Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Of assessment...and judgement

Just because Muhyiddein is former DPM, that does not means he is a good grader.This time around before I go any further, have you read SWK's posting on "Janji Capati"? I strongly suggest you read it before Pirates goes missing ...again.

When campaigning, sometimes these politicians failed to realise that when they accussed the other side of one thing, they are guilty of 2 things. Look at Muhyiddein, as an example. Being an Education Minister, Muhyiddein marked "E-" to Pakatan state government. Now before I commented on his assessment, do you guys think Muhyiddein is an "A+" minister? I doubt it and I, for one, will not grade Muhyiddein as an "A+" minister although some pirates out there may judge him so.

If Muhyiddein gives an "E-" to Pakatan state government, then how does he rates Sarawak, Sabah, Perak? Sarawak failed miserably with its authoutorian Ketua Menteri dictating everything including approving vast areas of land to his family members. Just look at his son's (Bekir Taib) divorce claim! Almost RM 400M and still counting. Is Muhyiddein blind to simple arithmetic? How can a Ketua Menteri's son ammassed properties in excess of RM 400M when his father is a serving Ketua Menteri? Unless, there is something behind it. Worse still, Najib is too scared to take any action on Taib Mahmud and Muhyiddein as Najib's deputy is equally quiet on the matter. Is this how a "teacher" acts and rating others?

Sabah? Almost the same story like Sarawak with millions siphoned out from the state and country. Musa Aman's money trail leads right to Swiss bank and worth Billions. What did Muhyiddein do? Nothing? What is his rating of Sabah? Being a BN-led state, Muhyiddein will surely give high marks to Sabah. Or is Muhyiddein rewarding those who swindles money out of Malaysians? Is that his criteria for good points and excellent markings?

Perak? Zambry categorically mentioned that his political opponents as immoral for describing Zambry as "Haram jadah" which roughly translate into "son of bitch". Wait a minute. What about Najib calling FELDA settles who refuse to sign the FGVH as "haram jadah". Is Zambry saying that Najib is "multiple" times more immoral than his political opponenets? I mean Najib named the settlers "haram jadah" and that is more than 1 settler whilst Zambry political opponents say the same word to Zamry only. Does that mean Najib is muliple more times more immoral? What say Muhyiddein this time?

Remember the time when Muhyiddein say he is Malay first? Muhyiddein even say that "Melayu itu UMNO, UMNO itu Melayu". If that is the case, then what about Mahathir? Is he Melayu? Is he UMNO? Teacher Muhyiddein should answer this question.

The point is simple, BN is making errors by errors because they failed to give correct assessment to their political opponents this time around. Before, BN just bully and bulldoze their way through but now they are clueless on what to be done. Just observe how BN's big brother acts in dealing with 61 of their members who goes indies in GE13. UMNO expelled them. Yet, at the same time, UMNO is clueless on how to deal with Che Johan Che Pa, UMNO's candidate for Pasir Mas. 

Johan Che Pa did not submit his papers and until now UMNO has not taken any action. Why? Because UMNO needs Ibrahim Ali who is PERKASA president and non-UMNO indie contesting in Pasir Mas. Now, what has Muhyiddein got to say about this? Masybe Muhyiddein should give a big "F" to UMNO disciplinary board for not taking any action against Johan Che Pa.

Now, let's go a step further. What will happen if one or some of these expelled-UMNO indies won their seats and it happen that these seats are equally important to form BN government after GE 13? Will UMNO still expelled them or will UMNO reverse its own decision? UMNO is too fast in making judgement. More so, this is GE13, where anything can happen and maybe we will wake up to anew government comes 6th May 2013.

My 65 year old ex-boss will be taking his flight out of Malaysia before 5th May and he will stay out until GE13 dust settles. His reasoning? I am too old to care who wins the election. Is that correct? As Malaysians who feels strongly for our future, this is the best opportunity to change for the better. I hope others won't leave Malaysia before they cast their votes.

I have rescheduled my work plan so that I can cast my vote, have you done so too?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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