Thursday, April 28, 2011

1MPM6 3 strikes... all within 24 hours

If this is baseball, the umpire would have said "Striiike! 1MPM6 out!"
You see, in baseball, a player is given three chance to strike the ball to either place it within the ballpark or to go for homerun. If, by chance the pitcher pitches the ball out of the striker's range, then the umpire will call for "Ball". 4 balls and the striker will get a free base run. Strikeout? That means you are out of the ballgame...

Now back to our 1MPM6's blunders of the year and it all happen within 24 hours! Poor Najib, his APCO team must be sleeping and his RoseCTmah is too SS (syiok sendiri) to provide PR's advise. His other advisers? Maybe too much tuak from Sarawak leaving them giddy! Ok, on with the blunders :-
1. Wen Jiabao for China, RoseCTmah n Mr for Malaysia In Buletin Utama's 27th April 2011 coverage, it is clearly shown that 1MPM6 and RoseCTmah welcomed China's premier Wen Jiabao presumably in parliament. However, there is no picture of Wen's wife thus can I correctly assumed that Mrs Wen is not accompanying her husband or at least she did not eclipsed her husband. Not so for RoseCTmah! She wanted to be in the front thus TV3 clrealy showed her in the footage!

That's not all! TV3 then follow up with 1MPM6's welcome dinner whereby again RoseCTmah stole 1MPM6's thunder by directly engaging with Premier Wen and my oh my, how the Chine interpreter strained her neck to listen to RoseCTmah and translate the converstaion to Prmier Wen. Again, there is no footage showing Mrs Wen!

In short, RoseCTmah has again and again upstaging 1MPM6 Najib even on world stage! And there is no clear signs that 1MPM6 Najib schooled RoseCTmah for her "steal the show" attics!
2. 1MPM6's Chinadoll series
Remember Datuk T? Yeah, the ones who promoted public screening of sex video regardless of the assumed stature of the main actor! As I recall, the police mentioned that the actress is from the orient, most probably meaning China. It would have not been a bluder for 1MPM6 is this episode is laid to rest and remains unconclusive "is he, is he not?". But screening part 2 during Premier Wen's first day in KL? What is 1MPM6 Najib thinking?
Yes, Najib may not be the culprit. No! He should be partly responsible for it! Why? 1MPM6 Najib is Malaysia's PM, is he not? If he is Malaysia's PM, then he should be on top of things, either on issues pertaining to Malaysia or on issues with UMNO's interest!
The timing is just wrong! TV3 (again) mentioned that part 2 of the video was uploaded around noon on 27th April 2011. Is it conclusive? Heck no! In fact even the Catholic bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing commented on the tape denouncing it as "inexcusable outrage". For those who profess that they are Muslims, this "unacceptable conduct" is too gross to explain. You see, I learnt that it is not "religiously correct" to expose others dark secrets and what more when the secret is unfounded and worse still, if it is "created" to shame not just a person but his entire family, including his lineage!Again, TV3 placed itself as vehicle to slander when the TV station choose to put it as one of the main news on that particular day. As if the humiliation is not enough, TV3 provided the time slot for Ezam to belittle his former boss! Now, again let me emphasize here that I am not saying Anwar is maksum. I never did! What upsets me is the way these so-called Muslims like Datuk T, Ezam and those who uploaded the video on youtube failed to live by the Islamic teachings and virtues. And these same persons called themselves Champions of Islam? By "allowing" this act II be played during Premier Wen's visit, it shows the insensitivity of Najib in world politics. Yes, 1MPM6 may want to spike Anwar politically but not at the expense of the Chinese!Not when their Premier is in Malaysia! Not when the police has confirmed that the actress is oriental (read : Chinadoll)!

Remember Loh Gwo Burne? He is the guy who videotaped Lingam's famous "correct, correct, correct" speech. His exposure enable him to win a parliamentary seat and made him an MP! Now, I wonder whether BN is following the same path and placed Shazryl Eskay Abdullah as their candidate for GE 13 election? Best place for Shazryl? Permatang Pauh will be fine. If that is too much, then Gombak since he will be swearing in one of the masjids in Sentul which happens to be under Gombak parliamentary seat. Amacam BN? Bagus tak idea ini?

