Thursday, December 31, 2009

The I can, you can't syndrome...

Is the "I can, you can't" syndrome governing our daily lifes? If it is, something must be done now to break that shackles. To do that, I expect politicians to be "conscious driven" and not "party driven". Can they do that?

  1. Being a public figure, one's privacy is no longer privy. Being one, you have to be cleaner than clean, whiter than white, purer than pure. In short, you must not only be seen clean but must also be proven clean.
  2. Popular artiste have better chance surviving scandals, not because they have immunity but because being idols, they can also be demonised the same way they are idolised. Examples are plenty and recently artists have been put under the spotlight for "failing" to submit his urine for dope testing whilst his partner was rumored to be consuming alchohol although she verhemently denied ever doing that thus far in her life.
  3. I bet, this issue will just fade away in a couple of months just like what happened to a married actor who were caught in close proximity where sometimes the syariah court will take ages to sentenced those found guilty. These are actors and TV hosts. Malaysian politicians live by a different set of codes and rules.
  4. Granted that our flag is quite similar to the star and spangled banner. The similarity ends there because in Malaysia, politicians could not be judge separately between his personal life and his political inclination. In Malaysia, both personal and public life is treated as one. No separation there.
  5. For Malaysian politicians, nothing will pull them down faster than a scandal. Regardless of race, the scandals has no known boundaries. Some were put to an early retirement scheme like what happened to Vijandran. Some use alledged scandal to put out potential opponent, regardless whether the evidences were fabricated or not - a good example is Anwar. Others caught in compromising positions were forced to leave the corridors of power, albeit temporarily as in the case of Chua SL.
  6. Of course, they are not the only one involved. For every one caught in the act or proven to be scandalous, there are many others who escape the dragnet. Some go to higher offices whilst some choose to stay out of action. A friend of mine personally confided that one of the main reasons for him to be politically active are the perks and the "golden chances" he had during AGMs' and what nots...
  7. That is not all. Being politicians, espescially if you are from the "winning team", there are many things you can do do that others can't. A glaring example is using the political and the parliament's immunity to accuse others. Look at how BN accuse the oppositions as power hungry bending to "create turmoil" during the recent budget approval voting. Actually what happened then should be a lesson to both camps and for the voters to see how our elected MPs' continuously hoodwinking us in believing that they always act for the nation's interest. Do they really?
  8. As for the opposition, this scribe failed to see why they are "desperately" trying to link another politician to a criminal case. Wouldn't it be better if they can move on to other more important and pressing issues? But being MP's, these politicians can say almost anything under the sky with immunity protection. Something that we, as normal citizen could not.
  9. Obviously, the goldmines are too tempting for the politicians to the stage that they are willing to fight tooth and nail to remain relevant. Look at Kayveas and Murugiah, Mahathir and Anwar, Ong TK and Liow. That does not mean the opposition do not have their fair share of power struggle. Just watch at Nik Aziz and Hadi/Nashruddin, Lim Kit Siang and Lee lam Thye.
  10. To remain relevant, politicians maximise the MSM to write in their favour belittling their opponents, be it within the same party or from the opposing sides. See how Hishamuddein get away, when he is clearly taped waving the unsheathed kris. Look how Karpal Sing make his escape when he declares that "Singh is King".
  11. However, politicians are masters at words. They can say expletives and touch on sensitive issues and at the same time remains unscathed, provided that they are on the "right side of the track". If not, be prepared to answer to countless police reports which by the way, keep the police diverted from carrying out their main duties ie fighting and preventing crime.
  12. Lately, there is another unhealthy trend setting in the political system. That of nepotism. Once, we accussed Mahathir of cronyism and nepotism but what happen now?
  13. What about Abdullah Badawi "promoting" KJ? Or Lim Kit Siang "nurturing Lim GE? Nik Aziz "appointing" Ariffahmi? We are not touching Lik Keng Yaik, Ling Liong Sik, Chua Soi Lek, Anwar Ibrahim, Mohd Rahmat, Taib Mahmud, Samy Vellu yet. All of them are grooming their sons and daughters to take their place in the political arenas.
  14. That does not mean that those who are not in the list are free. They may have their own reasons - maybe their sons and daughters are still too young to take the stage...
  15. This "I can, you can't" syndrome should stop. The various agencies empowered to carry out duties should do so without fear and favour. As a simple example, the police should issue summons tickets to those Mercs, Alphards, and other glamorous VVIP cars for flaunting the law. If they can buy big and fanciful cars, don't tell me they can't park in proper parking lots? They may be VVIPs' but that does not give them the license to park indiscriminately.
  16. If I have to observe the speed limit of 110 kph on highways, why must these politicians exempted from observing the same rules, or at least seen to be let off the hook? Laws are laws and they should be applied to all, regardless of their standings.
  17. If these politicians can be part of business deals then the same chances should be given to others. Is it due to "priviledged" information that drives Tiong KS and Wee SK to PKFZ? Is it the same "priviledged" information that puts past Transport Ministers in trouble?
  18. If politicians can, then can others use the same "priviledge" to skim Malaysia? Look at how our jet engines "gone" for "repairs". Are we facing a "systematic meltdown"? Are we in the stage of failing to differentiate "national interest" and personal interest? Is everything up for grab and for sale in Malaysia?
  19. In politics, those who get more votes will be declared winners. To be winners, are we selling off our integrity by producing ICs' to "friendly and obliging" parties? If this can be done on large scale, what stops others to follow suit on a smaller scale? And some take the initiative to go straight to the source - selling babies to Malaysian nationals and registering them as Malaysians?
  20. Some love comparing us with our southern neighbour and praising our neigbour as if the sky is the limit. Are they really that good? Are you sure? The difference between our neighbour and us is that their laws are applicable to all. No exemption. Can we do the same? At least, can we start that from 2010 onwards?
  21. To do that, deadwoods have to go. It is time for us to rise from ashes and to rebuild the public's confidence in various agencies. Maybe, what we really need is a major "system overhaul" starting from the judiciary, the legislative and the executives. We are becoming to dependent on the "few". A case of point is the Anwar's first sodomy and corruption charges - those who are prominently involved in the case are elevated to higher office. (If you don't believe, just do a quick mental check).
  22. The same is repeating for the Perak's case. Some have been promoted and I bet the rest will be elevated soon - as bonus for their role. By the way, if our Judiciary head is damn good, when can the federal court sits to determine who is the rightful MB of Perak? Or do we have a "super express lane" for BN's favoured cases and a slow loris trail for the rest?
  23. In the end - is the "I can, you can't" syndrome governing our daily lifes? If it is, something must be done now to break that shackles. To do that, I expect politicians to be "conscious driven" and not "party driven". Can they do that?

Happy New Year...enjoy the fireworks display and the free concerts. Me? I am better off sleeping :)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Of ECH : Contract, fluctuation, robotic project management and ...

