Monday, January 26, 2015

Of Que Sera sera, Tango and ...

10th Feb 2015 - it's going to be another eventful day in Malaysia. Whilst our Chinese friends will be busy preparing for the upcoming CNY and our Indian friends busy cleaning up the Thaipusm do, Anwar will be standing in the dock for his final Sodomy II appearance. One way or the other, hopefully Sodomy II will be over before the midnight clock.

What will it be? Acquittal or sentence? Frankly, it doesn't make any difference now. Acquitted, Anwar will be too old to mount any legitimate challenge as the incoming PM. Guilty and Anwar is too ancient to last the jailhouse vacation.

However, beyong the rhetorics and the song, Is Anwar on tango with 1MPM6? Recent events certainly is pointing that way with MSM playing to Anwar's antics and set to join force to dismantle Daim. Afterall, isn't Najib used to be Anwar's 2nd in command in UMNo youth? Looking beyond, is Anwar willing to play second fiddle to Najib? And all this to spike Tun M?

If what is written by veteran journalist is true, the real losers will be Najib and Anwar. Najib has been on the defensive end way back to Razak Baginda's case. The case may haunt 1MPM6 when one of the accused is detained in Australia. It should be known that Australia do not have death penalty and as such they will not be ready to hand over their "guest" to Malaysian authority. With 1MPM6 looking anxiously behind his back, the poor fella may be "front-stabbed" by his old boss and new ally by the name of Anwar. When that happens, don't expect DPM, Zahid to come running to his side. If that happens, the grand ol' man will be towering tall above 1MPM6 who defended 1MDB at the wrong time...Is this the same organisation where one of the key figure is the male version of J-Lo...?

Anwar? If he can't come to terms with PAS now, how can he come to terms with PAS in the future? Anwar could not keep shifting blames to others. It is toime for him to standup and be counted. Countless times, Anwar has been dodging questions with his neck brace, "inability to perform" certification, arsenic poisoning...when will Anwar stand up and rid of the technicalities which keeps him out of the prison? I am not saying Anwar guilty but don't you think this is the time for Anwar to confront his ghost? maybe a special session with his immediate family?

If Anwar is guilty, it does not mean others are clean. Tepuk dada, tanya selera... there is no single Chua Soil Leg in BN. Worse, 1MPM6 cannot rely on his Nambika...since Palanivel is bringing down MIC... Who else can Najib turn to if not Anwar?

Me? Que Sera sera is for kids and tango are for lowers...I rock, man... I rock...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Of PLKN, media blitz, line clear no more...

Well, here we go again. 1MPM6 needs to do budget revision due to slumping oil price. At the time of writing, what interest me is PLKN. One of the highlights to 1MPM6's announcement is "Deferment of the 2015 National Service Training Programme to save RM400mil; programme to be reviewed and enhanced". What does that means?

Is 1MPM6 saying that PLKN is unimportant? How can this be when we are at the lower ebb of understanding each other and these youngsters are the future leaders of Malaysia? Is 1MPM6 depriving our teenagers from PLKN training as well as to give them a chance to be with their peers?

Where is the original inspirations to mould our teenagers into future leaders? Where is the dream to build PLKN into our reserve units? Where is the thoughts of using our youngsters as volunteers during emergencies or natural disaster?

It seems that 1MPM6 has prioritise his partner's spending over our budding leaders? And isn't it this 1MPM6 who lamented that our youngsters are too far apart that they need to be instilled with the 1M feeling? Cakap lain, buat lain...

On another front, there are rumours that there is a hidden war between the has been and the present. Only this morning, this writer educate a 24 year old guy about politics. Now, it seems that there is an unregistered open infighting in UMNO. The latest person opting out is Zam and he came with his statement that he opted peace of mind over anything else. Does that mean, someone is gaining the upperhand? I don't think so.

Like it or not, the grand ol' man has put Malaysia on the map and the current crop of leaders are not continuing the pace set by him. In fact, Malaysia is getting out of the radar and into the news for all the wrong reasons. It is true that the O;' man did mistakes in the past but it is nowhere what the present (and counting) leaders are doing. Banking on Anwar to do damage to Ol' man will backfire. What is the cost of pulling Anwar to your side? At what price?

