Thursday, January 26, 2012

Of 350K : A possibility...

350K. Wow! I wonder if given the chance where will they register to vote. Pekan? Pagoh? or maybe Sembrong?

350K or 350,000.

Hanafi Abdul Malik of Sidim (Sahabat Insan dan Imam Malaysia) make that statement in his last Halaqah TV appearance sometime in December 2011.

A pro-establishment blogger make a sweeping remark that whatever it is, it must be PR related. Tsk. Tsk.. so childish of the blogger.

Let's go to the point. Based on his census and estimation, Hanafi Abdul Malik believes that there are 350,000 Malaysians involved in either LGBT. LGBT? It stands for Lesbian, Gay, BIsexual and Transvesites. When the pro-establishment blogger make the sweeping remark, he may as well show UMNO cum BN Putrajaya's exit door. Why?

For one, just imagine 350,000 potential voters and if all these "special" voters ganged up politically, they may as well be the deciding factor for at least 5 parliamentarian seats. If BN and PR are said to relocate their voters then these "special" voters can do the same, if they have a proper game plan. And if these "special" voters do relocate their voting station, there is a big possibility that they can put 70,000 voters in each of the 7 parliamentary seat of their choice. When that happens, both BN and PR will be kowtowing to these "special" voters for their precious votes. Just imagine 7 more parliamentary seats for PR. Will it not make 1MPM6 Najib cries in despair?

Remember that 350K potential voters are made of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transvesites. When the childish blogger writes in his blog, did it ever crossed his mind that maybe there are UMNO cum BN leaders who are a member of this "special" LGBT group? Is it not routine for UMNO delegates to whisper that 1 of their ex-wing leader is a lesbian? This is not an accussation made by PR leaders but well-shared information amongst the UMNO cum BN leaders. It does not matter whether the person is still in power or not but the person still wields considerable influence within UMNO.

What about another ex-wing leader who is said to have some "fatal attraction" with the same sex? If that is true, will it not place the leader as a B? Bisexual? What has the blogger got to say to this? Mind you that this leader may be at the top 5 of UMNO cum BN's leadership!

For now, let's see some similarities with how the authorities handle Jalan Kebun ABU case. A few underaged kids who disrupted the event are said to be UMNO members. The authorities rightly say that that is not possible because they could not be possible party members due to their age. Partly the statement is correct but it does not mean the kids could not disrupt the event. they could and they have. The question is - who instructed or instigate them? Worse still if any of the kids wear party shirt during the melee. A shirt does not make one a party member but it can indicate the tendency or affiliation to the party. Just like anybody wearing yellow was marked as potential Bersih participants. If the authorities can make the deduction before then why are they not making the same deduction in Jalan Kebun case?

Do we pooh poohed what the Australian columnist claimed just because someone say he is gay? If that is so, then do we need to give the same treatment to Elton John and others listed? I wonder if the blogger wears YSL shirts because the designer is definitely confirmed gay! Does that make the blogger "gay" too?

Whatever it is, the political strategist from either PR or BN should make a calculative approach to befriend the LGBT "special" people. BN, on one part, has to swallow their pride to engage LGBT and canvass for their votes. Maybe BN will soon deploy their own LGBT squad to play the fields. If that happens, I am sure many in UMNO cum BN will have a field day wooing the LGBT and I will not be surprise if one of the UMNO "love squad" van parked along the alleys of TAR.

PR has it easier because UMNO's tough stance approach forced the LGBT to sway to PR's side. It is not 100 % commitment yet but at least it is a good beginning for PR if they play the cards right. After all, LGBT are humans too and they need all our help, understanding and support to continue living in the society.

350K. Wow! I wonder if given the chance where will they register to vote. Pekan? Pagoh? or maybe Sembrong?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Of Shhh - things untold...

Najib can afford to forego March 2012 as Parliament will be sitting during the time. March 2012 will also see the King installed as YDP Agung. Najib could not afford to have GE 13 in August as Muslims will be fasting during the time. That leaves Najib with April - July window. Najib needs to neutralise damage done out of her trip to Australia. That will take at least 1 month, enough time for Najib to despatch Shoorizat to US of A to replace JJ.

