Monday, February 20, 2012

Let down by 501.....

Sorry is in order as this is the first time I am writing on tablet.

Well, I am one of those who waited in anticipation of Chua vs Lim debate laat Saturday. And I come out disappointed. Not because there are not enough explosives but more on the poor translation from Awani 501! Thus I am least surprise to know that Lim GE demands STAR to apologose for their goof in translating his statement. Is STAR making a genuine mistake or is it done on purpose with hidden agenda?

501 did not fare any better. The translator is doing some self-editing plus censorship in 1 go. He is trying too hard that you can almost sense his desparation to potray that everything is going BN's way.

The crowd? From what is shown in TV, MCA supporters are rowdy, maybe lessons learnt from big brother UMNO with 1 half-Penangite rambling about enforcement officers and suggesting thtough her sentences that enforcement officers should stay off the street after office hour! Her statements are flections of phobia facing MCA, they are getting scared of losing their lollipops come GE 13.

It is fortunate thet It is Lim GE that is answering the qutions. You leave it to me and I will definitely screw Chua SL with one simple statement ie Hudud is for Muslims and does not judge zina cases of non-Muslims. For non-Muslims, they have a choice of either being judge by their own sets of customs and laws or let the civil court decides... And I do read about cases of fornication in China where those involved were bundledin gunny sacks, tied with rocks and thrown into rivers...

Yes, Lim GE also failed to capitalise on PKFZ. PKFZ is not only about MCA but includes UMNO warlords too. The better question is will it stop at 2 pastex-minister of transport or will it includes higher ups?

chua SL harpedon DAP pandai cakap saja but Chua failed to address what has MCA done for the past 50 years? If TAR is the measurment used, then Chua SL must also explain why the present government did not approve licenc for non-BN parties to set up their own tertiary education centres? chua SL should also explain why the are so many non-Malay students offered scholarship in Singapore. Is it because MCA failed to provide tertiary education to these bright students?

Chua SL also failed to make peace with his own men when he remarked of Ong TK short stint. Even if Ong TK is MCA prsident for a day, he is still a past MCA president, for better or worse...

chua SL playedto the gallery. He may win in his own coop but in reality he is giving PRthe extra boostto win overmore votes. Whatever it is, the dbate is a good platform to gauge peoples support and it clearly indicates that MCA supporters are still caught in a time warp. Chua SL, maybetimefor you to pass the baton to others. The problem is, is Chua willing to pass itto Liow?

Ok, chao for now... Off to Jakarta since Hilmiis beingarrange to be deported to Malaysia...

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Namanya Musa...

Nabi Musa membelah laut merah dan membawa kaum Yahudi menyeberanginya sementara Firaun yang mengejar ditelan laut yang sama. Itu mukjizat yang Allah kurniakan kepada Musa AS.

Hari ini Masjid Al-Bukhary menyaksikan sejarah apabila seorang hamba Allah melafaz dua kalimah shahadah dan mengambil nama Musa sebagai nama Islam beliau. Musa dari Nigeria ini merentasi lautan untuk sampai ke Malaysia dan dengan hidayahNya, terpanggil untuk memeluk Islam.

Ahlan wasahlan Musa al-Niger. Semuga Allah memberi hidayah dan petunjuk kepada mu, saudaraku...

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Hina nabi : Hamza dan OWC...

Sekalung tahniah kepada Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM).

Kejayaan PDRM memberkas Hamza Kashgari adalah sesuatu yang membanggakan. Walaupun Hamza Kashgari adalah warga negara Arab Saudi tetapi tindakan beliau yang dilihat menghina Islam dan nabi Muhammad SAW adalah keterlaluan. Anggota PDRM yang memberkas beliau membuktikan masih ada yang sensitif serta peka dengan keadaan semasa terutama apabila ia melibatkan maruah agama Islam dan junjungan kita Muhammad SAW.

Hamza mungkin beranggapan Malaysia selamat sebagai tempat persembunyian. Ternyata sangkaan beliau meleset dan penangkapan beliau membuktikan bahwa PDRM boleh menjadi super effisyen kalau ia mahu. Itu pun kalau tidak ada "tunjuk ajar" serta "panduan" dari pihak atasan yang mempunyai motif tersendiri...

