Monday, February 28, 2011

Of M N27 Merlimau : Nak kerja? Undilah BN...

  1. Dulu perkara ini ialah "rahsia terbuka" dan kini Ali Rustam, Ketua Menteri Melaka, tanpa segan silu mengiyakan "rahsia" ini. Sekarang ia bukan lagi "rahsia terbuka" tetapi boleh dikategorikan sebagai "pengetahuan umum".
  2. Ali Rustam dipetik mengatakan "Kalau ada orang minta pertolongan untuk mendapatkan kerja, saya akan memilih (memberikan) kepada penyokong BN, sama juga jika ada orang yang meminta pembinaan jalan".
  3. Ali Rustam seterusnya mengertak "bahwa beliau tidak akan bekerja kuat untuk rakyat Merlimau" sekiranya BN tewas di Merlimau pada PRK 6hb Mac ini.
  4. Ali, Ali... terima kasih kerana membuat kenyataan terbuka yang mengiyakan persepsi bahwa kerajaan Melaka (dan seterusnya kerajaan Persekutuan) hanya memberi kerja kepada penyokong BN saja. Kalau bukan penyokong BN, jangan haraplah kerajaan akan membantu.
  5. Ali "yang tidak dibenarkan bertanding" Rustam juga mengertak pengundi Merlimau dengan kenyataan bahwa beliau tidak akan bekerja kuat kalau PAS menang di Merlimau. Apa ke hal? Tidakkah ini mengiyakan lagi bahwa sememang Ali Rustam tidak pernah bekerja kuat untuk Merlimau dan hanya menunjukkan mukanya ketika PRK ini?
  6. Ali Rustam seterusnya "menghadkan" falsafah tersebut dengan mengecualikan yang miskin dengan mengatakan bahwa kerajaan beliau tidak membezakan yang miskin dari segi pendirian politik mereka.
  7. Betul ke nie? Nampak sangat bahwa Ali Rustam tidak peduli dan tidak prihatin terhadap masyarakat miskin. Kalau kerajaan Melaka prihatin, sudah pasti Melaka akan mempunyai "sifar kemiskinan". Kan Ali Rustam "kuat kerja" dan tidak menghabiskan masa "tengok wayang" bersama isteri? Ali Rustam cuma rajin "main wayang" dengan Shah Ruth Khan... kerana nak mem***** Rose Putrajaya. Betul tak?
  8. Apa-apa pun... Merlimau perlu sedar bahwa gurindam Ali Rustam hanya untuk Najib dan konco-konco BN.... Orang macam nie perlu diajar sikit...
  9. Buat masa nie...biarlah Ali Rustam lelap dengan "Ku sangka panas hingga ke petang", nanti rakyat akan beri "rupanya hujan ditengah hari"....

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Of C N28 Kerdau : Correct and misleading BN adverts...

Something to think about on the way to Kerdau's nomination centre...

  1. Short, simple and straight to the point...
  2. Muhyiddein announced to the world BN's candidate for Kerdau is Syed Ibrahim Syed Ahmad and he had previously held the post of Adnan Yaakob's special religious officer.
  3. PAS is wise enough not to put Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man as their candidate in Kerdau. Instead, PAS opted to retain Hasanuddin Salim who stand in Kerdau during the GE 12.
  4. By naming Hasanuddin, PAS managed to avoid BN from seeding confusion between Syed Ibrahim and Tuan Ibrahim. Rural folks is easily confused between Syed and Tuan as for them, these are the same and BN will capitalise on the confusion to get votes for their Syed Ibrahim...
  5. Now, rural folks read : orang kampung looks highly to those who studied in Mesir read : Egypt especially from the prestigous Al Azhar University.
  6. To them, those who goes to Mesir are all learned Islamic scholars. Even Adnan Yaakob fell to the same stereotype - and thus that is how Syed Ibrahim became Adnan's special religious officer.
  7. Syed Ibrahim graduated in Arabic language from Al Azhar. Now, let us be clear here : Arab is not Islam! The same as India is not Budhism!
  8. That means Syed Ibrahim is not an Islamic scholar! So, how on earth was he picked up by Adnan Yaakob to be MB's special religious officer? I would love to know the credentials that endear Syed Ibrahim to Adnan Yaakob.
  9. Hey, don't get me wrong here. There are numerous religious Islamic scholars who do not go to Al Azhar but they come up with credentials of who their teachers are. So, let's see how BN rated the qualification of their religious officers...
  10. Statement of fact? Yes - Syed Ibrahim is a graduate (in Arabic language). No - he is not a recognised Islamic scholar because his majoring in language and not Islam in Mesir!
  11. And that is how I come to this conclusion - Correct and misleading BN adverts. BN is currently advertising that their Kerdau candidate is a graduate Islamic scholar. The truth is there...
  12. Siakap senohong, Gelama ikan duri