The question of the year will be when will GE 13 be held. No matter how tough it looks, 1MPM6 Najib has to make his decision now and planned for that GE 13 which will either make him or break him.

Before that, let's revisit some of the recent events which may determine the outcome of GE 13. Why recent? Well! isn't it Mahathir who once announced that "Melayu mudah lupa"? He said that in 2001 and 10 years on, it is "Malaysians easily forget"...

Remember 9th January 2012? For PR supporters, it is the day where Anwar was acquitted from sodomy II, breathing in fresh energy to their aspiration to dethrone BN. For Perkasa, it is the day when only 50 turn up in Masjid Wilayah in support of the fool. For BN, it is one of those rare ocassions where they just could not influence the outcome of the judgement!

That's not all, on the sidelines of 9th January 2012 is the three explosions that cut short PR's supporters celebration. After 2 weeks there are still no progress on the investigation. Is it really so? Is PDRM really on top of the case or is the case to be stamped "Unsolved mystery"? Sometimes, Malaysians have to turn to coffeeshop talk for some leads, and to get an unofficial account of what is going on. The problem is, most of the coffee shop talk will ends in fisherman's tale ie a 1 paragraph story exaggerated into a tele-novel complete with scoops and snoops.

2 weeks ago, I chanced on a food supplier cum contractor cum GERAK-KAN (tak Gerak, tak makan) believer who is happy with the 9th January 2012 event. He was requested to provide part of the rations to those police personnel who were called to duty to man the streets on 9th January 2012. At that time, he has discounted that the explosion is planted by PR supporters.

2 weeks on, the same food supplier claimed that the explosive device is too sophisticated and only an explosive expert is capable of planting the explosive. He again discounted PR supporters and this time struck off Perkasa from his suspect list. He then continue ramblings on the probabilities... something that goes along the Hollywood script. In short, he believed that PDRM is zooming in on the explosive-maker but the bigger question - will PDRM and the AG's office charge him or will not take any action to the explosive maker? Does he act alone or is he under instruction? If he is under instruction, will the Director of Operations charged along with him or will it be another Razak Baginda?

If 9th January 2012 is about Anwar, 9th December 2011 is about ABU (Anything but UMNO). Now, ABU is non-political in nature although they are, for the time being, pro PR. Being an NGO of sorts, is there any need to disrupt ABU event?

Whilst there are some unsettling video on youtube showing the fracas, the blame lies to both the organisers and the provocateurs. Did the organisers inform the police of their event? If yes, then where are the police when the fracas happened? If not, then did ABU thinks that they are above the law to hold anon-police sanctioned event?

I blame the big man in black for deliberately messing up Hindraf/ABU's newsletter stacks but I equally blame the organiser for failing to reason with the big man in black. I blame the boys with sticks who traumatised those present in the hall. Tame the sticks away and what will those boys be?

I read in another blog about Hindraf disrespecting Mahgrib prayers. Is this so? If it is, then I will not blame those guys for disrupting ABU/Hindraf event. However, there is all possibility that the blogger is UMNO's cybertrooper. Whatever it is, there are threats and violence. Is this an indication of what to come in GE 13?

So when is GE 13? It has been a public secret that school halls has been identified as ballot centres and it is also another public secret that the armed personnel's leaves has been freeze meaning the police and the army could not go on holidays unless critically necessary.

1MPM6 should know that the parliament will automatically dissolve on 8th March 2013 unless he is mentally retarded to think that the parliament 5-year term will ends on 3rd April 2014, 5 years after he took over Abdullah Badawi's place as PM.

Najib could not afford to hold GE 13 after September 2012 as that will be an open market for UMNO leaders to fight for divisional posts and this will potentially lead to serious UMNO infighting or maybe Najib's ouster as UMNO's president!

