Najib is no Mahathir. Najib don't have the killer instinct of Mahathir. That is why Najib needs Mahathir to personally show Najib the way in GE 13. But then again, Mahathir is no Najib either!.

Mahathir is known as a no-nonsense guy who will not stand to his lieutenants' infidelity. Pernah dengar tentang MB yang beristeri 2 ketika zaman Mahathir? In short, Mahathir does not play the field like Najib. And what goes around comes around...

Najib dijulang atas jasa bapanya. Najib naik dengan menuduh bekas pasangannya "sakit", Najib diulit dengan bini kedua. Mungkinkan wanita yang menaikkan Najib akan juga menjadi punca untuk kejatuhan Najib? Fikir-fikirkanlah...

Hingga ketemu lagi...Selamat malam M'sia...Dimana jua anda berada...
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EC's boo boo + overzealous = BN win (again)

Sorry to break the news guys, but that's the way I see it now. Call me a pessimist, I don't mind. All you guys got to do is prove me wrong...Here we go again. When you think you see the last of EC's boo boo, here comes another. Now how do you explain?

I see it as another major glitch on EC. With almost 60 years of experience, EC still could not get its act right. Latest is the indelible ink fiasco. Look at how EC tries to wringles itself out from its own self-inefficiency. EC is coming out with lame excuses that the bottles is not well shaken and stirred. Hey EC, you think this is James Bond martini when he likes is stirred but not shaken?

Worse, what is your standard operating procedure for the ink? No procedure? If that is so, then EC has failed miserable to win our trust. Year in and year out EC proves itself to be one of the most unorganised body in Malaysia. Is EC implying that they have not properly conduct courses for its staffs? How can this be so when million of ringgits has been set aside for EC expenditure?

EC secretary explaination is another full of craps. His statement that traces of the ink can be detected under the magnifying glass send me to the floor laughing. How on earth can you expect the EC to magnify everybody's index fingers for traces of indelible ink? How much time will it be wasted and how many personnel will be involved? If you go that way scrutinising voters, then Malaysia is on the way to lower voter turnout, thanks to EC's inefficiency.

If the above is EC's inefficiency, PR media fares no better. You keep your findings close to your heart. However, there is this posting about army voting and if it is true, strange things can happen before 5th may 2013.

Let's assume that the post is right and there is a major turnover from the army personnel. Why should PR brag on that? Will it not expose your secret strength and unscrupulous people can do magic to the votes.

Will it not be better for it to be kept under wraps and expose only on 5th May morning to boost morals?

Be forewarned that the final BN assault will be tomorrow ie Friday 3rd May 2013. Watch out for personal attacks and caricatures which will then be "nationwide" broadcasted, painting PR in a very bad light. Forget about ethics. BN does not practise one. BN's mission is only one - defend Putrajaya at all cost. Our mission is also simple and straight forward - strip BN of its executive and legislative power. Return the power to the rightful owners ie us, the rakyat. Let us then decise who should manage Malaysia for us in the next 5 years.

Honestly I have been to a number of PR political rallies. Sad to say that their orators failed to use their magic to score points. Maybe I should give one as example. What is PR impact towards the nation? Have you not seen that a strong opposition force the government to retract few mega projects (initially slated for their cronies)? Strong opposition mandated by the rakyat during 308 force BN to dish out **1M, lower tolls etc. That is the indirect benefit of a strong opposition. And who put the opposition there? We, the rakyat!

As time is getting closer to the magical 050513, this post will be updated more time. I have done my part, have you done yours?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Menuju garisan penamat...

Garisan penamat 5hb Mei...Ada sesuatu yang membuatkan pemimpin dan pendokong BN gelabah kali ini. Walaupun media digunakan sebagai gerak gempur minda rakyat untuk mengundi BN kali ini, ramai dari kalangan "berada" telah membuat persiapan awal untuk "berhijrah" sementara ke negara-negara jiran.

Didalam rangka perjalanan minggu lepas, seorang pengusaha/pelabur negara jiran menceritakan betapa beliau mendapat begitu banyak panggilan dartai "rakan-rakan" perniagaan Malaysia yang akan membuat "kujungan" ke negara beliau mulai 5 hingga 7 hb Mei 2013. Adakah ini petanda awal tentang kemungkinan BN akan "tempang" selepas PRU 13?

Anihnya, mereka-mereka ini memilih untuk tidak berehat di Singapaura atas alasan "exchange rate" yang tinggi, tetapi memilih negara ASEAN ini kerana kos sara hidup yang lebih rendah.

Apa-apapun sebabnya, itu tidak penting. Yang penting ialah pecutan terakhir beberapa hari ini untuk menuju ke garisan penamat. KTM komuter kini makin ligat memutarkan IM4U berserta dengan akujanji BN seandainya menawan kembali Selangor. Jelas sekali Pengurus Besar KTMB begitu bertungkulumus memainkan perang saraf untuk memenangkan hati rakyat mengundi BN.

TV? Itu sudah semestinya. Saban hari tidak ada satu berita positif tentang pihak PR. Yang ada hanyalah pamparan "derita" rakyat dibawah PR. Anehnya, dalam masa yang sama, ceramah BN masih gagal untuk mengumpul pendengar. Yang ada hanyalah pendengar "professional" yang dibayar untuk meramaikan majlis.

