Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When the preacher is "over"...

Others can wait but not this!

It started with this which comes after Mahaguru 58 lodged a police report. Now, why the deafening silence on PKR, DAP? If these "champions" came out with their guns blazing when it suits their political idealogies, why so quiet now? Or is this a reflection of their true feelings?

I know that some of you may argue that this is old recording. Maybe three years old. So what? If this person can create discord, then I wholeheartedly believe that he deserved to be ISA-ed! No buts, no ifs...

If it is true that this recording is three years old, then why does it takes three years for the government to act? No report, no action? Or is it like what they say "sekali pahat, sekali bekerja?"

What are the actions taken by the church? Do they condone what this Benjamin Stephen said? Or are they in cahoot with this preacher?

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When dress code is made an issue...

  1. We can't get our way all the time, do we? And the SUN reporter should accept that in her stride that it is part and parcel of her job. No need to blow it out of proportion or over dramatise the incident.
  2. It all started when a reporter wrote "dress code knee invite" detailing her experience of being prevented from entering the Ministry of Defense to carry out her assignment. It is then later pick up by her colleague in one of the column "skirting the issue".
  3. Both the reporter and the columnist may feel that the reporter should be allowed to cover the event but let's straighten out one thing first, we are talking about Mindef here and teh keyword for Ministry of Defense is discipline.
  4. The reporter admitted that there is a large signboard which explains the "can" and "cannot" wear before entering the premises and mini skirts is one of them. So why need to blow out the issue? If the guards did not allow the reporter to enter, then by all means respect their decision.

    What the reporter failed to comprehend is the "what if" situation. What if teh guards allow her to enter and what if this act offended the top brass? What if the guards were then hauled up and taken disciplinary actions for their decision? Will the reporter be there to defend them? Please understand that the guards are just carrying out their duties so please respect their decision.

  5. There is no necessity for the columnist to enter the fray and highlighted it further. Granted it is his right to write but it is also his duty to see through the issue. Don't just look at the micro picture and that particular incident. Look at it from a bigger picture, one that is known as discipline.

    Looking around us, it seems that military is the last of our institution that still breeds discipline.
  6. Without going further, let's look around us. Our office dress codes may differ but basically it should be trousers and shirts for men. Lately, i have come across many men who wear 3/4 , cargo pants to work matched with round neck t-shirts. Is this acceptable? Are we moving on to a "carefree" society where you can wear whatever you like to go to office? as long as the employees are comfortable?
  7. Look at our girls. Sometimes you barely can differentiate whether they are coming to work or returning from a late-night out. Somehow, office attire has lost its importance. Is that it?
  8. Returning to the female reprter, it is not entirely her fault that she is caught in that situation. She did not pre-planned it. The assignment comes and she is at Mindef within half an hour. She is decently dressed as an office worker but her attire does not conform to Mindef's.

    So, who is at fault? I will say that her editor is at fault. The editor should has his/her senses to send a male reporter to cover the event. In that way, the attire issue will be a non-issue.
  9. Alternative solution? The female reporter should has a "spare" pair of pants which she could wear to get her out of her predicament. That is actually not hard to do - all she needs is resource and quick thinking. And they say that reporters are quick thinkers, if we were to see how some of them manage to get snoops and breaking news.
  10. Moral of the story? There is no necessity for the reporter to write her gripes in the paper. And the columnist can do better by not mentioning the incident. Simply put, "masuk kandang harimau mengaum, masuk kandang kambing mengembek"...is it that hard to understand?
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Of PKR's silent musical chairs...

Is Anwar getting paranoid that he might not get 100 percent nomination as PKR's president? If that is the case, how will Anwar acts if and when he is elected as PM? For sure he will not get 100 percent support. So what will he do? Force all Malaysians to support him? If that will be the case, what is the difference between Anwar and Mahathir

  1. PKR wants to be different from the rest. In fact, PKR's message is that they are more transparent than UMNO, DAP, PAS, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, SUPP, PBB and the rest of minor political parties. Thus, PKR introduces direct election system to select their leaders.
  2. Then comes the party election process. PKR's election process is shambolic. And it happens in Selangor, PKR's stronghold. I bet UMNO is grinning from ear to ear now!
  3. PKR wanted to show to the rest that they are a cut above. Alas! It is easier said than done...by now PKR may be smarting from their "intellectually stupid" decision to hold direct election when it is now proven that PKR is not ready for direct election. The heart is willing but the feet is not...
  4. This posting is not about that. This posting is more about PKR's silent musical chairs. You remember the game, don't you?

    In the game,it started with many circling the chairs arrange in a circle and when the music stops, everybody scramble to sit on the chair and those who failed are removed from the game. So it continues until in the end, there is only two person vying for a single chair and that's how the game determines its winner.

  5. Looking at PKR now, it is also another game of musical chairs but this time it comes with a noted difference. There is no music to indicate when the game starts or when you make a scramble for the coverted chairs.

    For PKR's case, it started with the branch elections. Before 2008, not many party members wanted to project themselves as PKR party leaders. As a result, PKR has to beg for candidates in 2008 GE. And GE 2008 change Malaysia's political landscape with PKR scoring major successes together with DAP and PAS. Now, every Tom, Dick and Harry wanted to bite a piece of pie from PKR as seen by the intense scramble for the party posts, even at branches level...