3. Najib's 1M excludes Chinese language?
2 strikes is not enough for 1MPM6 Najib. The third? This is Malaysia's international blunder! The backdrop for the official welcome ceremony in Putrajaya is just too much. Apparently, Najib's men failed to check the Chinese translation to "Istiadat Sambutan Rasmi Sempena Lawatan Rasmi TYT Wen Jiabao Ke Malaysia" becomes
"Official welcoming ceremony, with him Wen Jiabao His Excellency's official visit Malaysia". Ada betul ka ini?

Najib could not say that he has no Chinese staff! Not when he championed the 1M slogan! Shouldn't the 1M slogan covers Malays, Chinese, Indians, Melanaus, Bidayuh, Sikhs, Kadazans, Ibans and the rest? If it does, then why didn'y Najin entrusted the job of checking the translation goes right to a qualified Chinese? If this simple thing Najib cannot do, then how do 1MPM6 go to bigger srole?

1MPM6 Najib's insensitivity is unwarranted. Is naib interested in Chinese votes and not in getting things right? You have the answer...

Three strikes within 24 hours! Before, Malaysians say "bye bye" to Pak Lah because he likes to doze...even in Bush's presence! Now, we have Najib whose insensitivity may slight Premier Wen. The Chinese might be wondering - is this Tun Razak's son? Why is he not as meticulous as his father? Or maybe Najib is chained too hard by RoseCTmah, up to the stage that he does not what he's doing or saying...hhhmmmrrrrpppphhh, 3 strikes and Najib's on the way out...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Of Pahang : Bukit Koman, Gebeng = cynide, radioactive?

Australian companies and Pahang. Both of them share common interest in Bukit Koman and Gebeng! What a small world it is makes one wonders why the sudden interest in Pahang?

One deals with the prospect of cyanide poisoning and the other being related to radioactive materials, a potent mix indeed. Yet, in their similarities, they have differences and that difference is so telling and display who are the real wakil rakyats ie Yang Berkhidmat and who is not. To recap, Bukit Koman is under the parliamentary constitution of Ng Yen Yen, the minister who once (is she still?) holds Australian PR, a step short of becoming an its citizen!

Kuantan? It is represented by one Fuziah Salleh, a PKR member. And this is the difference. Fuziah champion the issue, not for her benefit but for the benefit of Gebeng residents. The recentFukushima incident is too close for comfort and the lesson of Bukit Merah is still fresh to dismiss the possible contamination from tailings and by-products.

To be fair, Lynas too has its points and processes which contains the threat or minimise it to a manageable level. The question is - how effective is the system and how effective and will the processes be open for audit? Who will be entrusted with the job of monitoring the plant? Another government body/agency? If it is, then who will vouch that the officers will be professional in dealing with Lynas? I mean, see how our immigration handles the PATI/PADI? If all is well, we would not see the many charges levied against those immigration officers in PortKlang, do we?

My point? Officers may be bought...

My sources explained taht Lynas plant is safe. He has his reasons too. For one, Lynas' study showed that the level of radioactive from its by-products is 0.5 of what the Gebeng residents are currently receiving from solar radiation. That's comforting, sure but what happens if something goes wrong? Where are the failsave system and will it works?

Remember how this blog mentions that 1MPM6 is lallang through and through? Just because the Gebeng residents areup in arms, 1MPM6 said that a panel of foreign experts will go through Lynas plant! It may be fair for Gebeng but surely it does not paint a good picture of Malaysia, to the eyes of foreign investors! Sekali boleh, sekali tak boleh! When will 1MPM6 learn to be firm?

Honestly, I am at a loss too... My first thoughts is with Gebeng residents but Lynas should be given a fair chance to present its case. So, why not :-
  1. Give Lynas an opportunity to explain the facts technically on their plant, their operation, their fail save systems and back up plans;
  2. The NGO's, bloggers and interested parties may attend the discussion to be held at a place and time to be determined;
  3. Exchange ideas and concerns and let Lynas comes up with their explaination;
It is not the time to be hot-headed. In fact, if the residents have lost their cofidence on the government for failing to protect their interest, then it is time for the non-commital NGOs and bloggers to play their part. I think the time is still there and not too late to et to the bottom of things without politicing everything under the sky.

Why did I say so? If Lynas plant is so dangerous as painted out to be, then where are the Greenpeace or any other international activists camping outside Lynas project site?

