Friday, April 03, 2009

PM # 6 : Of first impression, expression, expectation and...

They say first impression is very important. You either make it or you blew it...and that is universally applicable.

First and foremost, congratulation to Najib Tun Razak for being appointed as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. From Pekan MP to Pahang MB before being elevated to head various ministries, NTR has been a patient man. A very patient man. Along the way, he has created a wide support base, solidly behind him, in good times and bad (if any).

NTR is also a lucky man. He has Mahathir Mohamed backing him and AAB supporting him. Maybe Mahathir and AAB cannot see eye to eye but NTR managed to coerce the 2 lions to share the same stage during the last PAU.
After the formalities come NTR's maiden speech. Full 8 minutes, covered live via TV1. Amongst others, he pledge continual commitment of tackling poverty; of restructuring society; of expanding access to quality education for all; and of inspiring a new generation of young Malaysians to work on behalf of this great country.

Along come the goodies of removing the temporary ban on two news publications (Suara Keadilan, Harakah) , release 13 detainees from ISA detention, and conduct a comprehensive review of the Internal Security Act.

2 of the 13 detainees released are from Hindraf. Politically, NTR scores big with his maiden speech and will swing votes to BN on the tri-election of Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai.

Now that NTR has pledge his willingness to serve, NTR better meets the expectation of Joe public.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ex-Wenger said...

Mr. Nightcaller,
Did you watch the Last King of Scotland. Usually the worst despots ride in on a wave of popular support. Same was the case with Mugabe. Question is - is the voting public willing to give Najib a chance?

All depends on DSAI big show tomorrow. If DSAI pulls a 'Bala' out of the hat, Najib's Hindraf would be extinguished just like that.

Dramatic. You can take the last 2 years of Malaysian history and write a script so good that it will win an Oscar.

And in the last scene, there should be a picture in the court room with all these hoodlums in the dock and Lord President presiding


nightcaller said...

Dear Wenger

You may call yourself ex-Wenger but to us all, you are still the Wenger JK and that's a compliment to u.

Yes, I watched The Last King of Scotland, a movie parallel to Idi Amin's life of Uganda. We will see what the end will be. Provided the presiding Lord President is really independent from the Executive, the end script can always be manipulated.

I have taken the liberty to inform another blogger Zorro on your decision to withdraw from blogging and this is what he writes of you...

Nightcaller, no I am not privy to Wenger K J's exit from blogosphere. It will be sad if he doesn't make a return. I have always enjoyed parrying with you say....such a worthy opponent. Hordes of people (including you, Datuk Sak of SakmongkolAK47 and I) will miss him.

Herr General, I would not allow the turn of events to distract from what we set out to do.Never! But you deserve a fought a good fight for KJ.Take consolation from that victory and get ready to join us for the next foray.

So Wenger JK, you can always return to blogging and join us in our joint effort to make a better Malaysia. What say u?

Wenger J Khairy said...

I say rock on freaky bro!
(thanks for the compliment, am now searching a new angle, no more KJ blogging, this time is for Malaysia)

nightcaller said...

yeah...looking forward to your Malaysian themed blog.

Don't give up on KJ, he will be fine...afterall in my earlier posting, I have said that NTR and AAB are plotical brothers which qualifies KJ as NTR's political nephew...:)

Political uncle will not let his "nephew" down, right ?

Holding on to ur primciple will nto make u rich or famous, but it will give personal satisfaction that u have done ur part to a better Malaysia...

We may not agree in all issues but hey...our differences makes "brings" us common causes, to common goals!