Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Of things yellow and green...

Not bad for a teacher, huh? A friend of mine suspected that I am a teacher so this Nightcaller must be one hell of a teacher to be doing so many things at one time. And if this Nightcaller can do such multitasking, then maybe Muhyiddin should step aside and let Nightcaller head the Ministry of Education.

Silence doesn't mean that I am gone. It is just a voluntary hiatus to sit back and see how the future landscape is going to be...

First, I see there's a need to sit back and return to our senses. Whilst everyone is getting excited with Lynas Greens merging with Bersih 3.0 Yellows this 28th April 2012, the question is why are the students camping in Dataran Merdeka?

Although this Nightcaller is a rebel in many fronts but this time around this Nightcaller is not totally behind the students who "occupy" Dataran Merdeka. Why?

First and foremost, the students regardless of their age are entrusted by their parents and the society to continue with their studies for that piece of paper which will determine their future. By camping in Dataran Merdeka, are these 30 odd "students" taking "leave" from their studies? And by the way, can you consider a suspended student as in the case of Adam still a student?

Then ask the next important question - who make up these 30 odd students? Are they all from various universities and colleges in Malaysia or are they only from a certain University? What about their private institutions counterpart? Are they together in solidarity with these 30 odd students?

Why question PTPTN? The choice is yours. Parents (and students) can opt either to choose PTPTN or pay the tuition fees from their pockets and do away with PTPTN loans. Therefore the choice is yours. It is then illogical to equate PTPTN loan with other fund misappropriation.

Saying that, this Nightcaller feels that the students primary role is to achieve recognition via that piece of scroll at the end of their study. No doubt as a student (once), this Nightcaller too has participated in demos before but we did it for the sake of the nation, never for our own sake!

Many will not like what this Nightcaller has to say but it is a matter of opinion.

Now on to other subject matter. The 28th April "fiesta" in Dataran Merdeka. Truthfully, this time around Nightcaller feels a different ambience. Friends from all walks of life are looking forward for the 28th April. None anticipated the all too familiar chemical-laced drenching. Afterall, Sokran is already celebrated on 13th April 2012 unless our friends in Putrajaya are super sleepyheads when to celebrate Sokran and drench the crowd with the chemical-laced water!

The all too familiar question is whether you are coming in GREEN or YELLOW. The GREENS will be walking from KLCC whilst the YELLOWS will be waiting in Dataran Merdeka. To me, it is all very simple. Why not make it a day for both BN and PR to show their displeasure toeards EC for being an agent to fraud and manipulative polling system? EC is at fault for allowing itself being manipulated to the extent that 0.3 % are doubtful voters.

Mind you that 0.3% will decide our future after GE 13 and EC categorically admitted that these 0.3 % doubtful voters exist. If 0.3 % doubtful voters exist, then EC will one day categorically admits that Malaysian GE is shaped by "express" citizens who are roped in to deliver votes to a certain party.

Me? For sure I will be hanging around in Dataran Merdeka on 28th April. Afterall, if anything happens, who will take care of my friends who are basically first timers in attending a perfectly legally "illegal" assembly? However, this time around, his Nightcaller will take a leaf of strategy from Zorro's Bersih 2.0 approach.

And for that matter, this Nightcaller has lined up all the trips abroad so as not to clash with the 28th April rendzevous. See you guys in Dataran Merdeka, all for the sake of clean and fair elections!

An acquintance mentioned that despite his word of caution to 1MPM6 Najib, chances are GE 13 will be on 9th June 2012. When asked of his chances, Najib merely replied "Menaruh Harapan". Since when Najib is an ardent fan of Zaiton Sameon? Is he not an avid fan of the singer with the raise eyebrow? tsk tsk - Or does this means that Najib is keeping his fingers crossed that his 1M slogan can sway the voters his way?

Honest opinion? 1MPM6 Najib will have a tough day to hold to his PM post. Why? This Nightcaller sees that only Najib is working his hearts out to pleased the people whilst his cabinet and warlords are waiting by the sidelines, calculating their chances of being nominated by the party to stand in GE 13. One source mentioned that although BTN figures favour BN in Selangor, the possible infighting and seats swapping with MIC will see the end of BN in Selangor.

The same source confidently whispered yesterday that GE 13 will be in September 2012. If he is right then 1MPM6 Najib surely put his future on the line where analysts are pointing to another possible economic meltdown soon. Maybe 1MPM6 Najib is getting tired and is handing Malaysia on a golden platter for PR to take over. If that is the case, then it is better still for 1MPM6 Najib as BN head to pledge that BN will withdraw from the coming GE 13.

How is 1MPM6 Najib rating overseas? Not too long ago Najib officiated an event in Cambodia after the recent ASEAN summit. Sad to say that the reception from the Malaysian community there is lukewarm. And a friend of mine noted that Ali Rustam who flies in to Phnom Penh to be with Najib wore Prada shoes. Prada shoes for Melacca CM? See why BN leaders are toppling each other for coveted posts in the country? How many of us can buy the original Prada shoes?

The same source mentioned how it is so damn difficult for people like you or me to meet with these GLC CEOs. Why? They were too busty attending conferences abroad that they barely have time for commoners like you or me. In fact, it is also said that one particular GLC CEO was unceremoniously given a dressing down by the cabinet for "failing" to meet with BN politicians and appointments has to be made 2 months in advance to meet this particular GLC CEO.

Not bad for a teacher, huh? A friend of mine suspected that I am a teacher so this Nightcaller must be one hell of a teacher to be doing so many things at one time. And if this Nightcaller can do such multitasking, then maybe Muhyiddin should step aside and let Nightcaller head the Ministry of Education.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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