Yes, Lynas did has its idea of "importing" a whole Australian hill to Gebeng for processing. I look it from its economic point of view. I don't epect Lynas to bare all its marketing plans and strategy to all and sundry. There is a tactical reason to it.

So, if we can get enough interested parties agree to the discussion, maybe I can start sending feelers to the other side. Interested?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Of yoga, poco poco, video, bloggers...preferred treatment

Crossroad, that's where we are now. It is not an outright "caste"-based system but we are not far from it either...

I am talking about how things or issues are addressed. Let's start with the one that annoys me most - that of double standard preferential treatment!

Remember when a couple of years back, November 2008 to be more exact, our own National Fatwa council declared that yoga is haram (prohibited) in Islam and Muslims are banned from practising it! Reasons given then? Simply :-
  1. incorporated physical movements, religious elements with chants and worshipping with the aim of "being one with God";
  2. inappropriate for Muslims to do yoga because practising yoga, when it comes together with the three elements is haram;
  3. Muslims should avoid practising it altogether as "doing one part of yoga will lead to another"
Now, fast forward to 2011. This time around, it's poco time! Well, our Perak mufti decreed that poco is haram to Muslims BUT this time around our same National Fatwa council declared that poco poco (dance) is not haram. Reason? Simply :-
  1. It is beneficial for health;
  2. Must be mindful of gender interaction;
  3. adhere to Muslim dresscode;
  4. not acts in the form of worship;

Then, why did Perak's mufti decreed as such? His reasonings simply :-
  1. Poco poco is a ritual dance originating from Jamaica;
  2. contains element of spirit worship;
  3. some dictionaries refer it as wild dance performed whilst possessed by "ancestral spirits";
Whatever, what this scribe is bringing out is the manner how the National Fatwa council reacts to issues. Why is yoga "haram" whilst "poco poco" is not? And why is this scribe bringing up preferential treatment? Well, this scribe reads it as the National Fatwa council leaning back to accomodate RoseCTmah's favourite poco poco and since yoga do not have any dignified dignitaries living in Putrajaya practising it, then it is considered "haram". In, short, yoga is a poorman's poco poco and since it is "mass" practise, it is haram because there are no patrons for Malaysian yoga!

If that is the case, then National fatwa council should be more specific in their edict. How they accomodate or rather appease RoseCTmah by not stamping the "haram" to poco oco. Instead, they cleverly put a caveat which are listed above. How do one measure adhering to Muslim dresscode? Who is to provide the guideline? When RoseCTmah herself do not adhere to the Muslim dresscode in her daily life? If she do not conform to the daily Muslim dresscode, how do one expect her to conform to Muslim dresscode whilst gyrating to poco poco?

BUT to be fair, this preferential treatment is not confined to 1MPM6's wife alone. The same happens to the opposition as well! Just the other day, Azmin Ali is getting all riled up with PAS for commenting on Anwar's sex video.

First, let us be clear here. Like it or not Anwar is not a maksum! Maksum simply means that "do not sinned". So, saying that, this scribe believes normal persons including Anwar is not maksum! So if that is the case, why is Azmin Ali getting overtly hyper-active when PAS announced that they will wait for the police investigation results on Datuk T's video? Being patient will get you a long way and Azmin Ali has time and time again he is impatient and just wants it "his way" or rather "PKR's way". Is Azmin implying that there is a "preferred treatment" when it comes to Anwar? HHmmmph, I wonder...

Out of politics, the same goes for the world outside. A famous blogger posted "what happened to the anti-establishment bloggers" Maybe he has something in mind when he posted it or maybe he is just too happy that he managed to get two PM's and their wives under one roof. Anti-establishment? I wonder what he meant by that? Maybe anti BN gives a better ring!

However if this learned blogger really means anti-establishment, then tell me - when do anti-establishment entities complies to the norms and standards? Without taking the credit away from those bloggers who work tirelessly to make the first Malaysian-ASEAN bloggers meeting a success, it still has minor flaws which needs to be overcome. For one, it is suppose to be open to all but why did the registration form demands particulars and blog address? I love being anonymous, so why should I announce my name or my blog? I am not here to live in glory nor do I write for recognition. That's just not my style...

