Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday nights : Mat Rempits or Mat Cemerlang...

Mat Rempit in action

  1. Situation red! Mat Rempit is no longer the next door Dennis the Menace but loose gangs of show off, bullies, molesters, rowdies, robbers, intimidators, all rolled in one. How long more must Joe Public endure them? Police actions are few and far in between.
  2. Before Mat Rempits are confined to isolated places where they try to outdo each other in friendly but fierce road racing and daredevil stunts. The winner? From what I gather will get the pool money and friendly companion for whole weekend. That was before they hit the headlines, bigtime.
  3. And the person who brings Mat Rempit to new heights is KJ, the former PM's SIL, who wanted to rebrand them as Mat Cemerlang. In doing so, KJ intended to recruit Mat Cemerlang to be members of Putra UMNO brigades. Mat Cemerlang let KJ down.
  4. From Johor to Perlis, Terengganu to Selangor, Mat Rempits show no respect to the laws. One of their victims is still in coma in Kuala Terengganu. The deaf is not spared in Selangor. Even the octogenarian from Johor was slashed and relieved of RM 200.
  5. A Government institute's research cited boredom as one of the main reasons why youths become Mat Rempits. Is it boredom? Or is it escapism and peer pressure? And if boredom is the reason to go out Rempiting, why can't they confine to legal race tracks? And I am sure SIC is more than willing to let Mat Rempits to burn tyres at Sepang circuit with KJ looking down from the VVIP booths. All SIC need to do is to charge the bill to 1 Malaysia PM 6's department.
  6. Whilst waiting for the government to work out with SIC, the police and JPJ will be taking stern actions to Mat Rempits by going to seize the machines, charge them in courts, disqualify their licenses, charge their arents (if Mat Rempits are underage) etc. Hopefully, police and JPJ, will carry out those stern actions. It is time for Mat Rempits to learn that this land has its sets of rules and as roadusers, they have to abide by the prevailing sets of rules.
  7. Just a word of caution...Malaysian public do not need the likes of BAR council or Karpal Singh butting in to defend the Mat Rempits. Enough is enough...and the time for action is now!!
  8. And if our ambitous UMNO youth leader wants to score, this is the time for him to use "friendly" Mat Cemerlang to bust the Mat Rempits. Is it too much to ask, KJ? I don't think so because you do not need help from Mukhriz to get the job don't even need the Jawa to coral the Mat Rempits...
  9. Let's see what KJ will be doing...and give our support to PDRM and JPJ to end Mat Rempit menace...
  10. Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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