Biarlah Hamza diserahkan kepada pihak berwajib Saudi untuk diambil tindakan selanjutnya, sesuai dengan undang-undang negara tersebut. Jangan pula ada yang melompat, menjerit-jerit melaungkan "Hak asasi" manusia kerana Hamza perlu dijadikan contoh atas tindakan biadab beliau menghina nabi Muhammad SAW dan Islam.

Biarlah kerajaan Arab Saudi menjalankan proses undang-undang terhadap Hamza Kashgari. Apa pula tindakan kerajaan Malaysia mengenai kenyataan "songsang" OWC?

OWC adalah singkatan kepada "Obedient Wives Club" yang dipelopori oleh Global Ikhwan, satu badan perniagaan yang mempunyai kaitan dengan pertubuhan yang diharamkan Al-Arqam. Akhir-akhir ini OWC telah melancarkan kempen "Rasulullah tokoh seks suci Islam". Mungkin OWC memikirkan kempen mereka betul tetapi...

Ustaz Wan Shohor bani Leman, dalam tazkirah pagi semalam menimbulkan isu ini dan memperingatkan kita bahwa kempen OWC boleh mengelincirkan akidah seseorang. Wan Shohor menegaskan pendirian OWC sekiranya berdasarkan kepada syariah boleh mengelincirkan akidah dan berpesan agar umat Islam menjauhi kempen OWC ini.

Agaknya bila pula pihak JAKIM dan PDRM akan memanggil OWC untuk bersemuka dalam isu ini? PDRM dalam menjalankan tugas harus memberi komitmen sama sebagaimana mereka menangani kes Hamza Kashgari...

Umat Islam harus bijak menangani isu yang datang bertalu-talu menguji ketahan umat Islam dalam dunia moden. Kita harus peka kepada tindakan halus kaum yang tidak henti-henti merancang agenda-agenda tersendiri untuk melemahkan pegangan umah kepada ajaran Islam.

Waima apapun, mungkin yang celik Islam dapat memberi pandangan kepada kenyataan Harussani Zakaria, mufti Perak mengenai 1MPM6 Najib meraikan Thaipusm di Batu Caves tempoh hari...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Of wannabes ...

Then they are those like Ibrahim Ali, Hassan Ali, Zahrain, Zulkifeli, Hee YF, who has to warm up to either BN or PR to shore their chance of being nominated again. These people can never make it on their own. Soon they will be in their normal chameleon mood in wooing BN or PR. And those in PR and BN will thinks heaven of them as if neither party can make through GE 13 without these "politicians for hire".

Que sera sera
Whatever will be, will be,
The future's not us to see..
Que sera sera...

Everyone has dreams. Some ambitious whilst majority are not. Politicians have their own and not every politician climbs to their Everest.

Let's start with Awang Adek. Remember him? He was once paraded as the next Kelantan MB back in 2008! Alas, with all his crowing, BN failed to wrest Kelantan from PAS and Awang Adek landed himself in Putrajaya instead. Lately, Awang Adek is messing himself with political fund in his personal account.

It looks like Awang Adek is going to be a wanna-be in Kelantan, more so when Mustaffa Mohamed is not giving in to Awang Adek's wish...

Selangor has its own wannabe... This time around, it is Hassan Ali, the guy who was recently sacked from PAS and decided that he will not appeal his sacking. It is said that soon after tsunami 308, Hassan Ali tried to strike a deal for UMNO-PAS pact to form Selangor state government with Hassan Ali as the MB. PAS central leadership did not endorse Hassan's proposal and instead remained true to PR alliance, and leaves Hassan Ali's salivating on the slipping MB post...

Now with Hassan turning JATI, and Noh Omar in the forefront to head Selangor, if and when BN repossess Selangor, Hassan Ali is practically riding into early retirement and will soon join the likes of Nakhaie as part-time mouthpiece to UMNO...

Perlis has a special type of wanna-be. Shahidan Kassim was the MB before and when BN retained Perlis in GE 12, he assumed that he is still the MB-in-waiting. But what happen next is best kept behind the scene. Raja Perlis did not accept Shahidan Kassim any longer and despite Abdullah Badawi's insistence, BN finally succumbed to Raja Perlis steadfastness and show Shahidan the exit...