    Berkempen bohong, nanti memakan diri"

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

After SMUM... welcome to SMUPM

  1. Remember my last posting? Just like the Jasmine revolution which leads to Hosni's downfall and now raging in Libya, it is pretty much the same back home in Malaysia.
  2. Only this time, we are not talking about our nation but more towards our public Universities...
  3. Once the University administration relented in UM, pro Mahasiswa candidates won there. University Putra Malaysia (once known as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia) administration chose to clamp down on pro Mahasiswa candidates by first disqualifying 33 of their candidates.
  4. The U then decided to annulled their win which set the stage for grouses. Even the deputy Minister (Higher Education) was contacted to settle the dispute...
  5. After almost 19 hours of standoff, the U administration make a U-turn on the annullment but that did not calm the students who demanded an explaination.
  6. Then... Damages?

    • A glass door at the main administrative building;
    • 2 university security guards (needing 16 stitches each);
    • Embarassment to U administration for the U-turn;
    • Slap on the hand by Minister (Higher Education);
    • Demand resignation of Minister (Higher Education);
    • Ego dressdown for Radin Umar;
  7. Only days before, this scribe posted on Sekolah Menengah UM because the way the authorities treat our U students are just like secondary school kids! Mind you that I am not a teacher (as someone suspect me to be:))
  8. Now, the same has affected UPM, another public-funded University. So, what else is new?
  9. Accussing the students candidates of campaigning in groups, their annulment is just "not correct".
  10. For one, how do one expect a group of individuals elected by the students can work as a group? How can these elected students working on different platforms come out with a common stand?
  11. Why deny pro Mahasiswa and Pro aspirasi their chance to present their manisfesto? Let them campaign in groups, afterall that's how things are done in the outside (real) world.
  12. Actually, it is a non-issue from the start. The problem is when the U management wanted to make it an issue and BANG, the decision boomeranged!
  13. Is this Radin thinking that he is dealing with overgrown secondary school kids of SMUPM? If that is how he thinks, then I just wonder why did we pay him his VC's salry? The most he should receive is PK's salary...
  14. Now that the campus elections are over, will pro-aspirasi and pro-Mahasiswa guys heading to Merlimau and Kerdau? Those guys (and gals) might be going but my friendly blogger choose to opts out for reasons best known to him.
  15. Me? Kerdau sounds nice but I think I will go to Merlimau... as I refuse to see reruns of Adnan's obscene gesture. SSssshhh... in case you have not heard it, someone's whisering that Adnan is after 1 Selangor corporate girl...
  16. Why Merlimau? Better race representation that Kerdau.... and they say that ikan bakar is nice down there...
  17. By the way, isn't SMUPM the place where "Siakap senohong, gelama ikan duri, Bercakap bohong, lama jadi menteri" took place a couple of years back? See, an elephant never forgets... but I am not
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to SMUM....

  1. Smoldering... and that is dangerous!
  2. I know...I know... You are asking what is SMUM... SMUM stands for Sekolah Menengah Universiti Malaya!
  3. I mean, if the University fail to recognise its students potential, then it has no business to be our prime University!
  4. But... that does not mean the students are not wrong! What the hell are they doing barging into the VC's office and along the way vigorously shaking the doors until the hinges gave way. Is this what the University teach you? Is that good manners?
  5. Now, before we go on any further, let's calm down and ask ourselves - what has become to our numero uno University who just a decade or two ago was home to the likes of Ros Mansor, Anwar Ibrahim, Sudirman etc...
  6. Back then, tertiary students go on strikes too but their fight is for the betterment of the people. Their main antigonists? Who else if not the FRUs?
  7. Now, students are complaining and marching when four of their kind could not stand in for the varsity election. Is that the end of the road? No! Can't these students wait and seek clarification from the VC?
  8. These are STUPID moves by the students! If they could not contain their anger and frustration in campuses, how do you expect them to act in the outside world? Must everything being served on a silver platter?
  9. UM may be acting too hasty is barring the four from offering themselves as candidates. The students are too agitated to the point of barging into the VC's office - you add the two together, and you get SMUM! No wonder Malaysia Us' failed to gain respect and worldwide recognition!
  10. I guess these students are the product of AUKU (University College Act). Give them respect and they might responded differently... I wonder what will Ros think this time around since there are no graffiti condemning her...
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh my... (Jalan Duta courts)

