Sunday, September 21, 2008

Of ambition, reality, facts and...

8th March 2008 is a turning point to Malaysia. It will forver be etched as the day Malaysians, of all walks and life, rose together to send a strong signal to BN Government. Apart from losing 5 states to the loose coalition of Pakatan Rakyat, BN has also failed to secure an outright 2/3 majority in the Parliment - the first time in 50 years.

Normally, this is quite a normal things for a healthy Governance. However strange it sounds, most see the situation as a signal to BN's implosion with SAPP, a minor component party from Sabah voicing that they have lost confidence to Abdullah Badawi's leadership. The action by SAPP leads to "show cause" letter and subsequently, SAPP officially withdraws from BN on 17th Sept 2008.

Pakatan Rakyat, in their joy with the election results have maintain the pressure with their so called "leader" Anwar Ibrahim winning the by-election in Permatang Pauh with a resounding victory and openly predicted to take over the Government by 16th September 2008. 16th September comes and go without any change in Government although Anwar, in his usual rhetoric style, claims that the plan is still on and requested Abdullah to call for emergency Parliment seating on 23rd septemeber 2008. So far, Abdullah has refused to entertain Anwar's request.

With that, Anwar is seeking audience with the King to "prove" his numbers and to convince the King that he has the numbers to takeover the Government. It is a clear sign of "over ambition" in the part of Anwar. When he was the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia in 1998, his fall from the corridors of power is due to his lack of patience and his prodding to unsettle the then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed, by claiming nepotism, cronyism. In return, he is slapped with sodomy charges and found guilty in the court of law and spent 6 years of his life in jail.

The persistent rhetoric and claims made by Anwar clearly demonstrate his "ambition" to be the Prime Minister and in doing so, he is willing to bend backwards to accomodate the differences of the other partners in his coalition - PAS and DAP.

What Anwar should understand and do is to live to his role as the opposition leader, for now and let BN runs the country and waits for his turn in the next General Election. What Anwar is doing now is to sweetalk the existing elected Parlimentarians to switch side and to support him to oust the BN government.

Meanwhile, BN still reeling from their unexpected losses is like a ship withput a reliabe Captain. Abdullah has managed to make wrong decisions at all turns of events, fuelling more and more pressure for him to quit. His indecissiveness and flip-flop is unbearable to common people an it is best fro him to let gothe reins to his second in command. However, Abdullah being Abdullah has shown his real self, that of arrogant and how he proves that he is out of touch with his own party members. The UMNO supreme council meeting on 18th September has given him a very strong and clear message that he must go now or latest by 9th October 2008.

The spinmasters in UMNO is trying to defuse the tense situation by potraying that Abdullah is still sticking to his trabsition plan of 2010. And that may be too late, not only for UMNO but to BN and the majority Malays as well...

The way things are going, Malaysia will still be unsettled until Anwar's ambition of seizing power through the "turnover" of rebellious parlimentarians is conclusively denied, and Abdullah should wake up to the reality that his poor leadership is having adverse affect to Malaysian economy with the facts be known that most of BN component parties as well as UMNO members prefer Abdullah to resign...then maybe only maybe Malaysian and Malaysia can work together for a better future and Anwar to plan for his "ascession" to the premiership after the next General Election.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Of desperate men, desperate measures and...

3 months out and Malaysia seems to be caught in the time warp, a space zone of sorts when March 8 2008 has opened doors of opportunity as well as exposing the ugly side the then ruling party.

With political gimmicks and the full force of MSM, the ruling party tries its utmost best to bare the shortcomings of the 5 Pakatan Rakyat led states, with daily dose of so called broken promises and unfulfilled pledges whilst remain conspicuously silent on their own ability to run the Government, although armed with 50 years of experience.

After attacking the opposition ruling party and parlimentarians, the political target has shifted to the current so called de factor leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, known as Anwar Ibrahim or Brother Anwar to some. The charges are the same but the actors and the places are new. The Ruling party enjoys the word sodomy and charges Anwar of sodomising his assisstant recently. Hey, I might be temped to hear how Anwar "perform" at the age of 61...and why were there no records of him being engaged in the activity when he was locked in the prison for six years? Unless, of course Anwar was locked together with the ladies and there were no behinds available.

With that, it seems clearer now that AAB is a desperate man. He is desperate enough to cling to his power that he is willing to offer his assisstant, NTR, his post comes 2010. And NTR is no stranger to controversy as he is being openly debated as the person that may be directly or indirectly involve with the murder case of a foreign translator.

