Monday, April 30, 2012

Of BERSIH 3.0 - It's the blame game again...

What sets the chain actions of 28th April 2012? Nightcaller says it is the communication breakdown! And it happens on both sides of the barbed wires!  

It was a street carnival on 28th April 2012. At least until the police decided it's time to BERSIH the BERSIH 3.0! IN my usual walkabout, I surveyed Jalan Sultan, Masjid Jamek, Pasar Seni and the neighbourhood. Proud to say that the crowd is well behaved and all come without fear and favour with mostly firsttimers donning the party gears. When we sat down in front of Masjid Jamek, it is still a peaceful assembly with smiles exchanged between the crowd and the police force. Even when I received word that the rally should be peaceful dispersed, we follow the instruction to the tee as I have to guide the first timers and take care of their well being. Even though we received word that the tear gas has been shot when walking towards Bricksfield, I reminded them to follow our route as we comer in peace so we return in peace. It is this primary reason why this caller do not trust the mainstream media. You want pictures and stories? Load them from here, here, and here...

What sets the chain actions of 28th April 2012? Nightcaller says it is the communication breakdown! And it happens on both sides of the barbed wires!

Those rally goers can attest that there is a terrible communication blackout in the vicinity on that particular day and at that particular time. Maybe it is due to telephone exchanges could not meet the demands. It is almost impossible to make and received calls. The next viable option is to rely on smses... This contribute to failure to communicate and thus open to misinterpretation.

Next, being a relatively first timer crowds, they failed to distinguish between the peacekeepers from the troublemakers No matter what is said about them, this Caller will always vouch for Unit Amal to do their part in keeping things orderly. What the crowd did not realise is the presence of agent provocateurs who are out there to create chaos. Who are these people? Are they from the Yellows, the Greens, the police force or from the Blues? The Caller called on an independent panel to find the root cause and identify these agent provocateurs! And this panel should be from the public and not from the police force as they are one of the suspects in this mayhem.

What really happen on 28th April 2012? Did the Police takes a sterner action when they heard unconfirmed reports that one of their colleagues got hit whilst rumour mongerers passed wrong information to incite the crowd? We need to get to the bottom of this and unearthed what transpoired between 3 pm to 7 pm on that fateful day. How can an orderly disciplined crowd be treated as such and what makes some of them retaliate? Is this a penned up feelings ready to explode into the government's face?

If 28th April 2012 is used as a political barometer, then 1MPM6 Najib has his hands full in the coming GE 13. If BN goes with a landslide win, then there are those who will claim that EC is biased and the elections are rigged. If BN wins a slim majority, there will be more who will claim that the election system is not claen nor fair. If BN lost Putrajaya, then will 28th April 2012 recur?

The blame of what transpired on 28th April lies squarely on Fuad, the KL's mayor. The best solution is to allow the crowd to continue with their carnival like activities on Dataran Merdeka but limit that to 4 pm. After 4:30 pm, then Fuad can condonned the area with the help of PDRM, BERSIH 3.0 and DBKL. But Fuad choose a different approach, an approach to please his political masters... and the result is another slap in the face to 1M slogan.

After 28th April, more people will rally behind BERSIH and if BERSIH 4.0 comes about, expect more crowd to be there. Why? Many still opts to listen and cruise the internet to get the latest news and nost of them come back with anger. Angered that their brethens are treated that bad. All they want is a peaceful assembly and if 1MPM6 Nanib cannot provide that assurance and commitment, then 1MPM6 Najib is not fit to head the government!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Of BERSIH 3.0 : Early participant...

Just saw this cute thing along Jalan Sultan Ismail... maybe too eager to be at Dataran Merdeka tomorrow...

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

of BERSIH 3.0 : Of countdown...

