Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bloggers : Anons or's your choice

  1. These past few days, whether they like it or not or whether it is intentional or unintentional, bloggers seems to be hogging the spotlight.
  2. First, blogger Ibrahim Yahaya from Dunia Tiger was appointed as the DG of Broadcasting Ministry of Information on 16th March 2009. Although I did know him, congratulations is in order on his appointment.
  3. Next, after warning Bloggers, Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim feted 50 bloggers to a sumptuous dinner at Restoran Sri Melayu on 22nd April 2009.
  4. In between the dinner were some unexpected news. Bloggers Sime Darby Watch and Jed Yoong decided to "hang their computers". Sime Darby watch last posting is around 20th April 2009 whilst Jed Yoong shut hers around 26th April 2009.
  5. Of course there are bloggers who shifted their shape and name like pade doh @ bengkel waziboy@wenger khairy returns.
  6. Then, comes the bomb! Blogger sakmongkol exposed a voice blogger on 28th April 2009. I am not saying that Sakmongkol is not right in accidentally exposing the blogger. But what I am touching on is whether the said blogger wants to remains anonymous due to reasons best known to the blogger. If the blogger choose to remains anonymous, then I think it is quite fair for us to respect his decision. And even that comes with a pre-condition - as long as the blogger stays within the limits of the law.
  7. The blogger has responded in away to his "unmasking". Rightly or wrongly, it is not for us to be the judge, jury or executioner. Both bloggers are right, in their own way and both contribute to healthy discussion on the state of the country. I say, let both of them sit down in a round table talk to clear up whatever misunderstanding or miscommunication or mis ethics or whatever term applicable.
  8. Remember that in the past, we do come across bloggers who started as anonymous but "graduated" like Zorro who has voluntarily unmasked for Barisan Rakyat.
  9. Master blogger, Rocky bru, talk about ground rules for blogging. Whether bloggers should abide to Rocky's suggestions is anotehr matter. But at least, Rocky put up proposals for discussions.
  10. To me, as I said it earlier, it is the bloggers choice to whether remains anonymous or not. I, for one, choose to remain anonymous. Not because I have serious run in with the laws but I choose anonymousity for my own benefit. I have walked amongst the other bloggers and still remain unknown. The closest is when I introduced myself ie my nick when shaking hands with Zorro in Kuala Terengganu.
  11. And what is my advantage? None. But at least I can walk as friends to both BN and BR bloggers. Does big names intimidate me? No. Does being anonymous has disadvantages? Yes. I was once stopped at one of the candlelight vigils in PJ because they thought that I am a cop when what I wanted to do was to see the video presentation on the roles of the people from different walks of life to gain independence. Malaysia's independence.
  12. And guess what? The best thing of being anonymous is that you can choose who you want to tell on your identity. For me, none of my close buddies know me. So far, that situation suits me fine. I have no complaints, whatsoever. Because I blog my thoughts and my opinions, that's all.
  13. So, I sincerely hope, let us all respect the decision of others if they choose to remain anonymous. It is their life, it is their choice...the least we can do is to respectt their need of privacy although we may know them in their alter life. Afterall, even nerdy Peter Parker needs to go to college although as Spiderman, he can earns big money if he choose to...
  14. Finally, let me repeat, let Sak and A voice joins together for a better Malaysia. Let the past be the past. As both of you do not know me as I never meet both of you in person. Let's meet on 9th May 2009 at MPPJ civic center during the GMI's debat on ISA : Halal atau Haram. Let us meet and drink teh tarik at Lotus after the debate. And, if by chance you are there, let's break the ice! Afterall, how many will be drinking at Lotus at that time? Surely, we can guess each other's identity...I am sure of that...I may not be rich but for you guys, teh tariks is on me :)
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Taib Mahmud : And the pillar is fatihah

  1. Laila Taib, the wife of Taib Mahmud (Sarawak chief minister), passed away this afternoon succumbing of terminal cancer.
  2. Taib Mahmud, was away in the state administrative district of Petrajaya, together with 1 Malaysia DPM.
  3. After 50 years of marriage, Taib Mahmud has lost his pillar of strength and source of aspiration.
  4. This is not the time to bash Taib Mahmud in his time of sorrow. Put aside the differences, temporarily and for those who profess Islam as their religion, please spare a moment of silence and sedekah "al fatihah" and doa that her soul will be placed with the mukmins.
  5. For those interested, she will be laid to rest at Demak Muslim cementery tomorrow at 11 am.
  6. For Taib Mahmud, it is time to take stock of life. As God is great, in His compassion and benovelence, He will give chance for humans to repent. Sometimes, in our haste, we forget that the Creator is always there.
  7. In our glory, we lost sight that our existence is to serve humankind, in line with His will. As humans, our vulnurability to power, influence and power creates diatance between us and the Creator. And at times, God in His own way will remind us that we are merely His subjects.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HRW, Amnesty International : Of human trafficking ISA ....and let's go Dutch

  1. Barely a month after taking over the PM's post from Tun AAB, Human Rights Watch (HRW) one of the world's leading NGOs', has submitted a letter to 1 Malaysia PM6 regarding human rights agenda.
  2. The letter touched on 4 areas i.e. arbitary and preventive detention, freedom of expression, impunity of security forces as well as the protection of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.
  3. HRW expressed their disappointment at the fact that 3 more were detained under ISA in the months of March and April 2009. Maybe, the forum to be organised by GMI beginning from 3 pm on 9th May 2009 in PJ civic center will shed more light on these arrests. I, for one, will be there...
Event : “Debat ISA : Haram atau Halal?”

Spekers : YB Saari Sungib (GMI) V Representative from PEWARIS

Venue : Auditorium, Dewan Sivik MPPJ.

Date : 9 May 2009 (Saturday)

Time : 3.00pm-5.00pm
  1. HRW commended PM6 on his call for the media to report 'without fear of consequences'. That's what PM6 said but unfortunately his Minister of Information is not inline with the boss. In fact, the Minister warns actions against bloggers and defended RTM for "news blackout" on Terengganu's 10 BN ADUN vs MB Ahmad Said.
  2. On security forces, HRW says it all. They call for ammendment to Police Act, interpretation on sedition act whilst expressing dismay on the high rate of custodial deaths and injuries. Maybe, it's time for Musa Hassan to start looking seriously into his backyard. Defending subordinates is a novel move and sign of a good leader but to defend blindly on the wrongs commited by subordinates should be curbed. To continue defending the wrong will give them a carte blanche for worst things, And that should stop now...for the good of police force itself.
  3. On asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, it seems that this go hand in hand with RELA. HRW yrged the government to abolish the volunteer corps, I say differently. RELA should be reassign to other tasks, not related to operations to flash out illega;l immigrants and asylum seekers.
  4. Amnesty International released their wish list, including the abolition of ISA. But at least PM6 should be happy that Amnesty Internation sent a similar wish list to Barrack Obama .
  5. But the most damning report is from the United States Senate report pertaining to human trafficking in Malaysia. The report were filled with allegations of human trafficking when illegal immigrants and asylum seekers were held in detention centres across Malaysia. This is a serious charge and the Government should act immediately to restore the international community's confidence in Malaysia.
  6. At one time, the late Chief of Police of Cambodia was denied visa and entry to USA for alleged human trafficking and we do not want the same happen to PM6. No matter what, the illegal immigrants and asylum seekers are humans and Malaysia should do tehir utmost best to solve the problems either by deporting them legally or taking legal actions to deter them from returning to Malaysia.
  7. It is only 30 days and PM6 is already facing serious charges pertaining to his government. PM6 should forget about honeymoon period and whip the cabinet into action. Afterall, isn't PM6's slogan is all about "People first, perfomance now"? So take out the whip and start cracking the whips on those dreamy ministers. It is time to discipline them or show them the door...If the ministers cannot understand simple instructions and aspirations, they have no right to sit in the cabinet...
  8. Malaysians have been known to be a caring, compassion society. Let's see how PM6 reacts to HRW's letter.
By the way, since most bloggers are not in the "special 50" invited by Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim at Sri Melayu, let's all meet in Lotus after 9th May GMI talks...we go Dutch...ok?

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday nights : Mat Rempits or Mat Cemerlang...

Mat Rempit in action

  1. Situation red! Mat Rempit is no longer the next door Dennis the Menace but loose gangs of show off, bullies, molesters, rowdies, robbers, intimidators, all rolled in one. How long more must Joe Public endure them? Police actions are few and far in between.
  2. Before Mat Rempits are confined to isolated places where they try to outdo each other in friendly but fierce road racing and daredevil stunts. The winner? From what I gather will get the pool money and friendly companion for whole weekend. That was before they hit the headlines, bigtime.
  3. And the person who brings Mat Rempit to new heights is KJ, the former PM's SIL, who wanted to rebrand them as Mat Cemerlang. In doing so, KJ intended to recruit Mat Cemerlang to be members of Putra UMNO brigades. Mat Cemerlang let KJ down.
  4. From Johor to Perlis, Terengganu to Selangor, Mat Rempits show no respect to the laws. One of their victims is still in coma in Kuala Terengganu. The deaf is not spared in Selangor. Even the octogenarian from Johor was slashed and relieved of RM 200.
  5. A Government institute's research cited boredom as one of the main reasons why youths become Mat Rempits. Is it boredom? Or is it escapism and peer pressure? And if boredom is the reason to go out Rempiting, why can't they confine to legal race tracks? And I am sure SIC is more than willing to let Mat Rempits to burn tyres at Sepang circuit with KJ looking down from the VVIP booths. All SIC need to do is to charge the bill to 1 Malaysia PM 6's department.
  6. Whilst waiting for the government to work out with SIC, the police and JPJ will be taking stern actions to Mat Rempits by going to seize the machines, charge them in courts, disqualify their licenses, charge their arents (if Mat Rempits are underage) etc. Hopefully, police and JPJ, will carry out those stern actions. It is time for Mat Rempits to learn that this land has its sets of rules and as roadusers, they have to abide by the prevailing sets of rules.
  7. Just a word of caution...Malaysian public do not need the likes of BAR council or Karpal Singh butting in to defend the Mat Rempits. Enough is enough...and the time for action is now!!
  8. And if our ambitous UMNO youth leader wants to score, this is the time for him to use "friendly" Mat Cemerlang to bust the Mat Rempits. Is it too much to ask, KJ? I don't think so because you do not need help from Mukhriz to get the job don't even need the Jawa to coral the Mat Rempits...
  9. Let's see what KJ will be doing...and give our support to PDRM and JPJ to end Mat Rempit menace...
  10. Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Apabila agama jadi dagangan...

