Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Of desperate men, desperate measures and...

3 months out and Malaysia seems to be caught in the time warp, a space zone of sorts when March 8 2008 has opened doors of opportunity as well as exposing the ugly side the then ruling party.

With political gimmicks and the full force of MSM, the ruling party tries its utmost best to bare the shortcomings of the 5 Pakatan Rakyat led states, with daily dose of so called broken promises and unfulfilled pledges whilst remain conspicuously silent on their own ability to run the Government, although armed with 50 years of experience.

After attacking the opposition ruling party and parlimentarians, the political target has shifted to the current so called de factor leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, known as Anwar Ibrahim or Brother Anwar to some. The charges are the same but the actors and the places are new. The Ruling party enjoys the word sodomy and charges Anwar of sodomising his assisstant recently. Hey, I might be temped to hear how Anwar "perform" at the age of 61...and why were there no records of him being engaged in the activity when he was locked in the prison for six years? Unless, of course Anwar was locked together with the ladies and there were no behinds available.

With that, it seems clearer now that AAB is a desperate man. He is desperate enough to cling to his power that he is willing to offer his assisstant, NTR, his post comes 2010. And NTR is no stranger to controversy as he is being openly debated as the person that may be directly or indirectly involve with the murder case of a foreign translator.

How desperate is AAB? He is even more desperate when news of secret meetings between his party and PAS has recently surfaced. In one of those meeting, it is said that UMNO is even willing to be the no 2 man in Selangor, as long as they can stop Pakatan Rakyat from governing the state.

PAS, being PAS should realised that they were once kicked off Barisan Nasional and the experience should indicate how UMNO treats other parties...

Another blogger, Kickdefella has put in his blog on the possible reasons why the secret meetings were held...

How the people see the secret meeting is important. BN, in their rapid decline from the power grasp will be screeching for something to hold on to, and that includes PAS. Now, PAS must remember that they gain their support because people are fed up with the wead administrative values of AAB. PAS should not be seen to support the weak leadership qualities of AAB, who is more inclined to be lovey dovey to the Jin in Putrajaya.

And in the background, our southern friendly neighbour has issued a statement that may need urgent attention of all Malaysians especially those in Johore...

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Of political promises, gimmicks and ...

The present leader and the incoming were on stage yesterday announcing that AAB will be making way for Najib Tun Razak (NTR) to take over the UMNO Presidency come June 2010.

Malaysian Insider reported that the announcement was made in PWTC during the meeting with more than 700 UMNO division leaders from all over the country.

It may be smooth and easy flowing on the surface but the undercurrent is yet to be gauged. In an early response, Muhyiddin, who is currently in Japan on official duty commented that he will have to wait and see the response from the division based on their party elections starting 17th July 2008. He further commented that 2 years is a long time.

Tengku Razaleigh (TR) has openly criticised the announcement as unconstitutional. TR said "This handover thing is unconstitutional and it is not something that should be passed down from one leader to another.

"The matter of Umno's presidency and in turn, Malaysia's prime ministership, should be endorsed by the grassroots,"

Generally, 2 years in politics is a long time anfd anything can happen to either the President on the leader in waiting. Will there be ambush along the way? The next few weeks will be critical to the AAB - NTR pact.

Across the parliment, PKR has filed a no confidence motion on AAB. The motion was lodged with the Speaker's office on Thursday afternoon.

The early trading shows good impression on the announcement. Will it hold ? It's anybody's call.

Reality is the announcement is a political gimmick by AAB. Known for his flip flop decisions, the announcement may be retracted or a 180 turn may be coming soon.

As for PKR's motion, most probably it will be rejected by the speaker on technical grounds and the Pakatan Rakyat will need to think of new strategy to push their political agenda viz a viz to govern the country.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Of political manouvers, rock and...

The circus is back in town. Similar to the events of 1998, the former deputy PM and de factor leader of PKR has been accussed of sodomy, again. This time the accuser is one of his volunteer worker.

However, Anwar claimed that the accussation is the workj of the current DPM. As it stands, Anwar is claiming that DPM is involved in the high profile murder case of one Alantuya Sharibuu who was blown to pieces by C4 explosive.

This turn of events mirrors the Bollywood epic story and the real losers to all this is definitely the Malaysian citizen.

How long will this goes on??? Looking back, it points out that all the interested parties has diverted from its main aim; Anwar forgets that his main aim is for the so called Pakatan Rakyat to take over the admininistration of Malaysia, the DPM thinks more of countering allegations of his so called involvement with the Mongolian interpreter than strengthening the BN coalition which he is about to inherit from the PM, the PM is still looking lost in his flip flop decisions....

Sometimes, politicians forget to realise the needs of the people when they are busy attending to their gloated self ego...

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