Angin perubahan begitu ketara sekali dimana rata-rata rakyat inginkan suasana baru. Bak kata teman ASEAN saya, BN sudah terlalu lama dimeja solek dan jika dilihat dicermin, sudah nampak kekotoran-kekotoran yang perlu dibersihkan. Dan untuk membersihkannya, BN perlu di "masukkan" kedalam baldi, direndam dan dicuci. Untuk itu, BN perlu dikalahkan dan mempelajari cara untuk menjadi pembangkan setelah sekian lama mengaut kekayaan negara dan dalam masa yang sama berpura-pura membantu rakyat.

Hari minggu yang lalu, seorang perayu undi BN telah meminta saya mengundi BN atas alasan kesinambungan BR1M. Saya menjawab, mungkin kalau PR menanag BR1M akan ditambah berganda. Beliau mengatakan kalau BN kalah, rakyat akan menderita dan saya berkata "Hanya rakyat berdarahkan BN yang menderita kerana hilang punca pencarian mudah".

Masih ingat pada arwah Datuk Z, Klang? Semasa beliau menjadi ADUN, seorang rakan yang menjadi kontraktor angkut sampah menjadi kayaraya. Malangnya apabila BN tumbang di Selangor, rakan tersebut turut jatuh sehingga tinggal sehelai sepinggang. Kenapa? Beliau yang terlalu mabuk dengan "rezeki" tirisan Datuk Z tidak berjimat cermat dan akhirnya menderita akibat kealpaan beliau. Moral of the story? BN perlu kalah untuk membina semula sifat jatidiri kontraktor yang menjadi parasit kepada BN selama ini.

Seorang kontraktor kelas A memberitahu bagaimana diera BN Selangor, satu projek yang bernilai RM 15J telah dimanipulasikan menjadi RM 30J. Andainya RM 15J sudah cukup untuk menyempurnakan kerja tersebut, dimanakan balance RM 15J lagi, kalau tidak disaku-saku kroni2 BN yang berpejabat dibangunan UMNO dan sebagainya? Adakah ini berlaku semasa PR? Beliau dengan berterusterang berkata perkara ini tidak berlaku semasa PR menerajui BN.

Garisan penamat hanya tinggal kira-kira 6 hari lagi. Najib nampaknya makin berpeluh dan sudah mula merapu. Mahathir sudah mula turun padang tetapi Abdullah Badawi tidak pula kedengaran. Adakah "elegant silence" Abdullah menceritakan semua? Bahwa BN sudah nazak dan mula membuat percaturan penipuan untuk menang dan tidak lagi bersandarkan pada helah dan tipudaya politik?

Saya merasakan hari Jumaat ini akan menjadi hari penentuan dimana BN akan cuba memberi pukulan maut untuk mengekalkan kuasa. Dalam masa yang sama PR juga mungkin sudah membuat percaturan sendiri untuk membalan pukulan maut BN.

Walau apapun, sudah nampak keretakan BN dan ini akan memberi peluang untuk PR memerintah Malaysia. Inilah masa yang terbaik untuk PR dan andainya PR gagal, maka peluang yang sama mungkin berulang 30 tahun lagi

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Of fighting against poltical machineries...

I don't know Kamilia Ibrahim but I stand by her side in fighting party injustice. I am not a soothsayer but I pray Kamilia will jolt UMNO to reality (with a little help from PR)...Don't worry. I have not abandoned my belief of Barisan Rakyat. See... I am coining both political entities together just like those days in Petaling Jaya. I carved out Barisan from BN and Rakyat from PR... to openly declare that my foremost allegiance is for the rakyat and not an individual nor a rotten party.

However, April 20th aftershock is still there. I mean talking about those indies who, rightly or wrongly, believe they can put up a good fight against the well-oiled machineries of either BN or PR. How these indies bathed in their limelight and all of a sudden, here comes the quiet eeriness... and these indies are basically left alone to fight an uphill battle to even introduce themselves to potential voters.

Forget about Ibrahim Ali. He might be an indie by name but he has the full support of BN machinery in Pasir Mas. Don't believe? Just look at how slow UMNO disciplinary committee when dealing with the likes of Che Johan Che Pa, just because MM is behind Ibrahim.

As I am writing this, I believed the Disciplinary committee is mulling on the actions to be taken against Che Johan and his seconders. I say, it will be no more than a slight slap on the wrist and Najb will announce the need for BN to support Ibrahim Ali as he is PERKASA chief.

I am not writing about Shariff Omar either as he is lost in the battle for Penang. Afterall, he has his days before so let him be, barking at the wrong tree at the wrong time.

I am referring to Kamilia Ibrahim, the lone ranger who stand up against the injustice within BN. She has given her side of the story and see how UMNO wanita members shunning her now and treated her worse than a leper! Where are all the wanita UMNO who supported her in her days as 2nd in command? All running like headless chicken and parroting what Shahrizat is saying.

I say to these wanitas - no guts. Why don't you gals stand up to the injustice and demand your rights as UMNO movers and shakers?

Kepimpinan UMNO telah memancung pucuk kepimpinan Wanita UMNO/BN dan wanita masih berdiam diri? Dimana semangat juang mu, wahai wanita UMNO? Apakah kamu sudah menjadi pacal-pacal yang hina, bagaikan hidup dibawah ehsan Najib? Apakah wanita UMNO sanggup menggadai maruah kerana berketuakan lallang?