  1. ECH stands for East Coast Highway. Mooted after the completion of NS highway, it is meant to shortened the travelling time from East coast to the west coast of peninsular Malaysia.
  2. Since news are focussing on the monogamy, bigamy and polygamy of politicians and the yellow bloods, let us forget about them and see what ECH has in store for us.
  3. Due to political differences, ECH stopped at Kuantan and only after BN re-capture Terengganu ECH phase 2 covering the Terengganu portion were launched where several Contractors were awarded to build the stretch of highway up to Chendering, Terengganu.
  4. That was the good part. The increase in fuel price and steel reinforcement bars caught the Contractors off-guard. You see, in normal highway projects, fuel and steel is the main components because of massive earthworks (machineries need fuel) and bridges (they need reinforced bars to build bridges).
  5. Although one can point out that fuel price is subjected to world price, the same cannot be said about our steel bars. Words spread that the reinforcement bar price were manipulated and controlled by selective few and big traders (read manufacturers/salesmen) demand extra money to deliver the bars. Maybe some Contractors are willing to vouch on this.
  6. As a direct result of unexpected shortage and price increase, ECH Contractors were caught with their pants down. It has been widely circulated that some of the Contractors opt to surrender the project back to JKR, the implementation and supervision body, to recall for tenders.
  7. The balance Contractors choose to soldier on. Now they are faced with another man-made obstacle - that of robotic project management.
  8. JKR as the implementation and supervision body has adapted a rigid approach in handling this project. For them, everything is pure and simple. If a Contractor delays by more than 60 days, they will issue a recommendation for the Contractor to be terminated. Fullstop. However, what JKR failed to realise or choose to ignore is the weather condition in Malaysia.
  9. Being a purely infrastructure project ie highway and bridges construction, JKR will surely understands that roadworks just could not proceed during raining season when then grounds are wet. Choosing to ignore the weather condition will land Contractors in bigger trouble ie stranded machineries, idling manpower, poor compaction, site flooding and others.
  10. What is confusing is the way JKR is acting. Is this a failsafe mode to avoid finger pointing if ECH is delayed? Or is this the way of the "new" JKR - producing robotic project managers?
  11. Although the completion period is targetted in 2011, it seems that majority of the Contractors are opting to surrender the project. Why?
  12. Some bats are squeeking that collectively, the Contractors has submitted to JKR on the cost implication due to fuel pricing and reinforcement bars. It is understood that the Contractors are requesting JKR to study their proposal on price variation. It is further understood that the implementing agency agree that the price increase is reasonable BUT there are hidden hands working very hard to get the Contractors terminated so that new Contractors can be appointed. It is also widely believed that the hidden hands are looking at new Contract price which is much higher that the revised price quoted by the Contractors. Is this true?
  13. Some Contractors choose to opt for an easy way out by surrendering the project before 31st December 2009. In this way, their firms will not be black-listed as this is deemed to be mutual termination. The question is - why is the robotic project management so inhumane and strictly follow the guidelines regardless of the fact that it was raining rains and cats in November and December? Will these robots accept shoddy workmanship due to adverse weather? Isn't there such thing as Extension of Time due to inclement weather?
  14. The best part is - there are genuine efforts by some to rope in the ex-MB's service to convince KL that the Contractors should be given a chance to complete their works. It is also understood that a meeting on this nature was held early this week in the east coast.
  15. The question is - Do this ex-MB still has the bite? Afterall, he has fallen from grace and accussed of being the ringleader against the present MB. Will his reasonings be heard in KL?
  16. AAB talked on human capital. Najib wants to build his 1M theme of "Rakyat didahulukan, prestasi diutamakan". Then why are we subjected to robotic project management in ECH? Where is the "rakyat didahulukan" when efforts are being made to fleece more money from ECH? Do we need to engage new Contractors for ECH? New Contractors or more "toll"?
  17. Frankly, this scribe looks forward to travelling on ECH right up to Kelantan. If not Kelantan, Terengganu will do. Is it necessary to delay ECH for the benefits of the few "hidden hands"?
  18. I believe the present Contractors can perform and complete the job. The question is - is JKR willing, is the Government obliging? If the price variations submitted is too high, isn't JKR as the implementing agency has the right professionals within the organisation to counter-propose? Or, is everything in the hands of EPU who do not know the difference between earth and sand to dictate the project?
  19. In short, this is what happen when financial decisions are made by those who are devoid of the necessary expertise.
  20. Maybe, 2010 will be another booming season for the "hidden hands" whilst the ECH Contractors will suffer from their anybody listening?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

OIM : Equatorial X'mas

  1. Malaysia may not experience "white christmas" but all the same, they celebrate Xmas here too.
  2. As this is the season to be jolly, let me take time off to wish Merry Xmas to all who celebrate it.
  3. OIM we have all the races joining hands celebrating holidays.
  4. Hopefully, Santa Claus will bring good tidings to and in future. Guys and gals, make sure the chimneys are all cleaned and not blocked :). Have the big and handy stocking ready for presents.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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OIM : The big spenders

  1. Now that I get your attention, can we go down memory lane on Malaysia's spending, thus far? (I have taken the liberty to remove the cartoon on request by ...)Enjoy the short video clip...first :) Hope you can download it....

  2. If we need to spend, spend wisely and prudently. There is a Malay saying "Sediakan payung sebelum hujan".
  3. It's not about Tun Mahathir, Tun Abdullah or 1MPM6. It is about how our elected representatives rubberstamped the spending, on our expense.
  4. Just think about it - it we were to list out the unnecessary spending carried out by Malaysia, we are so worse off than the poorest nation.
  5. Is it corruption? Is it fund mismanagement? Is it poor project management? Lack of project supervision? Too many unsolicited "toll collectors"?
  6. There are people who belief that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You may be surprised to see that in Malaysia's case, the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow wears business suits and have collections of Mercs, Jags, Porches in the garage.
  7. What makes it worse is that these toll collectors talked with forked tongue, always pleasant but always scheming to cream off the nation's wealth.
  8. OIM, you have past, immediate and present leaders spending the nation's wealth as if there is no tomorrow.
  9. On top of that they can do it in style - whilst standing on the dais singing "Malaysia Boleh, Malaysia Gemilang, 1Malaysia (kami punya)"
  10. Someone better start checking with the treasury - how much more do we have for our present crop of leaders to spend in 2010. What say you 1MPM6? Ready to go for another spending binge?
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

OIM : The defense...

  1. Let's get our abbreviations right first...OIM is not the reality show of "One in a Million" which launched Suki and Faizal Tahir. This time OIM stands for "Only in Malaysia" because, like it or not, we are closing in as an International laughing stock.
  2. In sports, coaches will determine their team's playing style and I love to see Laker's "fast break", Mick Doohan's "cool approach" in negotiating bends. I believe that when the defense holds, the offense will work although there are many who believe in "offense is the best defense". The same goes in protecting the country's sovereignity - you must have a good and able defense to deter threats. In Malaysia's case, is our defense rock solid??
  3. TUDM's missing jet engines sure stirs things up. Somehow, questions will be raised on the "missing" skyhawks which never lands on Malaysian soil. You don't need Bermuda triangle to make planes vanish...just pass it to TUDM and they can get the job done no questions asked.
  4. TLDM, protector of our seas fare no better when their carrier flagship KD Sri Inderapura burnt and rendered useless. That was in October 2009 barely 2 months before the missing jet engines hit the headlines.
  5. TDM? Remember the botched arms deal when retired armed forces personnel nearly ink a deal to sell assault rifles to Burundi. The price? Malaysia almost (nearly) censured by United nations (UN).
  6. Simple questions that needs simple answers - what happen to our defenses? Are we that poorly organised to a stage that we don't have proper inventory? Are we that bad to the extent that we can't even properly maintained our ships? Are we that poor until our retired armed forces personnel needs to do "black market" arms deal?
  7. I am not going to speculate the whys, the whos, the ifs. the whens, the whats. The answer is is in the wind - just sniff around and you will get the source.
  8. OIM you have all the three branches of the army is such disarray. In soccer, if you have a bad keeper, a disorganised back four, and lacklustre defensive midfielders - your team will be doomed.
  9. For make-up purposes, you will hear empty promises of politicians and ministers - we will investigate teh cause, we will charge those involved bla bla bla...but really, will it ever happen? OIM the offenders sleep easy in the comfort of mistresses and concubines.
  10. Afterall, easy come easy go...what say you, 1MPM6? Minister of Defense? Are we closing 2009 on sour note?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Celebrating 1 Muharram 1431 AH

Wishing all a happy Muslim New Year...1 Muharram 1431 AH (18th December 2009). On triviality, do you know that 1st Muharram 1431 AH starts after maghrib prayer where Zulhijjah ends and Muharram takes over? For Gregorian calendar, new year starts from 12 midnight of 31st december :)

When I was small, wise old men reminded me to avoid (if possible) travelling on 1st Muharram. Since then, I have tried my best to observe the reminder. It is up to you to believe or to label the reminder as superstitious or not...:)

Come this Sunday, a trip to the Lost world of Tambun is in the cards before hitting the back roads again. Prior to getting lost in Tambun, there will be a detour to Pavilion first for an unforgettable experience of tropical snow... before going through the night with the international marching bands in KL football stadium...

How I wish we can put all 222 of our MPs' in Tambun's retreat to sort out their differences...and if they think that they can enjoy the retreat with dips in the hotspring,

then they are dead wrong. I will put them in "made to order" suites so that they can be close to nature...

and be more responsible in managing Malaysia...afterall, we have been working our blood, sweat and tears to cough up their salaries and perks. It's payback time and these 222 MPs better perform better in 1431 AH before this scribe really lost his temper and cool... an angry nightcaller is not someone they want...not with Z's fart chambers already operating, WJ K ever ready to nuke the budget, Rocky's stripping errr striking back, AK 47's gunning down issues, penarik beca's strip dancing, de fella's getting personal, Nobisha's opinions, and anil's livefeed.

