Friday, April 17, 2009

Malaysiaku : Of TV3's Jom Heboh, TV9's Sua Rasa...and EC's mari mengundi...

Malaysia is full of music and fun. Maybe we don't have the long winded singing and dancing of Hindi songs, frolicking in the rain, tumbling down the hill side, chasing round the trees and so forth, but we do have lots and lots of carnivals and festivals. Maybe we should try applying for an entry in Guiness book od records for having the most by elections within a year!

If TV3 is proud of their showcase "Jom Heboh", TV9 is catching up with "Sua Rasa", now our own homegrown EC tops them all with "Mari mengundi"...

Starting from KT parliamentary by election, we cruise through Bukit Selambau, Batang Ai and Bukit Gantang. EC have some near misses, no thanks to our "over efficient" Judiciary system who upheld the election results of Kuala Kangsar parliamentary seat, Kubu Gajah state seat and Pensiangan parliamentary seat.

Now, Malaysians are looking into N12 Penang state seat of Penanti where Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin is said to tender his resignation to the state government. Fortunately, Eli Wong's Bukit Lanjan is still intact.

As per TV3's Sure heboh, the by elections are carnival like with festive atmosphere. But unlike TV3's Jom Heboh and TV9's Sua Rasa, the EC's Mari mengundi last for at least 10 days comapred to TV3's 3 day festival.

Whatever offered by TV3 and TV9, EC match them all and more. Instead of confining to a small field, EC's Mari mengundi covers the whole district or at least different kampongs. EC's mari mengundi draws the crowds in droves, not with superstars but with super orators. Instead of displaying their merchandise in selected booths, EC's mari mengundi goes straight to the consumers ie the voters. Instead of consumers paying for the merchandise, voters are being handsomely enticed with kain pelikats, bicycles, school aids, tarred roads, cash - all FOC to the voters. Sick? no problem, there will be instant medical check ups and health screening available for the selected 10 days. Leaking roof? No problem, new roofings will be done in express time...

In EC's mari mengundi, the voters are kings during the special 10 days. All vacant houses will be rented at super inflated price. Population? No problem, a sudden 5 fold population increase will keep the voters company for the selected 10 days.

Not only that, whole kampungs will be draped with seas of UMNO reds, BN blues, PKR's light blue, PAS greens, DAP rockets. It is like hari raya, only the "curtains" are hanged along the roads and up the trees instead of hanging in homes.

When Malaysiakini put up the news of N12 Penanti vacancy, my Pahang friend called excitedly as he will be getting RM 100 daily/person to be present in N12 area, topping up with another RM 100 for his fuel allocation. And if he comes with 4 friends in his Hilux, he will be getting minimum of RM 5000 for the 10 days plus all food and lodging expenses pre-paid. And if he is lucky, he may charmed his way through the "pink" brigades.

Another associate, this time from KL, called to express his concern as he has not recovered from the fatique of Bukit Gantang and now N12 is calling. He is not as lucky as my Pahang friend. He has to pay through his nose for his food, lodging, travelling expenses and all. And yet, he is looking forward to answer to N12 calling.

As for now, I have yet to contact my former college colleague who will be one of the voters being wooed soon. I am sure he is dead tired as he has been physically involved in the Permatang Pauk parliamentary by-election last year. Maybe he is making his wish list, ready to hand them over, once the "ever friendly" party members come calling - be it from the dark blue BN or from the light blue PKR.

1 Malaysia's Hishamuddein may be scratching his head. How is he going to re-mobilise his police force to camp in N12? How much money will flow this time? How many FRU platoons need he send to N12? And when should he send his SBs'?

EC's "mari mengundi" may be an inviting carnival to Zorro's blue blitz, WJ Khairy's Rembau times, Anilnetto's twitters and the rest. EC really know how to organise carnivals - the mari mengundi way. And this time, EC's mari mengundi is courtesy of N12's Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin.

And maybe 1 Malaysia's PM can send 30,000 of retrenched workers to N12 for campaign training. My advise is for KJ to stay clear of N12. Let the 1 Malaysia team do their job. As far as I am concerned, KJ is not part of 1 malaysia team. KJ is not even a substitute player in the team. Not as long as Tun M is the head coach of 1 Malaysia.

Let's see how EC handle the "mari mengundi" carnival this time. Some new rulings, in order, perhaps?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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