Najib can afford to forego March 2012 as Parliament will be sitting during the time. March 2012 will also see the King installed as YDP Agung. Najib could not afford to have GE 13 in August as Muslims will be fasting during the time. That leaves Najib with April - July window. Najib needs to neutralise damage done out of her trip to Australia. That will take at least 1 month, enough time for Najib to despatch Shoorizat to US of A to replace JJ.

Between May and July, the school holidays will be from 26th May to 10th June. Looking at the calendars, 1MPM6 Najib will choose 3rd June 2012 as GE 13. If that happens then we will either see PR taking over Putrajaya or we will see RosCTmah making more trips to New York and Sydney to splash money in her effort to befriend Michelle Obama...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Of students, undergraduates, overgraduates and...

Between KUIN, Adam Adli and Kadir, the loser is still UMNO cum BN. UMNO needs to comes up with something better that RM 500 BR1M...

1960's and the 70's is the heyday for student activists. It was a long time ago when I grew up with Ryan O'Neill's "Love story"... that was before...

Zoom to Malaysia and 2011/2012. First stop - KUIN (Kolej Universiti Insaniah). First of all, it is not a university thus it is befitting for me to call them students. KUIN students warned that they will reject Azizan Razak as Kedah MB. Azizan's fault? He supports the usage of AUKU (UUCA) in the suspension of 5 KUIN students.

Second stop UPSI (Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris). UPSI decided to suspend Adam Adli 3 semester for lowering 1MPM6 Najib Razak's flag. Now, mind you that Adam Adli did not lowered the malaysian flag but lowered and temporarily replaced Najib's flag in PWTC. Adam Adli's reason? Najib has failed to abolish AUKU (UUCA) and slow in taking the right steps to dismantle AUKU (UUCA). UPSI's decision may force more undergraduates and students activists to cross the boundary and work together with PR to replace BN in Putrajaya.

UMNO and BN have look at it from a small angle. Yes, KUIN is determined to work against PR but only up to Azizan Razak's level and KUIN students is getting personal there. The question - how many KUIN students are registered voters in Sungai Limau where Azizan Razak is the incumbent state legislator? What UMNO and BN failed to see is the KUIN are on personal vendetta and normally personal vendetta will blow with the wind. Kaput!

Adam Adli, on the other hand represents the thousands of present and past students who feel that they are victimised and suppressed by AUKU (UUCA). Can UMNO and BN stand the students tide against AUKU (UUCA)? The students are everywhere and all they need to do is to convince their immediate and close families to embraced ABU and UMNO cum BN will have to vacate Putrajaya in GE 13. That, my friend, is the students power!

Faced with Adam Adlis' what is the counter weapon of UMNO cum BN? Sensing that more and more people in the likes of Sakmongkol, Aspan, Hatta crossing over, UMNO and BN is getting worried when Kadir Sheikh Fadil warms comfortably with Anwar and PR.

Just imagine UMNO's deck of cards tumbling if more and more UMNO leaders like Kadir Sheikh Fadhil cross over to PR. What more if these UMNO leaders are still BN's elected parliamentarians! To offset this, UMNO cum BN is unearthing fossilised can of worms of these leaders. Otai Kickdefella unearthed one on the former Information Minister. UMNO cum BN's message is clear. Join the opposition and your misdeeds will be exposed!

The question to Kickdefella..why expose only Kadir? Why not Shoorizat? or Rafidah? or even Abdullah Badawi? Otai Kickdefella should continue exposing them and since Kickdefella has scored one in the form of Kadir, why not score another one, in the form of JJ, perhaps? Kadir may like double burger but JJ may go for original big whopper from New York. And the otai blogger can go one step further to include JJ's favourite partner in burger business, you know the one who like to go for Kublai Khan's descendants...

The way I see it, Kadir has over graduated. Whilst there is nothing wrong to continue harassing a potential opponent, but to me let the past remains buried as that is between him and the One God. Stirring the dirt, you might know what dirt Kadir is capable of unearthing. What more if he can unearthed those buried offshore. You never know and trust me, you never want to know...

Between KUIN, Adam Adli and Kadir, the loser is still UMNO cum BN. UMNO needs to comes up with something better that RM 500 BR1M...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Of Shoo-rizat, Bin Ali and...

