Friday, October 29, 2010

For whom Galas tolls...

Come to think about it. Now that UMNO and PAS are on gentlemen campaign period, will both candidates be present when the result is announced? It will be a

Ah...the morning after (rain). Such a glorious and wonderful feeling...

Three days on and there are those "ready-made" whispers that all is not well in BN's camp in Galas. One short sms mentioned of the typical back stabbing, an UMNO diehard culture which goes hand in hand with buy-elections. But that is not all...

Tg Razaleigh's style is not in synch with those Federalists. One reason for Tg Razaleigh's approach is his mutual respect towards Kelantan's PAS leadership! Tg Razaleigh's style of campaigning is actually sending a subtle message to UMNO's top leadership - who needs who now?

The banner of Karpal's anti-hudud law is going to fall flat on UMNO faces. KJ has openly denied that it is BN's style and say that he does not condone it. So, are we having a multi-headed UMNO campaigns in Galas?

It is quite entertaining to know that both UMNO and PAS will be sponsoring tickets and transportation to ferry those age between 21 and 40 to Bukit Jalil for the finals between Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan. Negeri Sembilan? Isn't Rembau in Negeri Sembilan? Maybe it is time for some to ask KJ whether he supports Kelantan or Negeri Sembilan for this finals...and a friendly advise to KJ, get your butts off Galas if Negeri Sembilan happens to repeat their feat in defeating Kelantan! And if Kelantan happens to come out champs, KJ better start learning to be the butt of endless jokes and banter! Whichever, KJ will be breathing hot under his collar from Sunday to Thursday. An option? KJ can "fly" to Batu be with Linda, if Nori don't mind...

Have you seen the video on Galas nomination day? The one with Putri UMNO dang dutting in the open? This is the one thing that PR may not be able to match UMNO head to head. And if Rosnah Abdul Rashid mobilise all her putris to the orang asli outposts for dang dut sessions, UMNO may gain some advantage to capture the orang asli male votes, if and only if they can stand up and vote...after continuous drinking sessions, as what happens in Hulu Selangor! As for the women voters, do you think they will stay true to UMNO BN after what the Putris seductive dances? You figure that out...

Say what you want but I see Tg Razaleigh as a hesistant campaign director. Telan mati mak, luah mati bapa... his heart is with Kelantan (oil royalty and all) but his body is binded by his UMNO's badge. Pity...just like, Di sangkar emas, tapi badan terkurung...

Come to think about it. Now that UMNO and PAS are on gentlemen campaign period, will both candidates be present when the result is announced? It will be a

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Of Monte Carlo, montel, model and...

This posting is not about Kelantan N 45 Galas or P 185 Batu Sapi

Spoiler : This posting is not about Kelantan N 45 Galas or P 185 Batu Sapi. But rest assured that it can be related to both buy elections!

An email from a friend managed to raise my concern on what is becoming to our 1MPM6. It seems that only days prior to his 2011 budget presentation, our 1MPM6 was jet setting in Monte Carlo with his errrr first wife. But that is not a casual visit nor is it about one Jho Low. This is a "working" visit to "promote" 1MPM6's version of Islamic fashion festival. Why should 1MPM6 be there if he is not the promoter of Islam Hadhari? Well! It so happens that the patron for the festival is one Rosemah "mirror, mirror on the wall" Mansor.

Jealous? Envious? Nah, never crossed this mind. Not for this event, at least. So, what is the catch? For one, although the emails contained many pictures of the models walking down the board in glorious fashion, the picture above should be sufficient. In short, there's nothing Islamic about the festival. You want to see the pictures? Go here, as all the pictures are taken from

Now tell me, which part is Islamic about the models? Didn't Islam calls for its women to cover their bodies including the hair, the arms and to avoid wearing revealing clothes? So, dear 1MPM6 who hails from Pahang, do you have a hand in this festival? Do you think that these models promote Islamic clothes? Or are you lost after feasting your eyes on the models?

During the recently concluded UMNO AGM, one UMNO young turk by the name of Fathul Bari claimed that this is baseless accusation. My oh my, how low can you go to prop up what is wrong? In his own words, he is reported to say "They (or we) must find out whether she had deliberately made the error or not, whether she knew about it, and whether she was forced to do it" Aiya! 1MPM6 has countless officers under his department and dozens more serving Rosemah. Are all these officers so incompetent to the extent that they could not sense that these are not Islamic fashions? And worse still, when Fathul indicated that Rosemah was forced to do this the best our young ulama can do? And by the way, who tagged the term "ulama" to this person. Honest, if this is his stand then I do not see how one can elevate him to the status of "ulama".