Unchecked, the implosion will be the end of BN. Just look at MIC. When the party is facing actions from ROS, the President is out of the country. Is the same happening to numero uno party? The party's president is too buzy with his "golf diplomacy" until he seems to lose track of what is going on in the country.

Putting Anwar in charge of his battle with the 'ol man, 1MPM6 is spelling "DOOM" to his own party. 1MPM6 needs to wake up. Maybe he is too much out of touch that he lose sight of his own course.

For those who travels to Penang, Nasi kandar "Line Clear" is synonomous to the island since 60 years back. This writer was lucky enough to visit the stall for the first time 2 week ago. Now "Line clear" is no longer "clear".

Regardless of the cause and the reason for the action, MPPP's action is correct eventhough a bit too late. Besides operating without a legal business license, line clear should be taken action way before on the grounds of unhygenic condition, improper seating and facilities... Maybe, this time around, Anwar too would like to put his hands in the situation. Afterall, Anwar thinks he is THE solution provider...but I see him now, more of a liability than an asset...

And before I sign off...a nice piece taken from "Another Brick in the wall"...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Of two worlds, two standards, two different versions and...

Mirror, mirror on the wall... what do I see?

It is difficult when you are found living in two different worlds... especially when you are pushed into the spotlight on the same stage..

Again, there are things that I will gladly comment and there are things that I prefer to stay out of the limelight. Not because I do not have a stand on the issue but I prefer to keep my stand personal. However, in this case, our 1M Multimedia Minister has erred when he suggested an open debate between Paulsen and JAKIM. In the first place, I will not termed it as debate, I will choose the word dialogue which should be more meaningful...

First thing, how can you pitch a civil lawyer with syariah understanding? And this is the weakness of our legal system. How can a civil lawyer talks about syariah laws? Is he knowledgeable to touch the issues or just because he is a lawyer, he can choose the words to support his argument?

There are certain things which is unexplainable to us. The same goes with the argument that if we cannot see, we cannot believe syndrome. You do not see the air, but you know it is how? It is more prefereable for both Paulsen and JAKIm to sit down together and go through their differences. You do not need 1M Multimedia Minister to do that... any teh tarik session can do UNLESS someone out there wanted to keep the score.

Case of point is the recent K-POP issue involving gadis bertudung. Eventhough, I did lay the blame to the singers, it is their duty to know the do's and don't in Malaysia. If there is any need to interact and hold hands or hug or kiss, go choose someone who is not binded by their religion and beliefs. Why is this not done? Apparently the propomters failed or simply wanted to create the scene in order to promote their K-POP stars.

1M Minister says educate offenders. I say the offenders should be educated before they step foot in this country. I thoroughly believe that the same K-POP singers will not dare to spit out chewing gum in Singapore, then why the same singers choose to offend others in Malaysia?

Apologising is not the solution. It has been said many times before of the do's and don't in Malaysia. If Beyonce and the rest respect our custom and religion when performing in Malaysia, why can't K-POP singers do the same? Unless 1M Minister is an ardent fan of K-POP and he is the one who "greenlighted" the move.

As for the "tudung" girls, it is a misjustice to the rest of the tudung girls. Are they
"bertudung" because they choose to be "bertudung" or are they "bertudung" because it is the "in-fashion" for Malay girls. I am sure if these "tudung" girls are not "bertudung", they will not be able to get their parents blessings to be at the event.

That said, I see it as a miscarriage of justice when these "bertudung" girls do something that is not reflective of other innocent and genuine "gadis bertudung". You want to know about the "real gadis bertudung". Go google Ustaz Azhar Idrus, Or Ustaz Kazim....

As for Anwar, it is better for him to keep his mouth shut. The problem is he cannot keep hismouth shut..all for the sake of to be in the news.... Anwar will have ample newstime soon when his "SODOMY" case judgement is out, regardless of him being innocent or guilty...

Here we go again.... the FBI letter case. Gasing time....One say and the other say. Both can be correct and both can be half truths...I will not comment as 1M DPM says another thing.

Spinning is for politicians? Or is it for corporate players? Tony Phua ask ARUL to come with facts and figures. As far as I am concern, Cayman Island is still there...but where is the funds?

My point is simple...we are living in two worlds...and currently it seems that the world's view of equality is an about turn with the Muslim definition of equality. We live in two standards whereby there is a grey line between what is wrong and what is right. And one's view maybe the opposite to the other. We have tow version to a single story..and we are now torn between our conscious and the public concious. Which one is right? And is the other wrong?