Only in Malaysia. That's how I see the way things are played in Malaysia.

After years of military clampdown, Myanmar sees better days ahead when Aung San Suu Kyi registers for election, paving the way for her to stand in the coming April by-election. She will be standing for one of the 48 vacant seats. For Myanmar, the world is watching and Hillary Clinton read Obama has given a tacit approval to the new Myanmar rulers when she visited the country in December 2011. Even Bill Gates and otherworld corporate leaders are going Myanmar way this February 2012.

Malaysia? On one part the Military never ruled us although they did temporarily took over the reins in 1969. But on the other, we are not much better than Myanmar when Malaysians are mentally locked up under the watchful eyes of Perikatan and later Barisan Nasional.

How bad are we now? Well, we do not have to go that far back to see something is seriously flawed in Malaysia.

By now, almost everyone is dreaming of rearing cows in condominiums, thanks to NFC whose Chairman is Shahrizat's hubby. What is persplexing is when Shahrizat takes a three week vacation from her post. Vacation? What is Najib talking about? With all the issues loading up, 1MPM6 Najib should be asking Shahrizat to take a 3 weeks non pay leave pending investigation. Better still, suspend her from her cabinet and political post. Unfortunately, Najib is too lallang to do that. In short, he has not guts!

The script is not that rosy for Shahrizat. All Najib got to do is to let time flies and Shahrizat's senatorship expires. By convention, her term as senator will ends 0n 8th April 2012. By that time Koh Tsu Koon, Awang Adek, Jamil Khir Baharom and Shahrizat will be at Najib's mercy whether their senatorship will be extended for another term or not. That nail biting moment will happen if Najib did nor dissolve the parliament after March 2012.

Najib may well dropped Awang Adek, Jamil Khir and shoo Shahrizat as they are now becoming political baggage to BN. Awang Adek with his contribution funds, Jamil Khir with his issue on tithe funds and Shoorizat with his NFC. By dropping the three, Najib has a face saving solution to Shoorizat's RM 250M family fiasco.

There are speculations that Najib will dissolve the parliament in March 2012. My thoughts? Although the government has freeze armed personnel leave and has block school halls but that does not mean Najib is ready for GE 13. Najib is not a risk taker. His forte is to stay in his comfort zone and hope that things will turn his way. Unfortunately, all pointers are not working BN's way.

Worse still, Chua Soiled Leg finally commented on Shoorizat predicament and claimed that BN handled the issue poorly. Hello, Soi Lek, isn't MCA part of BN? If so, then you are spitting yourself when you make the statement. If BN seems to handle the issue poorly then why is MCA so mousy in ticking off Najib and BN? Or Chua has lost his marbles as his issue is no less better than Shoorizat? Najib is not that ready to cut off Shoorizat, not when his last hope to cling to power falls squarely on Wanita UMNO shoulders whose leader is Shoorizat. Take Shoorizat off and Najib may have another mutiny within his own camp.

The longer Najib waits, the more uncetainties. With each passing moment, Najib will be more and more isolated and soon he will have no more options left to manaouvre BN out of GE 12 nightmare.

When PAS sacked Bin Ali from the party, BN thought they saw some light at the end of the corner. Bin Ali is suddenly thrust into the limelight and whatever he says is honey-coated to BN and suppose to drive a wedge in PAS. However, too much Bin Ali brings PAS closer together.

Bin Ali should know when to keep his mouth shut. Whatever Khalid Ibrahim decision is his to make, being Selangor MB. What Bin Ali failed to see is PAS is just not about getting the EXCO (religious affairs) but PAS together with PKR and DAP is looking to topple UMNO and BN. If and when that happens, do you think PAS will only be limted to religious affairs? Is Bin Ali making the same mistakes of the past when he thinks that Islam only revolves around rites and prayers? If that is so, then Bin Ali is as secular as the orientalist next door.