Since we are still on the bloggers event, 1MPM6 guarantee no censorship... heh heh heh. If that is so, then why are some of the blogs "out of reach" during critical periods of the recent Sarawak election? And why are 1MPM6's subordinates (read:ministers) suing bloggers for certain postings? Should I put more? NO...enough here. This posting is about "preferred tretament" and I think I have prove that "preferred treatment" is alive and well, be it in 1MPM6's household, PR's camp even in the suppose the "all are invited" bloghouse Malaysia...

I have said my piece, you may like it or you may choose to dislike it. I don't care! Why? As Neil Diamond's crooned "I am...I said". Proud to be an anti-establishment and proud to remain as one...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, April 22, 2011

1986, 1999, 2011...was, still and forever lallang...

Lallang then, lallang now, lallang forever...

First, there was this aristocrat who founded UMNO but found himself deserted when his ideas is not in rhyme with its members. Result? A prince who hails from Kedah and having the same name as the first Yang diPertuan Agung took over UMNO until he, himself was "replaced" in 1970.

Latest is UMNO's former "blue-eyed" orator-boy parachuted in as the "saviour" who will transform UMNO from within. He too failed and subsequently expelled from UMNO, charged with sodomy I, sodomy II and currently under investigation for soliciting the service of one living doll...

That's how UMNO protect itself from changes. It just choose to expelled those who wants to transform the party. Be it the aristocrat or the firebrand orator...

Of course, there were those who came in between trying to bring changes to UMNO and they too became history. One of them happens to be Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Say what you want of this prince but back in 1987, the whole nation saw briefly on TV that this Kelantan prince "beat" the then UMNO president before the result dramatically changed and the rest, they say is history...

This time around, let's just concentrate on the two, Tengku Razaleigh and the "blue-eyed" boy. Back in 1986 when Tengku Razaleigh decided to go for broke in his quest to be UMNO's president (and Malaysia's PMship), everything was in Razaleigh's favour. The mood was there and so were the support. So much so that everybody is looking forward for a new PM, except of course for the then PM and his "blue-eyed" boy.

In that hour of need, the "blue-eyed" boy managed to "turn over" Najib to withdraw his tacit support for Tengku Razaleigh. That event, however small, is the turning point and plays a major role in Tengku Razaleigh's defeat.

10 years later, it was the "blue-eyed" boy's turn to fall. However, this time the script changed because the "blue-eyed" boy did not directly compete for UMNO's presidency. Instead, he chose to use his machais to list the President's shortcomings. In retaliation, the President use both the public and courts to judge and sentenced the "blue-eyed" boy.

Again, as in 1986, this particular Pekan boy withdraw his tacit support for his former "political" sifu in the last critical minute, leading to "blue-eyed" boy's downfall...

Two events, 10 years apart, different players but one single determining factor - the Pekan boy Najib! Some may termed it "the deciding factor", but let's say it truthfully - lallang! That's what Najib was before and that is what 1MPM6 is - lallang!

Why lallang? Well, in short he cannot make his own decision. And even if he did, he just could not stand by his decision! His ultimate decision is factored to favours him. Apa orang kata "opportunistic political animal".

When some of you say "that's in the past", actually it is not. Najib was a "lallang" before and as 1MPM6, he is still lallang!

Forget about bringing tons of proofs to substantiate the claim. Will 2 suffice? Remember Wawasan Merdeka tower announced by 1MPM6 during his 2010's budgetary speech? What happen? After the public openly oppossed to his suggestion, what happen to the project now? No if it never happen! That is one lallang example.

Another lallang example is the recent 1M email project. After the announcement, there were different versions to the project. Is it public or private funded? Well! 1MPM6 claimed that it will be private funded and no public funds will be used. However, it turns out that the "basics" are free but "added value service" will be charged - to various government bodies. Not only that, first it was said that everybody will have their own 1M email, now 1MPM6 turn around and say that it is optional. Well, is it not "lallang" time for 1MPM6?

25 years on, Najib still never change! From 1986 when he turned his backs on Tengku Razaleigh through 1999 when he abandoned Anwar Ibrahim and now in 2011 when his policy is becoming "lallang" policies, 1MPM6 is still thinking on how to get the best deal from situations!

