Monday, April 06, 2009

Tri-elections : My take...without regrets and beyond...

1. By the time this posting goes out, it will be less than 48 hours before the voters of 2 state seats and 1 parliament seat go to the polling stations. 2 deaths and 1 resignation cause the tri-elections. EC, with its own reasons, choose 7th April 2009 as the tri-election date.

2. Typical of BN, their central theme for the tri-elections is that of development. With Najib Tun Razak taking over from Tun AAB on 3rd April 2009, BN is pushing for "One Malaysia", in line with Najib's maiden speech on live TV.

3. If the supporters turnout on the nomination day is reflective of what to come, BN will be having problems in getting enough votes to win DUN Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat.

4. The campaign strategy, the claims of mass defections, the campaign leaflets and banners add colours to the tri-elections. BN has been on the offensive and so has PR.

5. As the polling dates is growing closer, both sides are getting to each other nerves with 2 incidences of near fracas for all in Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang. Fortunately, the police successfully defuse the tension with FRU's intimidating presence.

6. BN is using Mahathir Mohamed as their final campaign weapon. He is scheduled to make his grand entrance on 6th April 2009. Whether he still has the clout, support and charm to win over fence sitters is yet to be seen.

7. The MSN is still holding to their age old philisophy of paying glowing pictures to BN's chances. In contrast, the main bloggers are banking their support on PR.

8. As I will be going "underground" until election day, my hope for the tri-elections are as follows :-

i) Bukit Selambau - PR by a majority of 1500 votes. 10 independents losing their deposit.
ii) Bukit Gantang - PR by a majority of 3500.
iii) Batang Ai - PR by a majority of 450

9. That is my hope. My further hope is that the tri-elections is not a referendum to any particular party or person. It shall be a strong reason for Najib to seriously think of enganging PR in table talk for Perak's future and to break the impasse on Perak constitutional crisis.

10. However, anything can change. Reality may differ from hope. In life, good guys need not always win. I am a sentimentalist believing in idealism. Idealism of fair election, clean campaign, gentlemanly conduct of campaign workers, professionalism of police force and integrity of EC. Who can vouch that those machineries are totally unbiased?

11. Promises has been made. Promises of non-personal attacks against the opposing camps. Is this adhered to?

12. Malaysians need to be educated more on politics. Are we heading towards American democracy or Thailand democracy? Malaysians are not even sure of what the Perak legislation days with regards to the current constitutional crisis.

13. Our political leaders are still "self centred, egoist, power crazy, insensitive, hypocrites" who value their "political destiny" more than the welfare of Joe public. And the public is still blinded by the "sweet charming, fork tongued" politicians ala medicine sellers who come in droves to sell their hardwares in every elections.

14. Where are the righteous principled people the likes of Raja Petra, Sakmongkol, Wenger, Nobisha, Zorro, Lawyer kampung, Din Merican, Haris and others? Those who dare to call things as it is, without fear and favour? Are they, will they be ready to jump into the political arena as gladiators fighting for the public?

15. It may be hard and tough but if we want a better Malaysia for all Malaysians, efforts must be made to gather all of them together in a round table discussion and frank talk, to see what is wrong and what can be done to correct the wrong. It may not be the perfect solution but it will do for now.

16. And of course, some political leaders may have to go...are the politicians willing to go for the sake of 27 million Malaysians? Or are they still stuck within their over-inflated ego feeding on Malaysians misery and hope...

Are there others who has the same hope or are we sitting down accepting things as they are?? Think about this seriously.

Will be "officially" back after the tri-elections...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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