Bin Ali's over exposure shows his own weakness. Too much ego that he faileds to see what is right and what is wrong. Bin Ali should know better that being in a jemaah, one must follow the leaders. If he disagrees to that principle, then he should have rejected party idealogy and work as lone ranger but being a lone ranger Bin Ali must also accept the fact that his chance to be an elected rep is almost next to nil!

When Bin Ali connected the dots and linking his dismissal to Sodomy II, that's when Bin Ali pass the point of no return. Yes, areed that it is still speculation of what really happen in sodomy II. Some say yes and some say no. The courts, for the moment rejected the prosecutors arguments and set Anwar free. That does not mean Anwar is innocent but the judgement indicates the weak prosecutors argument is thrown out of Zabidin's court.

Sodomy II is immaterial now. To BN the damage has been done. To me, Anwar should stick as PR's adviser. Seeing himself as the next PM is too ambitious of Anwar. Anwar should be spending time with his family and find solace in His grace. Repent if he must, Anwar should star talking to PR leaders on who will be the next PM.

Unfortunately the fool still ask for his dignity. What dignity when all evidences point to him meeting with Anwar's political enemies, bringing his own lube, and multiple donours to his bottom. Enough of that and the fool should start building a new life.

Ah Jib Ngo looks nice but unfortunately it reminds me of big brother from Orson Welle's Nineteen Eighty-four. Big brother Ah Jib is buying support with a million here and a million there. All spent to get RosCTmah the nags she needs and the ring she craved. After 50 years of independence, Ah Jib Ngo aka 1MPM6 is till flavouring sweeties for votes.

So, if you guys wanted to be under Ah jib Ngor's camp, so be it. Just remember that the tent is coming down soon and Ah Jib Ngor will realise that his illusions for GE 13 will vapourise and it is just another mirage...

Me? I am wrapping things up in Cambodia, Vietnam and maybe Laos so that I will be in time for GE 13 fireworks. And I am looking for my last worn torn levis 501 so that I can hit the streets just loke the good ol' 70's... flower power anyone?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, January 09, 2012

Bang Bang Freed, Bang bang boom and bang bang...

Bang bang... and Anwar is acquitted! After 2 years, Anwar is acquitted by Judge Mohamad Zabidin Mohamad Diah.

901 is another historic day for Malaysia. Not because Anwar is free but more on PDRM's maturity to allow the rally to proceed without major hiccups.

Let's talk about the decision. Honestly Judge Zabidin's judgement caught me by surprise. I prayed that Judge Zabidin rule to Anwar's favour by discharging the case not amounting to acquittal. I did not expect the total acquittal of Anwar. Not with the way how the Judge handled the case.

If Judge Zaibidin discharge the case not amounting to acquittal, then both side can claim victory. The prosecutor can then claimed that only the lack of evidence failed to nail Anwar whilst Anwar's counsels can claim that there are no consistent evidence to put Anwar behind bars. Then, it is a matter of time for the Government to "unearthed" new evidence to prosecute Anwar. They might even bring back Munaweer or Anwar's foster brother, Sukma, as character witness. When the prosecutors failed to link the dots between sodomy I and sodomy II, it is then clear that the prosecutors do not has a strong case and they only rely on Saiful's statements. When that happens, it is more of whose statement the court choose to believe.

Judge Zabidin must has been under tremendous pressure such that the Judge took time off to review the case. I believe that Judge Zabidin finally makes peace with his Maker when he made the bold decision to acquit Anwar. Maybe, by now Judge Zabidin has been called to "mengadap" his superiors in Putrajaya.

You can sense the feelings when PDRM did not mount serious blockades around town to filter out those peaceful rally goers. One of the reason for PDRM's soft ap[proach is due to 901 is a working day and PDRM do not want to jeorpadise the many businesses including offices. Bravos to PDRM for carrying out their duties.

Whilst supporters celebrate Anwar's win, three booms failed to destroy the festive mood. Mischievous people are out there planning to provoke. Some may point it to the small packets of Perkasa/Perkida supporters and some may say it is PR's own supporters or maybe PDRM has a hand in this. Whatever it is, PDRM will use all their skills to flush out the culprit(s) and charge them in courts.