  6. Even as it stands, whilst the rest of PKR members including Wan Azizah participating in the musical chairs, there is one particular "silent musical chair" game set exclusively for Anwar Ibrahim. There, there is only one candidate which is Anwar Ibrahim vying for one particualr chair which is PKR "de facto" leader. That is the game that Anwar can never lose!

  7. Let me refresh you with PKR's "sweeping reforms". One of them is limiting the President's term to nine years. Why limit only the President's term? Why not limit the Deputy President's term to , say 12 years and VP post to 15 years?

    The logic of this argument is simple. What happen if a leader opts to remains as the deputy president? And let's say that he has been there for 20 years? Will he be actually be the person pulling the strings behind the President? Limiting the term of service for these top ecelon leaders will pave the way for other leaders to make their mark in PKR.

    Or is this reform to limit PKR's president term to nine years a way to show Wan Azizah the door?

  8. If PKR can limit the President to nine years, why is PKR silent on their "de facto" leader? Is he beyond approach? Will he be allowed to continue pulling the strings behind the scene?

    PKR and Anwar's legion of fans can do what they want but to remain credible, Anwar must show hands. Why is he staying away from the election fray? Scared of losing to his wife? Afraid of his own shadows? There is no use elevating Anwar as "de facto" leader if he could not even make his own stand! Will Anwar forever remain as "de facto" leader without going through the election process? Where is his credibility?

  9. Look at UMNO, as an example. When Mahathir resigns from PM, he passed the baton to Abdullah who stands as UMNO's presidential candidate. The same goes to Najib when Abdullah resigns from his PM's post. UMNO is not perfect but at least it is run by leaders who offer themselves to the party. Anwar? Why is he not standing as PKR's presidential candidate?

    Is Anwar getting paranoid that he might not get 100 percent nomination as PKR's president? If that is the case, how will Anwar acts if and when he is elected as PM? For sure he will not get 100 percent support. So what will he do? Force all Malaysians to support him? If that will be the case, what is the difference between Anwar and Mahathir?

    Anwar calls Mahathir a dictator for pushing his weight around. Then Anwar is also a more potent potential dictator for expecting everybody to support him!

  10. Like it or not, PKR's musical chair game have started. Some say Anwar is pitting Azmin to win the deputy post whilst Wan Azizah/Nurul is counting on Zaid to pull through.

    Let others watch the musical chair game played in the common rooms. I opts to see how Anwar plays his "will always win" musical chair game. Is Anwar going the way of "the pot calling the kettle black"?

  11. Say what you want I did not see any way for Lim Kit Siang/Lim GE or Nik Aziz/Hadi endorsing Anwar as PR's "de facto" leader if he can't even get himself running and elected as PKR's president.

    Whatever, PKR's historical direct election is turning into a farce and Anwar Ibrahim is heading to be the "biggest clown" of all...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Of bloodline, fatal attraction, skewed vision and...

Better reach for those pressure meters, folks for what happens in Shah Alam court yesterday is a picture of our moral degradation values...

Remember Syafiah Humaira Sahari? What about Siti Nurhanim Aziz? Briefly, Siti Nurhanim is the mother to three-year old Syafiah Humaira who was brutally kicked by her mother's-live-in boyfriend in late February 2010. Eights months on, the man was convicted of murdering Syafiah Humaira and sentenced by Shah Alam high court. Do you think that that's the end of it? No, it's not!

Apparently Siti Nurhanim Aziz has a different view about the conviction and the court's sentence. In part Star online datelined 23rd September 2010 reported the following :-

  1. Siti Nurhanim Aziz still loves her boyfriend, ex-taxi driver Mohd Fazli Azri Jamil;
  2. Siti Nurhanim was not even angry with him for causing her daughter's death;
  3. Siti Nurhanim said she was not satisfied with the court's decision which found herboyfriend guilty of the crime;
  4. Siti Nurhanim, in fact, allowed her boyfriend who is convicted of the crime to publicly kissed her on the cheek;
It would not matter much if this happen in the west but Malaysia? Where have our moral values gone to? It seems that Siti Nurhanim is a selfish woman who is willing to abandon her maternal instinct in favour of her feelings towards her boyfriend. To her, her relationship takes priority over her bloodline ties with Syafiah Humaira.

Flashbacked to February 20910 - is this not the same Siti Nurhanim who pleaded to be "guided" back to the society? Is this the same woman who Shahrizat visited and promised to help by providing counselling and guidance using Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat funds?

If this is the same Siti Nurhanim, then why did she issued the statement as recorded by the Star? Has the Star, god forbids, misquoted her? If she is not misquoted, then clearly :-

  1. Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat has failed to provide the correct counselling;
  2. She had not learnt anything from the tragedy falling on Syafiah Humaira;
  3. Where is Syafiah Humaira's grandparents? Have they failed to teach Siti Nurhanim moral values?
  4. Is Siti becoming westernised to such an extent that she allowed herselfself to be publicly kissed? If that is the case, I see there is no necessity for her to be tudung-clad whilst her actions contracdicted what she is wearing. This is sending the wrong message to the others and Siti is indirectly making fun of her own religion;
  5. Maybe Siti Nurhanim is better off in Bangladesh where she can cancels the sentence by accepting "blood money";
If Siti Nurhanim's stand is acceptable to the majority, then clearly Malaysia is in danger of further moral decadence...Honestly, I feel sorry for Siti Nurhanim for uttering what she had uttered. It proves that our moral values have plunge to a new low where "love" is stronger than "maternal-bonding". It leaves this mind confused..is this where we are heading?