  1. Posting kali ini agak sensitif bagi penulis. Selama ini, penulis cuba menjauhkan diri dari terjerumus didalam isu yang melibatkan perbedaan pendapat dalam hal-hal bersangkutan agama. Walaupun demikian, ada masanya, isu saperti ini perlu diketengahkan dan dibincang dengan cara rasional.
  2. Isu pertukaran agama yang melibatkan kanak-kanak dibawah umur telah dibincangkan hingga ke tahap kabinet dimana akhirnya satu jawatankuasa telah ditubuhkan untuk membincangkan dan mencari penyelesaian kepada masaalah yang ditimbulkan.
  3. Secara ringkasnya, ia membabitkan pasangan Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah seorang saudara baru dengan isterinya Puan Indra Ghandhi. Mohd Ridzuan telah memeluk agama Islam dan didakwa memaksa anak-anaknya memeluk Islam.
  4. Nazri Aziz, Menteri diJPM, berkata jemaah kabinet memutuskan kanak-kanak kekal menganut agama asal ketika ibubapa mereka berkahwin. Apakah keputusan kabinet adalah sebulat suara? Apa kata Jamil Khir Baharom, menteri diJPM yang ditugaskan untuk menjaga hal ehwal agama Islam? Apa kata Naib Presiden UMNO, Zahid Hamidi, yang pada satu ketika ditugaskan untuk menjaga hal ehwal agama Islam?
  5. Anihnya, Malaysiakini melapurkan bahwa Koh Tsu Koon mengatakan bahwa semua ahli mesyuarat lebih memahami keadaan dengan lebih mendalam. Tsu Koon tidak pula mengatakan bahwa kabinet telah memberi keputusan sebagaimana yang dinyatakan oleh Nazri, walhal Tsu Koon ialah pengerusi mesyuarat yang dihadiri oleh Shahrizat, S Subramaniam, Jamil Khir Baharom, Presiden Malaysia Hindu Sangam, dan pemimpin MHS Perak. Apakah JAKIM dan JAIP tidak dipanggil sama? Jika tidak, mengapa?
  6. Didalam isu ini, adalah diharapkan bahwa kedua-dua ibubapa dapat berbincang dengan rasional demi masa depan anak-anak mereka. Persoalannya, apakah pihak-pihak berkuasa yang terbabit tidak memberi kounseling kepada kedua-dua Mohd Ridzuan dan Puan Indra.
  7. Bagi pendapat penulis, Mohd Ridzuan perlu berbincang dengan tenang dengan isteri beliau sebelum membuat keputusan. MHS tidak perlu terlibat secara langsung. Seharusnya, MHS dan JAIP perlu memberi ruang untuk Mohd Ridzuan dan Puan Indira berbincang. Sesungguhnya, kanak-kanak dari keluarga yang pincang akan menghadapi masalah. Jangan ditambah pada masaalah kanak-kanak tersebut dengan memberi tekanan yang tidak tertanggung oleh mereka.
  8. Sekiranya benar apa yang dikatakan oleh Nazri Aziz, maka sesungguhnya ia merupakan hari yang malang bagi Malaysia. Apa-apa keputusan kabinet yang melibatkan isu tukar agama perlu diluluskan oleh parlimen.
  9. Penulis bersetuju dengan saranan mufti Perak. Didalam hal yang sensitif ini, kabinet perlu merujuk kepada majlis fatwa atau kepada mufti. Begitu juga dengan pegangan Islam dalam anakanak dimana ibu bapa mereka menganut agama Islam.
  10. Penulis menunggu beberapa hari sebelum menulis posting ini dan mencari-cari sekiranya ada blog-blog terkemuka Malaysia membincangkan perkara ini. Setakat ini, tidak ada blog yang secara langsung membincangkan perkara ini. Penarik beca ada menyebut isu ini dari sudut pandang Mohd Sabu, Timbalan Presiden PAS. Bagaimana pula pandangan pemimpin UMNO? Sunyi tanpa berita...
  11. Mahaguru58 tidak membincangkan isu tukar agama tetapi membangkitkan kes pertunjukan fesyen yang disulami dengan hidangan arak ditempat awam yakni di KLCC.
  12. Satu persoalan yang timbul dibenak penulis ialah , apakah jabatan agama islam negeri akan bertindak sebagaimana MHS sekiranya ada penganut Islam yang ingin menukar agama?
  13. Penulis teringat tentang hadis yang mengatakan bahwa di akhir zaman umat islam melata dimuka bumi tetapi hanyalah sebagai buih-buih yang senang ditiup angin....fikir-fikirkanlah......
  14. Penulis juga menanti dan sentiasa mencari pendapat dan pandangan penulis blog lain termasuk sakmongkol, rockybru, raja petra, merah hitam, WJ khairy, marina mahathir, nuraina samad, norisha. Apakah mereka peka kepada isu ini? Penulis menanti dengan sabar dan tabah...
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Terengganu:Once bitten,twice smitten, thrice...?

  1. Terengganu folks has had it again. Before it was the father, now it is the son...Well, don't get me wrong here. I am not talking about trinity concept but that of 1Malaysia PM. Read on and hopefully you will understand why...
  2. Back in the old 70's, post 1969, PM2 (read the father @ Tun Razak) decided to have 1 port in peninsular Malaysia. Basic thinking will teach you one basic rule - do not mess with nature for they will take what is taken away...
  3. After detail engineering study, the technical paper offers 2 options - either Gebeng or Teluk Kalung, Kemaman.
  4. With some "twist of events", the government decided for Gebeng, a seaside area with no natural harbour nor sufficient depth to cater for seagoing ships. Hundreds of hectares of land were excavated and deepened. At that time, oil discovery off the coast of Terengganu were first announced and hit the newstand.
  5. What happened after, is history. Gebeng port failed to materialise as the premier port. Shddy workmanship is blamed for cracks and the once blossoming mangrove swamps along the coastal areas transformed to barren land, devoid of life.
  6. All along, Terengganu folks swallowed their pride for the port that should be theirs but never materialise. It is like another Megat Panji Alam spurned by Tun Teja, all over again.
  7. Fast forward to 2009. New 1 Malaysia concept - people first, performance now, introduced by PM 6 (read the son @ Najib Tun Razak). The ministerial posts for Terengganu folks post 2008 GE is 1 full minister and 2 deputy ministers. And what did the son do?
  8. Terengganu folks just get 1 ministerial post. That's all. Period. For BN Terengganu who stood against the PR onslaught during the GE12, this is not reward but inappreciation of the highest degree, coming from the son. This is what Terengganu folks are rewarded when they handed Terengganu to BN on a silver platter. Compare that to those from Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, Kedah and you will understand the frustrations of Terengganu folks.
  9. And that was just the beginning. On 24th April 2009, the son aka 1 Malaysia PM6 announced the UMNO state heads. Guess what? Another letdown for Terengganu folks...
  10. After the father and the son, comes the third...(read the cousin @ Hishamuddein) who will heads Terengganu UMNO. What did Terengganu folks do to receive this treatment? Terengganu is still under BN, in fact one of BN bastions to hold PR at bay. When Kedah, Perak., Selangor, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Kelantan falls like dominoes, Terengganu stood tall still hoisting BN flags. And this is the rewards for Terengganu.
  11. For me, this unappreciation shown by 1 Malaysia PM 6 needs to be repaid in kind. BN elected reps of Terengganu should just switch sides and form unity government with PR. Send a strong message to Federal - enough is enough! Will Terengganu folks stand up? I don't think so because Terengganu folks has been hoodwinked not once but thrice by the Razak clans. Will Terengganu folks be singing "Let it be" and this time lead by Wan Farid the Terengganu self elected karaoke king? I doubt it for Terengganu folks are easily cowed and threathened and duped by sweet talks.
  12. It is either Terengganu folks stand up now and be counted or forever walked with tails between the legs...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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KTMB : The sauna within...

