Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh my... (Jalan Duta courts)

  1. I forgot which film but this heroine exclaimed "Oh, my Jimmy Choo...!" only in this case it will be "Oh, my courts...!"
  2. I mean...who are we kidding here? Jalan Duta courts complex, first used in May 2007, is the scene for numerous embarassing incidents such as ceiling collapsed, floods and now... disruption in electricity supply....
  3. Honestly, if I don't know any better, I would have put forward another conspiracy theory to pin down Anwar Ibrahim as well as ridding TBH's family. Will the blame game starts with some smart Alec blaming the Contractor for the failures?
  4. So far I have stay clear of Sodomy II but it's scary when you start connecting the dots...
  5. Sodomy II trial today placed the inspecting doctors in tough spots when the doctors explained that there is "attempted sodomy" and "attempted oral sex". Now, you guys are the experts - is "attempted sodomy" same as sodomy? And what do you mean "attempted sodomy"?
  6. The same goes for "attempted oral sex"... what does it means? I am getting confused and baffled by the (lack of) witnesses' statements. Which is which? Why is the pro forma forms different from the actual accussations? Is somebody lazy in filling forms? Did the doctors fill in the pro forma forms? If not, do they take the trouble to see what is written on the pro forma forms and corrected them (if the statements on the forms are wrong) ?
  7. Just when the defense team is getting the right angle to steamrolled the prosecution witnesses, dang... blackout! Is it another coincidence? Or is it a well rehearsed ploy to give the prosecution witnesses some breathing space to get their acts right?
  8. It is not much better in other courts too on RCI for TBH's death. The judicial review was put off due to the disruption, RCI to proceed and bang - TBH's family decided to walk off from the RCI!
  9. To be fair, the RCI is not specially tailored for TBH's family but being an interested party, their participation is all that important to paint a picture of unbiased proceedings. Now, what happen to the RCI?
  10. Yes, the RCI can proceed by all means but will it carry the full weightage?
  11. Since jalan Duta courts is fast becoming a venue for the unexpected, it may be a damn good idea if the prosecution were to transfer all the high profile cases here and let it drags for years due to the "unexpected" and not due to the slow mechanism of the courts... we can always start with one Hasbie...
  12. Me? Better off watching "24 - season 8"...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

# I am sorry I am going to say something R(A} here....It's pretty strange that if one who force Saifool to eat the bananas....Can't he just bite the banana & cabut....Why ahem ahem? Takdak logic
# As for RCI, I am pretty agitated by this statement by James Foong
“Do not forget this is far bigger and wider in scope than just you and your family. The whole nation wants the truth. This inquiry is not just to appease you.”
# Wah! If I were Teoh Beng Hock sister, I will whack that James Foong with a bag just as Margaret Thatcher nearly did to John Major over the Euro issue
# No wonder Teoh boycott....3 bulan to complete the investigation....I can bet with one teh tarik, they will at least maintain open verdict. I would not be surprised if RCI comes up with a conclusion that Teoh kenna bunuh diri
# Sorry for being racist here....If Teoh were a moslem, you think the bumi folks would support UMNO. And if it does, I have no eyes to see

Pak Zawi said...

Things in Bolehland is getting farcical by the day.

nightcaller said...


That's my point exactly... they say "Justice is blind" but I never know that "Justice" could not differentiate between sodomy and "attempted sodomy". Why lump the two together... if that is the case, I won't be surprise if one day someone got charge for "murder" when what they guy actually did is "attempted murder"...

As for RCI, we took pride with the many Tan Sris', Tuns' and what nots. Why is this particular RCI headed by an active court official? Why this time? So out of norm... Reservations aside, I would be more at ease if we have former AG Abd Talib Othman, former IGP Hanif, former lord President Salleh Abbas, Lee Lam Thye on the RCI. At least, it look more balanced ...

On your last statement, remember about Ibrahim Libya of Memali? Almost the whole village were wiped out and all of them are Muslims... yet (majority) of the Malays are still with UMNO... I guess racist is not the answer here, it is justice that we are looking for.

What if one Malay Muslim scribble a note in jawi whilst in MACC detention? Will the investigators come up and claimed that the guy wrote Quranic verses? In short, the investigators should be investigating from all aspects and never, never discount any possible piece of evidence...

Pak Zawi

Getting farcical is one thing... but expecting the masses to accept the comical explaination is another... don't treat the rakyat as "lembus" and "cucuk hidung kita"... apakah "matlamat menghalalkan cara"?