Fathul further implied that Rosemah is only the patron. Hello! Shouldn't a patron know what she is patroning? Or does this young Fathul implying that Rosemah does not know what she is patroning? If that is the case, we are all doomed! Doom because our leaders do not know what they are patroning and worse still our leaders might not approve the cause of the organisations they are made patrons!

Fathul should look into the "distinguished" list of "the style council" above. How many of the women covered their hair properly? Is Fathul approving that Rosemah covered her aurat there? Or is Fathul, another one of "Bodoh tak boleh diajar, cerdik tak boleh diikut" UMNO graduates?

Another blogger defended Rosmah by claiming that she has been slandered. The poblem is - we are talking about a specific event at a specific place ie Islamic Fashion Festival in Monte Carlo held on or around 10th October 2010. Is this defender referring to the same event? If not, then obviously we talking "itik" and the fella is talking "ayam". How?

No doubt that Islamic fashion is a lucrative USD 76B business. must be done properly and in compliance with the syariah. Rosemah just could not go on being a patron to an "un-islamic" fashion even if it is held in Monte Carlo! Unless, Rosemah's aim is to "rub shoulders" with Prince Albert and be "seen" in Monte Carlo crowd! Ah, by the way, isn't Monte Carlo famous for it's ...?

So where does 1MPM6 Najib stand on this issue? Has he reprimanded Rosemah for being an ignoramus and forced to patron Islamic Fashion Festival in Mote Carlo? Did 1MPM6 Najib dare to reprimand her (in the first place)? Or has his Ketua Biro Agama (Jamil Khir Baharom) advise him on the matter, specifically on Islamic dressing? Or is Jamil's advise falling on deaf ears of 1MPM6 Najib and Rosemah?

That said, will Galas listen to 1MPM6 who can't even control his wife? And if he cannot control his wife's actions, then how do we expect him to run Malaysia?

Can Batu Sapi forgive 1MPM6 for naming Linda Tsen, Edmund Chong's widow, who is still grieving as BN candidate? Can't 1MPM6 Najib wait? Even if 1MPM6 Najib wanted to honour Edmund Chong, he can always wait until GE 13 and named Linda as P 185 candidate. Why the hurry? Or is the scarcity of potential leaders in BN so telling?

There is nothing wrong for being a patron but as a responsible person, Rosemah (and to a certain extent 1MPM6 Najib) should check the background and the fashion first before giving their nod. Unless, Rosemah was overly eager to put her name as the patron and get the attention she craved for in Monte Carlo. Is she that vain? I wonder...

Done reading? OK, let's spread out and start the groundwork in Batu Sapi and Galas...and comes Friday, let's make a short trip to Galas. Is the montel part covered? If not, it is intended to be so because a man's meat is another man's poison and so far 1MPM6 Najib taste is absolutely montel...

And...welcome back to KL, guys and gals who were in Galas today! Is that you at your normal watering hole?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, October 25, 2010

P 185 Batu Sapi : A Buy-election no-one interested to win?

What else can you say when you see (or read) the candidate-elect of the various parties who will be fielding their candidates for P 185 Batu Sapi by-election. Is this a Buy election that no one is interested in winning?

For a start, let's go with SAPP first. Honestly, there is no solid reason for SAPP to field their candidate in Batu Sapi. Worse still, SAPP choose to nominate their President Yong Teck Lee. Is this the best SAPP can offer? Is SAPP using P185 by election as a barometer to gauge their support? Is SAPP using P 185 as a basis for negotiation with PR on future co-operation? Maybe SAPP need to prove their worth and thus decides to gamble in P 185 Bukit Sapi.

Even in PKR, it is evidently clear that the grassroots are not happy with the choice of Ansari as the candidate-elect. Anwar loves to bulldoze and use his charm by backing Ansari. Well, maybe it is not totally Anwar's fault but can PKR learn to listen the voice of the grassroots? Or are they feeling high and mighty and feels that they know best? Even if they win P 185, it is not because the people loves PKR's candidate but because they hate BN more...

