Saturday, April 25, 2009

KTMB : The sauna within...

Passengers let off at Pantai Dalam

  1. Months before Najib Tun Razak took over from Tun Abdullah as Malaysia's PM and introduce the 1 Malaysia concept, KTMB has already been frothing about their 1 concept. No ! it's not 1 Malaysia nor is it 1 KTMB. It is RM 1 yearly profit.
  2. That, my friends, is the real situation facing the present KTMB. When other GLC's are projecting profits in millions or billions of RM, KTMB MD see it fit for KTMB to go for RM 1 profit.
  3. And how KTMB staffs are reminded towards achieving their goal, or is it their KPI? By pinning the RM 1 profit target on their uniforms.
  4. Having said that, why is KTMB targetting RM 1 profit? The answer is simple. KTMB MD is not confident of its outfit's performance. Not because of lack of professionalism because KTMB has ample able bodies, well qualified personnel.
  5. The thing that let down KTMB is its fleet of trains, locomotives and comuter trains. Their intercity trains are infamous for being late to such an extent that being punctual is a bonus!
  6. Their locomotives and freight trains are efficient and is a real workhorse but the Government capped its charge rates, making its freight services operating at nominal profit. Some may ask, Who is the recipient of KTMB's cheap freight services? For the answer, we do not have to travel far..just follow the track to the corporation who cheated KTMB of its quarters and lands in Sentul. That's one of them whilst the second is the sweet taste of sugar, transported from Penang to KL and Johor.
  7. Commuter trains? Ah...that's my favourite since I personally experience the agony of commuter travel and all is my fault. Reading that there is an ongoing book fair in PWTC, I decided to drop in the exhibition, leaving my trusted car in one of the stations, and travel using the commuter train.
  8. The trip to KL is ok, but my 6.14 pm commuter train from Putra is a journey hard to forget. When the train reached Bank Negara, the seats are all taken and by the time it reached KL Sentral, the train is sardine packed. The air cond is not working well and the stuffiness is getting to one's nerves.
  9. When the train left Angkasapuri, the engine gone dead and just glided to Pantai Dalam. Then, the announcement "The train will end its service in Pantai Dalam and are requested to alight the train". Imagine a full load of commuter train passengers in Pantai Dalam! Some decided to stay back in the train, a sauna of sweats and stuffiness for some 20 minutes before making their way out.
  10. By 8.10 pm, some of those passengers are still waiting at Pantai Dalam. That's the state of affairs of KTMB commuter services, ferrying passengers from Seremban to KL and Rawang whilst another line transport the passengers from Port Klang to KL to Sentul.
  11. I tried to reason out of possible alternative in this particular situation. Given that KTMB is running short of commuter trains for them to despatch a reeplacement commuter trains to start its service from Pantai Dalam onwards, why can't KTMB traffic controllers end 1 commuter train service at KL Sentral (from Port Klang) and send the train straight back to Pantai Dalam to pick up the passengers? Do KTMB has decision makers in traffic controller section? Someone who is innovative, creative and pro-active in face of these crisis?
  12. On casual chatting with the passengers, it seems that the passengers are resigned to breakdowns, malfunction air conds, delays (some up to 40 or 60 minutes), packed trains.
  13. Remember when Tun AAB took commuter train ride from Bangi (or is it Sri Kembangan)? Tun AAB promised that he will look into the matter and improve KTMB's service. That was 2 years ago...nothing positive happens since then. Maybe, this time, Rosmah Mansor should try taking commuter train from Putra to Bangi. I bet her make up will go cuckoo and she will not be happy being pushed and shoved from KL Sentral onwards...provided that she did not use her burly bodyguards.
  14. Remember the time when Ong Tee Keat sounded off KTMB contractors for being late in delivering the overhaul commuter trains. What happen now? Are the trains overhauled as per schedule? Are they late? If late, why? And what is the solution?
  15. The Government has just announce or about to announce a new Kelana Jaya - Putra height line for LRT? When is the government going to announce new acquisition of commuter trains? Isn't the government commited in improving the public transportation? And isn't commuter passengers deserve more commuter trains?
  16. Is there any short term solution? Like using coaches during peak hours? Or leasing commuter trains or DMU's from others?
  17. Is KTMB satisfied in folding their hands to see thesufferings of the commuter passengers? Has the MD tried using the service from Putra to Klang? Or from Putra to Bangi? What about the other GMs?
  18. And that is only on commuter trains. I have not touched on the crime rate in commuter stations car parks. What about cars stolen? Snatch thefts? What is KTMB going to do about that?
  19. Apparently, KTMB is a sauna within. It is not only hot in commuter trains bit is is also hot outside. KTMB needs to get its act together. And to get the act together, KTMB MD need not shift its GMs around. What he needs is the hardware. And to do that, he has to ask, beg, "steal" from the Government so that more commuter trains will be available for KTMB.
KTMB may not be achieving its RM 1 profit this year. Even if it does, I might ask for that RM 1 for the sufferings and losses of commuter passengers due to its continual delays, insufficient commuter trains. If MAS can give free meals for any delays of more than 2 hours, can't KTMB offer free mineral water bottled drinks for delays and commuter trains breakdowns.

Fruits for thoughts, maybe?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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