Now, who is the clown of it all? Unfortunately it is not Hishamuddein. Rais Yatim came close with his version that the courts are free. The winner is Hassan Ali. Even at 0700 morning news, Hassan Ali is still blubbering about Anwar and accused Anwar as the prime reason for his sacking. What Hassan Ali failed to realise (or maybe his ego is too big for his songkok) is PAS acted on collective decision or syurah.

Since Hassan Ali is no longer a deputy President then he should learn to abide to the collective decision. I am sure Nik Aziz has reminded him on that when they met in Kota Bharu recently. When Hassan Ali decided to call the Christian group and threatened to expose the se-called Malay Bible, that's when he took a step too far.

Who is Hassan Ali to dictate this and that? Yes, he may be idealogically Islamic but he should learn to resolve matters discreetly. No need to be heroes. You can even be a silent hero for when Islam matters, it is the One God that judge you for your deeds and the masses to credit you. Hassan Ali may be a motivator but this time around, he failed to self-motivate. That's why he is now at the wrong end of the stick!

When you talk about Hassan Ali now, then you will remember Nakhaie. Why? Both are former PAS leaders. The difference for the time being is Hassan Ali has some grace period to appeal PAS's decision. No need to shoot your mouth off the press. If Hassan Ali is sincere in his Islamic struggles, then he should eat some humble pie and appeal his sacking. In the meantime, Khalid Ibrahim has all rights to replace him in Selangor EXCO!

Yes, Anwar is free. But at what cost? Is RPK and Malaysia-today part of the deal to get Anwar acquitted? What about Haris Ibrahim? Or even Zaid Ibrahim?

RPK -Haris Ibrahim partnership is no longer there since last week. Without the third independent force, PR may well disintegrate. It is the 3rd force that supply endless information and suggestions to improve PR. Why? They are the third eye who is free to look within and offer honest observation.

I hope that Judge Zabidin's load is finally off his shoulder. I pray that Judge Zabidin make the right decision and Ustaz Kazim once mentioned "When there are slanders, it s best that you sit and keep out of trouble".

Judge, for the time being, you are the beacon of justice. It is not an easy decision and by now you may receive some tongue lashing. The One God will reward you for your decision. Better still, switch off your phone. You don't need the unnecessary limelight which is taxing on you. Just take another short holiday and pray to Him that your decision is right. And I salute you for your courage, against all odds...
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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Of 901: Scenarios, hope, despair and...

901. It will be another milestone in Malaysian history. One thing for sure, 901 is not another Levis pair of jeans. Not this time, anyway.

It is no secret that both Saiful and Anwar are banking on their scores of supporters for last minute psycho warfare. Saiful is relying on Perkasa, Perkida to offset PKR's planned 100K rally.

Whatever it is, my heart is with judge Mohamad Zabidin who has the difficult task to deliver his judgement. On the surface, judge Zabidin has 3 choice :-

1. Anwar guilty and sentenced;
2. Anwar innocent and released;
3. Conditional discharge not amounting to acquital

Whilst PKR, Perkasa and Perkida are busy preparing for special prayers, I believe judge Zabidin will also has hos own special prayer, istikarah praying to the One God that his decision is the correct one.

Judge Zabidin is one brave soul who may or may not be influenced by his surrounding, family and peers in coming to his judgement. Unfortunately for Zabidin, he did not has the pleasure to make the judgement basod on Islamic laws. If I am judge Zabidin, whom I am not, I would have make a one sentence verdict - "Pass the case to syariah court and let the case be heard in Islamic court" Period.

And why do I come to this conclusion? Well, I have the pleasure to hear Muhammad Kazim Elias's VCD on slander. To me, sodomy II borders on slander and I have no interest to be part of it. It is just another ploy and plan to put the opposition icon in jail and to effectively end his political career. Unfortunately Saiful is the sacrificial lamb on this delicate plot.