Shaidan is a wanna-be of a different kind. The same like Terengganu's Idris Jusoh! The difference is when Idris 'lost' the MB-seat, another wanna-be from the same pack hopes that he is the chosen one. His name? Rosol Wahid. He thought that he was the next-in-line until Sultan Mizan appointed Ahmad Said instead.

4 years on, Ahmad Said is not getting it easy with UMNO's internal bickering. Idris may say that he is ready to make way for new faces whilst Shahidan Kassim openly declares that he is a winnable candidate.

Johor? For a short while Johoreans thought that Khaled Nordin is going to replace Ghani Othman. Unfortunately, a last minute call from one Bukit forced Abdullah to change his mind. Khalid is still a wanna-be in that sense but so far, he lacked something essential to be MB Johor - the Muor connection. Maybe Khaled better sticks to his federal seat.

Now, what about Melaka? Although PR did not win Melaka but one DAP state official managed to get tongues wagging when he "offers" CM post to PAS. Still a wanna-be when it should be known that Melaka, like Johore is UMNOP's last bastion. Do you think Ali Rustam will give up that easy?

Biggest wanna-be? For the moment the award goes to Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar sees himself as PM-in-waiting. He also sees that Sodomy I and II are government attempts to derail him from his goals.

Pre Sodomy I Anwar is different from post Sodomy II Anwar. Back in the 80's and 90's, it's AI but since receiving his Datuk Sri'ship, Anwar will barks you down for failing to address him with Datuk Sri. For the time, Anwar seems to be a better choice than lallang 1MPM6 Najib. The question is how far will Anwar willing to go to achieve his dreams?

Wanna-bes... it does not matter whether you are from BN or PR, it still looks the same to me. And have we mentioned about chameleons? I am not PR big-wig nor do I want to be one. The same as I am not a BN decision maker and again I am not incline to be one. My advise to both BN and PR, especially PR - do watch out who are trying to snuggle up to you. PR should remember how they are bombed in Perak when the three hopped to the other side. PR should also learn from past experience how their friendly independents turn the clock against them like Wee CK, Zulkifeli Noordin and Gobalakrishnan.

Then they are those like Ibrahim Ali, Hassan Ali, Zahrain, Zulkifeli, Hee YF, who has to warm up to either BN or PR to shore their chance of being nominated again. These people can never make it on their own. Soon they will be in their normal chameleon mood in wooing BN or PR. And those in PR and BN will thinks heaven of them as if neither party can make through GE 13 without these "politicians for hire".

Wannabes, chameleons... it does not matter. It is time for them to go... and let us decide our future, for better or worse...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, February 03, 2012

Of enclosed "Bersih"...

Once upon a time in ... KLCC

It started with late thanksgiving present and lunch.

During the usual course of information exchange, my ex-boss mentioned about his dinner the night before with a lawyer friend, Obviously the dinner ended with the lawyer praising his female colleague. I know where my ex-boss is leading to and goaded him on his view.

This ex-boss, a Chinaman and frequent flyer as well as Macau's "permanent resident" insist that the street demonstrations are unnecessary - a waste of time and effort. Worse, he claimed that it will breed contempt within Malaysia's multi-racial society.
Further, he sees that the government (read : EC) has been pro-active in improving the system.

Excuuuuse me! He maybe my ex-boss but in this issue he needs some re-educating! Yes, no doubt that the government (read : EC) has taken steps to improve the electoral system BUT this only happens after Bersih 2.0. Recapping to the ex-boss, Bersih 2.0 demands are :-
  1. Clean the electoral roll
  2. Reform postal voting
  3. Use of indelible ink
  4. A minimum campaign period of 21 days
  5. Free and fair access to mainstream media
  6. Strengthen public institutions
  7. Stop corruption
  8. Stop dirty politics
Now, what UMNO and BN should have done was to join hands with Bersih 2.0 in demanding EC to implement the 8 demands. If that happenned, it would have been a non-issue! The violence can be avoided if 1MPM6 Najib follow the then YDP Agung's advise to allow Bersih 2.0 rally to proceed.