Then again, what about the news report from Harian Metro datelined 28th Feb 2010? Then, Siti Nurhanim was quoted :-

  1. Siti Nurhanim mentioned that her convicted boyfriend is "not human" and in fact "worse" than animals;
  2. Siti further claimed that "even animals don't act this brutal";
  3. Siti said "whatever the cause, the boyfriend's action is too extreme";
  4. Siti found out that her boyfriend is quick tempered;
  5. Siti rounded up then by saying " if found guilty, let the law serve him with a just sentence. Man of this nature should not exist on this earth";
How eight months can change a person...let's hope and pray that Siti Nurhanim comes back to her senses and see through the whole episode as a reminder from the divine being. She may have lost Syafiah Humaira but she may have regain her self-esteem by returning to the correct path. Whatever that will befall on her boyfriend, it is better for her to stay clear of him. If he can do it once, what stops him from repeating it if given the chance?

Siti may have lost that loving feeling towards Sahari Usul but legally she is still married to Sahari. It is better for her to seek forgiveness from Sahari and rebuilds her life around him. He may be remanded in jail now but he is not a babykiller...so Siti, the choice is yours. Hope you make the right choice and decision...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Of tembak, tembak, tembak and ...

Tembak, tembak, tembak or rather it's hogwash all the way. On one part, we have Idris Jala openly contradicting himself by sending mixed signals on being thrifty and at the same time going on a spending spree. We have Kong Chong Ha who wanted to sound intelligent by using the word enviromental friendly when he do not even know the need of KTMB to increase their daily plying into Singapore. Our 1mPM6 is surrounded by advisers and officials who turn Malaysia into easy meat.

It is my morning ritual to collect a free copy of the Sun. As I scan through the pages today (whilst waiting for the komuter), "M'sia - S'pore undersea tunnel an option - Kong" spoils my day! If KTMB (read : the government) have still failed to provide a descent komuter service within Klang valley, why is the Government harping on an ambitious project that does not benefit us? For readers' information, the komuter (shuttle) service between Port Klang - Sentul is getting worse by the day with KTMB cancelling the 6:50 am, 7:04 am and 7:30 am shuttles today because they do not have the trains! There goes my early appointment with a friend from the east coast in the mall...

That's not all, this Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) mentioned the high speed rail link between Kuala Lumpur _ Singapore. Only months ago, this Idris Jala cautioned us to be thrifty bacause we are heading Greece way and now he is coming up with these seven projects worth RM 115B to propel Malaysia's economy? The same mouth that warned us to be thrifty is now announcing RM 115B worth of projects? Masterwordsmith unplugged termed it "From bankcruptcy to spending spree"

Remember the KTMB Tanjung Pagar land deal? What about Najib's dreams of KL-S'pore high speed rail link? Penarik Beca claimed "Singapura menang lagi" What else Najib has in store for us, Malaysians?

Let's visit Kong Chong Ha's statement on the undersea tunnel first. Why undersea? Kong Chong Ha quoted "enviromental" reason. Aiyaah! Ini Kong Chong Ha mana belajar? This is what happen when you let a non-professional to head MOT! Was Kong Chong Ha briefed why our trains can only make limited trips to the island? It's because of diesel fumes and KTMB is too cash-strapped to provide electrified tracks...In short, it is already made known that the future trains plying S'pore-JB should be electrified trains. If it is electrified, where are the enviroment issues as mentioned by Kong Chong Ha? In fact, Kong Chong Ha (and the rest of the cabinet) should be pushing for the third bridge as this will make "the crooked bridge" a more viable option. The ball in at Kong Chong Ha's feet and he choose to pass it back to S'pore. Why are Malaysians so "unlucky" to have Kong Chong Ha as our Transport minister?

Next is KTMB land deal. Najib is again caught flat footed because he is not meticulous enough to study the deal. I wonder who are his advisers? Are these the same people who helped Malaysia lost Pulau Batu Putih? Consider these exerpts from Malaysian Insider datelined 16th September 2010 :-

  1. Malaysian officials have agreed to a realistic value of the land being exchanged for the leased Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) land after their Singaporean counterparts said higher land values will incur heavier development charges in the city-state. Are Malaysian officials being led by the ear in agreeing to the land value? If Malaysian officials feel that it is justified for a more realistic value of land, then so be it! You have to pay what it's worth! Or are the officials potraying the "Malaysia boleh" attitude in agreeing to the argument presented by the Singaporeans counterpart?;
  2. He (Malaysian official) confirmed that any delay on Malaysia’s part will see the KTM land revert back to Singapore under the POA without compensation or a land swap. This is one aspect that Malaysia should take note. Time is of essence and Malaysian officials could not afford to take a lacksidal approach in pushing for the land swap. Date line is 31st December 2010 which is barely three months away, Can Malaysian officials do it within that time period is the key factor. Malaysia might lost the land swap be technicality and Najib may end up looking stupid if this does not fall through. Worse still, Singapore may even hold Malaysia by the balls wih this land swap thing;
  3. When both leaders last met in Putrajaya in July, they had agreed to meet again after Hari Raya Aidilfitri to settle the land swap due to a difference of opinion on the land valuation and the tenure of the land holding. Another keyword is "the tenure of the land holding". Now, if only Malaysia can reveal the name of the official in charge of this land swap deal. He should have covered all the angles and think like a developer/project manager. If a simple thing like the tenure of the land holding is not taken into account, what happen if Singapore decides that the tenure of the land holding is 20 years? or worse still 15 years? What will happen? Are we going to lose the land (swap) deal legally through technicality? No wonder, we are being laughed at left, right and center! We have clowns perusing the deals;