BN? Their choice of candidate is not right. The timing is just not right! BN shows that they are an insensitive lot. BN only cares of winning P 185, the rest does not matter!

Reports indicated that all is not well in P 185. P 185 is fast becoming a buy election that no one seems interested in winning or at least show that the people's welfare takes the centre stage. SAPP goes in and will most probably use it as a leverage, PKR discards the rakyats' needs by opting to pacify their own leaders, BN has to scrap the bottom of the barrel for a candidate. So far, all parties have successfully ignore the rakyats' needs and inspiration.

For the time being, let's take a back seat and see how P 185 will turn out after nomination day. Will PBS members work for PKR whilst PKR members work for BN candidate? SAPP? They can do no worst since they have decided to offer their President for political crucifation...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Of Man U's Rooney, KNerang's Sobri and ...

Syed Sobri is only valuable if he is still UMNO elected state rep. However, his value diminishes gradually as time goes by and his value may depreciate to zero by March 2011. Why March 2011?

Man U fans is not going to like it but I am not an MU fan so this is good news for me! Yes, Wayne Rooney is ready and set to leave old Trafford. Since Khairy has declared his undying support for MU, does Rooney's moves indicates Khairy's intention to leave UMno?

Seriously, Webster's ruling may see Rooney leaving Manchester with 5M pounds whilst Rooney is valued at at least 50M pound. It sounds like "Lelong" sale to me, if MU does not treat this issue properly.

That's soccer and since Rooney's departure does not affect my Arsenal, I really don't care...

Talking of "lelong", there is another one in the air now and it happens right under our noses. Yup, it's Kedah's Kuala Nerang state seat. It seems that BN state assemblyman, Syed Sobri Syed Hashim was declared a bankrupt for failing to pay contributions to EPF. The amount? A whooping RM 700,000 when the case began in 2003!

It seems that in 2009, BN party leaders managed to talk Syed Sobri off relinquishing his state seat due to some financial matters. involving RM 150,000. Then somewhere in May 2010, Syed Sobri squashed off rumours about him joining PAS. Here's where the fun begins....

It is now confirmed that Syed Sobri is in financial doldrums. He needs money to resolve the issue. So, where did he run to? Yes, he runs to Shafie Afdal and Muhyidein Yassin for help and "comfort". Syed Sobri could ill-afford to join PAS as his financial burden may forced him to vacate his state seat. With limited moves, Syed Sobri makes the decision to stick to UMNO and make hay while the sun shines! Malaysian Insiders news of "By election looms as Kedah...). I see this as mirroring Rooney's Webster ruling!

Syed Sobri is only valuable if he is still UMNO elected state rep. However, his value diminishes gradually as time goes by and his value may depreciate to zero by March 2011. Why March 2011? Well, remember that the elected state government may declare that an election is unnecessary if the remaining time until the next scheduled election is less than 2 years. GE 12 was held on that historic March 8, 2008. And going by convention, the next Kedah state elction should be held by March 8, 2013. So, by this reasoning, the last day for the state to opt for any by-election should be March 8, 2011. After that, the state can choose to advise EC that they do not need any by-election.

That means Syed Sobri nett worth will depreciate to zero after March 8, 2011. That also means that if BN is desperately trying to avoid Kuala Nerang by-election, BN needs to use all its legal skills and resources to avoid Kedah government to declare Kuala Nerang seat vacant before Marh 8, 2011. What happens after March 8, 2011 is insignificant and will only serve as ego booster for whichever party who wins the state seat. After March 8, 2011, Syed Sobri can be considered as "lelong" material - no book value!

Can you see the similarity between MU's Rooney and KNerang's Sobri now? Both will be dirt cheap after March 2011! Rooney wants out of MU. Syed Sobri wants out of his financial complications. If Syed Sobri choose to vacate his seat, will BN provide "walk over" to PR? Afterall, Najib has declared that UMNO (and BN) will only field winnable candidates in future elections and since BN has only 16 reps, why bother to contest in Kuala Nerang (if Syed Sobri indeed needs to vacate his seat)?

