Thursday, January 05, 2012

Of AUKU, Hak Aku, Hantu and...

2012 is going to be a good year. The police believes so when they "bullied" students at UPSI in the wee hours of 1st January 2012. UMNO believes that they will finally chop off PR's head honcho with Sodomy II judgement due out on 9th January 2012.

DAP is confident that Sakmongkol and Aspan is going to settle in their camp soon whilst PAS believes that the youths are warming to their cause with over 70K flooding Dataran Shah Alam on New Year eve.

Yes, everyone is confident and everyone is praying that the Dragon is looking their way in 2012.

Since everyone is grinning from ear to ear, let's put some reality check and put our feet back on solid ground.

First off shall be AUKU. AUKU has been enforced since 1971. That's almost 40 years and numerically, it may directly or indirectly influence almost 80% of our current population. 40 years of stiffling students from actively involved in everyday politics. I bet that most of our CEOs' are products of AUKU and that may be one of the contributing factors why we just could not compete with the rest in the region - we are being robotics, courtesy of AUKU.

There were times when students find ways around AUKU in the 70's but their "creativity" declines as the years pass by with the "pro-establishment" taking over the campuses across the country.

Adam Adli gives new breath to the students movement in Malaysia. lShame on those elite Universities such as MU, UiTM, UTM, UKM, UPM for failing to produce Adam Adlis... Don't get me wrong here. I do not condone his actions of lowering Najib's flag but I salute his bravery for standing up against AUKU. I would have roasted him if he were to lower the Malaysian flag but what he did is just lowering Najib's flag temporarily. That, to me, is a gesture of denouncing Najib's idea of transformation.

Adam Adli should have known better than lowering Najib's flag but Adam Adli took a step further when he lowered the flag in PWTC, UMNO's bastion. That is something else!

When the police decided to come down hard on the students in UPSI on 1st January 2012, the police took pains to potray that they are the good guys by taking friendsters, tweeters, TV3 to paint a different picture. Whatever it was, the police have taken the wrong approach in handling our future leaders. Not only that, some Universities are playing God when they severely punish some of those who attended the gathering infront of UPSI that fateful night.

And when the media took extra steps to prepare the one sided view of the incident, then automatically you know that something is not right there... and to me it is not the place to act tough on those 20+ years old students. Sending them to "counselling" will be a better option.

Just wait when the students hit the streets again and I am sure more will turn over and crossed the line and join ABU soon. All thanks to the men in blue who can only bully the students but cowed when tackling the PATI and the illegal immigrants...

I have said it before and I will say it again. If Sakmongkol and Aspan joined DAP, then they will be making one of the gravest mistakes in their lives. Actually there is nothing wrong with DAP as they are a certified multi-race party. However, I look at it differently.

I will term it as Hak Aku or simply my rights. It is Hak Aku if Sak and Aspan choose to leave UMNO and join the rocketmen. However, I would like to remind Sak and to a lesser extent Aspan of their choice. I think it will be a mistake for Sak and Aspan to join the rocket. This has nothing to do with preference but Sak and Aspan should look into their contribution to the rocket. Individually, both of them are par excellence with their frank views and their frankness isolate them from UMNO mainstream.

Sak and Aspan should review their roots and they will find that they are basically rural folks, born and raised in traditional rural village. That said, both of them builds their clout and reputation through the rural grapevines. That said, how can they inject the rocket idealogy in traditional villages? Unless, of course both Sak and Aspan turn their sights on urban areas. Will Sak and Aspan willingly leave their comfort zone?

It is then better choice if Sak and Aspan remains independent and offering their services and expertise to PAS, who is UMNO's alternative in rural areas.

Hak Aku is just not about Sak and Aspan. Hak Aku can further be expanded to include the choice of either attending the 901 rally or not. By now, most of you has made up your mind to either attend the 901 or not whilst the majority out there just simply don't care. It is your choice to either attend and make up the numbers or avoid 901. Even if only 1000 attended the 901, it is not a true reflection of the rakyats sentiment. Most of us are trying to make ends meet and thus have to slave through 9th January.

Me? Frankly I am still divided whether to attend or not. I believe that justice is blind but the way sodomy II is manipulated, the judgement is already a public secret. I foresee Sungai Buloh is dusting his old cell and judgement will be short and swift. For that reason, I am all for those who intend to attend 901.

On the other hand, I see the imbalance when those who have nots are put in express lane in their trials and soon after judgement were read to them. For those who are financially sound and to some extend influential, they use the court machinery to slow down trials with non-exhaustive excuses. That is what I see in sodomy II when the whole trial drags to almost 2 years! For that reason, why should I attend 901 if it is to rubberstamp that the rich (and influential) are treated differently?

Fortunately, I am blessed with the third option ie not attending 901 because I will not be in Malaysia. Yes, duty calls and I am supposed to be away on 901. But then again, anything can happen...

Hantu? Let me just state a simple observation. Overseas (read UK/USA/Australia etc), you can practically walk alone on the sidewalks and there will be no hantus to scare the wits off you. Here in Malaysia? even spirits are scared of our homegrown hantus, lurking in the dark or rempitting through the night. Maybe I will touch on it later...

Before I sign off, let me offer my sincere apology for getting names wrong and for slighting a sensitive heart. It is not intended and maybe through my haste typing, there are unforced errors... and sometimes because you care too much, you hurt the one that you value. I hope the person understands what I write and accept this apology.

Ah... now I remember which Hantu I am talking about. Most of you criticised RPK for his recent interview and because of that Haris steps down from MLCM. You believe in that? No, not me... let UMNO rejoice because I believe that this is another tactic to catch UMNO. RPK's interviews will bring smiles to 1MPM6 and maybe this will be a catalyst for Najib to dissolve the parliament. Seeing and believing Haris and RPK is not seeing eye to eye is heaven sent for Najib. Let him think so, because RPK and Haris is playing hantu on Najib... maybe this is the only way to lure Najib to dissolve the parliament.

With so much hantus in UMNO camp, it is only a matter of time for Najib to be spooked and when it happens, it will be just like the villains when they stare into the depth of nothingness.. something out of the Ghostrider.... go read it if you don't understand...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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