Passengers let off at Pantai Dalam

  1. Months before Najib Tun Razak took over from Tun Abdullah as Malaysia's PM and introduce the 1 Malaysia concept, KTMB has already been frothing about their 1 concept. No ! it's not 1 Malaysia nor is it 1 KTMB. It is RM 1 yearly profit.
  2. That, my friends, is the real situation facing the present KTMB. When other GLC's are projecting profits in millions or billions of RM, KTMB MD see it fit for KTMB to go for RM 1 profit.
  3. And how KTMB staffs are reminded towards achieving their goal, or is it their KPI? By pinning the RM 1 profit target on their uniforms.
  4. Having said that, why is KTMB targetting RM 1 profit? The answer is simple. KTMB MD is not confident of its outfit's performance. Not because of lack of professionalism because KTMB has ample able bodies, well qualified personnel.
  5. The thing that let down KTMB is its fleet of trains, locomotives and comuter trains. Their intercity trains are infamous for being late to such an extent that being punctual is a bonus!
  6. Their locomotives and freight trains are efficient and is a real workhorse but the Government capped its charge rates, making its freight services operating at nominal profit. Some may ask, Who is the recipient of KTMB's cheap freight services? For the answer, we do not have to travel far..just follow the track to the corporation who cheated KTMB of its quarters and lands in Sentul. That's one of them whilst the second is the sweet taste of sugar, transported from Penang to KL and Johor.
  7. Commuter trains? Ah...that's my favourite since I personally experience the agony of commuter travel and all is my fault. Reading that there is an ongoing book fair in PWTC, I decided to drop in the exhibition, leaving my trusted car in one of the stations, and travel using the commuter train.
  8. The trip to KL is ok, but my 6.14 pm commuter train from Putra is a journey hard to forget. When the train reached Bank Negara, the seats are all taken and by the time it reached KL Sentral, the train is sardine packed. The air cond is not working well and the stuffiness is getting to one's nerves.
  9. When the train left Angkasapuri, the engine gone dead and just glided to Pantai Dalam. Then, the announcement "The train will end its service in Pantai Dalam and are requested to alight the train". Imagine a full load of commuter train passengers in Pantai Dalam! Some decided to stay back in the train, a sauna of sweats and stuffiness for some 20 minutes before making their way out.
  10. By 8.10 pm, some of those passengers are still waiting at Pantai Dalam. That's the state of affairs of KTMB commuter services, ferrying passengers from Seremban to KL and Rawang whilst another line transport the passengers from Port Klang to KL to Sentul.
  11. I tried to reason out of possible alternative in this particular situation. Given that KTMB is running short of commuter trains for them to despatch a reeplacement commuter trains to start its service from Pantai Dalam onwards, why can't KTMB traffic controllers end 1 commuter train service at KL Sentral (from Port Klang) and send the train straight back to Pantai Dalam to pick up the passengers? Do KTMB has decision makers in traffic controller section? Someone who is innovative, creative and pro-active in face of these crisis?
  12. On casual chatting with the passengers, it seems that the passengers are resigned to breakdowns, malfunction air conds, delays (some up to 40 or 60 minutes), packed trains.
  13. Remember when Tun AAB took commuter train ride from Bangi (or is it Sri Kembangan)? Tun AAB promised that he will look into the matter and improve KTMB's service. That was 2 years ago...nothing positive happens since then. Maybe, this time, Rosmah Mansor should try taking commuter train from Putra to Bangi. I bet her make up will go cuckoo and she will not be happy being pushed and shoved from KL Sentral onwards...provided that she did not use her burly bodyguards.
  14. Remember the time when Ong Tee Keat sounded off KTMB contractors for being late in delivering the overhaul commuter trains. What happen now? Are the trains overhauled as per schedule? Are they late? If late, why? And what is the solution?
  15. The Government has just announce or about to announce a new Kelana Jaya - Putra height line for LRT? When is the government going to announce new acquisition of commuter trains? Isn't the government commited in improving the public transportation? And isn't commuter passengers deserve more commuter trains?
  16. Is there any short term solution? Like using coaches during peak hours? Or leasing commuter trains or DMU's from others?
  17. Is KTMB satisfied in folding their hands to see thesufferings of the commuter passengers? Has the MD tried using the service from Putra to Klang? Or from Putra to Bangi? What about the other GMs?
  18. And that is only on commuter trains. I have not touched on the crime rate in commuter stations car parks. What about cars stolen? Snatch thefts? What is KTMB going to do about that?
  19. Apparently, KTMB is a sauna within. It is not only hot in commuter trains bit is is also hot outside. KTMB needs to get its act together. And to get the act together, KTMB MD need not shift its GMs around. What he needs is the hardware. And to do that, he has to ask, beg, "steal" from the Government so that more commuter trains will be available for KTMB.
KTMB may not be achieving its RM 1 profit this year. Even if it does, I might ask for that RM 1 for the sufferings and losses of commuter passengers due to its continual delays, insufficient commuter trains. If MAS can give free meals for any delays of more than 2 hours, can't KTMB offer free mineral water bottled drinks for delays and commuter trains breakdowns.

Fruits for thoughts, maybe?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Of M'sian transformation : Rulers, soldiers, teachers, corporates and ...

1. History are written by victors whilst the vanquished can only tell of what it should have been. To be victorious is to have position, influence and power. That, in the nutshell, is what this posting is all about.

2. Since Ptolemy called the Malay archipelago as Avrea Chesoneve (the golden peninsular), pockets of settlement along the rivers and the beaches are ruled by brawn. These brawny people with his sets of followers command fear and respect from the masses. Over time, these brawny people installed themselves as rulers.

3. With time, these rulers evolved into Sultans, Rajas, Yang di Pertuans and what nots but all represent the supreme head of states. As rulers, they have a set of palace officials ranging from the Bendaharas. Temenggongs, Laksamanas who are dutybound to check and ensure the wellbeing of the state. Along the way, some of these palace officials took over the state and send the Sultans packing and they in turn called themselves Sultans. You see, it is not that difficult to change from a commoner to a Tengku or Raja. If that is done before, it can also be done today and there are quite a few Tengkus or Teukus who are not really Tengkus or Teukus. They say that one of the famous Tengku who used to be an official of high standing is not a Tengku at all. True, false?

4. And some were appointed Sultans, not by direct lineage but due to interference from the British advisers or British resident.

5. When Malaysia were formed in 1963, internal and external forces tried to muscle the young nation of Malaysia either through different ideaology like that of Communism or by territorial disputes. During those trying times, soldiers became an essential part of Malaysian lives.

6. It is common then to see and hear soldiers being much sought after as the favourite son in laws. It is an honour to have members of family as soldiers. With the presence of soldiers to gurd Malaysian territory and patrolling the jungles, the sense of security prevail in the society and with peace, the process of education and development comes along.

7. Post 1957 to the early 1980's, teachers and educationalists took the centre stage. The teachers viz a viz the educationalists close rapport with their society enables them to lead the society through various social and development projects, heading co-operatives as well as contesting and winning in elections.

8. With their combined forces and influences, the Government placed special emphasize to the educationalist and rewarding teachers in terms of better pay and perks. The society, by and large, now focussed to teachers and educationalist as their one stop centre to solve their problems.

9. The combined roles and separation of power between the rulers, peacekeeping forces and educationalists enable the country to surge forward, paving the way for more development and to give equal chance in education up to tertiary levels.

10. With more and more educated people joining the working force, more chances were created thus giving birth to another force, that of corporates. Wily and cunning, the corporates brings Malaysia to new heights. Abundance of natural products and stability provided the right ambience for the corporates to leapfrog the educationalist.

11. With newfound economic wealth, the corporates used money and influence as leverage to but themselves into lofty political positions as well as acting as patrons to others. The corporates, with their monies and influence, becomes warlords in their own rights and charted new course for the nation.

12. The combined money, influence and political influence placed the corporates high in the society hierachy. The emergence of the corporates is also closely linked to money politics which rear its ugly head around the same time the corporates makes its mark on the society.

13. From mid 1980's to Y2k's, the corporates reaps full rewards, sidelining the rulers, dispensing the educationalist into has beens. They bulldoze everything that cross their path, controlling the media, and stiffling dissenting voices with laws, regulations and judiciary system.

14. For a fleeting moment, all seem lost. Modern inventions, rightly or wrongly, came in time to give birth to a new breed - that of the technocrats.

15. The technocrats rely heavily on modern invention, making use of internets and electronic gadgets to reach the masses. Scandals, conspiracies, briberies are exposed. With continuous exposures, the technocrats inched their way into society with Jeff Ooi, Hannah Yeof, Tony Phua, Khir Toyo, using the technology to spread their thoughts and ideas. Along the way, some are even elected as Members of Parliament or ADUNs'.

16. Looking back, different grioup plays different role in transforming Malaysia. From the brawn of rulers and soldiers, to the educationalist to money spinning corporates to techno savvy technocrats, all play vital role in shaping Malaysia.

17. The corporate dilute the powers of rulers whilst the technocrats are teh watchdogs of the corporates. In future, maybe more technocrats will be appointed as elected reps to public offices.

18. Netizens like Zahid Ibrahim, Raja Petra, Rockybru, Sakmongkol, WJ Khairy, Kickdefella may find themselves sitting in parliament, comes GE 13.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Terengganu revisited : Of the duped and the big headed...

Terengganu politicians are a funny lot. That's my impression of Terengganu politicians post 2008. How can 3 elected reps duped by a clerk? First there was rumblings about the vote of no confidence to Ahmad Said. Then followed by SMS death threats to 3 elected reps who in turn has undivided symphathy from 7 of their colleagues which then turned out to be 18 out of 24 BN elected reps.

From thereon, the 18 churned out accusations of Ahmad Said's shortcomings including that of appointing ambulance driver and teachers to GLCs'. What is wrong in appointing them to head the GLCs' if they are honest, sincere, performing and meeting the KPIs' set out by the state? Terengganu has its shares of "well and over qualified" people helming the GLCs' and in the end these are the same people who rob the coffers dry.

