Saturday, April 04, 2009

P59 : Less crowd for BN?...release weapon X

For BN, campaigning and canvassing for votes is an easy job. First promised continual development, and if that fails, go to second and third anf fourth strategy. If all failed and whilst waiting for the designated submarine to release its torpedo, go for time proven strategy - that of weapon X!

Weapon X is not a secret weapon. No sir! Weapon X is just plain weapon X aka sex related or sex innuendo.

First Zahid Hamidi, the Minister in charge of Islamic affairs and the newly elected UMNO vice President attended a dinner function featuring 3 hot pant girls singing and entertaining those present. To justify the singers, Zahid claimed that this is part of the Chinese culture.

Is that Qing Bing that you are talking about, Zahid? If Qing Bing, then normally it is opera theatre. Modern music in dinner environment? Not that my Chinese friends are familiar of. Unless, this is a new Chinese culture co-introduce by Zahid Hamidi.

That's the first X factor. The second X factor is more personal in nature. It involves the private lives of Eli Wong. If this is how BN aims to garner support, it is going to backfire on BN itself. Would BN be happy if Chua's video resurfaced? Or the pictures of UMNO's Perak warlord? And if there are UMNO and MCA pictures and videos, MIC videos may also be available.

This scribe has said earlier, all parties should refrain from attacking the personality of politicians. Malaysians should show its maturity in choosing their leaders. Politicians and party members should be the one to pave and lead the way. And if politicians thrive on X or XX or XXX to bring down their opponents, then Malaysia still has a long way to go...

So far, BN is resorting to weapon X to make up the lost ground. It may work for a while but it will definitely fail to teh more matured electorates. Remember the Anwar's case. In the beginning, public fall for the storyline but later public began to qustion on the motive of the accussation. The same with Eli's case. In the beginning, public may question her moral grounds, but of late public is syphathetic to Eli whilst the same cannot be said to her suspected protoganist. And it is better for BN to drop attacking and distributing pamplets/booklets concerning Eli as the police are still investigating the case and has issued arrest warrant to the suspected protoganist.

BN may have misread the public. Undeniably it is nice reading and looking at all the X stuff, but it will not buy votes. Further, as a Muslim, it is a shame that the suspected protoganist is a Malay of Muslim faith. That's what they say...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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