Tembak, tembak, tembak or rather it's hogwash all the way. On one part, we have Idris Jala openly contradicting himself by sending mixed signals on being thrifty and at the same time going on a spending spree. We have Kong Chong Ha who wanted to sound intelligent by using the word enviromental friendly when he do not even know the need of KTMB to increase their daily plying into Singapore. Our 1mPM6 is surrounded by advisers and officials who turn Malaysia into easy meat.

It will be another sad day if Idris Jala's vision of ETP is to fill someone's coffers, ready for GE 13. The ambition is there but do we have enough skilled workers to take up the challenge? Or are we going back to rely on foreign workers (yet again)? Maybe most of you did not notice or pretend not to notice but the fact is more and more foreign workers are seeping into the rural areas and worked in plantations and agri-based sector. Don't believe? Just make a short trip to Cameron Highlands and you will see Banglas farm workers complete with BN collared T-shirts! Will they be coming out to vote in GE 13? Are the farms surrounding Cameron Highlands, the estates in Perak, Pahang (and the rest) and Feldas in various states harbouring BN's safe "vote banks"?

During one of the recent open house, a friend get me smiling with his "definition" of NKRA. He asked me about NKRA and I innocently mentioned National Key Result Areas. He stopped me short and whispered "no, it's not that. NKRA stands for Najib Kerja Rosemah Arah!" Maybe what this friend said is true...if BN wants t survive GE 13, BN needs to change it's PM fast...BN needs to rid 1MPM6 as he continued blunders is bleeding the country dry...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Of history, historic, historical and ...

History of PKN, historic direct election, historical Anwar...this posting is in response to my friend's question on who I support for PKR's Deputy President. My answer is simple - I support the one who can make Malaysia better. Will that suffice?

Let's admit it. If this is purely history, then we should leave it to Khoo Kay Kim to compile all the necessary data and artifacts. Correct? But this is not just history in nature, it is also how we look at things from a different perspective...

It all started in 1998 when Anwar Ibrahim was sacked from his DPM's post. The once Mahathir's blue-eyed boy choose the wrong person to push around and Mahathir decided that enough is enough and they say that the rest is history. Is that all? No, Anwar's sacking forced his supporters to find a new political platform to voice out their discontent and that basically how Parti Keadilan Nasional (PKN) is formed. Its members are mostly former UMNO members who left the party with Anwar's sacking. It's main objective is to demand justice for Anwar Ibrahim. Thus, it look more like a figure-centered party. It's all about Anwar, Anwar, Anwar...That is history.

March 2008 witnessed a possible 2-party system in Malaysia with the once PKN (now known as PKR) combined forces with DAP and PAS to deny BN it's traditionally 2/3 parliament majority. Everyone is euphoric on the prospect of PKR-DAP-PAS governing Malaysia but then again...PKR stumbled when some of its elected reps decided to leave the party paving the way for BN to take over Perak from the coalition. In short, PKR as a young party is still trying to find its way and direction in Malaysia's politics beyond Anwar-centered theme. To breakway from the monotonous Anwar-centered idealogy, PKR opts to introduce a historic direct election system to choose its top leaders and the supreme council.

Since the announcement of the supposedly historic direct election, everybody jumps on the bandwagon harping on its virtues. Now, now...is it really so? Since PKR is all about Anwar, why is Anwar shying off from being nominated as the President? If he is more comfortable staying in the background as the party adviser, then why is he so gung ho in taking over Wan Azizah's spot as MP for Permatang Pauh? How will it look to the party members of an adviser who is reluctant to take over the reins of the party but ever willing to be an MP and opposition leader in parliament? Is there any hidden agenda there? Is Anwar banking on the direct election system to install his "endorsed" list of supporters by indirectly staying out of the party election? Former deputy Sec Gen has his own version to the whole direct election process here.

Getting Syed Hussin to "retire" is the easy part. But choosing a new Deputy President is another thing. Truthfully, forerunner Azmin Ali is in a comfortable position compared to Zaid. However, one should not neglect to note that Azmin Ali is an UMNO thoroughbred. Azmin Ali is there because he is once Anwar's assisstant and close confidante but the way he openly questioned Khalid Ibrahim in running Selangor should be noted. Is that what you want in a deputy President? Azmin Ali seems to forego the party's channel with his outburst against Khalid Ibrahim. What will he do if he disagrees with Wan Azizah? Note that he is both Selangor EXCO and an MP whereelse Wan Azizah is ZIP, when she "surrenders" her MP to Anwar Ibrahim.