"NC, are you going to be there this 28th April?" "Yes, in fact I might be dropping by early" "NC. I think you are an ingrate for not counting your blessings" "What? an ingrate? Hold on there! Let's get our facts right..." That is basically what transpired yesterday when a friend feels that those who will be attending the 28th April sit-in are ingrates who do not appreciate the blessings of being in Malaysia. To him, Malaysians of all walks of life should feel happy that we are not faced with daily riots like those overseas. Did this friend know that whatever chaos happening in Malaysia is due to uncontrolled measures taken by the men in blue? Look at BERSIH 2.0 - who started the intimidation? Worse still - this friend do not understand that BERSIH 3.0 is not about BN or PR! BERSIH 3.0 is about fair and free election! This friend mentioned that it is alright for the powers that be to "tol" us poor folks as long as these politicians provide stability and security. What? Is he approving those bloody politicians scooping loads of money through dubious means? He continued to say that if he is in the same shoe, he will do the same to enrich his relatives. Poor me, I have this type of friend who profess that he is a Muslim but condons corruption! Isn't Islam talks about fighting corruption? Isn't Islam preach about being fair in election? You see, this friend of mine has come to a state of no return. He accepts the fate that politicians are corrupted and to him it is the same, whether it is BN or not! He refuse to understand about the basic demands of BERSIH 3.0. He refuse to accept that there are things to be done and corrected for a fair and free election in Malaysia. He parrots Fuad in allaying fear of chaos. Then what is the use of Peaceful Assembly Act if you could not exercise your rights as a citizen? Are we prisoners of pour own devise (taken from "Hotel California"? I have make my walk today and I feel that Fuad can still change his mind and allow BERSIH 3.0 to be at Dataran Merdeka. Proof to the world and to the foreign tourist and correspondents that we can do it right and peacefully. Dataran Merdeka will be able to accomodate the seas of yellow there. BERSIH 3.0 is not about BN or PR. It is about our expression for a fair and clean election. Yes, Ambiga and KJ offered their views but they comes from different backgrounds and different perspectives. Whilst Ambiga comes with facts and figures, KJ skirted around withj promises of time-frame reform. The question - what will happen if GE 13 is called before reforms take [place? And what happen if BN cruise to a landslide win? Are we, Malaysians have to suffer and endure another 20 years of injustice? My friend thinks that everything will ends if BN lose. Is that true? Kelantan has survived for 18 years under PAS and Penang, Kedah and Selangor has been under PR's leadership for 4 years. Did these states suffer that badly? BERSIH 3.0 is about choice. It is my choice to attend BERSIH 3.0 as it is my friend's choice not to attend. It is not about Fuad and his DBKL team to dictate what we can and cannot do. Fuad has better things to do arresting the moral decadence of our youth. Fuad and his team allows concerts and youths to litter Dataran Merdeka. Why not Fuad take stiff action to these underaged youth? Why go for BERSIH 3.0? If Fuad wants, all he needs to do is just give a ring and BERSIH 3.0 is more than willing to supply him and his band of merry DBKL yellow or green or a combination of yellow and green t shirts for them to wear this 28th April 2012. WE know Fuad wants to be with the crowd, so Fuad, let loose and join us in the 28th sit-in. My friend may not be attending but I bet my last ringgit, he will regret it one day... when hisroty mention 28th April sit-in as the turning point of Malaysian EC system. Since he wants to let the chance of being part of history slips him, let him be... but if this is the beginning of more unfair and dirty election, then don't come running to complain. We will reap what we sow. period. To all out there who are making preparation to join the 28th sit-in, NC salutes you. Me? I will start the day visiting the old istana negara and then making way to the newly opened textile museum before entering the teh recently coined KL gallery and that's just a stone's throw away from Dataran Merdeka.... See you guys and gals in Dataran Merdeka this 28th April and join the mother of all happenings.... Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Of alternative, alternatives, all the natives...

Last night I dropped by a forum organised by TINDAK. I left halfway due to other commitments but enough to know that Malaysia is heading the wrong way this coming GE 13... 

Imagine this - more than 700 ammendments to the constitution since 1957 and compare to 27 ammendments done to USA for the past 236 years. Maybe Malaysia will be going to the books of records for the most ammendments made to the constitution!

And where in the world do we have a red-eye parliament session to push the bill/acts through within a day as what happened last Thursday. And I wish KJ luck when he face Ambiga tomite in the Malay Mail-sponsored forum.

I can't help laughing knowing how KL mayor is going to deal with BERSIH 3.0. Face the music? Did he thinks that KL belongs to Fuad? Heck no! Fuad, be reminded that you are appointed as a custodian to KL not as an enforcer for some hidden hands! Your job is to fascilitate and as such, act as one! If you do not know how to fascilitate then yours truly can give you a helping hand or two...

BERSIH 3.0 wanted to use Dataran Merdeka and poor Fuad offers unworkable alternatives! Why unworkable? The alternatives listed are way out of city centre and worse it does not command good transportation hub.

Maybe Fuad does not know KL as others since his face is buried with papers and his kiblat is Putrajaya then let me offer one or two better alternatives compared to Fuad's.

Honestly, I did not see any problems if Fuad allows BERSIH 3.0 to use Dataran Merdeka for their sit in. Nothing wrong at all as these sit in guys are not going to perform any death-defying feats there nor are they there to stomp the ground.