May I offer another face-saving solution for Syed Sobri. Why not pass the hat around in the ongoing UMNO AGM? Who knows, maybe the delegates will chip in enough money for Syed Sobri to pay off his outstanding RM 700,000 EPF contribution. Or better still, why not get Najib to sweetalk Rosemah in investing RM 1M PERMATA project in Kuala Nerang? Get RM 300K building for a price of RM 1M. Then, and only maybe then, Najib will truly stands by his "Syed Sobri didahulukan, BN diutamakan" in rhyme with his "Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan"...

Whatever, I am truly looking forward to see Rooney leaving Man U and for Arsenal to "school" Man U in the coming matches. Although it is remotely probable for KJ to depart from UMno, I sincerely hope that Syed Sobri can works his magic and avoid by election in Kuala Nerang! Not that it is not welcome, but it's tiring ... and age is catching up on me...:)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

P 185 Batu Sapi : PKR or SAPP...why not DAP?

Hajat dihati nak peluk gunung, apakan daya tangan tak sampai...That, in a nutshell is my general impression of PKR's ambitious plan to contest in P 185 Batu Sapi by-election.

When Fuziah Salleh first mentioned of PKR's intention to field their candidate for P 185 Batu Sapi, her reasoning is because PKR was allocated the P185 during GE 12. In the same breath, she admitted that PKR did not field any candidate for unspecified reasons. That said, PR should reach a mutual consensus on the best candidate PR can offer to stand in P 185 Batu Sapi by election.

Yong Teck Lee and SAPP is also interested in getting into the fray. Is Yong Teck Lee using P 185 as a leverage when discussing with PR leaders? The problem is Yong Teck Lee has some skeletions in his closet. Blogger Selvarajah simply penned it as "Yong Teck Lee sinking in his own spin..." and the ghost that haunts Yong is one Ambrose Lee. Thus if SAPP decides to field their President to contest Batu Sapi, Musa Aman may be more than willing to "slaughter" Yong Teck Lee to his barebones!

Even with SAPP out of the picture, for the time being PKR is not a good choice either. PKR's house is currently in serious disorder with their members busy choosing PKR's national leadership. To top it up, Azmin Ali is not that welcome within PKR's Sabah's leaders. So, if Anwar's blue-eyed boy gets PKR's number 2 spot, there will be serious backlash within PKR Sabah which may see their Batu Sapi candidate humiliated!

Right now, PKR's feet is too small and yet they demanded much bigger shoes. PKR may end up being clowns whose oversized shoes mismatch their feet! Yes, PKR managed to convince its coalition partners to allow PKR to field their candidate but it is also reported that the decision was reached in a tense 4 hour meeting. Tian Chua should also read between the lines when PKR's Batu Sapi former chief Nahalan Damsal throw his hat in supporting SAPP to field their candidate in Batu Sapi. Has Tian Chua and Fuziah Salleh forgotten what hit PKR in Hulu Selangor, the time when Halili Rahmat left the party? All the de facto's chief's men could not mend the damage left by Halili. Is Tian Chua waiting for this to recur in Batu Sapi? Anwar may be "the man" in Peninsular Malaysia but does his charms works in Batu Sapi? Remember that his own kind is now openly questioning his wisdom as de factor leader.

If SAPP and PKR heeds these early warning signs, then who's left to go uno to uno with BN? It all points to either PAS or DAP. Although the voters composition clearly indicates that Muslim bumis makes up 60 % of the eligible voters, it does not mean PAS will have an easy ride in Batu Sapi. If PAS and PKR fails to win a parliamentary seat during GE 12, then there is very little chance PAS can win Batu Sapi in by-election. Yes, Muslim bumis make up 60 % of eligible voters but out of this 60 %, 32% comes from Malays whilst the balance 28 % is a mix from Bumi Sabah (26 %) and Bumi Sarawak. This statistics is not that encouraging for PAS to take up Batu Sapi. Let PAS concentrate in defending Galas, Kelantan.

As for DAP, they are still riding high from their recent Sibu win and this should propel them to work harder in Batu Sapi. Not only that, DAP has Shanty Chong as their possible candidate and this Shanty is no ordinary woman. Her experience in her days as a court official will give her the additional ooomph in parliament, something that will send shivers to BN. And to win, DAP need all the asisstance from PKR and PAS.

