Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Of E. Coli, EngKau lie and ...

It is not easy when you are under the microscope 24/7. That is what 1MPM6 is facing now. In the space of less than 1 month bridging Dec '14 to Jan '15, he is subjected to :-

1. Negative comments on "Golf diplomacy trip" in Hawaii;
2. Viral youtube on "play acting" whilst visiting flood situation in Perak;
3. The only leader with E. Coli infection;
4. Travelling to Bangkok for "unofficial official" discussion with Thai PM;
5. His Minister writing a "supporting letter" to FBI for one Paul;
6. MIC's President going against his own CWC in dealing with ROS;
7. RM spiralling down against US greenbacks;

Sentiments aside, is 1MPM6 under attack from his own quarters? I see it comming since the recently concluded UMNO GA and if the trend continues, it is hard to see 1MPM6 surviving the continuous onslaught.

It is time for 1MPM6 to buck up and says "The buck stops here1" if he has the balls. First thoing he needs to do now is to arrest the spiralling RM... stop blaming the world for the problem. If it is a totally global effect, then all currencies should be spiralling. Is it happening? No... that means Malaysia is facing a problem. Blame it on oil price? It is now at USD 47 per barrel. 1MPM6 can't afford to blame on the oil price as Malaysia has been using the oil price fluctuation for almost every issue. Now that the oil price is down and RM is spiralling, what is 1MPM6's best explaination and strategy? Will Malaysia revert to pegging RM to USD? If so, at what rate?

On political front, 1MPM6 has to look into MIC's problem. If the President and Deputy President is not communicating, how is 1MPM6 expected to run the cabinet when both of them are his cabinet members? And if both of them could not communicate on party matters, can they communicate on National interest matters? Or will 1MPM6 let MIC to be declared "null and void"?

Domestically (and I mean real domestically), 1MPM6 needs to stand up and "advise" his numero uno domestic helper to stop shopping around. It damages his repiutation and the latest Bangkok incident will not blend in with the sufferings of the flood victims. Here we have almost 250K flood victims trying to rebuild their lives and over there we have 1MPM6, with E Coli infection braving the trip to play golf with Thai PM and "inviting" his domestic helper to return home...

Whatever 1MPM6 do, it seems that all are backfiring... even 1MDB is in the limelight for the wrong reasons. Changing the CEO is not the solution. 1MPM6 is facing problems from all fronts an the best way out is the exit door.

I have mentioned before and reiterate here...1MPM6 is a nice guy but RM is pulling him down. His fall is mainly on his own doing. He favours Obama over his rakyat...Maybe, he needs to reinvent his "Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan" to "(Fill in the name) didahulukan, handicap score diuatamakan". His MIC solution
is not working. Palanivel conveniently forgets that 1MPM6 Najib is the one who brokered the solution for his ascendancy to MIC President. Now, Palanivel who happens to be Cameron Highland MP who also happens to be in the state of Pahang where 1MPM6 represents Pekan is putting 1MPM6 in hot soup...

Being a "lallang", it is difficult to be at the top giving instruction and reining the politicians. How to undo a letter to a different Government's agency when your own Minister did not (or maybe did) brief public servant number 1?
It should be mentioned that there are 3 UMNO VPs. One was in London (?) during the flood, one send a "supporting letter" to an oversea court (and letter has since been retracted), and another barely made any news now. With that scenario, who will be the next leader of Malaysia? Of course, the Deputy should be the automatic choice to repleace 1MPM6 but the more important question - who will be the next DPM?

Me? I choose to opt out from 24/7 scrutiny a long, long time ago.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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