Wanita UMNO yang terkenal dengan sifat perjuangannya, yang sanggup bergolok bergadai demi parti satu ketika dulu bertukar menjadi tikus? Alangkah sedihnya Wanita UMNO bila diperlakukan demikian.

Dimanakah sifat setiakawan Wanita UMNO? Teman perjuanganmu rebah dan di injak2 oleh kepimpinan yang tidak berjiwa rakyat, kamu masih berdiam diri? Kamu sanggup melihat ketua kamu dianaiyai, ditikam dari belakang dan kamu hanya diam seribu bahasa?

Ayuh, Wanita UMNO Kuala Kangsar, ayuh Wanita UMNO Perak, ayuh Wanita UMNO semenanjung, ayuh Wanita UMNO Sabah. Bangkitlah, perjuangkan hak kamu, berdirilah disisi Kamilia membina barisan mencabar pucuk kepimpinan dayus, yang berselindung dibalik kenyataan palsu.

Kerahkan tenaga dan kudratmu, berkerja bersama Kamilia,hantarkan satu mesej kepada Najib - TANPA WANITA UMNO, BN PASTI TUMBANG!!! Pengkhianatan terhadap perjuangan suci Wanita UMNO tidak boleh didiamkan. Bangkitlah!!

Apakah kamu bersedia melihat Kamilia bersama anak2nya saja menyusur jalan mencari undi? Itu yang kamu tahu? Itu yang kamu mahu? Kalau itulah kehendak Wanita UMNO, maka bersedialah untuk diimjak2 lagi.

Tahukah kamu, wahai Wanita UMNO bahwa UNO paling kurang mengenegahkan kepimpinan Wamita dalam PRU 13? Haya kurang dari 10 % calun adalah wanita berbanding dengan purata kepimpinan wanita di negara lain 30 % adalah pembuat dasar! Tidak malukah kamu, wahai Wanita UMNO sehingga dibiarkah sebegitu. Dimana maruahmu, Wanita UMNO? Apakah maruahmu hanya laungan bisu di PWTC? Apakah perjuanganmu hanya laku didalam bilik hawa dingin PWTC? Apakah diri mu hanya sebagai tontonan rakus kepimpinan UMNO?

I have doe my part. How I wish Wanita UMNO will stand up for tehir rights as how PR stands to voice teh peoples' aspirations. Together, PR and Wanita UMNO can send a message to Najib that enough is enough. No more playing around.

1 week left to polling day and I hope Kamilia stands up against the oppresor. Unfortunately, I am not voting in KK or not my vote will be for Kamilia, the lady Braveheart of Malaysia. Stand up and be counted, wanita UMNO or forever stay in the dumps in dungeons like slaves of the past.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Of assessment...and judgement

Just because Muhyiddein is former DPM, that does not means he is a good grader.This time around before I go any further, have you read SWK's posting on "Janji Capati"? I strongly suggest you read it before Pirates goes missing ...again.

When campaigning, sometimes these politicians failed to realise that when they accussed the other side of one thing, they are guilty of 2 things. Look at Muhyiddein, as an example. Being an Education Minister, Muhyiddein marked "E-" to Pakatan state government. Now before I commented on his assessment, do you guys think Muhyiddein is an "A+" minister? I doubt it and I, for one, will not grade Muhyiddein as an "A+" minister although some pirates out there may judge him so.

If Muhyiddein gives an "E-" to Pakatan state government, then how does he rates Sarawak, Sabah, Perak? Sarawak failed miserably with its authoutorian Ketua Menteri dictating everything including approving vast areas of land to his family members. Just look at his son's (Bekir Taib) divorce claim! Almost RM 400M and still counting. Is Muhyiddein blind to simple arithmetic? How can a Ketua Menteri's son ammassed properties in excess of RM 400M when his father is a serving Ketua Menteri? Unless, there is something behind it. Worse still, Najib is too scared to take any action on Taib Mahmud and Muhyiddein as Najib's deputy is equally quiet on the matter. Is this how a "teacher" acts and rating others?

Sabah? Almost the same story like Sarawak with millions siphoned out from the state and country. Musa Aman's money trail leads right to Swiss bank and worth Billions. What did Muhyiddein do? Nothing? What is his rating of Sabah? Being a BN-led state, Muhyiddein will surely give high marks to Sabah. Or is Muhyiddein rewarding those who swindles money out of Malaysians? Is that his criteria for good points and excellent markings?

Perak? Zambry categorically mentioned that his political opponents as immoral for describing Zambry as "Haram jadah" which roughly translate into "son of bitch". Wait a minute. What about Najib calling FELDA settles who refuse to sign the FGVH as "haram jadah". Is Zambry saying that Najib is "multiple" times more immoral than his political opponenets? I mean Najib named the settlers "haram jadah" and that is more than 1 settler whilst Zambry political opponents say the same word to Zamry only. Does that mean Najib is muliple more times more immoral? What say Muhyiddein this time?

Remember the time when Muhyiddein say he is Malay first? Muhyiddein even say that "Melayu itu UMNO, UMNO itu Melayu". If that is the case, then what about Mahathir? Is he Melayu? Is he UMNO? Teacher Muhyiddein should answer this question.