Instead of biting more that it can chew, PKR should concentrate on putting its house in order! Let DAP do it's best in Batu Sapi whilst PAS defends Galas. PKR can always fill the gaps to ensure PR wins in both Batu Sapi and Galas. Is that too much to ask?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Of first lady summit...and Rosemah

Poor all her efforts to gain recognition, she goes all out even to the extent of "self promoting" herself as Malaysia's first lady. The more she tries, the more she fails....and the more she gets the exposure, the more she drags 1MPM6 Najib down...or is Rosemah's hellbend to send Najib to an early political retirement? If Abdullah choose to tend mangoes in Sg Pencala, where will Najib tends his water melons ?

  1. Remember the posting "Of Malaysia's first lady position and NYT's flip flop explaination..."?Or how 1MPM6 Najib "creatively" debunked first lady term when he explained in the parliament that the term "first lady" is not used in Malaysia?
  2. Reading the two, I read it that Najib has officially announced the term "first lady" is not practised in Malaysia. Pure and simple! But not to Rosemah...not when she hosted "first ladies summit" in Kuala Lumpur, right under 1MPM6 Najib's nose and Najib did nothing about that. Does that means Najib condones Rosemah's actions? Does the protocol division in the PM's department agree? And Rosemah's up the ante when she openly declared that Malaysia will again host the first ladies summit in 2012!
  3. Looking down the list of first ladies attending the summit, it is interesting to note that the only Asean first lady who choose to attend is from Laos and she is Laos' President's wife! Even our neighbours Thailand and Singapore did not attend the summit!
  4. Out of the sixteen first ladies, the only notable is Shiranthi Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka's President's wife.
  5. My point is simple. Rosemah's attempt for "self-promotion" has backfired. She is not the legally and constitutionally "first lady" of Malaysia. Even 1MPM6 Najib has indirectly indicated so!
  6. Her first ladies summit is only attended by sixteen first ladies! Who bear the cost? Did Rosemah bear the cost from her own pocket? Or is it from Najib's budget? Or is this another of Najib's ETP project?
  7. Abdul Aziz Bari, a constitutional expert, has make it clear that it might be constitutionally wrong for Rosemah to use the "first lady" title and in his expert opinion, the "first lady" title is most appropriate for Raja Permaisuri Agung. Full stop.
  8. Some may say that this is a small matter but not to me. Claiming to be "first lady" is one thing but to spend the taxpayers' money for the "constitutionally not recognised" first lady is another clear abuse of power. Najib should stop it and I expect the parliamentarians to raise this issue in the ongoing parliament sitting.
  9. 1MPM6 should stop beating around the bush and call a spade, a spade. If the constitution says that PM's wife is first lady, then point out where it says so! If not, 1MPM6 better reprimand his wife who is getting more and more overboard by the day!

    If 1MPM6 Najib is not certain of the constitution, then he can always calls on Rais"I shot the bloggers" Yatim to make the clarification as the later loves to interpret the law. It should be better than Eric Clapton's "I shot the Sheriff"...
  10. That's not all. I see TV3 as one of the summit's sponsors. So is TV3 endorsing Rosemah as Malaysia's first lady?
  11. Poor all her efforts to gain recognition, she goes all out even to the extent of "self promoting" herself as Malaysia's first lady. The more she tries, the more she fails....and the more she gets the exposure, the more she drags 1MPM6 Najib down...or is Rosemah's hellbend to send Najib to an early political retirement? If Abdullah choose to tend mangoes in Sg Pencala, where will Najib tends his water melons ? (I heard Najib loves water melons). There are also whispers that Najib's favourite water melons are not from Negeri Sembilan...

    Don't ask me whether that statement is true or not. Maybe 1MPM6's good friend JJ can provide the answers...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Of sacrifice, sacrificial, "sack-if-rise" and ...

This will also be the best time to put Anwar Ibrahim to a test. Will he still opts for his longtime mentee and favourite candidate Azmin Ali or will he stand by his daughter? Or better still, will he take the middle road and let PKR members make their choice, freely on their own will without that little nudge from "Ketua umum PKR".

Time flies. It seems only yesterday we observed Ramadan and rejoice Syawal and now we are already in the month of Zulkaedah. Soon, it will be Zulhijjah and Muslims all over the world wukuf at Arafah where there is no difference between the rich and the poor, whites from black where Ibrahim was ordered by the One God to sacrifice his own son, Ismail. This is Qurban!