One of the 3 duped rep, Abdul Halim Jusoh, came out with a "not so clever" statement that the division heads are not involved with the political crisis. Hello! the division heads represent the members aspiration and the elected reps are there because of the political members, not because of their capability and ability. If Abd Halim is adamant that he is there because of his popularity, please step down and see whether he is as popular as when he is the elected rep. For all purpose and intent, he can even resign his post and see how he fare when he stands as an independent. He might even lost his deposit.

Back to the clerk who duped the 3 elected rep. He must be another McGyver, able to clone SIM card, manage to dupe the 3 elected rep and almost singlehandedly brought down the Terengganu state government. And for that, Ahmad Said should be offering him to head one of Terengganu's GLCs'. With his creativity, that GLC will be raking in profits - huge profits.

The 2nd duped rep, Rosol Wahid, used to be the UMNO state secretary. If he is easily being duped by a clerk, see how vulnerable and fragile Rosol Wahid is. In 2008, he has openly declare that he will be vacating his seat if Idris Jusoh is not reappointed as the Terengganu MB. Well, Idris Jusoh is not reappointed, where is Rosol's resignation letter? If a man's reputation is on his actions and deeds, what reputation do Rosol has when he can't even honour his own declaration? And yet, this is the man who thinks he is MB material...

The wannabe MB

Even if the 18 managed to oust Ahmad Said, the hidden hand in Federal will work hard to get his man appointed as the next MB of Terengganu...and that person is

Read More

Of MSM : NST news which I don't comprehend....

I make it short and simple, this time. Whilst browsing through this morning, came across this in NST tagline 22nd April 2009 :
Heated debate spills out of assembly

A HEATED debate in the state assembly sitting yesterday spilled out of the chamber when a Parti Keadilan Rakyat member of parliament confronted a backbencher who had allegedly "attacked" her during the debate.

Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh lost her cool when Zaharuddin Abu Kassim (BN-Kerdau) claimed that Leong Ngah Ngah (DAP-Triang) was reading a text prepared by "an opposition leader who was observing the opposition assemblymen".

Fuziah was in the public gallery at the time, when Zaharuddin questioned Leong's arguments during the debate on a motion of thanks for the royal address

Fuziah said it was wrong for Zaharuddin to attack her in the state assembly and his action showed that he was "bankrupt of ideas".

Earlier, Leong's speech was continuously interrupted by backbenchers when he raised several issues, including regarding former Perak menteri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.
His repeated references to Nizar as the people's favourite leader was questioned by several backbenchers.

"Nizar is not a consistent leader. He never admitted that his mother was Chinese before the general election but admitted it when campaigning in Bukit Gantang to win Chinese votes," said Datuk Lau Lee (BN-Damak).

Leong also caused backbenchers to protest when he said BN component parties were only fighting for their own ethnic groups.

My English may be failing me. I have read it twice and reread slowly so as not to miss any point or get myself confused. In the end, I am still confused! I did not read any statement mentioning PKR MP attacking Fuziah. What I read and understand is Zaharudin (BN) is the one who irks Fuziah (BN)...

Maybe you guys out there are better informed and care to tell me where I miss the point? And when does the heated argument spilled out of assembly? If it does, who are the disputing parties?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Monday, April 20, 2009

Terengganu : It's monsoon season...

Monsoon season is normally over by Chap Goh Mei, the last day of Lunar New Year. For those living by the seashores of South East Asia, that will be the day to avoid the rough seas. Common beliefs say that the sea gods are angry during the time and will need human sacrifice...

That, my friends, is the myth making its rounds every time poor souls lost their lives in the choppy waters off Terengganu shores. Now, another sacrifice of sorts is needed in Terengganu, not for the sea gods but for political stability.

It started with a whisper here, whisper there. Then it propagate into silent hush hush amongst friends, later it evolve into backroom talks in family gatherings before emerging as the worst kept public secret.

Anticipating that a vote of no confidence will be tabled during the state assembly seating to oust him, Ahmad Said has warned his BN colleagues that strict action will be taken against those who support the motion. 10 BN state reps did not turn up on the second day of state assembly seating. Their reason? 3 of them received live threathening sms threats and subsequently file police reports.

The funny side of the story is the 10, were found holed up in a hotel in Kuala Terengganu. Normally, a person under threat will look for secluded place to hide but no, not in Kuala Terengganu.

Step in, 1 Malaysia PM, Najib Tun Razak. The PM instructed the 10 to attend the final day of teh assembly meeting. And yes, like cows pulled by their horns, all the 10 attended the assembly meeting.

Fast forward few days. After separate meeting with Najib, Muuhyiddin, Idris Jusoh and Ahmad Said, the 10 came out with guns blazing accussing Ahmad Said of sidestepping them in their constituencies. To spice things up, the 10 played up issues of mass TCS (Terengganu Civil Servants) transfers, all 67 of them, untimely sacking and termination et al. These are one of the issues that brings Idris Jusoh down. It is a replay of sorts.

How close is Ahmad Said in losing his job? Well, for one, he cancelled his working trip to Russia and Ukraine where he is supposed to lead the trip today.

Adding more pressure, the 10 state reps has receive support from another 8 of their colleagues, making 18 state reps going against Ahmad's 6 supporters. Another 8 state reps are from opposition party, PAS. If this trend continues, Ahmad Said will see himself out of the MB's office doors.

The first UMNO supreme council meeting schedued on 24th April 2009 will be Ahmad's make or break. If, by chance, Najib choose other than Ahmad as Terengganu UMNO state chief, it will be all over for Ahmad. As it stands, there is high possibility that Ahmad will be forced down soon. And when that happens, it's not Idris nor Rosol who will helm the state.

Rumours has it that the person earmarked by Najib to be the next Terengganu MB is a greenhorn, friendly to Najib. Maybe that greenhorn will kow tow gratefully to Najib and more than willing to surrender the expected RM 600 million plus royalty money.

When that happens, penyu menangis lagi di Terengganu...

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Good samaritan II : She wake up...

On 31st March, 2009, posted Good Samaritan : Endangered species... . More than a month later, the police are still investigating on Nurul Fatimah's case. As for the victim, it is reported in Harian Metro that she has opened her eyes. No signs of full recovery yet, just opening her eyes. Maybe that's a good start.
Nurul Fatimah in Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, KT

As for M. Jeevanesan, the 17 year old National trainess, no updated news on his case. What happen to his assaulters?

It seems that MSM are good in making news but not as good in following up...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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1 Malaysia : Diantara ucaptama, retorik, pentafsiran, perlaksanaan dan ...

1. Dalam ucaptama DS Najib Tun Razak senagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia, beliau antara lain menyebut
In this spirit, I would like to announce that the government has decided with immediate effect, to remove the temporary ban on TWO news publications, release 13 detainees from ISA detention, and conduct a comprehensive review of the Internal Security Act.

Ucapan itu memberi kiasan bahwa Kerajaan pimpinan DS Najib memandang tinggi terhadap kebebasan akhbar serta akan membuat kajian menyeluruh terhadao Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri.

2. Ucaptama itu diharap membayangkan halatuju kerajaan dibawah arhan DS Najib.

3. DS Najib memperkukuhkan ikrar beliau dalam pertemuan belia dengan rakyat diPekan, Pahang dengan slogan "1 Malaysia, Rakyat didahulukan, Prestasi diutamakan". Ikrar yang mencerminkan kepentingan rakyat akan diuatamakan.

4. Sebagai nakhoda baru juga, DS Najib telah memberi bayangan bahwa BN tidak akan bertanding dalam pilihanraya kecil Penang N12 Penanti. Sebaliknya, DS Najib meminta rakyat untuk bersama-sama dalam usaha kerajaan menangani masaalah ekonomi yang akan melanda negara. Itu pandangan nakhoda BN yang pada kebiasaannya akan diterima oleh semua parti komponen BN.

5. Itu adalah tafsiran awal berpandukan ucaptama dan retorik DS Najib. Namun perlaksanaannya nampak begitu berbedza...

6. Rais Yatim, Menteri Penerangan, menafikan wujudnya arahan
jangan menyiarkan berita mengenai kemelut politik di Terengganu. Dalam masa yang sama, beliau akan bertemu dengan badan-badan penyiaran persendirian (Media prima) supaya memberi keutamaan kepada negara melebihi keperluan komersial. Dalam erti lain, Rais kini sudah mula menunjukkan kuku dalam mengawal berita. Adakah ini yang dikehendakki oleh DS Najib?

7. Begitu juga dengan tindakan Media Prima untuk "mengelapkan" semua berita mengenai model Mongolia yang mengaitkan Razak Baginda, Najib, Rosmah. Adakah ini merupakan permulaan "news blackout" besar-besaran Media Prima dan RTM?

8. Menyentuh Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri, walaupun 13 orang tahanan telah dibebaskan pada 3hb April 2009, dilapurkan juga kerajaan Malaysia telah menahan 3 dibawah Akta tersebut pada bulan March 2009.

9. Lapuran awal menyatakan ketiga-tiga tahanan tersebut ditahan kerana disyakki terbabit dengan Jemaah Islam (JI). Malangnya, penanhanan ketiga-tiga orang ini tidah dihebahkan dalam mana-mana media massa. Walaupun DS Najib berikrar untuk mengkaji Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri, tindak tanduk pihak berkuasa tidak menjuruskan terhadap kelonggaran tindakan kerajaan. Mungkin ketiga-tiga yang ditahan merbahaya kepada keselamatan umum, tetapi apakah kesalahan mereka yang sebenar? Sekurang-kurangnya pihak berkuasa memberi rentetan kesalahan mereka supaya rakyat boleh menilai ketelusan kerajaan dibawah kepimpinan DS Najib. Barang diimgat, Kementerian Dalam Negeri adalah dibawah seliaan Hishamuddein Hussein, sepupu DS Najib, bekas Menteri Pelajaran.