That is not all. PKR supporters should take into account how Azmin Ali treated PKR Sabah. If PKR has the intention to wrest Sabah (and Sarawak) from BN, then Azmin should not be in the picture. Azmin Ali is better off at his present position and use that as his cooling period to re-stablish his ties with Sabah and Sarawak. Afterall, one must remember that PKR has limit the presidency tenure to maximum of nine years...

As for Zaid Ibrahim, his stand is clear. His disadvantage should be wiped out by his public repentance. When it comes to religious issues, it is better for us to steer clear lest we fall into the pit-trap of trying to judge a person when we are not perfect ourselves.

Remember that it is not Zaid who lost P94 Hulu Selangor, it was PKR's infighting and desertion including the so-called power struggle which contributed to BN's win. It is Anwar's hidden hands that pushed Halili Rahmat to abandon PKR leaving Zaid stranded in Hulu Selangor. So read between the lines as it is expected for PKR delegates to make a wise decision soon - choose either a Napoleonic or a principled deputy. Either built from the scratch President or will the delegates opts for a parachuted one (please note how Mahathir parachute in this youth leader into UMNO in 1982).

Direct election or not, it is exciting to see how PKR will conduct this first direct election and I reserve my comments on how the party spread the direct election process into several days. Will it not expose the direct election process into another farce especially when the results are tallied daily and the aspirant contestants will go all out to "pursuade" the delegates to vote their way? And will the delegates votes sway to the forerunner when the maths are sealed? How will PKR resolve this issue? When one mention direct election then it should be done within specific hours within the same day before tallying the result. Does PKR has the capability and will to do that? Honestly, it is doubtful but time will tell...

Let's see how historical Anwar position himself in the coming Azmin-Zaid fight. It is a difficult choice for Anwar to remain neutral. He could not discard his one-time assisstant Azmin and at the same time he could not by-pass Zaid who joined the party for it's principle. In fact, Anwar has to "take care" of Chua Jui Meng too as Chua will be an "influence" in the coming GE 13.

Is Anwar using Wan Azizah as leverage to get his "preferred" line-up and once it's accomplish, nudge Wan Azizah into political retirement? Remember that if Anwar can do that to Ghaffar, there's nothing stopping him to do the same to Wan Azizah...

History of PKN, historic direct election, historical Anwar...this posting is in response to my friend's question on who I support for PKR's Deputy President. My answer is simple - I support the one who can make Malaysia better. Will that suffice?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Of Kelantan : History in the making...

The current King is from Terengganu and his term will ends in 2011 when (God willing) the Sultan of Kedah will take over as the next Agung. After that? It is Sultan of Kelantan's turn. Now see the historical significance?

These past few weeks have seen few events unfolding in the country, there is one that may shape Malaysia in the future. To many, this event has been overshadowed by the high profile case involving the brutal killing of Sosilawati and her three companions on that fateful 30th August 2010 night or thereabout.

For those who are still clueless, I am talking about the Kelantan royal end to the palace crisis. For once, who says that PR and BN will always be at odds and take opposite stands in all issues and turn them into political front to bash each other? Both PR and BN accepted the 13th Sepetember 2010 proclaimation of Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra as Kelantan's new ruler, replacing his wheelchair bound and ill father.

Call it what you want but I see it as an abdication of sorts. It may not be as headline grabbing when Edward VIII abdicated his throne in United Kingdom in 1936 or when Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia stepped down from his throne in 2004 but it will be jotted down in Malaysian history, nonetheless.

Whilst abdication is the act of renouncing and resigning from the supreme office of the state, Kelantan's case takes a slightly different path when the recent ex-King was found to be incapable of running the state due to his prolong stroke-related illness. His consort (the Sultanah Kelantan) and his elder sister may think otherwise but we have to be realistic in approaching the solution. Kelantan succession council has been generous enough to allow reasonable time for the Sultan to overcome his illness and after more than a year, decided to proclaim a new Sultan in the form of Tuanku Muhammad Faris petra.

Tengku Mariam may have other thoughts but she must understand that Kelantan needs to move ahead and having a wheelchair bound and speech-impaired Sultan is not helping the state. A public servant may be given six months before he is being hauled up for medical board and the Kelantan succession council has given almost 16 months before making the decision. Yes, the present Sultanah may not be happy but she is not a member of the Kelantan succession council and her unhappiness is more of personal in nature.

Now, why do I say that it may shape Malaysia's future? Remember our constitution? Amongst others, the nine-member Ruler brothers will sit to decide who will be the next King of Malaysia and Malaysia rotates its King every 5 years from its stable of 9 Rulers. In terms of seniority of state (amongst the nine with rulers), Kelantan is ranked six behind Terengganu and Kedah. The current King is from Terengganu and his term will ends in 2011 when (God willing) it is expected that the Sultan of Kedah will be proclaimed as the next Agung. After that? It is Kelantan's turn. Now see the historical significance?

Of course, some may argue that the King is just ceremonial in nature but don't forget that the King actually wields a lot of power, if he choose to exercise his options and constitutional rights. For that, let's give the so-called "legal experts" the space to debate on what the King can or cannot do...