The only compensation thus far is al banjari's possible "retirement" with fisha still looking for her house on the pertiwi hill whilst the 'dirty dozen..oops bunch" are still weekly drowned out in the tavern. Who knows things will get better in 1431 AH for Malaysians or maybe there is a need to demonstrate to the government that we are serious in our demands for better governance. Whatever...wherever...this scribe is always ready...

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Of 66 - 63: Too close for comfort

Whilst most are rejoicing Malaysian soccer team's chance to end 20 year-medal drought, another cliffhanger was being played in the real corridor's of power.

1M PM6, Ong TK and Koh Tsu Koon had to rush to the parliament's house to secure a slim 66-63 2010 budget approval. Imagine these :-
  • We have 222 elected MPs' and only 129 were present during the crucial voting. That's only 58.1 % attendance;
  • Where are the balance 93 MPs'? Are all of them on oversea missions? Are all of them in Viantine, Laos? Are all of them in front of TVs' rooting for Malaysia at the expense of the budget approval?;
  • BN has 137 MP's and yet they can only secure 66 votes which is 48.17 % of their actual strength. Where are the balance 71 BN MPs?;
  • Better still there are 3 independent MPs' in the house. Were they there last night? If they were, which side did they vote? If all 3 were present and all 3 voted for BN, then BN owes them a lot;
  • PR has 82 MPs' and 63 were in the house. That's 76 % attendance which is quite good. But where are the balance 19 MPs? Although some were allowed to attend to their function elsewhere but what about the others?
  • Is it that crucial to have the voting done at night? If the courts decided that MACC could not interrogate suspects after office hours, what about parliament voting? Is it necessary to carry out the voting that particular night? Couldn't they postpone the voting to the next morning?

It shows that BN is still too complacent and that complacency almost cost 1MPM6 his 2010 budget. It is time for DPM as BN's whip to start cracking. Remember when AAB called on BN's MPs' to attend the parliamentary sessions? Where are their attendance book? Who have been playing truants at the peoples' expenses?

I see that the opposition has been quite responsible in carrying out their duties. BN? It seems that they never learn or rather unwilling to learn from the harsh lesson of 2008. If 1MPM6 cares about his seat after GE13, he should start his house cleaning early and bring in dedicated party workers.

As for the opposition, they are getting there. What tehy need is sime refinement. It is too taxing to have some of their MPs' doubling uup as state reps as well as Menteri Besars. The opposition must learn how to share the cake. One person juggling between various commitments may be too taxing for him too.

It is also time for the 3 independent MPs' to flex their skinny muscles. Now is the right time for them to vote based on their conscious and it will not be too much to say that both BN and PR will be more than willing to meet their needs.

That said, Malaysia needs a strong government and BN MPs' should not be lulled into complacency anymore. If BN MPs' wanted to serve the people, they better serve now or else they should be packing their bags and their seats in the coming elections...

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Of KTMB: Getting salivated...

Update : KTMB railwayfan club posted the following :-

The Minister of Transportation will be officiating the reception of the ETS units this coming Tuesday at the old KL Railway station:

Date : 15 Disember 2009
Time : 9:15AM - 11:30AM
Location : Lobi, Stesen Keretapi Kuala Lumpur

Date : 16th December 2009
Time : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location : Ipoh station, Ipoh

Glorious Friday for KLites since this is the last working day of the week. It's more glorious for Selangor when today they celebrated their Sultan's birthday...another holiday.

Last night, some friendly bats echoed to me that KTMB will be showcasing their latest product line sometime next week. The date? Somewhere early next week....Venue? KTMB's heritage building...Time? Subject to Ong TK's availability.

The catch to the showcase? The latest product will not be put in service this year :) Next year, perhaps. And before the commuter users start drooling, this one is not for you, babe. This product is for the Kl-Ipoh sector...

Then, why are they showcasing the "next change" product now? I see that KTMB is not showcasing the products alone. They are taking the opportunity to parade other newbies as well. And what will that be?

Well, for one, KTMB would be happy to parade in their new Chairman in the form of Mohd Zin, former Works Minister. And since we are touching on Mohd Zin, could someone out there be gracious enough to confirm whether he is the shortest serving Works Minister of Malaysia? I mean, there is a record showing that he is the Deputy Works Minister from 2004 to 2008 before he took over Samy's post. Is he Malaysia's Minister of Works or only a year? If so, what gives? What blunder has he got himself into that forced him out of the ministerial post?

Is Ministry of Transport (MOT) making a statement that MOT is now more "senior" than the Works Ministry? I mean, if the former Works Minister is appointed as Chairman of KTMB which falls under the purview of MOT, wouldn't that clearly show that the Works Ministry is more junior than MOT?

As for other showcase, KTMB will also rolled out their new President who is rumoured to be related by marriage to 1M PM6. For a start, he has transformed KTMB by changing the post of MD to President. That's a big step forward, isn't it?

Apart from that, the President has set RM 1M profit to KTMB, far surpassing his predecessor who sets RM 1 profit. Just 1 thing though, if KTMB has been experiencing losses for years on end, to get RM 1 profit is already a breakthrough, RM 1M? Is he kidding? Is he serious in generating RM 1M profit?

I am not saying that he is incapable. He has proven in his personal life that he is more than able to juggle 2 homes at one time, so he must think that running KTMB is a breeze. One small issue that gets me confuse though, if he is aiming for RM 1M profit, then why are KTMB staffs still wearing the RM 1 profit buttons? If he really means it, then the President should be instructing his men to discard the RM 1 profit mentality...don't you agree?

Or is his RM 1M profit target a sweetener to the powers that be?

So guys and gals, watch out for KTMB's public viewing of their latest product. You can choose to watch the latest hardware or scan the new Chairman and KTMB's new President. A friendly advise to the gals...please be aware, someone might be oogling you from the stands....

As for the media savvy reporters and news chaser, use this opportunity to ask Ong TK or the Chairman or the President - what happen to the much-hyped second hand DMUs' which were recently hotly debated in parliament? Is it a go, no go or no news?

KTMB can display their latest product but in the end they must admit that their komuter services are getting from bad to worse to worse still. How much longer must the commuters suffer? I mean, literally the commuters patience are already up to their heads and they may not take it much longer. It's no use boosting of RM 1M profit when the services are just plain pure rubbish.

Before I signed off, another thing. Malaysians are well known for maximising showcases. If the new product happens to carry the VVIPs and selected passengers to a destination on that day, who is responsible? Do the new ETS has the license to operate by Department of Railways? If not, who will take the responsibility if anything happens (Touch wood, nothing happen) ? I mean we have seen Muhyiddein as a helmetless pillion rider, KJ as another helmetless motorcycle rider, 1M PM6 operating a backhoe without license. Will we see Ong TK or Mohd Zin or Aminuddin as the ETS driver without proper license?

I's not wrong to be salivated...but salivate at the right place and the right time....oh yes, before I forget, it is good advise for KTMB to make sure their toilets are properly working. You don't know what will happen especially with the Minister lately having acute stomach problems...we don't want toilet malfunction to happen, do we?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

To some, KJ's time is now...

UPDATED : KJ rubbishes deputy minister's offer. I wonder - who starts the news? If he is KJ fan then he has lots to explain...don't you think so?

  1. Malaysia is indeed a land of opportunity and opportunist. Since words filtered out that Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib tendered his resignation to 1M PM6, the Mall is buzzing with speculations on who will replace him as the Deputy Minister of Tourism.

    Well, actually there is possibility of 2 vacant post in 1m PM6's cabinet. The other one is not due to resignation but intense pressure from Kayveas and his PPP machais to rid Murugiah from his Deputy Minister's post.

    And if we were to be gracious enough to cast a wider net, there is another 2 deputy ministers dangling dangerously in MCA. All that is needed is for Ong TK to whisper to 1M PM6 for them to be dropped from the line-up.

  2. With opportunity aplenty, it is not surprising for lobbyists to promote their idols to fill the empty slots and the would-be empty slots. And one of the name projected to be considered by 1M PM6 is UMNO youth leader. That was detected on 6th December 2009.

    Another blogger feels otherwise and he pointed out his reasons why KJ is not in the list of potential replacement. Almost immediately, the lobbyists pounce on the blogger here and here.