Do we need to re-visit Taib Mahmud? Remember the time when Najib said a new CM is in order for Sarawak? What happen now? Just because BN won 55 seats, Taib is retained as CM. Is that by coincidence? Or is it another "lallang" time for Najib?

Lallang here, lallang there... the only time when 1MPM6 is not a lallang is when RosCTmah is around. Is it because she puts "extra gel" on Najib to keep him stiff? Hhhhrmmmhhh...just wondering...

Aaaaahhhh guess what will be Najib's answer to RosCTmah when our unofficial FLOM barged in demanding why she was not on Prince William's wedding list invitation! Poor lallang, he has a lot of explaining to do from now till the wedding day...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Of Najib's return from Sarawak - a parody of sorts :)

Returning from the "great conquest" of Sarawak, Najib may be heading Caesar's way...

Enjoy the video... cheerio (courtesy of Looes74's unearthed of rare "carry on Cleo.."

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarawak? Not bad for PR....

55 seats retained by BN. More than sufficient to govern Sarawak with a comfortable 2/3 majority. 15 seats to PR which comes up to 21% from the total 71.

At a glance, it is a big win for BN. Going deeper and into the microscopic view, 16th April 2011 bares it all - it's not smooth sailing for BN. not anymore. Not in the supposedly BN's safe vault!

Whilst many have put their analytical hat to crack the Sarawak code, this scribe has warn PR from being overzealous in Sarawak here, here and here. Sarawak is too big for PR to cover this time. On top of that, the many PR party workers start their campaigning handicapped by language and adat barriers compounded by the poor road network, thanks to Taib Mahmud's 30 year reign.

With Najib and Muhyiddin camping out in Sarawak, criss crossing the state with their "official" helicopters, BN should do much better than 55 seats. In this, BN has failed and there is no excuse for such failure! BN cannot point the loss to Taib Mahmud alone. Taib Mahmud is not BN. Najib and Muhyiddin has more rights to BN compared to Taib.

BN should thanks its lucky stars that the Melanaus are still sticking to BN. Not because they wanted to but more because they believe that the CM's post should go to a Melanau by the name of Taib Mahmud! If for whatever reason Najib announced before 16th April 2011 that the CM is anybody but Taib, BN would have lost Sarawak. That's for sure because the Melanaus who dutifully lined up the polling stations will definitely go for PR's candidates, in protest to Najib. That did not happen and BN still retains Sarawak.

Do you think Najib is happy? Do you think Taib Mahmud is happy? Do you think that Muhyiddin thinks this is worth his time? The answer is NO. Just look at how uncomfortable Taib Mahmud is during his live video conference with Najib. And Najib's face tells all. He is not happy. And that video conference is before taib Mahmud rushes over to Istana Governor for his "swearing in". Did Taib Mahmud whispered to Muhyiddin who was flying off soon after the video conference that he is going for the swearing in? If he did, did Taib and Muhyiddin conspired against Najib? If not, then was Taib sticking up both Najib's and Muhyiddin's asses?

Back to 16th April 2011. It is becoming clear that the urbans are rejecting BN. It is also clear that some rural areas are looking for BN's alternatives. That means BN's "vote BN for development" approach no longer works in Sarawak. BN wins Sarawak but this win is going to be a double edge sword. BN has less than 2 years to make good its promises and also to rid Taib from the CM's post. If BN fails to deliver its promises within this time, then Sarawak voters will punish BN big time by voting PR parliamentary candidates.

If BN promised Sarawak, do you think Sabah is happy? There is not much different between Sarawak and Sabah. Both lagged behind because of BN's mismanagement of their natural resources. If Najib promise a better Sarawak, why is he not promising a better Sabah too?

The biggest winner is DAP. They are better organise than the other PR partners and contesting in urban areas give them a better advantage. PAS may lost all its 5 seats but the party should not give up on Sarawak. It will perform better when Taib reliquishes his post soon. By then, the Melanaus will openly seek an alternative party to fight for their causes.

Sarawak has manage to free itself from the stigma of being pushovers. Sarawak voters has shown the door to both SUPP and SNAP. SUPP is now joining the ranks of MIC, Gerakan and PPP as parasites to BN. SNAP, on the other hand, should realise that it has no chance to stand alone in Sarawak. The Dayaks are no longer with them.

PKR? Time to learn that humility is a great asset. PKR should stop "bullying" others to follow their needs and desire. If they don't, then they might end up like their "adviser - ambushed at every possible chance.