  1. I forgot which film but this heroine exclaimed "Oh, my Jimmy Choo...!" only in this case it will be "Oh, my courts...!"
  2. I mean...who are we kidding here? Jalan Duta courts complex, first used in May 2007, is the scene for numerous embarassing incidents such as ceiling collapsed, floods and now... disruption in electricity supply....
  3. Honestly, if I don't know any better, I would have put forward another conspiracy theory to pin down Anwar Ibrahim as well as ridding TBH's family. Will the blame game starts with some smart Alec blaming the Contractor for the failures?
  4. So far I have stay clear of Sodomy II but it's scary when you start connecting the dots...
  5. Sodomy II trial today placed the inspecting doctors in tough spots when the doctors explained that there is "attempted sodomy" and "attempted oral sex". Now, you guys are the experts - is "attempted sodomy" same as sodomy? And what do you mean "attempted sodomy"?
  6. The same goes for "attempted oral sex"... what does it means? I am getting confused and baffled by the (lack of) witnesses' statements. Which is which? Why is the pro forma forms different from the actual accussations? Is somebody lazy in filling forms? Did the doctors fill in the pro forma forms? If not, do they take the trouble to see what is written on the pro forma forms and corrected them (if the statements on the forms are wrong) ?
  7. Just when the defense team is getting the right angle to steamrolled the prosecution witnesses, dang... blackout! Is it another coincidence? Or is it a well rehearsed ploy to give the prosecution witnesses some breathing space to get their acts right?
  8. It is not much better in other courts too on RCI for TBH's death. The judicial review was put off due to the disruption, RCI to proceed and bang - TBH's family decided to walk off from the RCI!
  9. To be fair, the RCI is not specially tailored for TBH's family but being an interested party, their participation is all that important to paint a picture of unbiased proceedings. Now, what happen to the RCI?
  10. Yes, the RCI can proceed by all means but will it carry the full weightage?
  11. Since jalan Duta courts is fast becoming a venue for the unexpected, it may be a damn good idea if the prosecution were to transfer all the high profile cases here and let it drags for years due to the "unexpected" and not due to the slow mechanism of the courts... we can always start with one Hasbie...
  12. Me? Better off watching "24 - season 8"...
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Of MLCM's role in SNAP-UBF combination...

  1. OK. Let's not jump the gun...literally but SNAP-UBF-MCLM joint conference this 16th Feb 2011 should be something to look forward to.
  2. Will this joint conference announce a electoral pact for Sarawak? As Sarawak and Sabah are fiercely territorial in nature, it will be a breath of fresh air if SNAP-UBF-MLCM announce their so-operation to topple Sarawak's Hosni Mubarak who goes by the name of Taib Mahmud. Mind you that this monicker is not mine but Tun Mahathir's...
  3. MCLM will find a better home in Sarawak compared to Peninsular Malaysia. Why? Although MLCM's ideals are universal in nature but politicians are a breed of their own and like or not MLCM is not 100 % politicians. MLCM are idealist...
  4. All eyes are now towards Taib's April's inspiration with PR coalition scrambling for seats. However, let's be realistic here; DAP may leave it's marks in urban areas like Kuching, PKR's internal squabblings will yet again drag PR down. PAS? The party has a moral duty to stand in rural areas where Muslims make up the numbers but the party's influence in Sarawak is too negligible and the party's chances of winning seats there is almost zero.
  5. That means Sarawak born and bred SNAP together with UBF needs to come forward to be the opposition torch bearers. For this to work, SNAP-UBF needs MLCM's passion for justice to spread the word, exposing Taib's 30 years' mismanagement.
  6. Not only that, MLCM's expertise in legal aspects and rights is essential to protect the opposition party workers from being harrassed and bullied.
  7. So far, MLCM has not introduce possible candidates for Sarawak and this means that MLCM can channel all its resources to play the supporting role for SNAP-UBF combination. DAP, PKR and PAS has its own political machineries which is more than capable to handle situations.
  8. MLCM, through its experience, should know by now that PKR is like a runaway train, with no clear driver to negotiate turns and bends. Anwar, PKR's de-facto leader has his hands full with sodomy II. With that, MLCM can call on other NGOs' and associations aid to boost up the SNAP-UBF combination.
  9. That's how I see it. 16th February will prove me wrong but at least that's what I hope for... it ain't much... and it's practical. What say you, O mighty MLCM man of Damansara...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Of M N27 Merlimau : Why not Mohd Said Yusof...or MCA, MIC, PPP?