If Fuad is too timid to allow BERSIH 3.0 access to dataran Merdeka, then Padang Merbok is a good alternative and let it be bridge to Tugu Negara. Why there? It is within city centre, within walking distance from all the major transportation hub and it is just a stone's throw away from bukit Aman. No need for our hardworking police commanders to man the field, enough for them to use their binoculars to monitor the situation from the comfort of their offices. Even Hishamuddin can join them in Bukit Aman!

Someone asked me " Why do you walk for BERSIH 3.0?" My answer is simple "I want a fair and free election". So far, I did not buy the idea of EC providing one since the bills/acts are bulldozed within a night and there are too many questions left unanswered.

A few die-hard Indian BN supporters openly declared yesterday that they are not happy with the way big brother UMNO is acting. They believed that foreigners are turned into instant voters whilst there are still Indians with PR status. To them, UMNO has betrayed their trust and Namikei. Will they walk this Saturday? I don't know but they have openly declared that they are not happy with big brother UMNO.

Back to TINDAK forum last night - I was taken by surprise with the open statements made by fellow attendees. They are making ammends for not attending BERSIH and BERSIH 2.0 and vouched that come what may they will be there on the grounds of Dataran Merdeka. You almost can never hear this before and these people bravely put their newly-bought BERSIH 3.0, anti Lynas and combination of anti-Lynas-BERSIH 3.0 t shirts. And these people are all the natives of KL... I wonder if Fuad is a KLite or not...

As I listen to Ambiga short speech, I ask myself - are there true UMNO and BN leaders who understand that there is some sort of injustice to our electoral system. If there are, then where will these people be come 28th April 2012? Will they be joining the rest of us sitting in or will they be in the comfort of their homes - enjoying the fruits of unbalanced system?

Looking forward to see how Fuad is going to act when 28th April dawns on him. Or maybe he is now waiting for email instruction from his boss in Putrajaya...

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Of own goal...

Why? Because I just finish watching Richard Gere "feeling" the grass beneath his feet in Pretty Woman and my inner Richard Gere is feeling the same way now. The only thing is - I want to do it on 28th April 2012. Are you coming, my Pretty Women? If you do, then we can "feel" the grass together...

Remember Pak Lah? Yes, the same Pak Lah who was our mantan PM and FIL of KJ. When he was the PM, he loves using the words Modal Insan or human capital.

Pak Lah believed that for Malaysia to strive forward, Malaysia needs to have a strong modal insan in the form of educated workforce, an edge for Malaysian in competing with our neighbours. That was 4 years ago...

Now, the Minister tasked in preparing modal insan students are getting sidetracked with his own agenda in politics. When the brave young students camped in dataran Merdeka was intimidated by Gagaks, this Minister tweeted
“No one asked them to camp out at Dataran Merdeka. When something happens, don’t go asking for sympathy.”

When the heat is on, the same Minister turn around and claimed that he did not mean to be crass. Apa ni? If the Minister feels that he is limited by tweeter, then by all means don't tweet!

No wonder our education is going to the drains. We have a MInister who could not even get his message across and this same Minister is tasked with building Modal Insan par excellence. If Pak Lah was said to be a sleepyhead PM, then what is our 1MPM6 Najib doing? How can Najib choose Khaled as the minister of higher education when this fellow could not even tweet properly? How can this minister guide our higher institutions to produce excellent human capital?

Instead of meeting and discussing with the students, Khaled choose to stay in his abode and comment from afar. Is this the trait of a responsible minister? Or is this a trend of would-be losers?

That is not all. His deputy is asking for investigation about the Gagaks intimidation and Khaleed is doing the opposite - putting the blame back on the students. Is this a SOP for BN Minister? What BN failed to capitalise is to put their own BN squad to protect these students from further intimidation from the Gagaks. Better still, BN leaders should be going to the ground to meet and mingle with the students. The problem - these BN leaders are too stuck-up that they feel everybody should kowtow to them and they feel that they are the king of the hill. Alas, soon they will realise that they are only kings of molehills...

Now, DBKL is saying no to 28th April sit in. Aha, you can say no to Bersih 3.0 but can you say the same to me if I were to be there on 28th April? If DBKL can allow the tourist to sit on their grass, why can't I sit on the same grass come 28th April 2012. Heck, I don't even know who is Bersih 3.0 although I should admit that I know some of the committee members. That said, can we all come together and sit-in 28th April. You may be sitting next to me and not knowing me, but together we just love sitting in Dataran Merdeka this 28th April. Reason? It just happen that I am free on 28th April and I want to enjoy sitting on the grass of Dataran Merdeka.