That does not absolve Anwar on any wrongdoing. If he really did what Saiful claimed Anwar did, then Anwar is not the leader we want to lead Malaysia to new heights. This is not UK or USA where what one did in his personal capacity is separated from what he did in his public life. Malaysia has been blessed to be a multi racial, multi religous country with Islam as the official religion and Anwar claiming his kalimah shahadah (and that means Saiful too) should lead a life befitting of a Muslim.

Back to Muhammad Kazim and his slander video, if Caliphate Osman was murdered because of a poison letter (slander) which leads to more than 140,000 dead, then Anwar's case is not that far off. If Anwar is wrongly accused to protect one's political career, then this is a political crime to 22 million Malaysians who deserves the right to know the truth. For those interested, you can hear Muhammad Kazim's video in the youtube.

Anwar's case is complicated because there are those who want to make it complicated. But what I fear more is when Anwar is found innocent. Would that place him under the influence of Karpal Singh and his team of lawyers? If that happens, then will we be getting a puppet named Anwar?

Judge Zabidin's task is actually easy if he choose to stay neutral and not coerced for a BN-friendly judgement. The evidence seems to place multiple doubts to the prosecutor's accusation. By right, the prosecutor has to prove beyond doubts that Anwar did really sodomise the victim. In this case, the main witness is suspect. Did he make the acussation to win some favours from 1mPM6 Najib's office? Is he trying to get some financial assistance to pursue his study? Did he do it because he needs to go back to tertiary studies? Or did he do it because he wants to be famous?

As I say, my heart is with judge Zabidin and whilst the majority of us will either be praying for Anwar or for Saiful, I will make the third choice ie to pray for Judge Zabidin to be given the wisdom and strength to deliver his judgement and at the end of the day coming out feeling satisfies that he has done his best based on all the evidences presented to him and feeling the euphotia of passing judgement in line with Islam.
sed and plan to
After serious thought, PDRM is not making things easy when they decided to limit PKR's rally to 5000. This was not discussed before. Is this a well rehear
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Of AUKU, Hak Aku, Hantu and...

2012 is going to be a good year. The police believes so when they "bullied" students at UPSI in the wee hours of 1st January 2012. UMNO believes that they will finally chop off PR's head honcho with Sodomy II judgement due out on 9th January 2012.

DAP is confident that Sakmongkol and Aspan is going to settle in their camp soon whilst PAS believes that the youths are warming to their cause with over 70K flooding Dataran Shah Alam on New Year eve.

Yes, everyone is confident and everyone is praying that the Dragon is looking their way in 2012.

Since everyone is grinning from ear to ear, let's put some reality check and put our feet back on solid ground.

First off shall be AUKU. AUKU has been enforced since 1971. That's almost 40 years and numerically, it may directly or indirectly influence almost 80% of our current population. 40 years of stiffling students from actively involved in everyday politics. I bet that most of our CEOs' are products of AUKU and that may be one of the contributing factors why we just could not compete with the rest in the region - we are being robotics, courtesy of AUKU.

There were times when students find ways around AUKU in the 70's but their "creativity" declines as the years pass by with the "pro-establishment" taking over the campuses across the country.

Adam Adli gives new breath to the students movement in Malaysia. lShame on those elite Universities such as MU, UiTM, UTM, UKM, UPM for failing to produce Adam Adlis... Don't get me wrong here. I do not condone his actions of lowering Najib's flag but I salute his bravery for standing up against AUKU. I would have roasted him if he were to lower the Malaysian flag but what he did is just lowering Najib's flag temporarily. That, to me, is a gesture of denouncing Najib's idea of transformation.

Adam Adli should have known better than lowering Najib's flag but Adam Adli took a step further when he lowered the flag in PWTC, UMNO's bastion. That is something else!

When the police decided to come down hard on the students in UPSI on 1st January 2012, the police took pains to potray that they are the good guys by taking friendsters, tweeters, TV3 to paint a different picture. Whatever it was, the police have taken the wrong approach in handling our future leaders. Not only that, some Universities are playing God when they severely punish some of those who attended the gathering infront of UPSI that fateful night.

