Thursday, January 26, 2012

Of 350K : A possibility...

350K. Wow! I wonder if given the chance where will they register to vote. Pekan? Pagoh? or maybe Sembrong?

350K or 350,000.

Hanafi Abdul Malik of Sidim (Sahabat Insan dan Imam Malaysia) make that statement in his last Halaqah TV appearance sometime in December 2011.

A pro-establishment blogger make a sweeping remark that whatever it is, it must be PR related. Tsk. Tsk.. so childish of the blogger.

Let's go to the point. Based on his census and estimation, Hanafi Abdul Malik believes that there are 350,000 Malaysians involved in either LGBT. LGBT? It stands for Lesbian, Gay, BIsexual and Transvesites. When the pro-establishment blogger make the sweeping remark, he may as well show UMNO cum BN Putrajaya's exit door. Why?

For one, just imagine 350,000 potential voters and if all these "special" voters ganged up politically, they may as well be the deciding factor for at least 5 parliamentarian seats. If BN and PR are said to relocate their voters then these "special" voters can do the same, if they have a proper game plan. And if these "special" voters do relocate their voting station, there is a big possibility that they can put 70,000 voters in each of the 7 parliamentary seat of their choice. When that happens, both BN and PR will be kowtowing to these "special" voters for their precious votes. Just imagine 7 more parliamentary seats for PR. Will it not make 1MPM6 Najib cries in despair?

Remember that 350K potential voters are made of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transvesites. When the childish blogger writes in his blog, did it ever crossed his mind that maybe there are UMNO cum BN leaders who are a member of this "special" LGBT group? Is it not routine for UMNO delegates to whisper that 1 of their ex-wing leader is a lesbian? This is not an accussation made by PR leaders but well-shared information amongst the UMNO cum BN leaders. It does not matter whether the person is still in power or not but the person still wields considerable influence within UMNO.

What about another ex-wing leader who is said to have some "fatal attraction" with the same sex? If that is true, will it not place the leader as a B? Bisexual? What has the blogger got to say to this? Mind you that this leader may be at the top 5 of UMNO cum BN's leadership!

For now, let's see some similarities with how the authorities handle Jalan Kebun ABU case. A few underaged kids who disrupted the event are said to be UMNO members. The authorities rightly say that that is not possible because they could not be possible party members due to their age. Partly the statement is correct but it does not mean the kids could not disrupt the event. they could and they have. The question is - who instructed or instigate them? Worse still if any of the kids wear party shirt during the melee. A shirt does not make one a party member but it can indicate the tendency or affiliation to the party. Just like anybody wearing yellow was marked as potential Bersih participants. If the authorities can make the deduction before then why are they not making the same deduction in Jalan Kebun case?

Do we pooh poohed what the Australian columnist claimed just because someone say he is gay? If that is so, then do we need to give the same treatment to Elton John and others listed? I wonder if the blogger wears YSL shirts because the designer is definitely confirmed gay! Does that make the blogger "gay" too?

Whatever it is, the political strategist from either PR or BN should make a calculative approach to befriend the LGBT "special" people. BN, on one part, has to swallow their pride to engage LGBT and canvass for their votes. Maybe BN will soon deploy their own LGBT squad to play the fields. If that happens, I am sure many in UMNO cum BN will have a field day wooing the LGBT and I will not be surprise if one of the UMNO "love squad" van parked along the alleys of TAR.

PR has it easier because UMNO's tough stance approach forced the LGBT to sway to PR's side. It is not 100 % commitment yet but at least it is a good beginning for PR if they play the cards right. After all, LGBT are humans too and they need all our help, understanding and support to continue living in the society.

350K. Wow! I wonder if given the chance where will they register to vote. Pekan? Pagoh? or maybe Sembrong?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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