Saturday, December 22, 2007

Of flood, somnabulant, veiled threats....

December is normally accompany by rainy season in Malaysia and as usual 2007 brings flood to the states of Kelantan, Pahang and johor. Although thousands are temporarily placed in schoold and community halls, there are voices commenting on the slow pace of relief coming from the federal government.

The DPM of Malaysia lamented on the lack of social and community support from the private sector. The reasons for that is not immediately known - is it because the private sectors are hard pressed and preparing for the turbulent economic future or whether it is an advanced signal to the Government that they are not happy with how things are done.

Apart from that, it is a common sight in the Government controlled media of the DPM making his rounds in the flood affected areas. The difference is that now the PM is in Malaysia as compared to 2006 when he was reported to be going on a leasure trip with Datuk Jean Todt and Michelle Yeoh aboard a luxury yatch in Australia. Maybe that was when the PM was a prisoner of love.

Moving on, life is full of opportunities when of late there is a new buzzzing word - somnabulant. It has been an open secret that the current PM of Malaysia has been zzzzzzzzzzz his way and seems to lost control over his oversized cabinet. The recent few gatherings has been labelled illegal when the NGO's, bar councils, opposition parties have all staged some form of protest against his handling of certain issues concerning the judiciary and the election commission.

One of the component parties from the ruling coalition party has openly voiced out his concern on the treatment to the minority Indians. And for his comments, he is currently being draggged into an open controversy - different from the treatment reserved to Keris Hishamuddin who has been waving his daggerlike Keris when the latter is swearing to uphold the "special priviledges" of the Bumiputras. Heck -as far as the records show, the special privildeges are actually a mask to provide the "special class" UMNO members with golden opportunities to make good with portions of economics goods such as negotiated tenders and the likes. There are also reports coming in to say that the crowd has openly booed a senior minister from the ruling party recently. U be the judge and watch youtube under the search

And all this comes amid the veiled threats from Government leaders in response to the assemblies and gatherings which are gaining momentum due to the frustration of alleged judiciary mismanagement and election commission's role as a hidden hand to secure voting advantage to the present ruling parties.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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