How desperate is AAB? He is even more desperate when news of secret meetings between his party and PAS has recently surfaced. In one of those meeting, it is said that UMNO is even willing to be the no 2 man in Selangor, as long as they can stop Pakatan Rakyat from governing the state.

PAS, being PAS should realised that they were once kicked off Barisan Nasional and the experience should indicate how UMNO treats other parties...

Another blogger, Kickdefella has put in his blog on the possible reasons why the secret meetings were held...

How the people see the secret meeting is important. BN, in their rapid decline from the power grasp will be screeching for something to hold on to, and that includes PAS. Now, PAS must remember that they gain their support because people are fed up with the wead administrative values of AAB. PAS should not be seen to support the weak leadership qualities of AAB, who is more inclined to be lovey dovey to the Jin in Putrajaya.

And in the background, our southern friendly neighbour has issued a statement that may need urgent attention of all Malaysians especially those in Johore...

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Of political promises, gimmicks and ...

The present leader and the incoming were on stage yesterday announcing that AAB will be making way for Najib Tun Razak (NTR) to take over the UMNO Presidency come June 2010.

Malaysian Insider reported that the announcement was made in PWTC during the meeting with more than 700 UMNO division leaders from all over the country.

It may be smooth and easy flowing on the surface but the undercurrent is yet to be gauged. In an early response, Muhyiddin, who is currently in Japan on official duty commented that he will have to wait and see the response from the division based on their party elections starting 17th July 2008. He further commented that 2 years is a long time.

Tengku Razaleigh (TR) has openly criticised the announcement as unconstitutional. TR said "This handover thing is unconstitutional and it is not something that should be passed down from one leader to another.

"The matter of Umno's presidency and in turn, Malaysia's prime ministership, should be endorsed by the grassroots,"

Generally, 2 years in politics is a long time anfd anything can happen to either the President on the leader in waiting. Will there be ambush along the way? The next few weeks will be critical to the AAB - NTR pact.

Across the parliment, PKR has filed a no confidence motion on AAB. The motion was lodged with the Speaker's office on Thursday afternoon.

The early trading shows good impression on the announcement. Will it hold ? It's anybody's call.

Reality is the announcement is a political gimmick by AAB. Known for his flip flop decisions, the announcement may be retracted or a 180 turn may be coming soon.

As for PKR's motion, most probably it will be rejected by the speaker on technical grounds and the Pakatan Rakyat will need to think of new strategy to push their political agenda viz a viz to govern the country.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Of political manouvers, rock and...

The circus is back in town. Similar to the events of 1998, the former deputy PM and de factor leader of PKR has been accussed of sodomy, again. This time the accuser is one of his volunteer worker.

However, Anwar claimed that the accussation is the workj of the current DPM. As it stands, Anwar is claiming that DPM is involved in the high profile murder case of one Alantuya Sharibuu who was blown to pieces by C4 explosive.

This turn of events mirrors the Bollywood epic story and the real losers to all this is definitely the Malaysian citizen.

How long will this goes on??? Looking back, it points out that all the interested parties has diverted from its main aim; Anwar forgets that his main aim is for the so called Pakatan Rakyat to take over the admininistration of Malaysia, the DPM thinks more of countering allegations of his so called involvement with the Mongolian interpreter than strengthening the BN coalition which he is about to inherit from the PM, the PM is still looking lost in his flip flop decisions....

Sometimes, politicians forget to realise the needs of the people when they are busy attending to their gloated self ego...

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Of fuel relief, savings salary, and...

Barely a week after Malaysian Government announce 41 % fuel hike, the AAB-led government seems to be reeling back from the peoples' backlash.

The Government announce the cost cutting exercise of 10 % affecting the Ministers and Deputy Ministers. The announcement does not pacify the public as some demanded Ministers entertainment allowance to be slashed up to 50 %.

The initial handouts failed to impress the public when former PM, in his blog questions the supplier to rapid KL. One question worth thinking is - why can't the Government buy over the buses and refurbish it to improve the public transport system?

Apart from that, the Domestic Trade Minister has failed to impress the public during a "live" debate with the PAS youth on the actions taken to cushion the fuel hike.

In trying to win the peoples' heart and confidence, the Government announce further relief on 11th June '08. Amongst others, the Government pledge that there will be no further fi\uel hike for 2008. The same was mentioned as part of the BN's election campaing and yet, BN still increase the fuel price.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Of fuel hike...

The Nations's free newspaper headlines graphically indicated the 78 sen increase in petrol and Rm 1 increase for diesel in Malaysia effective from 5th June 2008.