For now, let's just say that Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra's accession to the Kelantan throne is well accepted by his subjects, from both sides of political stands. My Kelantanese friends believed that the Kelantan succession council makes the right decision and it is time for Kelantan to forge ahead under his rule. God willing, six years down the line, Malaysia may see Faris Petra installed as the 15th King of Malaysia. Or do Malaysians bear to stand and see a wheelchair bound Head of State? I doubt it and that is why I see the move initiated by the Kelantan succession council is a wise one indeed.

Somebody may lost all her chances to continue"meddling" with the state affairs but then again her loss is Kelantan's gains...it will not be fair to all if she and her "golden son" is the only one who can decipher what the Sultan is saying. The Sultan may be saying one thing but they may choose to decipher it differently for their own gains...who knows?

On the sidelines, if PR and BN can jointly agree and accept the installation of Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra, then the royal house has less to worry, especially on the disturbing "whisper" campaigns on PKR is all for a republic country. As for PKR's nomination processes for the top posts, it will be forthcoming in the next postings...

In the meantime, please watch what you eat during these many "Rumah terbuka"....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya...maaf zahir batin

Once, this house used to be a gathering place for family members returning from Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, USA, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh to celebrate Eid Fitri. Now, with the patron gone, it is just another abandoned house, increasingly a common sight in small towns across the country.

Maybe our young is effluent and would rather choose the coziness of air-cond hotel rooms than the beds where they grew up. Maybe, they have "lost that loving feeling", or failed to realise the "shine" in their parents eyes when they make the anual pilgimage to be back with the family during the eid Fitri....

As I penned this, I am still miles away from home...Phnom Penh to be exact, 2 days before Raya to be precise. God willing, this Raya I opts for "homestay" in Tambun, Ipoh before moving south to Tanah Rata for English tea and scones on 2nd Raya. 3rd Raya? Taman Negara sounds nice...

Whatever it is...Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir Batin....

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Of JAKIM's Halal certification, past practise and perception...

I chanced on a non-Muslim friend and our conversation touch on this "Halal" issue. As this particular friend is in food packaging business, the "Halal" certificate issue is really important to him. To make it short, he queries :-

1. Why did JAKIM retract their "halal" certification from QBB ghee product?;
2. Why did JAKIM list tupai-tupai Sg Tangkas as "non-halal"?;
3. Who is the authorising body for "halal" cert in Malaysia?;
4. What now, JAKIM?;

Is it Halal or is it not? A simple "yes" or "no" will do but the issue is getting cloudy by the minute.

I chanced on a non-Muslim friend and our conversation touch on this "Halal" issue. As this particular friend is in food packaging business, the "Halal" certificate issue is really important to him. To make it short, he queries :-
  1. Why did JAKIM retract their "halal" certification from QBB ghee product?;
  2. Why did JAKIM list tupai-tupai Sg Tangkas as "non-halal"?;
  3. Who is the authorising body for "halal" cert in Malaysia?;
  4. What now, JAKIM?;

Let's start with QBB pure ghee issue. JAKIM announced in their website that they have withdrawn their "Halal" certificate effective from 26th August 2010. QBB, on their part, took great pains to explain that the product has been consumed by Muslims all over the world for the past 20 years or so. It looks neat, eh. If Muslims has been using it for the past 20 years or so, that does not mean that it passed the "Halal" cert.

Granted that QBB pure ghee claimed that their source of product is from dairy cows' butterfat and JAKIM's reasonings for withdrawing the certification is due to some "unidentified" substance in the product. JAKIM never qualify that the substance is "non-halal" but just ambiguos thus JAKIM takes the safe course of action ie to withdraw their certification until the ambiguosity is verified. So, what's the solution? Simple! If QBB pure ghee has other certifaction from "recognised" Halal centres, then do place it on the packaging!

QBB pure ghee cannot simply rely on "past" record to claim that it is "Halal" because if Muslims has been mislead for the past 20 years, then QBB pure ghee cannot just continue to mislead them for the next 20 years! It is of utmost important for QBB pure ghee to verify what is the "unidentified substance" mentioned in JAKIM's explaination and get to the bottom of it pronto. QBB pure ghee needs to be pro-active if they want to reolve the issue. Waiting for JAKIM to produce their result reflects QBB pure ghee's attitude!

My call? I will opt to crossed out QBB pure ghee until they manage to produce "Halal" cert from other recognised bodies or until JAKIM issue another statement to say that QBB pure ghee is halal and re-certify the product as "Halal". You won't die for not eating QBB pure ghee, will you?

As for my friend who use QBB pure ghee for his product, I wish him well to find a temporary replacement for QBB pure ghee if he wants to maintain his JAKIM's "Halal" certification.

Next, JAKIM mentioned that Restoren Tupai tupai kampung sungai Tangkas failed to meet the "Halal" certification. Now, now what is the problem? Truthfully, I have never been to that particular restaurant but a few questions did pass by. Did the restaurant display JAKIM's "Halal" logo? If they did, then which part of their processes do not conform to JAKIM's standard? Is it the raw materials?, is it the finish product, is it the methodology to prepare the product, is it the human factor? The least JAKIM can do is to list out where this restaurant fail to comply to JAKIM's standard. Or is it because this restaurant display the Bufet Ramadan promotion?