Datuk Mohd Said Yusof

  1. Records show that BN is on the rise, regaining voters confidence with by-election wins in Galas and Tenang. BN claimed that they are back in business regardless of who they put up as candidate.
  2. UMNO Jasin has forwarded 7 shortlisted name for Najib's consideration including Mohd Said Yusof, Jasin's former MP. Other names mentioned are the three chiefs ie Youth chief, Wanita chief, Putri chief whilst 3 committee members make up up the numbers.
  3. Since Merlimau is BN's stronghold, why not BN choose Mohd Said Yusof as their candidate? This choice will be BN's benchmark for GE 13's candidates. Will the voters choice blinded by party or will they choose character over politics? If Mohd Yusof can win Merlimau, then BN can breathe easy and afford to put any Tom, Dick and Harry as candidates with business as usual...
  4. UMNO prove that party post is an important criteria for candidate selection. Just look at the 7 shortlisted candidates - all have posts in Jasin division. So, in short, where is 1MPM6's idea of choosing a candidate who is "acceptable" to the voters? BN is shoving their candidate into the voters' throat - take it or leave it! For those who aspired to be selected as BN's candidates, take note of Merlimau...
  5. On other points, still remember how MCA crowed that the Chinese are back into BN's fold after winning Galas and Tenang? Mind you that this is Chua SL's claim and he is MCA President!

    Why not Chua SL whisper into Najib's ears and beg for this chance and allow MCA to stand in Merlimau this time? Just to prove that the Chinese which makes up 21.1 % of the voters are back in the bag? Ada berani ke? BN should not be afraid, not in Merlimau which has been BN's traditional stronghold to go for the unconventional... with the Malay votes is BN's for the takings no matter who BN has to offer.
  6. The same argument is applicable for Palanivel's MIC. MIC claimed that the Indians are the kingmakers so why not act as king by demanding Merlimau as the place to prove to Najib that the Indians are all for MIC? Indians make up 14 % of Merlimau voters and with the Malay votes almost 100% are reserved for BN, will BN take up this offer?
  7. PPP ? Why not? They are also a BN component who was once slighted by Ali Rustam before. They too has to show that PPP is stronger without Murugiah who has since crossed over to be under MIC's shelter.
  8. BN is spoil for choice in selecting a candidate to prove that BN has recovered from 208 flu. But... do you think BN is ready for "out of the box" decision? This scribe seriously doubt it. Najib is a play safe man. He is not the one willing to rock the boat and despite his pledges of getting the best person to represent Merlimau, his hands are tied and he has to choose one out of the seven shortlisted.
  9. Even if all the seven are unqualified to be a candidate, Najib is not one who dares to cross sword with Ali Rustam. If Najib is not the type to cross sword with Ali Rustam, then do you hink Muhyiddein is up to mark to go one on one with Ali Rustam? Forget it.. Muhyiddein needs UMNO disciplinary board to win UMNO's deputy post by canning Ali Rustam through DQ two years back!
  10. Seven shortlisted for Merlimau with none of them coming from the grassroots! Does that mean Merlimau's UMNO grassroot members are all incapable of being selected as candidate?
  11. Since Merlimau is another BN stronghold, is Chua SL, Palanivel, Kayveas busy preparing speecehes crowing that the Chinese are back in MCA, the Indians are back in MIC and those Chinese, Indians and Malays who are not in MIC and MCA or UMNO are back in PPP?
  12. Some claim that PR is falling apart or at least PKR's problems is breaking up the party. Why not use this golden chance to go for the unexpected? Select a BN candidate who is not from Jasin's shortlisted 7 and prove that UMNO Jasin can work with any person selected by Najib-Muhyiddein team!
  13. BN, with all resources in its hands, is not ready to prove points. BN is only willing to go for that same formula - allowing Melaka UMNO to dictate who should be the candidate, even if it means Mohd Said Yusof! To BN, whoever they choose to win Merlimau is Wakil Parti and not Wakil Rakyat! To BN, their candidate is only Merlimau's wakil rakyat for 10 days ie during campaigning period. After that, that person is wakil parti who only laps Ali Rustam, Muhyiddin and Najib's boot and same say RM's high heels too...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Of Chinese heritage (sort of)...