The first inkling of the impending fuel price was first detected on NST online before the official announcement by the Government at 5.30 pm on 4th June 2008.

The impact of the increase will be far ranging. Along with the news of fuel increase, AAB's govt has offer cash rebates of up to RM 625 to individual owners of cars with capacity of less than 2000 CC, whilst the motorcyclist were offered cash rebates of up to RM 150 for owners of less than 250 CC motorcycles.

Then comes the double whammy...electricity tariff will be increased effective from 1st July 2008.
The fuel price will be reviewed on monthly basis.

In an immediate response, motorists que up the petrol kiosks to fill in their tanks, and the savings can come up to RM 50 or more. In the BSKL, the composite index loss 27 points in the early trading and by 10.03 am, the composite index drops to 34 points.

Let's hope that the legislators can do something about this and come up with a better idea. It seems that the Government are doing things on ad hoc basis without proper planning. A recent case of banning foreign vehicles from filling in their tanks in Malaysia just took effect on 2nd June '08 and by 4th June '08, the Government has reversed their own decision when the STAR quoted Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Samad of announcing the decision.

And all this come in the midst of unsettled rice price issue and the talks of possible cross over by politicians. Is this the beginning of the end for AAB ?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Of challenges, rewards, goodies and...

The former PKR youth leader caused a stir mid-week when he announced that he will e joining UMNO, one of the component parties in BN. The announcement came amid claims and counter claims that the opposition may call for vote of no confidence and boot AAB out from office.

Days later, Ezam sketches out his dateline to AAB to prove himself by next GE to prove AAB's commitment for political reform. That said, Ezam give a long lifeline for AAB to prove his sincerity. Anf come to tjink about it, is Ezam really sincere in joining UMNO or is there any hidden agenda to his action? And to add to te bait, Anwar has issued a statement to Ezam's move...

At this critical times when allegiance are sought and co-erced, AAB has provided a bagful of goodies to Sabah state when he visited Sabah during the wekend. Whether the goodies are enough to satisfy the Sabah politicians are yet to be seen. With an additional 1 billion for development, it is a grand windfall.

However, Sbah PKR claims of possible crossover shall never be discounted. Dr Jeffrey Kitingan has indicated many dates before and has issued a new date for the possible crossover, Something must be up his sleeve, either to push AAB to announce the windfall or maybe it is a genuine statement of the possible cross over.

In other subject, Rahim Thamby Chik, the former Melaka CM has been appointed as RISDA's Chairman, replacing TS Muhamad Muhamad Taib. That is the reward for being an ardent supporter of AAB. This is a reversal of fortune to Mokhzani Mahathir who has been asked to relinquish his post as Chairman of Sepang International Circuit (SIC).. The call was made by Youth and Sports Minister. Is this a thinly disguised call for Tun Mahathir to reliquish his posts as advisers to a few Malaysian GLCs'? Tun Mahathir says that he prefers to be sacked...over to you AAB...

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Of quit, thorn, overstaying and...

When those from Buddhist faith celebrate their Vesak day on 19th May 2008, UMNO is hit with the sudden announcement by Tun Mahathir that he quits the party. From his own words, it seems that there are certain pre-conditions attached for his return to UMNO. All the conditions seem to revolve around the departure of AAB as the PM, President of UMNO and BN.

The why's of Tun Mahathir's decision is best left at that and no amount of speculation can unearth the truth of his actions.

Looking through the fine prints of Malaysian insider, is the sudden announcement made because PAS member and former election candidate Ismail Wan Teh dare Tun Mahathir to make good his urge for party members to leave UMNO?

Tun Mahathir's long time political nemesis cum friend, Tun Musa Hitam, likened Tun Mahathir's quiting UMNO as removing thorn from the flesh . Is this a fitting description to a elder statesman who propels Malaysia into the world map ?

With parliment still in session, all eyes will be on Sabah MP's who have been extensively vocal in putting forth their displeasure to the treatment from Taiko UMNO. DAP adviser, Mr Lim Kit Siang shall be incorporating a clause calling for an inquiry on Sabah’s longstanding illegal immigrant problem in his motion of thanks on the Royal Address. Sabah MP's have to decide whether to support the clause and go against the traditional backing to the Government or to stick to their normal role of stamping the Government's proposal.

The final days of May signals that AAB has overstay and needs to think of exit plans before December 2008. As it stands, it is immaterial whether 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000 follow Tun Mahathir's footsteps but the message has been transmitted, loud and clear that AAB needs to go.