    Both sides has its pros and cons. However, before it escalates into an "UMNO youth civil war". it is better for both sides to consider these...

    • Is it an UMNO vacancy?

      In a way, BigDog is right in pointing out that the vacancy arises from DS Abd Rahman's resignaion and by virtue that he is from Sarawak, then the replacement should comes from one of the present Sarawak's MPs.

      Even if we were to consider the possible vacancies, it is still not an UMNO vacancy. No way will Kayveas allow UMNO to take PPP's quota away. As for Ong TK, he may be besieged but the cabinet posts will be his secret weapon and he can use the posts as carrots and enticements to unit MCA.

      That brings us back to square one ie there is no UMNO vacancy in the present cabinet. UMNO can create a vacancy if one of the existing UMNO cabinet members is willing to sacrifice his post. Will UMNO youth deputy willing to make the sacrifice? Will he? Can he?

    • Is 1M PM6 ready to reward achievers?

      Of late, the voice demanding meritocracy consideration is getting louder and louder. Since everyone is talking about meritocracy, is 1M PM6 ready to exercise meritocracy in his cabinet?

      GE 12 is past and gone but the results are here to stay. Let's talk about meritocracy here...if some of the leaders in BN component parties were defeated in GE12 to the extent that the component parties are almost wiped out during GE 12, then why is 1M PM6 retaining them in the cabinet line-up? Shouldn't 1M PM6 be rewarding Sabah and Sarawak MPs' for their strong show in both states. If not for them, BN may be sitting in the opposition bench now.

      Bluntly, why is 1M PM6 retaining Gerakan, PPP, MIC and some MCA leaders in the cabinet line up? If the answer is to ensure balance, then why is 1M PM6 promoting UMNO wanita and Putri chief whilst sidelining UMNO youth chief? This scribe feels that 1M PM6 should be rewarding performing component parties who ensure BN's continuity in governing Malaysia. By that same token, 1M PM6 should take drastic steps to reduce cabinet ministers from non-performing component parties.

      1M PM6 has been accused of many things and he needs to take decisive action even if it means cutting down Gerakan, PPP, MIC cabinet members. Or forever, other component parties will take advantage of his indecisiveness.

    • Cabinet seniority or cabinet performance?

      Imagine an Engineer heading Ministry of Finance or an Economist heading Ministry of Works. That's an awkward position to be in, right?

      The same goes for cabinet post. Malaysia has come a long way since 1957 and it is time for Malaysia to choose the right people for the job. How do you expect a law reader to head Ministry of Information? At least 1M PM6 did some justice in putting Ong TK, an Engineer by qualification, to head Ministry of Transport.

      Putting the right qualified persons to head relevant Ministries will go a long way. Maybe it is time for Malaysia to shed the image that party leaders must be country leaders. Is this the right time to segregate party from country leadership?

      Talking about seniority, what will happen if and only if KJ was appointed as a parliament secretary whilsy his UMNO youth deputy is a deputy minister? Which seniority will prevail?

  3. Ah..yes, before this scribe call it a night, think about this. If 1M PM6 elevate losers to cabinet post, what will happen if hypothetically PM fails to retain his seat in GE although his party gets the mandate to govern the country?

    Some say that by convention, UMNO President is Malaysia's PM. Will he still be PM? Or will UMNO goes for EGM to elect a new President and thus a new PM?

  4. For some, it has long been overdue and KJ should be given a cabinet post. This scribe feels that KJ should stay out of the cabinet and hold his fort against the opposition. You see, if KJ is out, he has better opportunity to serve the nation. Being a cabinet minister will exhaust him and will take too much of his time.

    If it makes his lobbyists happy, 1M PM6 can appoint KJ to lead one of the GLC's so that he can prove his worth. Take a mediocre GLC and see how he performs. Tengku Razaleigh has proven his worth when he lay the groundworks for Petronas to be what it is today. Can KJ do the same to another GLC? If he wants, KJ can appoint a COO of his choice to run the outfit.

  5. The open warfare or rather infighting between Parpu, Piggy vs WJ K, Kaga is not beneficial to UMNO. The same can be said of De Fella vs Al-Banjari vs Perisik rakyat does not strengthen PAS.

    Instead of infighting, these bloggers should set aside their differences and strengthen their respective political parties. They can start by watching "The storm warriors". I did and it will show that nobody wins in infighting...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Connection interference...posting temporarily unavailable :(

Well...what else can I say??

For the past few days, the streamyx connection is giving me headache and the maxis broadband is damn slow....

As a result of this (or is it using this as an excuse?), NC could not post anything up...yet... Let's ee when the connection will stabilise...

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Of MCA : Any conspiracy coming..and beyond

The different names of Huatuans, guilds or triads simply indicated that MCA's survival and political well-being depends on "directions" from third parties. It may still be acceptable if MCA's "guiding lights" comes from associations and Chinese media.

The ball is now at the feet of Chinese community. Are they willing to go against the Huatuan and the triads? Are they ready to form their own opinion, free from Chinese media ideas? Are the Chinese ready to discard "Ketuanan Huatuan and Chinese media" for an integrated Malaysia?

  1. For the uninitiated, "truth hurts". If you don't believe, just look at Tiger Woods. Who would believe that the domicile Tiger prowled both the golf courses worldwide and the streets thereof. Tiger Woods have successfully wake up those domesticated housewives to be wary of their hubbies "golfing" adventures, both local and international...Bringing back "goodies" will no longer please the queen of the house!
  2. This posting is not about Tiger Woods. It is about another tiger, a hidden association, thriving on Malaysian soil. When this scribe chanced on Malaysia Today's "The real reason why the MCA AGM was postponed", it was taken with a pitch of salt. Why? Though the blog "past owner" is respected around the blogs, on many occasions his facts were twisted by MSM and those who control the mike.

    These guys love to paint the blog owner as paranoid and "thriving" on conspiracy theories. However, when a similar concern was echoed by a UUM Professor as an article in an MSM, then there must be some truth in the expose. Although the Professor did not put his thoughts into verbatim, his "concern" on MCA's crisis should be seriously taken.

  3. MalaysiaToday mentioned that :-

    • MCA AGM initially slated on 5th December 2009 was called off to eliminate the possibility of "organised and planned" disruption by agent provocateurs;
    • the special branch and military intelligence reported to both 1M PM6 Najib and his cousin Hishamuddein on this possibility;
    • the message was confirmed and communicated to Ong TK via MCA's secretary general;
    • it is believed that the "Wah Kee" triad members from Pahang, Perak and Selangor has been mobilised to stir trouble;
    • the plan to use violence is strongly backed by MCA youth chief, Wee KS;

  4. The Prof further wrote :-

    • The Chinese community do not solely depended on political parties but to a larger extent rely on political and non-political associations to voice their needs and demands;
    • The Huatuan or guilds protect, defend and strengthened their various special interest such as economy, language, culture and political rights;
    • The Huatuan's influences together with media support surpasses politics and intellectuals;
    • Huatuans and the Chinese media guided the Chinese community to form opinions on all related issues;
    • Huatuans and the Chinese media decides the fate of Chinese-based political parties in Malaysia, including DAP and Gerakan;
    • Huatuan and the Chinese media hope that MCA will recover from it's 2008 losses as MCA is the only Chinese-based political party with extensive national roots;
    • Huatuan and the Chinese media is working hard to return MCA's credibility in BN as returning the favour of BN's compensation towards Chinese community. If that is true, then PR can kiss good-bye to repeat (or better) 2008 performances especially from DAP;

  5. The different names of Huatuans, guilds or triads simply indicated that MCA's survival and political well-being depends on "directions" from third parties. It may still be acceptable if MCA's "guiding lights" comes from associations and Chinese media. However, when there are intelligence reports indicating that the triads are roped in to determine MCA's AGM, then this is something that needs to be stopped.
  6. Malaysia Today mentioned that Selangor, Pahang and Perak's Wah Kee triad has been roped in. Who are MCA's chiefs of these states. Pahang has been known to be Liow TL's homestate. Are the Ong brothers making their move in Perak too?
  7. The question is - what will happen if the other side decided to rope in the Hongmen to block the Wah Kee? Will there be an all-out triad war between the two? Will there be a table talk to resolve the crisis? Ong TK may be a "lone ranger" but Chua SL?
  8. Things look much easier if this is a Hong Kong movie where the triad bosses sits down together to resolve their crisis with the police as their middleman. But, that's in film and in Hong Kong. Does that happen in Malaysia?