Learn how Ismail soothed his father, prophet Ibrahim AS, by comforting him to carry out his duties as servant of the One God. Ismail who was still a teenager was willing to sacrifice his life and Ibrahim is willing to carry out God's order although he has not met his son for years. But we are not talking about that, here. In this posting, let's stick to PKR...

Sacrifice. What more do PKR members need from Wan Azizah? Her sacrifice is beyond measurement when she almost single-handedly raise her children in Anwar's absence and at the same time helmed PKN when Anwar was jailed, when Chandra Muzaffar, Marina Chin and other party founder members abandoned the party.

Ever standing by Anwar's side, Wan Azizah was willing to release her parliamentary seat to enable Anwar to sit in Dewan Rakyat as opposition leader. But that is not all, Wan Azizah is even willing to let go of PKR's presidency if Anwar calls for it...

Sacrificial. Remember the time when Zaid Ibrahim was put high up on the pedestal when he joined PKR? Remember how he was named as PKR's candidate in Hulu Selangor and how his "past" haunted him and may well caused his (and PKR's) loss in Hulu Selangor.

His popularity turns Zaid into a living target and change the whole scene. When he was once garlanded with praises, now there are voices that put him to the pits. In short, someone out there is determined to turn Zaid into another "sacrificial" lamb. Many will gingerly pointed Azmin as the source. I will put the honour to Anwar Ibrahim. He convinced Zaid to cross over and now that Zaid has, Anwar is setting him up as sacrificial lamb. Anwar may disagree with it but evidences suggested that.

"Sack-if-rise". That's the way it is now in PKR. Post 308 sees aspiring leaders joining the fray to be PKR leaders. And if there is any inkling that certain persons may be winning converted party posts, there is already murmurs that these "would-be" leaders will face the sack through disciplinary actions.

I have said it before and I will repeat it here. PKR is going to the dogs. There are too many man-made roadblocks to be PKR leaders. Thanks to 308, PKR members (and leaders) are openly drooling for the bounty if and when PKR take over Putrajaya in GE 13.

What is the main cause of these mayhems in PKR? Whilst the party leaders shift the blame to UMNO, the real cause is ANWAR. Hiding behind the generic "Ketua Umum" title, Anwar is playing his cards close his chest. He can openly deny his plans but there is no doubt that he is making his moves to place Azmin Ali as PKR's deputy President. In doing so, Anwar is willing to sacrifice Zaid Ibrahim, Jeffrey Kitingan and the rest of Sabah PKR leaders. Why? The reason is actully simple. It all boils down to Anwar's personal attitude. He thinks too highly of himself and thinks that he can do no wrong! Whatever setbacks he face is blamed on UMNO, Tun Mahathir and political conspiracies to stop his route to Putrajaya. In short, Anwar is "over-valued"! He places his price more than his worth and PKR members are blindly following the tune of Anwar, the pied piper!

Then, is PKR set to be doomed? No...not yet. If and only if PKR members make the right choice in choosing the right candidate for the deputy President post. Let's face it! Azmin has not shaken off his UMNO mentality. To him, everyone below should follow blindly to the leader and that is how he treats Sabah's PKR when he was put in charge there and he failed miserably. Remember the times when he openly criticised his own Selangor MB when he is also one of the EXCOs? I define it as back-stabbing. Is this person qualified to be PKR's deputy President? No, not in 2010!

Khalid Ibrahim? Selangor may hero-worshipped him but he is not "federal" material. His lack of oratory skills place him in an awkward position. He just do not have that special "oomph" to be the deputy President! Performance? He may be performing but his known goofers may put PKR on the defensive. Remember the time when he was PKR's candidate during the Ijok's by-election? Remember how he accidentally ask the voters to vote BN instead of PKR? If that can happens to this corporate genius then, what can stop him from repeating the slip in the future? You just can't blame the media for misquoting when he is the one who slips, can we?

Zaid Ibrahim? His anti-establishment stand in BN wins him supporters. He dares to stand up against Mahathir and he chose to walk away from his ministerial post because of his principles. In that sense, Zaid Ibrahim deserved to be considered as a legitimate candidate for deputy President. BUT...his checquered past returns to haunt him, courtesy of UMNO and enemies within PKR. Zaid may be a favourite in urban areas but his support within the rural community is highly suspected. He needs more time to prove that he has "change over" into a new leaf and his past is history. On that ground, Zaid should stand down in 2010 and bide his time...the time will come when Zaid is PKR's president material...say in 3 to 6 years time...