If it is just because this particular restaurant display the bufer Ramadan promotion, is it really JAKIM's prerogative to determine who can display the Ramadan bufet? My friend continue to say that JAKIM's officials pointed out to issue of workers not brushing their teeth, not wearing stockings etc. Is that really true? On top of that, this restaurat owner claims that he is losing RM 30K per day. Wow! This owner is currently consulting his lawyers to take legal action against JAKIM. My question - is it really necessary to drag JAKIM to court? Let me put it in another form, being Malay and Bumiputra does not mean that your product is "Halal".

My other friend from SIRIM used to tell me of instances where the mak ciks from kampungs selling kerepeks giving him "that look" when he pointed out that their product is suspected of being "non-Halal". Yes, if you use a non-halal cooking oil, then for sure your kerepek becomes non-Halal too, regardless of you being a Muslim or not. Simple as that! For that, I hope my restaurant owner friend will understand the situation and take it in a positive manner so that he can works on producing "Halal" and "Toyibbah" food and services.

As for the authorising body to issue "Halal" certificate, I thought it is already clear that JAKIM is given the authority to certify "Halal" product. If anyone from the Ministry of Domestic Trade thinks otherwise, please come forward and present your case. Why do I say that? This friend of mine claimed that an officer from Ministry of Domestic Trade claimed that the ministry is the sole authority of "Halal" certificate. True or not? Or is this just an act to "squeeze" those who wish to apply for "Halal" certificates?

What now? JAKIM needs to step up efforts to educate the public on what is termed "Halal". Being a Muslim does not automaticcaly meas that one produce "Halal" products. It is time for JAKIM to vigorously pursue the matter and ensure as many business entities apply and conform to "Halal" certification. JAKIM also needs to educate the public, both Muslims and non-Muslims, on what is termed as "Halal" product. In doing so, JAKIM has to be colour blind because I know of one foodcourt in the golden triangle, close to Pavilion, which openly sells almost 100 % "non-Halal" food. Where is that place? I will give you a hint - the owner is close to our present and past 2 PM and is said to own almost the entire road!

The choice is there - either be picky in what you eat or just "hentam" whatever comes along...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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Monday, September 06, 2010

Islam Hadhari + 1Malaysia = misguided stuff...

Where we are going to...?

Let's not rewind too far back but just sufficiently enough to remember Pak Lah's Islam Hadhari and Najib's 1Malaysia concept. Talking about Pak Lah's Islam Hadhari and his concept of "modal insan" coupled with Najib's vision of 1Malaysia is surely confusing...

On the surface, everything should be smooth. I mean who will deny that Pak Lah's idea of building a strong modal insanis a good concept. The same goes with 1Malaysia. That is what Najib is trying hard to potray...and simply fails....

When Najib talks about 1Malaysia, he talked about the mutual respect co-existing between the various races and religions in Malaysia blending together harmoniously into a nation. And what easier way to gather factions together then spreading food aross the table! However, it is easier said than done!

In Ramadan 2010, JAKIM has actively step up its activities and surprisingly discovered that many "Halal" outlets are not actually "halal". JAKIM issued a statement that out of 34 hotel outlets serving Ramadan buffet, 70 % failed to observe the correct "Halal" procedure. And going by the standards, isn't these hotels normally frequented by our Muslim ministers during official functions? If these outlets are not "Halal" compliance, then what do our Muslim ministers eat there?

A step down, JAKIM officials also checked on "halal" premises in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur sending some of the operators scrambling to remove the "Halal" logo. Conclusion? Majority of food outlets in Pavilion have no original "Halal" logo from JAKIM. Does that mean that our Muslim friends consuming "non Halal" food in Pavilion?

The same goes to TGIF Subang Jaya. In one of JAKIM's inspection there, it is confirmed that the menus is misleading and the operator has been slapped with notice that may end up with the operator fined for RM 250,000 or three years jail.

That simply leads to a simple question? Why is this happening? Is this another proof that 1Malaysia is not working? I mean, if 1Malaysia is whole-heartedly embraced by all, surely we have come to understand what a Muslim can eat and what he cannot as we have come to terms to what the Hindus cannot eat and what they can consume!

Or are our businessmen profit-oriented approach surpass our religious beliefs? Anygoes just because Najib is religiously insensitive?

Finally, have you seen the latest (now off the air) TV3's advertisement on Raya? How do you explain that when the top executives in TV3 are Muslims and yet they somehow or rather "blinded" with the advertisement? How do they explain of the flying trishaw ala "santa claus"? What is their stand on the "blooming" lotus ala Budhism?

Before, we have misguided headmistress pewing venomous statement against the minority students in her school followed with Namewee's "tasteless" video. We even have so-called Muslim facebookers who openly claimed their stand against fasting in Ramadan. Thus far, Najib and his assisstant Muhyiddin fails to address the issue. Or are they just plain hopeless?

In Najib's haste to promote 1Malaysia, he leaves his backyard open. 53 years on, we are coming to another cycle on who should get what. Aiyaa! how to begin when we could not even provide a decent "Halal" meal in pavilion or TGIF or our leading hotels!

Maybe., it is time for Najib to enrol in Islam 101. 30 years as PM-in-waiting has spoilt our 1MPM6 to a state that he might not even know whether what he eats is "Halal" certified or not! Remember, you are what you eat...Najib!