Of the violence, it could be well avoided as Bersih 2.0 organisers has its own safety personnel looking for provocateurs and hand them over to the police. This is self-regulatory, something that UMNO cum BN do not have! Since the ex-boss is also Cambodia's Naga regular patron, it is pointed out that Cambodia, with all its weaknesses, allows for its citizens to voice out protest. A case in point is the recent march by Borei Keila residents to the parliament. The script was there and saw how the police provide traffic control for the 50 or so protestors passing in front of Cambodiana hotel!

The ex-boss agreed but countered that maybe PDRM's personnel is educationally unprepared to handle crowd control. His case in point is how US police force minimum requirement is college graduate as compared to PDRM's entry level! That's why, he reasoned, unneccesary violence maybe enforced during Bersih 2.0 rally!

Will the government (read: EC) makes sweeping reforms if UMNO cum BN still holds more than 2/3 majority? The ex-boss stuttered and it is pointed out that nothing will ever change if UMNO cum BN still maintain the mandate pre-GE 12.

What about the views of taxi drivers? Just the other day, when returning from Sri Hartamas, the taxi driver recalled the morning when KL is basically starving for taxis and available taxis raking in good money. Reason? Many taxi drivers were rooting for Anwar Ibrahim and sacrifice 9th January 2012 morning to hear Sodomy II verdict!

The particular taxi driver offered his candid view. UMNO cum BN should stop reminding the rakyats on how the party serviced the people. Instead, he claimed that, UMNO cum BN should be thankful to the rakyat for allowing their leaders to plunder the country's wealth for the past 50 + years! Now, he said, it is time for the rakyat to withdraw their support towards UMNO cum BN and allow PR to prove their worth.

The taxi driver maybe right but the ex-boss pointed out an interesting point. In Singapore, a taxi driver and for that matter the passenger are not allowed to discuss politics along the journey. The taxi driver can be hauled up and taken action if he is reported to the police and vice versa the passenger can also be hauled up if reported by the taxi driver. Why? Taxi drivers are front liners and amongst the first to make contacts with tourists. They can influence the tourist first impression of Malaysia!

The ex-boss shifted to NEP and how non-Bumis worked around the system. Unfortunately he too get another re-educating here. Yes, NEP is undoubtedly meant to improve the Bumi standings but it should also be noted that more and more Bumis are getting restless with how UMNOputras gobbling the Bumi piece of cake from the NEP chunk. The latest is the NFC issue, taken stock, lot and barrel by the Shoorizat family! The point is simple, UMNO's NEP is not benefitting the Bumis but UMNO cronies and families...

More are said during lunch. In the end, my ex-boss came as a traditionalist BN supporter, voter and financier. He left convinced that Malaysia needs change and a new ABU (Anything but UMNO convert).

Me? Well... I left with a new China-made Versace umbrella in my hand. My ex-boss last words? It can only be use 10 times, after that...poofff, kaput. Similarly for UMNO cum BN, after 12 times Malaysians have elected them to steer the country, UMNO cum BN is kaput. It is time to replace UMNO cum BN with PR. Hopefully, PR can last longer than UMNO cum BN, God willing...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Of winnable candidates, winnable seats and...

Take on all probabilities and see what are the options and remedial measures! Don't wait for the time comes as when it comes and if it comes, Malaysia will be plunging into another constitutional crisis

Well... Since everyone is gearing up to GE 13, let's revisit 1MPM6 Najib 's pledge to choose 'winnable' candidate. Honestly, this is easier said than done especially when it involves BN.

1MPM6 Najib surely is facing an uphill task in choosing a "winnable" candidate. Not only that, it is doubtful if Najib can secure enough "winnable" candidates for BN to cruise through GE 13! How many can Najib secure "winnable" candidates from the likes of MCA, MIC, Gerakan, and PPP? In fact, how many can Najib's UMNO pledge to BN for "winnable" candidates? Surely, Najib can't be banking on appointed UMNO senators to beef up his cabinet, can he?

Back to "winnable" candidates - 1MPM6 Najib has his work cut out when Shahidan Kassim staked a claim that he is THE "winnable" candidate. That said, can Najib afford to drop Shahidan in GE 13? If Shaidan claims that he is THE "winnable" candidate, then what about Ghaffur, Bung and Aziz, UMNO's threesome in parliament? Will they be categorised as "winnable" candidates too?

