Thursday, February 24, 2011

After SMUM... welcome to SMUPM

  1. Remember my last posting? Just like the Jasmine revolution which leads to Hosni's downfall and now raging in Libya, it is pretty much the same back home in Malaysia.
  2. Only this time, we are not talking about our nation but more towards our public Universities...
  3. Once the University administration relented in UM, pro Mahasiswa candidates won there. University Putra Malaysia (once known as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia) administration chose to clamp down on pro Mahasiswa candidates by first disqualifying 33 of their candidates.
  4. The U then decided to annulled their win which set the stage for grouses. Even the deputy Minister (Higher Education) was contacted to settle the dispute...
  5. After almost 19 hours of standoff, the U administration make a U-turn on the annullment but that did not calm the students who demanded an explaination.
  6. Then... Damages?

    • A glass door at the main administrative building;
    • 2 university security guards (needing 16 stitches each);
    • Embarassment to U administration for the U-turn;
    • Slap on the hand by Minister (Higher Education);
    • Demand resignation of Minister (Higher Education);
    • Ego dressdown for Radin Umar;
  7. Only days before, this scribe posted on Sekolah Menengah UM because the way the authorities treat our U students are just like secondary school kids! Mind you that I am not a teacher (as someone suspect me to be:))
  8. Now, the same has affected UPM, another public-funded University. So, what else is new?
  9. Accussing the students candidates of campaigning in groups, their annulment is just "not correct".
  10. For one, how do one expect a group of individuals elected by the students can work as a group? How can these elected students working on different platforms come out with a common stand?
  11. Why deny pro Mahasiswa and Pro aspirasi their chance to present their manisfesto? Let them campaign in groups, afterall that's how things are done in the outside (real) world.
  12. Actually, it is a non-issue from the start. The problem is when the U management wanted to make it an issue and BANG, the decision boomeranged!
  13. Is this Radin thinking that he is dealing with overgrown secondary school kids of SMUPM? If that is how he thinks, then I just wonder why did we pay him his VC's salry? The most he should receive is PK's salary...
  14. Now that the campus elections are over, will pro-aspirasi and pro-Mahasiswa guys heading to Merlimau and Kerdau? Those guys (and gals) might be going but my friendly blogger choose to opts out for reasons best known to him.
  15. Me? Kerdau sounds nice but I think I will go to Merlimau... as I refuse to see reruns of Adnan's obscene gesture. SSssshhh... in case you have not heard it, someone's whisering that Adnan is after 1 Selangor corporate girl...
  16. Why Merlimau? Better race representation that Kerdau.... and they say that ikan bakar is nice down there...
  17. By the way, isn't SMUPM the place where "Siakap senohong, gelama ikan duri, Bercakap bohong, lama jadi menteri" took place a couple of years back? See, an elephant never forgets... but I am not
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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