Monday, September 06, 2010

Islam Hadhari + 1Malaysia = misguided stuff...

Where we are going to...?

Let's not rewind too far back but just sufficiently enough to remember Pak Lah's Islam Hadhari and Najib's 1Malaysia concept. Talking about Pak Lah's Islam Hadhari and his concept of "modal insan" coupled with Najib's vision of 1Malaysia is surely confusing...

On the surface, everything should be smooth. I mean who will deny that Pak Lah's idea of building a strong modal insanis a good concept. The same goes with 1Malaysia. That is what Najib is trying hard to potray...and simply fails....

When Najib talks about 1Malaysia, he talked about the mutual respect co-existing between the various races and religions in Malaysia blending together harmoniously into a nation. And what easier way to gather factions together then spreading food aross the table! However, it is easier said than done!

In Ramadan 2010, JAKIM has actively step up its activities and surprisingly discovered that many "Halal" outlets are not actually "halal". JAKIM issued a statement that out of 34 hotel outlets serving Ramadan buffet, 70 % failed to observe the correct "Halal" procedure. And going by the standards, isn't these hotels normally frequented by our Muslim ministers during official functions? If these outlets are not "Halal" compliance, then what do our Muslim ministers eat there?

A step down, JAKIM officials also checked on "halal" premises in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur sending some of the operators scrambling to remove the "Halal" logo. Conclusion? Majority of food outlets in Pavilion have no original "Halal" logo from JAKIM. Does that mean that our Muslim friends consuming "non Halal" food in Pavilion?

The same goes to TGIF Subang Jaya. In one of JAKIM's inspection there, it is confirmed that the menus is misleading and the operator has been slapped with notice that may end up with the operator fined for RM 250,000 or three years jail.

That simply leads to a simple question? Why is this happening? Is this another proof that 1Malaysia is not working? I mean, if 1Malaysia is whole-heartedly embraced by all, surely we have come to understand what a Muslim can eat and what he cannot as we have come to terms to what the Hindus cannot eat and what they can consume!

Or are our businessmen profit-oriented approach surpass our religious beliefs? Anygoes just because Najib is religiously insensitive?

Finally, have you seen the latest (now off the air) TV3's advertisement on Raya? How do you explain that when the top executives in TV3 are Muslims and yet they somehow or rather "blinded" with the advertisement? How do they explain of the flying trishaw ala "santa claus"? What is their stand on the "blooming" lotus ala Budhism?

Before, we have misguided headmistress pewing venomous statement against the minority students in her school followed with Namewee's "tasteless" video. We even have so-called Muslim facebookers who openly claimed their stand against fasting in Ramadan. Thus far, Najib and his assisstant Muhyiddin fails to address the issue. Or are they just plain hopeless?

In Najib's haste to promote 1Malaysia, he leaves his backyard open. 53 years on, we are coming to another cycle on who should get what. Aiyaa! how to begin when we could not even provide a decent "Halal" meal in pavilion or TGIF or our leading hotels!

Maybe., it is time for Najib to enrol in Islam 101. 30 years as PM-in-waiting has spoilt our 1MPM6 to a state that he might not even know whether what he eats is "Halal" certified or not! Remember, you are what you eat...Najib!

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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