Sunday, April 12, 2009

Of cabinet, rejects, no confidence and ...

A week is a long time, especially in politics. Within the past week, BN retained Batang Ai whilst PR retained Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang. In short, nobody lost although PR's win in Bukit Gantang maybe another milestone to Malaysian politics. But that is another story...

PM6 has announced his cabinet lineup on 9th April 2009. It is not a great lineup, it doesn't has the necessary "wow" factor. It is more of a compromising cabinet, PM6 trying to satisfy all BN component parties as well as rewarding UMNO supreme members and rejects.

MIC's supremo is unhappy that he was not included in the cabinet lineup. Hiding behind the excuse that MIC was not given the Works Ministerial, the supremo claimed that the Human Resources Ministry given to MIC is not a senior ministerial. The supremo should understand that he is a political reject now, rejected by the voters of Sg Siput and again rejected by the voters in Bukit Selambau. Supremo Samy Vellu and MIC is facing a leadership crisis. The Indians are rejecting MIC and there is no strong evidence that they have returned to MIC and this is evidently shown in Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang by elections.

Gerakan's supremo is now a backdoor cabinet member, having being appointed as a senator first before being elvated to Minister in PM's department. What happen Tsu Koon? Before, Tsu Koon has rejected offers to be appointed as senator to pave a way for him to be appointed as minister. Now, in a grand U turn, Tsu Koon did what he had rejected before. Gerakan, as aprty, is no different from other parties - power crazy! How can Tsu Koon stand up to meet the public? He is a political reject, for goodness sake!!!

UMNO is crazier than MIC and Gerakan!! Just look at the different fortunes faced by the Wanita head and UMNO youth. KJ, UMNO youth leader, an elected MP is not in Najib's cabinet. Shahrizat Jalil, Wanita chief, lost in GE12 is in. No explanation given...go figure yourself!!!

Although, by tradition, UMNO youth is not an automatic cabinet choice. That was 20 years ago. Now, UMNO youth is almost guarantted a cabinet post. After all, he is also the BN youth leader. Najib, what gives? Pressure from Mahathir, perhaps? Or Najib is scared of KJ's potential? KJ's inolvement in money politics?

And what about state representation in cabinet? Perlis is not represented and the same goes to Melaka. Sarawak has less representation in the cabinet compared to Sabah.

Did anybody notice that Shabery Cheek (ex Semangat 46 information chief) is now the sports and youth Minister whilst Rais Yatim (ex 46 Deputy President) is the information, culture, arts and communication monister. Ex 46 President? He is still in the cold room, not promoted nor acknowledged.

Whilst everybody is trying to figure what PM6 is doing, my friend Wenger, came up with his new blog (and new name) aiming at trouble brewing in Terengganu. Mstar has something on this...

It has been a hectic 1 week...something that PR supporters will remember for a long time, witht BN supporters returning to drawing board. PM6 need to act fast if he is to stop PR. Now, PR's effect is snowballing...taking down everything in its path...can BN stop it?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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