Thursday, April 28, 2011

1MPM6 3 strikes... all within 24 hours

If this is baseball, the umpire would have said "Striiike! 1MPM6 out!"
You see, in baseball, a player is given three chance to strike the ball to either place it within the ballpark or to go for homerun. If, by chance the pitcher pitches the ball out of the striker's range, then the umpire will call for "Ball". 4 balls and the striker will get a free base run. Strikeout? That means you are out of the ballgame...

Now back to our 1MPM6's blunders of the year and it all happen within 24 hours! Poor Najib, his APCO team must be sleeping and his RoseCTmah is too SS (syiok sendiri) to provide PR's advise. His other advisers? Maybe too much tuak from Sarawak leaving them giddy! Ok, on with the blunders :-
1. Wen Jiabao for China, RoseCTmah n Mr for Malaysia In Buletin Utama's 27th April 2011 coverage, it is clearly shown that 1MPM6 and RoseCTmah welcomed China's premier Wen Jiabao presumably in parliament. However, there is no picture of Wen's wife thus can I correctly assumed that Mrs Wen is not accompanying her husband or at least she did not eclipsed her husband. Not so for RoseCTmah! She wanted to be in the front thus TV3 clrealy showed her in the footage!

That's not all! TV3 then follow up with 1MPM6's welcome dinner whereby again RoseCTmah stole 1MPM6's thunder by directly engaging with Premier Wen and my oh my, how the Chine interpreter strained her neck to listen to RoseCTmah and translate the converstaion to Prmier Wen. Again, there is no footage showing Mrs Wen!

In short, RoseCTmah has again and again upstaging 1MPM6 Najib even on world stage! And there is no clear signs that 1MPM6 Najib schooled RoseCTmah for her "steal the show" attics!
2. 1MPM6's Chinadoll series
Remember Datuk T? Yeah, the ones who promoted public screening of sex video regardless of the assumed stature of the main actor! As I recall, the police mentioned that the actress is from the orient, most probably meaning China. It would have not been a bluder for 1MPM6 is this episode is laid to rest and remains unconclusive "is he, is he not?". But screening part 2 during Premier Wen's first day in KL? What is 1MPM6 Najib thinking?
Yes, Najib may not be the culprit. No! He should be partly responsible for it! Why? 1MPM6 Najib is Malaysia's PM, is he not? If he is Malaysia's PM, then he should be on top of things, either on issues pertaining to Malaysia or on issues with UMNO's interest!
The timing is just wrong! TV3 (again) mentioned that part 2 of the video was uploaded around noon on 27th April 2011. Is it conclusive? Heck no! In fact even the Catholic bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing commented on the tape denouncing it as "inexcusable outrage". For those who profess that they are Muslims, this "unacceptable conduct" is too gross to explain. You see, I learnt that it is not "religiously correct" to expose others dark secrets and what more when the secret is unfounded and worse still, if it is "created" to shame not just a person but his entire family, including his lineage!Again, TV3 placed itself as vehicle to slander when the TV station choose to put it as one of the main news on that particular day. As if the humiliation is not enough, TV3 provided the time slot for Ezam to belittle his former boss! Now, again let me emphasize here that I am not saying Anwar is maksum. I never did! What upsets me is the way these so-called Muslims like Datuk T, Ezam and those who uploaded the video on youtube failed to live by the Islamic teachings and virtues. And these same persons called themselves Champions of Islam? By "allowing" this act II be played during Premier Wen's visit, it shows the insensitivity of Najib in world politics. Yes, 1MPM6 may want to spike Anwar politically but not at the expense of the Chinese!Not when their Premier is in Malaysia! Not when the police has confirmed that the actress is oriental (read : Chinadoll)!

Remember Loh Gwo Burne? He is the guy who videotaped Lingam's famous "correct, correct, correct" speech. His exposure enable him to win a parliamentary seat and made him an MP! Now, I wonder whether BN is following the same path and placed Shazryl Eskay Abdullah as their candidate for GE 13 election? Best place for Shazryl? Permatang Pauh will be fine. If that is too much, then Gombak since he will be swearing in one of the masjids in Sentul which happens to be under Gombak parliamentary seat. Amacam BN? Bagus tak idea ini?

3. Najib's 1M excludes Chinese language?
2 strikes is not enough for 1MPM6 Najib. The third? This is Malaysia's international blunder! The backdrop for the official welcome ceremony in Putrajaya is just too much. Apparently, Najib's men failed to check the Chinese translation to "Istiadat Sambutan Rasmi Sempena Lawatan Rasmi TYT Wen Jiabao Ke Malaysia" becomes "Official welcoming ceremony, with him Wen Jiabao His Excellency's official visit Malaysia". Ada betul ka ini?

Najib could not say that he has no Chinese staff! Not when he championed the 1M slogan! Shouldn't the 1M slogan covers Malays, Chinese, Indians, Melanaus, Bidayuh, Sikhs, Kadazans, Ibans and the rest? If it does, then why didn'y Najin entrusted the job of checking the translation goes right to a qualified Chinese? If this simple thing Najib cannot do, then how do 1MPM6 go to bigger srole?

1MPM6 Najib's insensitivity is unwarranted. Is naib interested in Chinese votes and not in getting things right? You have the answer...

Three strikes within 24 hours! Before, Malaysians say "bye bye" to Pak Lah because he likes to doze...even in Bush's presence! Now, we have Najib whose insensitivity may slight Premier Wen. The Chinese might be wondering - is this Tun Razak's son? Why is he not as meticulous as his father? Or maybe Najib is chained too hard by RoseCTmah, up to the stage that he does not what he's doing or saying...hhhmmmrrrrpppphhh, 3 strikes and Najib's on the way out...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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