It all started 70 years ago when a young Chinese mother gave birth to a set of fraternal twins - a boy and a girl. Already straddled with the responsibility to bring up 4 elder children, this couple decided to give up one for adoption. The mother decided to part with her new born baby girl and surrendered the baby girl to a childless elderly Malay couple living in the neighbouring village.

Although they are only a few miles apart, the young girl grew up without knowing her real parents and only after her marriage did she realised that she is adopted. As years goes by, her one and only biological sister did occassionally drop by to see how she's doing and in return she offered coconuts to her elder sister. Their conversations are short with her sister calling her "Alek, alek (sister, sister)" but always turning down offer to enter the house. They have serious language barrier with the sister not conversant in Malay whilst she herself is zip in Cantonese. Finally, they became incommunicado when this adopted women moved to the city.

Two days before Chinese New Year, a phone call changed it all. The elder sister was involved in a hit and run accident and was comatose in GH. Upon receiving the news, the woman rushed to the GH and had a hard time convincing the hospital staffs of her relationship. She did not even know her sister's name apart from calling her "kakak". After hours of convincing, she was finally allowed to visit her bed-ridden sister in ICU briefly and the doctor briefed her that her sister's chance of making through is less than 50 %. She left the GH and make her way back to her eldest son's home in the city.

On Chinese New Year, she received a short message - her sister is dead! Although her heart is aching pay her last respect to her forever gone sister, her sons are too busy with their families and her daughter is almost 600 km away attending a wedding. This daughter decided to represent her mother to pay the last respect and braved the notorious CNY traffic jam, making her way from Kota Bharu in a 7 hour journey.

Upon reaching the town, this daughter tried to locate her aunt's house which she never visited, snaking her car through the close knitted houses and finally reached a small community hall housing the remains. Her tudung caught the attention of those attending the wake. She introduced herself as the daughter of the younger sister of the deceased and the family welcomed her with warm smiles, as most of them are not fluent in Malay whilst this daughter is again zip in Cantonese although her husband attended a few Mandarin classes...

After the normal greetings, this daughter collected all she can about her long-lost relatives who were there to be at the wake and to observed CNY, the only time when they return to this sleepy town. Through gestures and broken Malay, she came to know of the hit and run accident, how the car that knocked her auntie on a straight road took almost 40 feet to stop, that her relatives is seeking for compensation for the loss although they knew that being poor, their version can be easily manipulated by the richer car driver.

The short "family reunion" told her that her uncle, who is her mother's twin, is now in Hong Kong when he was banished there for failing to have his birth certificate. This uncle is now uncontactable... and unreacheable. She came to know that her cousin is now working in Singapore and after two long years of absence return home to celebrate CNY only to find out that his mother is comatose (and now dead).

This daughter stayed for almost an hour, waiting for her cousins to pray and finally she left the wake almost at midnight with promise to maintain their relationship before making her way back to the city, again in the notorious CNY traffic from Ipoh...

Say what you want but take time to understand the hardship of our older generations. How they have to give up their love towards their babies to feed other children. How being close in distance does not mean close at heart. How we failed to communicate even after 53 years of independence.

And this, my friends, is my other's half Chinese heritage. Me? Some say that the lineage can be traced to China, (Yunan to be specific). But that will be another some other time of my choosing.

Moral of the story? Make time to be with your family before they go and meet the Maker. Nothing can replace that close feeling which is only reserved for families. Do make time to visit relatives whilst they are still around... So, if I failed to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year, now you know why.... but it is not too late to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Chinese new Year and may the year of the rabbit brings good tidings... now let's prepare for Merlimau...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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