Why? Because I just finish watching Richard Gere "feeling" the grass beneath his feet in Pretty Woman and my inner Richard Gere is feeling the same way now. The only thing is - I want to do it on 28th April 2012. Are you coming, my Pretty Women? If you do, then we can "feel" the grass together...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Of 6th day and the night before...

To the students of Open U (Dataran Merdeka) - stand your ground. If the gagaks show up again, then Nightcaller will not be calling. Instead it will be Nightstalker who will be watching and recording.

A simple SMS "Dropping by Dataran Merdeka to see how our young friends doing. U there?" and it ends with "Yes same case. C u 28. Take care wife OK?"

This Nightcaller drop by to see how our young students were doing in Dataran Merdeka at 11:00 am today. On the short walk there, a banner reads "Raja dan Rakyat berpisah tiada" or loosely translated ""King and the subjects never separated".

Raja dan rakyat berpisah tiada. It sets me thinking, the students camping out in Dataran Merdeka are also his royal subjects and if there is no physical separation between the Raja and the rakyats, then these students has the same rights to be on Dataran Merdeka as you and me. Is that right?

Walking the length of Sultan Abd Samad building, one can see clearly workers putting up stages and special dias for the upcoming Royal concert to be held on 21st April 2011. At the end, near the fountain are three tents erected by the students who are fighting for "Abolish PTPTN repayment" This Nightcaller have said it earlier that Nightcaller is not supportive of the groups' demand but they have the same rights to voice out their opinion, even if it is not inline with the Nightcaller's ideals...

These students have camped 6 nights n Dataran Merdeka and brave the scorching sun with their demands. Little did the Nightcaller knew that they have a rough night last night....

It seems that there are those out there who believed in brute force to get their message across. But this same group of "gung ho" black shirt gagaks are only brave in numbers. Are they the same if they are alone?

These gagaks should respect the students point of view and if these gagaks did not agree to them, then by all means engage in discussions and not in brute force. By doing so, these gagaks are no better than the hooligans who walk the London streets last year. Worse, now all fingers are pointing to an established party as the sponsor for their act!

UMNO youth leader, KJ is quick to condemn the attack. And he is suppose to be the Jaguh who gathers the Mat Rempits. If he condemns the attack, then why is his former boss claims that this is to rile up the public? These gagaks are only good at kicking girls and what this Nightcaller don't understand is why are these gagaks prowling the streets at night?

If these gagaks are so brave, then by all means come out in the daylights and show your face! If these gagaks are responsible enough then they should not be camera shy to the extend of threatening and confiscating cameras from those filming their acts.

Yes, in my field trip today I noticed the DBKL enforcement officers in the background under the comfort of shaded trees. Apparently they are there to fill their timesheets, no more and no less. Does the same goes to our Men in Blue? 15 minutes of commotion and those entrusted to provide our security is not there to stand up to these gagaks. Something is not right here...

To the students of Open U (Dataran Merdeka) - stand your ground. If the gagaks show up again, then Nightcaller will not be calling. Instead it will be Nightstalker who will be watching and recording.

Back to the Raja dan Rakyat berpisah tiada - did it cross your mind that Bersih 1.0 and Bersih 2.0 walks to istana Negara to present their petition to the Raja. That's how close the Raja is to the rakyat. Now, the Rakyat is again planning to see the Raja to air their grievances, where will the Raja be? No longer in the Istana Negara of old but a new one in Jalan Duta, almost inaccessible to the simple rakyat like you and me...Think about it...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Of things yellow and green...

Not bad for a teacher, huh? A friend of mine suspected that I am a teacher so this Nightcaller must be one hell of a teacher to be doing so many things at one time. And if this Nightcaller can do such multitasking, then maybe Muhyiddin should step aside and let Nightcaller head the Ministry of Education.

Silence doesn't mean that I am gone. It is just a voluntary hiatus to sit back and see how the future landscape is going to be...

First, I see there's a need to sit back and return to our senses. Whilst everyone is getting excited with Lynas Greens merging with Bersih 3.0 Yellows this 28th April 2012, the question is why are the students camping in Dataran Merdeka?

Although this Nightcaller is a rebel in many fronts but this time around this Nightcaller is not totally behind the students who "occupy" Dataran Merdeka. Why?

First and foremost, the students regardless of their age are entrusted by their parents and the society to continue with their studies for that piece of paper which will determine their future. By camping in Dataran Merdeka, are these 30 odd "students" taking "leave" from their studies? And by the way, can you consider a suspended student as in the case of Adam still a student?