    A Chinese friend once told me that in Chinese society, policeman is regarded as a triad member with license. And that is the reason why in Chinese community elsewhere, police becomes the second to last career.

  9. For some, Malaysian Today's posting borders on controversies and conspiracies. How the masses react to the news is something worth monitoring.

    Internationally, conspiracies are aplenty including claims that Barrack Obama is a member of the Illuminati, a shadowy organisation that dictates on who will be the next President of US of A. For those movie buffs, you may refer to Nicholas Cage's National Treasure movies for mention of Illuminati.

  10. Assuming that conspiracies are brewing strong in MCA's internal crisis, the different faction should make a quick exit to resolve the problems. This scribe shudders at the thoughts of organised triads pulling the strings behind the MCA scene.

    Historically, Malaysian Chinese communities live side by side with various associations. Just look at Yap Ah Loy and his exploits. Yap Ah Loy may not be what he was if he is not a member of an association.

    In present day Malaysia, triad members are also businessmen. Or, at least that's what BBC news look at it. It is also said that leaders of another well known outfit are actively involved in MCA.

  11. The ball is now at the feet of Chinese community. Are they willing to go against the Huatuan and the triads? Are they ready to form their own opinion, free from Chinese media ideas?

    Many things have been said about the so-called "Ketuanan Melayu" and the call to abolish them. Now, this scribe wonders out loud, are the Chinese ready to discard "Ketuanan Huatuan and Chinese media" for an integrated Malaysia? If the community is not ready to depart from this age-old stigma that Huatuan and Chinese media dictate their lives, then the community has no right to demand others to accede to their demands when they are not ready to change.

    In short, we should be asking ourselves - are we actually ready to integrate as a nation. There are voices demanding the rights to maintain mother-tongue language and culture, and yet at the same time we see those who have the opportunity to grow up abroad failed miserably in oral Bahasa Malaysia. If these people, Malays, Chinese and Indians alike, could not communicate in Bahasa Malaysia, then ask ourselves - who is at fault? Are we too intense in defending our mother-tongue at the expense of Bahasa Malaysia? If the answer is yes, then where does our loyalty really lies? Malaysia or our mother-land? The Malays should not be smiling with this statement because this scribe have seen some so-called "Malays" who could not communicate in Bahasa Malaysia, maybe they think their motherland is Bugis or Acheh or Java and not Malaysia...

    This critical questions should be directed inward to our own selves. And last but not least, is "our cakap tak serupa bikin?" Does truth really hurt?

    Me? I might be DNightcaller but sometimes I need to call on the Wind and Cloud in me in order to create some storm...errr Storm warrior. So, if by chance there are someone out there who wants to see Dnightcaller prowling KL streets during the daytime, try staking at the GSC theatres this 10th December 2009...hows's that for selfpromo? :)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, December 04, 2009

Of ETS : Love at first sight?

  1. A teaser? Maybe...Reality coming to Malaysian shores? Perhaps. Has it landed? Ahh...that's a Billion South Korean Won question....
  2. Some may have read an earlier posting of Things to come. If you do, then you may have remembered a small picture of a covered piece of machinery. Is it heading Malaysian way? Has it landed on Malaysian shores? The answer is....well, let's side-track first...
  3. Going into the weekend, it is better to forget about the antics of one Azhar Ibrahim in Penang State Assembly sitting, the whinning of former Malaysian CPM secretary general in Haadyai, the demonstration in Kelantan, the coming sugar price increase, the controversial BTN courses and so forth.
  4. On Azhar Ibrahim, this scribe do not see the need for him to be hard-headed in refusing to offer his apology when Azhar is alledgely accussed of pointing to his buttocks in reaction to a statement from a Penang back-bencher. Maybe Azhar is a strong supporter of John Elton's "Sorry seems to be the hardest words".
  5. As for the former CPM secretary general, this scribe sees that there are many other alternatives and options open to him to visit Malaysia. Why must he choose the hard way? Worse still, why must the issue be politicised? Why must the issue be highlighted in the media? He may feel that what he did was right. He may feel that he had not done anything wrong to the people of Malaysia and maybe some believe that but did he ever listen to Rod Steward's "I don't want to talk about it"?

    If I may, it is better for the former secretary general to apply for an international passport from Thailand and enter Malaysia legally to pay his homage to his ancestors (without the brou haha of the media and politicians)..Is it so difficult to do? Afterall, Thailand citizens can stay in Malaysia for at least a few weeks.

  6. As for the Kelantan demonstration, this scribe has put his minds in writing and there is nothing more to add, for now. Now, it is time for me to soothe my ears with "Wau Bule"...
  7. Sugar? We will hear more of it when the right time comes. Until then, just cut down on sugar...not because of the impending price rise but because of our love to our body and health. We need to keep in shape for the next election, don't we?
  8. BTN? Honestly I see that the initial objective is noble but along the way, someone has hijacked the implementation part and turn it into a "turn over" camp. For this, this scribe feels that for future courses, it is better to have "observers" from both BN and non-BN inside the camps to ensure that BTN is tailored to implant the love for the country rather than churning out zombie-like leader-worshipping graduates.

    My reasoning is simple. If BTN is solely for the benefit of Malaysians for Malaysia, then BN or non-BN has nothing to fear. We want our youths, leaders, corporate figures to feel proud of being Malaysians and BTN maybe the remedy to our insecurities. Get corporate leaders, public and private sectors to attend BTN and let's join hands to develop Malaysia into a proud nation. And whilst we are at it, may I recommend the course fascilitators to listen to Nora's "Dipersimpangan dilema" before presenting their lectures to the participants...

  9. Back to our posting, the double track running from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh is completed. The electrification works has also been completed. What is outstanding now is the electric train sets (ETS) or the hardware.
  10. Rumours are saying that the first ETS trainset has landed on Malaysian shores and will be making its way to Perak soon for testing and commissioning. Watch out for the 'convoy on rails" this 5th or 6th December and you may be one of the lucky few to see the ETS. It is also said that the balance ETS trainsets will be coming soon to complete the Ipoh-KL sector fleet.
  11. Unfortunately, the Minister-in-charge is too ill to make the short trip to witness the unloading of the first ETS trainset. Let's hope that, with the ETS landing, Ong TK's fortunes will be better to repel Liow TL's dreams of becoming MCA President.
  12. However, let it be known that although the ETS may have landed, it is still a long way to go before it is put into service. On top of that, the ETS is not here to resolve the present komuter problems. The ETS is primarily purchased to service KL-Ipoh sector, cutting the journey to 120 minutes from KL to Ipoh. Maybe, this scribe will take the first trip together with the blogger who reveal everything swept under the carpet and unmasking the sweepers.
  13. That leads us to RM 28 million question - what happens to the second hand DMU purchase? There is another round of rumour saying that the purchase has been put on hold as the commercial side of the bargain runs into dead end.
  14. We need the DMU as it is one of the stop-gap options available to ease the klang valley komuter problems. What we don't need now is politicians playing god and we also dismiss attempts by agents to milk money from the Government. If it is too difficult to do, just pass us that RM 28 million and I am sure with a proper set-up, we can get the DMU in Malaysia, working to serve the commuters in no time...the problem is, there are too many "toll-collectors" lining the route. And if you add the "money changers", you can probably hear John Denver's "Living on a jet plane" buzzing in...
  15. So, let me put a challenge again (wow, I love issuing challenges during YES ie year end sales) - why not the deputy Minister of Transport allow his political boss (hint : the man with # 1 haircut) to get his A-team (hint : Malaysia's self claimed best economics who is not a Finance Minister) to handle the funds. This scribe? I will be more than willing to handle the deal and the logistics...what say you? I just love Higgin's and Eliza's "The Rain in Spain"...
  16. If the answer is YES - see you in Spain...:)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Of Nik Aziz : The pillar against the pillage....

  1. Lately Kelantan UMNO is no longer thinking and strategising on"how" to oust PAS from the government seat. For UMNO, it has become a "must do now" situation to topple the esisting state government of the day.
  2. Point blank, UMNO wants Kelantan state government to go down now, not a day longer, if possible. And the one standing against UMNO's onslaught is Nik Aziz and his states assemblymen.
  3. Why do I say so? Let's rewind back to MU by-election, the time when PR promised that they will highlight the issue of Kelantan oil royalty right up to the parliament. Back then, a well-known blogger who is also attached to Kelantan state government challenged the high seas to verify first-hand that the platforms are within Kelantan.