10. Sekiranya Hishamuddein Hussein tidak dapat memberi gambaran kesalahan tahanan-tahanan baru ini, ia mungkin mengambarkan kegagalan DS Najib sebagai nakhoda kerajaan baru. Kalau sepupu beliau sendiri tidak mendengar kata, apatah lagi barisan kepimpinan lain.

11. Begitu juga dengan ura-ura DS Najib supaya BN tidak bertanding diPenang N12 Penanti. Koh Tsu Koon dari Gerakan bersetuju dengan pendapat DS Najib manakala Samy Vellu pula tidak bersetuju. Alasan Samy Vellu ialah demi memelihara "integriti, prestij dan imej" BN. Samy masih gagal memahami poergerakan rakyat menolak beliau dalam tahun 2008 dan masih ingin menarik BN terjerumus kedalam "quicksand" yang merbahaya.

12. Mahathir Mohamed pula menyarankan BN tidak patut mengaku kalah di Penang N12. Sebenarnya Penang N12 bukanlah kayu pengukur yang sebenar. Seandainya BN tidak bertanding di Penang N12, kesannya tidak mendalam. Mahathir dan Samy perlu berfikiran lebih jauh iaitu tentang kesejahteraan rakyat dan tidak membabitkan BN dalam polemik politik yang berterusan. Penang N12 ialah perangkap politik Anwar Ibrahim. DS Najib perlu bijak bertindak untuk memilih dimana tempat untuk bertanding. Pilihanraya kecil Penang N12 tidak membawa apa-apa signifikan kepada BN. Biarlah Anwar terjun dengan labu-labunya di Penang N12.

13. Dalam masa kurang sebulan DS Najib memimpin Malaysia, sudah semakin jelas bahwa dalam barisan kabinet pilihan beliau ada individu-individu yang mentafsir retorik DS Najib dengan cara mereka tersendiri. Dan cara mereka tidak selari dengan kehendak DS Najib. Mungkin DS Najib perlu lebih bertegas dengan mereka ini, apatah lagi ada diantara mereka gagal dalam pertandingan PAU yang lalu tetapi masih diberi peluang dan ruang didalam kabinet DS Najib.

14. Dari segi politik, DS Najib perlu mengimbangi pendapat yang berbedza dari Samy Vellu, seorang pemimpin yang gagal untuk menarik sokongan kaum India kepada BN. Mahathir Mohamed akan terus memberi pendapat yang agak berbedza dengan DS Najib. DS Najib harus bertegas didalam isu-isu pokok supaya kepimpinan beliau tidak dilihat goyah dan "flip flop" sebagaimana era Tun AAB dulu.

15. Ucaptama dan retorik DS Najib harus diikuti dengan penafsiran dan perlaksanaan yang selari. Kegagalan barisan kabinet dan parti komponen untuk mengikut halatuju yang dirangka DS Najib akan membawa akibat yang buruk dan memungkinkan BN berkubur dalam GE 13. Mungkinkah DS Najib dalam keadaan "hajat dihati nak peluk gunung, apakan daya tangan tak sampai"?

Sehingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada... Read More

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Penang N12 : No mas, no mas...

Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin has tendered his resignation letter. The Penang speaker affirmed the authenticity of Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin's resignation letter, further backed and strengthened by statutory declaration. The EC will meet on 20th March and its Chairman will make an announcement on 24th April 2009 for the by-election date if the vacancy occurred.

It's time to say "no mas, no mas". This is not the Leonard-Duran boxing match that we are talking about, We are saying no mas (no more) to the unnecessary by-elections. No doubt by-elections are necessary, as provided by law, normally either through deaths or resignations. However, it has become a fashionable trend to resign from public office. Out of the 5 by-elections held within the past year, 2 is through resignation. Another 3 resignations, all in Perak, were not recognised by EC and the decision was upheld by the Judiciary system.

EC is now saying that the by-elections is costing a lot of money to the Government. Unnecessary spending and the EC said that they can only advise the political parties into ways to look into ways to stop the resignations.

1 Malaysia PM, Najib Tun Razak, says tthat this is not the time for another by-election. He claimed that this is just another poltical game.

For Joe Public, it is another carnival of sorts. In short, it is getting into the nerves of Malaysians, regardless of political standing. For the record, the 2 by-election forced by resignation of elected representatives are from PKR. It seems that PKR is unable to hold its elected reps together for reasons best known and privy to Anwar Ibrahim.

The multimillion dollar question is, Do we need this by election? Will it tip the scale, or change the Government, be it the tate or the Federal government? The answer is no and these are the reasons...

1. 1 Malaysia's PM, Najib Tun Razak, has said that this is not the time for by-election. And if Najib is truly BN supremo then it is best for BN to sit out this by-election. Let PKR wins it uncontested or face a motley bunch of independents. Nothing is lost if BN sit out the by-election. Nothing significant eitherif BN wins Penang N12.

2. Even if BN contested Penang N12 and win, it does not mean BN will rule Penang. The majority of PR in the state seats are overwhelming.

3. If PKR win Penang N12 uncontested, it does not mean PKR is gaining strength. It may send a strong signal to Anwar that Joe Public is getting tired, fed up with his antics of politicing everything under the sky.

4. It is unnecessary for EC to spend money in running the by-election which includes EC workers, logistics etc.

5. Police will be unnecessarily called to keep law and order in Penang N12. The police's main aim is to keep harmony and catch criminals so let them do what they do best.

6. DAP and PAS will need to seriously sit down with Anwar informing him to avoid pushing for by-elections in order to weed out PKR's inefficient reps. Anwar should know better than to hold Joe public ransom.

The ball is at Anwar's feet. And he better learn to play as a team player and not as an individual whose ego is bigger than his head...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Friday, April 17, 2009

Malaysiaku : Of TV3's Jom Heboh, TV9's Sua Rasa...and EC's mari mengundi...

Malaysia is full of music and fun. Maybe we don't have the long winded singing and dancing of Hindi songs, frolicking in the rain, tumbling down the hill side, chasing round the trees and so forth, but we do have lots and lots of carnivals and festivals. Maybe we should try applying for an entry in Guiness book od records for having the most by elections within a year!

If TV3 is proud of their showcase "Jom Heboh", TV9 is catching up with "Sua Rasa", now our own homegrown EC tops them all with "Mari mengundi"...

Starting from KT parliamentary by election, we cruise through Bukit Selambau, Batang Ai and Bukit Gantang. EC have some near misses, no thanks to our "over efficient" Judiciary system who upheld the election results of Kuala Kangsar parliamentary seat, Kubu Gajah state seat and Pensiangan parliamentary seat.

Now, Malaysians are looking into N12 Penang state seat of Penanti where Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin is said to tender his resignation to the state government. Fortunately, Eli Wong's Bukit Lanjan is still intact.

As per TV3's Sure heboh, the by elections are carnival like with festive atmosphere. But unlike TV3's Jom Heboh and TV9's Sua Rasa, the EC's Mari mengundi last for at least 10 days comapred to TV3's 3 day festival.

Whatever offered by TV3 and TV9, EC match them all and more. Instead of confining to a small field, EC's Mari mengundi covers the whole district or at least different kampongs. EC's mari mengundi draws the crowds in droves, not with superstars but with super orators. Instead of displaying their merchandise in selected booths, EC's mari mengundi goes straight to the consumers ie the voters. Instead of consumers paying for the merchandise, voters are being handsomely enticed with kain pelikats, bicycles, school aids, tarred roads, cash - all FOC to the voters. Sick? no problem, there will be instant medical check ups and health screening available for the selected 10 days. Leaking roof? No problem, new roofings will be done in express time...

In EC's mari mengundi, the voters are kings during the special 10 days. All vacant houses will be rented at super inflated price. Population? No problem, a sudden 5 fold population increase will keep the voters company for the selected 10 days.

Not only that, whole kampungs will be draped with seas of UMNO reds, BN blues, PKR's light blue, PAS greens, DAP rockets. It is like hari raya, only the "curtains" are hanged along the roads and up the trees instead of hanging in homes.

When Malaysiakini put up the news of N12 Penanti vacancy, my Pahang friend called excitedly as he will be getting RM 100 daily/person to be present in N12 area, topping up with another RM 100 for his fuel allocation. And if he comes with 4 friends in his Hilux, he will be getting minimum of RM 5000 for the 10 days plus all food and lodging expenses pre-paid. And if he is lucky, he may charmed his way through the "pink" brigades.

Another associate, this time from KL, called to express his concern as he has not recovered from the fatique of Bukit Gantang and now N12 is calling. He is not as lucky as my Pahang friend. He has to pay through his nose for his food, lodging, travelling expenses and all. And yet, he is looking forward to answer to N12 calling.

As for now, I have yet to contact my former college colleague who will be one of the voters being wooed soon. I am sure he is dead tired as he has been physically involved in the Permatang Pauk parliamentary by-election last year. Maybe he is making his wish list, ready to hand them over, once the "ever friendly" party members come calling - be it from the dark blue BN or from the light blue PKR.

1 Malaysia's Hishamuddein may be scratching his head. How is he going to re-mobilise his police force to camp in N12? How much money will flow this time? How many FRU platoons need he send to N12? And when should he send his SBs'?