Najib vaguely define "winnable candidates as :-
  1. Someone who can win regardless of age;
  2. It does not matter how many terms he/she has served (meaning that the post is his/hers till death?);

1MPM6 Najib failed to address those with tainted records such as :-
  1. Corruption or perceived to be corrupt (eg PKFZ, NFC);
  2. Abuse of power/position (eg AP, zakat (tithe) fund, Maika);
  3. Sexual misbehaviours (eg Batu Pahat, KL Hilton/Le Meridien);
Will 1MPM6 Najib accept those with tainted records if they are deemed to be "winnable"? Or do Najib considered himself "tainted" but "winnable"? Or is Najib's silence on candidates moral characters underlines his own weakness?

Since we are talking "winnable", why not expand it further to include "winnable" seats? Since 1MPM6 Najib does not cover this, let us start with the definition of "winnable" BN seats. "Winnable" seats are those seats considered to be BN's vault. No matter who BN put up as candidate, then the person will win hands down, regardless of his/her age, education level, social skills, moral characters etc.

For many years, most seats in Johor, Pahang, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak are considered "winnable" seats. Looking at how Bung Moktar degrades women with his often sexist remarks, one wonders why he is still BN's elected parliamentarian. Remember Mohd Said of Jasin Melaka? He is the one who poke fun at women with his "leaky" remarks.

Why didn't 1MPM6 Najib announce about "winnable" seats? Did he know something that we don't? Is he getting the feedback that there is no longer such thing as "winnable" seats? Or is "winnable" seats limited to Pekan and Pagoh only? The rest are no longer in BN's poll vault?

Apart from "winnable" candidates and "winnable" seats, there is another that 1MPM6 Najib purposely avoids mentioning. Like it or not, there is also what is termed as "winnable" loyalty. How do you define "winnable" loyalty? This is the tricky part. The simple definition of "winnable" loyalty is the "independent" deciding factor that can make or break you.

Remember Idris Jusoh of Terengganu? Although Idris leads Terengganu BN to another resounding victory in GE 12, Idris runs foul of "winnable" loyalty. After 14 days on uncertainties, Idris was stripped from his MB's post and the vacant post filled by Ahmad Said. Idris did what he thought as the right thing requesting the "winnable" loyalty to endorsed and later consented to his appointment as MB. That is not to be and along the way it is said that the "winnable" loyalty's actions is another slap in the face to the then PM Abdullah Badawi.

Remember Perak? PR lost the state when 1MPM6 Najib enticed 3 PR lawmakers to crossover, leading to a constitutional crisis in Perak. The "winnable" loyalty consented Zambry to take over the MB's post. Here, not only PR lost the MB's post but more so, PR lost the state with outside interference and manouvering of 1MPM6 Najib, then DPM Najib!

If Terengganu talks about "winnable" loyalty non-consent, Perak witness "winnable" loyalty's succumb to slick manouvering by BN, there is another type of "winnable" loyalty in the likes of Pahang. In Pahang's case, the "winnable" loyalty's actions revealed that he is more BN than BN's founding fathers.

What will happen if the "winnable" loyalty refuse to consent the party or coalition of parties with the majority seats? Can the "winnable" loyalty appoints one whom he likes? Can he appoints someone from the minority group to head the state? Can he make political statements to favour a political party?

"Winnable" candidate, "winnable" seats, "winnable "loyalty - these are some of the factors that 1MPM6 Najib is looking into and something PR has to be aware of. Winning GE 13 may be easier to PR now with the present sentiment. But whether PR can take over Putrajaya hinges on whether the "winnable" loyalty will endorse PR's man to helm Putrajaya. The same goes to the states with suspected "winnable" loyalty stand. And since we are talking about "winnable" loyalty, what about those states where federal-appointed governors are the heads of states? Will these Governors act the way Penang Governor acts or will they be involved in their own CM's oath taking ceremony. This is something the constitutional experts have to discuss. Take on all probabilities and see what are the options and remedial measures! Don't wait for the time comes as when it comes and if it comes, Malaysia will be plunging into another constitutional crisis and then, maybe...we will have another "winnable" category - that of "winnable judiciary". God forbids it from happening...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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