So who else is there? Someone who is nationally known and someone that PKR can turn to? Why not Putri Reformasi? Yes! Nurul Izzah.

Remember the time when Anwar is facing his first sodomy charge? Who is the person who PKR turns to for their battle cry? Who is the one who stands by Wan Azizah to lend the much needed moral support? Who is the one who sacrifice part of her youth to stand for justice? is that familiar word, the word that binds reformists together. Putri Reformasi Nurul Izzah.

Why Nurul Izzah? Why not? If she can generate support to PKR in the early days then why not now? Her soft-spoken style will be respected by all, friends and foes alike. She is already in the parliament and her youth is an added advantage over the stale UMNO. As she is young, her poltical enemies are not many and her nomination as PKR's deputy President will put UMNO and its BN counterpart to shame! Here, PKR can demonstrate to UMNO and BN that her youthis acceptable as long as there is talent and dedication, unlike UMNO who still sticks to the old formula of little emperors!

This will also be the best time to put Anwar Ibrahim to a test. Will he still opts for his longtime mentee and favourite candidate Azmin Ali or will he stand by his daughter? Or better still, will he take the middle road and let PKR members make their choice, freely on their own will without that little nudge from "Ketua umum PKR".

If Nurul Izzah plays her cards right, maybe Anwar has no choice but to either offer himself as candidate for PKR's President or show his hands and push Azmin Ali to challenge Wan Azizah. This is politics and Nurul Izzah is ready for the main stage. The question is - is her advisers ready to plan the strategy to ensure her win or will they fallback on Nurul Izzah' popularity to pull her through?

The days are still long but Nurul Izzah should be willing to come out from her father's shadows and stand on her own! The members are waiting, her supporters are lining up, the young are Nurul Izzah, take a deep breath and saviour this moment. After that, declare your acceptance to be a candidate for PKR's deputy President's post. And if papa is angry, just gently whisper to his ears that you are already over 21, married and a mother and thus papa should respect you for your decision...Can you do that Nurul Izzah? Or do you need more convincing?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, October 07, 2010

D N45 Galas : Pre-nomination day build up...

Galas is currently synonym with Gua Musang. Gua Musang is synonym with Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. That's my first impression of Galas six months ago and the impression still stands now. And Galas is heading for by-election when Allahyarham Chek Hashim succumbed to cancer on 27th September 2010.

My pre-nomination day feeling? Galas is BN's to lose! And with good reasons too...

  1. UMNO factor

    Galas has been proven to be one of UMNO's last foothold in Kelantan. 2008 is one of only two occasion when Galas goes to non-UMNO party.The other was when Tg Razaleigh helmed Semangat 46 in the 90's.

    With that said, UMNO has the upper hand in the coming by-elecion to wrest Gallas back from PAS.

  2. Tg Razaleigh factor

    Some may call him an old horse but Tg Razaleigh still commands respect from both sides of the political divide in Kelantan especially in Gua Musang. For Galas state seat, the orang asli may actually be the deciding factor and if that is so, their long admiration towards "raja kita" may be a blessing to BN.

  3. Pool of BN potential candidates

    Saufi Deraman,Syed Azidi (KickdeFella) and even Tg Razaleigh's name has been freely floated as possible BN candidate. BN really has plenty of choice this time and all of them has their own strength to wrest alas from PAS.

  4. PKR's infighting

    PKR's dream of direct election is in tatters as more and more members are critical of the "new" system. Anwar's "blue-eyed boy" is leading Zaid Ibrahim for the deputy president post and Zaid Ibrahim is from Kelantan. Like it or not, it will give some negative impact to PKR and will give adverse effect to PR, notably PAS.

  5. DAP's Penang's (mis)fortunes

    Lim GE's misfiring in Penang, especially on issues related to gambling money will pull PR down. UMNO will definitely use this issue to the fullest to their own advantage.