And when the media took extra steps to prepare the one sided view of the incident, then automatically you know that something is not right there... and to me it is not the place to act tough on those 20+ years old students. Sending them to "counselling" will be a better option.

Just wait when the students hit the streets again and I am sure more will turn over and crossed the line and join ABU soon. All thanks to the men in blue who can only bully the students but cowed when tackling the PATI and the illegal immigrants...

I have said it before and I will say it again. If Sakmongkol and Aspan joined DAP, then they will be making one of the gravest mistakes in their lives. Actually there is nothing wrong with DAP as they are a certified multi-race party. However, I look at it differently.

I will term it as Hak Aku or simply my rights. It is Hak Aku if Sak and Aspan choose to leave UMNO and join the rocketmen. However, I would like to remind Sak and to a lesser extent Aspan of their choice. I think it will be a mistake for Sak and Aspan to join the rocket. This has nothing to do with preference but Sak and Aspan should look into their contribution to the rocket. Individually, both of them are par excellence with their frank views and their frankness isolate them from UMNO mainstream.

Sak and Aspan should review their roots and they will find that they are basically rural folks, born and raised in traditional rural village. That said, both of them builds their clout and reputation through the rural grapevines. That said, how can they inject the rocket idealogy in traditional villages? Unless, of course both Sak and Aspan turn their sights on urban areas. Will Sak and Aspan willingly leave their comfort zone?

It is then better choice if Sak and Aspan remains independent and offering their services and expertise to PAS, who is UMNO's alternative in rural areas.

Hak Aku is just not about Sak and Aspan. Hak Aku can further be expanded to include the choice of either attending the 901 rally or not. By now, most of you has made up your mind to either attend the 901 or not whilst the majority out there just simply don't care. It is your choice to either attend and make up the numbers or avoid 901. Even if only 1000 attended the 901, it is not a true reflection of the rakyats sentiment. Most of us are trying to make ends meet and thus have to slave through 9th January.

Me? Frankly I am still divided whether to attend or not. I believe that justice is blind but the way sodomy II is manipulated, the judgement is already a public secret. I foresee Sungai Buloh is dusting his old cell and judgement will be short and swift. For that reason, I am all for those who intend to attend 901.

On the other hand, I see the imbalance when those who have nots are put in express lane in their trials and soon after judgement were read to them. For those who are financially sound and to some extend influential, they use the court machinery to slow down trials with non-exhaustive excuses. That is what I see in sodomy II when the whole trial drags to almost 2 years! For that reason, why should I attend 901 if it is to rubberstamp that the rich (and influential) are treated differently?

Fortunately, I am blessed with the third option ie not attending 901 because I will not be in Malaysia. Yes, duty calls and I am supposed to be away on 901. But then again, anything can happen...

Hantu? Let me just state a simple observation. Overseas (read UK/USA/Australia etc), you can practically walk alone on the sidewalks and there will be no hantus to scare the wits off you. Here in Malaysia? even spirits are scared of our homegrown hantus, lurking in the dark or rempitting through the night. Maybe I will touch on it later...

Before I sign off, let me offer my sincere apology for getting names wrong and for slighting a sensitive heart. It is not intended and maybe through my haste typing, there are unforced errors... and sometimes because you care too much, you hurt the one that you value. I hope the person understands what I write and accept this apology.

Ah... now I remember which Hantu I am talking about. Most of you criticised RPK for his recent interview and because of that Haris steps down from MLCM. You believe in that? No, not me... let UMNO rejoice because I believe that this is another tactic to catch UMNO. RPK's interviews will bring smiles to 1MPM6 and maybe this will be a catalyst for Najib to dissolve the parliament. Seeing and believing Haris and RPK is not seeing eye to eye is heaven sent for Najib. Let him think so, because RPK and Haris is playing hantu on Najib... maybe this is the only way to lure Najib to dissolve the parliament.

With so much hantus in UMNO camp, it is only a matter of time for Najib to be spooked and when it happens, it will be just like the villains when they stare into the depth of nothingness.. something out of the Ghostrider.... go read it if you don't understand...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More