EC's "mari mengundi" may be an inviting carnival to Zorro's blue blitz, WJ Khairy's Rembau times, Anilnetto's twitters and the rest. EC really know how to organise carnivals - the mari mengundi way. And this time, EC's mari mengundi is courtesy of N12's Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin.

And maybe 1 Malaysia's PM can send 30,000 of retrenched workers to N12 for campaign training. My advise is for KJ to stay clear of N12. Let the 1 Malaysia team do their job. As far as I am concerned, KJ is not part of 1 malaysia team. KJ is not even a substitute player in the team. Not as long as Tun M is the head coach of 1 Malaysia.

Let's see how EC handle the "mari mengundi" carnival this time. Some new rulings, in order, perhaps?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1Malaysia TPM : What is said, what it means, what is understood...

1 Malaysia's TPM was interviewed by Mingguan Malaysia and he came out a failure! But then again, being a politician he will always be right and the media will always be wrong for misquoting him. Is this what our 1 Malaysia PM meant by "public come first, performance oriented" cabinet?

Why is Lim Kit Siang crying fault? Key Chinese dailies published Muhyiddin’s comments in their frontpage headlines such as ‘Muhyiddin – Chinese ungrateful to BN’ (Sin Chew Daily), ‘Chinese fooled Barisan Nasional. Muhyiddin – Get benefits but do not vote in support” (Nanyang Siang Pau) and ‘BN feels tricked. Muhyiddin - Satisfy Chinese demands, still no support’ (China Press) and yet Muhyiddin claims that he is misquoted. If that is so, something must be seriously wrong with our education system ie Chinese based editors are collectively not well versed in Bahasa Malaysia. Is this true?

Amongst others, Mingguan Malaysia quoted Muhyiddin saying
Ini yang mungkin menyebabkan sukar BN mendapat sokongan walaupun kita fikir bila mereka hendak sekolah Cina dibantu, kita bantu, sepatutnya mereka membalas budi. (loosely translanted " This may be the reason why BN has difficulty to get the support although we think that when they want Chinese schools needs support, we support them, by right they (the Chinese) should repay the kindness)
Has Muhyiddin failed to realise that providing financial aids to schools are part and parcel of the Government's responsibility? Afterall, the aid and support poured is not BN's monies but taken from the rakyat and the Government's coffers.

In response to the Chinese dailies, Muhyiddin remarked
"If you (the journalists) don't understand Bahasa, I can send you to school to understand it."
Maybe it is high time for Najib to make decision, sending all his cabinet members, including his DPM, back to Bahasa Malaysia classes. If they cannot speak clearly, at least teach them how to conduct interviews without hurting others or as Najib says "ethnic silos".

Since Muhyiddin is both the DPM and the Education Minister, it will be easy for Muhyiddin to find good tutors, don't you think so? By the way, what will our super Tsu Koon do since he is in charge of racial harmony?

It has been less than 2 weeks since the cabinet members took their oath of office, yet 1 Malaysia's no 2 man fails miserably. So when will the KPIs' be announced so that the rakyat can audit the ministers?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

PKR Penang : Dearth of state leaders...

Critisizing is easy. What more badmouthing others. But as they say, what goes around, comes around...

Since Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin resigned from his post as Penang DCM 1 on April 8, Anwar Ibrahim is still looking for his replacement. The generosity of Lim GE to give DCM 1 post to PKR may proved too much for Anwar when PKR has limited choice for the post.

Under Penang DAP-PKR understanding, 3 EXCO seats are reserved for PKR and they are filled by Abdul Malik, Law Choo Kiang and Fairus. And since Fairus has stepped down from his EXCO and DCM 1post, the vacancy shall be filled by another PKR state leader, which most probably be given to Maktar Shapee.

Now, from the 3 EXCOs', Anwar has to propose one as Penang DCM 1. This is where the headache starts. Who shall it be? In terms of seniority in state service, both Abdul Malik and Law will have the edge over Maktar, but Anwar may have other criteria for Penang DCM 1...

So now its Anwar's turn to sweat a little as the vacancy should be filled and Lim GE has indicated that the DCM shall be named by 15th April..and that has passed with Anwar failing to meet the dateline.

No doubt, the state administration can still function without DCM 1 but politically it shows that Anwar, and for that matters PKR, is not ready to lead the state much less the nation. If Anwar cannot brings out the best of PKR to be Penang DCM 1, then what has he got at federal level?

Are there too much lobbying for the post? Or has Anwar finally realise that PKR gros too big too fast that PKR do not have leaders at all layers? Will Anwar be blaming others for his own shortfall? Or will he offer the carrot to UMNO representatives in Penang DUN? With Anwar, everything is possible, as long as it satisfy his needs...

It is time for Anwar to learn that critisizing is easy, badmouthing is easier, giving excuses is the easiest...but when it comes to make decisions, it is a tough nut to crack...and it is also time for Anwar to dispense with all his theories because apparently he is failing in his first practical exam - that of choosing Penang DCM 1.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Terengganu: 10 ADUN UMNO dok rok secetong...

1. Dengar guruh dilangit, pasti halalintar memecah bumi...begitulah agaknya gahnya 10 ADUN UMNO apabila mereka tidak hadir pada hari kedua dipersidangan DUN Terengganu.

2. Berpandukan jumlah ADUN Terengganu seramai 32 orang dan PAS mempunyai 8 ADUN, selebih 24 terdiri dari ADUN BN, dan dari 24 itu 10 pula dikatakan tidak menyokong Ahmad Said. Maka bergoncanglah kepimpinan negeri Terengganu dibawah Ahmad Said.

3. Namun apa yang berlaku adalah antiklimaks. Najib dan Muhyiddin telah mengarahkan 10 ADUN UMNO untuk hadir dhari ketiga dan berbondong-bondonglah ke sepuluh ADUN tersebut masuk kedewan pada hari ketiga. Macam lembu ditindik hidung...hampeh...tak bermaya...takde gah...

4. Kalau dulunya qanita UMNO dan KJ melaung PAS dok rok secetong, nampaknya yang sebenarnya 10 ADUN UMNO inilah yang betul-betul dok rok secetong...

5. Berselindunglah dibalik kenyataan apapun, hakikatnya 10 ADUN ini memang dok rok secetong. Lembik...

6. Masihkan ada yang ingat bagaimana Rosol Wahid begitu beriya-iya mempertahankan Idris Jusoh ketika krisis MB Terengganu dalam tahun 2008? Betapa Rosol memberi kiasan bahwa mereka sanggup melepaskan dan meletak jawatan sekiranya Idris tidak menjadi MB Terengganu. Nah...Idris Jusoh tidak menjadi MB dan Rosol serta geng 10 masih menjadi ADUN. Dimana letaknya harga diri Rosol? Atau sememangnya Rosol dan geng 10 tidak mempunyai harga diri?

7. Tergelak pula bila membaca blog Rosol yang menyentuh peristiwa 10 ADUN tidak hadir persidangan DUN. Dia yang memulakan angkara, PAS ula yang disalahkan...apa ke hal ni? Berani buat, berani tanggunglah brader...Dan dalam dalah satu wawancara akhbar, Rosol telah menyatakan bahwa Ahmad Said tidak pernah berbincang dengan 10 ADUN UMNO ini. Rosol, Rosol, tak faham faham ke? Orang dah tak sudi, kenapa masih terhegih hegih menanti bulan jatuh keriba?

8. Bercakap tentang DUN Terengganu ini, Malaysiakini melapurkan bahwa RTM tidak menyiarkan berita ini. Takkan censor kot...Kan Najib sendiri menyarankan bahwa media harus berani menyiarkan berita yang sebenar? Takkan RTM nak lawan towkay...

9. Nampaknya di Terengganu sekarang, macam macam ada...

Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada... Read More

Missing kid : Nurhidayah binti Surip 11 years old

UPDATED - Nurhidayah was found and has safely return to her family....

Missing girl

Name : Nurhidayah Binti Surip
Age : 11 years
Last seen : 6th April 2009 (Monday)
Missing from : Asrama anak yatim Darul Kifayah, Taman Koop polis, Gombak

If you see the girl or know her whereabouts, please contact :

Abdul Razak Bin Salim
HEP Politeknik Johor Bahru
0177011038 / 0169326003

or contact

Sjn.Dalila IPK Kuala Lumpur.

Read More

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Terengganu : Negeri cantik, budaya menarik, politik pelik...

Berita mutakhir (10.30 pm) : 10 ADUN UMNO akan menghadiri persidangan DUN Terengganu pada hari ketiga dan usul undi tidak percaya kepada Ahmad Said tidak akan berlaku pada 15hb April 2009.

1. Belum pun sempat Najib Tun Razak memanaskan kerusi Presiden UMNO dan PM Malaysia, kerajaan Terengganu pimpinan UMNO/BN sudah mula bergolak.

2. Khabarnya 3 dari ADUN UMNO telah menerima SMS ugutan dan telah membuat lapuran polis mengenai SMS ugutan tersebut. Akibatnya 10 ADUN yag diketuai Rosol Wahid mengambil tindakan untuk tidak menghadiri sidang DUN hari kedua. Untuk meredakan keadaan, Najib Tun Razak mengeluarkan kenyataan SMS ugut tersebut bukan dari pejabat MB dan telah mengarahkan 10 ADUN menghadiri sidang DUN Terengganu pada hari ke 3 esok. Polis Terengganu juga telah memberi jaminan keselamatan kepada 3 ADUN tersebut.

