Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sarawak N29: Round comes the the calvary

The numbers are not much. Just 8006 voters. However, to reach them is another matter. Here is where the present Government has clear advantage, using their available resources and full range of their administrative machinery and electioneering hardware – the helicopters, the boats and the ‘tuai rumah’.

PKR is fighting an uphill battle in Batang Ai. That was before. Now, the eqution has changed with Dayak NGO activists coming out to openly support PKR in this by-election. Malaysiakini reported that the biggest-ever presence of non-governmental activists in an election has start to descend in Batang Ai.

Thus far, the NGO involvement has benefitted PKR, closing the gap with BN. This is going to be close because NGO has some influence in the longhouses. How the sympathy and prodding from NGO can churn voted for PKR is yet to be seen. And yet, a swing is still a swing, no matter what.

To cover the vast and remote areas, PKR has also change its strategy. BN is also facing internal bickering amongst the PRS leaders and this might be advantageous to PKR. James Masing accusing Sng Chee Hua of secretly funding PKR is going to split BN further. BN needs to patch the 2 together fast, failing which BN can say sayonara to Batang Ai.

Call me a sentimatalist, if that's what you want. Round 2...goes to PKR.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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