Monday, January 26, 2015

Of Que Sera sera, Tango and ...

10th Feb 2015 - it's going to be another eventful day in Malaysia. Whilst our Chinese friends will be busy preparing for the upcoming CNY and our Indian friends busy cleaning up the Thaipusm do, Anwar will be standing in the dock for his final Sodomy II appearance. One way or the other, hopefully Sodomy II will be over before the midnight clock.

What will it be? Acquittal or sentence? Frankly, it doesn't make any difference now. Acquitted, Anwar will be too old to mount any legitimate challenge as the incoming PM. Guilty and Anwar is too ancient to last the jailhouse vacation.

However, beyong the rhetorics and the song, Is Anwar on tango with 1MPM6? Recent events certainly is pointing that way with MSM playing to Anwar's antics and set to join force to dismantle Daim. Afterall, isn't Najib used to be Anwar's 2nd in command in UMNo youth? Looking beyond, is Anwar willing to play second fiddle to Najib? And all this to spike Tun M?

If what is written by veteran journalist is true, the real losers will be Najib and Anwar. Najib has been on the defensive end way back to Razak Baginda's case. The case may haunt 1MPM6 when one of the accused is detained in Australia. It should be known that Australia do not have death penalty and as such they will not be ready to hand over their "guest" to Malaysian authority. With 1MPM6 looking anxiously behind his back, the poor fella may be "front-stabbed" by his old boss and new ally by the name of Anwar. When that happens, don't expect DPM, Zahid to come running to his side. If that happens, the grand ol' man will be towering tall above 1MPM6 who defended 1MDB at the wrong time...Is this the same organisation where one of the key figure is the male version of J-Lo...?

Anwar? If he can't come to terms with PAS now, how can he come to terms with PAS in the future? Anwar could not keep shifting blames to others. It is toime for him to standup and be counted. Countless times, Anwar has been dodging questions with his neck brace, "inability to perform" certification, arsenic poisoning...when will Anwar stand up and rid of the technicalities which keeps him out of the prison? I am not saying Anwar guilty but don't you think this is the time for Anwar to confront his ghost? maybe a special session with his immediate family?

If Anwar is guilty, it does not mean others are clean. Tepuk dada, tanya selera... there is no single Chua Soil Leg in BN. Worse, 1MPM6 cannot rely on his Nambika...since Palanivel is bringing down MIC... Who else can Najib turn to if not Anwar?

Me? Que Sera sera is for kids and tango are for lowers...I rock, man... I rock...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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