Najib? I said it before. He is in deeper trouble now since BN fails to deliver better results. His every move is being scrutinised. Heck! He might not have the pleasure of RoseCTmah for long. From now till GE 13, his nights are filled with nightmares. Frightening. Last, Najib will not go for early GE 13. So teachers out there, forget about the recent "smoke signal" of June GE 13...

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Friday, April 15, 2011

30 minit... untuk ber"UBAH"

Cuma tinggal 30 minit lagi tempoh resmi berkempen pilihanraya negeri Sarawak apabila posting ini dikeluarkan. Justeru itu, ruangan ini dikhususkan untuk menafsirkan kecenderungan warga Sarawak dalam menangani pilihanraya negeri kali ini.

Meskipun dibanjiri dengan ke'gah"an Sarawak memacu dialaf 21 ini, bisik-bisik menunjukkan bah besar mungkin berlaku di Sarawak kali ini. Itu bisik-bisik. Itu juga ramalan dari pakar analisis tempatan. Itu perasaan para bloggers yang berkampung di Sarawak. Apakah ini akan berukar jadi realiti pada 16hb April ini?

Bersandarkan kepada perkembangan mutakhir dan disokong oleh pengalaman lalu, BN Sarawak akan mengalami kekalahan yang lebih teruk dari pilihanraya negeri lalu. Walaupun demikian, kekalahan BN ini tidak akan mengugat mereka dari terus bertampuk di Petrajaya. Paling tidak pun, BN akan menang dengan majoriti mudah. BN cuma perlu mengekalkan 36 kerusi untuk terus berkuasa di Petrajaya. Ini sesuatu yang terlalu mudah untuk BN. Sebabnya?

  1. Kehadiran berterusan Najib 1MPM6 dan timbalan beliau Muhyiddin Yassin akan memastikan "dana kewangan" BN tidak akan terjejas. Dana ini akan digunakan sebaik mungkin di tempat-tempat pendalaman. Meskipun ini cara lama tetapi cara ini masih berkesan bagi pengundi-pengundi luar bandar;
  2. Kesetiaan akhbar arus perdana dan media masa TV1,2,3 dan Awani kepada BN, secara terang atau tidak akan menyemai rasa "berhutang budi" kepada BN. Ini akan diluahkan dalam segi jumlah undi pada 16hb April ini;
  3. Permainan politik licik dengan menyiarkan "pengakuan" blogger buruan pada saat-saat akhir ini dijangka memberi impak kepada "keputihan" Najib, sesuatu yang amat diperlukan Najib untuk terus "berkhidmat";
  4. Penyiasatan cekap pihak berwajib yang kini mengenalpasti dua pelakun utama "Aku, dia dan Rolex..." sedikit sebanyak memberi gambaran yang boleh dimanipulasikan oleh kedua-dua pihak. Cuma kali ini, ia akan memberi kelebihan kepada BN untuk mengakhiri peluan gandingan PR di Sarawak;
  5. Kenyataan yang bercanggah tetapi merujuk kepada perkara yang sama iaitu pengunduran Taib mahmud dari politik Sarawak menguntungkan BN. Menang besar, Taib Mahmud akan terus dipersada Petrajaya. Menang mudah memberi ruang untuk 1MPM6 Najib mengenepikan Taib Mahmud. BN kalah, zaman politik Taib Mahmud akan terus berkubur di Sarawak.
Kehadiran pengundi mendengar ceramah PR yang memberangsangakan di bandar-bandar utama bukan penentu untuk semua. BN sanggup melepaskan Kuching, Sibu, Miri tetapi tidak mungkin BN sanggup melepaskan keseluruhan bumi Sarawak kebawah gabungan PR! BN akan menggunakan segala kudrat yang ada untuk terus mempertahankan Sarawak waima cara pun.

Tidak salah untuk gabungan DAP-PAS-PKR untuk memasang angan-angan mentadbir Sarawak. 16hb April 2011 akan memberi harapan baru untuk Sarawak ber"UBAH". Bukan 2011 tetapi mungkin dalam pilihanraya negeri yang akan datang. Sebesar mana nafsu gabungan DAP-PAS-PKR, realiti yang akan diterjemahkan pada 16hb April ialah "Hajat dihati nak peluk gunung, apakan daya tangan tak sampai..."