3. Yang pasti 10 ADUN telah diarah menghadiri sidang DUN Terengganu esok. Itu tidak bermakna Kerajaan Terengganu pimpinan UMNO/BN tidak bermasaalah. Is cuma wayang menghormati arahan Presiden parti. Yang pasti, Muhyidin Yassin akan memanggil MB Terengganu untuk bertemu beliau dan memberi lapuran kepada Timbalan Presiden UMNO itu.

4. Masaalah dalaman yang melanda UMNO Terengganu sebenarnya bermula dari dulu lagi. Bukan setahun dulu semasa Idris Jusoh tidak dilantik semula sebagai MB Terengganu. UMNO Terengganu ibarat sekumpulan ketam yang berlumba-lumba cuba keluar dari bakul dan dalam masa yang sama saling menarikk turun ketam2 lain. Akhirnya, semua ketam tak akan berjaya keluar dari bakul tersebut.

5. Terengganu unik kerana daerah Besut dan Setiu/Permaisuri lebih mirip kepada Kelantan dari dialek dan cara hidup, manakala daerah Kemaman pula mempunyai persamaan dengan Pahang.

6. Dari segi kepimpinan negeri, kebanyakkan MB pasca Ibrahim Fikri berasal dari Kuala Berang, Kemaman manakala Idris Jusoh dari Besut sempat memimpin Terengganu untuk tempoh 4 tahun saja. Justeru itu, ADUN dari Besut dan Setiu/Permaisuri sentiasa merasakan diri mereka tersisih dari arus pembangunan kerana projek-projek pembangunan ditumpukan didaerah Kemaman. Semetelah Ahmad Said diangkat menjadi MB, makin menjadi2lah projek2 didaerah Kemaman.

7. Apabila Terengganu mula mengeluarkan minyak dari persisiran pantainya mulai tahun 70an, kerajaan pimpinan TS Wan Mokhtar telah mula membuat pembangunan pesat dan dalam masa yang sama "tersesat" dengan limpahan wang sehingga timbulnya kroni2 yang boleh membina golf resort dsb. Didalam kealpaan kekayaan itu, kerajaan Terengganu bertukar kepimpinan kepadan kepimpinan PAS dalam akhir 90an.

8. Kekalahan yang mengejutkan TS Wan Mokhtar dan BN itu telah memaksa Roslan Awang Cik, Idris Jusoh dan kepimpinan UMNO Terengganu yang lain menuntut TS Wan Mokhtar berundur dari poltik Terengganu. Dalam masa yang sama, UMNO Terengganu telah meminta kerajaan pusat untuk menarik balik royalti minyak yang dibayar secara tahunan ke Kerajaan Terengganu. Dari situ, bermulalah skim "wang ehsan" yang dikawal dari pusat dan disalurkan kepada bahgian2 UMNO (bukan kerajaan).

9. Dengan kebanjiran wang ehsan ini, Idris Jusoh menjanakan "gelombang biru" yang telah berjaya mengamil balik kerajaan Terengganu. Dengan kemenangan tu juga, skim wang ehsan dilupuskan dan Terengganu mendapat kembali wang royalti tetapi masih dibawah kawalan kerajaan pusat. Bermulalah projek2 mega Terengganu dimana Patrick Abdullah dan Wan Hisham mengaut kekayaan Terengganu dan pengaliran keluar wang royalti itu dibuat dengan pengetahuan dan persetujuan Tun AAB. Dan projek2 mega inilah juga merupakan penyebab utama Idris Jusoh tersungkor dari kerusi MB Terengganu.

10. Rakyat Terengganu, didalam khayalan wang royalti dan wang ehsan, lupa bahwa pada satu ketika dulu dalam tahun 70an bagaimana Ibrihim Fikri terpaksa meminta belas ehsan PM Malaysia untuk membayar gaji pegawai TCS. Memang Melayu mudah lupa dan dan sememangnya UMNO lagi cepat lupa atau buat buat lupa.

11. Uniknya Terengganu ialah politik cantas mencatas sesama UMNO sentiasa wujud dan terjadi. Selain dari cantas mencantas pada peringkat bahgian, ia juga mebiak diperingkat negeri. Idris Jusoh, sebagai Ketua Pemuda UMNO Terenggan pernah menghentam TS Wan Mokhtar dalam konvensyen. Selepas menghentam, cepat2 Idris Jusoh "menyambung" pelajaran diluar negeri dan meninggalkan barisan pemuda Terengganu.

12. Idris Jusoh, sebagai MB Terengganu, menamatkan perkhidmatan beberapa pegawai kanan kerajaan negeri serta membekukan beberapa yang lain mengakibatkan pegawai2 ini tidak mendapat kenaikan pangkat.

13. Semua orang tahu bagaimana Wan Farid berpecak politik dengan allahyarham datuk Razali sehingga allahyarham kalah dalam pertandingan bahgian. Begitu juga dengan permainan politik Nasir Ibrahm Fikri di bahgian Nerus/Seberang Takir.

14. Begitu juga Ahmad Said dibahgian Kemaman. UMNO Terengganu berpecah belah dan berpuak2 sehingga kepentingan rakyat diabaikan. Dan jika ini berterusan, tidak mustahil untuk PAS kembali bertapak dan mengambil alih kerajaan Terengganu.

15. Dalam keunikan politik Terengganu, ada juga keanihannya. Anihnya, UMNO Terengganu tidak pernah bergerak sebagai satu jemaah dalam PAU. Akibatnya, UMNO Terengganu tidak pernah menambat hati Presiden UMNO dulu, sekarang dan selamanya. Lihat saja kepada barisan kabinet Najib Tun Razak. Hanya satu menteri dari Terengganu. Apakah itu nilai pengorbanan UMNO Terengganu setelah bertungku lumus menyekat kemaraan PAS/PR? Bandingkan pula dengan Perak, Selangor, Penang, Kedah, Kelantan - berapa ramaikah menteri kabinet datang dari negeri2 dibawah gagasan PR. Itulah keanihan UMNO Terengganu, gegap gempita dinegeri sendiri tetapi menikus di PAU dan dihadapan barisan kepimpinan UMNO pusat.

16. Seterusnya, apakah senario menarik menanti esok? Apakah 10 ADUN akan menghadiri persidangan DUN negeri? Apakah mereka akan membuat usul tidak percaya kepada MB? Apakah mereka akan mendapat sokongan dari 8 DUN PAS?

17. Atau mungkinkah mereka akan membuat usul undi percaya kepada MB? Mungkinkah itu berlaku? Mungkinkah Ahmad Said dapat mengarah 10ADUN tersebut menyokong usul kepercayaan terhadap MB?

18. Yang pasti, kedudukan Ahmad Said sebagai MB Terengganu sudah goyah dan beliau mesti membuat sesuatu untuk mengekalkan kedudukan beliau. Sanggupkah Ahmad Said mengadap Najib merayu dua jawatan timbalam menteri dikhaskan untuk Terengganu? Seantero dunia kenal kegedebelan Ahmad Said dalam menentang Eric Chia dalam kes perumahan Perwaja dan isu kereta Perdana. Mungkinkah Ahmad Said akan terus gedebe bila bersua dengan Muhyiddin Yassin dan Najib nanti? Atau, mungkinkah Ahmad Said akan mengecut bak ikan laga-laga yang hanya berani dibelakang botol kaca?

19. Sememangnya Terengganu negeri cantik, budaya menarik...dan sesungguhnya politik Terengganu pelik... sepelik makanan yang berselerak dipasar besar Kedai Payang...begitu juga dengan Rosol Wahid yang mengetuai 10 ADUN UMNO, kenapa beliau tidak membuat kenyataan mengenai polemik politik ini didalam blog beliau? Pelik juga kan....

Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada... Read More

Monday, April 13, 2009

Of Thailand : Of different approach...

Splash the world over! It's not Communist reds but Thaksin reds. They have successfully forced the government to abandon the ASEAN summit scheduled to be held in Pataya.

How different it is when Thailand authorities did not take necessary steps to cordon the area and ensuring that the summit can proceed smoothly. Instead, it shows demonstrators closing in on the hotel housing foreign leaders. In the end, the foreign leaders left the area via air, land and sea.

What perplex me is why the security breach? If friendly foreign leaders are exposed to these "show of strength" by Thaksin supporters, what will happen if hostile foreign leaders are in the country?

Lain padang lain belalang...Thailand shows its openess to opposition supporters, will this happen in Malaysia? Fat chance!!

However, Thailand maturity has robbed them of the sense of security. Will foreign tourists return to Thailand with all the uncertainties? What about their market? Changing of guards must be done at the polls..and not through road riots...

That said...serious thoughts should be given on how Malaysia should proceed from here...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Of cabinet, rejects, no confidence and ...

A week is a long time, especially in politics. Within the past week, BN retained Batang Ai whilst PR retained Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang. In short, nobody lost although PR's win in Bukit Gantang maybe another milestone to Malaysian politics. But that is another story...

PM6 has announced his cabinet lineup on 9th April 2009. It is not a great lineup, it doesn't has the necessary "wow" factor. It is more of a compromising cabinet, PM6 trying to satisfy all BN component parties as well as rewarding UMNO supreme members and rejects.

MIC's supremo is unhappy that he was not included in the cabinet lineup. Hiding behind the excuse that MIC was not given the Works Ministerial, the supremo claimed that the Human Resources Ministry given to MIC is not a senior ministerial. The supremo should understand that he is a political reject now, rejected by the voters of Sg Siput and again rejected by the voters in Bukit Selambau. Supremo Samy Vellu and MIC is facing a leadership crisis. The Indians are rejecting MIC and there is no strong evidence that they have returned to MIC and this is evidently shown in Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang by elections.