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, September 02, 2010

1 year on, at 53 we still never learn...

At 53, Malaysia is still being pushed around. That's how I see it...

Maybe a quick tour of what happened in 2009 is in order. Back then, this blogger posted "Of Negaraku, pendet and Norman KRU..." in response to our Indonesian neighbour's claim that Malaysia's Negaraku was originally from Indonesia. Now, in August 2010, in a demonstration in front of Malaysian embassy in Jakarta, some of the protesters threw human faeces and defiled the Malaysian flag.

1MPM6 meekly mentioned that he will consult Wisma Putra before issuing travel advisory. So, what does that leave us? Are Malaysians being trampled from all sides? Don't get me wrong here but our response has been very very mild. Is this planned to be so? Or Malaysians, and by that I mean Malaysians of all races have "lost" their balls?

I did not see Perkasa coming out to codemn the protesters' act. Heck, those noise makers of Hindraf is definitely silent on the issue. No need to talk about MCA, they are just plain mute! In short, it speaks volumes of how Malaysians are a fragmented lot. The Malays are lying low maybe out of Ramadan, the Indians are silent and the Chinese are quiet. Where is the 1Malaysia slogan that 1MPM6 is talking about? Apparently, 1M fails because if it is within the hearts of Malaysians, then someone should have been protesting the way the Indonesian protesters are defiling our flag!

But, actually that's not all! Why is the news being subdued? Is it on instruction? Malaysians have been hospitable long enough that it is seen as a weakness. Malaysia talked about tough measures against the illegals but so far there is no concrete action taken to stem the flow. Are our leaders oblivious to these? Or are they getting something out of this?

Let's face it. After 53 years of independence, Malaysia is still being pushed, shoved and trampled around...Don't believe? Try to digest the following :-

  1. Thailand's istmus of Kra

    Let's start with our Northern neighbour. For years there were talks of cutting a canal through the istmus of Kra which will shortened the maritime journey and at the same time relieve the congestions in the Straits of Malacca. It did not happen. Why?

    Political, my friend, it's a political decision. Thailand is concerned that building the canal will be advantageous to it's separatist movement. So, for insurance, the remnants of Malaysia's disbanded CPM members were allowed to stay in Southern Thailand as a check and balance factor.

    So, we may think we have the upper hand but in reality we are not. Whilst some called for the Government to allow CPM leaders to return to Malaysia, what happened during the three days after Japan surrendered during WW II is too much to bear for many.

  2. Singapore and KTMB land/Pulau Batu Putih

    Even our Southern neighbour is getting the upper hand. Malaysia have been at the losing end with the raw water deal and the International court judgement on Pulau Batu Putih reinforced the belief that Malaysia has been at the wrong end of the bargain.

    1MPM6 recent agreement to surrender KTMB land in Tanjung Pagar rounds it all up. Malaysia has been had in the South!

  3. Brunei and Limbang

    Even a small nation like Brunei gets the better deal. Remember Limbang? Remember how Malaysia lost what is never theirs and at the same time handed over the rights for oil exploration to Brunei ie Malaysia practically lose its soverignity in the areas?

  4. Philippines and the Sipadan

    Talk about Philippines and the Sipadan island comes in. How the immigrants from Philippines crowded off our Sabahaan brothers. Soon, we may end up talking tagalog in Sabah, all at the expense of Malaysia's porous immigration checks.

  5. Indonesia and PATI

    Year in and year out, Malaysia has been promising stern action against PATI (Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin). Yet, no actions have been taken except a few token raids here ad there. It has come to a state of the illegals laughing at Malaysia's inability to stop the flow.

    It has been said that Malaysia is harbouring 2 million PATIs from Indonesia. Imagine the amount of Malaysian Ringgit flowing out monthly because Malaysia "feed" PATIs.

Where does that leave us? Is Malaysia too kind? Or are we too busy infighting that we lost our sensitivity as Malaysians?

Let's leave our neighbours as it is and see within. I see that there is this movement to create heroes out of those who mocked the system. Look how we make heroes out of Loh Gwo-Burne, Gobalakrishnan, Saari Sugaib. All because they choose to defy the norm but at the same time now that we put them in prliament and DUN, what are their contribution thus far? Are we happy with their performance as elected reps?

Talk about Namewee. Whilst some are quick to defend him, I see him in the same vein as sifu blogger Kickdefella.

1 year on, at 53 we still never learn....whilst those in the ruling BN is trying to make hay whilst it still shines, PR is not doing much better when it is shown that they might not be our saviour, after all. I choose to see things from a different light and from a different vantage point.

I know that there are some who can afford to take their vacation in US of A and certainly can move there if things do not work out in Malaysia. But what about the rest? Many amongst us choose to stay back and try to make it better. I choose to salute these men (and girls) who choose to slog it out in Malaysia over getting more pay and better career avancement overseas. To me, these are Malaysia's true heroes - those who stand and fight for a better Malaysia for all Malaysians.

At 53, Malaysia is now at another cross road. Choose the correct path or forever we will end up being trampled north, south east and west....

Frankly, this is my view and it might not be the same with yours. I love Malaysia and will not allow it to be bullied over and over...what about you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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