Sunday, January 20, 2008

Of Royal Commission, election handouts...

Although 2007 left with a whimper, 2008 promise to be an exciting year for Malaysia. Foremost in the minds of politicians is the 1 million dollar question - when is the next General Election going to be held ?

The PM has indicated that it can be held from now until 2009. However, in the same breath, he has called for the UMNO supreme council meeting and has slated 21st Jan '08 to meet with the BN executive council, The Election Commission has been barking for donkey months that they are ready to conduct the election whilst BERSIH has been pushing for another get together comes 24th Jan '08.

Way down at the new court complex, a Royal Commission is struggling to proceed with the Lingam-gate. How is it going ? Like a man beating around the bush...twisting and turning witnesses are no help to the commission. Beginning with Tg Adenan who suggested that Lingam might be drunk (as if he is an expert witness to determine the somberness of Lingam) to Eusoff Chin who claims that Lingam tags along during the vacation back in the 90's. Heck, why not go straight to Lingam and asked him point blank - Is that you?

Being a non-partisan, the Royal Commission hearing should not be used as a political forum, but should be wisely used to determine if the tape is authentic, regardless whether Lingam is sober or dead drunk. After the authencity is determined, the next course of action is to determine if there is any truth in the claims made by Lingam that he is in the inner circle in manuevering selected few to sit as the Chief Judge of Malaysia. In doing so, the witness should be careful in not falling into the abyss of accusing the players without any proof or correct facts.

The Royal Commission should take this opportunity to do their work correctly without fear and favour.

How long will the Royal Commission goes before it runs out of steam? The answer lies with AAB. If he choose to announce the date of the next GE, then the Royal Commission will be going into a natural oblivion.

And how to figure that election is coming? Well, for one AAB is willing to forego the 10 Muharram and choose instead to attend poongal, not in Batu Caves but around Masjid India area. To top it up, he even declares that he will consider to declare Thaipusm a public holiday. What a way to win the hearts of the Indians when he has sent the HINDRAF leaders to ISA and now offering carrots to the Indians for their precious votes.

In the bandwagon too, the DPM is putting a stop to overseas visits and the MBs' are claiming that they are ready to submit their recommended list of candidates to PM. Heck, do they think that their lisr will fare much better than those prepared by the SIL ? They must be dreaming.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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