Untuk sahabat-sahabat yang begitu gigih berjuang di Sarawak sepanjang pilihanraya kali ini, perjuangan kita belum selesai... perjalanan masih jauh.

Tilikan? BN akan terus mendapat mandat menerajui Sarawak tetapi dengan beberapa perubahan :-

  1. Taib Mahmud akan berundur sebelum 2012 atas sebab-sebab kesihatan;
  2. UMNO akan mula bertapak di Sarawak dan "menguasai" politik Sarawak;
  3. SUPP akan menjadi parti pinggiran dengan MCA, Gerakan gagal menapak kuat di Sarawak;
  4. Kedudukan 1MPM6 sebagai PM akan goyah;
  5. Penasihat umum PKR di"nasihat"kan berundur dari politik;
  6. Isu-isu saperti NCR, pembalakan dan lain-lain masih tidak diselesaikan dan akan terus menjadi retorik poltik setiap kali pilihanraya diadakan;

Akhir kalam, hanya Sarawak mampu melakukan. Jika mereka inginkan per"UBAH"an, maka usahakan.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of Sarawak's state election : Percayalah 1MPM6...

First, Najib sent himself and Muhyiddin to shore up BN Sarawak. It did not work. The call for change is too loud to ignore.

Then, Malaysiakini and Sarawak Report silenced. Both became unaccessible. BN is getting panicky here. It looks like all the MSM and TVs' combine failed to stop Sarawak's charge to change.

Najib's plea of percayalah seems to falls on deaf ears. Or is Najib's percayalah is a special dedication to Taib Mahmud?

1MPM6 is moving fast to placate Taib Mahmud's thirst to stay on in Sarawak. And what better way to a man's heart if not through his woman? Remember Samy Vellu? Yes, Samy let go of MIC to get himself appointed as "ambassador at large for India". Is 1MPM6 thinking the same way for Taib Mahmud? Providing Taib Mahmud with a plausible escape clause?

Lost? Well, put it this way. The line is clear now that Taib Mahmud will be put on green pasture for his retirement. Whereelse if not Lebanon? Taib Mahmud's current wife is a Lebanese, right? His brother-in-law is also a Lebanese, right? So why not place Taib as "ambassador at large" for Lebanon? I don't think Taib will reject the RM 27,000 monthly salary plus benefit!

Taib Mahmud has a successor in mind. Correct, correct, correct! What Taib Mahmud failed to announce is that either his successor is currently not contesting in the coming state election or his successor is still too young to vote! Then, what is the alternative? There is no other alternative but to show Taib Mahmud his exit door! In this, BN and PR are both working hard to see the ouster of Taib Mahmud. Don't believe? Just ask Najib and he will surely respond "Percayalah, percayalah"...

Now, who in BN can fill in Taib Mahmud's shoes? The answer is "none"! Not because they are no suitable person but Taib Mahmud will not allow him to work in peace. Again we ask, what is the alternative? The answer is simple - there is no alternative but to go with DAP-PAS-PKR combination. Don't believe? Just ask 1MPM6. He will surely reply "percayalah, percayalah".

Why are there three tigers on the same hill? We have Mongolian tiger Najib, Sumatran tiger Muhyiddin and White tiger Taib Mahmud all on the same hill. Najib growls that Taib will be leaving soon and Taib responded with "not now mate, not now". Muhyiddin? He is too busy stalking teachers to bother the two. These three tigers are eyeing each other, but tiger Muhyiddin is aiming for Najib's backside. Imagine this. BN lost Sarawak, UMNO goes in Sarawak, and the guy who controls Sarawak's UMNO delegates will sleep in Putrajaya. Don't believe? Just ask Najib and he will surely coyly answered "percayalah, percayalah"...

The campaign is reaching it's crescendo now. Did anyone bother to ask where is Rahman Yaakob, Taib Mahmud's uncle who once fight tooth and nail with Taib? Surely that old fox is still around to push his favourite Alfred Jabu as BN's incoming Chief Minister, if BN wins Sarawak. Still confuse? Go get the confirmation from 1MPM6. He will surely say "percayalah, percayalah"...