Tepuk dada tanya selera...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Of E. Coli, EngKau lie and ...

It is not easy when you are under the microscope 24/7. That is what 1MPM6 is facing now. In the space of less than 1 month bridging Dec '14 to Jan '15, he is subjected to :-

1. Negative comments on "Golf diplomacy trip" in Hawaii;
2. Viral youtube on "play acting" whilst visiting flood situation in Perak;
3. The only leader with E. Coli infection;
4. Travelling to Bangkok for "unofficial official" discussion with Thai PM;
5. His Minister writing a "supporting letter" to FBI for one Paul;
6. MIC's President going against his own CWC in dealing with ROS;
7. RM spiralling down against US greenbacks;

Sentiments aside, is 1MPM6 under attack from his own quarters? I see it comming since the recently concluded UMNO GA and if the trend continues, it is hard to see 1MPM6 surviving the continuous onslaught.

It is time for 1MPM6 to buck up and says "The buck stops here1" if he has the balls. First thoing he needs to do now is to arrest the spiralling RM... stop blaming the world for the problem. If it is a totally global effect, then all currencies should be spiralling. Is it happening? No... that means Malaysia is facing a problem. Blame it on oil price? It is now at USD 47 per barrel. 1MPM6 can't afford to blame on the oil price as Malaysia has been using the oil price fluctuation for almost every issue. Now that the oil price is down and RM is spiralling, what is 1MPM6's best explaination and strategy? Will Malaysia revert to pegging RM to USD? If so, at what rate?

On political front, 1MPM6 has to look into MIC's problem. If the President and Deputy President is not communicating, how is 1MPM6 expected to run the cabinet when both of them are his cabinet members? And if both of them could not communicate on party matters, can they communicate on National interest matters? Or will 1MPM6 let MIC to be declared "null and void"?

Domestically (and I mean real domestically), 1MPM6 needs to stand up and "advise" his numero uno domestic helper to stop shopping around. It damages his repiutation and the latest Bangkok incident will not blend in with the sufferings of the flood victims. Here we have almost 250K flood victims trying to rebuild their lives and over there we have 1MPM6, with E Coli infection braving the trip to play golf with Thai PM and "inviting" his domestic helper to return home...

Whatever 1MPM6 do, it seems that all are backfiring... even 1MDB is in the limelight for the wrong reasons. Changing the CEO is not the solution. 1MPM6 is facing problems from all fronts an the best way out is the exit door.

I have mentioned before and reiterate here...1MPM6 is a nice guy but RM is pulling him down. His fall is mainly on his own doing. He favours Obama over his rakyat...Maybe, he needs to reinvent his "Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan" to "(Fill in the name) didahulukan, handicap score diuatamakan". His MIC solution
is not working. Palanivel conveniently forgets that 1MPM6 Najib is the one who brokered the solution for his ascendancy to MIC President. Now, Palanivel who happens to be Cameron Highland MP who also happens to be in the state of Pahang where 1MPM6 represents Pekan is putting 1MPM6 in hot soup...

Being a "lallang", it is difficult to be at the top giving instruction and reining the politicians. How to undo a letter to a different Government's agency when your own Minister did not (or maybe did) brief public servant number 1?
It should be mentioned that there are 3 UMNO VPs. One was in London (?) during the flood, one send a "supporting letter" to an oversea court (and letter has since been retracted), and another barely made any news now. With that scenario, who will be the next leader of Malaysia? Of course, the Deputy should be the automatic choice to repleace 1MPM6 but the more important question - who will be the next DPM?

Me? I choose to opt out from 24/7 scrutiny a long, long time ago.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, January 05, 2015

Of planes, plans and ...plain

End of 2014 is all about planes. Not the remote-controlled planes but private and commercial planes, regional and worldwide.

Enough has been said about 1MPM's golf diplomacy. Right or is up to readers to judge and the most critical judgement will be during GE14. When Najib returned to visit those affected by the recent floods, his plane is missing... and later traced to be in USA and later trace travelling the globe before touching down in Subang. This writer has no problems as long as the plane is back. Who are the passengers of the flight? I don't care...

However, it is best for the PMO to come up with a creditable and plausible explaination on the plane's route and why the route is take. KL-Honolulu-LA-Indianapolis-LA-NY-London-Dubai-Bangkok-KL is a long journey. Granted that the plane may go for scheduled maintenance in Indianapolis but why the many hopping cities? Running in a just serviced plane?