Then ask the next important question - who make up these 30 odd students? Are they all from various universities and colleges in Malaysia or are they only from a certain University? What about their private institutions counterpart? Are they together in solidarity with these 30 odd students?

Why question PTPTN? The choice is yours. Parents (and students) can opt either to choose PTPTN or pay the tuition fees from their pockets and do away with PTPTN loans. Therefore the choice is yours. It is then illogical to equate PTPTN loan with other fund misappropriation.

Saying that, this Nightcaller feels that the students primary role is to achieve recognition via that piece of scroll at the end of their study. No doubt as a student (once), this Nightcaller too has participated in demos before but we did it for the sake of the nation, never for our own sake!

Many will not like what this Nightcaller has to say but it is a matter of opinion.

Now on to other subject matter. The 28th April "fiesta" in Dataran Merdeka. Truthfully, this time around Nightcaller feels a different ambience. Friends from all walks of life are looking forward for the 28th April. None anticipated the all too familiar chemical-laced drenching. Afterall, Sokran is already celebrated on 13th April 2012 unless our friends in Putrajaya are super sleepyheads when to celebrate Sokran and drench the crowd with the chemical-laced water!

The all too familiar question is whether you are coming in GREEN or YELLOW. The GREENS will be walking from KLCC whilst the YELLOWS will be waiting in Dataran Merdeka. To me, it is all very simple. Why not make it a day for both BN and PR to show their displeasure toeards EC for being an agent to fraud and manipulative polling system? EC is at fault for allowing itself being manipulated to the extent that 0.3 % are doubtful voters.

Mind you that 0.3% will decide our future after GE 13 and EC categorically admitted that these 0.3 % doubtful voters exist. If 0.3 % doubtful voters exist, then EC will one day categorically admits that Malaysian GE is shaped by "express" citizens who are roped in to deliver votes to a certain party.

Me? For sure I will be hanging around in Dataran Merdeka on 28th April. Afterall, if anything happens, who will take care of my friends who are basically first timers in attending a perfectly legally "illegal" assembly? However, this time around, his Nightcaller will take a leaf of strategy from Zorro's Bersih 2.0 approach.

And for that matter, this Nightcaller has lined up all the trips abroad so as not to clash with the 28th April rendzevous. See you guys in Dataran Merdeka, all for the sake of clean and fair elections!

An acquintance mentioned that despite his word of caution to 1MPM6 Najib, chances are GE 13 will be on 9th June 2012. When asked of his chances, Najib merely replied "Menaruh Harapan". Since when Najib is an ardent fan of Zaiton Sameon? Is he not an avid fan of the singer with the raise eyebrow? tsk tsk - Or does this means that Najib is keeping his fingers crossed that his 1M slogan can sway the voters his way?

Honest opinion? 1MPM6 Najib will have a tough day to hold to his PM post. Why? This Nightcaller sees that only Najib is working his hearts out to pleased the people whilst his cabinet and warlords are waiting by the sidelines, calculating their chances of being nominated by the party to stand in GE 13. One source mentioned that although BTN figures favour BN in Selangor, the possible infighting and seats swapping with MIC will see the end of BN in Selangor.

The same source confidently whispered yesterday that GE 13 will be in September 2012. If he is right then 1MPM6 Najib surely put his future on the line where analysts are pointing to another possible economic meltdown soon. Maybe 1MPM6 Najib is getting tired and is handing Malaysia on a golden platter for PR to take over. If that is the case, then it is better still for 1MPM6 Najib as BN head to pledge that BN will withdraw from the coming GE 13.

How is 1MPM6 Najib rating overseas? Not too long ago Najib officiated an event in Cambodia after the recent ASEAN summit. Sad to say that the reception from the Malaysian community there is lukewarm. And a friend of mine noted that Ali Rustam who flies in to Phnom Penh to be with Najib wore Prada shoes. Prada shoes for Melacca CM? See why BN leaders are toppling each other for coveted posts in the country? How many of us can buy the original Prada shoes?

The same source mentioned how it is so damn difficult for people like you or me to meet with these GLC CEOs. Why? They were too busty attending conferences abroad that they barely have time for commoners like you or me. In fact, it is also said that one particular GLC CEO was unceremoniously given a dressing down by the cabinet for "failing" to meet with BN politicians and appointments has to be made 2 months in advance to meet this particular GLC CEO.

Not bad for a teacher, huh? A friend of mine suspected that I am a teacher so this Nightcaller must be one hell of a teacher to be doing so many things at one time. And if this Nightcaller can do such multitasking, then maybe Muhyiddin should step aside and let Nightcaller head the Ministry of Education.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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