Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sarawak N29: Here ye hear ye...come collect your titbits...

It has been said before here and here. Star reported that basic necessities are not available for Batang Ai.

No public bus transport, not enough telephone lines, poor electricity supply, frequent water-supply interruptions, not enough health and medical facilities, roads in bad shape, poor mail services, no banks, few job opportunities - these are just a small portion of the long list of socio-economic woes of the 18,000 folks in the Batang Ai state constituency. It has been like this for a long time, even though the Batang Ai hydro-electric dam has been running since 25 years ago.

Some of these issues are currently being addressed by BN. BN, through JKR, has tar-sealed numerous stretches of these roads.

Rumah Labi elder Dunstan Jelin's statement may proof detrimental to PKR's campaign

As long as they (politicians) deliver, we do not care which party they come from. We are fed up with the lack of basic necessary facilities
This statement indicates that batang Ai voter's can be bought. BN can deliver some of the promises upfront which will derail PKR's campaign. Once BN win the seat, it will be bussiness as usual for Batang Ai folks. At least until the next election.

If that happens, how much more NCR lands will be plundered? The choice is there for the voters. They can opt for short term gains or they can sacrifice for long term benefits. As for now, the shift is back to BN. Advantage...BN


DeePo said...

cant blame the kampung folks...they just want basic facilities...they dun care whether it's BN or long as they get the benefits....

for us...sarawakian...both the opposition and government are the same....doing things for the sake of political benefits

nightcaller said...

Dear DeePo, in a sense you are correct to a point. However, this is the time for us to think out of the box. At least for the sake of our next generation.

A step b us , a giant step for future Malaysians.

Remember..if it is not now, then when? if it is not Batang Ai, then where? If it is not PR, then which party?

Those basic facilities mentioned should be provided by the Government of the day. It is their responsibility. Clearly for the past 46 years, they have failed to perform their responsibility. Therefore, it is time to change...send the message to BN, a LOUD and CLEAR message...