Hoping that 1MPM will be more prudent in 2015 in using the plane. Afterall, our RM is shrinking and even with the fuel price down, we are still paying the same for our food and other necessities. By the way, that RM stands for Ringgit Malaysia and not any other RM...

Another plane also make its way into our lives at 2014 end. This time it is not just a plane viz a viz QZ8501 but the company operating the ill-fated plane ie AirAsia per say. The burning question is - how do AA operate a route without license? Will AA comes in defense claiming that it is an "on-trial" route?

Not only that, Air Asia needs some soul searching as to why few glitches happen in the course of the past week when QZ 8501 is the headlines of the world? Overshoots runway, irregularity and the such within a week of QZ 8501 is too much to stomach. Something may be wrong somewhere... and it may be costly for Air Asia to resolve all the issues.. read somewhere that even India may be reviewing AirAsia operations there...

Humans plan and sometimes it may backfire. Is that what happens to Paul Phua? Who is Paul Phua? It seems that he is under house arrest in USA for gambling-erelated offence. A letter was said to be issued to FBI seeking Paul's release as he is identified as "assisting Malaysia in projects affecting the country's national security". True of false? maybe Ripley can provide a better answer....

Now that the water has receded, a question arise - Is 1MPM6 strong enough to handle the floods?

After much criticism from netizens, 1MPM6 flew home "leaving his family" behind to visit states worst affected by the floods. Barely a week after, PMO tweeted "1MPM6 down with E Coli infection". Unbelievable, isn't it? When...

1. Those affected by the floods brave the muddy water daily for almost 7 days;
2. Those affected by the floods eat "nasi kawah" for days;
3. Those affected by the floods has no proper sanitation for several days;
4. Those unsung heroes who brave the water to send aid to the victims;

How many of almost 250,000 evacuees hit by E Coli infection? Any record or statistics? How many of these volunteers down by E Coli infection? Or is it due to 1MPM6's viral video on "flood acting"?

Maybe and just maybe...when 1MPM6 is down with infection, we will see...

1. The rest of 1MPM6 family by his side reprimanding him for "main banjir"?;
2. 1MPM6 injecting more funds to help those affected by the floods?;
3. MIC responding positively to ROS?;
4. Who actually instructed that the Minister's letter withdrawn from USA courts?;
5. 1MPM6 throwing the towel and concentrating on his "golf diplomacy" (Will Obama invited him if he is an ex-PM?)

So many scenarios...and definitely I am gaining my touch...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, January 02, 2015

Of 2 different and similar fate...

Flood, and Malaysian flood typically is an annual event. By normal convention, it occurs annually around December. Thus it is very discouraging to know that our great leaders puts thier priority above the nation's needs.

Of course, it will not be complete if this post does not highlight Najib's "Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diuatamakan" is now proven as mere rhetorics. When the nation is facing one of the biggest and worst floods in years, he opted to spend his holidays in Hawaii in the company of Obama.

First, it is not wrong to play golf with Obama but the timing is off cue. Najib conveniently put the nation at the back of his mind and how can he claim that his thoughts is with the rakyat when playing golf? Come on! Any golfer will claim that the state of mind is most important when playing golf. You cannot shut off your minds from the pains and sufferings of the people just to go for golf diplomacy.

In fact, Obama will respect Najib more if Najib opted to pass the golf over his nation. He did not do that and after heavy criticm from the rakyat, Najib "reluctantly" return home. Too late...

Anwar Ibrahim fare no better. Anwar may claim that he is not the Pm and he is not in position to direct the agencies. But he the opposition leader, his words carry weight. He did not utilise that...and he lost out a golden opportunity to prove that he is the Rakyat's man...

Worse for Anwar, it triggers a new question...

The vacation photograph sees him riding a mountain bike. Now, I am not going to talk about flood but a different approach. Is it not Anwar who we see walks ever so slowly up the stairs to deliver speeches. Is it not this same Anwar who some Doctors claim has bad back and could not perform on bed?

If this is the same Anwar, then explain to me how can he ride the rough terrain of mountain biking? Or is this a mirage of sorts?

2015 is here... and I am back... Rustic to a point but will be we3ll greased and oiled soon :)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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