    During that time, DPM Muhyiddein came out with denial statements and ended up instructing Petronas to answer Kelantan claims and to confirm that Kelantan did not has the rights to the oil royalty. Up to now, Petronas is dead silent on this issue.

  4. True to form, PR MPs bring out the oil royalty issue again in the august house and 1M PM6 has no choice but to declare some form of compensation to Kelantan government. The compensation did not come by the name of "oil royalty" but wang ehsan (compassionate fund). Suddenly, it's deja vu again...similar to what PAS-led Terengganu government got when they govern the state in the late 90's.

    For those who are familiar with this, they will surely remember BN's "Gelombang biru" slogan. The compassionate fund was disbursed to Terengganu UMNO and with almost unlimited funds, Terengganu BN use he funds to "buy" election and the rest, as they say it, is history when PAS failed to defend Terengganu in 2004.

  5. With 1M PM6's announcement of wang ehsan, UMNO politicians in Kelantan is smelling money all the way to the banks. As in Kelantan, it has been said that the wang ehsan will be channeled through Jabatan Persekutuan and also through UMNO divisions.

    With the amount of money coming Kelantan way, UMNO is getting cocky on their chances to wrest Kelantan and the only person standing in their way is Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

  6. For UMNO, Nik Aziz is a thorn that they cannot live with. Nik Aziz has to go and to do that, UMNO is looking at all possible angles to discredit Nik Aziz. The latest is the demonstration against Nik Aziz.

    UMNO can choose to deny what they planned in front of Kelantan state secretariat building. UMNO can even deny that their members are involve in the illegal gathering. UMNO can even issue statements to deny whatever they choose to deny. That's UMNO's information bureau's job but :-

    • how is it possible for the women to be clad in the familiar pink tudungs? Isn't that the Putri UMNO's "uniform"?;
    • how is it possible that some of the participants are wearing UMNO shirts if they are not UMNO members?;
    • why are the participants asking for Nik Aziz to resign on the pretext that Nik Aziz urged Kelantan people to "doa laknat" PM? but at the same time remains "meek" when Kelantan were demanding the oil royaly money?;
    • where are the participants when "doa laknat" were said on the cruelty and brutality of Israelis against the Palestinians?. If by reasoning that we should not "doa laknat" other human beings, then many imams in many masjids were equally guilty;
    • if Nik Aziz feels that Kelantan has been wronged (teraniayai), then isn't it their rights to ask for God's help to "laknat" those who wrong them?. Isn't this part and parcel of Islamic teaching that the prayers by those wronged will be swiftly answered by the Creator?;
    • Nik Aziz urged Kelantan people to join him in "doa laknat", he did not force them to join him. It's the peoples' choice, let them decide;
    • if UMNO feels that their great leader is wronged, then by all means perform "doa laknat" if that makes them happy;

  7. The illegal gathering has all the markings of UMNO doings. They are hoping to inflame Kelantanese to take the streets. They are also hoping for a reason to impose Mageran in Kelantan.

    If UMNO could not achieve their primary target, the illegal gathering leaders are hoping that their vocals are heard by 1M PM6 and ended up in BN's good books to be part of the team to control Kelantan's wang ehsan. That is what they want - a direct access to the kitty bank of Kelantan wang ehsan.

  8. Do Kelantan UMNO leaders care? Do they care what Tg Razaleigh has to say? Do they care that Tg Razaleigh, an UMNO veteran, may be leading the parliament caucus on the oil royalty? Do they care when Tg Razaleigh opinioned that Kelantan is eligible for the oil royalty?
  9. Before you make your decision, consider this. If UMNO Kelantan get hold of wang ehsan, they may end up managing the funds the way UMNO Terengganu did. They will use the funds to buy over Kelantan. They may even end up the way UMNO Terengganu did - building and organising the fledgling monsoon cup and heritage club, construct the one-wonder stadium with roof collapsing within a year after opening ceremony, the forgettable Taman Tamadun Islam and so on.
  10. In short, Kelantan UMNO will pillage the fund, creating questionable projects and will also use whatever means possible to buy votes and support. All in a day's work to please their great leader. Do you think UMNO will care about the welfare of Kelantan people? Do you think they will voluntarily carry out their duties if the money did not go into their own pockets?
  11. Malaysia has been under UMNO and BN since independence and with 50 years of experience, UMNO has conned us, time and time again, the latest will be the impending sugar price this coming 2010. That will trigger another round of price escalation, courtesy of our great leader 1M PM6. I feel that I am wronged here, don't you? Is UMNO implying that the price rise is a noble cause to prevent consumers from over-consuming sugar? To prevent us from being a diabetic? Geez, what a lame excuse from UMNO and BN!
  12. So, that leads us to the million ringgit question - who dare to stand against UMNO Kelantan? The answer is clear, the man is Nik Aziz Nik Mat. He has been guarding the Kelantan fort for the past 18 years and God willing he will continue to guard "Serambi Mekah" from UMNO pillage.

    Nik Aziz is the pillar of strength for Kelantan. UMNO can do what they want but this wise old man is still standing firm and unwavering in his principle. How I wish we can have more of Nik Aziz to guide us than having to live with the "spin doctor" from Angkasapuri.

  13. The answer, my in the wind.....UMNO knows that to govern Kelantan, they have to push Nik Aziz aside. To these leaders, there is no more respect towards a religous scholar. To them, the end justifies the means....and let me offer my "doa laknat" to those leaders of the illegal assembly who do could not differentiate between a diamond and a piece of worthless glass.

    Just in case some of you failed to get my drift, on this issue, the worthless piece of glass comes emblazoned with the words UMNO on it.

  14. By the way, I am looking forward to see what the blogger who went to Dubai will be bringing back with him. I hope he's not bringing back rolls of testimonials for the MP who did not make it to the cabinet (Hint : He comes from NS). A packet of dates will do, a box of olive and figs will be great, a healthy Arabian stallion will be a bliss...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Time for a "kill"?

  1. Some people just can't help it.It must be in their blood and there is nothing one can do to ease it. They choose to be "colour blind" and what they see (or choose to see) is just UMNO red and BN blue.
  2. To these people, tasyrik or not, the show must go on...and since there is not much news of Selangor's Khalid Ibrahim donating cows for Qurban in Federal Territory, they are now turning their guns on other states.
  3. Take the case of the BN-staged demonstrations against Lim GE. Malaysiakini reported that :-

    • A group of BN youth leaders staged the demonstration outside Penang legislative assembly;
    • the numbers ? More than 100;
    • The issue? They claim that Penang state govt is an inefficient and indecisive state government;
    • Over-reaction? One protester stomped and torched Lim GE's potrait (Penang Gerakan youth chief later clarified that the protester is not BN youth member;
    • Police action? Nothing but they did record statements from one of the prime movers;

  4. From there, as if on que, another demonstration is held in Pakatan-led state. This time in Kelantan and this time the target is Nik Aziz. Although Malaysian Insider pointed out that text messages has been circulating calling for UMNO members to join the protest, an UMNO leader denies the claim and say that this is an NGO event.
  5. STAR reported :-

    • Their numbers? 1,000 people;
    • Their aim? To demand Nik Aziz to step down as Kelantan's MB;
    • Their reason? Because they claimed that Nik Aziz's request for Kelantan people to pray for the destruction of Najib;
    • Police action? 100 police on stand-by at state secretariat building;