The point is simple, BN is making errors by errors because they failed to give correct assessment to their political opponents this time around. Before, BN just bully and bulldoze their way through but now they are clueless on what to be done. Just observe how BN's big brother acts in dealing with 61 of their members who goes indies in GE13. UMNO expelled them. Yet, at the same time, UMNO is clueless on how to deal with Che Johan Che Pa, UMNO's candidate for Pasir Mas. 

Johan Che Pa did not submit his papers and until now UMNO has not taken any action. Why? Because UMNO needs Ibrahim Ali who is PERKASA president and non-UMNO indie contesting in Pasir Mas. Now, what has Muhyiddein got to say about this? Masybe Muhyiddein should give a big "F" to UMNO disciplinary board for not taking any action against Johan Che Pa.

Now, let's go a step further. What will happen if one or some of these expelled-UMNO indies won their seats and it happen that these seats are equally important to form BN government after GE 13? Will UMNO still expelled them or will UMNO reverse its own decision? UMNO is too fast in making judgement. More so, this is GE13, where anything can happen and maybe we will wake up to anew government comes 6th May 2013.

My 65 year old ex-boss will be taking his flight out of Malaysia before 5th May and he will stay out until GE13 dust settles. His reasoning? I am too old to care who wins the election. Is that correct? As Malaysians who feels strongly for our future, this is the best opportunity to change for the better. I hope others won't leave Malaysia before they cast their votes.

I have rescheduled my work plan so that I can cast my vote, have you done so too?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Of decapitated BN...

Yes, I was at one of the nomination centre involving BN, PR, Hindraf as well as independent. It was a tame affair compared to Shah Alam, Kuala Kangsar and Pasir Mas.
2013 scores many first for BN. Amongst them is the recently concluded GE 13 nomination day. Forget about the rest, these 3 parliamentary seats may determine our future, post GE 13.

Who would have thought that Kamilia Ibrahim, 2nd in chief to Wanita BN, will do the unthinkable. Yes, she offers herself as indie candidate for the Parliamentary seat of Kuala Kangsar, vacated by her mentor Rafidah Aziz.

I openly salute Kamilia's stand and principle eventhough she comes from UMNO. Others may say that she is a "frustrated" leader who failed, Shahrizat may say a few words scorning her but Kamilia make her stand known. And her stand goes up to 1MPM6 Najib. By the way, who is Shahrizat to "tell" Kamilia what to do when she herself failed to make the correct decision when implicated with the infamous cowgate.

Kamilia Ibrahim is the epitome of Wanita UMNO who are known to work tireless for their party. In fact, Wanita UMNO is the one who will deliver all those crucial votes to shoo in their candidates, time and time again in elections after elections since 1957. 

When Najib failed to give them due recognition, Kamilia raised above the rest to voiced out her opinion and make her stand. She knows that her chances are slim but more important she gets her message across - Don't mess with Wanita UMNO!

Najib and Zambry Kadir can come out with thousands of lame excuses including Kamilia "rejecting" the state candidature. The point is, is that all 1MpM6 Najib sees in Wanita UMNO? Only good enough for state leadership? You are not talking about any plain Jane here, you are talking about Wanita BN 2nd in command. Actually she is Wanita BN leader since Shahrizat should be automatically disqualified for her cowgate scandal. Is this what BN views their Wanita wing? If that is what it is, then Najib does not follow his own "akujanji" of "Rakyat diutamakan". Instead, Najib is clanging to "Bini diutamakan"

Shah Alam? I shuddered at the thoughts of BN pitting Zulkifle Noordin there. A known PERKASA 2nd in command, his views often invites criticism from non-Malays. His lecture belittling other religions' gods and later uttering degratory words against non-Malays put him on the other side, something that Malaysians do not believe in. Alas! BN believes in him and put him to stand in Shah Alam.

Maybe BN is banking on the Malay votes of Shah Alam but at the same time, BN is juggling Zulkifli Noording for the rest of the country. Where is S/o Samy Vellu who threatened to campaign for non-BN politicians if this happen? Where is the Indian champion party of MIC? Answer - no balls. They are mices looking for shelters to hide. If this is the way the Indian champions work, it is better off for the Indians to give their confidence to PR. At least, they are brave enough to boot off  Zul Noordin, not once but twice!. The first when PAS booted him off the party and now PKR booted him as well.

From Shah Alam, let's visit the best of them all, Pasir Mas. When you think it is safe to come out when BN did not name Ibrahim Ali as their candidate for Pasir Mas, BN engineered another incident, this time when their candidate Che Johan Che Pa did not submit his papers. Instead he allowed a straight one to one fight between Ibrahim Ali, Indie against PAS.

How this happen? Is Najib sucking up to MM? Or is UMNO Kelantan swindled by UMNO HQ? Is thios another point made by Najib, proving that he is a "no balls" chief who succumbed to MM wishes and fancies?

I will not dwell more on this but sufficient enough to say that the three events will change the political landscape. It will not be surprising if Wanita UMNO may "play slow" in their campaign as a tacit support to Kamilia Ibrahim. At the same time, non-UMNO BN components can also "go slow" in their vote canvassing efforts.

1 way or another, I have practically make up my mind. Not for me but for Malaysia's future generations. Have you make your minds up?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yang dikendung dan yang dikejar... bayangan kehancuran BN

Najib dalam dilema, begitu juga pengundi apabila Najib mula membuat kesilapan...Sesuatu tidak kena dengan BN. Dalam keresahan mempersiapkan diri untuk mempertahankan mahkota Putrajaya, BN telah mula mengambil langkah-langkah sumbang yang tidak sepatutnya tidak ujud dalam senitari silat BN. Apakah umur BN terlalu semput? Atau nakhoda BN sudah merasa firasat sedih?