Gerakan's supremo is now a backdoor cabinet member, having being appointed as a senator first before being elvated to Minister in PM's department. What happen Tsu Koon? Before, Tsu Koon has rejected offers to be appointed as senator to pave a way for him to be appointed as minister. Now, in a grand U turn, Tsu Koon did what he had rejected before. Gerakan, as aprty, is no different from other parties - power crazy! How can Tsu Koon stand up to meet the public? He is a political reject, for goodness sake!!!

UMNO is crazier than MIC and Gerakan!! Just look at the different fortunes faced by the Wanita head and UMNO youth. KJ, UMNO youth leader, an elected MP is not in Najib's cabinet. Shahrizat Jalil, Wanita chief, lost in GE12 is in. No explanation given...go figure yourself!!!

Although, by tradition, UMNO youth is not an automatic cabinet choice. That was 20 years ago. Now, UMNO youth is almost guarantted a cabinet post. After all, he is also the BN youth leader. Najib, what gives? Pressure from Mahathir, perhaps? Or Najib is scared of KJ's potential? KJ's inolvement in money politics?

And what about state representation in cabinet? Perlis is not represented and the same goes to Melaka. Sarawak has less representation in the cabinet compared to Sabah.

Did anybody notice that Shabery Cheek (ex Semangat 46 information chief) is now the sports and youth Minister whilst Rais Yatim (ex 46 Deputy President) is the information, culture, arts and communication monister. Ex 46 President? He is still in the cold room, not promoted nor acknowledged.

Whilst everybody is trying to figure what PM6 is doing, my friend Wenger, came up with his new blog (and new name) aiming at trouble brewing in Terengganu. Mstar has something on this...

It has been a hectic 1 week...something that PR supporters will remember for a long time, witht BN supporters returning to drawing board. PM6 need to act fast if he is to stop PR. Now, PR's effect is snowballing...taking down everything in its path...can BN stop it?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Monday, April 06, 2009

Tri-elections : My take...without regrets and beyond...

1. By the time this posting goes out, it will be less than 48 hours before the voters of 2 state seats and 1 parliament seat go to the polling stations. 2 deaths and 1 resignation cause the tri-elections. EC, with its own reasons, choose 7th April 2009 as the tri-election date.

2. Typical of BN, their central theme for the tri-elections is that of development. With Najib Tun Razak taking over from Tun AAB on 3rd April 2009, BN is pushing for "One Malaysia", in line with Najib's maiden speech on live TV.

3. If the supporters turnout on the nomination day is reflective of what to come, BN will be having problems in getting enough votes to win DUN Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat.

4. The campaign strategy, the claims of mass defections, the campaign leaflets and banners add colours to the tri-elections. BN has been on the offensive and so has PR.

5. As the polling dates is growing closer, both sides are getting to each other nerves with 2 incidences of near fracas for all in Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang. Fortunately, the police successfully defuse the tension with FRU's intimidating presence.

6. BN is using Mahathir Mohamed as their final campaign weapon. He is scheduled to make his grand entrance on 6th April 2009. Whether he still has the clout, support and charm to win over fence sitters is yet to be seen.

7. The MSN is still holding to their age old philisophy of paying glowing pictures to BN's chances. In contrast, the main bloggers are banking their support on PR.

8. As I will be going "underground" until election day, my hope for the tri-elections are as follows :-

i) Bukit Selambau - PR by a majority of 1500 votes. 10 independents losing their deposit.
ii) Bukit Gantang - PR by a majority of 3500.
iii) Batang Ai - PR by a majority of 450

9. That is my hope. My further hope is that the tri-elections is not a referendum to any particular party or person. It shall be a strong reason for Najib to seriously think of enganging PR in table talk for Perak's future and to break the impasse on Perak constitutional crisis.

10. However, anything can change. Reality may differ from hope. In life, good guys need not always win. I am a sentimentalist believing in idealism. Idealism of fair election, clean campaign, gentlemanly conduct of campaign workers, professionalism of police force and integrity of EC. Who can vouch that those machineries are totally unbiased?

11. Promises has been made. Promises of non-personal attacks against the opposing camps. Is this adhered to?

12. Malaysians need to be educated more on politics. Are we heading towards American democracy or Thailand democracy? Malaysians are not even sure of what the Perak legislation days with regards to the current constitutional crisis.

13. Our political leaders are still "self centred, egoist, power crazy, insensitive, hypocrites" who value their "political destiny" more than the welfare of Joe public. And the public is still blinded by the "sweet charming, fork tongued" politicians ala medicine sellers who come in droves to sell their hardwares in every elections.

14. Where are the righteous principled people the likes of Raja Petra, Sakmongkol, Wenger, Nobisha, Zorro, Lawyer kampung, Din Merican, Haris and others? Those who dare to call things as it is, without fear and favour? Are they, will they be ready to jump into the political arena as gladiators fighting for the public?

15. It may be hard and tough but if we want a better Malaysia for all Malaysians, efforts must be made to gather all of them together in a round table discussion and frank talk, to see what is wrong and what can be done to correct the wrong. It may not be the perfect solution but it will do for now.

16. And of course, some political leaders may have to go...are the politicians willing to go for the sake of 27 million Malaysians? Or are they still stuck within their over-inflated ego feeding on Malaysians misery and hope...

Are there others who has the same hope or are we sitting down accepting things as they are?? Think about this seriously.

Will be "officially" back after the tri-elections...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kedah N25 : Phew...It's getting hot under the collar for MIC

Maybe it's the weather! Heat is getting on!

PKR's ceramah in Sungai Petani is getting through the skins of MIC threatening to escalate into an all out fracas. It all began with the close proximity between PKR's operation centre and MIC's operation room. The distance separating them? A mere 2 shoplots away which is approximately 16 metres.

Yes, PKR had the necessary police permit to hold their ceramah there. However, the continual verbal joisting between the two sides were raised few notches higher, resulting in FRU units deployed to separate the 2 groups.

Despite being repeatedly warned by the police and reminded that they did not have the necessary permit for gatering, the MIC supporters continued booing and calling names to PKR leaders.

Leaders from both sides must urge calm for the supporters. Any unnecassary provocation may lead to all out fracas which may rapidly spread to other by-elections areas. Are the stakes too high for BN? Must it be "win at all cost for BN"? Is the news of PPP's mass defections to join PKR too much for "big brother" MIC?

Maybe MIC have never felt being the underdog...thus overheated easily. MIC should learn to be one of the opposition. Who knows, one day MIC may find themselves the minority to the federal government...

Whatever it is, the police should be commended in successfully defusing the tension. With temperatures rising in Sungai Petani and Bukit Gantang.

The EC should seriously think of avoiding running more than 2 by elections at one time. The events in Sungai Petani and Bukit Gantang is stretching our police force to a limit whereby the political party workers are fully concentrated in these few by-elections. It is taxing our police force.

Again, I am urging all those involved in campaigning to respect otehrs too. Remember, we are Malaysians first...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

P59 : Getting desperate?...put up provocative banner...

Posting by postings has been put up calling for fair play and fair campaigning. It seems that desperation is hitting on BN!

Al banjari posted about near skirmishes between BN and PR party workers at Simpang 3, Changkat Ibol. It is reported that BN party workers intended to put up banner equating PAS to dogs, which is strictly taboo to Muslims especially Malaysian muslims.

MB Zamry urged both sides to remain calm. A question to MB Zambry - do you condone the banner depicting and equating PAS as dogs? If you do, then it is useless for you to blare out your love for Islam when you have such black heart...

If this degrading banners managed to make its rounds in Bukit Gantang, this scribe sincerely doubt that both sides can merge back once the by election is over. And do Perakians want that to happen?

The act of putting offensive banners is an act of desperation by desperate people. BN is getting desperate, yes...but BN should not resort to degrading banners as BN has an ace up its sleeve. That ace is BN should bide its time and wait for teh submarine to surface...sources said that the submarine will be surfacing either this afternoon or latest by tomorrow afternoon in Bukit Gantang...

Hello, BN and PR friends...keep cool in this trying times...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

FRU were needed to be called in to control the situation. 50 FRUs' responded to defuse the situation. Kudos to FRU. Read More

Kedah N25 : Round 2...mass defection

4th march 2009 - 2 events pertaining to trielection. One in Putrajaya whilst the other in Bukit Selambau. Both will have its own implications to the trielection.

In Putrajaya, Tun Mahathir submitted his reentry form to UMNO. Joined by his faithdful wife and son, Mokhzani, Tun M called for his supporters to re-joined UMNO. A proven war horse, Mahathir Mohamed will definitely add colours to the already colourful trielection.

Barely hours later, PKR stikes back. PPP's vice President V. Nadarajan defected and left PPP and BN to join PKR with 6000 supporters, thus effectively paralysing PPP's Kedah machinery. This news are picked up by Malaysiakini and telecast live by blogger anilnetto.

Typical of MSN, whilst Mahathir Mohamed's application to rejoin UMNO was given front page covering, the same cannot be said on Nadarajan's defection. In fact, MSN were silent on the issue. So, how can MSN claimed that they reported the only truthful news? Even Bernama did not carry the news.

This is going to be hurting. With the mass defection of 6000 PPP members and openly support PKR candidate for Bukit Selambau, chances are getting brighter for PKR to take Bukit Selambau. Unless of course, Mahathir Mohamed is able to convert crucial votes to BN within the next 48 hours...

For now...round 2 goes to the Rakyats....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More