  6. Honestly, it will not be a surprise if BN-led protesters will start marching to Selangor state secretariat tomorrow demanding explanation from Khalid Ibrahim why he did nor donate cows to Federal Territory this year.
  7. But, seriously..hink about that. Is this a carefully orchastrated move by "certain parties" to compel Kelantan and Penang to move towards emergency rule? All they have to do is to create "unrest" and then let the "mob" runs free to a stage that "Mageran" can be enforced.
  8. What you see is actually a desperate move by those who cannot stand the sight of states being governed by Pakatan Rakyat. What they afraid of? Are they getting panicky looking at the way MCA is tumbling? If Muhyiddein, the no-2 man in BN could not resolve MCA's internal bickerings, then who else can do the job? Is MCA panting for 1M PM6 to look personally into their problems?
  9. Not far behind is Kayveas yet another crazy move, demanding Murugiah to vacate his deputy minister's post. Is Kayveas running the country? Is Kayveas more powerful than 1M PM6?
  10. And then don't forget about our DPM's press statement about BTN. Muhyiddein denied that it is political indoctination, Nazri said it need to be revamped - look how they could not even agree on simple matters. Couldn't they just agree to simply deny the claim or simply admitted that BTN is a carefully planned courses to indoctrinate participants? Geez, simple thing also so difficult to agree....
  11. If our leaders could not agree on straight forward issue like BTN, how would they react if the press hounded them on more controversial issue. Just look at our ex-IGP. Is he hoping that his statement will win him over and erase all that he had done in the past? Yesterday's villain, today's hero? What will our present day leaders respond to that issue?
  12. This is only 14th Zulhijjah and yet BN is sharpening their knives, baying for Lim GE and Nik Aziz. Yet, in their haste, they conveniently forget that their house is not much cleaner and is in much more disarray than PR.
  13. Will it not be better if BN use these demonstrators to converge in KL and offer prayers for the quick recovery of our beloved king? Although he may be in Germany but we can always offer prayers from KL, don't we? Or maybe get these demonstrators, over 100 in Penang and 1,000 in Kelantan to sign the "get well" card to DYMM Agung. It can be why don't BN make use of this opportunity whilst it last? Afterall, come GE 13, BN may not rule the country anymore....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Of Qurban : Yours, mine, theirs...

  1. 10 Zulhijjah where millions of pilgrims descended Mekah to perform the haj. It is also known as Eid Adha or Qurban (sacrifice). It commemorates the date when Ibrahim (Abraham) was ordered by the Creator to sacrifice his son Ismail (Ishmael) to test Ibrahim's and Ismail's faith towards religion.
  2. That aside, Qurban symbolise the sacrifices that one made in life. Although I have registered to perform my pilgimage this year, it is not meant to be when my name is not on the list as one of those selected 26,000 Malaysians who are currently in Mekah to perform the haj. I know that one of Malaysia's favourite bashing boy is currently in Mekah to perform his haji and it is also another known fact that Nik Aziz decided not to perform the haj this year due to political and personal reasons. Who knows, maybe next year I may be performing the haj side by side with the learned Nik Aziz...God willing.
  3. This is not about, let's get on with the show....we will discuss on Qurban and the sacrifices some of us has to it on personal note, national or international causes....
  4. First off on the subject of Qurban is about the sacrifices of a mother. Remember Siti Amynur Ain Putri? Although her beloved mother has been called to face her Creator, her sacrifice has not been in vain. There are genuine efforts on the ground now to provide financial and spiritual aid to Siti. You can read more about this when proper announcements will be made by another friendly blogger in his blog. SK Taman Dusun Nyiur have set up a bank account to channel financial aid to Siti. Apart from that, Negeri Sembilan state and one of NS's chieftains are also making making plans to provide assisstance to Siti.
  5. Siti's case is not the only case. There are others and there will also be others. The question is - are we doing enough? Or are we forever in a reactive mode? We will only react when things have happened? Do we have better mechanism to prevent Siti's case from recurring? The answer is NO - we can make a difference and that can only be done if there is a combined effort to drive the difference. To this scribe, if there is a need to have a ptron - then lit be one. Who is the patron is not important but what's more important is the objective. If the objective is to help those in need, regardless of race, religion or political background - then I am all for it.
  6. However, there is still another sacrifice to be made for Siti. Someone has to sacrifice to follow through Siti's progress and ensure that whatever funds for Siti is put in good use...
  7. Maybe some did not see my way but I see that Justice Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin is sacrificing her future to uphold "justice", the way she sees it. Justice Alizatul has ruled that Kota Siputeh seat is vacant and has instructed Malaysia's EC to conduct a by-election. She has also dismissed EC's appeal for stay of execution meaning that EC is compelled to arrange for by-election within the next 60 days. Alas ! it is not to be when the appelate court grant stay order...within 24 hours of Alizatul's decision. How can an appelate court act in lightning speed here when the same court is still waiting to hear Nizar vs Zambry case regarding who is actually the MB of Perak? Between the two, it is without reasonable doubt that Nizar vs Zambry case is more important and should be given utmost priority because this involve on the legitimate issue on who really governs Perak? As for Kota Siputeh, whatever the outcome does not change the state government of the day.
  8. That leads to another question - is there no one else in the judiciary bench who is willing to sacrifice for Malaysia? Here we are not discussing on whether a judgement is right or wrong but whether there is justification in speeding ne case whilst delaying others when the other case is more urgent and have higher priority? What is the standard of measurement used in determining which case goes first?
  9. Alizatul can play safe and delay hearing EC's appeal and play along with the system. She refuse to do that and sit to reject EC's appeal (although I believed she knows that her judgement may be overturn by higher court). She can even choose to tag along the system and deliver a verdict to EC's favour and thus "score" some points for her next elevation. She did not do that. She sacrifice all that...
  10. MCA? Someone has to sacrifice there too... The circus needs to stop now. Liow TL has to choose whether to go for President's post or the Deputy's post. Liow TL and his group of 3 should not be making demands here and there.
  11. If MCA choose to go for fresh elections, then it should include all levels. It is ridiculous for the party to hold fresh elections but omiting the wanita and youth wings. It shows the true colours of Liow TL who is still looking and hoping for fail save locks, in the event that he lost the party polls. If Ling LS and Lim AL sacrifice for MCA, then Ong TK, Chua SL, Liow TL should also be ready to sacrifice for MCA.
  12. In truth, this scribe is equally confuse why MCA needs UMNO to tell them what to do. Has MCA truly lost its directions?
  13. Sacrifice comes in many forms. as for Nik Aziz of Kelantan, he has to forego his relationship to instruct his SIL to resign from PMBK's CEO's post. It must be one of the tougest decision made by Nik Aziz.
  14. Hopefully, Nik Aziz's judgement is the right one which will leads PAS to far greater victories....
  15. Talking about sacrifice, it knows no boundaries. Not only those on the streets have to sacrifice but those sitting in the corridors pf power should also be ready to sacrifice. The only problem is - are they ready to sacrifice to cleanse themselves from perceptions and accussations?
  16. For that, let's go to the top of the charts. PI Bala has resurfaced with various allegations against Malaysia's numero uno public servant. Whether PI Bala's accussations is true or not is immaterial. What matters is that PI Bala has pointedly accussed him of being directly or indirectly invlved with the model's case.
  17. It is time for 1M PM6 to come out and resolve the issue. Did he or didn't he? It may means sacrificing his plush post in Putrajaya but what Malaysia needs now is a boost of confidence. Malaysia has lost its rankings in TI. It has been quite humiliating to see our corruption index sliding down year after year. We do not need to read another dose of bad PR of getting involved in the model's murder.
  18. For that, maybe the police needs to sacrifice more (of their time) to locate PI Bala and get to the bottom of things. Was Bala offered RM 5M to shut up? If that is true, then obviously PI Bala's integrity is also at stake. Did he come out because of his conscious or because he was played out? And the police should go one step further and investigate on PI Bala's friends and associates. PI Bala is painting that there are moonlighting activities within the force and the moonlighters are no ordinary rank and file. They can come from higher rankings and involve in multiple business ventures.
  19. The point is - everybody has to sacrifice. If the rakyat has to sacrifice to support the nation, then we are also demanding the politicians to sacrifice for the betterment of the people. If the rakyat has sacrifice for the past 52 years, then it is time for the politicians to repay our sacrifice - even if it means a new leadership is in order...
  20. With that - let's sacrifice for a prosperous Malaysia. Amin.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, November 20, 2009

2 in 1 : Happiness and sadness...and who can she turns to?

Siti is in need...who will be her protective angels?

UPDATE : Another blogger, WJ K of Rembau Times, has take up the challenge and will be setting up a bank account to manage the fund. Essentially, we are looking for 100 persons who is willing to contribute RM 100 for Siti's education and future. So far, we have 4 and it is still a long way to go but it is a start...

By the way, this is not a politically motivated come on and chip in.

