Thursday, September 23, 2010

Of bloodline, fatal attraction, skewed vision and...

Better reach for those pressure meters, folks for what happens in Shah Alam court yesterday is a picture of our moral degradation values...

Remember Syafiah Humaira Sahari? What about Siti Nurhanim Aziz? Briefly, Siti Nurhanim is the mother to three-year old Syafiah Humaira who was brutally kicked by her mother's-live-in boyfriend in late February 2010. Eights months on, the man was convicted of murdering Syafiah Humaira and sentenced by Shah Alam high court. Do you think that that's the end of it? No, it's not!

Apparently Siti Nurhanim Aziz has a different view about the conviction and the court's sentence. In part Star online datelined 23rd September 2010 reported the following :-

  1. Siti Nurhanim Aziz still loves her boyfriend, ex-taxi driver Mohd Fazli Azri Jamil;
  2. Siti Nurhanim was not even angry with him for causing her daughter's death;
  3. Siti Nurhanim said she was not satisfied with the court's decision which found herboyfriend guilty of the crime;
  4. Siti Nurhanim, in fact, allowed her boyfriend who is convicted of the crime to publicly kissed her on the cheek;
It would not matter much if this happen in the west but Malaysia? Where have our moral values gone to? It seems that Siti Nurhanim is a selfish woman who is willing to abandon her maternal instinct in favour of her feelings towards her boyfriend. To her, her relationship takes priority over her bloodline ties with Syafiah Humaira.

Flashbacked to February 20910 - is this not the same Siti Nurhanim who pleaded to be "guided" back to the society? Is this the same woman who Shahrizat visited and promised to help by providing counselling and guidance using Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat funds?

If this is the same Siti Nurhanim, then why did she issued the statement as recorded by the Star? Has the Star, god forbids, misquoted her? If she is not misquoted, then clearly :-

  1. Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat has failed to provide the correct counselling;
  2. She had not learnt anything from the tragedy falling on Syafiah Humaira;
  3. Where is Syafiah Humaira's grandparents? Have they failed to teach Siti Nurhanim moral values?
  4. Is Siti becoming westernised to such an extent that she allowed herselfself to be publicly kissed? If that is the case, I see there is no necessity for her to be tudung-clad whilst her actions contracdicted what she is wearing. This is sending the wrong message to the others and Siti is indirectly making fun of her own religion;
  5. Maybe Siti Nurhanim is better off in Bangladesh where she can cancels the sentence by accepting "blood money";
If Siti Nurhanim's stand is acceptable to the majority, then clearly Malaysia is in danger of further moral decadence...Honestly, I feel sorry for Siti Nurhanim for uttering what she had uttered. It proves that our moral values have plunge to a new low where "love" is stronger than "maternal-bonding". It leaves this mind this where we are heading?

Then again, what about the news report from Harian Metro datelined 28th Feb 2010? Then, Siti Nurhanim was quoted :-

  1. Siti Nurhanim mentioned that her convicted boyfriend is "not human" and in fact "worse" than animals;
  2. Siti further claimed that "even animals don't act this brutal";
  3. Siti said "whatever the cause, the boyfriend's action is too extreme";
  4. Siti found out that her boyfriend is quick tempered;
  5. Siti rounded up then by saying " if found guilty, let the law serve him with a just sentence. Man of this nature should not exist on this earth";
How eight months can change a person...let's hope and pray that Siti Nurhanim comes back to her senses and see through the whole episode as a reminder from the divine being. She may have lost Syafiah Humaira but she may have regain her self-esteem by returning to the correct path. Whatever that will befall on her boyfriend, it is better for her to stay clear of him. If he can do it once, what stops him from repeating it if given the chance?

Siti may have lost that loving feeling towards Sahari Usul but legally she is still married to Sahari. It is better for her to seek forgiveness from Sahari and rebuilds her life around him. He may be remanded in jail now but he is not a Siti, the choice is yours. Hope you make the right choice and decision...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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