Selang sehari setelah BN menguar-uarkan senarai "winnable candidates", BN Penang telah menunjukkan kegelisahan apabila beberapa tokoh tempatan dengan terbuka mempersoalkan kebijaksanaa dan kriteria yang digunakan Najib dalam menentukan calun. Silap haribulan, akan berlaku beberapa siri pertembungan pelbagai penjuru akibat keresahan tersebut.

Bagaimana dengan Kedah? Tidak kurang hebatnya. Begitu juga dengan Perlis dimana sudah ada riak-riak kekalahan akan bertamu di BN.

Kejayaan Najib tidak mencalunkan Timbalan Ketua Wanita UMNO, Kamilia Ibrahim juga mula menampak kesan apabila Kamilia dengan terbuka mempersoalkan kebijaksanaan Najib dalam mengenepikan kaum hawa dari aris politik perdana. Barang diingat, dari zaman 57 lagi, kaum wanita UMNOlah merupakan gerak kerja paling effisyen dalam UMNO dalam menentukan kemenangan calun-calun BN! Malah, mereka juga sanggup bergolok bergadai untuk mempertahankan UMNO yang mereka sayangi. Inilah habuan dari Najib. 

Andainya Shahrizat tidaka diangkat menjadi calun, itu boleh diterima oleh barisan pucuk pimpinan Wanita UMNO tetapi apabila Timbalan Ketua juga tidak diberi tempat, ini menunjukkan kedangkalan Najib dalam berpolitik.

Bukan itu saja, Najib juga seakan-akan melangsaikan hutang dengan Chua Soi Lek apabila Najib tidak menamakan Ong Tee Keat sebagai calun BN di Pandan. Sebagaimana Shahrizat, pengundi masih dapat menerima keputusan Chua Soi Lek tidak dicalunkan atas perangai peribadi balieu tetapi dengan mengorbankan "almost sure-winner" Ong Tee Keat dari Pandan, Najib telah membuka ruang lebih besar untuk BN menjadi pembangkang selepas 5hb Mei ini.

Kemeriahan Najib untuk mengenegahkan Zul Noordin di Shah Alam adalah satu lagi rentak sumbang Najib dalam memilih yang terbaik untuk rakyat. Dalam masa yang sama, Najib sanggup ke Brickfield untuk meminang Hindraf, satu organisasi bukan BN.

Apa mesej Najib? Senang, Najib sudah tidak memperdulikan apa yang dikendungnya. Najib sudah alpha dengan mereka yang mendokong beliau sepanjang beliau berpolitik. Sebaliknya, Najib lebih cenderung untuk bertunang dengan Zul Noordin yang menghina agama lain serta menggunakan perkataan tidak sepatutnya terhadap kaum India dan pada masa yang sama Najib mula melamar Hindraf atas congakkan bahwa organisasi ini bo;leh membantu beliau di "marginal seats".

Masaalahnya, apakah Najib berpendapat bahwa rajuk Wanita UMNO tidak perlu dipujuk? Atau Najib tidak kisah andainya Pulau Pinang di tadbir oleh PR sepenggal lagi? Najib tidak ambil pot andainya Perlis beralih rasa pada PR kerana Perlis hanya menawarkan 3 kerusi parlimen?

Najib lupa bahwa gelombang keresahan di Pahang dan Terengganu mungkin akan menegelamkan BN. Begitu juga dengan Negeri Sembilan yang kini diasak oleh PR. Mempergunakan sentimen ras di Pasir Gudang tidak akan berkesan kerana BN juga menggunakan Zul Noordin untuk berdepan Khalid Samad. 

Apapun, Najib sudah hilang pertimbangan kerana tidak pandai menilai yang mana intan yang mana kaca... Pusingan pertama untuk PR.

Hingga bertemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua berada...
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Of special the pits

Mirror, mirror on the wall... who can make BN falls?

Now that BN candidate list is out, most unanswered questions are answered in bits and pieces.

This is it. Do or Die for BN and yet they opts for the latter. Poor BN, pauper in the end.

Of all the talents available in Selangor, BN aka UMNO choose Zul Noordin to stand in Shah Alam. You guys know who is Zul Noordin? He is PERKASA VP. Whilst Perkasa used to threatens Gerakan's Teng in Penang, Zul Noordin needed to eat humble pie when he had to apologise to the Indian community when he hurt the feelings of Indian community.

Well, this reflects UMNO's poor judgement in filtering "winnable" candidates. More, is there no one in UMNO qualified to face off Khalid Samad in Shah Alam, so much so that UMNO has to rope in Zul Noording who was an independent MP of Bandar Kulim Baru to be their candidate? If that is so, why not UMNO "loaned" out Shah Alam seat to MCA/Gerakan/MIC/PPP as what they did when they wrested Wangsa Maju and Gelang Patah from MCA?