Sundays come early to Kuching this week. Look at how Najib warming up to Christians in Kuching. All for their votes, my friend. All for their votes. Do you think Najib cares? No, he don't. He is only thinking of his political survival. As long as Najib can make Rosemah happy, Najib will be happy. Puzzled? Just ask Najib and he will surely nod "percayalah, percayalah"...

The time is now. Sarawak needs to send a clear message to 1MPM6. Sarawak demands change. Not transformation. Transformation are for Transformers. Change is what Sarawak demands. If 1MPM6 cannot afford to give them change, then by all means BN to step aside and let DAP-PAS-PKR show you the way to CHANGE...

If 1MPM6 don't believe, just ask Sarawakians and they will reply in one voice "percayalah, percayalah"...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Of Sarawak's impending change...

A word of caution, avoid "dengar guruh dilangit, air ditempayan dicurahkan".

Halfway through the ongoing Sarawak state election, it seems that Najib and Muhyiddin are camping out in the outbacks of Sarawak. For that matter, it is also reliably understood that 1MPM6 has postphone the weekly cabinet meeting and place Sarawak state election his top priority.

Anwar sensed it, Taib Mahmud is in total denial mode and the people is bracing to finally break free from the Pek Moh's clutches.

However, let's be realistic here. The DAP-PAS-PKR combination may not be potent enough to deliver the knockput blow to BN. The missing piece of the puzzle wil be the independents, SNAP and PCM. Despite the feel good factor, chances are DAP-PAS-PKR combination may deny BN Sarawak its traditional 2/3 majority. In that sense, what DAP-PAS-PKR will do is to open the doors for 1MPM6 to oust Taib Mahmud from Petrajaya and at the same time clears the way for UMNO to make its debut in Sarawak politics. Something that the Melanaus, Ibans, Dayaks, Dusuns should seriously consider. Look what UMNO has done to Sabah, the same will happen to Sarawak if 1MPM6 gets his way.

16th April 2011 will be a historic moment for Sarawak. DAP-PAS-PKR has done their part. It will be those in Sarawak to determine their own future.

Remember how Taib Mahmud and Jabu pooh-pooh the Penans on their claims that their daughters were raped by the loggers? Remember how Muhyiddin's Ministry of Education "relocate" those opponent-invlined teachers to the backwaters of Sarawak? Remember how Taib's administration dutifully forget the Dayaks' NCR's land? This is payback time! It is not a matter of forgetting the hand that feeds but this is a matter of the hand feeding chickenfeed to the rakyat of Sarawak whilst those in the corridors of power lavishly living in cloud nines!

So far BN has been engaging 1M, the NGO, as secret weapon number 1. Thus far 1M dinner and dinner-do is not achieving the results. What 1M NGO achieve is creating the culture of fighting for freebies.

Making 16th April, a saturday as the election day for Sarawak will be BN's Waterloo. BN's normal Friday blitzes across masjids may not work this time. Not that BN will not do but the time frame is too short for the Friday flyers and sermons to make its impact to Muslim voters across the state. However, beware of the Friday flyers and the many flyers making its way to the voters doorsteps this Friday morning!

Why Saturday 16th? Well, 1MPM6 and his assisstant Moo are potraying themselves as the goodie two shoe. A Saturday is better tahn a Sunday. What BN is doing is avoiding the Christian churches from making its stand clear to their pastors. BN knows that they has no control over the churches and as such BN prefers Saturday voting, to avoid "guidance" from the churches who may lay the groundwork for big time defection from BN and instead voting to DAP-PAS-PKR combination.

Like it or not, BN is relying on the untested ultimate secret weapon - SNAP. The problem is, BN is not 100 % sure which side SNAP will be snapping! SNAP may likely end up being wooed by both BN and PR! BN has the money but PR has the support! SNAP? They have the history!

Yes, political analysts are sensing the change! Bloggers picturing change! Alternative media supports changes! The people? They wanted change but ... do they have the willpower to carry out the change?

3 more days before Sarawak goes to the polls. 3 more days to change!

Its thundering in Sarawak. Will it rains? Will the rain sweep Pek Moh and his cohorts from the power seats in Petrajaya? The answer will be known in due course.

Me? I know that Z is doing fine in Kuching with Topeng Perak by his side. I pray for wisdom to take the lead this 16th April. If change comes, let it be for the better. Amen.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More