Friday, January 20, 2012

Of Shoo-rizat, Bin Ali and...

Only in Malaysia. That's how I see the way things are played in Malaysia.

After years of military clampdown, Myanmar sees better days ahead when Aung San Suu Kyi registers for election, paving the way for her to stand in the coming April by-election. She will be standing for one of the 48 vacant seats. For Myanmar, the world is watching and Hillary Clinton read Obama has given a tacit approval to the new Myanmar rulers when she visited the country in December 2011. Even Bill Gates and otherworld corporate leaders are going Myanmar way this February 2012.

Malaysia? On one part the Military never ruled us although they did temporarily took over the reins in 1969. But on the other, we are not much better than Myanmar when Malaysians are mentally locked up under the watchful eyes of Perikatan and later Barisan Nasional.

How bad are we now? Well, we do not have to go that far back to see something is seriously flawed in Malaysia.

By now, almost everyone is dreaming of rearing cows in condominiums, thanks to NFC whose Chairman is Shahrizat's hubby. What is persplexing is when Shahrizat takes a three week vacation from her post. Vacation? What is Najib talking about? With all the issues loading up, 1MPM6 Najib should be asking Shahrizat to take a 3 weeks non pay leave pending investigation. Better still, suspend her from her cabinet and political post. Unfortunately, Najib is too lallang to do that. In short, he has not guts!

The script is not that rosy for Shahrizat. All Najib got to do is to let time flies and Shahrizat's senatorship expires. By convention, her term as senator will ends 0n 8th April 2012. By that time Koh Tsu Koon, Awang Adek, Jamil Khir Baharom and Shahrizat will be at Najib's mercy whether their senatorship will be extended for another term or not. That nail biting moment will happen if Najib did nor dissolve the parliament after March 2012.

Najib may well dropped Awang Adek, Jamil Khir and shoo Shahrizat as they are now becoming political baggage to BN. Awang Adek with his contribution funds, Jamil Khir with his issue on tithe funds and Shoorizat with his NFC. By dropping the three, Najib has a face saving solution to Shoorizat's RM 250M family fiasco.

There are speculations that Najib will dissolve the parliament in March 2012. My thoughts? Although the government has freeze armed personnel leave and has block school halls but that does not mean Najib is ready for GE 13. Najib is not a risk taker. His forte is to stay in his comfort zone and hope that things will turn his way. Unfortunately, all pointers are not working BN's way.

Worse still, Chua Soiled Leg finally commented on Shoorizat predicament and claimed that BN handled the issue poorly. Hello, Soi Lek, isn't MCA part of BN? If so, then you are spitting yourself when you make the statement. If BN seems to handle the issue poorly then why is MCA so mousy in ticking off Najib and BN? Or Chua has lost his marbles as his issue is no less better than Shoorizat? Najib is not that ready to cut off Shoorizat, not when his last hope to cling to power falls squarely on Wanita UMNO shoulders whose leader is Shoorizat. Take Shoorizat off and Najib may have another mutiny within his own camp.

The longer Najib waits, the more uncetainties. With each passing moment, Najib will be more and more isolated and soon he will have no more options left to manaouvre BN out of GE 12 nightmare.

When PAS sacked Bin Ali from the party, BN thought they saw some light at the end of the corner. Bin Ali is suddenly thrust into the limelight and whatever he says is honey-coated to BN and suppose to drive a wedge in PAS. However, too much Bin Ali brings PAS closer together.

Bin Ali should know when to keep his mouth shut. Whatever Khalid Ibrahim decision is his to make, being Selangor MB. What Bin Ali failed to see is PAS is just not about getting the EXCO (religious affairs) but PAS together with PKR and DAP is looking to topple UMNO and BN. If and when that happens, do you think PAS will only be limted to religious affairs? Is Bin Ali making the same mistakes of the past when he thinks that Islam only revolves around rites and prayers? If that is so, then Bin Ali is as secular as the orientalist next door.

Bin Ali's over exposure shows his own weakness. Too much ego that he faileds to see what is right and what is wrong. Bin Ali should know better that being in a jemaah, one must follow the leaders. If he disagrees to that principle, then he should have rejected party idealogy and work as lone ranger but being a lone ranger Bin Ali must also accept the fact that his chance to be an elected rep is almost next to nil!

When Bin Ali connected the dots and linking his dismissal to Sodomy II, that's when Bin Ali pass the point of no return. Yes, areed that it is still speculation of what really happen in sodomy II. Some say yes and some say no. The courts, for the moment rejected the prosecutors arguments and set Anwar free. That does not mean Anwar is innocent but the judgement indicates the weak prosecutors argument is thrown out of Zabidin's court.

Sodomy II is immaterial now. To BN the damage has been done. To me, Anwar should stick as PR's adviser. Seeing himself as the next PM is too ambitious of Anwar. Anwar should be spending time with his family and find solace in His grace. Repent if he must, Anwar should star talking to PR leaders on who will be the next PM.

Unfortunately the fool still ask for his dignity. What dignity when all evidences point to him meeting with Anwar's political enemies, bringing his own lube, and multiple donours to his bottom. Enough of that and the fool should start building a new life.

Ah Jib Ngo looks nice but unfortunately it reminds me of big brother from Orson Welle's Nineteen Eighty-four. Big brother Ah Jib is buying support with a million here and a million there. All spent to get RosCTmah the nags she needs and the ring she craved. After 50 years of independence, Ah Jib Ngo aka 1MPM6 is till flavouring sweeties for votes.

So, if you guys wanted to be under Ah jib Ngor's camp, so be it. Just remember that the tent is coming down soon and Ah Jib Ngor will realise that his illusions for GE 13 will vapourise and it is just another mirage...

Me? I am wrapping things up in Cambodia, Vietnam and maybe Laos so that I will be in time for GE 13 fireworks. And I am looking for my last worn torn levis 501 so that I can hit the streets just loke the good ol' 70's... flower power anyone?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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