Up north, BN has its own share of problems when Perlis MB is not in the list. Instead, Shahidan Kassim will be contesting Arau Parliament seat. Little birds are telling me that "Perlis dah gayat". Maybe 1MPM6 Najib is relying on 2 year old news when Shahidan claimed that he is a winnable candidate, back in December 2011

When Perlis ruler had put down his feet to reject Shahidan, BN (UMNO) feels it appropriate to field Shahidan. So, who is biadab? UMNO (BN) or PR? Can UMNO still prides itself as being the rulers' champions when they themselves fielded someone who has been on Perlis ruler reject list? Or is UMNO that pauper to the extent that they have to dig into their reject list trash to come out with a supposedly "winnable candidate".

Closer, UMNO again fielded Isa Samad and Ali Rustam in parliamentary seats. Isa and Ali Rustam? Aren't these two "gentlemen" guilty of misconduct before? Isa was found guilty of money politics and suspended for 3 years back in 2004. Even Mahathir once said in 2009 that putting up Isa as candidate will picture that UMNO is not serious in fighting corruption. Najib did just that and as UMNO President, 1MPM6 Najib is declaring to the world that he is not serious in fighting corruption. So what does all Najib's 1slogans stands for if he accepts that Isa is BN candidate? Or, is Port Dickson ghost still haunting Najib to this day? And the only "successful pawang" to ward off Port Dickson ghost is Isa Samad?

Ali Rustam? Is he no better than Isa Samad? Ali was found guilty by UMNO disciplinary board and barred from contesting UMNO's Deputy chief in 2009.  As they say it, it might be a different scenario now if and only if Ali was allowed to contest the deputy post. He might send Muhyiddin to early retirement. Yet, Ali Rustam is chosen from the rest to stand in Parlaimentary seat and may be awarded a ministerial post if he wins. Is this the type of leaders that Malaysia wants to lead the nation after 5th May 2013?

Funny still for BN list, whilst Zul Noordin is put on a pedestal to take the fight in Shah Alam, Kayveas, PPP President and one of BN component parties is only named as Pasir Berdemar state seat candidate. What a let down for Kayveas when a non-BN member by the name of Zul Noordin is fared better is the eyes of 1MPM6 Najib compared to Kayveas. Beggars can't be choosers and I believe Kayveas is all too happy to eat the crumbs off 1MPM6 Najib's hands.

What about other BN friendly parties like IPF, KIMMA and the rest? No leftovers for them? Whislt I refrain from further speculation, what about others who are trying hard to join BN in the pits? Names like Ibrahim Ali, Reduan Tee, Gobalakrishnan are missing. Has 1MPM6 Najib tired of playing with them? Or is it Najib pupper masters oversight?

The names above are all the potential names that will accelerate BN's fall to the pits. Yes, that is my thoughts. BN has all the machineries and all the make-overs to powder them to form. Yet, behind the makeover, these are the people who Malaysia should send to retirement homes on 5th May 2013.

I have done my part, have you done yours?

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Of battle ready... and early casualties

Are you ready to do battle? Are you ready to change? Are you ready to vote? I am...Yes, I was wrong when making choices. PRU 13 will be another choice, either Change or forever playing submissive to those that we voted in.

At first glace, everything seems the same. Utusan and TV3 remains the same, providing all the one-sided news to the extent that it is better to ignore them. Of late, the same sickness is creeping into Astro. Unfortunately. Astro forgets that the consumers pay for their service and as such I am deliberating whether to terminate the service or follow their antics in GE 13 runup. Fortunately, Astro has many channels and I opted to go channel hunting over listening (or viewing) the countless 1ads.

BN, in anticipating fiercer GE 13 competition, chose to "retire" almost 30% of their MPs' including Rais Yatim, Ng Yen Yen, Mohamed Nor Yaakob. Not only that, BN is pushing Ghani Othman to face Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah reminiscent of Lim Kit Siang-Lim Chong Eu battle royale which ultimately leads to Chong Eu's retirement from politics.

This time around, BN is pitting Ghani against Lim Kit Siang, banking on popular beliefs that the Malays will not desert Ghani whilst MCA deliver Chinese votes to Ghani to put Lim Kit Siang and PR at bay. Will it works? Realistically, it might not work as Ghani has stepped on too many feet including the orang asal in his quest to build Iskandar. If 85% of the Chinese voters are die-hard PR voters, Lim Kit Siang may send Ghani into "retirement" to the delight of his detractors. Even if Lim Kit Siang lose, so what? Losing is norm to this DAP stalwart but this time around, it will be another state ketua menteri @ Menteri Besar waiting to be scalped.

How desperate in BN aka UMNO? I will say pretty pretty scared of losing power. How scared? 1MPM6 is willing to bent backwards to accomodate Ong Tee Keat in Pandan, despite MCA's recommendations not to include Ong Tee Keat in the candidate list. As a result, it is a major slap in the face for Chua Soil Lek, leading him to indicate that he is not a candidate in GE 13. Shame, shame on you Chua Soil Lek for surrendering before even entering the circle!

1MPM6 Najib is even accomodating to Mahathir's wishlist and naming Ibrahim Ali as the BN-sponsored candidate for Pasir Mas. 1MPM6 Najib maybe indebted to Mahathir but naming Ibrahim Ali as BN sponsored candidate in Pasir Mas, Kelantan is like putting a death nail to BN's coffin as far as taking over Kelantan. Reason? Kelantanese has still not forgiven Ibrahim Ali for abandoning Tok Guru Nik Aziz when he chose to switch camp and becoming BN-friendly after all the help and support he received from PAS especially after Tok Guru's intervention.