And during this time, the opposition will find time to politically capitalise on the event, to their maximum advantage where Anwar Ibrahim, TG Nik Aziz, Lim Kit Siang will find extra mileage in their quest to topple BN.

Now the bigger question is not if AAB steps down but more of when AAB will step down...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Of Nero, desperate measures and...

It is said that Nero, the Roman emperor "fiddled while Rome burned". Of late, things get moving faster and faster, as if there is an invisible finishing line to be crossed. The competitors ? Obviously one of them is AAB whilst the rest are masked participants, unknown publicly but nevertheless guesses are openly made, albeit whether it is spot on is anybody's guess.

Star reported the cabinet's decision to start investigation on persons who may have break the laws with regards to the Lingam gate. De facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim mentions offences under the Sedition Act, Official Secrets Act and the Penal Code, which included obstruction of justice. Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said he would go through the report before announcing whether he would be ordering a probe.

The first thing to note is the terms of reference (TOR) of the commission. Wiki has it here. In approaching the commission's report, one must not be bias or to make any pre-judgement to any of the names mentioned. Above all, it shall also be noted that humans could not unwind time and correct what is perceived as incorrect.

Malaysiakini reported an interesting point raised by the EC chairman. According to Rashid - after being informed about the cabinet’s decision to cancel the use of the ink - he was ordered to be responsible for the controversial scrapping of the indelible ink use.

This is the first time that TS Rashid touched on the issue.

And from the same EC, his deputy gives anoher probable bombshell - snap polls can be called. This statement is highlighted by Malaysiakini here. The deputy, Wan Ahmad was asked to comment on the uncertain political scenario following speculations of possible party-hopping by Barisan Nasional members to Pakatan Rakyat.

In the backdrop, Malaysia today says it with "As they play the final curtain"

Desperate people will do desperate you agree?

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Of PAM, VKL, HDC and...

Even before the dust settles, another prominent Sabah politician drops a bombshell. Pandikan Amin Mulia (PAM) has quit his post as the UMNO chief of Kota Marudu to "concentrate" on his role as speaker of Dewan Rakyat. This news was flash in rockybru's blog. Star carry out the report here.

Is that the beginning and a signal of the much anticipated exodus of elected representatives to the opposition side ? And if that happens, and if 30 or more elected representatives choose to switch their allegiance, does that mean the loose cooperation of the so called "Pakatan Rakyat" will be able to form a new government ? And if that happens, will the Dewan Negara, comprising of Senators will mirror those of Dewan Rakyat ? The plot thickens as the days go by...

On another front, MSN reported that the report presented by Royal Commission fora prominent lawyer (VKL) shall be discussed during the weekly Cabinet meeting. Amongst other, it is expected that the proposals by the Royal commission shall also be discussed at depth during th emeeting. This VKL issue may be used by AAB to divert the attention of public from the more critical PAM's resignation as UMNO division head and possibly heads off any domino effect. Updated news as reported in Malaysiakini the de facto law minister Zaid has announced that the report shall be made public and follows the commission proposal to investigate a few including former premier MM.

AAB is capitalising on VKL issue as a smokescreen for the Halal Industry Development Corp (HDC) fiasco that may explodes in AAB (and SIL's face). Again Rockybru highlight the HDC issue here ,.
Dr Ghazie Ismail, SVP of HDC responded to the article by commenting on it. Someone remarked that one of the Directors for HDC is related to SIL. Let the experts out there trace the family tree.

As if this is not enough, Lawyer Kampung blogs on the newsreport in Harian Sinar where the former MB of Terengganu, Datuk Seri Ideris Jusoh (UMNO man) denied knowledge that Terengganu oil royalty is in the tune of RM 2.45 billion yearly compared to the State record of only RM 1.4 billion. AAB may have a tough time explaining this to Terengganu UMNO liason on the shortage of RM 3.15 billion (for the period covering 2003 to 2007).

Looks like AAB is going to have nightmares before December 2008 comes visiting or maybe AAB will be out of job by then...and joins the rich and famous unemployed club, either in Australia or crusing in Turkey via AA way.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Of loyalty, royalty and...

Since the recently concluded general election of Malaysia, PM AAB is under tremendous pressure from his own party stalwarts as well as the component parties due to the dismay performance of UMNO and BN during the said election.

Initially, there are talks that AAB is going to hand over the UMNO presidency to others but the talks and demands seems to lose momentum and goes underground, at least physically and the next weeks will see whether it is a serious threat or just a whimper of UMNO members antics.
This is more so when his deputy has publicly supported AAB through thick and thin.