  1. Where do I start? Or rather how can I start writing? Fortunately this scribe is not a political wimps like Chew Wee who cannot control their sobbings because they are no longer in the elite MCA's Presidential council.
  2. This scribe chanced upon MStar's article tagged "Terima keputusan cemerlang UPSR depan jenazah ibu".
  3. In the nutshell, Siti Amynur Ain Putri scored 5A's in her UPSR. Coming from a poor family, Siti lost her father when she was 8 years old and that was 4 years ago.
  4. Her mother, Rusmah Abdullah, took care of Siti and her elder brother (aged 14) since then with a monthly income of RM 500 before she has to quit her job 4 months ago to take care of Siti who broke her leg in an accident. Since then, the family survive on RM 400 per month financial aid.
  5. Her mother walked 1 km daily to deliver packed food to Siti because Siti has to stay back in her school to attend extra classes in preparation for her UPSR.
  6. 2 weeks ago, Rusmah Abdullah was hospitalised for low blood pressure and died on Wednesday night before the UPSR results were announced.
  7. The headmistress of her school rushed over to personally handed Siti's UPSR's results before her mother's burial took place.
  8. It is a sad day indeed when Siti could not share her joy with her mother and she received her results when she is now an orphan (yatim piatu) with both her parents gone. Now Siti is a member of family of two ie left with her brother who is 14 years old.
  9. What else should I say about Siti. Apart from seeking His blessings Compassion and Benevolence towards Siti, how I wish we could do more to minimise her burden. 12 years old, she needs all the guidance possible.
  10. Maybe, coming from Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Dusun Nyiur, Seremban helps. I sincerely hope that a friendly blogger can highlights this case to his Rembau MP so that something positive can be done to help out Siti.
  11. Apart from that, I am also hoping that some generous souls will take up this issue and give Siti the needed support that she needs to face the future. Maybe in the form of an elder foster sister?
  12. Siti is in need...who will be her protective angels?
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Of Chew Wee : Don't cry for me...MCA

  1. Well, the writings has been on the walls but both Chew and Wee choose to ignore it and now they are paying the price for their own negligence.
  2. First, Wee Ka Siong as the Youth chief and Chew Mei Fun as Wanita Women chief openly called and backed Liow's proposal for 2nd EGM slated to be held on 28th November 2009. This is done despite Ong TK's Greater Unity Plan (GUP) which has been discussed with the parties involved including Chua Soi Lek, Liow Tiong Lai before briefing 1M PM6.
  3. Basically, Wee KS and Chew MF has jumped the gun together with Liow TL. maybe in their haste to be elevated to the party's top post, they forego the procedures and show utmost disrespect towards the President.
  4. Afterall, in the briefing open to all party division leaders on 15th November 2009, it has been lined out the general direction of the GUP inclusing a possible fresh elections to be held wihin 6 months to a year after the GUP is fully implemented and the party stabilise. Is it a wait too long for the impatient 3 of Liow TL, Wee KS and Chew MF?
  5. Why did Liow & gang failed to turn up to listen to GUP plans? Have they pre-set and pre-planned to bulldoze with their own EGM despite knowing that their EGM effort has been declared illegal by the party? More so, who is behind Liow & gang?
  6. Liow TL could use a better approach by lying low until the fresh election is called. His actions of pressing for 2nd EGM does not reflects his maturity in politics.
  7. Bigger still is Muhyiddin's press conference in Rome. TV3 showed Muhyidin questioning the GUP and frowned on Ong's decision to drop Wee KS and Chew MF from the Presidential council.
  8. Most probably, our DPM is getting the wrong information or is he taking sides now? The first impression from his PC is the DPM has not being briefed by Ong TK yet. Yes, granted that Wee KS and Chew MF were booted off from the Presidential council but bear in mind that Chew MF may still be in the Presidential council as an invited member.
  9. In fact, what Ong TK is doing is to increase the numbers of women participation in the Presidential council from th eprevious 2 to 3 with Chew MF slotted to be the invited member. Is Chew still going to chew the hands that feed her?
  10. Saying it all, it is pathetic to see Chew Wee sobbing uncontrobbaly during their press conference. Why are you crying now? Isn't it too late?
  11. Let's give GUP a chance to unfold. If does not bloom then by all means go for the EGM. What Malaysia needs now is a strong MCA to back UMNO and push UMNO to go for greater transperancy, arresting the sliding image of Malaysia in terms of corruption (as reported by TI).
  12. Wee KS and Chew MF may be thinking that they have the whole youth wing and the women delegates under their control. Are they really in control? I shudder at the thoughts of some young cikus who may use this opportunity to demand for EGM to remove Wee KS and Chew MF as tables turn....what say you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Of things coming our way?

Kota Siputeh, PI Bala, Anwar, Husin, DMU, FGM, corruption index. It's all in there. Take your pick and select your choice just like browsing the menu in Kenny Rogers. So many things coming our way and too little positive vibes...
  1. Some talk enthusiastically of Kota Siputeh and feels that Mukhriz Mahathir vs Mat Sabu is on the cards. If it happens, it will be the match of the year...So far, all this scribe can say is - wait for EC's and UMNO's appeals to the higher courts. For all intent, the courts may override the high court decision. Maybe the appeals will be heard in 2010 and beyond. Afterall, all is fair in politics (not only love, my dear)...
  2. For those into suspense thrillers, PI Bala's revelation is gluing them for more bombastic evidences. Never mind that some of PI Bala's responses to the questions are downright speculative (like there is no passport stamping at Johore Immigration which is correct because Malaysia has already practise the "chip"system - so no elements of things done under the counter here)
  3. Then, there are also cases where police and law enforcement agencies were accussed of wrongdoings like the Air Molek prison death or the suicide attempt in Klang. Yes, the police has been accused of many things but to accuse them of causing wrongful death or driving families to suicide is a little too much. Whilst we should be working hand in hand to prevent repeats of Kugan or Teoh BH, it should not be used as a blanket coverage to point police as the guilty party. Let them do their job first...
  4. Instead of letting our imaginations runs wild with fantasies and theories, it is better to focus of Anwar's appointment as Selangor's economic advisor at RM 1 per year. The only thing that this scribe will say is - Apa ni? main-main ke? How could a rich state like Selangor pay a meagre salary of RM 1 per year to the state's economic adviser? Is PR playing "dolls and houses" with the state's coffers? If some of you out there feel offended, I am sorry but I strongly believe that a state's economic's affair is not something to toy about. What if it fails? Will Selangor state government issue a statement to say that the state economic's fail because the salary for the economic adviser is too small? Grow up Selangor, grow up Khalid...and Anwar, please stop hoodwinking rakyat with this type of political gimmicks...
  5. Syed Husin as senator? Just consider this - is his name up because he is PKR's deputy President or because of his past PSRM's connections? Will he use his socialist's approach? Bear in mind that Kelantan verhemently oppose to PKR's suggestion to place Husin as PKR candidate in Kelantan a few GE before. What is PAS's say on this matter? What is DAP's say on this matter? Or is everything a OK now?
  6. KTMB has been put under spotlights this week with the used DMU from Spain. Hopefully things will turn out better end of this year...and just for a peek of what's coming our way...enjoy it and start salivating. Better still, start booking for tickets now :)

  7. Say what may, this scribe is getting restless with the recent corruption index released by TI's corruption perception. Malaysia in down to 56th ranking from last year's 47th rank with CPI of 4.5, down from last year's 5.1. What happen? Is this the international community's perception of Malaysia? Our best ranking of 33rd place in 2002, we are down by 23 places within 7 years. I really do hope MACC will wake up and stop hounding the ikan bilis but instead go for major caes, sending a strong message that Malaysians do not tolerate corruption. Better still, MACC to announce which "major cases" has pass their investigations and there is no trace of corruption practise. Can MACC be transparent, at least to that stage?
  8. Still on corruption index (can refer to the table here), amongst the Islamic nations, Qatar is placed at 22nd place with CPI score of 7 and Malaysia is placed at 6th nation amongst the Islamic countries. Amongst Asian countries, our neighbour, Singapore is first with CPI score of 9.2 (and Singapore is placed 3rd in world standing) and Malaysians are 7th behind HK, Japan, Taiwan, Brunei, South good, no good...
  9. Many things coming our way now...and some naughty e-mails are flooding around to say that KL will be hit by snow-storm this 20th November 2009. I will not say that it is not true or impossible but the chances are too minute...
  10. Oh yes...I am not looking fondly at Malaysiakini's Colin's article about genital mutilation either. However, I will let others to comment on his article before I put mine up. Over to you guys and gals....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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