1MPM6 Najib may not admit it but he is really facing defeat. The only way for him to overcome the sure-thing defeat is by adapting Mahathir's ruthless tactics and to use all the tricks in Mahathir's bag to secure BN wins. Najib is not known as a fighter and he is not known as a survivor either. The way Najib is making moves are actually mirrors that of Mahathir. In short, Najib is still the lallang swaying to Mahathir's music.

Tomorrow will be better when the full BN list is known. So far, Shahrizat and few UMNO second echelon leaders fails to make the cut. I am more interested to know the fate of 3 kataks from Perak, Zul Noordin, Gobala and Zahrain. If BN accomodates to these kataks, then it can be confirmed that BN is really, really desperate.

Another development should be from Sabah, Sarawak. Let's see who is in BN's 30% drop list. Will they be really dropped or will they be actually switched from parliament to state seats and vice versa. Afterall, BN is known for making up numbers when in actuality, it is still the same.

Despite BN's troubles, PR is not raking up advantages too. PSM's foolhardiness of planning to go for 11 seats is akin to "marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar". PSM should be street wise and understand as well as accept that their common enemy is BN, not PR allies. This is the time for sacrifice and if PSM is not willing to sacrife for the rakyat's good, then PSM better think of a better acronym to "Parti Sosialis Malaysia".

PKR's lukewarm solution to Chegu bard is wanting. How can PKR's top brass place Bard in Penang when his base in Negeri Sembilan? I have said before that PKR NS spells trouble, I will repeat - PKR NS is trouble. And Anwar Ibrahim is blinded to believe everything said and done by his NS sidekick.

A friend from Sg Petani, an UMNO member confessed that it is better for the country to be managed by PR as BN is too rotten for fast relief. Let PR manage the next 2 terms and if they falls into BN sickness of corruption, cronyism, then Malaysia will vote them out as how we are voting BN out in GE 13.

The question is - Are you with me?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Monday, April 08, 2013

Of looking around...

Yes, I was wrong in predicting the date when Najib opted to dissolve the parliament. No excuse there although I sensed Najib being forced to a corner where he has no place to hide or run anymore.

The dissolution proved another vital point. BN can and will do it if forced to that corner. In broad daylight, 1MPM6 Najib fumbled on the date of dissolving parliament and none of his machais including his chief Machai Muhyiddin Yassin realised the fumble. More importantly, the fumble "went" missing during TV3's Buletin Perdana. What was proven is that BN can and will do it if needed. If they can "conveniently" erased Najib's mistake, then likewise, they can "surfaced" BN opponents's frolicking and paint dirty pictures of Anwar, Nik Aziz, Hadi, Lim Kit Siang or others.

Someone may ask, was Najib trembling in fear? The answer is YES. Najib's trembling of losing power is detected as high as 25th floor of 1 corporate building. As word has it, there are now actions taken to shore up 1MPM6 Najib's falling pieces.

You see the picture above? That was taken last weekend in one of the east coast state. Nomination may be days away and election day is yet to be determined, but party workers have been busy putting up banners and posters to voice out their support. Green or Blue, it is a sight to behold.

This time around, who shall it be? I received word this morning that serious efforts are taken to project a better BN image. Papagomo style is out dated and huge commissions are being offered to manage BN's image. The price is not cheap. How expensive? For me to know and for you to find out.

Whilst BN is facing the imagebuilding problem, PR has its share of problem. Like the Muslims of Peperangan Uhud, these guys smells blood and everyone is scrambling to a vintage point, including the President of one PR party. Problem? IN the process, these leaders trampled their own dedicated party workers and this might result in an implosion where the real losers will only be PR.

What is it? This writer will not divulge more, enough to warn PR leaders to be wary on who they are working with. Remember the frogs of Perak? The same may happen in Negeri Sembilan... and other parliamentary seats if PR leaders do not nip the problem at the bud.

That said and with EC announcing the nomination day and election day on 10th April 2013, this writer needs to reschedule all the overseas trip. More will be coming in the coming days...
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Of uncertainties, holiday mood, weekend blues...

Only few days ago, I posted "Of heightened security needs..." praising our security forces for their success in rounding up armed men in Lahad Datu. Alas, I talked too soon...

Alas, I talked too soon. The first news was Friday and now 3 days later, our security forces are still there in Lahad Datu monitoring the situation when these armed men who claimed to be soldiers of Sulu sultanate refused to leave the country.

In fact the so called proclaimed Sultan Sulu claimed that they will not leave as that is their ancestral home. So where is our Prof Khoo Kay Kim? I, for one, wanted to know what is the history behind this episode. Do Malaysia pay the rent for Sabah or not? Is Sabah rented to Malaysia?

As far as I am concerned, my history teacher never said that when I was in school and the last time I checked with a recent school leaver, there is no mention that Malaysia rented Sabah for RM 5300 per year. So, can someone enlightened me on this?

Musa Aman said that we should not be provoked by stories in social media. Fine! But can someone care to explain what is going on? Some say that we have to be tactful in negotiating with these armed men because Malaysia do not want to jeorpadise the warm relationship we have with our neighbour. Does that means that Malaysia security forces will treat our neighbour citizens with kids glove and negotiate with them when there are any problems? To maintain the good relationship we have with our neighbours? Does that mean that our security forces will negotiate with foreign robbers, kidnapers, PATI, illegal workers because we don't want to jeorpadise the good relationship we have with our neighbours?

