Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kedah N25 : Round 2...mass defection

4th march 2009 - 2 events pertaining to trielection. One in Putrajaya whilst the other in Bukit Selambau. Both will have its own implications to the trielection.

In Putrajaya, Tun Mahathir submitted his reentry form to UMNO. Joined by his faithdful wife and son, Mokhzani, Tun M called for his supporters to re-joined UMNO. A proven war horse, Mahathir Mohamed will definitely add colours to the already colourful trielection.

Barely hours later, PKR stikes back. PPP's vice President V. Nadarajan defected and left PPP and BN to join PKR with 6000 supporters, thus effectively paralysing PPP's Kedah machinery. This news are picked up by Malaysiakini and telecast live by blogger anilnetto.

Typical of MSN, whilst Mahathir Mohamed's application to rejoin UMNO was given front page covering, the same cannot be said on Nadarajan's defection. In fact, MSN were silent on the issue. So, how can MSN claimed that they reported the only truthful news? Even Bernama did not carry the news.

This is going to be hurting. With the mass defection of 6000 PPP members and openly support PKR candidate for Bukit Selambau, chances are getting brighter for PKR to take Bukit Selambau. Unless of course, Mahathir Mohamed is able to convert crucial votes to BN within the next 48 hours...

For now...round 2 goes to the Rakyats....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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