On the other front, east Malaysian lawmakers are openly voicing out their displeasure on how BN ill treated them as was seen by statements from Anisah Aman and Ghapur during their speech in parliment recently. This fuelled more talks on the possibility of Sabah and Sarawak lawmakers cross over to the opposition. Apparently, these "coffee shop" talks is getting to AAB's nerves as it is reported in Malaysian insider that AAB is in overdrive to secure the pledge of loyalty of Sabah and Sarawak's lawmakers. Based on these reports, it seems that AAB is given a lifeline up to August to make good his promises to look into Sabah and Sarawak's interest.

Politic life in Malaysia will be more interesting comes June when UMNO starts their branch and division elections, the commission report on video involving a senior lawyer etc...

On the other front, the oil royalty payment to Malaysian oil producing states is another point of interest.
MB of Terengganu, Ahmad Said had previously called for the federal government to return the oil royalty money to the state to manage. He further stated that the money to the tune of RM 1.5 billion per year as reported by newspaper.

Well, brace for the shock when the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator Datuk Amirsham A.Aziz revealed in the parliment on 12th May '08 that the royalty money or wang ehsan to the state of Terengganu is RM 2.45 billion annually.

This RM 2.45 billion annually is a simple arithmetic calculation of dividing RM 7.364 billion by three since the figure quoted by the Senator is for three years i.e. from March 2004 to Mar 2007.
No wonder, AAB is clapping his hands previously. He was appreciating the "good works" done by those behind the scene guys in spending to projects that are not fully beneficial to the people of Terengganu.

AAB may have smiled before but the threat of crossover is real.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Of hearsay, shifting and...

Karpal Singh, the DAP Chairman landed himself into another hotsoup when the royal court of Selangor rebuked him for his statement implying that the Selangor ruler interfered with the executive matters of the state. Karpal, in his statement on 12th May '08 has denied that he utter words to that effect but however he will check back on his notes regarding the issue. Rebutting all this, Karpal claims that it is UMNO that disrespect the Rulers i.e. Sultans.

This come barely days after he made a statement questioning the Perak ruler's decree to the Menteri Besar to rescind the transfer order of a senior civil servant. UMNO was quick to capitalise and to politices the whole issue when police reports were lodged against Karpal Singh. Lim Kit Siang, of DAP responded strongly when he mentioned that it is a dangerous precedent for AAB to pressure the AG charge Karpal in court court for sedition.

As previously mentioned in this blog, Karpal's acts will isolate him from the Malays. He should may well understand that the March tsunami of Malaysian politics are resultants of the peoples' awareness that all parties need to co-operate together and he should not read it as a shifting of thoughts and political ideology. It is a summation of contributory factors thathappens at the right time.

On another front, UMNO celebrated their so claimed 62nd birthday on Sunday 11th May '08. Looking at the pictures, it is unclear who the real supremo in UMNO and it looks more like backstabbing session will be in session soon.

With parliment currently in session, the SIL has started to potray his true self when he started giving new acronym to PKR, the party led by Wan Azizah.

Is this a clear signal that UMNO is getting restless with talks and rumours flying around regarding the possible "hopping" of elected Members of Parliments crossing over to the opposition.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Of expectation, disatisfaction and...

It has been a long tine that an entry is made in this blog. The reason for the elegant silence is to remain neutral during the last Malaysian General Election 12 and look at the situation from afar. And as the script goes, it is clear that the ruling party was given a "wake up" call to buck up its act it it wants to stay relevant in Malaysian politics.

When the dust settles, the ruling party is still at a loss of their sudden fortune. Post mortems on the results were made by all and sundry, from the politicians to the main stream media to the alternative media to the blogs etc etc...

However, most of the analysis rightly points out that the sudden downturn of events concerning Barisan Nasional is directly proportional to AAB. It is quite clear that AAB has failed to harness the party's strength when he choose to listen to his inner circle in choosing the candidates for the election. The rest is history...

Now, left right and center, AAB is being haunted and hunted to let go the reins of both Barisan Nasional and the premiership of the country. More and more UMNO divisions are asking for AAB to give way to his Deputy...

Apart from Selangor, Kedah and Penang UMNO divisions has also requested for AAB to step down. Tg Razaleigh, the Kelantan prince has offer himself to contect the UMNO presidency as well as urge UMNO to convene its EGM to discuss the problems facing UMNO today.