Fortunately Limbang is in Sarawak and not in Sabah. Just imagine if Limbang is in Sabah instead of Sarawak, how will Abdullah Badawi explain to the owner that he negotiate Limbang and in the process surrenders 2 blocks of oilfield to Brunei?

On the other hand, if indeed Malaysia rented Sabah from the sultanate, what rights does the Sultanate (and his armed people) got to summarily "invade" Lahad Datu? Just because I rented a home does not give exclusive rights for the houseowner to barge into my home at any time he likes. Am I correct?

Whatever it is, I really hopes that the 3 day stalemate is not because of the long CNY holidays nor is it because of the weekend holidays or whether all the top decision makers are away on holidays. This is serious and there should be a serious solution to this issue and at the same time will deter from repeats in the future.

In the meantime, I have exhausted of history books to try to comprehend the reasons and the claims made on this issue. Anybody can gove me good historical and factual reference on Sulu Sultanate claims? The closest I have is that Philipines agree to drop their Sabah claim and agree that Sabah belongs to Malaysia.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Of safety nets...

DPM Muhyideen make a blunder when he remarked he's Malay first. Why? Simply because he is not seen to be in synch with his boss who was rigorously promoting the offbeat 1M slogan so much so that everything has to be 1M. Maybe 1MPM6 Najib is reminding himself that 1M actually stands for 1st is Mahathir.

I have been longing to say this for a long time and today seems the right time to remarked that we are Malaysians of different origin. That is good because we have different roots which collectively makes Malaysia a unique place to grow up, stay and be a part of multi ethnics multi religions.

With that in mind, it is appropriate for each origin to work for the best that can be offered. In Kajang, the Chinese makes it clear that they love 1MPM6 and at the same time equally love the PM-in-waiting. I see that as a security blanket applied by the Chinese as Malaysians will be deciding who will lead Malaysia after the coming GE 13. Even so, the Chinese has expressed their unreserved support for PR during the CNY open house.

What about the Indians? Simple, forget about MIC or PPP as these two parties are no longer the mouthpiece of the Indians. Intead, Hindraf is taking over MIC/PPP in looking after the welfare of the Indians. For them, they need more representation apart from the Indian MPs' in both PKR/DAP. The Indians believed that they are good for 10 parliamentary seats in exchange to 25 parliamentary seats currently risky to PR coalition.

The Malays are more concerned of their religious belief and they do not want to lose out to others. For that reason PAS is willing to relook into their existing co-operation with both PKR/DAP.

So you see, everybody has a safety net and this is not limited to just the Chinese, Indians or Malays alone. Our cousins in Sabah and Sarawak has their own safety net voiced out by their state-based parties in Sabah/Sarawak.

Summarising, whilst we are open to changes in government, Malaysians are at the same time looks for their comfort safety net, and hopefully it is acceptable to all. Are we ready for UBAH?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Of friendly reminder to Anwar...

BN claimed that they are optimistic of winning 145 parliamentary seats in the coming GE. That is not an empty talk. It is with substance despite opposition's confidence of capturing Putrajaya.

What will you do when your back are against the wall? Will you accept defeat or will you fight tooth and nail to win? This time around the stakes are high and BN could not afford to lose their years of power and lately abuse of the system. To some BN top echelon leaders, losing the seat of power equates to possible lenghty court appearance to answer multiple charges of countless allegations.

That is something BN leaders could not afford and losing the glitters of powers cum influence cum arrogance may be too stressful to stomach for their wives. Gone will be the days of hugging the Khans, putting on million ringgit rings, flaunting priceless handbags, and the extras of paid shopping free in New York, Sydney, London and Monte Carlo.

That said, what is the gameplan? That gamechanger strategy to win 145 parliamentary seats? Easy... If you can't beat them fair and square, buy them off with truckloads of money. Study the opponents and find their weakpoints.

BN knows that both DAP and PAS are tougher cookies to entice with money. Both DAP and PAS has been synonymous with opposition and both parties have adapted well to the opposition tag. PKR is another story.

PKR's sudden emergence in 2008 makes their leaders cocky and their unofficial numero uno is makng the same mistakes since the pre-reformation days ie overconfident. Worse, Anwar is allowing his personal relationship with his past "brother days" influence his decision making and exposing the fragile power balance in PKR.

Lately there are unconfirmed reports that PKR is sidelining their longtime party workers in favour of untested new party members. Not only that, some state PKR leaders are manipulating for losses in some state and parliamentary seats in return of financial rewards. In short, some state PKR leaders are selling off state and parliamentary seats for BN wins and it will not be surprising when BN is confident of getting 145 parliamentary seats.

Apart from capitalising on certain PKR's state leasders willingness to trade off the sure win seats with money, BN also has Hindraf to thank for their demands of parliamentary seats from PR. Hindraf conveniently disregard the fact that there is no Indian-majority seats and with their insistence to 10 parliamentary seats and various state seats, they are providing the opportunity for BN to capitalise and finish off PR through Hindraf.

Time is not on PKR side. If they fail to address the problem soon, GE 13 will be the final nail to PKR. Not because PKR is weajk but more so of PKR failing to learn from prophet Mohamad's second battle of Uhud. I rest my case for now.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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