Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Of Monte Carlo, montel, model and...

This posting is not about Kelantan N 45 Galas or P 185 Batu Sapi

Spoiler : This posting is not about Kelantan N 45 Galas or P 185 Batu Sapi. But rest assured that it can be related to both buy elections!

An email from a friend managed to raise my concern on what is becoming to our 1MPM6. It seems that only days prior to his 2011 budget presentation, our 1MPM6 was jet setting in Monte Carlo with his errrr first wife. But that is not a casual visit nor is it about one Jho Low. This is a "working" visit to "promote" 1MPM6's version of Islamic fashion festival. Why should 1MPM6 be there if he is not the promoter of Islam Hadhari? Well! It so happens that the patron for the festival is one Rosemah "mirror, mirror on the wall" Mansor.

Jealous? Envious? Nah, never crossed this mind. Not for this event, at least. So, what is the catch? For one, although the emails contained many pictures of the models walking down the board in glorious fashion, the picture above should be sufficient. In short, there's nothing Islamic about the festival. You want to see the pictures? Go here, as all the pictures are taken from ruangbicarapriamalaya.blogspot.com

Now tell me, which part is Islamic about the models? Didn't Islam calls for its women to cover their bodies including the hair, the arms and to avoid wearing revealing clothes? So, dear 1MPM6 who hails from Pahang, do you have a hand in this festival? Do you think that these models promote Islamic clothes? Or are you lost after feasting your eyes on the models?

During the recently concluded UMNO AGM, one UMNO young turk by the name of Fathul Bari claimed that this is baseless accusation. My oh my, how low can you go to prop up what is wrong? In his own words, he is reported to say "They (or we) must find out whether she had deliberately made the error or not, whether she knew about it, and whether she was forced to do it" Aiya! 1MPM6 has countless officers under his department and dozens more serving Rosemah. Are all these officers so incompetent to the extent that they could not sense that these are not Islamic fashions? And worse still, when Fathul indicated that Rosemah was forced to do so...is this the best our young ulama can do? And by the way, who tagged the term "ulama" to this person. Honest, if this is his stand then I do not see how one can elevate him to the status of "ulama".

Fathul further implied that Rosemah is only the patron. Hello! Shouldn't a patron know what she is patroning? Or does this young Fathul implying that Rosemah does not know what she is patroning? If that is the case, we are all doomed! Doom because our leaders do not know what they are patroning and worse still our leaders might not approve the cause of the organisations they are made patrons!

Fathul should look into the "distinguished" list of "the style council" above. How many of the women covered their hair properly? Is Fathul approving that Rosemah covered her aurat there? Or is Fathul, another one of "Bodoh tak boleh diajar, cerdik tak boleh diikut" UMNO graduates?

Another blogger defended Rosmah by claiming that she has been slandered. The poblem is - we are talking about a specific event at a specific place ie Islamic Fashion Festival in Monte Carlo held on or around 10th October 2010. Is this defender referring to the same event? If not, then obviously we talking "itik" and the fella is talking "ayam". How?

No doubt that Islamic fashion is a lucrative USD 76B business. But...it must be done properly and in compliance with the syariah. Rosemah just could not go on being a patron to an "un-islamic" fashion even if it is held in Monte Carlo! Unless, Rosemah's aim is to "rub shoulders" with Prince Albert and be "seen" in Monte Carlo crowd! Ah, by the way, isn't Monte Carlo famous for it's ...?

So where does 1MPM6 Najib stand on this issue? Has he reprimanded Rosemah for being an ignoramus and forced to patron Islamic Fashion Festival in Mote Carlo? Did 1MPM6 Najib dare to reprimand her (in the first place)? Or has his Ketua Biro Agama (Jamil Khir Baharom) advise him on the matter, specifically on Islamic dressing? Or is Jamil's advise falling on deaf ears of 1MPM6 Najib and Rosemah?

That said, will Galas listen to 1MPM6 who can't even control his wife? And if he cannot control his wife's actions, then how do we expect him to run Malaysia?

Can Batu Sapi forgive 1MPM6 for naming Linda Tsen, Edmund Chong's widow, who is still grieving as BN candidate? Can't 1MPM6 Najib wait? Even if 1MPM6 Najib wanted to honour Edmund Chong, he can always wait until GE 13 and named Linda as P 185 candidate. Why the hurry? Or is the scarcity of potential leaders in BN so telling?

There is nothing wrong for being a patron but as a responsible person, Rosemah (and to a certain extent 1MPM6 Najib) should check the background and the fashion first before giving their nod. Unless, Rosemah was overly eager to put her name as the patron and get the attention she craved for in Monte Carlo. Is she that vain? I wonder...

Done reading? OK, let's spread out and start the groundwork in Batu Sapi and Galas...and comes Friday, let's make a short trip to Galas. Is the montel part covered? If not, it is intended to be so because a man's meat is another man's poison and so far 1MPM6 Najib taste is absolutely montel...

And...welcome back to KL, guys and gals who were in Galas today! Is that you at your normal watering hole?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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