AAB is his bid to remain afloat and relevant is courting the Malaysian judiciary by indicating some form of back bay to the previous lord President who was tried and dismissed due to the tribunal seating, some 20 years ago.

Apart from that, AAB is also trying to win some support by trying to potray that the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) shall be free from political influence. However, his effort falls short when his agenda is not clearly defined.

One of the influential Malaysian blog openly questions whether AAB can last 100 days.

On the other hand, the current opposition parties are able to consolidate their gains and are making progress in leaps and bounds when their political agenda is more appealing to the public.
It is a fresh change and maybe, just maybe the time is right for Malaysians to try a new Government...

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Of carrot, self promotion and uncertainties...

Politicians are like diapers, they need to be change frequently – Tom Dobbs “Man of The Year”.

With that quote, it is quite obvious that election is in the air or Malaysia. After declaring holiday for Kuala Lumpur in celebrating Thaipusm, AAB tried to impress his audience by publicly kissing his new found wife...setting another round of comments on the behaviour on the leader of Islam Hadhari.

The extra holiday is actually likened to a dangling carrot, trying to win the hearts and minds of Malaysian Hindus who have been openly expressing their displeasure on the so called "marginalisation" of their kind. Under HINDRAF, Malaysian Hindus have been setting up their case based on 50 years of neglect by the present Government. Reports from the media has indicated that the Thaipusm celebration in Batu Caves is not the same as the previous years despite the Batu Cave management giving the option for the Hindus to omit paying the "toll" at the temple gates.

The signs are quite clear that the indus are not happy with the present Government. They are not happy with the performance of the so called Indian representative in the coalition Government vis a vis MIC headed by Sammy Vellu. And yet, being thick skinned Samy through his supporters has openly declared that Samy is still needed to contest in the coming election. If he fails to bring progress to the Malaysian Hindus for the past 20+ years, then do you think that he can succeed in fighting for their benefits within 5 years? And what does Putri UMNO has to say about this claim?

Another senior Minister, Rafidah has also make self assessment and feels that she is doing an excellent job. If these are not self promotion then what is? And even Masitah, the elected BN reprsentative from Baling is not spared...

And there are reports that aspiring candidates are making a beeline to seek appointment with the SIL for a chance to be elected as the BN's candidate for the coming election.

So many probablities and so much uncertainties....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Of Royal Commission, election handouts...

Although 2007 left with a whimper, 2008 promise to be an exciting year for Malaysia. Foremost in the minds of politicians is the 1 million dollar question - when is the next General Election going to be held ?

The PM has indicated that it can be held from now until 2009. However, in the same breath, he has called for the UMNO supreme council meeting and has slated 21st Jan '08 to meet with the BN executive council, The Election Commission has been barking for donkey months that they are ready to conduct the election whilst BERSIH has been pushing for another get together comes 24th Jan '08.

Way down at the new court complex, a Royal Commission is struggling to proceed with the Lingam-gate. How is it going ? Like a man beating around the bush...twisting and turning witnesses are no help to the commission. Beginning with Tg Adenan who suggested that Lingam might be drunk (as if he is an expert witness to determine the somberness of Lingam) to Eusoff Chin who claims that Lingam tags along during the vacation back in the 90's. Heck, why not go straight to Lingam and asked him point blank - Is that you?

Being a non-partisan, the Royal Commission hearing should not be used as a political forum, but should be wisely used to determine if the tape is authentic, regardless whether Lingam is sober or dead drunk. After the authencity is determined, the next course of action is to determine if there is any truth in the claims made by Lingam that he is in the inner circle in manuevering selected few to sit as the Chief Judge of Malaysia. In doing so, the witness should be careful in not falling into the abyss of accusing the players without any proof or correct facts.

The Royal Commission should take this opportunity to do their work correctly without fear and favour.

How long will the Royal Commission goes before it runs out of steam? The answer lies with AAB. If he choose to announce the date of the next GE, then the Royal Commission will be going into a natural oblivion.

And how to figure that election is coming? Well, for one AAB is willing to forego the 10 Muharram and choose instead to attend poongal, not in Batu Caves but around Masjid India area. To top it up, he even declares that he will consider to declare Thaipusm a public holiday. What a way to win the hearts of the Indians when he has sent the HINDRAF leaders to ISA and now offering carrots to the Indians for their precious votes.

In the bandwagon too, the DPM is putting a stop to overseas visits and the MBs' are claiming that they are ready to submit their recommended list of candidates to PM. Heck, do they think that their lisr will fare much better than those prepared by the SIL ? They must be dreaming.

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