    UMNO and PERKASA will exploit the bumiputra issue in Galas. For UMNO, Najib's 1Malaysia concept is cosmetics for the urbanites and Galas is not urbaned enough for Najib's 1Malaysia. For that reason, UMNO will hop on PERKASA's stand and will use it as a magnetic pull towards UMNO.

Looks rosy for UMNO and BN, right? Not necessarily so! Gua Musang maybe Tg Razaleigh's fort but Kelantan is PAS's stronghold. What is seen as advantages to UMNO's favour may well turn out to be it's own worst enemies. Consider these :-

  1. UMNO factor

    If UMNO is so confident of Galas, why is Muhyiddin (and for that matter UMNO) named Tg Razaleigh Hamzah as their elections director? Is it not UMNO's SOP to have their deputy President to head by-election machineries? Is Muhyiddin getting cold feet to face PAS in Galas? Is Muhyiddin hiding behind Tg Razaleigh because he failed to deliver his UMNO KPIs'?

    Not only that, this is the first time an UMNO division head (who is not it's deputy President) leads the party's election machinery. If it is for training purposes, why choose Tg Razaleigh who is already past his prime? Why not choose Mustafa Mohamad who is Kelantan's UMNO liason chief to head the battle for Galas? Why not Awang Adek who inspires to be Kelantan's MB?

    The answer is simple - UMNO is more than willing to retract whatever they say of Tg Razaleigh as long as they have the chance to win Galas. That's hypocricy of the highest level and UMNO can do an about face in whatever situation necessary.

  2. Tg Razaleigh factor

    This Kelantan prince is tested yet again. On one part Tg Razaleigh has previously agreed and supported the call that Kelantan deserve to be paid oil royalty and that stand is clearly against with UMNO's stand regarding the issue. In fact, Tg Razaleigh headed the Kelantan state effort to get the oil royalty.

    PAS will use the oil royalty issue to the hilt and Tg Razaleigh will be trap between his love for the state and his compassion for UMNO. It is a situation that will end up in a loss-loss situation for UMNO.

    Tg Razaleigh is also caught between his relationship with Tg Anis and his royalty to the palace. Before, he chose to be neutral but Galas may force him o show hands and this will further jeorpadise UMNO's chance to regain Galas.

  3. Pool of potential candidates

    Yes, UMNO may have lots of possible candidates but that wealth and depth of candidates will also be their downfall.To choose Saufi Deraman may picture UMNO as a party who relies on losers and UMNO will be gambling their chances if they opted for Syed Azidi, the blogger as their Galas candidate. How many of the voters in Galas knows Syed Azidi?

    As for Tg Razaleigh as candidate, that's the final humiliation for the prince who once lead Bank Bumiputra, Finance Ministry, Semangat 46 and the one who almost become Malaysia's PM. That said, the other person who is dreaming of being named as UMNO's candidate is Awang Adek. Since he wants to be Kelantan's MB, why not start as Kelantan's opposition leader, if Md Alwi Che Ahmad is willing to give way.

  4. PKR's infighting

    Face it. PKR is not an issue in Galas.Although PKR's top brass may like to be treated with golden spoons, Galas will not care about PKR. So the much-hyped PKR's infighting will have little bearing in Galas.

  5. DAP (mis)fortune

    UMNO may thinks that they are on the right offensive mode when they managed to convince some elderly folks in Penang to return the so-called RM 100 compassionate fund. What Azhar failed to see is the same applies to UMNO and the federal government. Asri, the former Perlis mufti, did not deemed the money as haram as these elderly folks are not the ones involved in gambling. It might likely ends up as UMNO being the "cerdik tak boleh di ikut, bodoh tak boleh di ajar" group.

UMNO seems to be having all the right recipe to win comfortably in Galas. Yet, with all the right mix, Muhyiddein is still hesistant to take up the election director's post and instead passed the baton to Tg Razaleigh before the latter could even reply of his readiness to accept the responsibility.

UMNO needs to re-establish it's strength and they have to return to their last bastion which is the rural folks. Galas has been UMNO's oberdient supporters and it is PAS who has the uphill task to convince Galas why they should vote PAS.

If Galas is retained by PAS by even a 1-vote majority, all will be lost for UMNO and Najib can start packing Putrajaya and prepare to live as the "last UMNO PM". But, if UMNO wwwrest Galas by a majority of less that 400 votes, then GE 13 will be an interesting turning point to either coalition party...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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